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only nominally alive, for a long time
before the surrender of their charter.
On the whole, I believe wa have every
reason to feel confidence in the stabil
ity of our Order." The great apparent
success, which characterized the in
troduction of the Order into this State,
and its very rapid extension, followed
by a consequent decline, has, with
many, given rise to a feeling of dis
couragement, with regard to its future
prospects. But if we survey the field
as it is, not as it nominally has been,
we have every reason for encourage
ment Our Order is now mainly
made up of true, tried men, who love
the cause, ana laoor tor its advance
ment, because they thus love it.
If we look at the labor already ac
complished in disseminating temper
ance principles, and cultivating and
developing a current public sentiment
in regard to the sale and use of intox
icating liquors as a beverage, we have
still greater reason for encouragement.
The seed has been sown which is to
bear abundant fruit, to bless our peo
ple. Without the influence which has
been exerted by the Sons of Temper
ance, during the time which has
elapsed since its organization, the tem
perance reform must have very materv
ally lost ground. The Washinjrtonian
Societies were, at that time, disband
ing, and the excitement produced by
their praiseworthy labors, dying away
Uur Urder came upon the arena
changed temporary excitement into
the conviction of a principle, and
planting its standard in the van of the
conflict, has maintained all the ground
that had been won, and continued to
advance steadily and surely until now,
the final issue up"n which depends the
destruction or continuance of the liquor
traffic, is boldly and fairly made.
Public sentiment now demands this
issue ; a few years ago, even the most
ardent friends of temperance would
have shrunk from making it. In this
fact, we may discover the great influ
ence which has been exerted by the
Order. And who shall say that it has
been barren of good results in other
respects? How many have, through
its benign influence, been delivered
from the drunkard's almost hopeless
state, to the paths or sobriety, virtue,
respectability and happiness.' How
many mourning families have been
made happy by the return of the hus
band and father to sobriety, through
tho influence of the Sons of Temper
ance? If we had accomplished no
more than this, we should not have
labored in vain, nor would our work
have returned to us void. "The bless
ings of him that was ready to perish"
are upon our Order. The liquor seller
may curse us, but the fervent prayers
of grateful hearts for our success, are
ascending from thousands of happy
homes, once desolated by intemper
ance. The humble prayer will be
heard and heeded in the courts of
the Eternal the curse returned upon
the head ol tis utterer.
I deem it fitting that I should thus
refer in general terms, to the result of
our labors, because we are too apt to
measure our success by the number
of our Divisions, and the amount of
money in our treasury ; and when the
former is not rapidly increasing, and
the latter accumulating, to judge that
our labors are vain. It is not tor the
extension of the Order as a primary
object, that we are laboring. This is
but an incidental object, to give us th
means to extend the triumphs of our
cause, and propagate our principles
And this is the true test of our sue
cess, and judging by this standard, no
one ought to be discouraged. If, as is
really the case, with our present re
duced numbers, we are effecting more
for the cause, than when our number
was larger, we are really a better an
more efficient temperance orgamza
tion than we ever were then. Let
none, then, feel disheartened, but in
spired by past success, press onward
in our work. This work is now before
us. It is not a field for dreamy en
thusiasm, or theoretic speculation, but
rather one for practical, active, an
energetic, determined effort. The
Maine Liquor Law must be enacted in
Ohio. It is not a mere question ofi
expediency, whether we shall have
this law or not, it is not, as most of
the political questions of the day, one
sounding in mere dollars and cents ;
but it involves the character, health,
social, moral and pecuniary interests
of thousands of this and succeeding
fenerations of men. The duration of
life, the amount of crime, the preva
lence or absence of poverty and want,
are all, to a great extent, depending
on the decision of which shall be given
in regard to this question ; for intem
perance shortens life, increases crime,
poverty and want, and the Maine Law
destroys crime.
Since the last meeting of this body,
this law has been enacted, and has
gone into successful operation in Mas
sachusetts, Rhode Island, and the
Territory of Minnesota. It has been
defeated in N. York, Penn'a, N. Hamp
shire and other States, only for a sea
son, by legislative trickery. In Ohio,
it has been postponed, not defeated,
The present Legislature may not, and
probably will not enact it. If it does
not, the question will be before the
people in the election of their succes
sors. Meantime, it should be our ob
ject to prepare the way for its success.
