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Is your place of business on this list? H
Y if not, <§l> WHY NOT? I E
■ ■ % J
Walters Union No. 14, Bartenders
T Union No. 8 and Cooks Union No. 18 re
port that the restaurants, cafes and
buffets named below display the cards B
of these organizations, Indicating that ;
they employ members of these unions.
Look for the House Card, and Blue and •
Green Buttons:
American Ca.fe 1641 Wei ton st
Belle's Lunch Room 1710 Curtis
Bob Whites Lunch R00m...1618 California
BBob White's 16th nnd Court Place
Charley's Lunch 1556 California st ,
Bast and West 1507 Curtis
East Turner Hall 2150 Arapahoe st
Elckelberg's Cafe 1517 Curtis J| Jl !
O Enterprise Lunch.. 1215 17th st.
Great Northern 1517 lairimcr j
Harry's Lunch • .616 17th st.
Horseshoe Lunch Room ...1532 Champa st. B j
Jay's Lunch Room 1650 Weltln |
Korchell's Lunch Room 1740 Champa
O Manhattan Restaurant 1635 Dimmer —_ __ i
Merchants' Restaurant 1115 17th st I
Plnyard Lunch Room 1818 Curtis st- M i
Royal Cafe 164 1 ‘ irlL j
811 vers Restaurant 1029 17th st.
Vale Restaurant 1710 Ltrlmsr :
O Union men, be consistent O
Tr y some of thesE
Patronize the Places Listed Below
See that the ■ |irttndm lortnutionil IhJhAmfrlta I \l en
Bartender p urnished
Wears the IHMIP^ I
Auatgen. Wm... .1222 16th at.
Hrchrrer. Geo Mining Ex Bldg
ltelvldcre Bar <2s* 15th at.
Puente ft Drum 1221 16th at.
Booth. D 1325 lbth %L
Brohm. Otto n-;5 lM.n at.
Ctrtnody, I jirrenc** _ .828 15th ft.
Chirlf* Bar ... 1715 Champa at
rhronmrr It. 1- 1110 15th at
Clifton Bar 17701 Arapahw at
Commerce Ba r. . 2645 W*»!t »n ft.
Cookr. M i: . 3149 I-ir. .. -r ft
Corrigan Har 1600 Platte at
Cronin. Dan . . 718 lotu ft
Cronin. I*nn 21*t and Champa M*
Cottage Bar 17 2" «'u.-t.H vi
Curtin. Jan . 21 at anti Champa f t*
D<«-hllng. Cha» . 2611 I»n rl m»‘ r ft.
Dewey liar. . . 1617 T*arlm r at
Donnelly. I’ 19lh and Curtin it*.
Dowd. M. 1* 2.iu4 We It on ft.
Kn«*t Turner Hall Bar.
(Inimn llroa . . ... .1133 Lnrliner at
Garland. J 1316 16th at
Onrnglmn 1625 I«nrltnor at.
Gelck. Wm. . . ... 11th and Colfax
(llbbone. Dennla 441 W. Colfax «• ••
Cjrent Northern Bar . l«th and Lirlm*T et*.
Hamburg. «*hn* ..1331 lotn ft.
Ilenrlaen. John 9*>o l.:irlm»*r ft.
Hill. Wm 2566 Washington ate
Holdner. Jacob 1762 Lnrltner at.
Johnson ft 1 vtermm . . 1 7th and Market * t*.
Kenovnn. Dan . . 2tnd nnd Urlm-r si*
Kenahnnd A- Nlcol 1140 I*orlm«*r ft.
The following ahops use the label of
the Journeymen Horsenhocrs:
Fltxoll Bros Sl9 istn at.
Kennedy. Ed.. Sr. 1420 21 at at
Kinsley. John II . Jr 1022 20th at.
Mctropole Shoeing Shop. 1449 Cleveland I’l.
Murphy. John 154* Wnxeo at
Newman ft- Ilnultnan. . . 1928 California at.
Hold. John 3311 Walnut at
Stone. John. . . 1221 W. Walnut at
Welsh. John F 619 21at at,
[llptMlcterrm (§' l V in
Internal Itmil t’nlon UTviy
— ~~Sfcrz<\
Cooper-Powell Furniture Co
1632-38 California at
Danlela ft- Flaher Storea Co
l6th and Lawrence
James a. Kilpatrick Furnituro Co
1631-37 California at.
Hanaon ft- Webber 1615 Tremont PI.
