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THE TIMES iNEWJWOMFIiai), ,!'., AVlh 21, 1877.
2Tew JtUwmfleld, Apvil US 1877.
Ro tint or Stirn'tvpn will bo lnrte d In tliii pr
nnlMw IlKbt face ami cm ninutl baae.
WTwnnty pit m-iit in ntwii of mntlar ratus, will
be ehanrvd lor ailwrtlenniente net In Double Oulimin.
vNOHlCK TO miHrt niBEI.'
J.00U st hc nViires nh the lalicl of yon paper. -imetttfuroa
tell vnu tho dnte In which .year nub
rrlpttonUiWfttld. Within 3 writs attir uimny !
nenl, are If uis date la changed. No other receipt
li necMBary.
Fortlieilnfannntion of advertUorsand
others whoisny be Interested In know
ing, we will -state that the present circu
lation of TiiK Times Is between eighteen
hundred and .nineteen hundred octyiles
each week. ,
The troop1 re to be removed 'loom
New Orleans en .this week, Tuesdey,
and it is now U be seen how the prom
ises of a fair government, .and equal
rights to all will be kept. , , ;
Theke seemsito be no chance to avert
war between -Uussla and Turkey. Both
nations are etebborn while making
preparations 'for active hostilities. At
the present time, ithough no powder has
been burned, it is thought Impossible to
prevent the eon-Wot.
Search continues to be made iu the
1 ruins of the Southern Hotel at St. Louis.
1 Both office safes were taken out and
their contents found ito be uninjured. In
the larger safe was a large amount of
property belonging ie guests and board
ers, including $17,000 worth of diamonds,
which were delivered to the owner,
Frank E. Karlesen, of New York,
Tweed Squeals.
Boss Tweed has a strong desire to be
again free and in order to obtain his lib
erty has made a confession which impli
cates many who are holding high posi
tions. A prominentN. Y., politician who
is well posted, says; "if Tweed'scharges
and specifications are allowed to become
public, they wilt create an earthquake in
comparison with which the exposure of
the Tammany Ring will seem but a
small sized torpedo. Nothing like it 1ms
been seen in this or any other country,
tt will reach into nearly every county
In the State, and the manner in which
this State has been controlled and robbed
by a combination of corrupt Republicans
and Democrats will be fully shown up.
Among the men who will be badly
wounded are some who have been here
tofore unsuspected, and some of them
have been among the loudest in their
denunciations of Tweed."
Pnl A U U-PI.. .n. Tl... A.....I4..I
fcy Mr. Nat M'Kay.
Philadelphia, April 10. Quito an
excitement was created on Chestnut
street at noon to-day by the attempted
whipping of Col. A. K. M'Clure, of the
Philadelphia Times, by Mr. Nat M'Kay,
government contractor. Col. M'Clure
was In the company of ex-fJov. Curtin,
when M'Kay approached with a dog
whip and struck him. M'Clure caught
- M'Kay by the throat, and whileholding
him some one from behind dealt M'Clure
a blow, while another in front hit him
over the left eye. The men are supposed
to be friends of M'Kay's. One of them
got away and tho other was arrested
along with M'Kay. The prisoners were
gives a hearing before a police magis
trate and were held to bail to answer. It
is said that M'Kay made the remark as
he approached M'Clure, " If I can't get
satisfaction in court I can get it here."
Terrible Consequence of a Cat's Bite.
The New York Herald of tho 19th
inst., says : On of the most distressing
cases of hydrophobia ever seen in this
city terminated yesterday at Bellevue
Hospital, llobert W. Dickie, aged
seventeen, of No. 235 East Thirticnth
street,dled about half-past three P. M.,in
one of the cells used for the insane in
tbe hospital. Samuel Richardson died
last week of hydrophobia. The same
animal's bite proved fatal to both. It
appears that Mr. Richardson and young
Dickie were bitten on the same day
(January 2nd) by the cat which" both
had been fondling. Richardson was
bitten first and died first. It is said that
the cat, the cause of so much misery ,blt
a horse since January, and this animal
likewise died of hydrophobia.
A Destructive Thunderbolt.
A dixpatch from Pctrolia, Butlor
county, Pa., dated 20th inst., says,
yesterday afternoon a heavy storm pass
ed over this section. The lightning
struck a large tank on tho Troutman
form which contained 12,000 barrels of
oil, and the tank was torn to pieces.
