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"II oo&ed aa4 Landed.
It is commouly jaid that liars liavo need of good
memories. The saying ia as applicable to rabid
. and unscrupulous partizan in politics, as to liars ; oft
which troth we have a notable illustration iiitliof
recent case of the Washington JJnion, just at this1
. .L?1 1 ' 1 .... ... '
ume uijiKwi raotu ana unscrupulous in partizau
tdiipofJA known journals.
Some days since there appeared, in .the Rioh
irwnd Whig;' a letter from Washington, sugges
ting among other things, that the friends of the Ad
ministration, in Virginia, shonld promote the work
of removing froniomce such persons as ought U be
removed, by noting the deportment and character
of office holders tad making reports, confidentially,
i to the aaads of the department, at Washington.
: Then what a flare UD was seen in the columns of!
i .
. , r , . - , . f
X Z ZZkJ ntiT , ,
.'astonishment and indignation as it rang the chan
r pies, common informers, &c, d:c., &c:
The Richmond Whig kept quiet until the Union
- had let loose all its thunder, and then disclosed
the Jang hter-mo vin g fact that the Washington '
letter, at which the ei-organ was horrified, was
simply the republication of one which originally
: appeared, many years ago, in tlie Richmond En-
quirer, then conducted, by the present senior editor
f the Union. The espionage was then recom
: mended, to democratic- Administration, (Gen.
Jackson's) and the recommendation was. tacitly at
. least,npprovod the very Mr. Kitche who now stands
aghast at its enormity! The bait has taken and the
i venerable fish b fairly hooked and landed.
jU ,v --; ' ' ' ' : " ' Y. Cora. Adv.
' ' '"' 1 Principle and Interest. -'.'"The
leading domestic Incident of the lust week, in the
: palitieaJ worlds ia tit reconciliation of the two wings ol
' . the Loco Fooo nartr in New York the Free Soil and
Hunker or Vaa Burrn and Merer factions. Each have
made concessions to it's edvereary; bath have agreed to
hold the vital dogma touching slavery in abeyance to
i any nothing a boot H during the approi.ching election to
-. divide the fattest offices equally between the two, and thue
go into the contest with suited Tanks against their coin
j rnon enemy the Whigs. . One aide i lo have the offices
f Comptroller, Attorney General, Canal Commissioner
-and State f neon Inspector: toe other, the offices or Judge
, of the Court of Appeals, Secretary of State, Stale Eng.
. veer and State Treasurer; and the aemtnations for the
eight offices to form the coalition tickei, denominated :u
the local party noniinctature the whitb and black ticket.
S Than the Oitrst for power has prevailed aver the wrongs of
atavery tn tears of philanthropy are to oe aried, ana inr
savB principles' have hushed for tha time, all other
Seciples of Democratic platform, either of Bnltimore or
ulfalo. Whether this mercenary truce will influence
j the eoaaeisaticaa portion of cither wing withoal large
exceptioue, we are to remote from the eoeae to decide.
Wa rboald presume, however, that there are thouaaad
on both sides who are not prepared to abandon object
tv wfcieh they have cherished with sincerity, and assumerl
to ever-ride the nura aim of office, who will refuse to rat-
! ify with their votes the bargain which the party managers
...navaauaca. . , ; . , . . lnu lutat.
5 Kentucky Conventioa. '
s" 'A locofoco paper speaking of the success of that
party at the late election for delegates to the Con-
etttutional Convention says : f
T "The democrats have carried the Conventlm in
s Kentueky by five majority! This is one of the
' greatest victories of principle upon record, turning
principally upon the election of all ojicert by the
peap?." " '
' The assertion that the election for memb;rs of
of the Convention in Kentucky turned "principally"
J upon the election of "all officers.'' or any "officers"
' bv the neoDle. is simriW a f Jsehood. and nothing
" else, - It turned "principally' upon the question
' of Slavery -the Whigs, going mostly on the eman
"cipation, while the IiOcofoces "went it strong" for
the perpetuity of the "glorious Institution,"
Hence the 'advantage the latter gained : in the
contest. Let those liberty men who act with the
Locofoco party in this state, mark and remember
'this fact :" ';- - " Piqua Register.
f7Z The True Whifj Doctrine. :
--The whig convention of Pennsylvania recently
held at Harrisburgh. among others, passed the fol
. lowing resolution;
t i Resolved, That protection to the industry of the
.peopla is one of the first duties cf government; that
the true interests of the State t-.nd Nation are best
promoted by placing the manufacturer. Mechanic
and Laborer, side by aide with the Agriculturist
that the days of greatest prosperity for the country
' have been those when domestic labor has been pro
tected, and unnecessary and ezdessive importation
f foreign fabrics by a proper tariff of duties, nd,
; in onr opinion such rerults have not followed the
tariff of 1846, and never can be promoted by its
uontinuanee." - ' - - - ?