Coppel. Robert C 1317 Broadway
Union Laundries

Tho laundrlec Hated here are plants
which have recognized the rights of
their employes, have granted a short
workday and have signed a minimum
wago scale (no plooework.) Tho label
each Is entitled to us Is a guarantee that
they aro living up to their agreements—
otherwise the label would not appear on
the laundry list when delivered. Assist
In securing a universal short work-day
and fair wages for the girls by demand
ing their label on your work.
Drama ovniu tAtnn>mx
Label No. S6S
5617 19th »t Phone Oallup 41t
Knickerbocker Bar 1553 Larimer st.
Koprrs 1219 20th st.
Kuralek. Frank 1646 Lawrence st
Lakeside AmuM-ment Co White City
Lan*. Andrew 1145 Stout st.
! Le-S. r L-w«-nlck LLj. Co. .1547 Larimer st.
| L*vy. William . . .1532 Larimer st,
;L«u fn Merc Co. 1600 Larimer sL
j L !>«.> Bar . . \ . ...V.1219 17th st.
I.iisttg, A. W 1221 15th *t
| Marnuurdsen. F 516 18th st_
M <Nj.mil ra, M 53K ISth st.
1 McPhillipft, Frank... 18th nnd Curtis sts
! MrlMillltps. Frank . ISth and .'hampa sts.
1 Melehoer, Nick .....1957 I^arimer st.
| Miles, E. L 78 Mariposa
I Miners' Exchange. 1628 Larimer st.
; M‘ n. . Wm 1717 Lrimcr et.
; Murphy. Frank 1242 W. Walnut st.
I New Clifton... .17th and Arapahoe sts.
Notary A M<mttu. . 22nd nnd Champa sts.
o'Hrlen A- Flynn . . 1851 Lrlmer st.
1 Royal Bar 1636 Curtis *t-
Sntterlee. Jos 1338 15th st.
I Schillings. Peter 1009 W 13th ave.
S -hoff. Win 1400 15th st.
I Shaefor A- Urohm 1545 Blake st-
I Sioux City Bar 918 17th st.
I StJrjtfurt. G« ■ 81th and Arapahoe st*.
Switzerland Cafe .1416 Larimer st.
Tavern Bar 1024 12th st.
Thompson. Fred ..Bth nnd Jason
Walker. Joe 1115 15th st.
Wune se. Chas Sll Jason st.
Ziegler. C T 1552 Lirlmer st.
Zl< t*. II 11 . .. 1000 Osage st.
Label No. 402.
1416 15th at. . Phone Main 14 76 ,
Label No. 402.
1416 16th at Phone Main 1476 \
Kennedy. J. T Arvada !
Mountalnview Cor. Market and 15th st.
Drlnkwater 16th and Wolton !
3460 Palmer 1220 14th at.
1528 Chnmpa. 1513 Market.
1551 Larimer. 911 Larimer.
1318 15th at. 921 Larimer.
SIS 17th avo ' Wall •
1269 Broadway 1241 Jaaon.
2400 Bth at. 904 21at at
-2445 Elliott. 2512 laarlmor
1913 lanrlmer 1545 Broadway.
1537 17th at. 713 18th at.
1386 Broadway So. 3737 Downing
2041 Chnmpa 1 433 R 26th ave.
1741 Ijtrlmer ISI6 Curtis.
1519 Olennrm. 2212 Wnahlngton.
139 15th at. 1301 Curtis
1009 512 14th at.
1403 Mariposa. 1.859 California at.
82 Broadway. 1165 Wolton.
819 14th at. 1939 Broadway.
1116 Broadway. 1031 W. 14th avo.
1 447 Broadw n> 1 400 W. Colf.-w
Label No. 368
2527 19th at Phone Gallup 418
Isabel No. 396.
lOC Railroad Bldg Phono Mnln 8577 I
Label No. 355.
2121 W. 26th ave Phone Gallup 852 j
Label No. 396.
2704 Arapahoe st Phone Main 8577
Agendas i
W. 25h ft Sheridan B. 1429 I^awrcnce.
1231 Curtla. 638 B at.
414 R 20th ave. 3617 Franklin.
1969 W. 12th nvo. 1400 W. Colfax.
1959 W. 12th ave. 1318 E. 32nd avo.
221 16th st 816 Platte at.
235 15th at. 933 18th at.
2100 Arapahoe at. 1855 I*nrlmcr.
1225 14th at. 812 R 18th ave
504 W. Colfax. 1221 17th st.
909 15th at. 1916 Txtrlmcr.
