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THK TIMES NEW 11L00MF115I.1), l'A , MAltCll 0,1877.
Keto Moomfiehl, March 0, 1S77.
Ho Cnt or Hterfntyj will be Inserted to tblH iper
' ttnlpM llKht face and oil metal baae.
fVTWfmty percent, tn erw of regular Mt. will
ba chawed for sdvertlaomentt ant tu Double Ooliuuu.
t.oolmt tliintnires on the Inliel of yonr pier.
TbiweHvnrrelell vou Ihr rime In whlrli nr mill-
ai-llpltnil tunntri. Vtltliln 1 week; alter money la
ent, aeo If the lUte la rbanard. No other receipt
ta neoeaaary.
For the information of advertlwrsand
others who may he IntercBtcd in know
ing, we will state that the present circu
lation of The Times is between eighteen
hundred and nineteen hundred copies
each week.
Tim price of the American Agriculiur.
Art, post-paid, is $1.00 a year; and of the
Times $1.60, but wo will send the
TWO papers to any nddress,postage free,
for $2.60.
Hon. James 1 Btkuuett, of Pitts
burgh, has been appointed by Oovernor
Hartranft to fill the vacancy on the Su
preme llenrh of the State caused by the
death of Judge Williams.
Hayes and Wheeler.
The electoral count was completed on
Friday morning at about 5 o'clock, and
Hayes was declared President for four
' years from the 6th of March.
The officers were sworn in at 12 o'clock
on Sunday and the regular Inauguration
ceremonies take place on Monday. An
extra session of the Senate has been
called and is now in session. ,
Made Insane by Hair Dye.
The New Milford Hay of t.'onn.,ays
that Mrs. Miranda ltuby,a crazy woman
who has lived in that village many
years, and whose insanity was mani
fested by always wearing a letter enve
lope on her bonnet or tied to herpanisol,
or in some other harmless way, doubts
if any one would be likely to surmise
the cause of her insanity. A few days
ngoherson visited New Milford, and
took Mrs. ltu by to see a physician in
New Haven for ndvlce. The physician
said that her difficulty was softening of
the brain ; that it was absolutely Incura
ble, and that it was caused entirely by
the use of hair dye.
Not Willing to Divide.
James L. Winfrey, on returning to
his home in De Witt, Mo., after an nlv
sence of several years, found that his
wife had replaced him with Mayo Hall.
Winfrey did not care to recover his wife,
but he did want his furniture, and went
with a wagon to remove it. Hall ar
gued that if he retained the woman he
must also have the furniture, and, he
threatened to shoot whoever attempted
ts take it away. Thereupon Winfrey
killed him and was "exonerated" by
a Justice of the Peace.
g" There was great excitcmentaround
the den of bears on tho 1st of February
at the Jardin desPlantes, Paris. A nurse
held a boy of five years on the railing
that he might see the animals, and ac
cidentally let him drop. The spectators
all thought that the bears would have at
tacked the child, but they refrained. It
was necessary that one should descend
into the pit to withdraw him, but only
one man volunteered. He was lowered
by a rope under the armpits and with
drew the boy without molestation. His
courage was rewarded by profuse felicita
tions, but he escaped without giving his
name " '
- m- -
Diaz Elected President of Mexico. .
City of Mexico, February, is, via.
Havana, February 2G. General Diaz
has been elected President and Ignacla
Vallarte chief justice. The trip of Gen
eral Diaz to the northern states has been
deferred, his presence being necessary at
the capital. He intends Issuing a mani
festo calling on the liberals of all shades
to support him.
A man who requested an interview
with the archblsop of the city of Mexi
co, while conversing with him drew u
dagger and attempted to assassinate hiin.
The archbishop defended himself and es
caped unhurt. The sen-ants arrested
and handed the criminal over to the
police. '.
The minister of the treasury lias es
tablished a school in his office for tho
purpose of teaching the employees book
keeping. Acting President Mendez will
probably receive the appointment of
governor of Puehle.
