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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, February 20, 1913, Image 1

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Morgan County Republican
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning. Feb 20, 1913.
No. 10
m .....
The Royal Theatre every night.
Don't forget it.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Goodman, of
Stover, were visiting here the first of
the wcck.
A town meeting to select candi
datcr for the city offices and school
directors is in order.
The legislature is still legislating,
or thinks it is. drawing its $5 per
diem and et cetras.
Chrlstaln Church Services.
Services at the Christain church
next Sunday, morning and evening,
conducted by Elder Wilkes. All are
cordially invited to attend.
Mr. Ado Mansfield, from Tipton
and a friend from Clarksburg, were
over here Tuesday. Mr. Mansfield
was working on Dr. Kelly's car.
Versailles Lodge, No. 192, K. of
P., regular convention tonight
(Thursday), and all Sir Knights
should be present to help arrange for
the big time on March 6th.
The big St. Louis bank that off
cred to dispose of $3,000,000 of
Missouri bonds for a bonus of $143,-
000, has backed down, and Mis
souri's bonds are still on the bargain
counter, and nobody wants 'em.
We have not been able to complete
arrangements for change of name of
paper, or other improvements, but
hope to have everything running right
The legislature has made a big stir
over home rule for St. Louis, and an
attempt to improve the initiative and
refrendum, but there is no show lcr
any improvement, just a job to help
thn brewers, grafters and boodlers
You will have lo wait until the Pro
gressives get there, then things will
g i better.
The Edison Phonograph slides at
the Royal Theatre are fine.
The city election comes on All
Fool's Day, but for the sake of Mike
don't give us that sort of officials.
It is regular spring weather just
now, nnd if the groundhog went back
h: knows less than the folks who are
making garden already again.
S. C. Hyter, of St. Louis, has our
thanks for a big dollar bill on sub
scription. Clover Tolcr, Irom no place in par
ticular, is visiting his cousin, Robert
Randall Young was off somewhere
Tuesday, but guess he lost the track,
for he's back again.
The Commercial Club had its reg
ular weekly lunch Monday, and it
begins to look as if there might be
something doing (ere long, and ere
long it will have to be.
You needn't pay any attention to
the groundhog for Dr. Woods put in
a big supply of coal last week, and
that means a warm spell.
Horn, Saturday, 1-eby. 16th, to
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bremer, a fine
10 3-4 lb. boy. Mother and baby
getting along all right, and Frank may
pull through. We suppose it will be
3 Franks now.
Regular communication of Ver
sailles Lodge, No. 117, A. F. & A.
M., Friday night, Feby. 21st. All
members are expected to be present,
as business of import tnee is on tap
at every meeting.
Subscribe For The Republican
I'he Royal Theatre is better than
ever. Come and see lor yoursell.
Mr. John E. Price and Karl are
visiting C. H. Price and family at El
Reno, Okla., this week.
The lack of any accomodations at
Jefferson Cily, and the outrageous
cost of same, has stirred up some of
the legislators to almost using cuss
words, but it is too late, the die is
cast, and the people's money goes in
to a pile of mud and stone, what
don't go in graft, on a 'one bluff over
looking the "Big Muddy, a muddle
from start to finish.
On account of hardness of hearing,
not hardness of heart, the editor ad
ded an extra five years onto the age
of Mrs. C. V. N. Hudson in write-up
of birthday celebration last week.
We beg pardon for the error, for we
were wondering how so young a look
ing woman could be so old, and
and would have been within reason
il we had made it read fifty i.
should read sixty-two.
E. J. Curtis and his brother-in-law,
Edward Schilling, of Hudson, Kan.,
came in Wednesday morning of last
week without warning, and wakened
"Young Man" Curtis and his folks
up. They have had a good time
visiting and eating and drinking in
this land ol plenty, and enjoyed a
coon and possum hunt Monday night,
but caught nothing but bad colds,
and that dark brown taste the next
morning, and left tor their Kansas
homes Tuesday afternoon.
Sewing Machines, And Repairs
I have moved my sewing machine
and repair shop to the south side of
the court house square. I will keep
a line nf new machines, in price
ranging Irom 12.50 and up. I will
have some of the best machines now
made. Repair all kinds of machines,
sharpen shears, scissors, knives, &c.
Lewis Lumper.
Listen to
His Horn
( i. e. Blowing His Bazoo)
For this week only, we will
sell for Cash or Produce. We will
not sell goods at these prices on
K- P.'s Attention.
It is expected the Grand Keeper
of R. & S., John H. Holmes, of St
Louis, will be with the Versailles
Lodge of K. of P. on Thursday night
March oth. Will have a more ex
tended notice and program by next
ing when you can buy the best of
Groceries and Meats at Prices like
thesex j& j? j&
Why Talk High Cost of Liv-
Pearl hominy, 6 lb. lor 25c j)
California Fink beans 4 It), tor JJ
Norry beans, 4 lb. for 25
Red Kidney beans, 3 lb. for 25
Choice corn, 3 cans for ; . 25
Choice hominy, 3 cans for 25
Choice Peas, 2 cans for 25
No. 3 tomatoes, 2 cans for 25
No. 3 sweet potatoes 2 cans for 25
No. 3 kraut, per can .10
No. 3 boiled cabbage, per can "0
No. 2 Red Kidney beans, per can 0
Royal Dainty Flour, per cwt
Turkey Hardwheat Flour, per cwt
Home Produce Flour, per cwt
Corn Meal, per bu
Dried and Evaporated
Small prunes 4 Ibb. for 25c
No. 3 prunes, 3 lbs. for 25
Fancy Evaporated peaches, 2 lbs. for 25
Extra Fancy peaches, per lb. . 15
Extra Fancy prunes, per lb 15
Extra Fancy Apricots, prr lb 15
Choice raisins, per lb 10
Country Dried Apples, dibs, for 25
Beans and Canned Goods:
Every Tuesday night is Edison
night at the Royal.
