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Convention of Southern States.
The call of a southern convention, for the purpose
of discussing and declaring southern rights, is being
responded to from various sections of the country.
The measure does not appear to meet with approv
al from the ptople of Virginia, although her legis
lature at first appointed a committee to propose
the names of nineteen delegates, with full power to
declare on the part of Virginia, a dissolution of the
Union, provided circumstances, in their estimation,
should justify tL Concerning this act, the Rich
mond Whig remarks: :
"The high handed course of the ielect commit
tee on the proposition for the appointment of dele
gates By the legislature, receives unmeasured con
demnation. The subject has taken the people by
surprise. They never dreamed that the present
legislature would undertake to delegate to niuetcen
uieu uio power la uisauivc mc wuivu. .
The present demonstration of public feeling be
came so great, that the proposed committee was
abandoned, and another arrangement entered into,
by which it is recommended to the people, to elect.
br district - conventions, two delegates trotu eacn
congressional district one democrat and one whig
and that an appropriation be made to defray the
expense of the delegates in case the people elect
any. This proposition, it is said, has also been con
Florida has expressed herself through her papers
.as opposed to the convention.
In Maryland, resolutions have also been intro
duced into the Legislature aDDointinir delegates to
the convention. They are cautioned, however, to
entertain no measures tending to dissolve tuc
We believe the people of the South are sound on
the subject; and however much demagogues may
threaten, the Union is bound to be preserved.
Ancient Metrepolis.
o .
Gen. Cass Mr. Adams.
The Michigan Senator has ventured to assail.
bitterly, the character of Mr. Adams. A dear ef
fort it will prove to him ! The old man sleeps
quietly, and has no voice on earth now ; but the
spirit of freedom which animated him, will burn
like a live coal from its altar as it scathes the servile
The contrast between the living and dead
most marked. Mr. Adams would yield nothing to
slavery; lien Cass every thmtr, Adams demand
ed everything for freedom ; Gen., Cass nothing.
fcmch men as foote and Clemens heaped insult up
on the man of New England ; they- laud the sena
tor from Michigan. Ihe South leans upon ben.
Cass as its ally and supporter; they feared John
Quincy Adams as their sternest, loftiest e. It
is natural, then, nay, it was essential, alike for his
own defence, and the maintenance of his own in
fluence, that Mr. Cass should seek to degrade this
bold champion of freedom I
The very manner of the assult proves the sadc n
dition of Gen. Cass. He undertakes to run a paral
lei between Mr. Adams and Gen. Washington to
quote from the Farewell Address, and the Diary
of the dead patriot, and prove that the one was
for Union: while the other sought to destroy it
Miserable or mistaken man I When did Washing
ton defend slavery ? His voice and example were
against it; his "vote" was ready to remove it; and
like him, only with clearer vision as to the design
and ambition and daily influence of the slave pow
"er, and fuller emphasis, Mr. Adams gave heart
and soul to its overthrow.
Party may hush the quick sensibiiities of freedom.
The force of the slave power may deaden its de
votion to liberty. But the future the future
clear in its vision and just in their decision, will
stamp the Senator of Michigan as the embodiment
of servility, while it will exalt John Quincy Adams
as the champion of humanity.
. w
The following from the Vermont State Journal
iias more truth than poetry in it - If there is any
thing more foolish and silly than Medary's 'resig
nation' as one of the infamous committee of law
breakers, it is the tone and manner of some of the
Southern States. It will be remembered that
Virginia returned the resolutions with some very
undignified comments;
"Here is anfthT spiteful lick at little Vermont.
from one the old Sister. With all due preference to
old Miss Virginia, we are tempted to say Dma
make a fool of yourself. 'Do thyself no harm.'
Better keep that little note of ours study it till
tou understand it and then compare it with the
lessons you were taught in your youth by such
-school masters as Washington and Jefferson. Con
sult the Declaration of independence for sound
doctrine, and compare your own slave-cursed and
proverty-striken valleys with our own free tilled
and thrifty mountain region, for a commentary.
Look at hom ask your own children if Vermont
is not right clearly and entirely right,, in seeking
to stay the system which is our greatest calamity.
With "all due deference, agiiin, we express the opi
nion that the slave packet legislature of Vir
ginia nrsy seek a Southern Hartfirrl Conven
tion may seek disunion ; but the majority of the
people of Virginia will regard them as traitors to
Virginia herself as well as the Union-
The following account of a Chinese exhibition of
fire-works, altogether eclipses any preconceived
idea of their splendor and ingenuity :
In a display, which was lately made at Canton,
for peace.a resemblance was made of a wiie arbour,
which burned without being consumed; the trunk,
the branches, leaves, grapes, burned in their prop
er colours. After this had delighted the spectators,
another piece was begun. A dozen cylinders dis
charged an immense number of rockets, which
formed themselves into stars, serpents, and flying
dragons. This magnificent scene was followed by
a grand discharge, on all sides, of a shower of fire
with which were intermixed globe-shaped lanterns,
with sentences written on them. Then ascended
another display in the shape of pillars formed of
rings of light, which seemed, for a moment to turn
night into day. At last the grand display took
place ; the Chinese dragon appeared in all its glory,
surrounded by ten thousand winged creatures,
standards, banners; and suddenly, upon his bark
appeared the figure of the Emporer, in blue lights.