Unpleasant Tenants.
The other day Sir Hichard Walla,
the well-known philanthropist in Paris,
wub obliged t bring an action against
one of his tenants on the Boulevard de
Italleus to have a number of Hons re
moved. Now he has served a notice
upon the same eccentric occupant that
he must carry ofr, within twenty-four
hours, a family of crocodiles which have
been Installed there, to the Inconveni
ence, and even terror, of the rest of the
Uonton, February 20. Joseph lirig
ham a wealthy gentleman of this city,
was robbed to-diiy of f 40,000 in notes,
stocks and bonds nt his residence, 1,0!18
Washington street. Two men culled
and Inquired for him and while one en
gaged him In conversation In the parlor
the other slipped up into his room and
succeeded in possessing himself of a
small trunk In which the securities were
and escaped from the house.
Council BLUFFfl.Iowa.February 2nd.
Yesterday morning the deaf and dumb
institution, some miles distant from this
city, was totally destroyed by lire.
There was no loss of life, and all the 153
pupils escaped without serious injury.
Total loss estimated at $400,000. No
ijy Frederick Newman, the fireman
who was rescued after eight hours' im
prisonment under the falling debris of
Fox's theatre, .has since died of his injuries.
Washington, D. C, Feb. S3th, 1877.
I suppose there is little doubt in the
minds of tlie people concerning tbe Presi
dency. Hayes is everywhere spoken of as
tbe President-elect, tbe Cabinet slate hav
ing been several times reraodled for him,
but he himself is silent on the subject.
His ideas, and those of bis family, how
ever, ore quite manifest from tbe f'uet tbat
Mrs. Hayes is now in Cincinnati having
her inaugural costume prepared by the
lending firm of tbat city. Your lady read
ers will, of course, be interested iu the de
tails of that preparation and for their ben
efit, I give it us no extract from to-dtty's
"Tbe iuatigural dress will be of elegant
black silk, cut ' princeRse' iu style, and will
be high iu tbe throat with long sleeves, and,
of course, full train. It will ' be trimmed
with black velvet, blue satin and Valen
ciennes luce, nnd, although rich and ele
gant, is pronounced very plain. It costs
$500. Tbe evening or reception dress,
will he of quaker gray, with corsage waist,
square neck, dcmi-sleeves and full train.
It is to be trimmed with Valenciennes lace,
fringe and flowers, and will cost $300.
The morning dress will be of blue cash
mere, handsomely trimmed with silk of
same shade, with fringe to match, with
demi-train and 'princesse polonaise. The
duty of taking cbargo of the removal of
tbe Governor's lamily to Washington has
been assigned to Colonel Lou Wier, of
Cincinnati, a member of the Governor's
stuff, who is now busily engaged la com
pleting the arrangements."
Much has been written and said about
the accommodations of the four men,
Wells, Anderson, Casenave aud Keuner,
members of the Louisiana Returning
Board, who me spending this mouth in
t he custod v of the ftergeant-at-arras of the
House of itepresentatives at the Capitol.
They mny be seen any afternoon now
about five o'clock, when tbe Congressmen
have pnno home to dinner, sitting quietly
mound one of tho restaurant tables in the
Hotme wing basement of tho Ciipitol, dis
cussing, with apparent iclisli, ns good and
well-prepared dinner as can bo found at
any hotel. Three of them are very or
dinary looking men might pass for
butchers or bakers or candlestick makers,
but the other, Anderson, is a tall, fine
looking man of the military type. He aud
Wells occupy a room with nicely carpeted
floor, containing two black walnut bed
steads, tables, chairs, aud writing couve
nionreR, and although neither as light as
the Senate Chamber nor ns airy as the
dome, is far from being an uncomfortable
lodging. Tbe restraint upon them all is
very alight aud they are allowed to ride
out whenever they choose to do so.
