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average tar J0- "W -P"u!ftk,B
of Sal.m ISO ?
1918. 14.994; JM. ".
.Urioa County 1M. 414771
n-ib enunty. 14.H1
Audit Bureau of Clreu-
Associated Pre Full
teased Wire
OR15QON TonHrnt and Satur
day fiilr and warmer, moderate
westerly winds.
IX)CAL: No rainfall. Max. SI,
biIb. 49. River 1.2 feet, aUtlon-
ary ,
SSSW-W.. 198
n i -r i n 1 1
pill JJUll
Salem, Oregon, Friday, Angmt 19, 1921
Price Three Cnts JSt'fY SSni
Wipes Out
Adobe City
-comities liose
ilfts at Hatch, N.
M Mud Houses
n.tnh e 111 X ivw.
El Paso
Texas, Aug.
19. Flood
"TJ.-h wined out vlrtuaUyL
rs,u, ,, i the town ofir
W M yesterday, rendering
two hundred failles
r6. and destroying thou
dollars worth of proper
r Ul were several feet deep in
t7, V L today according to mes
ewed3 the E Paso Her-
m cloudbursts throughout
Saturn early yesterday and
WedneX nlEht caused rivers
d eeks to rise high and rush
1 torrents were sent through
Storm lands and through
e.((.r frrnn ExnOSUre.
-""".nrt children of the
town are suffering from exposure
fline to H. F. Fieldhess o!
Hatch, who telephoned the condi
tions to the El Paso Herald to
j. He asked that physicians be
lent to take care of them imme
1 Fieldneas said over the tele
hone he was standing in a foot of
water In a telephone booth in one
of the five building yet standing
In the town.
"Over 200 people have been ren
dered homeless by the flood, and
they are suffering," he said.
"We must have food and bed
ding from the outside for our peo
ple were able to save but little of
ujthlng when they had to flee.
Houses Crumble Rapidly.
"The houses were almost all
adobe and they crumbled rapidly
rtra the water came down from
tkitootlillls and flooded the town.
The nter has receded only a few
Hundreds of persons in the up
per Kl Paso valley, who were fore
warned, drove their stock from the
lowlands Into the foothills.
There was a continuous all
night procession of men, women
ana children moving from the
talfey into the tills, carrying pro
visions and household furniture.
Many slept on the hillsides and
along the high road ways without
any bedding.
Clean Fair
By Police
Games of Chance Put
Under Ban by Chief
Moltitt; Twenty Men
Weeded for Jobs.
Mummy Hand
Pharaoh's Daughter
Left to Institute
Peoria, 111., Aug. 19.
The "right mummy hand of
Pharoah's daughter who res-
ciitd Moses from the waters
of the Nile" was left to Brad-
ley Polytechnic institute, ac-
cording to the will of the
late Mrs. Annie E. Pether-
bridge, filed this afternoon
for probate.
Postmistress Held For Murder
Crater Lake
Trip Postponed
Poatponement 0f the proposed
tour of Crater Lake and the Joae-
Phlne caves by seventy five resi-
denta of the Willamette valley
towns, among whom were several
Salem people, has been made nec
essary, according to a letter re
ld this morning by T. E. Mc
Croikey, secretary of the Com
mercial club, from 8. B. Vincent,
wager of the Oregon Tourist
d Information bureau, Port
land. Mr. Vincent's letter states: "I
as advised by "the Oregon bureau
Bines, that due to rush of
kwlness and to unexpected de
velopments in the Oregon bureau
J mines that It will be impossi
ble for us to have the services of
se of the geologists of that bu
feau in connection with the pro
Posed visit to the Josephine caves
Md Crater Lake.
"I have, therefore, after con
"Itlng with Mr. Parkes, of the
Oregon bureau of mines, deter
ged to call off the excursion
d have notified th various or
snliations interested to the ef-tott."
All forms of. gambling includ-
'doll and knife racks, eandv
boards and other games of chance
are to be barred from the Oregon
state fair grounds during the fair
tnis year. Chief of Police Moffltt
announced this morning.
For the first time in history the
policing of the fair grounds will
oe aone by the Salem police force
because of the extension of the
city limits last year to include tuo
fair grounds, and the city police
officials are perfecting their plans
' To Add Twenty Men.
