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Lower Sandusky freeman. (Lower Sandusky [i.e. Fremont, Ohio]) 1849-1849, February 24, 1849, Image 3

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-.. - TAYLOR.
- At the Presbyterian ladies' fair, in : Frankfort,
"enerai Taylor being present, was presented with
beautiful copy of the Bible and th Constitution
w to united btates bound ia one volume. .
The Rev. Mr. Robinson, iu behalf of the ladies,
presented the volume with appropriate remarks.
-To which General Tavlor resDonded: '
t I accept with gratitude and pleasure your gift
vi uus inesumaDie volume. 11 was ior tneitwve
of the truths of this great and good book that our
fathers abandoned their native shores for the, wil
derness. Animated by its lofty principles, they
toiled and suffered till the desert blossomed as the
rosa. ; These same truths sustained them in their
resolutions to become a free nation. And euided
oj vie wisaom oi wis dook, they founded a gov
rnmeat under which we hare grown from three
tnillkma.to morev than twenty millions of people,
and from being but as a speck on the borders of
this continent, we have spread from the Atlantic to
the Pacific, I trust that their principles of lib
erty may extend, jf wjUiout bloodshed, from the
northern to the southern extremities of this conti
nent' -- - -v c-.1'!-'' --.J-w..y
If there were in that Boot notlung but its great
precept: "All things whatsoever yo would that
men should do unto you, do ye evjn so to tliem,"
and that ? precept "wore obeyed, our government
wight extend over the. whole continent
: Accept, sir, my tlMiika bV'.. the kind, manner in
which you have disclinrt! this duty, and express
ing ajain rnv-sittecrest thanks to die ladies fortheir
beautiful gift I pray that h;alih, peace' and pros
perity may long be continued to tlicra.
.. X3T When we are risked bv our readers why
We are constantly, week after week, alluding to
Vaughn's Vegetable Luhonti iptic Mixture, we have
only to say that with all due allowance to, the mer
its of other articles of the kind, Ve must say we
'have been astonished at tlie success of this Great
American Remedy. In all the complaints which
belonar to -the human family, k acts as a curative
power of most magical .character 4his we know.
its true tnat we are paid tor tins noucc lor tne
proprietoi of the Iithontriptic, Dr. V'aachn, adver-
itises largely with us, but reader we are not paid to
talsify, and we bes of you to examine his book
Kt the Agents hands , and .also the Agents thera
elves if his Remedy, is not something of great
alue.' See our columns. , " ,:-' : '-r v
. J$It is a rare occurence that we notice editori
ally any " Futent Medtctne . that being hawked
about the country, but in duty to the world we
feel bound to acknowledge and state that o on ar
ticle of tuediciae within our knowledge, for" most
complaints which human flesh is heir to, begins to
be as valuable as Mc AUSTER'S " ALL-11E AL
TN G OINTMENT. Ilaring witnessed its great
and wonderful healing properties, we would hot on
any consideration be without it; and wesavto. all
4ieads of families,' keep xliis article on hand if you
wish to preserve your health and save doctors bills
ifcSJe.advertisemeni.: '..T, v.;.':V'
" We have had eccaskn several times to see that
fest of .the western states, fever and ague," treated ,
with a medicine called WVO, , Connor's purely '
vegetable fe ver and ague "Nostrum,' and were as-'
tontshed at the results.; We have heard of charms,!
amulets, incantations, in medicine before, but
never saw of heard of anything that acted on dis
ease so much like a charm as this celebrated "nos-
trum. . In every case where we saw; or , heard of
its use (and these were ' very numerous) it cured
the fever and ague with numerous complications
and collateral ' maladies "in an astonishing short!
Space of-tima, and what is of still more advantage,!
its cures arc radical aii J perfect-the patient" be
ing enabled to assume tus- duties at once, without
the risk of a return of the disease. iJo other re
medy, evef offered to Iho public will do this. The
remedy ouht tc be placed within the reach of
every individual who has the ague or any of those
thousand and one bilious aSuctions, ull of which it
relieves with- equal facility and certainty. ..The
value of this remedy to the publie cannot be esti
mated in a pecuniary point ef -view, nor can the
amount of suffering which it has already mitigated,
ever be calculated of all the medicines that we
have ever seen sold, for the cure of bilious difficul
ties, such as ague and fever, dumb ague, chills, or
intermittent fever, jaundice, affection of, the liver,
fce, we should try their remedy first, in .own case,
and recommend it to all who are afflicted. For
saleby : J. F. R. SEBPJNG.
:-. Lower Sandnsky July 22, 1848. : . :.i . .
Casals" asd Rail "Roads have lost their nov
"cltv : chemistry," ereology, phrenology and mesroer-
Jsrq are becoming settled as sciences, and still the
world progresses. Man produces his likeness by
light," "d sends his messages by lightning, and still
the world progressesprogresses in liberal senu
ments and sciences. . '.. . ;
-Dr: Gnysotthas prepared a compound syrup of
the best Vegetable substances4- known, .' and which
cure most of " thrr ills that flesh is heir to." " Try
liis Compound extract of Yellow Dock' and Sarsa
parilla, and you will acknowledge that still the
world progresses. Our readers will find advertise
ment jn another column. 1 . . -. -
The subscriber Intends to start for the gold re
gions, about the 1st of May next, provided -a
- company of " choice spirits of young and enter-
prising men can be made up, who wish to seek
their tu-tunes in that golden land. Young men
desirous of going are requseted to call" at the store,
. and learn my plans and proposals, for organizing a
company, for our mutual protection and benefit
while on the journey through the wilderness.
