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Morgan County Republican.
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning. Jan 16. 1913.
No. 5.
i Some folks think that the change The residents of Seymour street,
ol postmasters at at. Louis is worth an(1 yality Mill beyond, ask the city
all the worry and turmoil through council to put in a crossing connect
which the Missouri voters passed last ing Williamson avenue and Seymour
fall- street, as it is not a square deal to
i V. H. I'odd concluded it was compel folks to build a sidewalk, and
cheaper to he well than sic., so he is then wade a muddy crossing to get to
again ready to wait on his many cus- it.
toiner at the old stand, and may as
tonish them with bargains.
WatcK This Space,
and Buy Your
From C. H. MASON,
Everything Clean.
Bank Election.
Tne stockholders of the 1st Nation
al Bank held its annual meeting Tues-
'Wlth A Club In Reserve."
The brewers will work hard to get
Governor Majoi's administration to
loosen up the Sunday lid in the lug
cities of the State. Potties will he
11! !
day. Jany. 14th, and elected the fol- L,ayed n ,he maUer Q, coursC) and
lowing .nrectors lor me ensuing year: jf ,he administration can sec any
I Conway Jones. E. A. Crcwson, K. advant ge coming to the Democratic
V. Curtis, P. H. Antwe.ler, Samuel ., , :.. i, ,u i:
Iytuiij iiiui cm iasiui tjii viii. iivuji
h.,c,n,c ti. i;,i ..,;n ... .t,i
W. A. Huell, T. P. Horn), and J. E. Major W;1S sup,)ortetl (luring lhc late
MorrlS I 9mitjirin liu I h 3t I nine Tirrte a
I'he directors met Tuesday night, whjch make!! nQ dulliM of the
and re-elected the old corps ol of- ,,,.,,,,., ,:,, ii.,.....
i my iiiiii iv la i vy i 11 m.-w .4 itvjuwi
ficers. deciding they were a pretty Uaffic . th , . and . , B
good lot of folks, and added a .. . j, be accented
year to tne.r term ut connnemeni. as conclusive as lo what Maior.s
policy would he on this question in
the event of his election. The anti
liquor sentiment in the State at large
awaits developments with a club in
reserve. Potosi Journal.
2 v
Hon't tell me anv secret' : I am
afraid you will tell somebodv else and
else and elc and then accuse me of
fracturing your confidence.
W. L. Stephens, after his recent
serious illness, is again able to put in
his appearance at the bank. Of
course "ne will try''idma1ntri for lost
time, and then we will have to repnit
him. If he ain't careful we well set
up a standinu notice, anil order it in
serted every other week.
Mis Floy Russell. "f Chillmwee.
Mo., is visiting Ivi Iri- nil, .Miss
Nina Mason.
(!. M. Iliri't, Cnairtnin Moigan
County Demo, r.u Cunmntee, attend
ed ihe inauguration "I l iv. Major
Mondu. We have n i. -cord as to
whfiher lie en tin- -pigeon wing at
the inaugural ball Monday night, but
we know lie could.
Mr. Kbvyn Price went to Kan.as
City ilivsday to visit her son. ('.
C, and cousin. Mrs S. C. James.
of tli.it city, and expects to stay a
c in )!' ol w'M'k.
At Tup MfthodisT Church.
Net Suii'l.-n we hope 10 have our
usual -erviee. ol Sunday s'-h'-ol and
morning .ml evening worship, at the
hour, respective of 0.30 a. in.. 11
a. in., and 7:.M p m. We regret
the confusion in our services the last
two Sundivs because of the cold and
a death in one ol our church homes.
We hope to have the church comfort-
The Januarv thaw is here.
Fruit of all kinds is all right and in
good shape so far. and here's hoping
for a big fruit crop the coming seas
Phelps Goes Dry By 351
ROLLA. MO., January 12 Com
plete returns from all precincts in
' Phelps Couutv show that at the elec
tion Saturday local option carried by
' a vote of 1464 to 1113. this was
about four-fifths of the total voting
strength ot the county and was the
largest vote ever polled at a special
election in Phelps County
A NawFo a ana a Nw Price.
Crcwson and While have signed up
their contract to handle the Ford cars
for another year and have one of the
new 1913 Touring cars here on exhi
bition. Its certainly a handsome car.