833 15th at. (Roach)l947 Stout (Cnrpen
-1959 Curtla. tors’ Hall). t
2029 Curtla. 2137 California. *
1410 Curtla. 3814 Walnut. 1
1231 Curtis. 3733 Wnlnut. /
2553 15th st. 3713 Wnlnut 1
1670 Downing. 3436 Wnlnut. 1
2962 1833 R 28th ave. (
2732 Ijirlmer. 2602 W Humboldt. 1
3490 W. 32nd ave. 1221 E. 24th ave. 1
2903 W. 29th ave. 1050 W. Colfax. 1
3301 W. 23rd ave. 2652 Washington ave. 1
5038 W. 46th ave. 1939 Brondwny. J
3108 Onego at. 620 R 20th ave. I
1945 W. 14lh ave. 827 *
1534 Larimer. 1407 17th at. F
1716 R 36th ave. I
This Label is a Guarantee
- - that it is done by skilled work
i men men who have made a
[|f e study of the “art preservative
0 f a j] ar t Si ” and who are prepared
to furnish up-to-date ARTISTIC
ON YOUR PRINTING that will be a credit
to your business, heip uphold
PRINTING your credit and brin:; you new
and desirable customers.
Allied Printing Trades Council
J. A. Conkle, Sec.-Treas., Bo* 1447.
Typographical Union No. 43.
Mailers' Union No. 8.
Stereotypers' and Blectrotypers’ Union
No. 13.
Photo Engravers' Union No. 18.
Pressmen's Union No. 40.
Web Pressmen's Union No. 22.
Press Assistants’ Union No. 14.
Job Pressmen's Union No. 1.
Bookbinders’ Union No. 29.
Bindery Women’s Union No. 58.
The following printing firms are en
titled to use the label in Denver:
Alexander & Myers, 522 18th st 23
Barker Ptg. Concern, 225 15th st 8
Barrett. Wallace, 1335 Lawrence as
BlschofT. L P.. 1001 Jason 29
Bishop Pub. Co.. The, 1108 California. ... 48
Calhoun Ac Holmes. 921 18th st 37
| Carson-Harper Ptg. Co., 1336 Lawrence. 7
Catholic Register, 1824 Curtis st 41
Clark Quick Ptg. Co . 1327 Uwrence. . .55
I Colorado Badge A: Novelty Co., 1750
Champa st 30
Colorado Herold. 14 29 Market 15
.Columbia Ptg. Co.. 810 18th st 36
'Commercial Ptg. Co., room 1. 1646 Arap
j a hoe 56
Denver Democrat. 935 14th it 35
'Denver Express. 1445 Cherokee 31
I Denver Lltho. Co., 1340 Lawrence 44
Denver Post. 1544 Champa st 21
Denver Republican. 1118 16th st 19
j Karnes Bros.. 1748 Stout st 17
j Eastwood-Kirchner Ptg C. t 1620 Tre
; Egan Printing Co.. 1346 Larimer 5
Frederic. John. 1338 Larimer 45
i Globe Printing Co.. 1842 California 32
| Goodman. Henry. 1416 Lawrence 46
Great Western Pub. Co. 1717 Arapahoe.lo
lloeckel B. B. Co . C. F. 1133 17th 4
• Kaufman. A I).. 2726 W. Colfax 51
j Keystone Printing Co., Good blk 43
Patronize I*l insist
irf bSQab keatari NtaM Anocubn
Thls § . on the
Card I Union
and j Label
AMERICAN BAT CO., 626 16th St. , EMANUEL BROS.. 1110 16th St.
M- D. BARNETT. 16th and Champa St*. EMANUEL BROS.. 621-623 16th St.
M. D BARNETT. 1220-1228 1 6th St. PIT WELL CLOTHING CO., 811 16th St.
BROOKS CLOTEES SHOP. 925 16th St. HENNING SHOE CO.. 838 15th St.
COTTRELL CLOTHING CO., 619 16th. MAY CLOTHING CO.. 16th and Champa.
DENVER SHOE CO.. 926 17th St. MICHAELS ON BROS.. 1508-14 Larimer.
DONE HUE & GEISLER. 819 16th St. NATIONAL SHOE CO. 15th and Champa.
DREYFUSS A CO.. 16th and Larimar Sta . REGENT, 1023 15th St.
EASTERN SHOE STORE. 1527 Champa St. LORBEB & GOOBXAK, 1223 15th St.

