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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, February 27, 1913, Image 1

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5 ii
Versailles. Mo.. Thursday Morning, Feb 27. 1913.
No. .11
Morgan County
Edison Records every .Tuesday
I night.
Dr. and Mrs. Well were over in
IGarconads county last week visiting
the Dr. 's mother, who is well along
in the 80s, and who is having the
trials and tribulations of old age
They left her resting easy and hope
Mrs. Boles, the cast side milliner,
has secured the services of an ex
perienccd young lady trimmer from
the city, who comes highly recom
mended, and who has been trimming
Commencing with the Christian Church on above dates in the wholesale house for quite a
rriov will VinvP rWo-o nf our crnro nnrl will hf nlp.-isprl tn while, and is selecting a large stoctc
j e 1 - i
Annual Church Sale,
Commencing March 7 and 8th
Four Churches in Versailles Take Part In
This Big Sale!
have all friends remembei the dates, March 7 and 8.
March 10 and 1 1 the Presbyterian Ladies will have
charge of our store and will be pleased to have their friends
remember these dates.
March 12 and 13 the M. E. Church South, will have
charge of our store, where you will find the ladies of this
church in charge and they will be pleased to see their
friends. .
March 14 and 15 the Baptist Ladies will have charge of
out store, where they will be pleased to have the support of
all friends. . .
of millinery for Mrs. Boles.
Preaching at The Presoytnan
Chu roh Sunday
Regular services next Sunday
morning at 11:00, and at 7:00 in the
evening at the Presbyterian Church
Sunday school at 9:45, E. A. Crew
son Supt. You arc invited.
Notice to Rural Students.
An examination will be given at
Glensted, Mo., March 14 and 15
1913, for the benefit of students de
siring to graduate.
M. VVray Witten. Supt.
The Mexican assassins must strong'
ly suspect that the assembling of so
many United States soldiers at Gal-
means something. And
will, when Wilson takes the
The Buyer, Mr. Hardy; having just returned from the
Eastern markets, where he bought some of the most won- veston
jr.. . . j i e i. 01 lit' possibly it does. Kansas City Jour
all Spring Goods in.
This sale will amount to just what each Church makes
it, the larger the sales the greater the amount each church
will receive.
Each Church takes charge of our Store at
9 a. m., and continues until 9 p. m.
Now all together to tarn $$$$$$ for your Church.
We will assist with our force to make each day
a big success.
Respectfully yours,
Orchestra every night at The Royal !
theatre. 1
'I he Rnvii'
"Fire on the Sta" iit
Friday night. Feby. 28th.
President-fleet Wilson names April I'd Nelson left Wcdni-t-diy for
1st as the day for the opening of the 'Jefferson City, on business wo siij -
special session nf Congress, and it I pose, but who would have thought
may be a very' appropriate date. 1 Kd wis a politician.
You all remember
extra session.
Garden Seeds.
Seed potatoes, onion
sets, vegetable seeds
All kinds of garden
and flower seed in
bulk and package
We have the most
complete line of seed
in Versailles. Come
in and select the kind
you "want while our
stock is complete.
Price & Lutz.
Birthday Surprise Party.
Miss Hazel Kinloch, after patient
Orchestra every night at The Royal
Globe Drug Store, and Frank is all
right most anywhere.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smed
ley, of Westlawn, Tuesday, Feby.
25th. a fine eirl baby.
It set in to raining Wednesday
morning, and as we go to press it
looks like it was goodby snow until
the next time.
Miss Nellie Buck returned Satur
day from an extended visit 'ith her
.sister, Mrs W. N. Gilson, and family,
at St. Joseph, Mo.
It looked Monday evening as if
the snow would be gone by Tuesday
evening, and Tuesday morning it
felt as if it wouldn't be all gone un
til some time in April.
The "intelligent compositor" sug
gests that possibly Mr. Moser had his
thermometer in the ice house Mon
day morning when it went down so
low. How about it old man' Bet
ter fess up.