These, in turn changed to yellow ; and hastly, to
the most intense white. A roar often thousand re
ports now shook the air. a canopy of green arose
over the Emperor, from the midst of which a vol
cano of rockets arose, and the sight ended.
Means of Arresting the Fatal Effects of
Chloroform. An eminent surgeon of France re
lates two cases in which the inhalation of chloroform,
proved nearly fatal ; he however, succeeded in re
viving his patients after all ordinary means had fail
ed, by placing his mouth upon theirs, and forcibly
insuflluating the lungs by rapid aspirations and
expirations. A medical practitioner in Paris states
that in two instances of approaching dissolution by
.the inhilation of chloroform, he recalled life by
thruRtinsT two finirers deep into the throat: down
the larynx and aesophagus; a sudden movement of
expiration followed, and recovery toos place.
lltlCKS O' ftl'CK.
LxT BvMTonT Rsau thi. Cumphut.-There 1. So
anaritla for sum in the rtinrent town, called S. P. Town.
Snd'. Sr-pann.. It i. anv.ra.ed a. th. ORIGINAL, GEN.
VVS E and all inau This Townsend no doctorand never wai ;
tratwa. formerly a worker on railroad., eaoale, and the lik. y.l
he anutnee the Utle of Doctor tor the purpose of gaining credit
lor what he ie not. He av. he haa attended two medical
school., and practiced lor fifteen rears ! ! Now the troth ie, ha
nevar practiced medicine a day in hi. lift ! Such wilful, trick
ast miirepreerntation look, bad to the character and veracity of
the man. I wi.h most ainesrelT, hs had neTsr made those etats
menu of himself or of me. When will men Isam to be honest
and truthful in all their dealin. and intercourse with their tel.
low men ! He applied lo one Rusl Clapp to assist him in manu.
facturlnc hi. mixture, statins; the large .urn. he would make,
a. an inducement to embark in the business. These men have
been insulting and libelling me in all possible forms, in order to
Impress the public with the belief that the Old Doetor'. Sana.
narilla wa. not the genuine, original Sarsaparilla. made from
the Old Doctor's Original Recipe. This S P. Townsend shyb
I hare 'ld the use ol mr name forT a week. I will gue him
5UU if he will pro luce one amide solitary proof of thie. His
laiamenu of Thompson. Skillrnan Co., are nothiiur but a
tissue of falsehoods, simply mails to deceive the public, and
keep the tniih down in regard to hie mauling, fermenting cojs-
5mnd. Thi. i. caution the public to purchase none but Old
r JACOB Townsend's SjrsapariJIa, having on it the Old Doc
tor', likeiieafc hi. family Coal of Arm; and hi. signature across
lb. Coat of Arms.
mriiMj um.cs. 11K juassau-nreei, a. s "V
rilrsji li-ini --r"-'-"
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend,
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Old Tr Towrwend i now about 70 veani of ase, ami hma lont;
toan known the AUTHOR and DISCOVERER of tha
RILLA" Being poor, he wai euuipelled to limit lia manaiae
tnn. b which mean it haa been kept out of market, and tha
alee ciiruinacribed u thoae only who lad proved itt worth, and
known ita value. It had reached the aara ot man. neverthaleatH
"equal. tea the circulation of the blood, producing femle warmth
equally all over the body, and the inneitnible perspiration : ra
laxee mrtcturee and tiffhinese. i move all obstructions, and itv
viffontree th entira nervouiyaiem. Is not this then
Tha Medicine you DrC'Cmlnentlv f 1
out can mxtj ui ihtjbb uiiitsa oa ma mi a.
P. Townaend infe
rior article 1 Thie young man's liquid ia not to be
hecaitf of ote GRAND FACT, that tha one ia INCAPABLE
while the other DOES toufinjf, fermenting, ami blomnr th
bottle coniainintr it into fragment ; the sour, acid liquid ex
plodiot. and damaging other gouri ! . Muxt not ihi horrible com
pound be poimnoue to the avatem 1 What? put mcid into a
yafow already dimeated with arid ? Whai canaes Dvapepeia
but acid 1 lh we not all know that when lootl sours in our atom
achs, what mischief it produces 1Haiulence, heartburn, palpi
tation of the heart, liver complaint, diarrhoea, riyeemrrv. coiic,
ami corruption of th blood 1 What ia Scrofula but an acid hu
mor in the bodv 1 What produces all the humors which bring on
Eruptions oi the Skin. Scald Head. Salt Kheum. Erysipelas,
White Swetlinea. Fever Sores, and all ulcerations internal and
external 1 It ia nothing under heaven but an acid substance.
which amirs, and thus spoils all the fluids of tha body, morr r
less. What causae Rheumatism but a anur and acir riuid
which insinuates itself between the juinta and eisfwheie. irri
tating and inrtamtrt? the delicate tissues upon which it actel
So of nervous diseases, of impurity of the blood, of deranged
circulation, and nearly all the ailments which afflict human na
Now is it not horrible to make and sell, and infinitely Mora
to use this
and yet he would fsin bava it understood that Old Dr. Jacob
Townsend's Genuine Original Sarsaparilla ia an IMITATION
of his inferior preparation ! !