We must disseminate information, dis
THE Qm$kll P TOE'"
cuss the merits of the law, answej
objections, and generally agitata tbe
question of its enactment.' I take the
liberty of suggesting to the G. D. the
propriety of taking measures to insure
the holding of public meetings of those
in favor of the law, in every county of
the State, the proceedings of which
shall be sent to the Legislature. Ef
forts should be made to more fully
enlist the press and the pulpit in its
advocacy, Whether any more pen
tions should be sent to tho present
Legislature, I leave for you to decide.
I leave the subject to the Orand Divi
sion, and trust its action may redound
to the speedy success of this great
In addition, I will only suggest the
feasibility of obtaining for publication,
through the agency of the Order, the
general statistics of the effects of the
liquor traffic in the State. - Such sta
tistics, if obtained, would do much to
arouse the people to a proper apprecia
tion of its enormity.
But, in our efforts for the enact
ment of this law, brethren, we should
not forget another important branch of
our duties, the reclamation ot the un
fortunate victims of intemperance
Here is a field of labor always open
before us, and for this object our Order
was primarily instituted. Amidst the
excitement of public discussion, let us
not forget to lead within our gates
those who can be most Dene tit tea py
our counsels. We should ever re
member those in the bonds of intern
perance, as bound with them, and use
every effort for their reformation.
I submit thi3 Report, regretting that
I cannot make it more full in regard to
the statistics and state of the Order,
as well as more prolific of suggestions
for the advancement of our cause
The Report of our Grand Scribe will
doubtless, supply the first deficiency,
and 1 may safely leave it to you
brethren, to provide for the latter.
In conclusion, brethren, I should do
injustice to my feelings, did I fail to
express my gratitude to you, and to
the Order generally, for the uniform
courtesy and kindness which has been
extended to me, during the period for
which 1 have occupied the station
which I am now about to relinquish.
And I only regret my own inability to
do more for the advancement of our
cause, and the interests of the Urder.
Finally, I commend to your care our
Order, and the great interests involved
in its success. Trusting that your ac
tion may be harmonious, and attended
with good results, and invoking the
blessings of Heaven upon your delib
erations, I submit this Report in Love,
Puaur and Fidelity.
Bro. Cary, from the Publishing
Committee, made a report, which was
ordered to be placed on file.
Ihe same Bro., from the -Commit
tee appointed to prepare an address
to tho people of Ohio on the subject
of legal enactment to suppress the
manufacture and traffic in intoxicating
liquor, reported an address, which,
on motion, was unanimously adopted.
The address has been previously
On motion, the G D adjourned un
til to-morrow morning at 8 o'clock.
-Thursday Morning, o'clock.
Grand Division met pursuant to
adjournment. Officers present, same
as yesterday. Minutes of yesterday
read and approved. A communication
from the M W S was received, read,
and referred to the Committee on Fi
nance. The Committee on Finance
to whom was referred a resolution
relative to a reduction of the G S's
salary to $300, made an adverse re
port, which was laid on the table.
Bro. Cary offered the following res
olution, which was adopted.
Resolved, That the salary of the G
S be reduced to $300, including all
contingent expenses of his office, as
during the term of the present incum
Tho Special Committee on the claim
of Brother William Mitchell submit
ted the following report, which was
adopted :
The Committee, to whom was re
ferred the account of Bro. William
Mitchell, beg leave to report that they
have examined said account, and de
sire not to doubt the general correct
ness of the items charged. Although
it would have been much more satis
factory to the Committee if the charges
had been regularly dated, there only
appearing on the account the single
entry of date 1851 opposite to the
words at the commencement of the
account, " To balance of account ren
dered, $85,50."
Bra Mitchell acknowledged five dol
lars, received by his agent, not cred
ited. On examining the account, we find
ten dollars charged for printing tickets,
ordered by Bro. Sherwood, the former
G S, which, in the opinion of the Com
mittee, should be deducted from the
amount rendered, and that Bro. Sher
wood, and not the G D. is accountable
to Bro. Mitchell for said printing, if
ordered by him ; for we find in the
printed proceedings of the G D, at its
semi-annual session, held at Marietta,
on page 41, the following resolution
and amendment :
"Resolved, That the expenses of pub
lishing the address in pamphlet form,
and tickets provided lor by me report,
of the Committee on the license ques
tion, be paid out of the- funds of ihe
GD. n ,
The ibove resolution was offered
by Bro. Smith. Bro. Potts moved to
strike out "and tickets,", which was
agreed to. The resolution-was then
adopted. , , .-'' ' .