' The most important principle in life is a nursuit
"Without pursuit an innocent and honorable
pursuit no one can ever bo really happy and
hold a propor rank ia society. The humble wood
sawyer is a better member of society than the fop
.without brains and employment Yet many of our
young men strive only for the distinction awarded
to fools. " They are content to live on the products
.of. other bands, and are, in truth, little better tlinn
bare-faced rogues. They live on ill-gotten spoils
go on tick lie and cheat, rather than pursue a
pursuit which would render them useful to them
selves and mankind Generally. None can be hao-1
py wunoui employment mentally and physically, t
The idler becomes a fit candidate for the peniten
tiary or gauows.
.-. Saved bt the "Sons," Ewsar A. Poe, one of
.the most splendid writers of the age, but in a fair
way for rutn from the use of strong drink, has join
ed the "Sons" at Richmond Va. One such intel
lect saved, pays all the toil of the Order since its
organization, Mich. Expositor
Handsome Inheritance. Judge Jones, in the
Court of common pleas, of Northampton county
Pa, has set aside the will of P. Miller, a wealthy old
hacbeler, who died lately at Easton. The entire
estate,. therefore, amounting to nearly 8400,000,
with the exception of a few trifling legacies, which
are valid under will, goes to Peter Miller, of Ohio,
the nephew and only heir at law of the deceased.
The Easton Whig ssys: "The Fortune individual
who come into the possession of so large an es
tate, is about sixty years of age, and resides in
Morgan coun ty, Ohio, where he has worked a
farm as tenant for a long time. He has a large fam
ily fall baker's dozen of children, all poor.
. ; Poor, helpless, crestfallen and despised Lncofo
coitmf 12 months ago, it would have spit upon
a free soiler with contemptuous satisfaction, as up
on one who had given a 'moral aid and comfort'
to the Mexicans! Now, where the parties are
nearly equally divided, it runs after free soil con
Tcntiona .where ver they assemble, begs an equal
alliance with, them, and takes the chance of being
itself spit npon and spurned. Verily, below tbis
there can be no depth of humiliation in store even
for Locofocoism! . - Dayton Journal, j
J. S. Fouke, Editor and Publisher.
Aokhti V. B. PaImkh, Esq., N. V. corner Third
and Chesnut street, and E. W. Car, Esq., Suu build
ings. Third and Dock streets, Philadelphia, are author.
xed to act a agent fur the " Luwkk Sakpusk Fhee-
K3T VVe have been authorized to announce
a,s an Independent Free Soil candidate, forrc-elec-
: UU1I W fcllB UUWa XXVUSt: Ul LUIS UL-gininLUlc,
: . - ii. - r xr r . l. rM.: . t :..t.
from composed of the coun.
ties of Snmluskv, Wood, and Ottowa.
Kor Congress,
-:- Samuel Treat.
' For Representative,
Isaac Van Doren. sr.
; For Sheriff, '
Charles G. Greene,
For Coroner,
E. B. Whitcher.
". . " ; For Auditor,
Abram Hamilton.
For Recorder,
Andrew Clark.
For Commissioner,
James Moore.
For Surveyor,
Nathan P. Birdseye.
For Poor-house Director,
William C. Shutts.
The candidates of your choice are before you,
and the result remains for you to determine.
Will you not do all you can ? If you will they will
be elected. Come out in vour whole strength, and
you will be victorious; if you do not certain de
feat awaits you.
Saiiufl Treat, the man of your selection for
Representative to Congress, is a good man and
true. You have known him for years, and wher
ever placed he was found equal for any emergency.