The burning oil set ' fire to two other
tanks and one containing 25,000 barrels
was destroyed. The other was extin
guished by steam. The burning oil ran
down the creek a mile destroying
fivers thing in its course. It was checked
by Ralston's dam, which was large
enough to hold it and stop further
damage. Twelve oil Wells with tanks
at the well were destroyed. The town
of Troutman was destroyed. A pipe
line pump station and a number of
other buildings were also destroyed.
A Baby Mystery.
Thursday night of last week shortly
before 9 o'clock, two deeply veiled wo
men, both well dressed,' entered the
liquor store of Mr. Simon Groh, Mari
etta, and without saying a word, de
posited a bundle on theeounterand then
walked out. Mr. Groh thought it sin
gular, but supposing they were persons
who knew him and who simply wanted
to leave a bundle there for a short time,
he thought little of it. As the women
did not return, however, he examined
the package, which was wrapped in &
good shawl, and to his surprise and
horror discovered that the bundle con
tained a sleeping cherub in the shape of
a wee female infant, not more than ten
days old 1 The . consternation . of a
respectable married man of CO at such
a fix as this may be better imagined
than described, but he pursued a wise
course, and, making aflldavlt to the
facts in the case before 'Squire Roth,
he secured a permit to place it In the
Lancaster County Almshouse, and the
Xonndling was tenderly conveyed to that
institution next morning. . No clue to
the unnatural mother, who deserted it
has yet been discovered. Wrighfsville
Star. i
Miscellaneous News Items.
tW James Lftnaban knocked Joseph
Brady down with his list during a quarrel
Id Harlem, N. Y., on Saturday, the 7th
inst. Brady will die, as his skull is frac
tured. Wasiusoton, April 10. In a day or two
300 employees of the bureau of engraving
and printing of the treasury department
wiil be dismissed from tbe service, and this
reduction will be followed at tbe end of tbe
month by an additional dismissal of 200
more employees.
Washington, April 10. Major Reno
who was recently tried by court martial on
the charge of Insulting the wife of a broth
er ofiloer and sentenced to be dismissed
from tbe service, has forwarded to the war
department a request for a delay in the
presentation of tbe case to Mr. Hayes,
claiming that he has additional evidence
which will tend to tbe mitigation of tbe
sentence, and Uis request has been granted.
tW A dispatch from Fort Soott, Kansas,
says it is now ascertained, beyond doubt,
that grasshopper eggs, in that section, are
unproductive. Careful experiments have
been made, and, in addition, the weather
of tbe past few days has been warm enough
to have batched them by tbe million, but
not one of the pests are to be found. Farm
ers are jubiliant. ' A big crop of everything
is looked for in southeastern Kansas,
tW Mr. James Abbott and wife, of No.
ISO Lee street, Baltimore, while visiting a
relative, on Sunday night, were suddenly
called home by a messenger, who announc
ed that their daughter, eighteen years old,
was dying. On entering the room the
young lady lay dead on a lounge. Mrs.
Abbott was so shocked at the death of her
daughter that she fell unconscious on the
floor and on being lifted up was found to be
dead. Mrs. Abbott was thirty-eight years
old, and bad previously been in good
health. Miss Abbott had been an invalid
all her life.
tJack Keh'oe murdered F. W. 8.
Laugdon, at Audenried, in this State, so
far back as 1802, and thought that he
would escape. But justice, though slow,
overtook him, and he was arrested, tried,
convicted, and on tbe 10th inst., at Potts
ville, Judge Pershing sentenced bim to be
hung. Murder will out, is tbe old saying,
and it seems to hold good eveu in thene
days, when justice is said to be blind and
ready to wink at crime of whatever magni
tude or hideousnesg. In this case it has
met its dues, or will, rather when the sen
tence is executed.
Wasiiihoton, April 17. The secret
servioe division of the treasury is to-day
informed by telegraph, that oflicers of the
secret service had made important arrests
of counterfeiters at Oreenpoint, Pa. ; St.
Louis, Mo.; and Wheeling, W. Va.
Among the parties arrested is tbe Hon. T.
W. Marion, of Greene county, Pa., who
formerly represented that county in tbe
legislature. He sold a quantity of coun
terfeit money to one of the agents of the
service, and he represented that he had
frequently addressed the state bouse of rep
resentatives when he had his pockets full
of counterfeit money. The other parties
arrested were Rufus Mitchell, W, F. Stras
mider, J. Edwards, Peter Rager and Giov
anni Giorgetta.
Washington, D. 0., April 18th, 1877.