We find on the books of the G D,
a chargo against Bro. Mitchell, which
we suppose to have been money paid
by Bro. Scott, the present scling G S,
on account, dated 1 052, of 8 10, which,
together with tho $15 for the tickets
and. money received by Mitchell's
agent, mRko $25. to bo deducted from
the account of Bro. Mitchell, which,
as rendered, is $204,25, which leaves
a balance in fuvor of Bro. Mitchell of
$179,25. Orr the books of the G D,
the balance carried to new accoun
sgainst Bro. M., is f 286,85 f this bal
ance was made and carried down
before Bro. Mitchell's account was ren
dered. To balance the account on the
books of the O D, Bro. Mitchell must
have a credit of 8117,60, besides the
$179,25 due him as found by the
Committee. : ;
, ,. Ycu,r, Cojrruttee find, nmortnr thqJJ"
pnpers, reOip, ycu ujr uiu.
ell for some stereotype plates, which
we suppose to be still in his possession.
which it will be well to inquire into, jf
tho G D thinks them to be of any ad
vantage to preserve.
After the investigation made, we
offer, for the consideration of the G
D, the following resolutions :
Resolved, That the G S be, and he
is hereby directed to credit on the books
of the G D, to Bro. Mitchell's account,
$296.85. on account rendered for
printing and error, which will balance
the account on the docks.
Resolved, That there is due Brother
Mitchell, from the G D, $179,25, and
that an order in favor of Bro. Mitchell
be granted, to be paid out ol any
money belonging to tlieu JJ, not other
wise appropriated..
Kespecttufly suDmutei,
UHAS. W. bWAia,
Circleville, Oct. 21, 1852.
f Com
'miiies. The Committee on Charters made
the following report, which was adopt
The Committee on Charters, to
whom was referred the applications
for charters for the following Divisions,
to wit :
Buchey Dir. No 648 Plymouth, June2!,T852
raevine " oo raeruie, wpt. so, "
Athens " "132 Athens, June 1, , "
Iron " " 651 Lawreoce, Aug. 30, "
Stafford " " 550 Calais, Sept.
Valley " " 649 Richmond, Aug. 5, "
would respectfully report, that they
have examined said applications ana
find the same made in proper form,
and recommend' that the action of the
Grand Officers, in the premises, be
approved. They would also recom
mend the G D to approve the action of
the G S in sending a new charter,
books, &c, to New Lima Division,
which had sustained a serious loss by
fire, losing every thing belonging to
the Division, save their " principles of
The hour of 10 having arrived, the
U U proceeded to the election of offi
cers for the ensuing year, which re
sulted as tollows :
Thomas H. Ccmmings, G W P.
John R. Williams, G W II.
William Bremigam, G S.
J. B. Thompson, G T.
G. C. Eaton, G C. "
W. H. Clark, G. S.
Rev. Jos. H. Hamilton, G Chap.
Bro. Hamilton moved that the G D
proceed to designate the time and
places of holding the next semi-annual
and annual sessions of the G D pend
ing which, on motion, the G D took
a recess until 1 o'clock, P. M.
H o'clock.
The G. D. assembled and proceed
ed to the consideration of the question
pending, when recess was taken, and
upon a vote being had, it was deter
mined that the semi-snnuul session of
the G. D. shall be held m Spring
field on the third Wednesday of April,
1853, at 10 o'clock, A. M., and the
annual session shall be held at Dela
ware on the last Wednesday of Octo
ber 1853, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Bro. Duncan, from the Committee
on the State of the Order, presented
the. following report, which was adop
The documents referred to the
Commiitee on the state of the Order,
present two prominent topics for our
consideration: 1st. The measures to be
adopted for the winter's campaign.
and Zd. xne condition ana pros
pect of the Organ of Temperance
Reform. In regard to the first, your
Committee offer the following pream
ble and resolutions:
Whereas, The Maine Liquor Law
or some equally stringent measure is
a fixed fact, the full reali ration of
which, the friends of Temperance sre
determined on in tbe btate of Ohio
and whereas the only question re
lates to the means best adapted to se
cure this object as speedily as possi
bio ; and whereas the present Legisla
ture has already been largely petition
ed on tie subject,-your. Committee,
therefor--, recommend the re-euopuon
of the Cist, second, third,' fourth and
fifth r.
the y
lutions found .on page 60 oU
'm d minutes of the last semi
ion, as follows, viis :'
1. That tbe facts and ex-
peri.:!' developed throughout the
Uiii.ft.. a i l particularly in the State
of ? '
-oto establish the propriety
a .
una i
em! ;:
the i: .
comj)', ;
-. .
cable i!
pos-i1 !,
ity of such legislation as is
; ia whitt is commonly called
Liquor La', in order to the
s Humph of the, Temperance
j Therefore, . : , ; " .r.
