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Morgan County Republican.
fourteenth Year.
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning. Jan 23. 1913.
No. 6.
i i. win kip ! Ill III
TmE are just a little
vv bit mussed up on
account of moving old
I building's preparatory
1 to erecting' Postoffice
Building', but
We Still Sign Our Address
From C. H. MASON,
Everything Clean.
Mr. and Mrs. Fiank Thorpe went
t St. Louis. Mo nd.iy i n bunnies
Mrs. Thompson, of Kansas City,
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. H. F Abell.
J. R. Gunn is off on a business trip
in the interest of the Versailles Han
dle Factory.
Mrs. Maud Cunningham, of l.eb
anon. I'enn.. is visiting her grand
parents. Mr. .mil Mrs. V. U. Kavan-
We think that one of the most nec
ssirv things of the present age is uni
torin weights and measures for the
Evcugthing presented a beautiful
appearance in the sunshine Tuesday,
'he trees wen- sj-r plated and cov
ered over with diamonds, and even
the person who sat down rather hard
on the sli-k sidew.dk saw stars.
Hon R. M. I.ivesay had another
birth lay M jndiv. no matter what the
number. Rev. S. p. Cayton and
wife and sun. Eugene, were the hon
ored guests at the turkey dinner in
honor of the occasion. Many happy
returns of the day to our worthy fel
low townsman.
"Jim" Watson and "Liv" Morse
have solemnly derided not to allow
the Progressives to return to the Re
publican partv. The defeated Turks
have also reached the grim decision
that the lldkan allies have
been sufficiently punished.
t:ity Star.
At The Methodist Church
Next Sunday : Sunday school at
0:30 a m.. and preaching at 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. ni.
Don't wait for the bells, but come
and welcome.
S. P. Cavion. Pastot.
O. K. Carter, of Fortuna, was over
to attend the meeting ol Odd Fellow
Lidge Tuesday night, stayed over
night and made us a social call Wed
nesday, and the editor "pulled his
leg" for a $.
Whv not the Commercial Club get
busy and induce the Mo. Pac. to put
up a decent depot and put their yards
in better shape. The road gets mon
ey enough out of this town and sec
tion to justify them in spending a
part of it in improving their property,
and they wou'd probably be more
than glad to do so. if gentb remind
ed. I. A Lakin. the new Mo. IJae.
Agent here, from Pleasant Hill. Mo.,
is a very pleasant gentleman, and ap
parently a hustler He has not been
here long, but says he likes Versailles,
and niav Ins liking for our city grow
until lie becomes a fixture and one of
the moving forward forces of the
town We .extend to hi and family
a cordial welcome to Heautiful"
Old Papers for sale at this of
fice. 20c per hundred.
The good roads topic is on tap
during these bad roads tunes, (or they
are ceriainly rough enough, and bad
enough in spots.
It started to rain Wednesday after
noon as we were ready to go to press,
and the probabilities are now that we
i will have some weather.
We pot hold of the spur of the
wrong Spurlock in our write-up of
the new P. O. and sale of old build
ings, it was Paul who bought the old
shack and had it moved over on the
south side, and will use it for an of
fice. Paul prefers living in the coun
try anyway.
Hro. W. S. Gibbs, on uupiiry,
lound out that the postoffic , building
and postmaster, was to be Demo
cratic, so he will decline to have hm
mail come that way, will get his at
the Hull Moose P. O.. which is situ
ated at Stover, and Stover, you know,
is well fixed to take care of thirsty
Installation ol Officers.
Versailb s Lodge, No. 192, K of
P., at its regular meeting Thursday
night. Jan. lfjth, installed the follow
ing officers for the present, year Jas.
Roe, Grand Lodge Deputy, installing
officer: M. L. Joachimi, C. C. ; I.
M. Schannep, V. C. ; Paul Spirlock,
Prelate ; H. L. Inscho, M. of W. ;
J. H. H. Maker. K. of R. & S. ; G.
M. Hargett, M. of F. ; U. G. Winget.
M. at A. ; C. V. N. Hudson. I. G. ;
Jas. W. Roe, O. G. This is a lot of
the -old boys," every official, except
the K. of R. & S., being a Past
Chancellor Commander, and now
with these old eads to plan and ad
vise, the friendship of Damon Snd
Pythias should be so well exempli
fied as to show a large increase in
membership the present year. (let
siting I
waiter scon, ol Ukla., is vi
at O. II. Scott's.
Miss Dcmeris Self managed the
switchboard to the satisfaction of
the absence ol
A Versailles young lady of the ma
ture age of seven, was being abused
by her older sisters as lazy, no-account,
ought to be traded off, etc.,
when she flared up. and spoke up:
"I know what I'll do. I'll get me
another family." and silence on that
subject has reigned ever since.
Sedalia Gets Laboratory.
Sedalia. Mo . auuarv 18. The
government Research Laboratory and
Investigation Station, now located at
Nashville. Tenn.. is to be removed
to Sedalia early in February and will
be in charge of M. K. Penning, chief
of the Foid Research Laboratory of
Agricultural Hureau of Chemistry,
and H. C. Pierce, poultry and eei
not yL.t j handling investigator of the Hureau of
Kansas! Chemistry.
. The laboratory is to be established
in Armour & Co.'s local poultry and
egg plant, said to be the largest
establishment of the kind in the
United States.