We appeal to you; do, for the credit of this dis
trict, if not for your own honor and dignity, send
no such man as Amos E. Wood to Washington to
represent you in the Genend Government You
want your western rivers and harbors improved
you want slavery abolished in the District of Co
lumbiayou -want slavery excluded from our new
territories you also want the administration con
ducted in a more- economical manner, and Samuel
Treat is the man who will use every endeavor to
accomplish these ends; and Amos E. Wood, will
make every attempt within his reach to frustrate
them. 7
- Isaag Vas Doren, is an independen candidate
for Representative, and the Whig Convention rec
ommended him to the support of he people of the
county, and therefore made no nomination for this
office. Speaking for ourself, we say : We shall
vote for Mr.- Van Doren, in preference to Wilson.
We believe that he understands the interests and
wants of the people best, and that be will will stand
by the Ranking and Tax Laws, which Wilson is
pledged to oppose.
Charles G. Gueese, for Sheriff, will poll a
strong vote, and make a niost excellent officer; he
is also amply qualified to discharge the duties of
Sheriff with credit to the county and honor to him
self. -
Andrew Clark, as Recorder, would, we are
satisfied from our personal knowledge of the man,
make as good and worthy a public servant as the
county ever had. And with
Jambs Moore, for Commissioner, where is the
man to find one word of complaint ? A worthier
man could not be found in the county, and we
would rejoice to see him elected.
The other candidates we are not personally ac
quainted with, but know that they are good Whigs,
and are all of them qualified for the offices to which
they are nominated
If you will commit the interests of this commu
nity to these men, we are satisfied you will have no
c tuse for regret
We learn from the Washington Republic that
full returns have been received from Vermont
which give Coolidge (Whig) a majority of 33 for
governor, and showing a whig gain of 6,224 votes.
The senate stands 22 whigs, 7 free soil, and 1 dem
ocrt; and the house 130 whigs, 81 free soil, and
1 2 democeats. The whig majority on joint ballot
is 51, and the nett whig gain 48 members of the
General Taylor received 23,122 votes in Ver
mont last November; Coolidge, whig governor, 23,
125 in .September. This year Gov. Coolidge has
over 26,500 votes over 3,000 increase on Gen.
Taylors vote. . Is this one of the proofs of the un
popularity of the cabinet ? or of the people's disgust
at Gen. Taylor's violations of his pledges, of which
we hear so much?
Ilave Yoo Considered,
The importance of one vote ? ONE vote may
decide the contest It may cither elect or defeat
the whig candidates. Let not one then be lost,
but, forward, to the rescue and if you should be
defeated, you can say with heartfelt satisfaction,
'the fault is "not with ma, I have done my whole
Locofoco Secession in Seneca County.
; The Huron Reflector says that a portion of the
Seneca Loccofocos seceded from the party, refus
ing to support the re-election of Breslin as repre
sentative, and called a convention for nominating
another candidate. They published an address to
the Loco Foco voters of the county, charging him
with corrupt intrigue with Townshend and Morse,
in voting for Chase and the repeal of the black
laws with ingratitude to friends, and divers oth
matters. The vote of Breslin, for the repeal of
the black laws, was like that of his colleagues, a
mercantile transaction, and his friends think it
should not be viewed outside of the ledger. The
address is said to have been framed by the famous
Col. B. B. Taylor, the Loco Foco pet lawyer, states
man, author, editor and play-actor of the nineteenth
century, and is written with ability. Taylor has
resided at Tiffin since he quit the boards, in the
capacity of a gentleman-lawyer, despising prac
tice. He has now left for Kentucky, to edit an
anti-emancipation paper there, followed by the an
thems of the Ohio Statesman and Loco Foco press.
whose especial darling he was, when state senator
from Licking and editor of the Western Democratic
Review. Iruly, these Loco .tocos are a precious
brotherhood !
The convention of bolters was held accordingly,
on the 22d ult, and a new candidate was nomina
ted for representative, who at first declined the
doubtful honor awarded him by the black law gen
tlemen. He afterwards accepted the nomination
made ; but it is not very likely that it will defeat
We would like to. see a good anti-slavery inde
pendent or Whig, elected in his place, but we con
fess no sympathy for the black law faction- which
denounces him. Mr. Breslin, in the office of speak
er of the house at the last session, disgraced his
constituents and dishonored the body over which
he presided. . We allude not only to his infamous
co-partnership with Towshend and Morse, but to
the successful attempt which he boasts of having
made, to defeat a regular election for certain Judg
es, in joint convention of the two houses, by fraud
ulent and disorderly conduct on the part of him
self and his colleagues. This ought to consign
him to political oblivion, in the estimation of any
enlightened, just and patriotic constituency. The
State Journal rehearses this miserable effort of
Breslin, as follows :
It appears that by joint resolution of both houses,
the members entered upon the discharge of that
duty, on Saturday, the 3d day of March last, when
it was discovered that one of the members, (viz.