- B. Call at John, Whyler's store. -
XFeb, 24 '49- ; EDWARD WHYLER.
fSCIocks, Watches, & Jewelry. .33
. i he subscriber would respectfully inform the cit-
isens of Lower Sandusky and vicinity that he las
just received and opened a new and excellent . as
sortment oi
- of all kinds Gold Pens, Gold and Silver Pencils,
Rings, Breast Pins, Spectacles Ac, fcc. . ,
- Also. Watches and Clocks for sale very cheap.
Clocks and Watches neatly repaired on short no-
.?-C'-. . --E- LEPPLEMANa
Lower Sandusky, October 31, 1848.
. Gentlemen and Indies,
n. X Camnbell and Co. at the New, CAeap, Buff
'la Clothing Start, next door to the Franklin House,
i have iust received and offer for sale at Grkatxt
Reduced raiCES, a general assonmeni oi iue ia
test style and best quality of .
in connection with Ready Made Clothing.
We. respectfully invite the Ladies and Gen-
lemento ealLbefore purcnasmg elsewhere.
Dec 23d, 84S- C J- CAMPBELL, & Co.
T virtue of a decretal order issued out of the court
common plea of Sandusky county Ohio, to uie
directed and delivered 1 ehall offer at public (ale, at the
doar of the court house in Lower Sandusky in said countv
oothe twenty-seventh d.iy -of March,A. D. 1849, betweeu
the hours prescribed by lair, the following described lande
ana teaemenie to wit: The east hair or the' north eaat
quarter of section thirty-ail, townehip See, north of range
fifteen, containing 80 and 44-100 acrea of land, in San
dusky county, Ohio.
Taken aa the property of Gallagher and Loveland, et
ale, to satisfy a decree in (aid court, in favor of La Q.
Rawsoa, against the aaid Gallagher end Loveland. ".. .
, . - C. EDGERTON. . .
" Feb. 24, 1849.". no. 5w. " - Special Maeter.
A. II. Ewing, ) anduaky Ciunty Cart of C n ..
vo. - - mon Pleas.
S. N. Russet. J '":..' IS CHANCERY.
" Y virtue ef a decretal order to me directed and iaaued
I) froin the court of Common Pleae, of Sandusky cuuo
tv, Ohio. I shell offer at publie sale at the door of the
Conn Hoaee in Lower Sandusky in aaid countr, on the
27th day of March next, A. D. 1849. between the hours
of tea o'clock A.. M. and fonr o'clock P. M. the following
lands ami tenements, to wit: In-Lot unmber 35, as des
ignated on the recorded platt of Ewiug's addilion to the
town of 4.nvr anau'ay, in annussy county, unio.
Taken ae the propertr of S. N- Rueeet to aatiafy ade
cree In aaid Court in favor ef A. H. Ewing agaiuat the
aaid Solomon rl. Koaael.
JOHN L. GREENE, Special Maeter.
'Feb. 24, 1949. no. Iw5.
V. H. Ewiuf;, ; )audoikv County Court of Com-
' vs. v " ' " "mon Pleas: -Ruwel&wlfe.
f Y virtae of a decretal order to me directed and Issued
II from the court of common plena of andueky coun
ty, Ohio, I shall otter at public aale at the door of tne court
house in Lower Sandusky in said county, on the 27th
duTofMarah next. A. IX 1849. between the hours of
ten o'clock A. M. and four o'clock P. M. the following;
Unda and tenements, to wit: la-Lot number 35, as dee
iir.,atd an the recorded Dlatt of Ewine'a addition to the
iwn answer Sanduskv. in Sandusky countv, Ohio.'
Taken as the property of S, Rusael and wife, to satisfy
decree in said court in favor of A. II. Ewiug, agaiust
the aaid Rus-el & wifr. '
J. L. GREENE, peoial Master in Chancery.
Frb. 24, 1849... no. -
J.iltn D. Tbeonix and ) Court of common pleas of San.
. Dauiel A. Pheenix, dusky county, Ohio.
vs ,.: is Chancery.
, Isaac Kuapp, J .
. BY virtu of a decretal order leaned in this cauf e, to
me directed and delivered i shall offer for ssle at Vendue
on the 27tb day of March next, between the houra pre
scribed by taw, at the door of the court house in said
countv, in Lower Sanduskv, the following described real
eatate'-to witj ln Iota number 25. 242, 253, 255. 256,
258, 276, 277, 282 and 283. situate in the town ef Cre
ehansvitl in said county, aa designated on the original
plat of aaid town. . - .. ..
Also, lot number two in school section number six-tt-en,
iu township number 5, range sixteen in said county:
Also a certain other let in said section, designated on the
plat of said section aa lot number 3, ssid two last parcels
containing in all one hundred and tea acres excepting
and reserving from the same twenty-five acres heietofSre
couveyed to Samuel Newman. 1
; February 24, '49, ' waster in chancery.
La Q. Rawaon 1 Sandusky county court of Coin-
vs. - mon Pleas,
Eleter Willey, J IN CHANCERY.
