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London, Oct. 23. This 'week
will ba crowded with party con
ventions and public meetings.
There was what 18 described as an
"emergency" ; meeting ol tho
Asyuithlan liberals ((often called
free liberals) last ' evenfng, at
which Mr. Asqulth, Viscount
Grey, the Marquis of Crewe, Vis
count Gladstone, Lord Cowdra
and other leaders were present.
It is believed this meeting was
palled to frame a manifesto,
which will be issued shortly. Vis
count Grey speaks at Bradford to
morrow, when an important pro
nouncement is expected.
The executive committee of the
labor party meets' In London to
morrow t(v arrange Its program
which will ba issued as- a manifesto;-
t ';
The announcement that Regi
nald McKenna will appear on the
conservative platform has stirred
remarkable interest everywhere.
The possibility of his appointment
as chancellor of the exchequer is
generally discussed, but some well
Informed conservative newspapers
cay this is altogether Improbable
iind opinion fairly general that
this post will- go to Stanley Bald
win, one of the leaders in the
fight against Mr. Lloyd-George.
Attempts to analyze the elec
toral proHpeets yielded no results
and no one aside from the party
propagandists seems to hold' a
distinct opinion as to how the
twenty million voters will line up
The position of the women elect
ors constitutes one of. the chief
i enigmas,
Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 23.-r-Ex-pectations
of an early ompleion
of a Jury were expressed today by
both' state and defense attorneys
In the trial of Mrs. Clara Phillips
for the murder of Mrs. Alberta A.
Tremaine Meadows, 20 year old
widow who was beaten to death
with a hammer.
According to Mrs. Phillips'
counsel, Bertram Herrington, her
defense will be insanity. He said
five alienists had examined his
client and were" willing to testify
she was suffering from a form of
insanity tormsd psychic epilepsy.
Alienists, acting for the state,
also have examined Mrs. ' Phil
lips, but their conclusions have
not been announced;
(Continued from Page One.)
. Los Angeles,, Cal., Oct. 23. Df-
flclals of the University of South
ern California and local alumni of
the University of Iowa, one of the
"ljr ten" conference, met today
to discuss the possibility of stag
ing, a football game here in 1923
between the V. S. C. and Iowa
elevens.' As a result of today'3
meeting:, it is thought Iowa will
be asked to meet the Trojans be
tuften September 15 a,nd Thanks
giving day, 1923, as the dedica
tion event in tlie'new Los Ange
les 11, 000, 000 stadium, which
will seat 80,000 persons. In re
, turn, the Trojans would journey
to. Iowa City in 1924 to meet the
Medford, Or., Oct. 23. A con
tinuance until November 27 was
' granted by Circuit Judge F. M.
Calkins, in the Jackson county
, Ku Klux Klan night riding cases
in an opinion handed down after
arguments had been made. The
court held that to hold the trials
on the eve of the coming election,
might be detrimental to the de-
The request of the defense for
an order giving them the right to
Inspect and make a copy of the
special grand jury minutes wbh
dented, as it was upon a previous
occasion. The defense contended
the indictments were "political,'1
nd the hostility of the press of-
the city, county, state and nation
to the Ku Klux Klan "of which
the defendants are alleged to be
members" was prejudicial.
governor, and by the city commissioners.
How the klansmen played foi
and secured -gratifying simnort
from such organizations as the
American Legion, the Portland As
sociation of School Teachers, the
rank and file of the Scottish Rite
Masons, the State Automobile as
sociation, and the almost solid
vote of the Federated Patriotic So
cieties (the anti-Catholic union of
Protestant fraternal orders) is a
matter of history which the peo
ple of . Oregon have never been
told, thanks to the intimidated si
lence 'of most of the Portland
newspapers. -
Controlled F. P. S
With the knowledge of what
men represented the various mem
ber lodges on the executive, or in
dorsing commltte of the Federated
Societies, the klansmen laid the
foundation for their political cam
palgn by Ku Kluxlng a goodly
share of these delegates. , With
evidence of this control of the 17
000 or 18,000 votes generally at
tributed to the Federated Societies,
the Glfford gang solicited the sup
port of. the American Legion n
exchange for the F. P. S. 'indorse
ment of anti-alien land ownership
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legislation; asked the backing of
the members of the automobile as
sociation in return for the klan'e
advocacy of modification of the
state motor license, law, bartered
for an alliance with the school
teachers of Portland and the state,
promising legislation raising the
salaries of teachers and the adop
tion of teachers tenure statutes.
Added to these pledges was ' the
compensation they had pledged to
the Scottish 'Kite Masons and the
anti-Catholic lodges in the. Feder
ated Societies for control of that
body, namely the sponsorship of
the anti-Catholic cause, to which
they were already committed. ,
To the extent that it pledged
most of the candidates indorsed on
the yellow ticket to support the
pledges It had made, the klan was
successful in keeping faith with
these groups and factions, no mat
ter how impossible of achievement
were its promises.
, Corporation Favorable, s '
What might have been the col
lusive agreement existing .be
tween the big public service cor
porations, known to be desirous of
jecuring certain state legislation
ind prevent other legtsimn, and
che leaders of the klan movement
is not known. But it Is signifi
cant that Gifford at the time he
jecame affiliated with the Ku
Kluxers was a political employe
of one of these corporations, that
the corporations have since be
jome ardent friends of those of the
klan who were successful in the
primaries, and that they have
been noticeably indifferent to the
factionalism and' discord stirred
up in the ranks of their employee
where. the invisible empire boasts
jf many citizens.
How large a percentage of the
members of these politically Ku
iT r. 77. nr
Kluxed organizations In the if. P.
S. joined the Ulan, by reasons of
its espousal of their grifySnces
would be hard to determine,' but
is safe to assert that 200 Backers
were caught with this bait, that,
in itself, was profitable enterprise
for the klansmen and the assess
ments of from $3 to $25 levied on
members throughout the state for
campaign purposes made the har
vest even more golden. -i
Primary Shows Strength.
The results of the primary bal
loting showed the klan Btrength
to be between 14.000 and 15,000
well controlled votes. In some
contests their candidates polled
considerably more votes than this,
and in others less. In split fields
the yellow ticket candidates were
generally successful, but in most
of the direct two man fights came
off second best. It, will be re
called that all of the Kluxlng was
confined to the republican party.
In the contests for the 14 seats
for state representative on which
ciosafnl in 13 Instances in a
much divided field; they nomi
nated two of the three candidates
for the state senate, two commis
sioners for the city of Portland,
and carried the county for Charles
Hall over Ben W. Olcott for gov
ernor by a plurality of 853 with
six candidates in the race. In only
two instances where the contests
were direct did the klan candidate
received a majority: William A.
Dalziel was given a majority of
2345 over C. H. Gram for labor
commissioner, and O. P. Hoff se
cured a lead of 8202 over Thomas
F. Ryan for state treasurer.
Where the klan and anti-klan
issue was most clearly drawn, in
the contest between Stanley Mey
ers, an appointee of Governor Ol
cott, and John J. Jeffries, klans
man, Jeffries wa3 decisively de
feated for district attorney. Jef
fries had been active in klan cir
cles for months and was launch
ed as an opponent of Meyers by
the klan. The strongest efforts of
the people of Multnomah county! the klan, those to unseat itaipn a.
voted the klan candidates where Williams as republican national
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committeeman, were unsuccessful, i.Ttf- IT fl W A7!
and O. H. Fithian, whose name
graced the yellow ticket, was de
feated by 1800 votes.
(Tomorrow Post-primary
Schemes to Keep the Klan Graft
I .
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