Mr. Larimer, of Perry county, had presumed to ex
ercise his own judgment ia relation to two or three
persons to be voted for, instead of enacting the au
tomaton and voting as his leaders should dictate.
This was most assuredly very flagicious conduct on
the part of Mr. Larimer! It teas undoubtedly,
quite unexpected at his hands; and must be coun
teracted by some means. How shall this be done?
That is the question. And Mr. Speaker Breslin has
solved it it was done by raising "a Fuss, and by
Double Uallotino 111 -
In this way was the time of one hundred and six
members, together with their officers and servants,
trifled away,, until the Whigs, disgusted with the
scene and wearied with its repetition, were at length
'compelled ' to assent to an adjournment !
Having achieved this triumph as the fruit of Sat
urday's labors, the Honorable Speaker deliberately
sits himself down on Sunday, to cheer his political
cronies with an account of the feat His epistle is
in this wise :
Columbus, March 4, 1849.
Dear Sir: We had another election yesterday,
and elected four Democratic Judges.
We would have elected 12, but Larimer of Per
ry, bolted and voted with the Whigs. As soon as
we discovered this, we raised a FUSS bv points
op order, &c, and bv DOUBLE BALLOTING,
defeated an election every ballot. We kept
up the confusion for three hours and then compel
led the Whigs lo adjourn until 10 o'clock to-mor-
Rcmcmbcr that the Locofocos,
Are determined to destroy the present good and
wholesome Banking system of onr state. It is a
thorn in their side ; for under its influence the
credit of the state has vast ly improved, and the
farmer has now a paper currency which he can
safely lay up knowing it will be good to morrow,
next week or next year. Remember then, if the
Locofocos get the power, you will have instead of
good red bach, State Bank, a whole progeny of
wild cat institutions fastened upon you, and be
flooded with a mass of worthies s shinplasters from
other states.
And Also Remember,
That this pure Democratic party which holds that
it can do nothing wrong, say the present Tax Law
of this state shall be repealed, that it must be swept
from the statute books, because forsooth Sam Me-
dary don't like it, and if Samuel don't like it cer
tainly his minions must do his bidding and not
like it too.
Whigs! if yon have any intention
Of absenting yourselves from the polls on Tues
day next, just take from your pockets a 'Five Dol
lar' note on some one of the Locofoco, wild-cat, 'in
dividual liability' institutions, and compare it with
one of the Five's issued by the State Bank ; they
will each tell their own story, and speak in a lan
guage which can be understood by all. One reads,
'individual liability,' (which is a humbug) and the
other 'secured by the pledge of public stocks.
Which, now, would you prefer ? If you wish to
have 'individual liability, just stay from the polls,
say nothing to neighbor of the importance of the
election, and you can be accommodated to your
heart's content, for, say the Locofocos, 'We are re
solved to do all in our power, to effect a repel aof
the Banking Law,' 'by an everlasting and eternal
ANNIHILATION of the same! But if you pre
fer good paper 'secured by the pledge of state
stocks, vote for Isaac Van Doren and not for Eber
Wilson. You see the two currencies. Which will
vou have ? Choose ! Decide !
The following article from the Chilicotbe
Gazette we have read with A great deal of pleas
ure, and it does indeed inspire ns with new and
stronger hopes of the triumph of law and order
over the disgraceful proceedings of last winter.
What citizen of this great state, who loves its best
interests, does not feel that he himself is disgraced,
by the transactions of the rebellioniste of last ses
sion ? Let such men then arouse themselves and
through the ballot-box give a rebuke which will be
a lasting and effectual check to their future villain
ous concoctions. No one, we think, can read the
article without feeling as we do, that there is hope:
We observe that many of our contemporaries
anticipate trouble and disorder, to mark the attempt
to organize the Legislature next winter. In other
states, as well as in this, tae press is mdulg
ings disagreeable foreboding on in the subject The
Philadelphia North American, for example, says:
"The Ohio Rebellion of last year will, no doubt,
be enacted over again at the eusuing session of
the Legislature, if the Locofocos and Free Soilers
should succeed in obtaining any thing approaching
to the majority of the members."