Twenty extra officers are to be
added to the local force during fa'ir
week for the task of patroling the
grounds alone and at least .two
special officers will be added to
the regular city force, Chief Mof
fltt announced.
Separate headquarters will l)te
maintained at the fair grounds,
with Sergeant Davis in charge,
and arrangements have been made
with the fair board for two offices
In the administration building.
These headquarters will be equip
ped witn telephone connection
with all of the buildings on the
grounds and with regular city po
lice headquarters by direct wire.
Men to Be in Uniform
The work of patroling the fair
grounds will be divided into two
shifts of 12 hours each, the long
shift being from 12 o'clock noon
until midnight. The shift between
midnight and noon will be split In
to two watches of six hours each
The night patrol, from midnight t
6 a. tn. will consist of eight me.
All but six of the 20 extra me
on fair grounds duty will be i.
"The same police restriction,
will apply to the fair grounds a:
are regularly enforced In the city,'
Chief Moffltt said. "This is out
initial attempt at policing the
grounds and we are going to makt
a complete success of it If such a
thing is possible. The games ol
chance, use of liquor and other
complaints that have been made
against fair week practices on the
grounds in previous years will not
be tolerated."
To Enlaree Citv Force
To handle the additional traf
fic and large crowds down town
during fair week, two motorcycle
men working out of regular head
quarters will be added and an
automobile will be on duty at all
hours at headquarters to speed up
service on emergency calls, Chief
Moffitt announced.
Chief Moffitt, who will exer
cise general supervision over both
stations, said that he is now ready
to receive applications for the ex
tra jobs on the force during fair
week. Salem men will be given
preference In appointing men.
Pupils On
Decrease In
High Grades
Figures compiled In the office
of the county school superintend
ent of the attendance In the dif
ferent schools throughout the
county show a marked decrease
in attendance after the pupils
have passed the eighth grade.
The total attendance this year
in the eighth grades was 913 of
which 463 were boys, and from
the first to the ninth grades the
attendance of male pupils is
much larger than that ot the
In the ninth grade the situa
tion Is reversed, there being 346
boys registered against 360 girls.
By the time twelfth grade is
reached the attendance of girls is
almost double that of the boys
and shows a decrease of almost 75
per cent from the attendance In
the eighth grade. The number In
the twelfth Is 92 boys and 151
The average daily attendance
in the schools was 8359, and the
number of pupils completing the
eighth grade this year was 317
bovs and 256 girls. No report is
available as to how many complet
ed the high scnooi course.
In the teaching staff of
r,nnty there are 64 males,
126 females.
. '. JftT ' A-
Miss Lena Clarke, Postmistress
of West Palm Beach, Fla., is being
held at that city charged with the
alleged slaying of Fred W. Mllto
more, of Chicago. Miltlmore was
found in his hotel room at Orlan
do, Florida, drugged, which, it la
alleged, later caused his death.
Miss Clarke is also charged with
stealing $32,000 In cash from the
malls. Miss Clarke is said to have
killed Miltlmore, according to the
police, because he refused to sign
a statement admitting responsibil
ity for shortages In the accounts
In the postofflce. Search is also
being conducted for a West Palm
Beach banker. Miss Naomi Miltl
more, daughter ot the victim, la
said to have given the police much
information tending to clear up
the mystery.
MtyjNaou Mil if morv .
Man Is Dead
J. M. Manion of San Francisco,
who had been in the city barely
a couple of days, died suddenly
last night about nine o'clock at
the Baker apartments from the
result of heart trouble. The man
was somewhere between the age
of 50 and 60 years. He had open
ed a bank account In the city and
indicated that he expected to re
main here for some time.
Little Is known con?ernlng the
at Automobile'!4'" nd "n'c aT I
I rum r . ... uiuai.i .
whom the stranger asked to be
'notified In case of any accident.