The machinery is much the same, for
there is no question but what its the
best ihat can possibly be made lor a
light car. The body however is con
siderably changed, now having a swell
oacK and inclined wind-shield, which
with the lore doors uives the car a
longer and very handsome appear
ance. Curtains arc much shorter
and an lie rolled up like sur
rey curtains. I he seat"- are very
wide, v-ith heavy cushions and very
comfortable foi five persons. There
is no ! ngei anv qn. stion but what the
Ford car is one of the simplest con
structed, easiest t i learn and conttol
mil the cheapest car to keep up that
is on the maiket iodn . Theie is not
another car bmli fro n which as much
run can be gotten out of tires and
gasoline as the Ford. Last vear, C.
H. Mas m. in his record run into
Illinois and back, yot twentv two
miles tun from each gallon ol gasoline
Used. This was a fair test, as he
covered some of the worst roads in j
the country. The lightness ot the j
car adds much to the distance that .
jean be gotten mil of tires and tubes.
After thorough tests, more companies
Preaching at The fresbytrian
Church Sunday
Regular services next Sunday,
I'he nioming at 11:00. and at 7:00 in the
I ; . I
.!.:.. ,.iD,.n. c. wi w... evening aunc rresnytenan vnurcn.
1,1 lie : wi ixwii.i, .jit jmuurt aim i
i I. , ...I.., ii i i,.. .-, i,i Sunday school at 0:45. E. A. Crew
option election held in Phelps County "n aul- YO" are mvKeo'
was in August. 1906. when the Inasmuch as the communion scr
county went "wet" by a majority vices wure Werreil the first Sunday
.icq on account oi tne pastor neing caneo
to Hunceton to conduct a funeral, the
Green I Huffman. Deceased, communion will be observed next
Huffman, one of thls cm. Sun.lay at .he morning service. Will
mimiti.'e n,nf vnlimb e c t zcns.de-
oartcd this lile at his home, two miles bt' l'r,:st,,,t
east of town, on the morning of th
Scattered Items.
The weililing aiiniversrfiv f Mr. ant)
Mrs Asa dinni, of Marvin, was eele-
bra u-1 Ihnrsdax night h a big nurpme
heieial parlies hail sick horses recent-
h Mi Kni'lnte lost a mule. Mr llar-
10th inst., surrounded by his familv
and other relatives and friends, after
a long and severe illness of several
He was the son of the late Andrew
and Mary Ann Moore-Huffman, and
was born near this cin on July 16th, nett a h.irse, Mr Horace Hunter had a
IHr.4 All hie lit., nf nesirK- RR 1-2 very sick horse, ami A I.. Howlin had
years were spent in this immediate
nciniiy. (Jn Sept. 2, 1896. he was
married to Miss Mattie Hinken,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Henry
Hinken. of this city. Two daughters
were born unto thein. namely; Ma
mic and Bessie, now aged respect
ivelv 15 and 12 vears.
Abou! 25 vears ago. he professed
religion and joined the Salem Baptist
Church, where he retained member
ship to the day of death.
Mr. Huffman was a very quiet and
modest man. though very industrious.
He was kind to his family and gen
erous in providing for their comforts
He was held in high esteem by his
two sick horses
We were very sorry to hear that our
friend, I.on Srars, who lives in New
Mexico, acctdently killed h man by run
ning over him with his automobile.
Shores Hunter last week sold five good
mules for a good round price.
Hrown and Hughes last week sold a
lot of good cattle to Hon. J W Kauff
man at f6.75 per 1(H).
Mrs. John Ktdwelt last week visited
her mother, who is over 80 years old,
Joe (iingericli, who recently bought a
farm on the river, had a sale last week
anil moved his familv to his new home.
Green Huffman, who has been sick for
the pist several in nulls, died Pridav
morning, and was buried at Ml Neho,
Hon. J W. tCntiflmau, after a few days
wi h the law makers at Jeff City, visited
home folks Sunilav.
Stock was snipped from Marvin. Ver
sallies and Fortuna Monday, Farmer
from near Enid delivered stock to all
three places.
Horn, New Yetrs dav, to Mr and Mrs
Clvde Hunter, a hah girl. It being
their first, of course thev think it is IT.
However thev are behaving very well
under the circumstances.