We confess, that we, for a long time, were of a
like opinion. The central influences which have
long lorded it over the heritage of Lbcofocoism,
were all set that way: the energies of the parties
to the currupt coalition of last winter were bent
upon proaucing sucn results as wouia agnm dis
grace the next season. It is man's province, how
ever, "to propose"- & higher Power "disposes."
No doubt the disposition, in the breasts of law
breakers and peace-disturbers of the State, to
indulge their unhallowed proclivities, is as strong
as ever; but in the working of the party mach
inery, the time came about in which their consti
tuents had "some to say" in the matter. We see,
therefore, that the bargain, to which "the balance
of power," of the Freesoil faction, of the one part
and Medary and leading Locofocos in the Legis
lature, ' of the other part, were the contractors,
is repudiated by the rank and-file ; so that;schisms
of a serious and appearently, irremediable kind
have been made in the Locofoco-abolition party.
The prospect is, therefore, that a considerable
number of the Locofoco members are to be
returned to the next General Assembly, will con
sider themselves instructed not to touch or callude
with that unclean thing political abolitionism.
Again : it is well known and universally admitted
that the occasion of the dirgraceful scenes of last
winter, was the coalation which war entered into
and so successfully carried out by the parties
above-mentionedei It was "nominated in the
bond" thut Pugh and Pierce should be admitted
and Spencer and Runyan excluded ; that such-and-such
men should be made Speakers and Clerks ;
that so-and-so should be elect'd to the generalships
and judgeships that they now severally occupy;
that, at all risks the bargain should be carried out
to the letter, in defiance of public opinion, the
laws of the State and contracts and made in good
faith under them. But we much mistake, if
next winter the material in the shape of men.orthe
excuses, in the from perjured partisan clerks, will
be present to carry but again the nefarious procee
dings of the late session.
Things look far better in Hamilton county, than
they did at this time a twelvemonth ago. The "in
dependent Democratic" Sheriff of that county
who was elected last fall in opposition to a re
volution, has issued his proclamation in conformity
with law. There seems to be a determination
among- the judges of the election in Cinncinati
to reject all ballots having on them the names ot
more men for the .Legislature tnan there are mem
bers allowed by the Apportionment Act The
death of Brough and the appointmont of Hart
too, is sufficiently admonitory to the infamous
"Clerk Roll" to regard the law, this year, or ex
pect a removal from the omce he has disgraced.
For these reason, therefore, we look for a backing
out bv the Locofocos of Hamilton county, from
the treasonable position that they asumed, last
year, and threaten this under the evil counsel of
the editor of Statesman Spalding, Whitemam, their
confedates in sedition.
We look for a Whig majority in the Legis
lature and, jvere it necessary, . we could give
reasons, plenty as blackbertes. for the expectation.
Suffice it to say here, "the sober second thought
of the People, always right," will bring about
this result Mark the production: ine cons
pirators of 1848-9 will find themselves power
less for evil on the first Monday of December
From the Ohio State Journal.
'Fifteen thousand dollars in gold,
Handsomely told,
Are better than principles
New or old." Old Song.
' A Bargain and Sale
Esau of old
His birthright sold
For a mess of savory pottagei
But "Statesman" Sam
Wouldn't give a clam
For bargains made in that age.
His soul aspires
To "quassi quires,"
And his grog always has the mint in
He opened his face
And swallowed Chase,
While he thought of the "public printin."
New York, Sept. 29.
The Astor Place rioters have all been found guilty, and
sentenced as follows:
Judsou, one year in the penitentiary, and $250 fine.
T. A. Adriance, 3 months.
Georve Douglass. 30 dars.
lames O'Neil, James Mathews, and Thomas Green,
youths, 1 month.
Washington Sept. 28.
Archibald Campbell has been appointed post master at
Judue Chins, of and Charge to Naples, and Gen.
AiiMstkung, lata Consul at Liverpool, are at the Astor
House; the former proceeded on his mission as far as
Paris, when, in consequence of continued tudisposition,
he was obliged to return! home.
Advices have been received from Buenos Ayrea to Au
gust 4th, but they contain no news.
