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irculation 1550— Guaranteed three times that of any competitor
Franklin's Paper The Statesman
Religion In this state seetna to be of
the Sunday go-to-meeting bind, If a
kindly, Christian gentlen an like
Henry A. Bucbtel can not run for gov
ernor without stooping from his high
plane ai a preacher of the gospel.
Bhame on the man that utters such a
calumny on the Christlau religion!
He would have us believe that it is a
good thing to die by, bu’ uselesH and
out of place in the every-day affairs of
government. The kind of politics he
Ufcet would be the Green county
broad daylight and honest) means
"toting fair" with the gang. The Re
publican party is honored *n its choice
of nominee for governor. No higher
compliment could be paid Lim than
the calumnies that cheap iiapiranth
The history of telephone competi
tion, so-called, Is now so plain that he
who runs may read a warning.
An analysis In any of the larger cit
ies where a seconj telephone sj stein
has been permitted to gain a foothold
shows that, rather than Increasing the
facilities of the business man, and re
ducing this expense, the exact con
trary Is true. In Philadelphia, Cleve
land, St. Ijouls, Pittsburg, Baltimore,
Toledo. Kansas City, and other towns
of similar size, an analysis of the tele
phone directories of the old and new
system proves conclusively that from
fifty-five to eighty per cent, of the bus
Incas men are obliged to subscribe for
service from both companies.
The promoter has Invariably ÜBed
One of the chief arguments of the
opposition to Republican success In
tbit state la the frlendllncsi alleged to
exist between Republican nominees
and tbe corporations of the state. In
asmuch as colored people and capital
•re more friendly than poor whites
ud capital are, such argument Is of
for the limelight heap upon him, not
for his personal acts but for his call
ing. If there was a flaw in his char
acter, if his brain was not so well
poised and so keen, the people of Col
orado *ould not be treated with the
spectacle of a good man and an hon
ored citizen being excoriated because
he is a Christian minister. We wish
Dr. Buchtel success in his campaign,
we wish his administration to show
forth that honesty can prevail between
governor and governed. We wish the
*m iMnr r -i —J'**
ionlsts to bo iftWrftt W wi vtrW*
rostrum, but after January, when he
assumes the reins of the Btate and
gives us an administration that does
not merely escape criticism, but one
that commands commendation.
the argument that the introduction of
a second telephone system will compel
the Bell company already in the field
to reduce its rates to such a point that
the service may be obtained from both
companies at the same rate, or even
leas than prevailed when the Bell
alone was in the field. That this is not
true, and that the • xpense to the busi
n<Bß man is greatly Increased may be
readily proven by a discussion of the
matter with any of the business men in
the cities above enumerated.
In addition, it will be learned that a
further inconvenience results through
the annoyance and delay occasioned
by consulting two books and answer
ing two bells. Denver business men
have done well to keep the lesson so
bitterly learned elsewhere.
less weight with in than with
them. However. It l» worth
whllo to consider the objections
of Democrats for what It Is worth,
for, after all, we colored people are
Interested In the proper and equitable
administration of laws and good gov
ernment, though we receive less of
either than any other class in this cos
mopolitan government.
The great industries of the state are
precticablv all dependent in some de
gree upon capital that has come into
the state to develop it. The railroads,
the mines, the sugar factories and the
varied great enterprises are of out
siders; not Colorado backing in the
greater part. It is therefore not com
pulsory for foreign holders to retain
interests and foster business in a
state that is not friendly. True, the
rights of the people here should not be
i sacrificed for enhancing the value of
(foreign holdings, nor on the other
h*nd need we expect to keep the full
ta! among ua If we visit it with am
istlc restrictions. Life is a struggle
1 at best, and it is little short of Inhu-
Charity among Negroes is dependent
upon th<* spasmodic contributions of
individuals and churches and upon do
nations of the white charity associa
lions. It is a shame that this con
dition eiists when there are always
Negroes who need assistance. We are
amply able to care for our owu unfor
tunates. or at least have organiiation
and money enough to need but limited
assistance from the county and state.
To meet this real need we suggest that
the churches of this state invest some
money in investment real estate, the
Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and
every Instrumentality that God has
will surely visit the perpetrators of
the recent atrocities in the South. The
mills ot the gods grind slowly. But
the reckoning must come. The pas
sions that rage without bonds now
must be reaped In tears and mayhap
In blood. Government Is not lightly
laid aside. Its restraining hand Is
right and must prevail at last.
Mrs. Mary Church Terrell has come
to the defense of Dr. Montgomery In
hls trouble In the management of the
schools of this city. It was charged
that Dr. Montgomery substituted
names for those given by the superin
tendent and tried to have them ap-
man and is certainly criminal to ap
peal to caste prejudices and class dis
tinctions to win a political campaign.
Bread and butter is too serious a prob
lem with the average wage earner for
it to be right to lead him to endanger
them through ill-advised political
All this is said upon the assumption
that Democrats are honest in their
anti-corporation talk. We only wish
they were. An honest foe is so much
preferable to one that stoops to con
quer. But if they are honest, they are
certainly in suspicious company. Cor
.poration attorneys head the machine,
corporation run ior office on
rhs of
and in short it looks like they are cry
ing • fire” in order to get unobstructed
access to the good things of office.
income from which would be the nu
cleus of a charity fund. Pastors and
people are right in considering that
the first work of a church is to save
souls and the showing forth of the true
Christian spirit of help for the most
lowly and unfortunate will he the light
set up for the whole world to be light
ened by. A limited sacrifice of energy
and money will accomplish this. By
all means let us earn the respect of
our white neighbors by taking some of
the responsibility of caring for our
unfortunates off their hands.
proved by the board during the ab
sence of Dr. Chancellor, the superin
tendent from New Jersey, and was
caught in the act. Mrs. Terrell replies
that such was not the case. She tells
Dr. Chancellor that she Is worthy of
his steel, and If the doctor needs fur
ther Information, let him doubt Mrs.
Terrell. She la a lighter and will not
flee from the fire. This we know, Dr.
Chancellor will have to stay awaks
nights to frame a reply to Mrs. Ter
rell's ingentus defense of Dr. Mont
gomery. But strong as the letter of
Mrs. Terrell was. she admitted that
these are daya of 'storm and stress’*
In the school situation. But she la
able, Dr. Chancellor, you need to un
derstand that.
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