Going1 Some.
Have you noticed how ork
progressing on Mox Joachimi's
"Castle on th; Rhine," lately? It
all comes from that bill in the legis
lature which was going to compel
Huffman to either get it finished, or
tear it down, and he just swore that
he would be eternally blest if he
would tear it down, after putting in
over tnree years hard work on it.
He says he knew it would not quite
come up to Solomon's temple in mag
nificience, but he expected to put in
the full seven years getting it fin
ished, and now to have to hurry
up and get it finished right
away pretty soon makes him hot,
and it is quite likely he will vote
the Progressive ticket next election,
and live happy ever after.
Ab's Way.
We could quote many more good
things to eat but lack of space for
bids. However we Have them.
Come in and trade witH us or phone
in your order.
We want all kinds of Produce and
pay top price cash or trade.
Price Lutz.
business men took up the trade, and
since then it was pretty tough.
How is eating?" asked the bo. Ab
told him it was just starvation and
that he would have been all in if it
hadn't been for a kind hearted (?)
undertaker down the street, who let
him sleep in his shop as watchman,
and that he was going to get away
just as soon as he could. I he bo
gave Ab the grand hailing sign, and
said, "Gosh, I'll hit the gravel," and
away he went. Now, Ab saved his
face, tough as it is, and he saved a
quarter he might have given the bo,
if he had had it, and he got the city
rid of a tramp that might have been
wasting good grub until yet, so we
say he deserves the medal, don't you
Notice ol City Election,
Notice is hereby given that the
regular annual city election, of the
I rl Vrc9il1Q Kftccmlri will tlf
Ah L'irl.nll rlirv.c n lpf.k..r mcH. 1 'V ,
held in sam city on lucsaay, nprn
6 Cans Corn
20 lbs. Prunes
20 lbs. Best Sugar
30 Bars Lenox Soap
25c cash
LOO cash
l.OO cash
LOO cash
Your for business
C. II. Mason
Everything Clean.
al from the city council. Everybody
knows Ab, the undertaker. If you
don't know him alive you probably
will dead, for it is likely the last noise
that will disturb' your rest will be Ab
screwing down the lid of your box,
but he does it so cheerfully you will
have no room to kick. Well, when
Ab is up and out all night, and the
next day with a lot of dusty furniture
to open out and straighten up, and
with a week's beard, he comes pretty
near looking like one of Millionaire
How's St. liuis hoboes, and after
such a deal one day last week, after
starting home, a genuine hobo struck
him, and his salutation was, "I think
I have seen you before, when did you
blow in?" Ab told him he had been
in town two months. "How do you
make a living?" Ab told him he
had got along pretty well mending
old umbrellas until a number of the
1, 1913, at which election a mayor,
marshal, one alderman in east ward,
and one alderman in the west ward
arc to be chosen, each to serve a
term of two years. All candidates
desiring their names on official ballot
must make the same known to city
clerk on or before Saturday, March
20, 1013.
By order of Board.
F. D. Harrison, Mayor,
J. W. McClelland, City Clerk.
Adeline Cooper.
The remains of Mrs. Adeline (Er
nest) Cooper, of Joplin, were brought
here Wednesday, funeral services
were held at the M. E. church Wed
nesday afternoon, and interment in
the city cemetery. She was aged
about 70 years, had formerly lived in
this county, was a sister of Squire
Ernest, of Proctor.
J. M. Adams Sells Out.
A. B. Cole & Sons Produce &
Supply Company of California, Mis
souri, has purchased the poultry plants
at Tipton and Versailles, from Mr. J.
M. Adams, of lioonville.
Mr. Adams has been associated
and interested in the poultry buisness
in Tipton and Versailles for over sevj
en years and . during this time has
built up a very large business at these
places, and is retiring from them in
order to give more time to the Boon-
ville territory. A. B. Cole & bons, is
an incorporated company, doing
business under the laws of the state
of Missouri, and owning and operat
ing plants at California, Jefferson
City, and Russellvtlle, and with this
last purchase, is extending its busi
ness into 1 ipton and Versailles.
I'he central plant of this company
is located at iantornia, ana will
co-operate with the other plants. It
will be necessary at certain seasons of
the year to centralize all the poultry
where it can be milk-fed, dressed,
and properly cooled and packed for
the Eastern markets. This will be
done at California where their ice
plant, cold storage and creamery
is located. While at other seasons
each plant will be a carlot shipping
station. With these improved facili
ties for handling and marketing poul
try, butter, eggs, and other produce,
the A. B. Cole company, will be abb
to pay the full market value at all
times. While the trade along the
lines, will doubtless regret losing
Mr. Adams, we do net doubt but
what they will find in thh A. B. Cole
& Sons, worthy successors, who not
only handle, poultry, butter and eggs
but several other products in addition
Mr. Adams, in retiring from these
two points wishes to thank the mer
chants, farmers, and trade in general
for the generous support which has
always been given his business, also
to bespeak for his successors the
same liberal patronage. -California

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