Thk Barrktt Cask. Why do not the State authorities
ot Indiana demand John M. Barrett, now confined in
prison at Spartanburg, S. C. who is merely suspected of
circulation national or state reform tracts, at the worst
containing not a single abolition sentiment? All impar
tial accounts received from South Carolina unite in the
opinion that he ia most nnjustly imprisoned, and treated
most shamefully. Must a tree American citizen take out
a passport from the Deyarlment of fetate previoua to trav
eling iu South Carolina? ltdoes seem so.
fTJ nn FTnna-rAM 1 1, m .....11 bnm.il mnitrUr nf tliA TT ni
ted States Senate, died yeeterday in New YorK. Or.
Houston was an Irishman by birth, and the best stenog
rapher in the United States. He was in the prime of
life, a kind-hearted and obliging gentleman.
Freemen of Sandusky County,
Bear in mind that Anios E. Wood, notwjth
standing all the smooth things he may say) is a
progressive locofoco, and like his master , Lewist
Cass, is opposed to all measures of internal improve
ment if you vote for him, and he be elected, you
need not be disappointed if he, (as he certainly
will) opposes these measures which he how so loud
ly advocates. He will have to do as his party bid
him and take their word for his rule of action..
The same convention which nominated him en
dorsed the Baltimore Resolutions, declaring etern
al hostility to 'a corrupting tyntem of general intern
al improvements,' and he, Amos E. Wood, to catch
votes says he is in favor of improving the Sandus
ky and Maumee rivers. Who believes it! Is there
not we ask, a strange incongruity of opinion here?
He says he is in favor of this Baltimore Platform
the next moment he avows his opposition to it!
How consistent!
Remember then, that it is one of the cardinal
principles of the locfoco creed to oppose, ever, all
measures of internal improvements, and herein,
their opinions, like the law of the Medes and Per
sians altercth not . . ..
;.- Bear in Mind Also, : ; :
That in voting for Eber Wilson the locofoco can
didate to the next legiseature,' you will sustain the
revolutionary acts, concocted by the leaders of the
Dorrite party last winter ; who for .three weeks
unconstitutionally kept possession of the halls of
legislation. Sam Medary would like no better fun
than to make a cue for every such "Dimicrat" that
may be sent to Columbus this winter. , But we
trust their are voters enough who hold to the prin
ciples of virtue and honor, to send a man to the leg
islature, who has a mind of his own, and will act
independent of such reckless demagogues.
Are Ton All Ready! .
Have you done all that you can? Has every
voter been addressed personally ? ' Are nil your
neighbors anxious for . the contest between princi
ple and the schemes of mad-cap intriguers, who are
seeking by every unjust and unholy means, to de
feat the cause of justice and of truth ? Are such
arrangenents made, that not one Whig voter shall
be absent from the polls? If yott have not done
all this; lose nothing by delay. It is by prompt
united, individual efforts and individual votes, that
the triumph of principle is to be attained. We re
peat it are you all ready?
Vote Early.
Let every Whig who can, be at the polls early.
and as soon as he has depostited his vote, let him
see to getting out all Whig voters who may be ab
sent; if they are not there by 12 o'clock, let him
make it bis special business to bring them there.
If every Whig will thus exert himself, doing his
whole duty, the Whig candidates will be elected
by handsome majorities, and Wood and Wilson,
with all their bright anticipations may stay at home
and mourn over the ingratitude of their fellow citi
zens. . ' . "'
EST The list of Letters and considerable amount
of communications and other manuscript matter
has been unavoidably omitted this week."
i ""
Thruth is stranger than fiction. ..".'"
Washington Union.
You mean in your own columns. ,
Louisville Journal.
One of the Counties. At a recent election in
Iowav the county of Pottawatomie polled 559 whig
and 4 locofoco votes. - :
. Gossip.
The French minister, according to Madame Ru
mor, has with him a very handsome woman, whom
he calls Madame Poussin. He called with her at
the President's house and introduced her to the
President's family. ' An attache of the mission has
another woman that he calls his wife. The opinion
at Washington is that neither are married, ir'resi
dent Taylor, last spring gave a diplomatic fetet and
did not invite the women. M. Poussins took this
in dudgeon, and vented his spleen in bis diplomatic
notes, until his insolence induced Geit Taylor to
suspend oflicial intercourse wijh him. The old
Gen. was right in both instances!