, .has not as yet been received. The
at- , , li , .I..--- rxt Riedon and
uouy IP 111 - m
Panther Springs
Rate Increase
Critics Unfair
Says Engineer
Critics of the recent telephone
rate Increases have been unfair in
that they have used only such
facts as would bolster up their
case, according to Leonard A. An
drus, Portland consulting engi
Andrus. on the witness stand in
the rate rehearing this morning,
explained that he had become in
terested in the stories circulated
about the excessive profits earned
by the American Telephone &
Telegraph company because he Ib
ft stockholder In that companjr. In
order to satisfy himself as to the
f these reports, he
stated, he had voluntarily made an
analysis of the balance sheets and
o.rninira utatements or tne oen
and American systems, which find
lnes he had incorporated In an
exhibit presented at the hearing
Thto annlvsle. he declared,
"proves that the American com
pany is not earning excessive prof
it. nd that the reserves and sur
plus are not unduly large in rela
tion to the Investment as gauged
by those of other concerns who are
ione in their respective lines."
., "In demanding a return to the
old rates, local subscribers are
asking the American company
stockholders to extend charity to
the people of Oregon to tne extent
of the ann
Thieves Using Auto
Truck Rob Home;
Leave Range
Everything But Stove and Dining Table Stolen
From House of Mrs. Wm. Patrick During
Night; Family on Vacation.
Cut Taxes
On Cereal
House Committee
Makes 4 Cents Tax
Good Roads Bill Pass
es Wood Bill
Washington, Aug. 19 Elimi
nation of taxes on proprietary
medicines was agreed upon today
by the house ways and means com
mittee, which approved more than
sixty changes in the republican
tax hill.
Subsequently the majority mem
bers ot the committee voted to re
duce the tax on cereal beverages
from the proposed six cents a gal-
inn tn four cents, anu to onus
fire and marine Insurance com
n.ntes under the 12 Vi Pr cent
corporation income tax on
same basis as lite insurance com
TtnaA Dill Passes.
The federal aid roads bill, ap
propriating $75,000,000 for con
struction, one-third ot wnicn
would be immediately available
was oassed today by th senate.
By a vote of 28 to 22 the senate
adopted an amendment to the fed
eral aid road bill, reducing from
$100,000,000 to $75,000,000 the
amount available for construction
In the next year.
WnoH Bill Defeated.
The administration bill design
ed to permit Major General Leon
ard Wood to become governor gen
eral of the Philippines, without re
'f..rr.hf,upt offered, be said.
aim, vv '
house military eommm.ee
Premier Declares
Peace Offers Are
Most Liberal Yet
Premier Declares Rejection of Terms by Irish
Leaders Will Place Responsibility for Re
newal of Bloodshed Upon Them.
T.mdrn AuiT. 19 The British srovernment in its Irish
peace offer had conceded everything it was possible to con
cede, Premier Lloyd-George declared to the house of com
mons today in his expected statement on the Irish peace
negotiations. .
It embodied the largest measure of freedom ever offered
Ireland, he said, and he hoped the Irish leaders would not
reject it "and take the responsibility of renewing a conflict
which would be robbed ol all glory ana an S'""uc "
overshadowing horror.
Provision had been made, he
said, for the summoning of parlia
ment on 48 hours' notice if nego
tiations broke down and the pros
pect of .peace became hopeless. He
hoped, however, that reason would
prevail and the government's de
sire for an ending of the long mis
understanding between England
and Ireland would be realised.
The prime minister's words were
paralleled in the bouse ot lords by
Lord Curson, the foreign secre
tary, as to the government's offer
having alrady gone to the limit.
All that could be given without
compromising the safety of the
realm, the sovereignty ot the
crown and the dignity of the em-
bv the
without a record vote, commit
teemen were said to have held It
would be a dangerous precedent
to establish.
Practically all committee mem
bers were reported to have favor
on tahiine the measure which
I want to make it clear, ' ton
ttnued the prime minister, "that
the government did not pu' forth
haggling terms, but put forward
everything they could posMbly
concede to purchase peace and the
good will of the Irish people. In
Ireland itself, so far as 1 can see.
the doubt is not so much M to the
Under the cover of darkness
sometime Wednesday or Thursday
night, thieves operating with a
motor truck entered the home of
Mrs. William Patrick, a half mile
north ot 8akta in Polk county, on
the Wallace road, ransacked the
place and removed everything In
the house with the exception of
the kitchen range and dining room
table, according to Chief of Police
Verden M. Moffltt of Salem, who
was called by Polk county officials
to assist in the case this morning.