Ex-Governor John P. St John's
eightieth birthday celebration in Law
rence tomorrow reveals that his
middle mme is Pierce. For three
decades Kansas has gone along under
. the impression that his name was
John Peter St. John. Kansas City
Piano Duets Friday nigl ' Feby
28th, by Misses Lucy Kelly and
Hazle Hardy at the Roy?l.
Next Tuesday is the day that Taft resignation over the matter, was gi
and Wilson changes places, Wilson en a real surprise party Tuesday even
1 . . . 1 ...
(becoming President, and Taft a coll- jng. After getting her chores done
ege prolessor. Hope the change , iter school, she -wis-sent to a room
. . J I
may be beneficial to both, and that after a paper and found Misses Geral
it may prove that each has found his and Doris Nelson and Miss Elanor
proper place in the plan of destiny. Todd waiting for her. Later Miss
One more barber shop, but, thank Nannie McClelland arrived, and the
gravy, no more barbers yet. Jim tun was last ana noisy until supper
Dudley moved his outfit to the room was served. Afterward they were
Wisdom From California.
Is it the part of wisdom to ex
clude our chief industry from the
high schools?" inquires the super
intendent of public instruction of
California. His reference, of courxe,
is to agricultural training.
And when you come to think of it,
isn't it curious that we should have
been teaching boys and girls how to
read Latin, but should have given
them no information about the con
ditions under which plants grow?
Incubator Oil.
Now is the time to
set your incubator.
Be sure you get the
best oil as this is a
most important factor
to insure a good hatch.
Eupion oil is conceded
by all to be the best
oil for incubators.
For sale at our store.
Price & Lutz.
Editorial Patencc Strained.
The Esk ridge Tribune-Star is
just naturally tired of boosting with
out even a word of thanks. It puts
it this way. "Editors are born
boosters. The other day the editor
was solicited to join a lodge and was
handed a petition printed by a supply
house ; from a merchant he got a dun
in a government stamped envelope
and written on a Karclinu oil state
ment: he made a purchase at
a store and got a duplicate bill print
eo in Denver. Ye gods how can an
editor be expected to join lodges and
pay bills on such treatment as that,
and all the time tell the people to
trade at home? Ever think of it?
Editors have to be born boosters,
prepared to live on dried herring
and stand for anything."
President Taft's I Miss Hazel Kinloch was tucbe
years old Tuesday. K-by. 25, bin
postponed her hir'lhdax celebration
until fall, thinking it might be a better
time for presents, thinks that every
body at this present time is saving
their money to buy onion seis and
garden seeds.
Second Quarterly Meeting.
Rev. W. M. Rader, Presiding
lder of the Marshall District M. E.
church, South, in a note to the pas
tor states he will be in Versailles to
old quarterty conference Saturday
and preach Saturday night and
Sunday morning. Everybodv invitc-
cd to enjoy the services.
Let all of us Methodists do our
best to have a good, full report at the
quarterly conference Saturday.
S. P. Cavton Pastok
Amenities On Route 5.
A young man on route 5 called on
his best girl one evening last week,
says the Lyons Republican, and as he
went out of the house he left the
oor open and Ihe irate father who had
been awakened by the breeze, called
out, "Shut the door! Were you
raised in a barn?" The young
fellow retorted, "Yep, and every
time I hear a mule bray it makes me
think of home."
west of the Dunn restaurant, Wes given a box party at The Royal. It
Newton street, Monday, and Ben was a twin celebration. Miss Hazel
Comer, who has bee.i employed in being 12 Tuesday, and Miss Geral
the O. K. Parlors, and who owned being 1 1 Wednesday. There was
most ol the outfit used by Dudley in certainly no question about the good
the Pool Room shop, has taken charge
The Coldest o! the Season.