The following is a list of niinee em
ploying union coal miners, under a
signed agreement with U. M. W. of A.,
District No. 15: List is corrected to
February 1, 1909:
Mines at I^ufayette—Simpson. Mitchell.
Strathmoor. Park I>ale and Standard.
Mines at Louisville—Acme. Rex Noa. 1
nnd 2, Hecla, Electric, Matchless and
Brooks Harrison, Centennial.
Mines at Downer—Monarch and Mitchell.
Mines at Marshall—Gorham and Fox.
Mines at Eric—Lehigh
Mines at Sunnyslde—Vesuvius Coal Co.
Mines at Superior—lndustrial.
UNION NO. 122.

List of Fair Shops.
Patronize any name appearing under
this head and insist upon the label on all
carriage or wagon work:
Bryden A- Odgera 1421-29 18th st.
Denver Carriage and Auto Works
1351 Broadway
Kllng. Peter 1245 ldth st
Schaefer, Peter C 1333 13th st.
Smith & Forsburg 1428 Market st.
Zang’B, Neefs, Tivoli. Uolden, Con
sumers’ ami Braider beers carry this
99 —Burke. J. H 2033 Champa
Bakers Label
Tlio following bakeries have signed
the agreement and are entitled to u»c
the label:
Adler, C. E 677 8. Pearl
Rnskowtts. R 2744 W. Colfax
Bear, 0 911 W. Bth -ive.
Chicago 524 W. Colfns ave.
Hershkowlta Bros 1146 Walnut st.
Kilpatrick 757 Jason st.
Kots, J 2634 W. Colfax
Kruger. F. J 31st nnd Williams sta.
Manowal. Q 2846 Larimer at.
North Denver 2343 15th st.
Snow Flake 28th nnd Larimer sta.
Swiss 3737 Humboldt st.
Up-to-Date Bakery 1575 Pearl at.
Kistler Stationery Co., W. H., 1537 Law
rence 3
Fanning Bros., 1832 St it st 34
Majestic Printers. 401 Appel bldg., 16tn
and Larimer sts 33
McGuire Printing Co., .’4 Curtis 16
Merchants’ Pub. Co., 1 9 Arapahoe.... 2
Miners’ Magazine, 1824 Curtis 22
1 Myers Pig. Co., 1429 l f- st 25
News-Times Pub. Co.. _ J' Welton 5t...20
New Reed Pub. Co., 17 I’hampa 11
Robinson Ptg. Co., W. 1508 Arapahoe. 6
Rodger. Miss K. M., 1- 8 17th 53
Rosenthal, Albert, 140 S Curtis st u 9
Smith-Brooks Ptg. Co.. 741 California.. 1
South Dennver Tribun- "7 S Broadway. 18
Stott. J. 8.. 1839 Champa 27
Sun Printery. 72-74 Bi dway 58
Tripple Link Ptg. Co., 'B2 Yates 50
Union Ptg. C.. 1829-31 ' hampa st 9
U. S. Colortype Co.. 16:3 Arapahoe 28
' Viser. Carrington. 183!' Champa 47
Wahlgreen Ptg.. Co., I‘4B Stout 12
Wepf, E. L.. 1749 Chai ;a ...39
Western Newspaper Ui n, 1824 Curtis.. 24
World Ptg. Co.. 1829 C mpa 14
The following are the establishments
doing work for the trade in the depart
ments specified:
Press Rooms, Jobbing-
Publishers’ Press Ro<'tn. 17 42 Stout.
Binding and Boling, Jobbing—
Wm. Deiter. 1336 Lawrence.
Publishers' Press Bo 1742 Stout.
Thomas Furlong. 1731 Arapahoe.
Engraving, Jobbing—
Frank Reistle. 1420-- Lawrence
Denver Engraving C 1524 Curtis
Wi 11 iamson-Ilafiner < 1633 Arapahoe
Smith-Brooks. 1741-U California
Stereotyping, Jobbing—
Western Newspaper :.ion. 1826 Curtis.
Smith-Brooks. 1741-U California
Electrotyping, Jobbing—
Frank Reistle, 1420--. Lawrence
Smith-Brooks. 1 741-47 California
Linotyping, Jobbing—
Carrington Viser. 18*9 Champa
Fred Miller. 1615 Arapahoe.
C. F. Seitz. 1332 Lawrence.
The following cruned firms use the
Jewelry Workers’ stamp:
j Clark, Chas. EL & C 0..... 1536 Champa st
. | Colo. Radge A. Nove C 0.175" Champa st.