Heaven forbid that we should deal in an article which would
bear the most distant resemblance to S. P. Townsend's article !
We wish it underwood, because it is the absolute truth, that
S. P- Townsend's article and old Dr. Jacob Townsend't Sarsapa
rilla are ficaven-trule apart, and irtftniteiy dieeimiar; that they
are unlike in every particular, having not one single thing in
As S. P Townsend is no doctor, and never waa. ia no rheia
lst, no pharmaceutist knowa no more of medicine or diseaee
than any other common, unscientific, unprofessional man, what
guarantee can the public have that they are receiving a genuine
scientific medicine, containing alt the virtues of the articles used
in preparing it, and which are incapanle o! changes which might
render them the AGKNTSof Disease instead of health 1
. But what else should be expected from one who knows nothing
comparatively of medicine or diseaee 1 It requires a person of
some experience to cook and serve up even a common decent
meal, how roucn more important is n tnat the persona whe
manufacture medicine designed for
should know well the medical properties of plants, the besi man
tier of securing and concentrating their healing virtues, also an
extensive knowledge of the various diseases which affect the
human system, and how to adapt remedies to these diseases ?
It is to arrest rrauda upon the unfortunate, to pour balm into
wounded humanity, to kindle hope ia the despairing bosom, to
restore health, and bloom, and vieor into thr crushed and bro
ken, and to banish infirmity thai OLD PR JACOB TOWNSEND
has SOUGHT and FOUND thr opportunity and means to bring
Graad T7niwrsl Concentrated Remedy
within the reach, and to the knowledge of all who need it that
they may learn and know, by joyiul experience, its
Traafrcadiint Pnwcr tn Heal
as those persons who had been heated of eore diseases, and
saved from death, proclaimed its wonderful
ufactured onthelarrest scale, and ia called for throughout the
length and breadth of the land, especially as it is tound incapa
ble of deaene ration or deterioration.
Unlike young S. P. Townsend's, n improves with are, and
never chanees but for the better ; because it is prepared nh eeien
hfie principle by a erientifie man. The highest knowledge of
Chemistry, and the latest discoveriae of the art. have all been
brought into requisition in the manuiacture of the Old Drs Sar
saparilla. The Sarsaparilla rum. it ia well known to medical
men, contains many medicinal pnuwrtie. and some properties
which are inert or oselese.and othera, which if retained in pre
paring it for use, produce fermentation and acid, which ia in
jurioua to the system. Some of the propertiea of Sanwparilla
are so volatile that they entirely evaporate and are Inst in the pre
paration, if they are not preserved by a ecientific proeeaa, known
only to thoae experienced in ns manufacture. Moreover, these
volatile principle, which flv off" in vapor, or aaan exhalation, un
der heat, are the very emaential medical propertiea of the root,
which give to it all it value
Any person can boil or stew tha root till thev get a dark col
ored liquid, which is more 1mm the coloring matter in the root
than Irom anythins else; they can then strain this insipid or
vapid liquid, sweeten with sour molasses, and then call it ' SAR
SAPAR.M.A EXTRACT or SYRUP." But such ia not the arti
cle known as the
This is so prepared that all the inert properties of the Sar
enparilla root are first removed, everything capable of becom
ing acid or fermentation is extracted and rejected ; then every
panicle of medical virtue ia secured in a pure and concentrated
form; and thus it is rendered incapable of losing any of ita val
uable and healing properties, prepared in this way, it ia made
the moat powrlul asent in the
Core of Innumerable IMaeaaea.
Hence the reason why we hear commendations on every side in
ita fetvtir by men, women, and children. We find it doing woa
tiers in the cit-e ot
PIMPLES. BLOTCHES, and all affections arising from
h HisKse a marvellous efficacy in all complaints arising
'mm butigeetion, iphii Acidity of 'the Stomach, from unequal
circulation, determination of blood to the head, palpitation of
the heart, co.d leet and hande, cold chills and hot flashes over the
body. It has run iiaequal in Cold and Cough ; and promotes
easy expectoration and gentle peiipiration, relaxing strictures of
-he luuga, throat and every other part.
But in nothing is its excellence more manifestly seen and ac
knowledged than in ail kinds and stages of
It works wonder in cases of 7or Albu or Whites. Falling
if the Womb. Obstructed, Suppreed, or Painful Mense, Ir
regularittf of the menstrual penods. ami the like ; and ia effectual
in curing ail the lorms of Kidney Diteaaee.
By removing obstructions, and regulating the general svstem,
n gives tone and strength to the whole body, and thus cures all
fiirms of
Vervom Diseases and Debility,
and thus prevents or relieves a great varietv of other maladies,
aa Spinal irritation. Neuralgia, St. Vitus1 Dance, Swooning,
Epileptic Fife. Convulsion, tfc.
It cleanses the blood, excites the liver to healthy action, tones
ww unmcn. ana gives good dmestion. relieves the bowels ot
torpor ana constipation, allavs inA-mrr...., turiM the sku.
r. Mcculloch, Aeent,
Fremont, Sandusky co., 0.
rit E.110.YI' no ia u,
YVM. KESSLER, Proprietor.