I know of no American city that bas so
many pleasant, picturesque and interesting
places in and arouud it as Washington;
and now that the leaves and flowers are
bursting forth, the grass is green and the
air soft and sweet with spring fragrance,
every sunny day sees crowds of excursion
ists driving or riding or sailing to these
lovely places. Picnics and aU sorts of out
of doors pleasuring as the general order of
things, and the fine weather is being made
the most of ; for the time is at hand when
none but those who must, will venture out
of doors from sunrise till sunset and then
with little comfort. When it gets so warm
that tbe thermometer stands ninety or a
hundred degrees above zero at midnight,
and a cooler minute is Dot seen for weeks
at a time, then out-of-door life it not an
enviable oue. Congress will be in session
during the very hottest part of summer
and members are disgusted with tbe pros
pect. Tbe session promises to be a hot
one in more ways than t ne. The President
will find bimself opposed by powerful an-,
tagonista and tbat in his own party. Blaine
will probably lead tbe Republican opposi
tion and rumors are already afloat of a re
organization of parties. They cannot for
get tbat they waged the campaign on en
tirely different ground, and that tbe
President is carrying out the Democriftio
programme Instead of tbe policy outlined
by his own supporters before tba eleotion.
The faot is, the President has a policy of
his very own and be Intends to be Presi
dent of bis country, and to work for tbe
good of all his fellow countrymen, instead
of being chief of a party.
It is understood that the Louisiana case
will reach a speedy settlement and most be
lieve that Packard will follow Chamber
lain's example and retire from the contest.
Nioolls evidently means tbat he shall do so.
Tbe Commissioners have telegraphed for
further instructions which have been pre
pared and forwarded, but which the Presi
dent and Cabinet have decided shall not be
made public until tbe whole afTitir is set
tled. Wedding bells are ringing gsyly enough.
Tbe last chimed to the ceremony which
united Miss Zeilln, daughter of the recent
ly retired Commandant of the Marine
Corps, to Lieutenant Very of the United
States Navy. The wedding took place at
tbe residence of the bride's patents, Gen
eral and Mrs. Zellin, and the affair was a
charming one. Cards are out for tbe wed
ding of Miss Karnes, a Washington belle
and Mr. Alastair P. Gordon Guramingg,
formerly of Scotland, now of Maryland.
The ceremony is to take place Rt the
Church of tbe Epiphany on the evening of
April 25th.
The time for general breaking up is at
hand. Few of the elite remain in Wash
ington during the hot months and nice,
big houses, furnished or not, are renting
very low. People like to have their houses
and furnishings taken care of and many
are glad if they can place a good, reliable
family in their bouses during the summer,
even without charging rent at all. Tbe
Spanish Minister and wife are about giv
ing up their dwelling, and will go to New
York to remain two months. Later they
propose traveling until the Saratoga season
opens in which they usually figure quite
extensively during July and August.
A rumor is current here that the Grand
Duke Alexis is really coming at last.
Washington society watched and waited
and sighed in vain for him all winter, and
now that "society" is over and the season
closed he Is coming and hopes to be let
alone. A grand picnic and excursion to
Mt. Yernon is proposed in bis honor as he
bas never yet visited tbe tomb of Wash
ington. Tbe Foundry church is unusually popu
lar since the President's family have adopt
ed it as their place of worship. Mrs.
Hayes is one of tbe old fashioned Christians
who refuses to have ber carriage, horses or
servants used on the Sabbath unnecessari
ly. Yesterday President and Mrs. Hayes,
Mr. Webb Hayes, and their lady guests
walked to tbe Foundry church and joined
devoutly in tbe services. The pulpit was
finely decorated with flowers and the church
packed to its utmost capacity.
A large assemblage witnessed a unique
entertainment at tbe National Deaf Mute
College last Wednesday. It was Exhibi
tion and Presentation day and tbe exercises
were all in motiom of course. The Pres
ident, Mrs. Hayes and Secretary Scburz
were among the notabilities present. The
college building is a large and spacious
one, out is not largo enough to accommo
date all who apply for admission and an
addition is in process of erection, being
now nearly finished. Among the students
in the preparatory department are several
colored boys, and there are also colored
girls in the institution.
Gov. McCormiok has been appointed As
sistant Secretary of tbe Treasury and his
being kept in Washington is a source of
great congratulation among bis many
friends. M. M. W.
A Word About Boots. ---Good boots are
the most Importantartlcleof men's wear.