BY virtue of a decretal order issued out of the court
of Common pleas of Sandusky County, Ohio, to mo di
rected and delivered, 1 shall otter at public sale, at ins
door of the Court House, in Lower Sandusky, on the 27th
dav of March next, between the houra prescribed by law,
the following described lands and tenements, to wit. The
east half of the south west ou. rter of section thirty six,
township six. north range Fifteen in aaid Sanduakv coun
tv. coirtainioo; 80 acrea more or less, to saiisi a aecree
iu said court in favor of L Q. Rawson.
- J. L. GREENE, special master. : . .
Frb. 24. 1849. no. 5. -
i. C.
H. Montgomery ) Sandusky County court of
v. vs. - . '" " Uommon fleas,
Veach aud Taylor, ' IN CHANCERY.
BV Virtue of a decretal order issued out of the Court
of Common Pleas of Sandusky county, Ohio, to me di
reeted and delivered, t shall offer at public sale, at the
door of the Court House, in Lower Saudusky on the 27th
day of March next, between the hours prescribed by law
the followingjtlescribed lands and tenement?, to wi: The
north half of the south half of the north east quarter of
section number three, m towoship number five, in range
number thirteen, in Sandasky county, Ohio, to salisiy a
decree in aaid court of Common pleaa in favor of J, C. H.
Montgomery. '
J. L. GREENE, Master in Chancery.
' Feb. 24. 1849. ncl w5.-
Stephen Patrick. & others, Court of Common Pleas of
va oanausKyeo.,siaie oi wnio.
Smith D, Baldwin, et. aU J Two decrees iu Chancsry.
BY virtue of two decretal orders issued in the above
entitled cnue, 1 shall ofiVr for sale at renduo on tba 27ih
day of March next, between the hours prescribed by
law, at the door of the court house of said county, in
Lower Sandusky, the following described real estate,
situate in said county, to wit: " I ne west nan ot tne
south wrsl quarter of lh north west quarter of sectiou
e-vpnteeu; towusntp four, range sixteen containing jju
atres. ' '
Alro. part of the wet half of the north east quarter
of si Cion 18 township 4, range 16, containing 29 acres.
Alan, the east half of the north east quarter of section
seven, in township foar, range' 16, containing 80 acrea.
' Also the west half of the north esst quarter of section
7, township 4. range 16, containing 80 acres.
Suld to satisfy raid decree. '
- R. t . BUCKLAND.
." Frbruarv 24th '49 master in chancery.
La Q. Rawson, 5 Court of Common Pleas, Sandus
vs. kv countv, Ohio.
Joseph Mrek. ) IN CHANCERY.
BY virtue of a drcretal order issued iu this case, to
ma directed and delivered. I shall offer for sale at ven
due, on the 27th dsy ol March next, between the honrs
prescribed by law, at the door oi me conn nouse oi saiu
county in Lower Sandusky the following described real
estate situate in aaid countv, to wit: The west half of the
aorth east onarter of aeclion 23 in township number 5,
north of ranire number sixteen, containing 8D acres of
land. To satisfy the decree in said ease.
February 24, 49. master in chancery.
Ami W. Cutter, 1 Court of common pleaa San-
vs " dnskv countv Ohio,
John C. tl. Montgomery. ) IN CHANCERY.
BY virtue of a deiretal order leaned in this cise, and
to me directed and deliveted, I Shalt oner for sale at ven
due oh the 27th day of March next between the hours
urescribed by law. at the door of the court house of said
county in Lower Sandusky, the following deacribed real
estate to wit :
The west half af the south east quarter of section 23
townehip 5, ran jre thirteen in sanduakv county, Ohio.
Also, in lot number 90 in Birchard and Lhckinson's ad
dition to the town of Lower Saaduaky in said county.
1 o satiiy the decree in said cause.
February 24, '49 apecisl master in chancery.
' A. It- Ewiug, ) Sandusky Countr, Court of Com-
vs. .. mon Pleas
lrfvi P. Dorrison. S IN CHANCERY.
TT)Y virtue of a drcretal order to me directed and issued
ri from th Court of Common Pleas of Sanduskr couu
tv, Ohio, I shall offer at publie aale, at the door' of the
Court House m Lower Sandusky in said countv, on the
27th day of March next, between the houra of ten o'1
clock A. M. and four o'clock, P. M, the following lands
and tenements, to witt In-Lot number fifteen aa deei?-B-ited
iu tbe recorded plat of Ewing's addition to the town
of l.ower anousKy ; said county, Uhio.
Taken aa the property of Levi P. orrison to satisfy
decree in said eourt, iu favor of A. H. Ewine; Bi.inat;the
said Lev: P. Dorrison, to satisfy a decree in said coortiin
favor of Alexander H. Ewiug against the said Levi F,
Dorrison and others.
JOHN L. GREENE, Special master in chancery.
Feb. 24, 1849. no. v. 5.
NOTICE is hereby given that the aubecriber has been
appointed and qualified as administrator on the es
tate of Cyrena Lathrep, late of Riley township, ' idusky
county, Ohio. tv. r. BUCi O. ;
Eleazer Lockwood, ) Court ef common pleas, Sandusky
a r county vnio.
Daniel Hill. ) - fc IN CHANCERY.
at virtue of a decretal order issued in this, cause to
mo directed and delivered. I shall offer for Bale at ven
duo on the 27th day of March next between the boura
proscribed by taw at the door of the court house, in said
county in Lower sanduakv the following described prop
erty to wit: The eaat half of the south west quarter of
section nine, township four, north or range seventeen,
in the district of Delaware, and state of Ohio, beintr in
oiu sanuusKy county. ,. it. r. HiAm;,
ooruray xi, '43. maeter in chancery
A. II. Earing, ) Sandusky county court, of. Com
va. '-- mon Pleas.