IV TR- KESSI.ER annonnces to the traveling public
lYx that he has returned to the above well-known
stand, aud is now prepared to accommodate in the best
manner, all who may favor him with their patronage
No pains shall be spared to promote te comferf and
convenience ufgu-. sis. Good Stasling and careful Ost
lers 111 attendance. Hov. 24 -db
Wanted at this Office,
- .TV-CORDS eod Hickory and Ash wood. Tothose
JL vf who have promised us Wood we say. wewant
itnow. Freeman Office, L. Sandusky, May 26.
Blank l eds for Sale.
V V DEEDS, together with a variety of other Blanks,
lor sale at the inLLiiiAfl utriti
""iirrinrri-i fmm ii"i1iIw
Attention, Farmers!!
I have Removed my Store
BACK to the Old Corner formerly occupied tf me,
(opposite Deal', old tavern stand) and known aa the
the Ball ville Cash Store, and have opened out a splen
did stock or
New (bloods,
just received, which will be gold at very Low Price.
Hnvinir nlentv of ware-house storage, 1 shall buy
most kinds of produce, such as Ihe Farmers have to sell.
If therefore, vou Imve Wheat, Corn, Outs. Flux, Clover.
or Timotav-See.ls, Hides, Pelts, Butter, Eirgs, Rags.
&c. &c, give me a call and you will get the
ESest i'riccs the alMarket ntl'ortts,
Mv present stock in extent and variety, surpasses any I
have ever before offerod to the pnblic; and as to prices,
my motto will be
JYot to be Lrndersold!
Some people think that m do a great deal of business,
thev must make a preat deal of noise. But, Fasmers,
will you be fluttered and deceived by flairs and noise,
ehowvshrns and flalselv colored advertisemknts? No!
The intelligent fanner win tuage lor mmsen auu in mo
i , . u r :
end patronize tne diuh wnoueea Business upuu ms law
est terms.
Come up then, to the 'Old Corner,'
opposite to Deal's old stand, and in a quiet way we will
show you our goods and prices.
Come and look if you do not wish to buy.
JtST Storage for Grain on favorable terms.
Oct. 630 C. J. PETTIBOJfE.
SandusLff Mrug Store.
Drugs, Medicines, Oih, Paints and Dye Stuff's,
"OFFERED for sale on terms that cannot but prove
V eatiefactory to all who wish to purchase the beat war
rantable articles, at lowest rates will be found here.
At Wholesale and Retail,
a variety of Paints, viz: While Lead, Red Lead, Paris
Green, chrome Green, chrome Yellow, 1 urkey Umber,
Term desienntt.YftllowOchre.Vermillion,suear of Lead,
Lampblack of various qualities. Ivory Black, Chinese
Vermillion, Gold and silver bronze, of various shades,
copal Varnish, and xpints 1 urpentiue.
Also live Woods and Stuffs
Madder, Indigo, Alum, Blue Vitriol, cochineal. anlnlion
of Tin. Loir wood. Flint. c. ennneras, &c. W-have
also a ffood article of Lilt-ced Oil. AtCflllOl
Pure VVins, and Brandy for the sie k. Ivineer, cffain
Tartar, aoda, Epfoiii saltH, and castor Oil by the quan
titv: all ftr a3lll thai is our moto.
Beeswax, GitiHeno;. sassafras Bark from the Root, to be
well washed and dried, mid Paper Rags will be taken in
exchange for Goods at iheireash in'f.
Lower Sanduskv. June 29, '49.
rriFIE undersigned having bought out J. W. Steven
son, would respeflfullv pive utitirthat he continue
the husinessof CABINET MAKING in nil its branches
at the old stand, im Crnrhan street, and solicits a liberal
share of patronage. He will keep constantly on hand
and manufacture ti order
Extra, Common and Dressing Bureaus
of everv stvle and nrice:
Alsol every other article in the Cabinetline which mav
be wanted. His work shall be got up in as good style as
at any other establishment in theconutry, and afforded at
as reasonable rates.
The subscriber is also agent for Whitman & Colton'
and will make contracts for Tomb-Stones, or any othe
Marble work on as favorable terms as they can he made
at Head Quarters. F. H. CALUWtLL.
Lower Sandusky, March , 1S4.
TVR. Is. D. PARKER, from Cleveland, re
I J soectfullv announces to the ntihliclhat he has per
manently located in Lower Sandusky fur the purpose of
aracliciuff sureical and mechanical Uentintry. t ram th
a hid e resources which he has enioven lor acquiring
thorough knowledge of the profession, he feels confiden
that he shall be able to give satisfaction to all who may
desire his aid. in the various branches of the profession
The public are assured that the ctmnst care will be tak
en to render hisoperations both permanent and useful.
Artificial teeth set on gold plate, in number from a single
one to a double sett. Pivot teeth inserted in the very
best manner. Carious teeth filled so 3 to permanently
arrest the declay. Teeth cleaned in such a manner as
not to injure ihe'enamel. Teeth extracted withthemost
approved instruments.
Dr. PARKER, wishes to be understood that be is re
sponsible for all hisoperations. Persons wishing Dental
operations, are invited to call at his office, in Caldwell's
Bricx Buildinsr. over Dr. Chamberlin's office.
