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Dally average for November 6060.
Member Audit Bureau ot Circulation.
Member Associated Press Full leased
wire service.
OREGON: Tonight and Thursday fair
except probably snow eaet portion. Mod
erate winds, mostly northerly.
Local: Rainfall, none; max. 81; min.
III. - ?jl
ib; ciear; nortawlnd; river 4.2 feet.
" ; I v- t 1 .v ,
n " 1 1 .... v
."Ka I . M (ll (1U LTTfAT TT7T1TTTir(t "
vivuuiv, vriUJ.NXLikJJAi,; DECEMBER 13. 1922 trT M tb aimq M1,w,
P-m-m-S'' ,,.., -,, ., ...,. ,,7 ! ' r- ; : : s. xkje, x vvu miNia stands five cents
Dj oj r o hu y n LrJ Apra
111 nl r H . rTVl n :! nil P :
I 11 JS 1 1114 I i f I I 1 ill i t I f J ill I I I if 1 i I I . r i
. : . - wLj;U ' W.J L-, . J V...
mill cnr
Five Alleged Participants
In Ilerrin Outrage Face
Court; Defense -Hopes
To Prove Alibi.
Marion, 111., Dec. 13. (By "As
sociated Press.) Before a partial
ly filled court room, trial of five
men charged with murder In con
nection with the Herrin mine kill
ings began today. President Far-
rington, of the Illinois miners, sat
at the defense table with the nrie.
oners and attorneys. Oral Garrl
son, secretary to President John
L. Lewis, of the Intnrnnt inmi
miners' organization, took down
ime proceedings m full. Attorney
IGeneral Edward Brundage sat at
tie table with the state.
Testimony to show the five men
ad no part In the rioting, but
"ere elsewhere at the time of the
iiUings, was promised by A. W.
Kerr, chief counsel of the Illinois
nine Workers, , In his opening
tatement to the jury. "
Blames "Armed Guards-"
Mr. Kerr declared the killing
I the non-union men was tn rar
ult of an "Invasion" of Williaiu
on county by "armed guards"
Mid the "many acts of brutality
"Iminating in the ruthless mur-
er of three union coal miners."
He "asserted Williamson county
'se to the defense of Its homes,"
ping that "by this act of self
f tense it served notice on the
Jmerican gunmen and upon those
o would employ the American
fnmen that this was not a safe
Immunity jn which to send hired
"The miners fought 'also to pro
t their union, he said. ... ,
I Persecution Alleged.
raring tne state had been
Inertly careless" In selecting
f defendants, Mr. Kerr empha-
T lual we will show you in
f case that Oys Clark, Bert
fe. Joseph -Carnaghi, Leva
,r ana Peter Hiller (the de
ris, not, only , had nothing
j-r 10 ao with the killing of
-fd Hoffman or any of his as
'es, but that they were In po-
U.,7 a places at a "me when
liM . e beea Physically im-
'ur mem to have had any-
We will pro
Marion-Polk Count
CornShow WillOpen
Thursday Afternoon
Xmas Packages Sent
East Must be Mailed
Before End of Week
Only '11 days reman. ...
which mail may be delivered
for Christmas presents. John
H. Farrar, postmaster, says
that aa yet, there la no great
rush. '
He calls attention to the fact
that dur
five or s
for dell
last day! a
mas prei
it would
assured fJ
time by' ?
this wee; t
hnllHnv afiaann
f are required for
(ackages In the
Jand six or seven
pn the ''Atlantic
cember 23 is the
.elivery of Christ
i he suggests that
(rorth while to be
hts will arrive In
lng them at least
Prevailing Prices Before
Fire To Rule; Council
Enforce Edict; Search
For Missing Man.
f'S to do witv, it
"C !re a great number of men
r"" in their community, who
V ; standing along the line of
f- which led to the place of
1 Killing. Tney wW teU you
oi,PlSecutIns "uthorltles of
!eni.eLaSSerted- were being
11 ty a Private organiza
cmp06er ( men of great
tierce " IUm0,s chamber 'f
Astofia."th".'T Dec.43-iloilon
to curb Drofiteeriner has been
started bv the cltv ennnr.l 1 in an
ordinance providing penalties for
any person or firm charging moro
ror goocis or services tnan tha
nrice rulinar nrevious to tha dis
astrous fire of last Friday which
wiped out the business district.