, 2. That wp pledge, ottr
i , w to labor in: every practi-
. :,ol to secure as speedily as
Mich legislation lor our own
, Rt-wecd, 3. That this G. D., with
a view to tliis result recommend the
hold; of publio meetings by the
frien Uof Temperance whereverprac-
ticabH mainly for the discussion of
the i no Liquor Law, and ascertain
ing t! 4 publio sentiment in relation to
the f jut ; and that the resuits, in
whnf r vay obtained, be properly
cer : l transmitted to the Lcgis-
it'ceJT". iiiat wo will notecase
our enileavors to procure an enactment
suosianuajjy nae uie aiame iaw until
success shall crown our. efforts, or
death ihall cull us hence.
Rest&ved, 6. That when we shall be
so hapjy as to procure such legisla
tion for our own State, we pledge our
selves to do all in our power to secure
its rigid execution.
: Resolved, 6. That in the accom
plishment of this great work we invite
the co-operation and assistance of ev
ery fritnd of Temperance.
In regard to the newspaper also re
ferred (to your Committee, we have
agreed jto report the following resolu
tion: Resulted, t. That we recognize the
Organ cf the Temperance Reform,
published'ai Cincinnati, as an able and
faithful exponent of the Order, and a
fearless advocate of the Temperance
2. That the G. S. be in-
structed to prepare and publish in the
Organ, ahd.transmit as soon as prac
ticable to each Division in the State of
Ohio, a circular setting forth the cir
cumstances (under which the publica
tion of the prgan of Temperance Re
form was commenced, its present cir-
cumstance and the vital necessity of
sustaining the same.
Resolved, 3. That the vv. r. ot the
several Divisions be requested to lay
the matterof said circular before their
respective divisions at the first meet-j
ing of the same in the month of De
cember next ; and -that the several
Division" at said meeting be requestt
ed to appoint a suitable person to ac
as agent for tho purpose of procuring
snbscribers and extending the circula
tion of the same.' ' ;
On faotion of Bro. Olds, the G. D.
took a Recess for the purpose of attend
ing a public meeting in the Lutheran
Grand Division re-assembled, and
proceeded with regular business.
On motion, cards of clearance were
granted to the following Brothers,
members of Bellefontaine Vir. ro. bi.
B. a Brown. C. W. Allison, Wm.
awrence, B. Stanton, T. V. Marquis,
and J. White ; also one to Joseph IN.
Mills, of Port William Div. No. 168.
On motion, the G. D. proceeded to
the election of representatives to the
IN. V., and on a ballot being had, the
following Brothers were elected :
S. F. Cakv, P. G. W. P.
C'N. Olds, ; " 1 ; : '
James Foster, "
E. M. Ghkgorit, .:'.
G. M. Youno, '
F. D. Kimdall,
W. J. McKinnet, P. G. W. A. :
Jamei B. Fiftutr, "
Chas.W. Swain, "' "
Tuos. H. Cdmmings, G. W. P.
Joan R. Williams, G. W. A.
The committee on appeals made
the lotfowinet report in the case of the
appeal of Bro. Philson vs. Adams
Division No. 486, and on motion it
was postponed until next session, and
that the G. S. request 6aid Division to
send up a copy of theit by-laws. . .
ine committee on appeals uaving
examined the transcript in the case of
the appeal of Bro. Philson from the
decision of Adams Division No. 480,
would respectfully report : .
That it appears from the papers in
the case, that on the 1 1th of Septem
ber, 1852, Bro. Elliott from the -visiting
committee, reported in substance
" that Bro. Sebastian barber had been
walking about during the last week,
but had done no work, and that it is
the opinion of the committee that he
is not entitled to benefits for the last
week." Bro. Achlev moved that one
week's benefits be granted to him,
which was adopted, and an order
drawn for three dollars. Bro. Phil
son then eave notice of an appeal to
the G. D. on the ground that there
was no evidence before the Division
that Bro. "Barber was unable to work.