June 30, 1849. 15
RESPECLFULLY announces that he continues his
business in the seeond sloir of Knapp's building,
opposite Burger's old stand, where he will be happy to
wait on his old customers and all who need any thing in
hisline. If you want your garments made nn right, and
alter the Latest fashion call on 11 A A w e.L.Li.
N. R. Particularattention paid toCutline anrt warrant
ed to fit if properly made up. April 28, '49.
Cbancery Notice.
Slate of Ohio, Sandusky county, court of common
pleas In chancery.
Ami W. Cutter,
William K. Dana, et. al.
T virtue of a decretal order issued in this case, to me
directed and delivered, I shall offer for sale at ven
due, on the 9h day nl March next, between the hours
prescribed by law, at the door of the court house of said
cmnttv in Fremont, the following described real estate
situate in said enmity, to wit:
The north-west nuarter of section number thirtv-eix.
in township number four, north of ranee number fifteen.
containing one hundred and sixtv acres ot land more or
less, in Sandusky county, Ohio.
Taken as the nroDertv ol William K. Liana, et ai. to
satisfv a decree rendered in said court in favor of Ami W.
Cutter, aud against said Dane, et al.
Jan'y 19 45:5 Special Master.
Chancery Xoticc.
La Q. Rawson Sunlueky county court ol Com-
vs. 111011 I leas.
Eleier Willey, IN CHANCERY
Y virtue of a decretal order issued out of the court of
common pleas of Sandui-k couutv. Ohio, to me di
rected and deliveiert, 1 shall offer at public sale, at the
door of the Court House, iu Fremont, on the 9th
day of March next, between the h-urs prescribed by law,
the following described land and tenement,., to v. it. The
easthalf of the soulh west quarter of aertion thirty six.
township six, north range r itleen IU said 3atidusk coun
ty, containing 80 acres more or less, to satisfy a decree
111 said court in ta"or 01 L.a 14. Maw son
Jan'y 19 45:5 Spt-cial Master.
Chancery .Notice.
State of Ohio, Sandusky county, court of commnn
pleas In chancery.
La Q Rawson, )
vs. J
Thomas Gallagher, ) T)Y virtue of a decretal order
A iron Loveland.etal. (D i.sueii out of the court of
common pleas of Sandusky county Ohio, to me directed
and drliv-red. I shall offer at .ublic sale on the 9th dy
of March next, between the hours of 1" o'clock A. M.
and 4 o'clock P M. the following described lauds and
tenements, to wit:
The east half of the north-east quarter of section
number thirty-six, (No 36) township number five, (5)
north of range number fifteen, (IS) coutaiuiug eightv
and forty-four one-hundredths acres of land in Sandusky
county, Ohio.
Taken as the piopertyof said Gallagher and Loveland
to satisfy a decree in favor of La Q. Rawson and others.
Jan'y 19 45:5 Special Master.
O s-V T MM Ml T tJ MS JY M9 M K E ,
(Opposite Whyler's Tavern.)
Dry Goods,
LACK, Brown, Blue and Mixed Cloth Black, mix-
rd and fancy Cassiineres, blue, black and mixed
Sattinettes, Kentucky jeans and tweeds Cloth
Red, White aud Y ellow lannels, Ked
and blue plaid Cloaking, Gimps,
Gringes, Culicops, Ginghams. Alpaccae,
and Larn Cloths, Shawls aud Dress handk'fs,
And the most fashionable Fancy Dress Goods
For the Lsdies that the N. Y. market can afford!
bleached and brown shirtings, Canton flannels, checks
and vestings. Black Silk for dresses. Ribbons, sewing
Silk, twist and thread, Cohoes' shirts and drawers,
Comforters, Mulls, 1 raveling Bags,
Carpeting, Wadding, Battings,
Cotton i am, Carpet Warp,&c. &.
Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Pepper, Spice, Ginger, Nut-
megs, cloves, cinnamon, starcn, saiasratus,
madder, indigo, alum, &c.
Hard -ware,
Cross-cut. Mill, Hand and Wood Saws : Cross
cut, mill and hand saw Files, Sweeds Iron, flat
aud round bars, cut and wrought Nails band
and hoop Iron, cast, spring and Ameri
can Steel; Ames' Shovels, Hay and Manure
Forks; nail rods; White's, Simmons' and Col-
lins's cast steel Axes, besides an extensive assortment o
Boots and Shoes,
Warranted lfater Proof!
Hats and Caps,
IIV be s tiff i' MIMloiM. far Cash
Fen, Tallow and Wax.
Fremont, Nov. 31849:34
llemoted to the
Morehouse Building
On Hand Again!
The Old Emporium is Replenished!
And are now so cheap that every man, woman and
child can buy as muck again as they formerly
could for the same money.
Ly. D. COOKE, hasjust returned from New
. YorK with a large assortment of Goods, which
he now intends jto offer to the pnblic at bargains with
which all will be satisfied. Consisting 01 a general as
sortment of
ry cods.
Groceries, Hard-ware and
He would sav to his old customers that he is under
many obligations to them for their patronage heretofore,
and would cordial!) invite them to come to the OLE EM
PORIUM again, as he can supply all their wants, and
give them good bargains: come on, then, all who want
goods. Rich or Poor all are treated alike at this estab-
i.hiiieiit. June 2, '49.