After trying several makes, we have
concluded that the boots made by the
Wataontown company ore the best in
themarket. ' They are hand-made and
manufactured from the best stock of
any we can get while the shape is better
adapted to tho general trade. Their
goods are for sale by the stores gener
ally throughout this county, and a full
supply can be found at the store of
tf F. Mortimer.
A General Favorite. The Shepley Key
stone Baking Powder, manufactured by
Janney A Andrews, Philadelphia,
when used according to printed direc
tions has become a great favorite for
producing light, sweet, Nutritious bis
cult, Rolls, Muffins, Bread, Griddle
cakes, etc. For sale by F. Mortimer,
New Bloomfield, Pa. 10.6t
Do You Want One? I have yet several
sewing machines which will be sold at
half price for cash. If you want a bar
gain, now is your time to get it.
F. MoitTmr.a.
For Sale. A good " Radiant Light"
Base burning Stove, for Sale Cheap for
Cash. Apply to S. II. Beck, New
Purchasers of Carpets, Wall Tapers,
Shades, Oil Cloths and general house
furnishing goods of this kind should see
the large spring Btock at the Carlisle
Carpet House, 21, East Main Street.
The celebrated "Capital Lead, which
is unequalled for whiteness and durabil
ity always on hand and for sale by
tf. j F. Mortimer.
Notice. All persons, indebted to the
subscriber by note will please make pay
ment before or during April Court, air
after that date no further time will be
given. J. B. Hacket.
Bloomfield, March 20, 1877.
The Eagle Hotel. Mrs. Sarah Derrick
would notify the public that she has
taken possession of the above named
Hotel in Bloomfield, and would be
Iileased to have all bor old friends favor
lor with their patronage, and as many
new ones as feel weel disposed towards
her. 12 4t.
Carpets, Carpets. Beautiful Brussels, 3
ply s and lngruln, with 80 patterns in
Homemade Carpeta, Hempe, Hails and
Stairs at the Carll.de Carpet House,
21, East MainSt., Carlisle.
Duncnnnon lias a New Wagon Shop,
Mr. Enoch Baker having opened a Shop
where building and repairing of all
kinds of vehicles will be promptly at
tended to. His prices lie guarantees rea
sonable, and his work satisfactory.
(Jive him a call. He is located in
Mavall's building, between Main Street
and the rhyer. - 2t
Bloomfield Academy. New term opens
AprllDth. Rev. J. Edgar, Principal.
Home made Rag Carpet only S-5 cents
per yard, nt I. Schwartz's
Special Notice. Having added a room
for the express purpose of showing car
pets oil cloth and wall paper, we ask
iiersons Wanting any of these articles to
look at our assortment. -
tf. F. Mortimer.
- -
The Farmers' Fire Insurance Company of
York, Fa., lias been in successful opera
tion for 24 years, has paid over a million
and a half dollars for losses, paid them
all promptly, and never laid a single as
sessment. It stands at the head of all
Mutual Companies in the State. ' 1
' ' i
Snow-Flake Potatoes. The subscriber
will sell Snow-Flnke Potatoesat one dol
lar per peck. Address
Mervin A. Cook,
18 8t Centre P. O. Perry co.,Pa.
Blank Receipt Books for Administrators
and Executors. Also blank notes and
all other blanks for sale at this office. ' tf
J. B. HartzelIj, Newport, is in trot
ducing a new brand of Tobacco, "Above
All," whicn is destined to take tile leai
Try it.
Wall Papers. Over 300 deslzns
Halls, Parlors, Dining-rooms, Ac, low
as 8 cents up to beautiful tints and Decoi
rations, at tne uarpet store.
21 , East Main St., Carlisle.
" The Above All," is a new brand of
chewing tobacco, and is without a peef?
lor excellence ana sweetness. For sale,
wholesale and retail, by J.B. Hartzf.lij
in Gantt's Building.
"Above All Navy Tobacco." Cau
tion. Every 6c. and 10c. plug of this
Celebrated Tobacco is labelled "Wardle's
Above All." None is genuine without.
Looking Glasses, Mirrors, Window
Shades, Mutts, Rugs, Hassocks, Ac, at
the Carpet Store in Carlisle. i
Ask your merchants for "Above All"
Chewing Tobacco.
Everybody says impossible I But nev
ertheless it is true, that you can buy a
good Suit of Clothes, coat, pants and
vest for only $5.00 at
i ,1. Schwartz's.