Henry Moser reported his ther
mometer at 10 degrees below zero
Monday morning at 5 o'clock, which
is considerably colder than anything
preceding this winter. If it wasn't
for Moser's known veracity we would
juestion the degrees, as it didn't
seem near that cold, but it stands as
of it, and will continue the busines Washington Anniversary
iciiuyjim. 1 nc inusi 01 us win con- . , . ,
tinue, as usual, to get our barbering Entertainment
done where credit is good. A very pleasant social entertain
ment was tendered the faculty ol
Think Of Your BleS3lngS. Versailles Hieh School, and Seniors.
I'h's is the philosophy of an editor by Miss Annie Clifton, primary
at Reserve: "Don't kick because teacher, at her home on Campbell
you have to button your wife's waist, street Saturday evening in celebration
Be glad your wife has a waist and of Washington's birthday. The even-
doubly glad you have a wife to mg was spent in enjoyable conversa-
button a waist for. Some men'r Hon, progressive games, music, and
wives have no waists to button, refresshments in an artistic setting of
Some men's wives waists have no red, white and blue. Those present
buttons on to button. Some men's were: Misses Shaw, Bessie Berry,
wives' waists which have buttons on Ella Ratcliffe, Frances Thorpe, Grace
to button don't care a continental uitton, ume nunter, uora nuD-
whether they arc buttoned or not. bard, Leila Shivley, Ada Brunkhorst,
Some men don't have any wives with Prot. C. F. Johns, Robort Toler,
buttons on to button any more than a Marion Otten, Marcell Forman, and
rabbit." Eugene Agee.
Birthday and Washington Party
A Birthday party was given in hon
or of Lorenzo Kavanaugh at his home
Saturday, Feby. 22nd. The guests
were Fannie Kidwell, Eunice Mason
Mildred McCIanahan, Dorothy Coch
ran, Mary Young Moore, Eleanor
Todd, George Clodfelter, William
Forman, Pete Koeting, T. L. Hughes
and Fordyce Kindle. The decora
tions were in patriotic colors, the
dining room being beautifully decor
ated with red, white and blue festoon
ing and flags. The table ,had for a
center piece a birthday cake with
the lighted candles, which was
duly admired and after the first
course was sliced and served with
cherry ice cream. At one end of
the table was a small cherry tree
stump with George md his little
hatchet, at the other end a larger
stump with the hatchet driven in the
stump. Scattered over the table and
at each guest's place were cherries
on the stems and the souvenirs were
small stumps with cherry and hatchet
There was a number of contests and
suitable prizes were awarded to the
euest who gave the most correct
ansv ers. One contest being Presid
ential nick-names, Eunice Mason re
ceiving first prize, which was a hand
kerchief, and William Forman re
ceived second prize, a cherry colored
Apples, Apple Dumplings,
Apple Pie And Apple
A lady from the country was in the
city last week selling the finest(?)of
apples at 50 cents per bushel. That
looked good to some folks who had
been going hungry all winter, and
she did aland office business. When
the old man brought the fruit in the
following day, the old lady collected
in advance, the purchasers found they
were sold, and the next job was to
find somebody to give 'em to, as no
decent pig would condescend to
touch 'em. Among the victims we
can name only Elwyn Price, Daugh
erty, Harrison, Crcwson and Nelson.
You have all read ab ut the pig in
the poke, and the fool and his money.
Oh, say, Sal, quit yer foolin'.
Later Elwyn Price fed some of
his purchase to his chickens and the
next day got 14 eggs from 17 chick
ens, and he thinks the three chickens
that failed to lay refused to eat 'em,
else he would have had 17 eggs.
Now we suppose Crewson, Nelson,
Daugherty and Harrison will be go
ing into the chicken business to save
those apples.
Iater No. a. Crewson sold his,
unsight, unseen, to Frank White, and
Frank, getting a little suspicious of
Crewson turning apple merchant.
closed out to Mox Joachimi. We
suppose all made their regular com
mission, and Mr. Ultimate Consumer
he pays the freight.

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