Coward. W. E R. 9. 906 15th st.
O'Keefe, M. Ac Co 527 15th st ;
j Reiche. R. E R 25. 1622 Arapahoe st.
Soderlund. B. J 611 16th st.
The firms named elow are considered
fair to the Jewelry Workers, they each
carrying a stock of label goods amount
ing to 1100 or over
O'Keefe & Co.. M 527 15th sL
I'rumess. Ben 633 15th st.
Frumess. Harry 906 16th st
pHN •
Atkins, A. J 123 Broadway
Italic, Larry 3200 Gaylord st.
Barnhouse, G. H 1160 S. Lognn
Benton, W. H 2 750 S. Lincoln
1 Bradley, M. C 2545 Tremont st
Bitters. Harry 1845 S. Clarkson
Berkeley Plumbing leating Co
442S W. 41st ave.
Brlckey & Sinclair.. -.765 S. Pennsylvania
Brugger, J. L 3010 Walnut
Bruntafergor. Emil 4149 Umatilla
Bell. A. L Englewood
Clinchy & Wolffrum 4960 Knox Court
Crews, C. J 3945 Xavier
Curran Lavertv 2956 Welton
Christensen & Hurk tt Englewood
Co-operative Shop.. SIS 19th st
Coluburn, Roy
W. C. Cnboen 1120 Broadway
l>aly, J- H 1543 Welton st.
* Durand. D. H ....109 Kalamath st.
3 England. J. A 153 S B. 29th ave.
Elliott. F. A 4 456 Tennyson
Gill. N. R 2963 Yates
Hebert, J. C 3646 Downing
Hill A- I.oper '2nd and Lowell Blvd.
Johnson. Robert... 535 Lincoln
King. W. II 2746 W. Colfax
Kennedy. Liwrenco 1024 23rd st
Kruts. Max 437 S. Sherman
McDermltt, T. J 2556 Cleveland Pi.
New York Plumbing Co 834 Jason st.
Ukerstom. Oscar
Quinlan Bros
Ryan, Matt V
Reid, Eugene
Spears & Anderson «5 S. Broadway
Sullivan. E 3747 st.
Walsh A- Hlederer 1243 Jason st.
Sower Contractor 1570 14th st.
Get your figures 'rom the Independent
Plumbers. They wi save you money.
The following un on barber shops also
use towels supplied by the Star Towel
Supply, a union 8-hour laundry:
Barley, W. 1207 E. 30th
Conger 131 Broadway
Ekbotn, Elmer 1641 Stout st
Irwin. J. W 1403 S. 9th sL
Jake's Place 1447 Champa st.
Jumper. S ....1449 Tremont st.
Likewise. Frank 1320 14th st.
MeCamant. J. M 1407 17th st
Mint Barber Shop 335 13th st.
Rasmussen. B 314 S. Broadway
Johermerhom. A. B. 11... 1729 Lawrence st
Whlte, IJoyd 35Sf lfth st

La Belle, the "best 5-cent cigar on the
Journeymen Barbers' Union No. 205
shop :; -Saßi S •=?
SHAVES POE i - -.ti.—& | SOS Club Building
lO CENTS 'Phong Main 7440
i u t a ail 1 ... R „. Ph(>ne Msln $3 92
■ Adams Hotel—J. S. Kester..lBth & Welton <
Albany Hotel —Nolan & Reeves
l7th and Stout sts
! Antiseptic—Carl DeLochte 521 17th st.
Atkinson, C. A T. M. C. A.
Bonaventure Hotel—F. Sarzin..soB ISth st.
Bray. Wm Carlton. 15th and Glenarm
Broadway Hotel—R. H. Edson
lsth and Broadway
Bucks. Billy 628 17th s'.
Campbell. H 1659 Champa st.
Central Barber Shop—Wm. Scliroeder
1454 Lawrence st.
•layton Block—C. C. Gooden..ll3l 17th st. ■
; Continental Barber Shop—T. A. Kil
eourse 1548 Lawrence st.
Crelgler, Jeff 1711 Larimer st.
i*eutsch. J. M 210 16th st.
! Fkbom. Elmer 1641 Stout st.
I E. & C. Barber Shop 1648 Curtis st.
1 i-'armer. J. E 1857 Welton
Frank Fischer 1220 14th st.
iGarding. Leon 413 16th st.
Ide, Wm 16th and California sts.
Jumper, S 1449 Tremont st
; Lint. Tom 1407 Welton st.