Just what the value of the arti
cles taken by the thieves will
amount to the officers are unable
to estimate, as Mrs. Patrick and
her daughter, Rose Bodayle, are at
Newport, where they went several
days ago to spend their vacation.
During the absence of Mrs. Pat
rick and Miss Bodayle a friend,
Byran Gibson, employed by the
Postal Telegraph company in Sa
lem, has been going to the Patrick
place each day to see that every
thing was all right. This morning
reported the theft to Sheriff John
Orr at Dallas, who sent Deputy
Sheriff Imlah to Investigate.
Investigation revealed the
tracks of the truck where It had
been drawn up beside the fence in
front of the house. The fence had
been broken down, Indicating that
the thieves had carried the furni
ture and other articles out of the
house and across the yard.
When Mrs. Patrick left she had
the electric power turned off, and
the burned matches with which
the floors are strewn Indicate by
what light the thieves worked.
Everything of value In the house
was taken, Including furniture,
diehes, silverware, clothing and
other articles.
Most of the stolen articles were
new (he officers believe, as Mrs.
Patrick but recently moved into
the house from her former borne in
Neighbors neither saw the truck
or the thieves and have been un
able to throw any light on the
he found the place ransacked audi case.
Frank A. Turner
Passes Away At
Residence Todays
. . i- n., dm Mil lll'ne uouut " noi su "
makes It certain W,I, term8 but a, to whether th gov
not come to vuie m
No criticism of General Wood
was expresseu at tne coihihiii.!i
Besslon It was said, members agree
ing that he would make an excel
lent governor and should accept
President Harding's offer. The
opinion was reported to be equal
ly general, however, that it wouM
be a dangerous precedent to per
mit army officers, without resign
ing their commissions, to accept
civilian posts.
General Wood, it was argued,
should retire from the army if he
wished to accept the Island post.
Bay State Mob
Tries To Lynch
Negro Prisoners
ernment really means them.
Basil Is Final.
"That is a question of working
out the terms of elucidation and
elaboration and not a changing ot
the terms. The outline cannot be
altered nor the basis changed.
"In view of the fact that the
houBe Is about to separata pnd the
fact that very disquieting stater-rats
have been made, and even
of a few disquieting factn, we are
bound as a government to take
ihought of all possible contlngftti
cies, however, unpleasant they
may be.
were proceeding satiafaetority. It
the negotiations broke down and
the position became hopeless, he
added, the speaker was empower
ed, after consultation with the
government, to summon parlia
ment on 48 hours' notice.
The executive, said tho prime
minister, would feel authorised t
take any necessary urgency meas
ures, but would not, thereforo, de
lay the summoning of parliament.
Sinn Fein Await
Action of Premier
Dublin, Aug. lS.Sinn Fein
leaders today cantered their atten
tion on London, awaiting Mae ex
pected statement of the Irish ne
gotiations by Premier Lloyd-
George in the house ot commons
and the government's reply in the
house of lords to the recent Invi
tation by the Marquis of Salisbury
for an official expression on thta
subject. Meanwhile tba rank and
file of the deputies were engaged
In committee work on Irish inter
nal affairs.
The Call had put off discussion
of the reply to the British prime
minister's peace offer until Monday.
Frank A. Turner, for the past ported volumes 50 to 98 of the
30 years a resident of Salem and Oregon report.
Oregon state supreme court re- Mr. Turner was prominent In
porter since August, 1908, pass- lodpe circles in the city, having
ed away at his home at 835 North 'con neetions with both the Wood-
n the onera- Capitol street, shortly after noon men ana me masons
tlon of the telephones
state," Andrus contends.
Aug. 18. While
. Bandon. Or.
vturnins from Roenp river Sat-1
night in an automobile.
Slid Mike Ijnl.clrk wi-
eked by a large panther
man vre coasting down the
onrtain between Brush creek
4 Hilh'inrds rreeb whan the
y1' lumped out of the dark-
striking the hood. Failing
et a raothold. the animal
Pd asain. landing in front of i
and as the automobile j
Jd. jammed the front wheels j
n instant, almost turning It
rnjd. The driver speeded I
and jnt away. Five large sal-
re strapped to the ear
Js furnoped the panther
Son, undertakers.