Russel Dixon, etal. ) - -, IN CHANCERY.
B T virtue of a decretal order isaued out of the court of
Common Pleas, of Sandusky county, Ohio, to me di
rected and delivered, I shall offer at public sale, at the
door of the Court House, in Lower Sandusky, on the
27th day of March next, between the hours prescribed bv
law the following landa and tenements, to wit: - In Lot
Tmbrr 12 aa known and describe'1 in Ewing's addition
to the town plat of Lower Sandnsky, to sstisfy decree
in eaia court in lavor oi nusari Luton, et at.
J. L. GREENE, Special Master.
Feb. 24, 1849. nol.w5 -
11 is not often that we trouble our customers
with reading long advertisements, puffing the qual
ity and cheapness of our goods, but we would say
to the public, that we have just opened a choice
selection of '
Groceries, and Crockery,
, coots, bhocs, Hats, Caps, '
, And Ready made Clothing,
Bonnets, Ladies Dress Goods,
' Muffs, Shawls, and a large lot of
Ribbons, Satins, Silks, Bonnet and Cap Trimmincrs,
ana gooas oi every description, at tne stand ot
v ., . Ul'JSJNrlllMJK at CO.
Lower Sandusky, Oct 28, 1848.
Notice is hereby given that a petition will be
presented to the Commissioners of Sandusky coun
ty, at their next session, in March 1849, for a
county road commencing where the Morrison state
road crosses the east line of section 16, in Ballville
township, in said county; thence north on sec
tion line to a creek near.Ueorp-e Reynolds resi
dence, thence on the most eligible route to the
Sandusky river, at Prior's upper ford, thence
across said river on said ford, thence from the
west bank of said river on the most eligible route
to intersect the . road from Lower Sanduskv to
January 29, 1849.
John Kri dler's Estae.
Notice is hereby given that " the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as administrator on
the. estate of John Kridler, late of Sandusky county,
deceased. . JOHN L. GREENE.
Lower Sandusky, Dec. 27, 1848. 3w,
At my instance an attachment was this day is
sued by John L. Greene, a Justice of the Peace, o
Sandusky Township, Sandusky County, againsf
the property and ettects ot iieniamm W. Morris, a
non-resident of said county.
Dec 16, 1848.
Woolen Goods bare fell S and some
great bargains mav now be had in broadcloths,
cassitneresandsaUinelts, at the Farmer's Cheap store.
Muffs: muffSii
for sale cheap, by C
Tust received and
Drc. 23, 1848-
Liverwort and Tar.
A safe and certain cure for Consumption of thi
Miungs, spitting of blood, coughs, colds, asthma,
pain in the side, bronchitis, whooping cough, and
all pulmonary affections.
The fullowing is a certificate of r. Win. J. Rich
ards, of Cincinnati, a well known practitioner of more
i ha n tweutv years staudiner:
To all whom it mav coucern, 1 make the following
statement: Conscious that it mav appear unprofessional.
it is only from a perfect convictiou and thorough knowl
edge of the essential benefit and scientific origiu of the
preparation spoken of, that 1 feel constrained from cease
of duty to comply with the request of the proprietor.
i am a most inveterate opposer or quacks and quaes
medicines in any form, and most fully coiuckia with the
clauses iu the code of ethics lately adopted by the med
ical conventiou of Ohio, relating particularly to that sub
ject; it may therefore be inferred that it is only from per
sonal experiment with the preparation, and a positive as
surance of its beneficial results, that induces me to tecom-
inend it ae being all that it represents itself to be.
The patient, Mr. Charles Wade, sixth street, market
space, whom 1 have allowed to try the effect of the med
icine but which 1 could have done under no considera
tion whatever, had I not aeen a copy of the receipt from
which the medicine is prepared, obtained from the agent,
and which I am satisfied is authentic waa quite low with
the early stages of pulmonary consumption, for which 1
hau beeen treating iu the usual manner, though with less
than my ususal success: at his earnest request, and that
of my friends, I examined the receipt, aud was sufficient
ly satisfied of its scientific composition to allow the trial,
and I am obliged to confess its effect was at least surpris
ing, iuaamuch, that after the consumption of the aecond
bottle, my professional visits were discontinued, though I
requeutly saw tny patient afterward, restored to perfect
health .
The preparation is-called ' a. Rodger's Cohpouhd
S Titer or Livkhwort ahd Tar," and from the exami
nation of the receipt and the success in my own exper
iment, 1 do conscientiously recommend it as useful
aud valuable medicine, and I would urge my brother
practitione.a to procure the receipt, as 1 feet convinced
Ihey will agree wilh mo as to its excellence, and will uo
doubt use it in the practice, as 1 shall most certainly do,
believing to be a most voluable aid in pulniouary cases
that bafle the ordinary mode of treatment.
IK, r T-.rt n r-
v j aiaAA , iu.
Cincinnati. Oct. 4, 1844 ,
Astohuhiko: curb of Mrs. Benjamin Smith, living on the
north aide of Aim street, one square nortn ol the cm
cinnati hospital
This is to certifv that mv wife was attacked with a vi
olent cough, which settled upon her lungs, and reduced
her so low that her physician cou:u do no more lor her.