Head Quarters,
KENDAEL & NIMS have made a great strike
iu the purchase of their Goods the present season,
tiuying tliem very early, (.during the cholera times,) and
before the rise in the market.
The combined stocks of the Elyria &. Sandusky
coneerns, on account of the large capital euiploei. ena
bles the ia to purchase in large quantities, direclly from
the manufacturers, and their agents, which makes a sa
ving of the jobers profits, and enables them to sell at a
fair commission less than those who purchase small sin
gle stocks of Goods in the ordinary way.
They calculate that they shall be enabled to save the
people at least from ordinary prices.
Of per cent in their Boots, Shoes, and
per cent in their Hardware. Iron and
J Nails.
Per cent in tbeir Ready-made Clothing,
0f warranted quality, of which they have
brought on for the first time a splendid as
sortment g T per cent on their Groceries, Sugars, Tea
and Coffee: and
At per cent an almost every article in the Dry
t" Goods line, such as Merinos, Cash
meres, Parametas, LamaCloths.Silks.
Calicoes, &c, &c.
In consequence of these advantages, they calculate to
be able to save the people of SandusKv county at least
in the purchase of their eoods the present year. This
fact, together with the correct opinion 01 some 01 tneir
cotemporaries, "that the intelligent farmer will judge for
Inmsell and in the end patronize the man who does Duei
ness upon the fairest terms," is the only reason why the
public are giving head quarters such
Envv aud disappointment will undoubtedly cause ma
ny "FKTTi" insinuations, and those who indulge in such
feelings will often scratch hard to find a "bone" of con
tention, and some will soon make such a mistake as to
suppose that success in business depends upon "noisk &
show," but its all because thev never took lessons at
Head Quarters, if hev had they would have found
Dial they must nrst servk thr fkopie, ana men tne peo
pie will always remember them iu return.
October I3lh, 1849. .
Cholera Cordial.
A safe, certain andeffectual preventive and cure for
Cholera and Cholera Morbus in all stages.
T Ihis Cordial is prepared and recommended by
the best French and English physicians andean
be relied upon in all cases
The proprietor feeling that the Cholera is a disease
that should not be trifled with, and that to palm off upon
the public an article that cannot he relied upon would be
jeapordiziiip; the life o' all who use it feel great confi
dence in offering this article tothe public, ilhavingstood
the test in thousands of cases in France, England and
Nothing can be better, and one bottle will in most ca
ses effect acure it taken in time.
Every family should have a bottle on hand, as all are
liable and the Cordial should be given immediately up
on the first symptoms.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Sold only by U.K. McCULLOtH,
June 2, '49. (IS) Lower Sandusky.
MY FRIEND, do von want good Goods, and cheap
Goods, call on PETTI BONE and examine his
new stock just opened at his old stand opposite Deal's.
Old Established Remedy
I. now put up In the
And is acknowledged to be the
made, a is certified by the
It has performed. The original copies of which are in the
possession of tlie proprietor.
That Bristol's is the only
And is now brought before the public in a
riian ever otTcicd by any render.
Tlie proprietor in (icierminef! that tlie hibh rkfctatioi
it has ncqtiircd tor the last lo years shall be maintained,
no matter at what sacrifice.
Purchasers must lie ca"Hiil, if they wivh the PURE
EXTRACT ontarsnpnrilla. to cnll for "Bristol's Original
Snrwitwirilla," in the largest sized bottles ever offered at
One Hollar jier lioille.
New York General Depot, 34 Cortlandt-St.
Buffalo Depot, 225 Main Street.
XT f )nlf rs niMrexwd Wat. Bi-riier, New-York, or C. C.
Bristol, Hullalo, will meet with prompt attention.
O. H. P. SHEETS, Agent,
For Sandusky Connty.
June II. '49. I7:ly
This valuable Medicinal prep&ratioii
from any simple " Extract of Sarsaparilla " or common
purifying Meilicine. It is a compound of many of the
With others actina directly on the Kidney, or having im
mediate reference to the relief and continued healthy ope
ration of some internal organs. It contains articles
which euler i:tto no other preparation in existence, and
In purifying and refreshing effects, by any Medicine in
the world. It is put up
h fiery pleasant to the taste, and is more concentrated,
Than n other iu market. Persons who have taken
"Sarsnparillas" oy the gallon, withoet relief, have been
radically cured, by usine two or three bottles.
This is tlie onlv Compound in which Sarsaparilla, Wild
Cherry and Danllelion are so prepared, to offer the pecu
liar virtues of each, in combination with pure Extracts
of other healing articles in a highly concentrated state.
Its ingredients are
And are such roots and barks as are found though chiefly
affecting certain parts in their general tendency to pro
duce toe most cleansing and healing effects.
To cure manv diseases, llropsies. Kidney Complaints, &C.
draw off Watery Humors from the Blood, or corrupt and
irritnling secretions of diseased organs from tlie liody,
without the thorough opfration on tub Kidneys, as
caused by this Meilicine. No other extract even pretends
to this effect. In fact this verv ojemtioii for which it is
particularly compounded, ilillers from all other prepara
tions, and makes it the best compound in existence.