This ordinance, introduced' last
night was referred to the ways
and means committee.
Saw Filer Missing
The council ha also arjDroved
and extended the plans for widen
ing the city's streets and ha3
adoDted an ordinance Drovidina:
for the licensing of all individu
al! practicing a profession, busi
ness, trade or calling in the city.
Efforts to find' John Carr, - a
saw filer, were being1 made today
following reports that- he was
missing after having taken
room last Thursday night in one
of the hotels destroyed. Should
he prove to have lost his life, the
death ton or tne nre would he
raised to 3.
Dr. Nellie Vernon, city health
officer, reported today that there
was no eDidemic. but that on ac
count of the cold weather there
was dancer of erinDe. She has
asked the council to take steps to
obtain the use of the army hos
pital at Fort Stevens in case of
an emergency.
Local business houses have
been advised that the Collection
Aeencies association of Oreeon
and the Portland association .of
Creditmen- have declared a mora
torlum of 3 months on debts
owed by Astoria fire victims.
The Marlon and Polk county
corn show will be officially open
ed Thursday afternoon at 2
o'clock, ln an address of welcome
by Mayor George E. Halvorsen,
and a talk on the possibilities of
corn growing In 'the- Willamette
valley by Prof. George Hyslop, of
the Oregon Agricultural college.
On Friday afternoon there will be
an address by several experts on
corn growing.
Today, the Chamber of Com
merce rooms resemble the old
time county fair, with exhibits of
corn, mostly yellow dent, pump
kins, squash, fodder, canned
goods and a general display of
Up to 1 O'clock todav thora hoA
ueen s exhibits entered, whfh
gives the assurance, according to
mui carpenter, that the 1922
Isniet Pasha Refuses To
Agree To Proposal That
District Be Set Aside
For National Home.
Lausanne. Dec. 13 (Rv An.
elated Press.) Turkev rnfllRArl at
today's session of the Near East
conference to assign any special
part of Turkey aa a national home
for the Armenians.- Ismet Pasha
declared this would mean a nnw
attempt to dismember Turkev.
Ismet Pflaha' woo liiAi.nnnjlA1.1.
, , tuj IJffii I .... T.UB HltWUUlllUiB
corn show will exceed in interest on other ' Points concerning the
vuudc ui luimer years. vi minorities, in Turkey.
Exhibits will be accepted at the Besi,Je3 declaring Turkey would
Chamber of Commerce in tn o not set aside an inch nf Tui-tiai,
o'clock this evening. The final so" 'or an Armenian national
displays will be made early Thurs homa. he said she would not accept
day momlnc. And avorvV.fnw the ree-ulaHnn nf Ho-hta
t., j tiling Willi --a VM. ..gjuLa ul uiiuuil'
be ln position for the official open tIes fay an International commis-
o ..ucu irtayui naivorsen wei- olu" lu vionsianiinopie or else
comes the exhibitors to the city of where.
-u-n . .. vuiauu oounua warning. ..
icnuw ueni is tne favoritt. t
corn evhihit tt , : uru urzon warned ismet that
;;; v,Vu ut-lpcK l- there would be no symnathv anv
mem ua ueen entered j) .. .. . .
separate exhibits, competing foi -'," " ' v V lu,tto,Jl
the awards for the best ten ears e on me
of yellow dent. question of the treatment of the
Tot, Quarantined
Chickenpox, Thinks
Santa Is Coming; Is He?
exnihlt of 60 ears of yellow ent
there had been entered eie-ht pi
hibits up to noon todav. Five t
V IU1,. . . ...
i.iuiio were entered or 10 ears
white dent, eleven of lOearst nf
runt corn, and 12 exhibits of
,jrjv-MEiiibitS" are alreadv in
place contending for awards nf
ierea in the sweepstakes of the
best 10 ears of any corn.
