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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, January 16, 1913, Image 2

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The Republican,
(.Successor to Thk Dkmockat i
W. W. KINLOCH, Proprietor.
Iocal Editor ami llusiness Manager
Entered in the Post Office at Versailles
Missouri as second class mail matter.
iuhscription Price fl.00 a Year,
Phono Mo. 185.
Advertising Rates.
Jlaplty aiWertlnIng, tiy'lie yet. to nvcruKt
'our Inched or more, fi'Ac. prr Inch encli Issue
I'rofculontl card our inch, .V) crnli ift
noiitli;lwolnchrii. 7j cetitH per month.
I.ncnln five lln or over, 3 cent tr line for
irit lnettloiii ;c. per line f'.r encli Hul)iiient
iinertlon. In black type 10 cents per line for
irst Insertion, Scent per line fn' ench ulwr
unit lnettlon,
mlvertiiliiK hi Itual tatrs
Hpecla" rate on paf (lvertieinent
A Now Name.
Mo., l-l 1-lit.
Dear Sir:
In response to your reipiest in
last issue of Rki'Um.ikan I suggest the
name Versailles Watchman" for
your paper You can thus assume
the kind of adjunct your sheet is to
the town and cnuntv. I think sou
have fairly earned the title anil that
now is the opportune time to put on
your honors 111 this regard. Hut 1
warn you that if you don't "watch
some more the "Hull Moose" will
never come to the surface again.
T M. Huntkk. Sr.
Thanks for kind words and sugges
tions As to the Hull Moose, if he
don't come up igain wili be because
Wilson makes uood. and if lie don't,
the Hull Moose is already there.
Installation 0! Officers.
ersailles Royal rch Chapter, at
regular convocation Friday night.
Jain. 10th. instill il the following of
ficers for lifl.'l, I'.isi High I'riest. Dr
P. ,. Woods, installing officer: II
V. bell, H. 1' ; J. II H Haki-r
King: Ehvvn Price, Scribe; I''. C.
Thorpe. C ol II ; A. I. Ross. P.
S ; C. II Mason. R A. ' ; 1st veil.
W II. Todd : 2nd Veil I' l Hroun ;
,'frn Veil, K. I'. Yarn. II: Jas. M Chi
ton, Secrclaiy : A. I. Koss. Ticas
uier : John I'. Allen. S ntinel.
I In- weather the past wc k has
been such a mixture ou will haw: to
figure it out lor yourself thet iuas
sleei and snow, and run and hail and
nipping Host. siip,M sidewalks, and
a general winter ,111 and chill 1 1 1 11 fit
tue oi cisjnn like a blanket, bin if
nothing worse visits us th s winter we
will have no cause to kn k on the
weather, the kicking will still be co',
fined to last winter.
Its Enemies.
( )( 1 ourse it's alisindly untrue to
say ih, 11 the it in) p-'ople who heal
single tax li their power ol voting
are Hie ones who are demanding the
destruction ol that direct power of
sell-protection There ate smooth
politicians who don't want to deal
duet tly with the people. There are
ureal tircwcrv interests who knows
th.it the people can do to their
schemes 10 break Sunday laws and to
control election just what these s.11111
people did to single ta. These an
the ones who want to get ilie initiative
and relerenilum out ol the way-
Kansas City Star.
Says Christian Like Mason.
"What is a Christum?"
That question was asked ami
answered lust night by the Rev. E. E.
Violett. the evangelist, who is holding
a revival at the Hyde Park Christian
church. He compared the Christian
religion to Masonry, saying that, un
til a man hajl undertaken the actual
ritualistic work of the Masonic order,
he could not be a member ol it.
"The same thing is true of the
Christian," said the evangelist. "A
man may live a blameless lile and at
the same time not be a Christian. In
other words, to be a true Christian,
one must be initiated into the
church." Kansas City'Star.
Judge Nc cad.
Died, at his home in this city, Sat
urday, January I ith, 1913, Harvey
E. Neville, of lagrippe and a compli
cation of diseases incident to old age,
after a short illness, aged 63 years. 2
months and 17 days.
Judge Neville was born in Ken
tucky, but came ft Missouri in in
fancy, and was as thoroughly a Mis
sourian as il horn here. He made
his own way through life, and thr
service he did for others, made it a
success. He was holding the office
of I'robale Judge tor the third term,
which was proof of the esteem in
which he was held by his fellow citi
zens. He wa one ol the le.tditig at
torneys of the Versailles bar, an hon
est, able ;ind upright advocate. He
left a widow, brothers and sisters and
many friends to mourn his loss, Fun
Jeral services were held at his late resi-
dence on Fisher street Sunday at
2:30 p. in. conduced by Rev.
Thornhill. of the Versailles Haptist
church, after which the rein tins were
convened to the city cemetery and
interred to
await the ound ol the
In Memoriitm.