A Carpenter's Testimony, A worthy " caf-
penter, the other day, in giving evidence in a case
of fraud) said that he plane-ly saw the defendand's
object was to cAtWthe plaintiff1 ont of his property,
etc, and for his part he liked "fair play and no
And a shoemaker called upon the same side,
said that there was an evident intention to take
the plaintiff's awlt and sew) him tip at last
Odd Fellows. The following shows the state
of this order at the present time: Ihere are 1712
lodges, 23,3o0 initiated the past year, 6,726 sus
pensions and 848 expulsions; contributing members
138,401 ; paid for relieving 19, 035 brothers 8272,
174 50; for relieving widows and families $33,392
33 : tor educating orphans $ 6,732 2o ; for burying
1162, $51,636 65; making a total relief of $363,-
943 95. They have a balance in the treasury of
$1169 82, and of funds invested $12,817. .
Ohio Repository.
iLf Lord Eigih the governor-eeneral of the Canadas,
who was lately an object of popular vengeance, has been
well recoieved by the inhabitants of Upper Canada in bis
recent visit lo Niagara.
The Ttuth. The Boston Times knows a thing
or two. Hark
jCSgT If you want to obtain a situation
If you want to get help
jCIf you want to hire or let a house
If you want to obtain boarders
S3T If you want to recover anything lost or
stolen j&S J&B
If you want to sell your goods, wares
or merchandize gaT JrX
SZ Finally, if you want to get into business
and make money, and acquire wealth Adver
tise i i ! .Afar
A Quandary. A baker with both arms in
the dough up to his elbows, and flea iu the leg of
his trowsers.
Whig County Convention.
" Pursuanfto" notice, the Whigs of this county
met at the courthouse, on the 29th ult, for the pur-
pose of selecting candidates to be supported at he
coming election.
The meeting' was called to order by appointing
Daniel Brainard, Esq., Chairman, and Abram Ham
ilton and J.'S. Foulce,"BecretarieiJ '""'
The meeting was well attended, and with but
one or two exceptions every township was repre
sented. " The greates t degree of harmony and good
feeling characterived their proceedinga,
It was unanimously resolved to support for Con
gress, Samuel Treat, Esq. - - - a 't
For Representative to. the state Legislature they -recommended
Isaac-Van Doren, Sen, (who had
previously announced himself as an independent
candidate,) as worthy the support of the Whigs of
this county. " The other nominations are as follows :
;r For Sheriff Charles G. Greene ;"V
Coroner E. B. Whitcher;
V, Auditor Abram Hamilton ; : - '
Recorder Andrew Clark;
: , y.. Commissioner-7-James ' 'Moore .i '
ir .t
t. f -5i
' Surveyor Nathan P. Birdseye ;'
Poor-house Director William (1 Shutts. '
- The Convention then appointed a Central Com
mittee for the. ensuing year, viz i ; 'JS..S. Fouke i D
L June' C. G. Mugg; E. B. Whitcher, and T. S.
Hull. The meeting then adjourned. ""y -'.'J'
Abram Hamilton; ) Bcpiari( ; l'ZJZ
We are quite amused now-a-daysTat ' the: differ
ent sentiments" entertained by the 'Democracy' in
different sections of the state. In the Dayton Em
pire, a locofoco paper, we find he following para
graph: . ' i - :i -.. . :. i f
The 'Wilmot Proviso', we "have 'not recognized
as an article of the democratic creed nor do we ex
pect to do so, until we shall be clearly and fully con
vinced that the provisions of our glorious eonstitu
tion are insufficent for the present crisis in the do
mestic affairs of the country. We shall cling to
that so long as there is a vestage of it left, and even
should that fail, we are by no means certain, that
we shall go about seeking after "strange gods' in
the shape of 'provisions' of any kind. 1 '.
A gentleman on placing his hand too familiarly
on a lady's knee, was told by her that he was rnde
enough to be a savage. ' , :" - .'.'!
"Of what tribe, madam V "
"The Faw-kuees." . it - ?.
, . Another Row in Canada. .
A dispatch from Montreal dated the 19tli says:
A public meeting was held at By ton. on Monday
last called by the Ministerialists for the purpao
ot addressing Lord Jblgin. ......
The opposition ware present in full force, and
succeeded in breaking np the meeting' and forcing
the Ministerial President from the chairs i
A resolution was then carried, condemning Lord
Elgin and the Ministry, which gave rise to consid
erable disturbance, during which fire-arms were
freely, used, and several persons wounded or killed.