Lcs Angeles Landlord
BsQueaths Five Homes
f To Occupants In Will
to8 Angeles, Cal., Dec. 13.
Tenants of George Noe, who
died last Friday, learned today
iney were his heirs. His estate,
valued Jat $26,000, consisted
chiefly of five houses, which
were devised to the families
occupying them. He was sur
vived by no known relatives.
Wyndham Buren, 22 vears of
age. a son of Max O. Buren, prom- WUU tne continuel cold sever
inent Salem merchant. aDDarentlv al PrPerty owners found bursted
With a cold north wind blow
ing last nigh't Salem experienc
ed the coldest snap of the season
with the government thermome
ter registering 18 degrees above
zero, two degrees colder than the
day previous. The highest tem
perature reached yesterday and
last night was 31 degrees, one
below lreezing. On Monday, and
Monday night the hiKhest Dolnt
reached was 35 decrees.
With the continued cold sever-
fvernorMay Carry
Astoria's A-bDeal To
arding In Person
Aria's ann..l ,.,
e . ior ieaeral aid private secretary, Lion jm. upjonn.
'n th f- 3,000-000 la re- It is expeeted that the governor
in 5lre Btrlcken city, , ... on( nf hi. nr-
encfl in tha national canltal to Dre-
i sent t-ho rasa of the stricken city
to the authorities to whom the ap
peal is directed.
Tn a tolorram received from the
erno "u"uai conference governor toaay, dj ma oiuce ucio,
t. message con- announcing his arrival in wasn
tne anneal . . I, . -ii AvnT.Ac&M
l . , omcKen city,
E9 carrinrt ii.i ''(Will
ITaj- """f iresi
f "I'hg by Governor Olcott!
I Wvernor is In Washington,
te,011 hIs r White
lf!?rines. W. Va.. where he
T""a the ann,,.i
inent Salem merchant. aDDarentlv
took his own life near 358 Center
street about 10 o'clock last nicht.
Tha ctinl Wkl.t. t 3
ouwt, nuJi,u CULVrcu UvlUW I
Buren's chin, apparently was fired belns continuel fai" and cole? with
faucets ln their yards. There Is
little hope for warmer weather
this evening, the weather forecast
intentionally, authorities said. An a nort'1 wlnd- The eastern part
automatic was used. . ot the Btate may exPrlence snow
Shortly before the shot was
heard by residents of the com
munity, young Buren had taken to
ner Doardmg house Miss Edna o. Wise, charged with driving
xiuwu. one uvea at va norm h a antnmnlifio ininTUoiu.i
L,ioeriy street. wa8 finert lnn whfin h , .
Young Buren, who lived with ralgned in the police court before
his parents at 74o Court street. Judee Earl Raca vestHrrtav affpr
vtaa Duuiiucu iu iiie oaieiii hciiuuih j iiuuii.
and later was a student at the wise, a resident of Salem, also
university or uregon. He was had his driver's license suspended
wen Known nere. by Judge Race. He was arrfistad
io mauest win ue tieiu. uoruner hv Mntnrvoio Pafmai, ro
Liioya itigaon sum tins aiternoon.
Portland, Or., Dec. 13. .Tamas
and Marjorie Feles. aged 3 and 1
respectively, were dead today and
tneiiv mother, Mrs. George Felna
waa ttneonfeious at a hospital in a
critical condition after beina:
found last sight in ,the gas-filled
Kitcnan ot their tome.
Th husband, a hotel waiter, re
ported he found the doors locked
when he came home last night
He entered the house through a
bedroom window and fniitiil tha
building filled with gas. The two
children were on the floor, .one
dead, the other dying, and tha
mother was reclining on a cot ln
the kitchen, . Gas was Dourlne-
rrom a burner of the kitchen stove.