, Manhattan—C. Huth 1319 17th st.
| McGee. Thos 405 15th st
i Miller, Henry 1225 15th st
Mofflt & Co.. Walt 910 17th st.
Murphy & Feldman 1464 Curtis st.
Plaza Hotel. Ed Hammond.... 324 15th st.
Richter. Frank 907 15th st :
1 Richter. Frank 1511 Curtis st.
Roman Engle 1649 Welton st.
Savoy Hotel —W. Decker. 17th & Broadway
*ehermerhorn. R. B. H... 1429 Lawrence st.
Schran. B. E SO7 ioth st
Seims. W. G 828 15th st
Shirley—P. L. Leik 17th and Brr-adwav
Solomon. Elmer 1561 Arapahoe st
Sonner. A. H 713 18th st.
Spehn. Oliver 819 14th «t
?t. Jam<*s Hotel—W. R. Deshl**r. 1 524 Curtis
Standfsh Hotel—H. E. Bainbridge
California, bet. 15th and 16th
Philip 424 17th st
Tabor Grand—R. W. Lichtenheld
1531 Curtis st.
f nlon Depot Barber Shop—D. Lino. . .
John 1223 17th st.
Williams. J. T 1654 Welton st
Zufelt. W 413 i6th st
Brewington. W. H 629 Jason st.
Burgess. J. M 1400 W. Colfax ave.
'randell, D. W 1115 Larimer st.
Donvree, T. 0 1059 Broadwav
Kiser. F. M 9io W. Bth ave.
Gawoski. T. D 1115 Stout st
Heffner. Ed 1169 S. 6th
James. W. R 321 W. 6th ave.
Krayenhof. M. C 807 Jason st
Frazier & Pearce Fixture C0...1401 WazeeDenver Hardwood Floor Co
Paulson, J. P 15th and Wynkoop 7th and Colfax Ave.
When purchasing Cigars do you see that this
Label is on the box?lf not, Why not?
Union-made Cigars. I
THSty » —►. PaCst k*—ij Q
m | *** | - ii f i
The following is a list of cigar fac- *
tories in Denver and vicinity entitled to j
use the BLUE LABEL of the Cigar Mak :
ers’ Union: j
J. W. Sanford, Sec.. 201 Railroad Bldg. <
’Phone Main 7459.
In Denver.
Behrens. H 1952 W. Colfax :
Brodhag, A 52 W. Pecos S
j Brandon. H 3321 W. 3Sth ave. ‘
Breen. J. J 151 Grove st.
City Cigar Co 2735 Larimer st.
Cordove Cigar Co 1352 Larimer st.
Cuban Cigar o 1534 Wazee
Cerny. V 3829 Larimer st
; Chiolero. P 2437 19th st. i
Cohen. Phillip 1434 Canosa st-
Colorado Capitol Cigar Co 92S 19th st.
M. A. Dwyer 401 Nassau Block '
Dallas. J W R. 25-26. Steele blk.
Eger. Jno 1236 Stout st
Ehrenrelch. J 1427 11th st. <
Freldman. M 2248 Clarkson <
Ginsberg. A 2550 W. 11th ave. 1
Hedrick ft Son .612 Broadway l
Heindel ft Co.. H. H... 1256 S. Pennsylvania 1
Holzhauer. Wm ISI6 Curtis
Hontjak. P 4481 Washington st.
Hyman. C. H 4135 W. 50th ave.
Jacobson. H 1527 Larimer st.
Joint Stock Cigar Co. ... .1135 Larimer st. i
■ Kahn. I. H 2024 Boulevard F
Knebel, W. L 2542 Kensing st.
Kohan. L 1511 Boulevard 1-
: Levitt. X 1708 Welton st. ]
! Livingston Cigar Co 1549 Lawrence st
1 Lyman ft Whitson 1675 E. 47th ave.
Majestic Cigar Co 2434 Court Place !
Mayer, Geo. J. . 2505 Yates st.
Meyer, Geo 1254 Perry
Mevers. R F 622 19th st. 1
Miller. J. A 1433 R 34th ave. ;
Monaghan. Chas 909 Larimer st. 1
Dethloff ft Co 725 15th st.. Denver. Colo.
Wm. H. Vanderhof. 1615 Eddy st *
Cheyenne. Wyo
+++ + +
Stf “d&ESs. 8 i
Used on all kinds of tobacco and clg
cigarettes. Isabel always blue.