She exhibited precisely the same symptoms as my daugh
ter did before her death, she having died with the same
disease, aud all our frienda were couvinced sha would
live but a short time longer. 1 was at this time recom
mended to try r. Rodgers' celebrated Syrup of Liver
wort and Tar. Wilh little or no hope, I procured a bot
tle of the agent iu this city, and upon returning I found
my wile absolutely strangling witn n r congn. 1 com
menced irivklE her larpe doses a teaspoonful every hnu-
fbr forty-eight hours, whicn raised her aa Dy a miracier
1 have since administered it in small doses, which has
brought her to the use ef her fourth bottle, and she is now
doiug her house-work as usual. 1 have not the slightest
doubt that she would nave oeen in ner grave out lorints
valuable medicine: and I return my sincere thanks to
the eminent inventor of it, and do most urgently recom
mend all peraens afflicted with any disease of the lungs
togiveilatrial BENJAMIN SMITH
1 certify that my husband's statement of my case above
is strictly correct in every particular, and most cordially
ioin him in orateful thanks for the benefit I have derived
J .. r i; A DTfl AT. H1TTI
orom rus vatuate mcuiciuf. auawau
Cincinnati. Feb. 13. 1845.
The above preparation is for (ale by A. L. covillej
wholesale agent for the South and west, south-east cor
ner of pth, Spruce street, i incinnaii. aieo, or
C. R. M'CULLOCH, Lower andusky,
Gondaon & Clark, Bellevue,
J. W. Barkhami Lodi, eneea co. O.
D. E. Harkness, Green Creek, andusky eo.
Stem & Smith, Green prings.
Henry Roiling, Black wamp, andusky CO.
Charles Powers & Co. Woodville.
July 31, 1847.
Great & Important Chemical Discovery .
. EASES. . ,' .
OF VUIat -
Foitiai if
V the World: ... ; ,
The result of a series of Chemical exohriroenta. this
Compound Extract ef Yellow Dock aud Sarsaparilla,with
other almost equally powerful vegetable substances, is one
of the greatest discoveries ef the age; and ia the first and
omy instance ia which these Kuota so long in use by
the faoulty-i-have been uuited iuto a Compound possess
ing a due proportion of the peculiar virtues and powers
of each. .
Its success Is astonishing. haviniDer formed over fifteon
tnousana cures since its discovery less than two years!
Its unrivalled power over disease, and rreat superior
ity over all Simple Sarsaparilla Syrups, may be attribu
ted to the fact that it ia composed purely of vegetable sub
stances, each one having direct referenca'to some inter
nal organ; consequently tne whole system ia benefited.
It ia the most highly concentrated SvruD iu use. and
being in quart bottles at one dollar per bottle, it is also the
cheapest. It purifies and enriches the Btood, Invigorates
the body, and consequently expels nervous disease from
the system, more effectuallp than any medicine known.
It is pleasant to the taste, occasions neither sickness nor
pata in its operation, can be taken regardless of business
or diet, and by the aged and infaut with equal efficacy.
In all Chronic Diseases this compound is tha greatest
blessing ever possessed by man.-
I his Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla is a
positive, speedy and permanent cure for.
Consumption, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Rheumatism, Gout
Li;er complaints, Spinal ofiections. Ulcers, syphilis, drop
sy, asthma, piles, scurvy, affections of tba bladder and
kidneys, Mercurial diseases, corrupt humors, rush of
blood to the head, fever and ague, female complaints,
general debility, pyspepsia, loss of appetite, colds, head
ache, coativeness, gravel, Night sweats, colic, organic
affections, palpitation of the heart, biles, pains in tha side,
chest, back, limbs, &e. &-c. - ,-. -
In all diseases arising foiCi an impure state of the blood
or irregular notion of the system. .
in Tnti VKtit; I ABLK KINGDOM an All Wise
Bern has deposited plants and herbs congenial to ourcon-
stitutions, and adapted to the cure of disease: and to the
vegetable kingdom does the reason of man, aa well aa the
instinct of animals, turn for antidotes to pain. . .
J he syrup is a scientific compound of the most valua.-
bla Plants in nature, entirely raze from deleterioua and
enervating mineral substances, and aa it expels disease
from the system, imparts strength aud vigor in a corres
ponding degree. :' i : '. ' .'
This is to certify that we the undersigned Pbvaicians
of the oity of New York, have in a very great many ca
ses prescribed Dr. Guysott's Extract of Yellow Dock and
Sarsaparilla, and are fu'.ly assured that it haa no equal
among all the varied syrups and sarsaparilla preparations
that have ever been sold.
John F. Stebbins, M. D. Samuel T. Walls, M. D.
S. Maynard, M. D. F. R. Thomas, M. D. James
.Morgan, M. D. M. Johnson, M. D. -'
. . TESTIMONY. ..'I . ' ." '
The following letters iudicate its salutary effect ia ea
ses of
Waterlown, Jefferson co. Nov 4, 1847.
Mr. F. Bennet I am at a loss to express with words
what has been said io praise of your Compound Extract of
Yellow Dock and sarsaparilla.. All who have had the
pleasure of using it, speak of its marvelous effects in re
moving disease, with so much feeling and heartfelt satis
faction, that 1 am confident now that no medicine in use
can boast of its superior qualities. Many who have been
complaining for years with pain in the side, burning and
pain in the chest, dyspepsia, general debility, loss ol ap
petite, chills, night sweats, salt rheum, scrofula in fact
f.ll the diseases: that we in this climate are heir to, find in
the yellow dock and sarsaparilla all that is requisite ot
make them what they were in the days of health,
We find that we have had some twelve dozen bottles
in three months, and we are nearly out. You will please
send an equal number, aud oblige yours,
- CURED. - -
Johnsville, Montgomery co. Jan. 3, 1848.