Police and coroner's officers
said the circumstances indicated
that the mother, who had been
ill, had turned on the gas with
suicidal intent.
It 18 a cramped scrawl, laboriously
one of several received for Santa Claus by The Capital Journal
tais morning, was executed by a little girl whose literary
endeavors have been necessarily limited. Ypt it
no pari oi wnicn is maudlin, that can not easily be forgotten.
' ' Ti O i eti , 1 1 . , ,
oama oiaus, tne letter oegins, "We are sending m
our names. We do not care for tovs and we wnnlrl
some clothes. To wear. That is better cause we can wear
tnem. mere Is nine in our family and my father has no
work.' We have got the chickenpox and we won't get to go
no wnere nristmas. lours truly '
She Bigns her name and, by
AIIppiI tn have been endeavor-
inp- tn nnnfl at the Peonle's cash
stnre a worthless check Davable
to EIroy Davis and signed W. M.
Davis a man who, police say, is
John Rowland of route 7, was
captured yesterday afternoon by
Police Sergeant Walter Blrtchet
and today was held in jail pend
nir hia arratenment.
Dnwlanil according to Sergeant
Blrtcbet, admitted some activities
in "paper hanging." He prohaoiy
will ha arraimfd In the lustice
court before Judge Unruh this af
m ., " "5 "oa congress, a
WVaa sent to the ex-
bleou , 'orrta to Gov
i U ln Washington by his
invMn' finvamnr nimtt axTiresses
horror over the results of the holo
caust which laid waste to the busi
ness section of Astoria, only mea
ger details of which, he says, have
ben available to him through press
reports to the eastern papers.
Five persons, charged with dis
orderly conduct, were assessed
fines of 10 each when they were
arraigned in the police court be
fore Judge Earl Race yesterday.
They were Letta Lane, Mabel
Shepard, L. S. Mclntyre, C. H. El-
- r.ti.fl Rnwera. Thev were
Cl J uu . - - .
h rhiaf of Police Mof-
aiiwu j
Charged wwith selline mis-
branded meat, J. Ir. Busick, Salero
merchant, pleaded not guilty
when arraigned before Judge G
E. Unruh in the Salem lustice
court this morning.
Mr. Busick Is accused ln the
compfalnt of selling a shoulder ot
Dork as Dlcnlc ham." The com
plaint was signed by L. S. Leach
deputy state food commissioner.
Charged with assault and bat
tery, Roy Rowland, Salem taxi
driver, was fined $25 by Pollc?
Judge Earl Race yesterday afternoon.
Rowland was said to have en
gaged ln a fight with Mike Crow,
also of Salem. Crow, who was
charged with assault with a dan
gerous weapon, waived a hearing
before Judge- unruh yesterday
morning and was bound over to
the grand Jury.
Hrnrr Ford make 264.02(1.41 a
day. We are glad we are not Henry.
We could sever have nerve enough
Three more men, serving sen-
tenceg in the state prison here
were '.released on conditional nar
dons by Governor Ritner Tuesday.
making a grand total of eight to
be released on pardons within the
past two weeks. Tuesday after
noon's releases were Issued to the
C. E. Dooley. sent ud from La
Grande for a term of one year for
larceny. Conditionally pardoned
on recommendation of Ed Wright,
district attorney, and J. W.
Knowles, circuit Judge, for Union
Clarence E. McDade and D. H.
McGlown, sentenced from Jackson
county, to a term of eleven years,
for robbery. Conditional pardon
based on recommendations of Dis
trict Attorney G. M. Roberts and
Circuit Judge Frank M. Calkins of
Jacksdn county.
Doolcv's Incarceration ln the
Union county Jail and ln the stale
prison together excedea the full
term t6 which hew as sentenced.