Cargo Of Booze
Seized In Frazier
Vancouver, B. C. Aug. IV
Whiskey valued at several thou
sand dollars was seized at the
.,,h nt the Fraaer river, near
Growers Sell
Three Carloads
New Prune Crop
Sale of three carloads of prunes
at the opening prices announced
by the association yesterday was
made this morning by the Oregon
Growers' Co-operative association.
; Buyers are active and are ias.nB
all sixes at the figures q-
Several large buyers are ...
thin today, at the age of 76 years, at- me aeceaseu .u.vi.tu u,
ter an Illness of several weens. son, e. . ""' -Previous
t0 taking up the work daughter Miss Joy Turner of Sa
wlth the supreme court Mr. Tur- lem. and a sister, Mrs. Alice Mi
ner was associated with C. M.W of California. His wife died
Inman of this city In a law firm In tble city a couple of years ago.
here He was educated at Wlllam-1 The body is In charge of the
ette unlverslty'where he attended Rtedon undertaking parlors. Fun
tbe law schaol. While connected eral arrangements have not as
with the supreme court he re-'yet been made.
and ! here, when provincial police offl-
a nartv of men who
AurrA two truck loads of
Neuner Refuses to
Comment on Local
Brumfield Clues
Salem, refused to comment on his
presence In the city or on the
Bru-nfleld case, from the angle of
focal developments or otherwise.
Acting on Information from
Chief of Police Moffltt that a wo
man having crrespondence with a
Roeburg man, supposedly Dr. I
Brumfield, had spent some lime in peta KaSITlUSSen IS
Barnstable, Mass., Aug. 19. A
mob of nearly 200 men and women
carrying ropes early today stormed
the local jail, threatening to lynch
three Cape Verde Island negro
prisoners charged with highway
robbery and criminal assault on n
young white woman at Buzzard's
At 2:30 this morning 25 auto
mobiles whose occupants included
women, as well as men, drove up
to the local jail. They demanded
the three negroes, John Dies, Ben
jamin Gomez and Joseph Andrews.
rom Sheriff Irving U Kosentnai.
There were shouts of "let s get
h." b the mob aDuroached but
when the Jail defenders fired fn
the air the crowd halted.
Chief Warden James Boland
warned the mob back, shouting
that at the first attempt to attack
the tail they would "be shot down
like rats."
The warning had Its effect, but
the rrnwd remained outside the
tall nearly an hour and a half be
fore dispersing.
Dies and Gomex were held In
$15,000 ball each yesterday and
Andrews was to be arraigned to
day. All three have been Identi
fied by Miss Oerlrude Butler and
William Eldredge as ths men who
held them up and criminally as
saulted Miss Butler at Buzzard s
aerlv in the week.
A crowd yesterday attempted tojvate old
get John Dies from the Wareham j new ones.
lockup, but dispersed when the po
lice fired over their heads.
Fannie Lee Hurt
When Motorcycle
And Car Collide
Fannie Lee was stunned and
bruised and Omar Coffel, a West
ern Y'nion messenger was shaken
me nrsi is tne possiuii'ty ot up wnen tj,e motorcycle upon
ar. agreement, in which -a) the whlch they were riding collided
details will have to be thresh id wHh a(J automob11e driven by C.
out, which will take time. There ,., rotlte 7. Salem, at the
la always apt to be an atmosphere' . rhurch -nd chemeketa
of suspicion surrounding relations
brtween two countries n name
tlon of bad faith If there Is a mis
understanding on the slightest
"It would thus be the duly of
the executive to place a bill em
bodying the details and principles
before the parliament for Imme
diate action, because delay Is dis
astrous once an agreeineul was
If Term Rejected
I wlBh lt"was not necessary to
streets about six o'clock last eve
ning. Bradley was driving east
on Chemeketa and Coffel south on
Church street when the accident
occurred. Broken handle bars and
a mashed front wheel on the mo
torcycle and a bent running board
on the car were the extent of the
damages to the machines.