The follo-tvlng is a list of the merchant
tailors of Denver using the label of the
custom tailors:
Erickson * Nelson SIS ISth st.
Gllpstrtck. Q A »13 Colorado bide.
Heinrich. Carl F 1053 Larimer st.
Herrmann. John Room SS. ISO 4 Curtis 1
Jnrlnkes. AL HU Uiwrsnoe st .
Kloer & Stofandel 91S Hth st. .
Koenle. H Hit Larlmsr st
McOulrk. T 114 Enterprise hid*.
Mullett. Oeorse 141 J Curtle et 1
Latenser. John 921 Larimer st
Mint Barber Shop—F. C. Black . 335 13th st
Oliver, David 969 Mariposa
Roeder. John 203 Jason st
Seib, F 829 Larimer st
Smith, J. B CalMornia and B sts
Whitney. Matt 1241 Santa Fe ave
Bigelow, C. R 523 E. Exposition
Conger, I. L 121 Broadwaj
Flanders. L. B 383 S. Broadwaj
Gehling. Fred J 106 Broadwav
Henderson. N 416 S. Broadwat
Howser, J. S' 1028 E. 9th ave
Johnson. C. M 16 S. Broadway
Patterson. W. H 1238 S. Pearl st.
Rassmussen. A. E 214 So. Broadwaj
6" S. Broad wa »
White. E. L Englewooc
Anderson. P 3490 W. 32nd ave
Boettcher A 2400 Bth st
Madonia, John 3108 Osage st
i.iiczny, Felix : t h and-Water
Adams. Jake 2153 Larimer st
Bowers. Chas 414 E. 20th ave.
Brown, W. J -• 2041 Champa st
Beck. Lambert. . . 3737 Bown'ng ave
Berley. W E 1207 E. 30th ave
Coleman, J. 3814 Downing ave
Colton. F. C 3047 Larimer st
I Filkins. -- Q 2756 Downing ave
.a Points—Wm Sapp 2562 Washington
I^? l i lfman - F - 3412 Franklin st
Johnson. F. G 4040 Downing av j
Reiser. Ben 2260 Welton st
1 f Cra , mer ' U 3226 Downing ave
Larkins, Mat. 2737 Larimer st
I Larson. Frank 3713 Downlr.tr ave
.Morgan. J. S Humboldt st.
: Opperman. R 1221 E. 24th ave.
■ Patrick. H. L 2304 E. Colfax ave
Rymer. J. A 300 E. 37th ave
Swanson. Chas IS2I Champa st
Sweeney. G 2218 Larimer st.
C 2212 Washington ave.
wolover. Chas 1959 Larimer st
H. W. Wright 2735 E. 3rd ave.
Bennett. J E 1658 47th ave
Davidson. J W Stock Exchange
•Jyer. E. G 4 700 Race st
Davis. Victor E 1224 Alamed*
+++ + +
Don't be afraid to risk. The great suc
cesses are born of chance.
Morris. J 514 30th st.
Nelson Cigar Co 1320 Lawrence st.
Nelson. N. J 1936 W. 32nd ave.
Peschel. J . Sr 575 49th ave.
Richmond. R. S 222 Inca St-
Rohde & Smith 1143 Stout
Schaetzel, Jac 1408 25th st.
Schaefer. Jos 1207 Larimer st.
Schwartz. G. D 2414 16th st.
Schmulewitz. M 2240 Larimer St.
Simpson. John
325 Main st. . Fort Morgan .Colo.
Solis Cigar Co 2015 Arapahoe st.
Smith. R. E 647 Lipan st.
Tebeau. Chas 4367 Utica st.
Thies. Fritz 1554 Blake st.
Washa, Jos 4951 Lowell Boulevard
Western Cigar Co 921 13th st.
Vicinity of Denver.
Buechsensteln. L Alliance, Neb.
Kreutzer. E. D Castle Rock. Colo.
Bogue, Frank P Casper. Wyo.
Cheyenne Cigar Co
305l W 19th st.. Cheyenne. Wyo.
Patterson. Jno. B Edgewater, Colo.
Oorcillus & Stevens Erie. Colo.
Giles. J. J 1306 Pearl, Boulder. Colo.
Lomm, Alex Lander. Wyo.
Massen. G. E. ... Steamboat Springs. Colo.
Griffith. J. H
...120 Lincoln ave.. Fort Collins. Colo.
Sohmldt, O. A
2lB Walnut Bt.. Fort Collins. Cok
Feldman. William Golden. Colw.