At a recent meeting ol the mem
bers ol the Versailles liar the follow
ing reso.utiotis were unanimously
adopted :
To the members ol the liar:
iour conmiltiee appointed to draft
resolution expressive ol the senti
merits of the members 01 she 11. 11 oc
casioned by the diath 01 Judge Har
vev ., Neville, one of the honored
member., of this bar. beg to submit
the following report :
Judge Neville was a native ol Ken
lucky, but came to Missouri 111 mian-
cy. Throughout hie he was in thor
ough sympathy with th laws and in
stitutions of his adopted state, and
devoted 10 the cause of righteousness
and the public good
rriv.mons uesei nis witim. litlt ue
gi"w in knowledge, and develop! d
turdy manhood in all the ess. nuals
ol charictcr. and ins first proiesion
w 1 that of teai her. He took a live
ly and p miotic mt''iet in iuihc at
fans, and it the ill of hi fellow 111
ieiis served ihem in the hi v unking
blanch of the -late 2 overnmenl.
Though he came to the Kir in mid
die life, he was well mlorm. i in the
riw, ami a a sale ami wise t 01m-
ellor. Hi piolessional beaiing bore
eloquent testimony that he leiami
lawyer more Iroin a desire to know
the laws 1 if Ins stale ind lonntry and
to be tiselul lo his fellows and to tin
Slate than to earn money by his pro
ion He was thoroughly imbued
with a sense of right and justice, anil
believed that hi highest duly was
performed when he ad.'ised his
1 Items in iccord on e with the law
and to render obedience thereto,
rather than to evade its just require
ments. While hi was zealous and
untiring m advocacy ol every appar
ent right 01 claim of his client he was
never Known lo practice deception on
the court As a lawyer and a citizen
he always stood for the right between
man and man. and for the public
He was a man of strong individu
ality and pronounced views and opin
i' ns upon public questions of general
concern ; and though modest and un
assuming, always nad the courage of
his convictions. He was patriotic,
and alwavs stood for what he believed
to be right Thus displaying the
highest type of citizenship and man
hood, thereby adorning the noble and
useful profession of the I,aw Judge
Neville had a high sense of the char
acter and dignity of his profession
and was never known to do anything
in his practice to degrade it His
blameless life and his strict adherence
to the ethics of the prolession marked
him as an ornament to the Har, He
was not brilliant intellectually, nor
captivating as an advocate, but sought
rather to know the right of the mat
ter, and was a safe and satisfying
counsellor, and a just Judge.
Modest and retiring in disposition,
he was thought to be without ambi
tion except to be of service. Profes
sionally he was a useful man, and
lived to some purpose. Though he
had reached the sixty-third milestone
in the journey of lite, yet his death
would seem to be untimely, for the
woild needs the service and counsel
of such men as Judge Neville. While 1
we mourn his departure from the ac
tivities in which we struggle, and of-j
ten fall, and while we miss his com
radeship and kindly counsel, we re-,
joice that he h is lived and left to us
for emulation an example which en
nobles our profession.
Well may ,ve resolve not only to 1
bear him in kindly remembrance, but '
to imitate him in his unfailing 1 ourt-
esy. in his unbending integrity, and
lti his zeal for the observance of law
and order, the integrity anil indepen-'
dence of the courts and the main-
tenace of right and justice among
men Well may we pause at the
passing of this good man to take note
ol the tide of time, to reckon our po-
ition professh nally, that we may set
our course more nearly along lines of
well known saleiy. May we cherish
hi memory, contemplate hi virtues
and profit by his examole.
To the end that per anent and
enduring record ,11. iv be made and
kept, be it '
Rksoi.vkd. that this nwmorial be
presented to the County, Probate and
Circuit Courts of Morgan ounty with
the request that the same he made a
matter of record.
And be it further resolved, that cop
ies hereol be furnih'd to the press of
the city, and that as a lurther mark
f respect, and a expressive ol our
(indolence and sympathy, an en-
glossed copy lie delivered to Mrs.
Kespeettully submitted, ;
R. M. I.ivksav. 1
Samuki. Daniki.s. Com.
A I.. Ross.
Curd of Thanks.
Mrs. II. K. Neville asks permis
sion through the columns ol this pa
per to thaiiK the main friends and
neighbors of Judge Neville oid her
sell tor their service and kindly sym
pathy (luring her husband's illness
and at the time of his ltiner.il and to
assure them of her deep appreciation.
Irnponani Notice To Rural Free
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latro s.
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I Condensed Official Report 01 the
Condition ot
The BanK ol Versailles
Made b a Committee of Stockholders
at the close of business Sept 14. 1912:
Ixians and Dis(ounis. - S248,y34 37
Bonds, - - - 1,000.00
Real Estate. - 8.180.80
Furniture and Fixtures. - 3.000.00
Cash and due from Hanks 70,025 91
'Total. $330,550.08
Capital Stock, full paid 30.000.00
SURPLUS - 46,723.50
Hills Payable and Redis
counts - - - 37.9000.00
DEPOSITS - - 215,926.58
Total. 5330.550T08
The Above Statement is 1 orreet.
.W'l-i. L. SiH'iirNs. ( ashier
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Versailles, Mo.
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oth(i weekly ot sennut-ekl) newspaper
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hihlren. helpful reading matter Icr men
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rrn ny

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