Miss Lee was riding on the gas
oline tank of the motorcycle when
the accident took place, according
to the police report made by Ser
geant Ellis, and It was at first
but we ate bound to take notice of
certain thing, which have been
said. This contingency is that "eacone.. hospital, hu returned
, ,.,.te,l to ner nomu tun. muiuius.
"Were that misfortune to fall to
the relations between those two
Islands, whose history hai ban bo
full of such unfortunate Incidents,
we would be faced with a graver
situation In regard to Irelmid than
that with which we have ever
t.een confronted.
"Whatever these terms i .ay ac
complish and may have done thoro
Is one thing they have achieved
They have defined the Issues more
clearly than ever before, and re
jection would be an unmistakable
challenge to the authority of the
Husband and Wife
of Dead Man and
Woman Arrested
Waco, Texas, Aug. 19. Mrf,
Bessie Keyes, and W. T. Aven are
under arrest at McKlnney, Texas,
charged with the murder of the
woman's husband. Leslie Keyee.
Aven'a wife died mysteriously
prior to the killing of Keyee.
whose mangled body was found
on a railroad track near here the
v : .. .Kl "..i,Jnlght of August 6 after a freight
crowu anu me uu.ij ui mm "i" 1 1 -
and no party in the state
over without
possibly pass
"I am using no language of
menace. That would be Indeed
folly. Where there are so many
existing difficulties, to use threat
ening language would be to aggre-
difficulties and create
train had passed. The authorities
announced today the bodies of
Mrs. Aven and Keyes would be
exbumtd for examination.
61 Billion of
Cigarettes in
1J Clgar-
Aside from declaring thai Salem Just previous to the Russell
market tor several hundred tons famished him by Chief inrurder. for which Brumfield h
.m.ll Ti runes of the lzi crop. .rril Mr Neuner stonoed
of small prunes
price have been quoted of Police Moffitt might assist him
a a lAnlre ' W " rst l wm ' ' orHnm If
Confined to Asylum
Ptter Rausmauseafl,
Washington. Aug.
ettes numbering T.859.00.eoQ
To Summon Parliament. re manuiar.ureu .
"If there Is rejection, and final States last year, tne ren.u.
rejection beyond hope of negotia-jreau's annual tobacco report to
tlon, steps will undoubtedly have sued today shows. Of thst nnrnber
to be taken which tha exerullve U.834, 000,000 were exported,
ought not and wont wish to lake ieTing about 4, 000, 000, 000 fae
wlthout fiiet consulting P-WUsv-i.- .d clcarettas for consump-
these buyers but It looks aa , locating the "woman" w
though orders would be given tol hell ed may throw some light
7 ioff In Salem last night on hi. way tlm resident of this city, and Mat 4 giving It full oPW"." 0B,tid 8tite,. w
to Hamburg from Portland, where) 8rtive of Denmark wa. il!"? -'..i.lLnuf act-red numbered 8,72,-
War V
ori of Prlneville has
ed chief of staff for
Oregon for the Span-
.1 . ...tar. mntiaic . -
some moepenueui v. . on the Urumfieia rauraer case,
Uw ti ft fe 1 rum -
baying Pnw ' r- hu,l.houid the Information material
independent growers and 1 are tnir
r-tJs . ..It at a elignuj . . ,
was to .,itlon's price ney 01 uoasiu mmm --
i I K . rA nstt nf tfKlav 1 n
Honor to be loaded on a scow. It) -rowers and are th
wa. reported here toi.y. Officials - , .Ughtly
here eblieve the whiskey was t, , --
have been exported to me tou -J BMk, , gftfjfc
h met Rrumfleld when he ai re-, inunc today by CO
turned from Canada. land the examining p
This morning Neuner and Chief
Moffltt were In conference twice,
but no Information concerning
either session was given out.
Byrd. The notice Ol insanny iw
ed that the patient though that
some one was pursuing him to do
him bodily injury.
approval of any steps we in is in ma
propose to do."
The premier explained that the
motion to adjourn wa for tbc
bouse to meet October 18 for for
mal prorogation If the negotiations
784.000 and tobacco manufacture
Including chewing and smoking
and snuff, totalled 41 J.ISI OM

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