Handsome Parlor Carpet new dee.gns
Just received only 85 cents per yard at
I. Schwartz's.
The advertiser, having been permanently cured
ot that dread disease, Consumption, by a simple
remedy, Is anxious to make known to his fellow
sufferers the nieansot cure. To all who desire It,
he will send a cony of the prescription used, (free
of charge), with the directions for preparing and
using the same, which they will And a Sure Cure
for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Ko.
Parties wishing the prescription will please
address. Rev. K. A. WILSON,
Uafimos 194 1'enu St., WIlliainsburgh.New York
Bargains in Carpets.
Thirty-Five Cents Isthe
price of a pretty CAR- .
PET at Mohtimer'b.
The same amount of i
money will also buy a
good CALICO Dress If
you don't make tt too
If yoc want a pretty
carpet for only &
Cents per yard, come
and see whHt you can
get at that price nt
Rnntf See this. Only $1.50 capital required to
DUUIVto start canvassing for MARK TWAIN'S
.lohn K. Hullwell,i:i
Eight St., New York.
iOK. Apply, with stamp, to
contains nearly 400 flneengrarings of buildings
nd scenes In the Great Exhibition and i (he
Only authentic and complete history published.
It treats of the grand buildings, wonderful ex
hibits, curiosities, great events, etc. Very cheap
and sells at sight. One Agent sold 48 copies la
one day. Send for our extra terms to Agents and
a full description of the work. Address Nation
al Pum.ishino Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
P AIITIfifJ Unreliable and worthless books
IvHU I lUii. on the Exhibition are being cir
culated. Do not be deceived. See that the book
you buy contaiiies 918 pages and nearly 400 tine
REV. G. W. LEISHER, A. M., Principal.
THE Spring term will open Tuesday, A pan,
17th. continuing 10 weeks. Tuition 60 cents per
week. Pupils of both sexes received. Special in
struction given to those preparing to teach. A
ITimary Department In connection with tke
Normal Department will be organized for younger
pupils. Tuition 2ftontsper week. Language les
sons made a speciality. For further information
'dd""W' O.W.LKISHHR,.
16 Wain, Perry ,co., Pa.
a wwm Is
2" d d It can bo made In three months bv
V any one of eilbersex, In any part of
the country who Is willing to work steadily at the
employment that we furnish, toft a week In your
own town. You need not be far away from home
over nigh. You can give your whole time to the
work, or only your spare moments. It costs
nothing to try the buslne. Terms aud 6t Ciiint
free. Address at ouce, H. Halmett ti Co., Port
land, Malue. 14 ly.
Our goods represent
the latest New York
Htyles, and our twenty
live years' experience in
inanufHuturing Clothing
Is siilllclent guarantee
for fit and workmanship.
A. C. YATES ft CO.
A. C. YATES ft CO.
A. O. YATES ft CO.
A. C. YATES ft CO.
A. C. YATKH ft CO.
A. C. YATKS ft CO.
A. C. YATES ft CO.
A. C. YATES ft CO.
A. C. YATES ft CO.
Every caller, whether
Intending to buy or to
merely look at our goods
Is treated In the same
polite and cordial manner.
, Spring has come, and
we are ready tor It, with
the 11 nest assortment of
Ready Made Clothing
ever offered In Amkh-ica.
Bnylng all onr goods
for Cash, and possessing
great facilities for man
ufacturlng, enables us to
sell so remarkably low.
Cor. 6th
Cor. 6th
Cor. 6th
Cor. fli h
Cor. 6th
Con 61 h
Cor. fit tt
Cor. 6th
Cor. 6th
Onr Children's Depart
ment, wlttf a special en
trance on Sixth Street
for Ladles, Is stocked
with a rich assortment
of fresh and elegant
goods at prices lower
than the lowest.
SO Ladles' Favorite Cards all styles, with
name We. Post paid. J. B. HUBTED, Nassau.
Kens. Co., N. Y. 14diw
TTjl YOU will agree to distribute some of our
ir circulars, we will send youaCHROMO
IN GILT FRAME and a 16 page, 64 column lllae
trated paper, FREE for 3 months. Inclose 10
cents to pay postage. Agents wanted. KEN
DALL ft CO. i Boston, Mass. y , 14d4w
Wells' Carbolic Tablets,
a sure remedy for COUGHS, and all diseases of
Tot Up. Only In Bine Boxes.
C. N. C bitten ton, 7 Sixth Avinub, New York.
49nfl A Month. AGENTS WANTED on onr
A full account of this Great Mystery, written by
his Father, be Its Robinson Crusoe In thrilling In
terest. She Illustrated HAND BOOK, to all re
ligious, a Complete Account of all denominations
and seets. SoO Illustrations. Also the ladles'
medical guide by.Dr. Pancnast- 100 Illustrations.