The goventnent will expend an
annual appropriation of $ 100,000 to
educate Missouri farmers and poultry
men in the art of conservation in the
poultry industry. Educational cars
with instructors will be sent from
Sedalia to every part of the state and
lectures and demonstrations will be
given, in towns along the railroads
with a view of producing in Miss
ouri a larger quantity of butter and
poultry and eggi.
Suscrlbe for the Republican
Installation of Officers
Versailles Lodge, No. 231, I. O.
O. F.. held a spe,.ia meeting Satur
day night Jan. 18th. and the follow
ing officers were installed for the
present term ; Leslie Snorgrass. N.
G. ; E. M. Duff, V. G. ; J. F Herk
stresser, Secy., W L Stephens, the
new treasurer (he has held the office
so long that the oldest member don't
remember when he was first elected)
was not present, bu1 it is thought that
a hall dozen ot the past installations
will hold him until he can be caught.
At the regular meeting Tuesday
night Grand Master. A. A. Sterling,
ofSmithton. Mo., and Grand Secre-ta-y
J. W. Wilkerson. of St. 1nns,
were present, and thoroghly enthused
the members present, and it is hoped
that this grand institution will take on
renewed life, and that Versailles Odd
Fellows will be about the work in
Organ For Sale
An Estey Organ, good as
new, cost $85.00, offered for
$25.00. For particulars call
at Th e Republican office, Ver
sailles, Mo.
A dance given at Henry Schapper's
was largely attended.
A social was given at John Hrewer's
last Wednesday night.
(HKdith Ncwkirk and Zura Self re
turned from Okla. last Saturday.
everybody in
regular central.
The Prairie Valley beef ring closed
Friday and while every body has
sausage, ribs and backbones, the bee!
ring will be missed
Jake Kanffman, the man that can
carry two parties in a county cam
paign, returned home Friday.
Ruby Hunter visited at C. H.
Hayes last Saturday.
Jake Kauffman has the finest lot of
feeding cattle in the county.
Mr. Garrison, the Camden Coun
ty stock man, passed through last
O. H. Scott shipped cattle, mules
and hogs last week.
Joe Williams bought and sold mules
hogs last week.
Shores Hunter bought mules last
C. H. H?yes butchered last Mon
day. Tom Huffman is in Pettis County-
Tom Martin and wife visited at
I'M Hayes' last Sunday.
Horn, Friday, to Estill DeVin na
and wife, a girl.
Hutchinson-Williams and Hughes
have all all been buying hogs.
The road that was worked last
week is almost impassable. Money
is not lost when given to make good
The Glensted mill is in running
order once more.
Horn, to F. H. Bryant and wife, of
Kleives. Mo., a boy.
There has been lots of fall and
winter plowing.
Stalk fields are eaten out.
Miss Mary Kauffman has been sick.
Whooping cough is raging.
Mrs. Pen lx)ganbill is sick.
Ezra Self is helping J F. Williams
on the farm.
Win. McKinley, of Fort Scott,
Kan., was here attending to business
this week.
Chy Election.
The time for the election of city of
ficers is not far off and those interest
ed in the IttOereSS of our fair ritu
the J should be looking around for the right
men to fill them, and be sure to select
men for councilmen who know how
to do things, and at the same time a
council who will do things. Putting '
up four matches, with the heads
binned off. to run the city govern
ment, has been sufTicientlytried to
prove that a stand-still, do-nothing
policy is blighting our town, and now
is the lime to change conditions.
The school election is on the same
date, and the board needs r.-ni uImI.
ing as badly as the city council. Fire
the mossbacks,
A Pleasant Evening,
Mr. Aubrey Huell, wife and Master
Orville. Mrs. J. A. Gunn and John
R.. jr., the editor, wife and Miss
Thelma, spent a most delightful even
ing Tuesday with Rev. and Mrs. Orr
at their comfortable home on Fast
Newton street. Of course we had
supper, and that is sufficient for any
who have had the privilege of a seat
at Mrs Orr's table.
Marriage Licenses.
j John 11. G Gerken, Florence
I Bertha K. Chilcoat, Florence
J Lewis C. Friedly, Versailles
I Orpha H. Marriott. Stover
I James H. Wright. Sedalia
1 Mrs. Edna R. lohnson. Versailles
J Andrew Findley. Versailles
I Edna Marriott, Versailles
Married, at the residence of Roy
Ellis, in Versailles, Mo., on Sunday,
Jan. 19th. Mr. Andrew Findley and
Miss Edna Marriott, both of Ver
sailles, Squire Kavanatigh tying the
knot in the latest and most approved
style. The Rkpuhmcan wishes the
newly-weds a reasonable share of hap
piness, just enough tor two.
Officers Installed.
The M. W. A Camp elected the
following officers for this year: Dr.
Howline. Consul ; Jas. Harbcr, Advis
or; C D. Hunter, Hanker. I. f.
Herkstresser, Clerk ; C H. Knapp .
Escort. I'hey just keep a-chopping.
This is a sample of our bargains for this week:
Royal Dainty Flour $2.00
Turkey Hardwheat Flour 2.30
Home Produce Flour 2.50
Com Meal, per bu . 75
Best Sugar, 16 lb for l.OO
Canned Corn, 4 cans for . 25
Choice Prunes, 3 lb for . 25
Choice Raisans, 3 lb for . 25
Heinz Kraut, per lb .05
Lenox Soap, 25 bars for l.OO
CF r W S UU7
mr a ivc, Lruu a rnce.
We want your Produce. Pay tHe
. .

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