Some other circumstances appear up-
on the transcript, which the commit
tee do not deem of importance Id the
decision of the -.case. Your commit
tee labor under sonxS disadvantage in
not having the constitution and ly
laws of Adams Division before them,
buU.from all the facts and circum
stances wkhin their reach, they are of
the opinion that the appeal is well tak
en and ought to be sustained, for the
reason that there was no evidence be
fore the Division that Bro. Sarber was
sick or disabled, and they cannot con-'
ccive of any by-law that would entitle
a brother to benefits for walking
about and doing no work." v They
would therefore recommend that ihe
decision of the Division be' reversed,
upon the ground of illegality. 1
The same committee made the fol
.lowing report in the case of the appeal
of Bro. Tolle ts, Darbyville Division,
No. 158, which was adopted.
The Committee on Appeals having
examined the papers in thectse of the
appeal of Bro. William Tolle from the
decision of Darbyville Division, No.
168, report: That from the transcript
it appears that Bro. J. II. Beathard
come forward and confessed a viola-
4WfcC--Sfc25d of tF-yunstitt;tion,
and thereupon, on motion of Bro. R. II
Tipton, he was reinstated. Subse
quently the question arose whether
Bro. Beathard was a beneficial mem
ber, In one year from the time he wa
initiated, or in one year from the time
he re-signed the Constitution. The
W. P. decided that he would not be a
beneficial member until one year from
the time he resigned the Constitution.
An appeal was taken to the Division,
and the W. P. was sustained, when
an appeal was taken from the decision
of the D i vision by B ro. Tolle. See. 1 st,
Art. 6th, of the By-Laws of Darby
ville Division provides, "That any
Brother in good standing who shall have
been twelve months a member of this
Division, shall in case of sickness for
at least one week, be entitled to receive
not less than two dollars per week :
Provided he is not more than three
months in arrears." The N. D. at its
late Session decided that a by-law
declaring that "no brother shall be
entitled to benefits until he shall have
been a member one year," does not cut
him off from benefits after re-instate-ment.
. 1
Your committee are of the opinion
that upon the law and the facta as
above stated) the appeal is well taken
and should be sustained, and would
recommend that the' decision of the
Division be reversed upon the ground
of its illegality. ' - ' :r
- Wm. Windom, " '
. H. Safkord,
: 1. " J. H. Hamilton.. '
The Committee on Finance submit
ted a report upon a claim presented
by the G. C, for expenses incurred by
him in the discharge of the duties of
his office, for $6 25, recommending
that the claim be paid, which report
was adopted and the bill ordered to be
The same Committee submitted the
.following report:
The Committee on Finance to whom
was referred so much of tho Grand
Scribe's report as relates to the finan
ces of this G. D., beg leave to report
that they have examined and com
pared the vouchers with the bills, &e ,
as presented to them by tbe G. S.,
and find the same correct. In con
nexion with the examination, they
also compared ' and examined the
Treasurer's report, which they find
correct. . '
' Your committee cannot withhold an
expression of their satisfaction that
the expenses of this G. D. are material
ly reduced. On a comparison of the
report of our former G. 8., made , at
the annual session at Cincinnati, with
the report of our, present G. S., we
find the expenses of the last year do
not amount to the expenditures of the
half year ending October, 1851, by
the sum of 8433, exclusive of the
amount paid on the note given to Bro.
Mitchell, or in other words the expen
ditures of the half year ending Octo
ber, 1851, we find to be 81013 37,
and for the whole year now ending,
$680 11. The indebtedness of the
G. D. we find reduced, and with the
same economy practiced the Inst year,
our body can be relieved entirely from
debt within a considerably shorter
period than would at first be supposed.
Your Committee on an examination
of the subject are of opinion, that un
der all the circumstances the G. S.
could not carry out to the letter the
resolution passed at the last Annual
Session.. '. : ''' '''
We find our indebtedness to the N.
n in t, ws S7. We have exam
ined all the papers that can be reached
nn the subiect. and'find that balances
have accumulated from time to time
for per centage, cards, fco. -.
The whole indebtedness of the G.
D. at present, we find to be a balance
of 8110 due on Bro. Mitchell's note,
of which there is 875 on hand, leaving
a balance to be provided for of 835 00
Balance due N. D. . . . . 536 87
A claim of Brother Mitchell's
no w in the hands of a Special
t Committee of . ' .179 5
Which, if approved, will swell -
the amount to . 760 12
Tbls el lira was rapwtl on md allowtd. ..
In order to main a still fm-i1,. .
duction of the indebtedness of the G.
v., we offer for adoption the following
reso!;;!ioi! " . -
ResolcetL-'that each-fiivisTrm In
jurisdiction of this G.D.' be requested
to -appropriate tiireo per cent, on the
amouut of moneys received for initia
tion fees and dues, and send the
to the Q. 8. with the quarterly returns,
to be appropriated to, the payment of
ouf'present Indebtedness. - ,
. I itesolved;: That tho' G. S. be in
structed tp procure the publication of
the'prbceedings of this Session of the
VV i- 1. iv i rrt
w. is. mi urn yrgauoi lemperance
Submitted in L. P. and F.