McDade and McGlown, whose
crimei. consisted of the robbery of
fellow .hoboes of a small sum of
moner. and some lewelrv have
served a year and a balf of their
11-year sentence.
sending the letter, she Is conflden
her little brothers and sisters, the
youngest of whom Is one year old
win not be forgotten by the all
knowing gentleman from the
north. She has told the other
youngsters they will be remem
bered. She has told them that
when they rise December 25, there
will be some candv. some nnta.
some clothes maybe a- doll and a
few marbles. She has told them
their Christmas is to ba something
like other little boys and girls
whose fathers and mothers are
more fortunate.
On the people of Salem those
persons ln a position to help
will depend the nature of the
Christmas which those and other
local children will have. If it Is
to be worth while assistance must
be had by the welfare committee
of the Salem Elks which, worklna
with the Salvation armv and The
Capital Journal, will endeavor to
reach every poor youngster In
All cases areto be carefully in
vestigated anjK only the worthy
are to be cplisidered. The move
ment Is entitled to the thought of
every one.
Will You Help?
Packages, containing clothing
food, candy, nuts or shoes should
be left, with a description of thel
contents on the outside, shnnlrl h
left Immediately at the Elks
lodgo. A large sign, telling con
tributorg to enter the front door
has been placed on the building
The steward will welcome vonr
assistance, and all persons con
nected with the movement will
appreciate your aid. It Is un
necessary to mention how nleaaed
the otherwise forgotten young
sters will be.v
Several letters, furnishing In
formation concerning poor Salem
families, were received by The
Journal today and more of these
are wanted. Each of the letters
offered commendation for the
movement and expressed the belief
it would be a success. The hit
ters should briefly set forth names.
addresses and conditions ln needy
homes and should be arldrwiaod
to The Christmas Relief, ln car
of The Capital Journal.
AH children in Salem hava hnon
requested to addreBS their letterB
to Santa Claus ln cara nf Th
Capital Journal and these will be
forwarded to the man who la
asked to take care of their re
All information received hv
The Journal will be treated In
strictest confidence and no names
will be divulged to anv ona ex.
cept those necessarily engaged in
Federation Pays Attorney
To Assist In Prosecu
tion of Charges Against
Washington, Dec. 13 Samuel
Gompers, president of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor, frankly
told the house Judiciary comuiitte
today that the executive commit
tee of the federation had author
ized the employment of counsel to
assiiit Representative Keller, re
publican, MlmicBota, in prosecut
ing Impeachment nroceedlnirs
against Attorney General Daugherty,
Represents Federation.
Mr. Gomners' statement wan
made during cross-examination by
Paul Howluiid of Cleveland, oer-
sonal counsel for Mr. Da-'li'i-'v
He emphatically denied that ha
had first suggested the Impeach
ment proceedings, declaring that
he had not known of the introduc
tion of the Keller resolution in the
house until he had read about It
in the newspaper.
Shot From Nightwatch-
man's Gun Cripples One
And Both Surrender
After Short Flight.
Although ha told, with his
hands, a fluent story durlnar hlu
preliminary hearing In the Justice
court yesterday afternoon.. Fred
Bartow, charged with burglary,
was bound over to the grand Jury
by G. K. Unruh.
Ills ball waB set at $500. This
be was unable to furnish.
Bartow was arrested here Sun
day night after he had been
caught by O. J. Schel in the Schei
clothing store on State street
Bartow, who says he Is deaf and
dumb, was discovered lying be
hind a counter when Mr. Schel let
himself into his store about 5:30
AMarga crowd waa present at
the hearing yesterday afternoon.
Phoenix. Ariz.. Dec. 13. Search
for Colonel C. Marshall and Lieu
tenant C. L. Webber, lost aviators.
todav waa asAuminfir tha nrnnnr-
tions of a long campaign Involving
a methodical combing of the de
sert And mountain territory of
southern Arizona and northern
Mexico br land and air forces oo-
eratlng from established bases.
The aviators disanneared last
Thursday on the route from San
Diego to Tucson.