Lent doeB not appear to do away with all
festivities in Washington, though the
"Gay Season" proper, came, to a close a
foitni(iht ago. Last week people were
very pleasantly entertained by an "Au
thor's Carnival" given at Masonic Temple
ou four successive evenings. The principal
representations were Burn's Cottage, the
inmates ef which were all in Highluud
costume ; Whittier's "Snow Bound" home
Btid "Maud Mullor ; " Moore's "Lalla
Hookh" with the veiled prophet aud perl ;
Tennyson's "Dream of Fair Women" and
"May Queen ; " Peggottv's boat from
Dickens' ""David Coppe: field ;" Shakes
pcaro ; Alladin's Cave and Fairy Grotto.
But tbe most attractive of all was tho most
real. A sculptor's studio wherein sat Viu
nie Beam, modeling portrait busts iu clay.
Chief Justice Waite sat to her the first
evening and her deft little hands molded
his striking features into recognizable
shape in two or three hours. She will
doubtless finish the bust aud have it put
into marble.
On Wednesday last a very distinguished
company attended a reception given by
Professor and Mrs. Henry of tbe Smith
sonian Institude. Their companies aro
always most agreeable, and among the
gusts on Wednesday wore Mrs. and Miss
Fish, Secretary and Mrs. Chandler, Lady
Thornton, General Sherman, Professor
ttaird, General and Mrs. Hunter and a
young lady relative of theirs, Miss Rush of
Philadelphia. She is the daughter of Dr.
Richard Rush, who was sent to England
to receive the rich - legacy of Smithsou
with which the institution named for him
was founded.
(Mara Louise Kellogg sings in Opera bore
four evenings this week and our musical
world is wild over the prospect of so lioU a
treat. . Co the first evening she appears
in Star of tbe North," second, " Tbe
Flyiug Dutchman," third, "Faust," and
fourth, " II Travatore."
. M. M. W.
Hiscellniieoua News Items.
CST A woman is very much like a kettle,
if you come to think of it. She sings
away so pleasantly theu she stops and,
when you least expect it, she boils over.
IW Mr. Charles Worth, of Conemangh,
fell down stairs a few days since nnd hurt
himself so bndly that he died from the
HP A Hartford boy was thrown from a
double-ripMr recently, and bis hip broken,
but he didn't say auything about it for a
week, aud now he will be a cripplo for
t3f A nineteen year old girl was whipped
by a schoolmaster at Allamakee, Iowa, and
she thereupon sued him for breach of
Iiromise, alleging that they had for a year
eon matrimonially engaged.
t9" A bag containing tbe body of an
infant was fished out of the river at Pitts
burgh, recently. The child had evidently
been alive when born, and was undoubtedly
drowned. Pieces of Iron had been placed
in tho bag to sink it.
(y Rice powder, which is much used by
ladies upon their faces, is said to often
contain lead, which renders it very injuri
ous. If a little iodide of potash is drop
ped upon the powder the presence of lead
will be revealed by its turning yellow.
tW A man 1n the top story of a Chicago
hotel attracted a crowd of pedestrians a
hundred feet below by waiving a pillow
case and shouting. " Some of you
fellows go to the office and tell them
to send me up a cocktail." His bell was
t3J Policemnn E. W. Freeman shot and
mortally wounded Edward Rice at a house
on Walkor avenue, Charleston, Mass.,
recently. Tbe officer was endeavoring to
arrest a noted thief and garrotnr named
Donovan, when he was set upon by tbe
occupants of tbe room, eight in number,
and finally compelled to use his revolver.
Efforts were made on Wednesday at
Newport to ari-est Rev. Charles Thorpe, an
Episcopal minister, of lierry, province of
Quebec, who eloped last Saturday with
a young lady of respectable family, leaving
his wife and three children. As Thorpe
could not be held, he left for Utica, N. Y.,
tbe girl going to Lowell and refusing to
return home.
tW At Harrow, Lancashire, England, a
porter saved and bought real estate. His
wife, who drank secretly pawned his coat,
in the pocket of which were the title deeds.