Use this medicine. It mil relieve. It has enrrd tehen
life ilse'f despaired of. It contains articles thnt Kill
cure if anything con, and takes the only method to make
permanent cures. This Remedy
All impure and gross humors, not only by working direct
ly on the blood, but hv restoring each organ to healthy
vigor, and esperinllv increasing tlie action of those which
draw from the body, and lastingly remove all
All diseases originating in n depraved state of the vital
fluids. Eruptions, Ulcers, Sores, Collection of Watery
Will find this the best alterative, and inostrleansiug Me
dicine. fr before "ti other in invigorating ejfect. H
has worked some of the greatest cures ol iiitae3 ol the
Urinary Orgatw,
Bladder, 4tc. A splendid diuretic. JSo extract is so good
for Weakness of the Kidneys, Weak Back. Reiwnion or
Involuntary flow of Urine, Burning or Scalding, Involun
tary Emissions, or other irritability, Remembhi. (AcwWv
Medicine that heals these parts. Ill Scrofulous habits of
tic System, Lax and weakened states,
Wastin" diseases of the Lungs, Tains in the Breast, &c,
the soothing Pectorals and bracing Tonics, heai oie Lungs
most kindl'v, and strengthen the body, while the acrid
humors thai load the system are cleansed. The relxcxing
action of the Kidneys is marked in Lung disease. It is
warranted superior to any preparation Sudden attacks
from Exposure are certainly cured.
For Irregular, Sup-,ressed or painful Menstruation, Fluor
Albus, Uterine Diseases', or any derangement of the Fe
male Frame. It never disappoints expectation. A. com
mon medicine will reach these derangements. This Com
pound contains certain Roots, the best and only ones that
should be used. It cures tlie most aggravated forms.
t will refresh immediately. A few days" use will con
vince the incredulous. The appetite incensed the
nerves so quiet spirits raised and new. Pure sud Rich
Blood takes Hie place of vitiated and corrupt.
Vou will never be without it. It will do more good snd
ture more spcedilv. the hundreds of petty diseases. Colds,
Bowel Complaints, Impure Blood, &c. than any thing
you have ever tried. Look at Certificates. The Weak
est lNrKTor most delicate Female cas take it scilh per
fect safety.
That this is the only medicine that has ever cured the low,
wearing Ship Fever, as attested by the oaths of sums
thirty of the cured, and you will acknowledge
Where obstructions of the organs have caused deposits,
Or Stone in the Bladder, this meilicine has been used
with astonishing success. For Certificates of Cures of
this or any disease, see Pamphlet of cures.
Of Diseases of the STOMACH and BOWELS, Costive
ness, DYSPEPSIA, with Debility, 4c. For Bowel Com
plaints it can be relied on as a certain remedy. Also,
when accumulation of bile has caused
Jaundice, tc, or when they are coining on. rate this and
you are safe. It carries off the corrupt bile rapidly, bv
tlie natural channels, and eases immediately. It has cured
Of years standing as certificates testify. It atteays gices
satisfaction. Try it. Creat Physicians prescribe altcays
diuretics. This compound is excellent Dandelion alone
is almost specific.
On the pages of our Pamphlets, or columns of our papers.
A list of as influential names has never lieen given in
support of any Medicince. We have there indisputable
testimony of the certain cure of every diseate we menttan.
The most thorough investigation is requested. Chi A
PAMPHLET. Call on tlie certifiers or ask their opinion,
nd' you too will use it. It will affect you different frc
any other, and we think it will do you more good.
O. H. P. SHEETS, Agent,
For SaiidusK' county.
Wm. Whipp, Bellevue,
T. Daniels, Toledo,
Hamilton &. McCentnry, Republic,
McCulloeh &. Thorp, Sandusky,
F. H Boyer, Tiffin.
June II, '49. I7r
sbb) ABsisair9, A39SS
207, Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Vegetable Lithontriptie Mixtnre.
THIS celebrated remedy is constantly increasing itt
fame by the many cures it ia making
It has now become the only medicine for family ass, antf
is particularly recommended for -
dropsy :
tail stages of this" complaint immediately relieved, nor
I matter of how longstanding. see pamphlet Jor tesli
mony. . .
I and alldiaeases of the nrinary organs; for thetedislress
ing complaints itstands alone; no other article can re
lieve vou, and the cures testified to willconvince the moat
I sceptical, seepamphlet. Livercomplaint,bilious diseases,
To the ereat west especially, and whereverthesecom-
I plaints prevail, this medicine is offered.
nodeleteriouscompoundis a part of this mixture, itenrea
these diseases with certainty and celerity, and doe not
leave the system torpid. Seepamphlet.
I a complaint of a most painful character, is
and a cure follows by a few days use of this article: ilia
far before any oilier preparation for this disease, orfor
any other disease originating from impure blood. Sea
weak back, weakness of the kidneys, &c.,orinflamation
I of the same, is immediately relieved by a few days use ol
this medicine, aud acure is always the result of "Us use.
It stands as
for such eomplainte,and also for derangements of the fe
male frame.
I painful menstruations. Noarticle has ever been offered
except this, which would touch this kind of derangements.