Clair. L £. Holyoke. Colo.
Rissman. Wm. O Kersey. Colo.
Anderson. L O Goodland, Kan.
•ipel & Co Laramie. Wyo.
Fisher. F. C Lead. So. Dak.
'hamison. Paul... .Belle Fourche. So. Dak.
Schroedter. Otto Lead. S. Dak.
Kountz. H. M Longmont. Colo.
Newby. Herbert Steamboat Springs
Anson. M Lander. Wyo.
Watson. F. I Fort Collins. Colo.
Zant & Henneker Lander. Wyo.
Pfeiffer Cigar Co 139 W. Ellsworth st.

Seltzer & Pfounts is the only firm
in Denver employing broom makers be
longing to our union, and you can always
secure a'broom with the union label on
it by asking your grocer for brooms from
either of the firms named below:
Seltzer & Pfountz 3510 Larimer at.
Phone Main 3704.
+ ♦ ♦ ♦ + ♦ ♦ ♦♦ + ♦ + ♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ The New Method laundry Is a ♦
♦ union plant ♦
♦ ♦
(fit) ■
The following firms are euutieu 10 u*o
the above label nf the Leather Workers
[ on Horse Goods, and display the shop
Colorado Saddlery Co 1801 Market
Hauser. H. H 1530 Blake at.
Miilier. Fred 1413 Larimer at.
\\ ilson. J. H .1743 Lawrence at.
Hall. Wm 1523 Arapahoe at.
Alcazar Theater Manhattan Beach
Baker Theater Novelty Theater
Broadway Theater Orpheum Theater
Crystal Theater Tabor Grand Theater
Flitch's Gardens Tuilleries Park
Majestic Theater
The following is a list of employing fin
ners who are entitled to use the label of
the Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers:
W. S. Lenhoff 27th and Walnut
Denver Heating Co.. 2535 15th st.
Wm. Dawson Rear 809 Jason
Paul Bates 1004 Jason
Wrought Iron Range Co 1609 Court PI.
Geo. Mayer Hdw. Co 1520 Arapahoe
Patrick Flaherty 1417 Fox
North Denver H. & H. Co 2332 15th st.
Carl F. Kobel & Son.. Rear 1333 Larimer
W. E. Stephenson.... 2442 Washington ave.
L H. Walters 1426 Blake
This label is used only on made-to
, order clothing.
s ||jS®g»f< icA i
I **7 «*=.STU«O 1
This label is used on overalls, jumpers,
shirts, etc.
" *
Underhill Overall Co 1322 18th at.

McCall's Paris Modes
Economy Pictorial Review
Home Pattern Co. Independent Peerless
Union Dime

/ \
(union label )
This label is either stamped or sewed
on every pair of union-made gloves, made
in accordance with the rules and regula
tions of the organization. It is to be
found on gloves for both men and wo
men. work and dress. Look for it.
T Painters j
sts * TOCD
Apex Sign Co 322 19th sL
AMen Sign Co 14th and Lawrence st*.
Colorado Sign Co 525 W. Ellsworth sL
Earle Ad. Sign Co 1940 Curtis sL
Gillespie Sign Co 913 18th st.
Two halls for rent, third fioor Club
building. For terms apply to J. F. Bed
ford. Secretary. 524 Fifteenth street, or
P. O. Box 1372.
+++ + +
Suitable for unions or lodges. Terms
1 reasonable. Apply Brittannia Hall, 1432
Arapahoe street, third floor. F. J. Lel
; bold.
1 The people who advertise with us are
certainly entitled to our support. They
show their friendship for organized labor.
+++ + ♦
Would that we could right the wrongs
of yesterday. But let us look to the
future and profit by the past.
+++ + ♦
When purchasing goods from our ad
vertisers don’t forget to mention The
♦+♦ + v
Smoke La Fxplorldad Havana cigar.
♦++ ♦ ♦

Undoubtedly the devil was the first
scab. There is no disputing the fact
that heaven has always been run accord
ing to union principles and as a closed
shop. Satan rebelled against these con
ditions and started to agitate for an open
institution, whereupon ho wa* expelled
from membership in the angels’ union
and fired to perdition. Kver since then
harmony has reigned In Paradise, and
the closed shop prevails. No scab Is tol
’ erated In the kingdom of heaven, and
* there is no room for Profesor FCiioP*
J hero atrike-berakers there. Our ail vie*
* to the man who is so low as to act the
* scab is to go to hls father Bxebange.

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