F. Bennet some four weeks since, was iudueed to trv
your yellow dock and sarsaparilla for dyspepsia; bad been
amicled about dtl years, most part of the time unable to
eat any thing without Buffering intensely from its effects.
have used now only one bottle of your invaluable med
ine, aud consider mvself entirely cured solely bv its use.
Can no eat a hearty meal, without the slightest incon
venience.. Very truly vours,
The mild alterative properties of Dr. Guysott's Extract
of yellow dock and aarsaparilla, render it peculiarly ap
plicable to the elender and delicate constitution or the le
mals. It is unrivalled in Its effect upon such disease as
incipienlcoiisumption.barrennessgLuecorrhoea or Whitea
irregular menstruation, incontinence of urine, and gene
ral prostration of the system. It immediately counteracts
that nervousness and lassitude so common to the female
frame, and imparts an energy aud buoyancy as surprising
aa they are grateful.
We nave evidence on file, which induces us strongly to
recommend this medicine to married people who have not
been blessed with onaprmg.
We caunot of course, exhibit certificates to any extent
in the above class of complaints, but give the following
extract of letter recently received as some indication of
the extraordinary vir ue of this mediciue aa a remedy for
the diseass referred to.
" Newark, Jan. 25th, 1848.
Mr. Bennet We take pleasure in atating that your
yellow dock and sarsaparilla gives great satisfaction iu ev
ery Case-. We shall try and send you some certificates.
A very lespectable gentleman informed us that his
daughter was troubled with difficult menstruation aud
other diseases peculiar to her diseases pecu'iar to hersox.
she had not had her regular menstrual discharges for a
long time; but by the use of Doctor Guysott's Yellow
Dock and sarsaparilla, was radically cured. Had 1 own-
send's and others, 'without receiving the slightest benefit.
He had one daughter die from the same cause. Please
send us an additional supply.
Very respectlully yours,
I. E. TRIPPE, & Co.
Ladios whose complexions are not as clear as they could
wish, instead of resorting to those poisouons preparations
in the form of Cosmetics, &e. should use Dr. Guvsott's
compound of yellow dock and sarsaparilla. By purifying
the illood and enlivening the imagination, it gives clear
ness to the complexion, brightness to tne eye and etaslic-
ty to the step
"Leaving that beautiful which was so.
And making that which was not
Vexatious eruptions on the face resulting from want of
exercise or sluggish circulation of the blood, at once dia
pear under its influence, leavings rich bloom of health,
that no cosmetic can impart. Ladies who have tried it
express themselvessnrprised and delighted.
The great reputation of this medicine hss induced nu
merous counterfeiters and imitators to take the field.
Therefore, beware how you buy mediciue put up in
similar style.
Be very snre and ask for Dr. Guysott's extract of yel
low Dock and Sarsaparilla, bearing the written signature
ofS. F. Bennett, on each outside wrapper, written with
black ink; and do not, on any account be induced to buy
any other article as it is this preparation only that is per
forming such marvelous and astonishing cures. Take
no man's word; as persons having the counterfeit medi
cine and not the genuine, are of course desirous of ma
king their profit, consequently you are liable to buy worth
less trash, unless you examine for yourselves.
It is well in all c ises to cut out "this caution and put
into your pocket book and compare with medicine.
Remember, Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla. Prepared at S. F. Bennett's Laboratory, Little Falls,
New York, and sold wholesale and retail at his Western
Branch Emporium, number 4, Walnut St. Cincinnati.
Orders may be addressed to either place. Also for sale
by Lockwood & Graham, Sandusky - City; William
Fiske, Cleveland, Armstrong & Goodsoon, Bellevue;
and merchants, and by the principal Druggists through
out tha United States. Wet Indies, and Canada.
None genuine unless put np in large square bottles, con
taining a quart, and name of the Syrup blown in tha glass,
with tha written signature S. F. Bennett en the outside
wrapper. . -v - . .. .
Wholesale and retail at Lower Sandusky by
. - C. R. M'CULLOCH.
Nov. 15th, 1848
Old Spitfire now dovr your best, and let tbe news
fly on the "wings of the wind," that the Sea
Bird has just arrived in port with over Forty
Tons of Merchandize for Head Quarters, and that
the whole community have elected Kendall and
Nims, by acclamation, to nave the . largest and
CHBAPK8T Stock of . .t i . -L,, .
Cass, Taylor, and Van Buren altogether distanced
by Kendall and Nims. - The first are mere politi
cians, scramblers for offick and spoils, while the
latter are determined to prove themselves, by their
unparalleled mercantile advantages, public bene
factors. -.. . , ., '. :-
Those Broad Cloths, that Coffee and Sugar,
those Ladies' beautiful Dress Goods, Cashmere,
Lamartine and Tibereans, those Two and . Three
dollar Alpacca Cloak Patterns, trimmed com
plete, that immense stock of : . , r,.
from 12i cents np to the most superb qualities.