Tbe pawnbroker refused to restore tbem
unless the advance was paid. The Court
of Chancery has restrained him from
parting with them pending the hearing of
au aotion.
tW New evidence confirms the suspic
ious that Anderson, the freight conductor
on the PeuiiBylvania Railroad, whose
multilated body was found on the track
near Harrisburg, was thrown there by
some of the gang of counterfeiters with
whom he had been connected, as be bad ex
pressed a determination to expose tbe gang
after bis own arrest for passing their
bogus money.
EiyTlie London Musical World has
the following: "A celebrated vocalist,
whose demeanor and acting were as awk
ward and ungainly as his voice was beauti
ful, said one day to Charles Bannister :
4 Do you know what made my voico so
melodious?' No,' replied Bannister.
' Why, theu, wheu I was fifteen I swallow
ed by accident some train oil.' 'I don't
think,' rejoined Bannister, 'it would have
done you any harm, if, at the same time,
you had swallowed a dancing master.1 "
ZW A blast of thirteen holes was ex-
Jiloded a few days ago at tho bottom of the
jocbiel stone quarries, near Harrisburg,
through the agency of dynamite, with
astonishing results. The bulk of stone
heaved up is estimated at 500 perches,
some pieces being of astonishing dimen
sions. Three pieces were measured and
found to be sixteen feet long, seven feet
wide nnd four feet thick, or sufficient to
build about 108 feet of ordinary stone
(3? The law of Missouri requires that
wheu a man is to bo arrested, tbe warrant
shall be read to bitn. While Deputy Mar
shall Hughes of Jackson county was read
ing a warrant to Frank Miller and Richard
Green, whom he found while they were
chopping wood in the Little Blue bottom,
Green shot him through the heart, killing
him instantly, lioth men fled, but were
captured last week in Lafayetto couuty.
An odd case of " prospecting a
legacy" came under notice at the Bury
County Court iu England the other day.
Tbe defendant, in answer to a question put
to him as to a sum of '500 loft to him by his
mother stated that it had "gone where it
was owing." It then came out that he
had paid it into the hands of an innkeeper
uudor an agreement drawn out by a
lawyer that the legacy, little or much,
should, when it became tangible be given
to the innkeeper, who was to keep the
defondant until ho died, and then bury
him respectably. It is uot an unusual cus
tom in some parts of Englaud for persons
who have au unexpected windfall in the
shapo of a small legacy to pay tbe amount
thus received to a neighboring publican,
and then "drink it out."
OP" Not long after the stealing of
Charley Ross, a little sou of Henry Doch
mueler of St. Louis, was stolon. The
father had but little property, aud was un
able to pay the expenses of an extensive
search ; but he shiewdly bit upon a plan
for accomplishing tho ohjoct effectually.
He read the newspapeis carefully, aud
whenever he saw au account of the finding
of a supiosed Charley Ross he sent to learn
if the boy was uot bis lost one. 'At length,
two years after the kidnapping, ho saw au
account of a stray boy in Illinois, aud, on
going tliere, he found what he had been so
long in search ' of.. The child's bair bad
been dyed, and he bad changed much
through sickness and deprivatiou, but
there was no doubt as to the identity. He
bad been stolen by wandering beggars,
who bad made his pretty face profitable in
exciting sympathy. The father is now
prosecuting the supposed kidnappers.
...... . .
Farmers, Mechanics,
and all people who appreciate the value of
keeping a memorandum of business tran
sactions, daily events, and items of inter
est or importance for future reference,
should call on their druggists and get ' Dr.