-'y' "W.C.Smith,
M. B. Masson,
R. II. Tiitojt.
Bro. Duncan moved to amend the
first resolution by striking out the
words ' appropriate 3 per cent, on the
amount received for initiation fees and
dues," and insert 'donations, pending
which on motion of Bro. McCarty, the
G. D. took a recess until half-past 6
o'clock, P.M.
Thprsdat Evening, )
; , v . , .;, .6$ o'clock. )
On motion, the regular order of
business was suspended, and the G. D,,
proceeded to install the officers elect
for the ensuing year as follows :
Thob. II. Cummings, G. W. P.
'John It. Williams, Or. W. A.
William Bkkmigam, G. S. -
J. B. Thompson, G. T..
Geo. C. Eaton, G. C.
W. II, Clark, G.S. .
Rev. J os. II. Hamilton, G. Chap,
i The officers took their respective
seats, and entered upon the discharge
of their duties.
. The 'consideration of the report of
the Committee on Finance was re
sumed. The amendment of Bro. Dun
can was adopted, and the resolution
was then agreed to.
The second resolution was then also
adopted. .: ; . '
Bro. Uary onered the following res
olution which was adopted:
Jusotved. lhat the charter fee re
ceived by Bro. John R. Williams in
opening New Baltimore Division, No.
603, to be allowed to him to meet his
expenses . incurred in establishing the
On motion of Bro. Duncan, the fol
lowing resolution was unanimously
adopted." 7 .1,1. :
I Resolved, That in the estimation of
this G. D., Bro. John R. Williams, as
a lecturer on the subject of Temper
ance is worthy of the confidence of
the friends of the cause everywhere.
Jietoivea, lhat the u. i). furnish
him with an attested copy of the above
resolution.- - ' . ' ' i . -;
On motion of the same Bro., the
following resolution was also adopted:
i Itesolved, i bat the thanks of the
G. D. are due and are hereby respect
fully tendered to the citizens of Circle
ville for their open-hearted hospital
ity to the members thereof during
its session, and also to those railroad
companies whose liberality has ena
bled us to pass over their roads to and
from the place of meeting at half fare;
also to the Masonic Lodge of this place
for the use of their Hall, and that the
G. 8. take , such method as he may
think proper to inform the parties con
cerned respectively of the above.
Bro. Hildreth offered the following
resolution, which was indeffinitely post
poned. 1 ' 1 -
Mesotved, lhat we believe the in
stitution of a sign of recognition in our
Urder, would greatly promote its pros
perity, and we therefore instruct our
representatives in the JNational Divis
ion to exert their influence to procure
uie same. -. . , -
Bro. Peck presented a resolution
from Clinton Division No. 78, request
ing the privilege of holding the meet
ings alternately at Oakland and Wil
mington, Clinton county, which re
quest was granted. ' . -
Bro: J obi in presented a resolution
adopted at a Quarterly Council . held
in Chandlersvillc, Mu kingum county,
relative to a new Ritual., which was
laid on the table. . ;
On motion of Bro. W.H, Clark, the
following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, 1 hat it shall . be made a
duty incumbent on the county D. G.
W. Ps., to report the No. and P. O.
address of each Division under his ju
risdiction to the G. 8. within two weeks
previous to the end of each quarter..! i
un motion, it was oraerea mat Rn
order be drawn on the Treasury for
five dollars in favor of Bro. John R.
Bothin for services during this session
as Messenger and Janitor,
" On motion of Bro. Cary, the Grand
Division adjourned to meet in Spring
field on the third Wednesday of April,
1853, atlOo'cbck. A. M.
Grand Scribe'i Eeport.
i ; . Office G. S. Dayton, O.
Officers and Brethren : In pre
senting his annual report the 0. 8, re
grets thttt the hopes expressed by
himself, nnd felt hv thfl brethren in
attendance at the semi-annual session,
in April . last, have bot been fully ,
realized. ,! : '.'.- " ,' ' , V
.Yet, In view of the fact, that the past
summer has becnone of mucty politi
cal excitement,' there Is nothing par
ticularly discouraging in the result of
the operations of our Order. 7. - . t
It. . A 'J' 'I ...':. J.'!'! 1 ' I

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