A fine new lap rope disappeared from
Mrs Dale's buggv X'lias eve night at
at her home, and she would like very
much for it to be relumed. Several
tiller things have disappeared from
neighbors and a thief is spotted and may
soon he caught.
Washington, Jan. 11. New York sent
out 448.000 packages in the first week's
operation of parcel post, as against 438,
000 packages for Chicago. The total
number of -packages tor fifty large cities
was 1.98'),687. Koston stood third with
174.0 10, Wliile Philadelphia reported
147.000 and St Louis 145.000. Then
came Jersev City with 60.000; Detroit,
45,000; Baltimore, 42.000; Cincinnati,
37.000, anil San Kransico, aS.OOO.
The Parcel Post is one of the greatest
things for everybody that has ever been
put in operation, rt there .ire a few old
moss backs that are fighting it Every
one of these foreheads should be spotted
anil let out of business by not patroniz
ing them
Mr. Michaels ha rented his farm to
Dave Lehman and has moved to Ver
sailles. Mr. Lehman occupied the Mills
farm last vear. but that was recently
bmignt by Mr. Luckinbill. who ill
move to it
This is a sample of our bargains for this week:
ably warm tor all hereaiier. Note i ft" ' neighbors and fellow citizens
the hours of services, and don't de-1 - to-day buying Hon! -Mrs for their . htcr8t ,)c
,,enI on bells which may no. ring be-1 traveling men. more department I
cause nl sickness in a home not far I stores are using I-ord cars for hjs ( re; John ,oiephf
together and o- ove, y u, b.m,..s ,.., iames ;ln(j ,ove Huffman
Let tt come
and Mrs.
worship our blessed Maker and Re-1 uais are using i-oro cars man any Jennie Knsminger, Mrs. Khoda Pack-
1 other car made. Of all cars in use er, Mrs. Kliza Moore and Mrs Hettie
Thr Pastor.
Froth, Rclla. ii. Pur
Cuannteed loPltue
r.rrrOirilenrr ml
mr1fir fnrrltlOf Our
special rwtm
we will tend pmtiiulft out
i kt.rriMHiuuk . . .
1 lit. l.lMJr.Uf OUr . . .
1 ki. ttrlt irr-k4 r.kkif. . . II.
I itf.ralUrUsMirk.lUll.n . . .
1U It YwWkM (! 'Ur . .11'
'l .
Write kxUfl ci4 ll rn lo liflp I"UM
Mcklu n4 rMlt ttittfc'.v T8iu U.ll.i-1 w'..
171 BtMlt. Korkfonl, III '
! today in this country, one in every Chism, all of this city and vicinity,
five is a FORD. This is not because an 'a,cob ""ttn?an: 1of f)k'nh0,"a-
and Mrs. Sue Husick. of Sedalia
thev are cheap, but because they are A brother Thomas. and a sister,
, easy to learn to run. easy to under- Mary, preceded him to the grave
1 stand and cheaper to keep up than several years ago.
any car made and will last as long as Alter a brief religious service at the
anv car made. They are ,u w a amily residence, last Sunday morn-
, , , , . ing. the remains were home to the
hundred dollars cheaper and come Ne))(I rhurchf fnur mie0 northwest of
fully equipped in every particular and town, where the funeral services were
i with a full f.t of tools Any one conducted by S. P. Cayton. pastor of
1 thinking ol buying a car ought to the Methodist Church, of this city, in
Honk over the 1913 car that Crcwson tht " fence "Re assemblage of
ivmnalhmnir friends and neibhllorK.
and White now have in Versailles. Iriternient was ma(1e in the cemetery
i They sov it wont cost a cent to take a near tne church, to await the resur
,ride. rection call of the 1-ast Day.
Koyal Dainty Flour $2.00
Turkey Hardwheat Flour 2.30
Home Produce Flour 2.50
Corn Meal, per bu . 75
Best Sugar, 16 lb for l.OO
Canned Corn, 4 cans for . 25
Choice Prunes, 3 lb for . 25
Choice Raisans, 3 lb for . 25
Heinz Kraut, per lb .05
Lenox Soap, 25 bars for l.OO
Pay tHe
We want your Produce.
(ft HitfHest price cash or trade.
2 Price, Lut & Price.

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