These books sell at sight. Male and Female
Agents coin money on them. Particulars free.
Copies by mail each. John K. Potter ft Co.,
Philadelphia. 14d 4t.
We want 500 more first-class Sewing Ma
chine Agents, 500 men of energy and ability to
learn the business of Selling Hewing Machines.
Compensation Liberal, but varying according to
Ability.Characterand Qualifications of the Agent.
For Particulars, Address
Wilson Sewing Machine Co. Chicago.
827 ft 859 Broadway, New York, or New OrleShs.
Louisiana. 14d4w
Urgent und beit Mlllng
8tiionrf ParKSROiD th
Wnrld. It eonUiRl flt
hMU Of DftDar. in tnveT-
flrpM.pra4ni,pmnwiM,frYiNfn pen, ana pioce o i vtinioia
Jewelry. Conipiet iamni ptrkur, with eleffn t gold-pliUed
!er bniWnd, mnl iwiltm fash ton fctir fancv Bet, pin ftt-d
drops, poevpnld, 28 mta, 0 ptckftKM.wka MNrwJlf
IrtSI Ut (hd Patent Lmr rVu free t ftli agent,
BRIDE A CO., 709 Broadway, N. Y.
rtk-IM tn mt. Th LtOYB COMBINATION. Cm b. iMd
at aFeucU.Pentioldwand Pen, reTkntr,Eri)B
oiwnm, Fwr cutter KoMwr. flawing Moehln THroK
Cutter, Mil (or Sipping geeme.Cnttln off Hooke n4 Krea,
ButtiiM. Knulne (note. kc. Blie ot torn toon poncU,
heevUjr nickel pluted, and will lut lifetime, imonu in
joining money and mt tt M Ui beet eeUlnn article eM.
Sample gg eenu. Six for 1 1 , Iitreerdlnarr ladoeeeMnu
own. BRIO! at CO..
bbui.. rwmi nr .ample half-doeen and eaavaee rear
i wo9 Broadway, N. T, .
rcTATfONKRT PACK AO, ted !)f
769 Broadway. New Vorfce
Facts for the Farmer Facts for the Merchant
Facts for the Horseman Facts for the Btock
raiser Facts for the Poultry-keeper Facts for
the Bee-keeper Facts for the Lawyer Facts for
the Laborer Facts for the Fruit-raiser Facts for
tbe Gardener Facts for the Doctor Facts for
the Dairyman Facts for the Household Facts
for every family who wants te save money.
That this Is the most Important advertisement
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make money ever offered. The press endorses it.
your own paper endorses it,every one endorses it.
Male and female agents Coining money on It.
Bend to us at once and get circulars free. IN
OKAM. BMITHa. BLACK, 731 Walnut Street.
Philadelphia, Fa. 1513t.
I am prepared to ship to planters the following
new varieties of excellent sned potatoes, viz:
Producers (Large, oblong, white) eyes on top.
Snow Ftetke beautiful, eyes on top).
Karly Vermont (large, round, yellow) very
. White Kock (large, round Imported).
8kerry Blue (Hariy large round Imported).
Jackson White (large white).
Any of the above good potatoes will be boare)
and delivered at freight or express office at the
rate of ft par bushel, money to accompany the
order. D. K. KKKDEK.
N. W. Corner 13th Oxford streets, I'bilada.
April 10 1877. .
THE Commissioners of Perry county will meet
at the site of the Dridge anross fcaerntaa's creek,
at Bridgeport. In Spring township.
, ON FRIDAY, APRIL i7th, 1877.
at 10 o'clock A. M., and kit bv outcry, to the low.
flit and best r iUiter, the building of a N W C4V
KHK1) WOOriEN BKIIXiK across said creek,
upon the site of the old bridge. The aald new
bridge to be built according to a bill ot spec loca
tions preparad, and which may be seen and ex
amined In tbe Commissioner's Ottice, Id Bloom
neld. or a copy will be sent to any one upon ap
plication by mail. A bonej for the) falttilnl pel
formauce of contract, approved by Uia Comml-'
slonera, will be required of the contractor
Immediately upon tho awarding of tho contract,
and the Coinmimionora also reawv (he right to
reject any bid that Is not saUafaclorv.
J. W. Oantt, ) ' '
rVMA-iwow Bow en, ( Commmls'n.
Calvim KriLSON, Clerk.
Blooniueul, March aj, 1877. '

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