Pierce's .Memorandum book free. The
Doctor's Grand Invalided Hotel Buffalo,
which costs, when finished, two hundred
thousand dollars, will be opened early la
Juno lirxt, for the reception of patients
afflicted with chronic diseases and deform
ities. It will afford the most perfect
facilities for the cure of such affections,
Bnd its Faculty or physicians and surgeons
will embraco graduates from both American
and European, Medical Schools who have
become distinguished for their skill. The
People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
by Dr. R. V. Pierce, a work of over nine
hundred large pages, Illustrated by two
hundred and eighty-two engravings, and
elegantly bound in cloth and gilt, is sont
to any address by the Author on receipt of
one dollar and fifty cents. Almost one
hundred thousand copies have already been
H. A. Ckaio, Esq., druggist, of West
Alexandor, Pa., says: "1 sell more of Dr.
Pierce's preparations than all others com
bined. They give satisfaction In every case
and I can cheerfully recommend them to
tbe public."
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia Dyspepsia,
Dyspepsia Is the most perplexing of all hu
man ailments. Its symptoms are almost in
finite in their variety, and the forlorn and
despondent victims of the disease often fancy
themselves the prey, In turn of every known
malady. This Is due, In part to the close
smypathy which exists between the stomach
and the brain, and in part also to the fact that
any disturbance of the digestive function
necessarily disorders the llvcrf the bowels and
the nervous system, and effects to some ex
tent, the quality of tbe blood.
E. F. Runnel's Bitter Wine of Iron Is a suro
cure. This is not a new preparation, to be
tried and found wanting, It has been prescribed
dally for many years In the practice of emi
nent physicians with unparalleled success ) It
is not expected or intended to cure all the
diseases to which tho human family is sub
ject, but Is warranted to cure Dyspepsia In Its
most obstinate form. Kunkel's Bitter Wine
of Iron never falls to care. Symptoms of
Dyspepsia are loss of appetite, wind and rising
of the food, dryness of the month, heartburn,
distension of the stomach and bowels, constl-
fiatlon, headache, dizziness, sleeplessness and
ow spirits. Try the great remedy and be con
vinced of its merits. Get the genuine. Take
only Kunkel's which Is pntonly In $1 bottles.
Depot 25U North Ninth Bt., Philadelphia. Ad
vice by mall free, by sending a 3 cent stamp.
Try one bottle of Kunkel's Iron and he con
vinced of its merits. Sold by dint gists and
storekeepers everywhere.
Worms i Worms! Worms! .
Removed alive. Tape worm removed alive
in from two to thre hours, with vegetable
medicine. Head and all passing from the sys
tem alive. No fee till head passes. The Doc
tor never fails to remove Tape, Seat, Pin and
Stomach Worms. Ask your drugclst for a
bottle of Kunkel's Worm Syrup. "Price, II.
per bottle. It never fails, or send to Dr.
Kunkel, 29 North Ninth Street, Philadelphia,
Fa., for circular with full Instructions, by en
closing 8 rent stamp for return of same.
Kunkel's Worm Syrnp is used for children or
adults with perfect safety, as It Is vegetable.
Buy It and try It. lC4t
The following letter from the agent of
the rail road company explains itself:
Harrisburg, March 2nd, 1877.
- Ed. Times. Dear Sir i ' The Excursion
Party for Southwestern Kansas, will leave
Harrisburg, March 20th at 6 A. M. Fare to
Kinsley, Kansas, $?3. Round Trip $55.00.
All who wish to go with this Party will please
send me their names and Five Dollars on
Ticket. Tickets will be Issued fire days previ
ous to starting, and scut by mail on receipt of
lull amount.
C. M. MORRISON, Land Agent.
20 North 3rd St.
Store Goods at Wholesale. The subscrib
er, Executor of the estate of David
AVentzel, late of Bluln, Perry county ,Pa.,
deceased, will offer at public sale on
TUESDAY, MABC1I13, 1877,at whole
sale, all the Store goods-of said deceased,
on hand at that date. The stock will
amount to about ($2,500.) Twenty-five
hundred Dollars. The purchaser of the
stock will have the privilege of renting
the store building. Bale to commence
nt 2 o'clock 1M., of said day, when
terms will be made known by
Ots IltA WENTZEL, Executor.