Additional airnlanes are under
orders to leave San Francisco for
Nogalea today. 1
Prison Minstrels
Really Good; First
Show Draws Many
A bullet from the gun nf riu.rio.
Graves, watchman in the A. B.
Horner general merchandise store
at Gatos, 45 miles east of Salem
n the Cascade mountalna fin-
trated, an attempted robberv at
1:80 o'clock this morn In ir and ra-
sulted ln the capture of S. S. Sims
and his brother, Roy Sims, who are
reported to have confessed to tha
S. S. Sims is la the hosnltal at
Mill City with a ragged gunshot
wound ln his thigh and his hro-
ther is being held for Marlon coun
ty authorities.
Older Brother Hit.
Word received over tha tele
phone from Mill City reports that
the two men attempted to gain en
trance to the store throuirli tha
front door. , As they, smashed the
glass.in the door the noise attract
ed Graves, who opened fire. The
1 bandita fled, the younger man as
sisting hlg wounded brother, who
was struck by the first bullet.
By the times Graves, had spread
the alarm the two men had dis
appeared, and the hastily organ
ized posses were unable to find any
trace of them in the darkness un
til they voluntarily gave them
selves up at the farm home of
Charles Dall, half a mile awav and
across the river from the scene of
the shooting. The older of tha
bandits was so weak from the Iobs
of blood that he was unable to to
further and they asked Dall to
take him to the Mill City hospital
by auto at once.
One War Veteran.
Both of the bandits are residents
of Mill City, where they have been
In tha employ of the Hammond
Lumber company. S. S. Sims, the
wounded man, is 3d years old and
married. The brother la about 30
and single. The older Sims served
with the American Expeditionary
Forces In France during the war '
and was gassed while ln action.
Only meager reports of the af
fair were received here this morn
ing by authorities. Sheriff O. D.
Bower, District Attorney Carson
and Lyle J. Page, deputy district
attorney, left about 8 o'clock for
Mill City to Investigate. They will
bring Roy Sluia to the county Jail
nere when they return.
Reports from Mill City say that '
the wounded man la too weak to
be moved at thU time, and it will
be several days before he is
brought here.
A report received from Mill City
late this afternoon stated that 8.
S. Sims, wounded last night ln an
alleged attempt to rob a general
merchandise store at Gates, prob
ably will recover although he Is ln
a critical condition.
It was abuj reported that A. B.
Horner, proprietor ot tha store, la
willing to forego prosecution of
the case provided District Attor
ney John Carson approves.
That common failing of the
average amateur performer over
playing his part was absent to a
gratifying degree last night when
the melody minstrels of the Ore
gon Btate penitentiary, fun-
makers extraordinary, opened
their first 1922 show before a
Salem audience ln the prison
In case a show, staged bv
amateur performers, chances to be
a real success, newspaper review
ers are usually handicapped tn
their endeavors to tell the people
about It, due to the fact that
laudatory comment la commnnlv
accorded home talent, regard Icsi
ot its merits, and the reader is
prone to remember that the punk
show he saw at Podunk Center In
1011 was heralded by the Podunk
News as a vehicle of which Broad
way might well be proud.
Minstrels Really Good
All of which lu by way of an
nouncing that the reader of this
story can well afford to take one
more chance on locally produced
stuff. Those boya at' the Oregon
penitentiary are good. Thatr
tuff is lively and new and much
of It Is original. It was conceived
within prison walls and staged
(Continued on Page Seven.)
"Thank you very much for your
warm-hearted wire received yes
terday," wrote William S. Gilbert.
chairman of the executive commit
tee on relief at Astoria, ln a let
ter to Mayor George Halvorsen
and Mayor-elect John B. Glesy
which waa received here yester
day. "Mayor Bremncr desires that
we express our high appreciation.
"Our Immediate emergency la
well taken care of. Calamity In
describable," the letter contiuued.
"Wevshall need large emergency
fund aa well aa supplies."

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