Ill may oe relied upon as a sure and ettectivereuiedyand
did we feel permitted to do so, could give
I as proofof enresin this distressing class of complaints,
seepamphle. All broken down, debilitated constilutioua
Itrom the ettect of mercury, will hud the bracing power
of this article to aclinimcdialely, and the poisonous min
eral eradicated frcm the system.
will find the alterative qualities of this article
and drive such diseases from the system see pamphlet
for testimony of cures iu all dieases, which Ihe limits of
an advertisement w ill nut permit to b named therein.
Agents give them y: and they contain 32 pages
certificates of high character, and a stronger
I of the virtues of a medicine never appeared. It is one
of the peculiar leatures of this article that it never fail
I to benefit in any case, and if bones and muscle are left to
build upon, let the emaciated and lingering invalid
and keep taking the medicine as long as there is an im
provement. I he proprietor would ,
I against a number of articles which come out under tha
head ofSyrupi, Sarsaparillas, &c. as cures for Dropsy,
I travel cec: they are good for nothing, and concocted to
gull the unwary:
I Their inventors never thought of curing snch diseases
till this article had done it. A particular study of tha
pamphlet is earnestly solicited.
Ae-nts and all who sell the article are glad to circulate
I gratuitously. Put up in 30 oz. bottles at $2: 10 ox. do.
at $1 each the larger holding 6 oz: more than two small
Dottles, i.no n out and not get imposed upon. J,very
bottle has Vaughn's Vegetable Lilliontriptic Mixture,"
blown upon the glass, the written signature of " G. C.
Vaughn," on the directions and "li. J. Vaugh, Butlalo"
stamped on the cork. None other are genuine. Prepa
red bv Ur: C li. Vaueh, and sold at the principal omca
207 Main street, Buffalo, at wholesale and retail. No at-
Itention given to letters unless post paid orders from res;
ultrly constituted agents excepted: pet-paid letters or
verbal communicatioussoliciling advice, promptly attend
I ed to, gratis.
Urhoea devoted exclusively to the sale of this article-
132 Nassau street. New York City ; 295, Essex s-. . Salem,
Muss, and by the principal druggists throughout I o L Ki
ted states and Canada. For sain by
C. R. M'CULLOCH, Lowersandusky.
J. W. Goodson, Bellevue: C. Powers, Woodville;
I J. K. Owen. Tiffin, W. Avres, Upper sandnskv, R.
Perry, McCulciiensville.
Lower sandusky, June 3, 1849.
A Voice from California ! !
l?i'ver nntl afSgue Itcmetly.
THE FOLLOWING LETTER from the most relia
ble source, cannot fail to convince the most scepti
cal, that the ubove remedy is one of the best specifics, ev
er offered to the pubiic; more especially, when it is con
sidered that the disease here, assumes its worst form
prostrating the strongest men; and reducing them so
low, as to be scarcity recognizable by their friends after
week s sick uess- -,.- ' ... v
Capt. Spring informs me, that after he had disposed of
all of thi3 inediciue, he was offered $100 a bottle for
some ot it.
New Tork, May 10, 1849.
Mr. Isaac Osgoo..: Dear Sir On my late voyage lo
California. I took out with me a few dozen bottles of
Bonpland'c Fever and Ague remedy, not so much a mat
ter of profit, as to introduce it into that section of the
country, where it is so much needed: au invaluable
einedy for a disease so prevalent.
My husines prevented my giving that attention to ihe
sale of it, which it deserved, hut it passed from second
hands at very much higher prices than those at which I
disposed of it, say 25 or 3D dollars per bottle: and in no
single instance, did 1 learn of lis having been used, where
it was not attended with perfect success.
From Mr. Sutter, (son of Capt. Sutter at New Hel
vetia,) I learned it was 'beyond price.' No man should
go into the gold regions without being armed with this
weapon of defence 1 have been an eye-witness ol a vast
amount of distress and suffering, brought on by this dis
ease, of which I believe this medicine to be a complete
and perfect cure. Signed, vours truly,
J. H. SPRING, of ship Huntress.
Price $1,50 "per IJottle.
For sale by ISAAC OSGOOD, 86 Cedar street, up
stairs. New York. Also by,
J. S. OLMSTED, Lower Sandusky, O. '
" CHARLES POWERS & Co., Woodville, 0.
Aug. 2554.610
Clothing S t o r e ,
If you want to buy Ready-made Clothing Cheap,
Great Bargains!!
WE intend tokeep constantly on hand the largest and
best selection of Clothing in Sundm-ky, and we
do not intend to be Under sold. New supplies every
month of latest styles and fashions. Our stock consists
in part of. Black, blue blk, blue aud brown Broadcloth
Dress and Frock coats. Tweede, Jeanes. cassimere,
sattinette, cordinetou and Croton sack and Frock coats.
Broadcloth, enssimere cordington, corduroy and sattin
ette Pants. Satin, silK, silk velvet, camel hair and Vel
encia Vests. Shirts, bosoms, collars, handk'fs, stocks,
eravats, suspenders, socks, hats and caps, &c. ; in fact,
almost every thing any body calls for in the clothing line,
which we will sell at a very small profit for the Dim
Highest price paid for all Kinds of country produce.-
July 7, '49. 20
RUBBER OVER-SHOES. A spleneid stock at :

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