Good Books. The Devotional and Prac-
lienl Pictorial Family Bible is said to
be the best ever issued. Kidpath's His
tory of theUnlted States Is also unequal
led as a worn or interest ana use. Exam
ination will convince all of the truth of
these assertions. These works are both
yublished by the well known house of
ones, Bros. & Co., of Phila., and the
agent for the Imoks is about canvassing
this county. We commend him to the
courtesy of our citizens.
Special Notice. Having added a room
for tbe express purpose of showing car
pets oil cloth and wall paper, we ask
jiersons wanting any of these articles to
look ut our assortment.
tf. F. Mortimer.
Take Notice. Notice is hereby given to
all persons Indebted to the undersigned,
that a dissolution of partnership Is to
take place on April 1st. All accounts
must be settled by note or otherwise be
fore that date, and accounts not settled
in accordance with this notice will be
put In the hands of a Justice for col
lection. Tho business will after that
date be carried on by H. W. Smith.
Smith & McBiude.
New Bloomfield, Jan. 23, 1877. tf
Tailoring promptly and well done.
We will furnish you the goods, or you
can bring your own mnteriul, and be as
sured of having a good fit.
" i
Only a Fip. I have received another
lot of good colors of the 0 cent prints.
Lots of other NEW GOODS are also in
Store and for sale at a bargain. Call
nnd see them.
F. Mortimer.
Baking Powder, just the thing every
ludy should have iu the house. The
best out, for sale by F. Mortimer.
Do You Want One? I have yet several
sewing machines which will be sold at
half price for cash. If you want a bar
gain, now is your time to get it. .
F. Mortimer.
For Sale. A good " Radiant Light"
Base burning Stove, for Sale Cheap for
Cash. Apply to 8. H. Beck, New
Blank Receipt Books for Administrators
and Executors. Also blank notes and
all other blanks for sale at this office, tf
1877 SPUING 1877.
1877 SPUING 1877.
1877 SPRING 1877.
LOW PKIOKH, lets of NKW (1O0DS, w
... i,m,ijic;u . vtim "hi mrpiMi mi, i;uintinrX
HKKAT HA1K1AINS. New Is the time to
uuj a mere is no uouur mil wnai
To Make Your
To Make Your
To Make Your
To Make Your
To Make Your
To Make Your
Spring Purchases.
Spring Purchases.
Spring Purchases.
Spring Purchases.
Spring Purcnases.
Spring Purchases.
We Have Lots of Printx,
We Have Lota of Alpaccas,
We Have Lota of Fancy Dry Good.
We Have Lots of Coitonades,
Werffave iots of White Goods,
We Have Lots of Other Articles,
That Are
That Are
That Are
That Arc
That Are
That Are
New Styles of Wall Papers.
New Styles of Wall Papers.
New Styles of Wall Papers.
The Prettiest You Ever Saw.
Come and See Them. 1
Floor and Table Oil Cloths
Floor and Table Oil Cloths
Floor and Table Oil Cloths
In the handsomest patterns and best qualities.
It will not cost you anything to look at thein.
All Good Styles and at Popu
lar Prices !
In fact we have a COMPLETE STOCK of ail
kinds of goods, to which we ask the attention of
all who can appreciate
Philadelphia Produce and Stock Report
PHiKaDiiLrRiA, March 3rd. This has been a
dull week, and prices have not been up to laxi
wek'i prices. PreMnt quotation are : Wheat.
H.'.OlM iCorn, Mi8; Kye, 74S?1; Oatl, 30042;
Cloveiwwd. lft16H '
Stock quotations are: Penn'a. R. R 43: Read.
fngl2?i;Nor. Central. 20.': Lehigh Valley, i4;
1'lflra. and Erie, II ; Gold, 1034.
The celebrated "Capital Lead, which
la unequalled for whiteness and durabil
ity always on band a ad for sale by
tf. F. Mobtimer.

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