The military being called out after some difficulty,
succeeded in restoring order. ' ' -
tZS? On Tuesday morning of last week, a stage
coach collision took took place near Vienna, on the
JN auonai Jttoad. The coacb from Springfield to
Columbus, met an extra, and both going at a p1 reV
ty rapid rate, the extra was capsized.. . Jt contain
ed a weding party- 'Mr. Smith of Brown, and his
bride, a daughter of Col.' Medary. - None of the
party were materially Jnjured. . A Mr. Hooker,
of the Stage ; Company, who was on the outside,
was seriously, but not dangerously hurt by the fall
a nura uoy Hearing mn tauter say inai uiereis
a time for all things"climbed up behind his moth
er's chair, and whispering in her ear asked when
was the proper time for hooking sugar out of the.
suirar-bowL ' ''." . .
A - l 1 : t r .1 L.t. 1
Being a Treatise upou the Science of Uroscopia, or tha
manner of designating Disease bv a examination of tha
Urine; by FREDERICK OLDfeNBURG, M. D., of
Gottenged, Germany, Uanslated by M. B, Wiener,
Uriscopeau Physician of New York, with notes and
additions adapted to American practice. Over 400 pa
ges) 8vo., embellished with upwards of two hundred
o J J-.. - , , . I
ngravjngs. Decona euiiion-revisea ana corrected.
TtlF above la one of the most Important medical works
.ever offered to the world, beiug the first publication
upon the intricate and mysterious Science of Uriscopia.
This science has for ages been hitherto Kept by the favor
ed few ill the strictest secrery, and only imparled to oth
ers under the firmest obligations and enorinoaa sums for
the information, conveyed. ' This wore: enables every
one, of hou'ever limited means, to secure the peculiar
secrets of this mysterious science. '
The Uriscdplan system has for ajes maintained a pop
ularity surpassing all oilier theories of medicine by n.eaua
of its universal succesain the treatment of Chrouie Dis-
..... an.) this n.n.Lrilr t H a t i ti m r! n lii m-wfmAA k
hundredfold by its future greatmes.' " -
The system- has been practiced by the most eminent
pHj siciaue far the last four hundred years, and its follon
eta are steadily and firmly advancing, until at the present
time it is practiced with the greatest success in Germany,
France, Austria, Russia, England and generally tbro'out
the European Kingdoms, ia some parts of Asiaand a few
practitioners are found jn this country. .
The necessity of a work open this intricate and myste
rious sciedce has been Jong .apparent. The celebrated
Dr. Oldenburgh has been many years engaged iu prepar
ing this highly finished volume. His labor bava bean
abuudantly rewarded, three thousand -volume having
been disputed of in Europe in six months.. Another edi
tion having beeu called for, ha been prepared and trans
lated by Dr. Wiemer and is now ready to be delivered to
purchasers ia limited amounts. ' The superiority of this
system over alt others iu the treatment ofchronic diseas
es, has been fully tested in thousands of instances, sad
it only becomes necessary to obtain a correct Knowledge
of the science to extend that superiority to the treatment
of all diseases. Uriscopian Physicians in - fl cooutrie,
have invariably secured tbe most Unbounded notoriety
and popularity, by means of the general success attend
ing the system. "
To the" young practitioner, this system Is parricolarry
desirable as it immediately ushers him Into a practica
that would lake year cf loll and labor to obtain upon any
other system and perhaps never to be acquired at all. T
the old physician the system ia equally valuable, a it ex
empt him from the dally toil of a visit to each of hi p
tients who may be miles distant.
In this wore the appearance of ths urine is given In
two hundred and eight diseases, with engravings repre
senting the appearauce, form, color, sediment, shade,
tinge, &e., of every disease. Also a aynopsis of the Uri
scopian system of treatment, adapted to American prac
tice. Any person of good natural and acquired abilities
may gain a sufficient nowledge of the system to practice
with Bt'ccess in from six to nine month. , Regularly ed
ucated physicians in a much less time. The work will
be forwarded by mail to anv part of the couutry,. Price,
Five Dollars.
Perscns enclosing us a five dollar note, will immedi
ately receive a copy of this von. All remittance at our
riss. Address, G. W. WIEMER,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
ILT Country newspapers mav eopy to the amour t of
$5, and forward bills to G. W. VViemer. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Aug. 2524:4
To Mr. ZcrHCffiAH Slick, Esq., Justice of the Peace
and Deacon of the Church, over in Woathersfield,
State of Counecticut. .. -. . .

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