Those prime Pantaloons patterns at 50 cents and
one dollar a pair, hose fast colored Calicoes, lack-
a-day they take the people by' storm.' That 50
cent Young Hyson Tea, that leaves competition
so far in the rear that they can't see us with a telescope.--
- .' ;- '
these and Ten Thousand other advantages, are
what makes Kendall and Nims' establishment
known: as Head Quarters for bargains through
out the land. Don't be deceived by imitation
flags, mottoes, or advertisements, whether done by
liRRBK, Jkw,- or (iBNTiLB, but hnd the-Crreaf Or
iginal Bargain Stand of Kendall & Nims, and
you shall be paid for your trouble. ' ;
Lower Sandusky, November 25 1848. ; - ' '
T-HE NEW , -V r
Dr. O. II. P.. Sheets bavin? recently purchased a
large assortment of pure and unadulterated drugs ia
the eastern market, such as are used in the western coun
try, .ha hopes to receive a share of the patronage of the
surrounding physicians and tbe public, by tne cheapness
and purity of his drugs, fie can warrant that it once
tested they will need no further recommendation. - His
establishment consists of -w
Perfumeries, Dye Stuffs, Brushes, Confectionaries
Groceries, such as Coffee. Su ear. Molasses, Tea. To
bacco, caudles, fish, powder) lead, &c. with a great va
riety of - - - - . , i - ----t . ;-?t -
too numerous to mention here, together with most arti
cles usually kept by druggists and grocers.
la conclusion 1 would briefly say that my drugs are
pure, and will warrant them to be eo. Call and see for
yourself, and you shall be accommodated.
Lowar Sandusky, Nov. 25, 1848. '
, . DR. O H- P- SHEEtS,
p.r)B si cio n antt Bo r jj t d tt
Haying permaneully located in Lower Sandnsky ten
dert his professional services to the citizens of Lower San
dusky and vicinity From the long experience he has
had in the treatment or diseases incident to the western
country, both acute abd chronic, female corh'.Sts in
their various characters, diseases of children &c.-',' he
hopes by close attention to merit a reasonable share ef
patronage. Umce and drug store in Judge &napp a
building opposite the " poet-omce.
Lower Sandusky, Hov..85 '48 - V "
Catherine Harmon,
- vs. .';' :'
George N. Snyder,
Mary Snyder, et al
Petition for Dower in
. Sandusky Common
Frances Harmon, Josiah Harmon, and . John
Poagare hereby notified that on the 12 th day of
January A D. 1849, Catharine Harmon filed her
petition in the tidiift of Common pleas of Sandusky
county, Ohio, against them and others, claiming
dower in the south east quarter of section 3d, town
ship number 5, north of range number 13, contain
ing 160 acres, and the north west quarter of the
north west quarter of fractional section number 1,
in township number 4, north of range number 13,
containing 35 acres, and all in said county of San
dusky; All the said defendants are hereby noti
fied to appear and answer said petition according to
the rules of said court or a decree pro confesso
will pass against them. -
January 20 1S49. 6w. atty's for petitioner.
THE SnbscrilMsr wonld respectfully
invite the attention of his customers and the publie
to Ilia orl,lLiillLlLir Uivj.ll 1 U ibe, Wllicn no warren
o be well made, and will sell at pricea that oannot fail
o give satisfaction.
Special attention la requested to the patent Premium
bedstead, and also to Lwu late improved patent ao
Work made to orderon the shortest notice, and in the
most approved style. The public are invited to call and
examine for themselves, at the old stand on rognan
street. J. W. ol tvtWSUB.
Lower Sanduakv, June 8, 164$. lv.
Is hereby given that Amos Tenn baa been appointed
administrator of the estate of Joseph & Col man, dee'd.
late of Greencreek township, Saudusky bo. O.
January 20, 1849. pd.
B5a?t jjV.' "JQ
" . j ft
3 - i
It is otMB Ihi, nrinrnla ofinaeusihle oereoiration.asex' ,
uiblied in this eat, that ibe human body delivers itself f
importers and disease. , "The blood beinir tha life of the
flesh" seording to the scriptures, it must be kept pars',
to iosuru health. This it doesbyitsown heat and action, r
through the system, elaborating all impurity, and cast
ing on all its worn out particles, which are earned out,
of the system, through the pores of the skia. When, how
ever, the skin becomes locked up from sudden changes
of weather, or any undue application of cold, all the hu
mors, and virulent particles ol ins oiooa are reiainea sun,
in, bud sickness and death must follow. All tha Ions;
catalogue of disessea are the result.- We have under such
circumstances, discovered a remedy that will orcB-lhe
pores and assist tbe body to cast on any attending humor.
It is
- OR TBI ' -.j
It opens those avenues through which nature carries
off tha impurities within, aud thus relieves the body of -disease.
:.- , -i ,t .. - -r- - - --l.--.---
McCallister'a All Healins Ointment restores perspira
tion cores Consumption, fvers,Scrofnla, Erysipelas. Asth-
ma, Bait Kheom, sick Headache, Vjuinsy core I broat.
Rheumatism, Scald Head, Paina in the chest, side and -
back; Dyspepsia, Poisons, sore Breast, Deafness, Cuts."
neons eruptions, sore byes, Innamation of the bowels..
Kidneys aud Brain, Burns, Chiblains and Piles, Worms, .
Agues, cold Feet, Liver Comp'aiut, 'Ulcers, and all fe- -ver
seres, inflaniation of every kind. . j : : --. "
It is by actinir upon this principle that it is proved to be;
one of the moat extraordinary medicines the world ever -saw.
' Its success in coring disease is altogether unprece
dented iu the annals of Medical jurisprudence. :.
This we might demonstrate by tne publication or thou
sands of certificates from individuals of high standing inv .
all parts of the Uuited States, who nave expepieneed its -astonishing
efficacy in the healing of the- most afflicting i :
maladies to which mausvMd ia subject. , iiut we appeal to-
a candid and enlightened public, and only ask that the' .
numerous cures wnicn are being etlected or ima uint.
mentwherever it has been used may secure for it thst -reputation
which it merits that due attention be paid to
the DlRXCTtoas contained in the enrellopes in which the
boxes of Ointment are enclosed, as well a the Cisco- -
as in the hands of our Agents. - V
JAMES McALLISTCil, 141, Fulton Street, N. T. .
Sold by A. & 8. HENDRY, Ashtabula, general agent
forOhio. Also, bv - .
- - C. R. McCULLOCH.L Sandusky;
' Armstrong & Ooodson, Bellevue,
J. W. Barnham, Lodi, Seneca eo. O. '
. -, . jj g Harkness, Green-creek, San. Co. -
" Stem & Smith, Green-spnngsi -.. .-:
Henry Roiling, Black-swamp. - -
Charles Powers & Co., 'Woodville.
JDr. Bmcrj's Immcan Jracti.
A most Valuable and highly " approved Medical
work; being the Scientific system of Medicine:
-. on Botanic . Principles, eomptet in one . volttme
' of between eigltt and nme hundred pages, vntht
'; nearly 200 engravings.'. ; '. H - ;i
No family should be without this' valuable work, -em
bracing as it does, the treasure of medical and surgical
science, nid for ages m pendrous volumes more or wea.
a a lamuaije unknown to the maas of the people,- but
here in this work, set forth in a clear, plain, and con
densed style, that all may - read and understand for.
themselves. v Sold by C R. MctlULLOCH.
Lower oajiausay.
Also at every county seat in eastern Ohio. ' ;
Dr. Roger's Compound Syrup of
.turn, trr n rcr A e c n v -ftiw
This Great Rcsirdt haa not only made almost la
cRtirt bi.k corks of CoxsuxPTioii, bot it breaks up the
mostdietressiiig Cough, Cold, pal a. ia the ilreast, and
Asthma, in a few hours- time. We authorise our Agent
in all cases where it 'does not give immediate relief, and
the bottle is returned, to cheerfully refund th money.
We will now ask the afflicted eaudtdajr to examine me
facts below, which substantiate the merits of -tiiw great
remedy.- Facts which are incontrovertible, and caunot
be denied. We refer you to the statements of well-knowa
PhtsicIaKS At)b PaorBssoRs, who htve come forward
and have substantiated these facts. - The most increda
lous cannot but be convinced that K baa made cure
where everything else has failed. " -- - .'-
Extracts fkom Cstificatbs tthicij car bk sees
K A I ,.n.. i! I . Having hjn klHielefl with m miurt
UUIUM1BV .1111. M.J -
such a degree that I wa eontinoa'ly spitting blood: and
being under tile care of alt able physics, without obtaju-
i . . i i .. i I .. r 1 . 1
lug any retiei,-uuut . prwureu ui"no ---v. . .
Liverwort and Tar, which restored me t health .in a
very short time. -' i t , J. FINCH-
CtitctKSSTi, Hot. b, 104. : .- '
ljate fQstmastcr qj umcinnan jor more fnan
The statement of Justice Finch is entitled to the ful
lest confidence of the publ icj V 1 can fully corroborate
what ha haa said, having used the medicine myself with
the most decidd benefit. ; -WILUAM. BURKEw
Cikcissati, August 12, 1845. . . i , v- . - ' i ;
. - - TION. v
Mr. ScnviHt I was taken with a most rfistreasing eoojtb
and my lunga became so diseased that I bled In a short
time skvebal 0.1MRTS, I was reduced so low thai all my
friends, and even my Phtsiciabs, thought 1 host si
with Corsukvtior! MV broiner nearing oi uie rrmara
able curea mado by Dr. ilogers Liverwort and Tar,
procured a bottle, i nd before I had taken one-half of it.
aeemed to go to tne very .eav v, un nww. .
a largo quantity of phlegm and mattyr, aud my cough
was stooped aa wilh a charm. And by its use I was r
stored to perfect health. GABRIEL W HITEHEAU.
a warn toatiu uoscrioeu inm wwi uay "wvthhut
1847 H. C SPENCER.
Mayor of the City of Cincinnati.
n i '. w a n k .
P.rf h June laetbv JOHN T. TOLLASD (in
the employ ol GEORGE M. ALLEN, Druggist, of Cio-
ciunati. The eouot rnet is soiu oy urn, vu.i juumu,
of Ioieville, Kv. Be on your guard. .. .
For aale by C. R. McDULil.UUllU. isanaussy.
Goarlaon &. Clark Bellevue, .. - , . ..
J. W. Barkham, Lodi, Seneca eav O, .'
D. E. Harkness, Greeu-creek.Sau. ce.,
. Stem & Smith, Grern-s,-rings. ?- . .
- , Henry Reiliog, Black -awamp, K
Charlea Powera & Co., Woodville,
Jattuary 19, 1849. tf . - ;
i Jt "

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