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tlou, besides seven student assistants^
The Rev. Dr. Pezavia O'Connell of
Salisbury. Mil., was unanimously elect
ed to the chair of church history and
Scripture exegesis made vacant by
the death of Dr. John L. Ewell, who
for twenty years held that position.
Dr. O'Connell is a man of unusual
scholarship. Professor Morris Jastrow.
Jr., of the University of Pennsylvania,
where Dr. O’Connell took his degree,
says: * He has the mind and method
of a real investigator, and l am satis
tied that he will make additions to our
knowledge of the Old Testament. He
has also a most lucid and happy man
ner of exposition, and I cannot Imag
ine any better fortune for aspirants
to knowledge in a seminary than to
come into contact with such a man.”
President Francis Brown of the Union
Theological seminary speaks of him
as “a scholar of remarkable ability
and a gentleman of cultivation and
personal attractiveness.”
The position in the School of Law
made vacant by the death of Mr.
Thomas 1. Woodward, who for eight
years had been a lecturer on the law
of real estate, was not filled. On rec
ommendation of the deau. Mr. George
Francis Williams, one of the profes
sors was appointed to temporarily fill
the chair for the remainder of the
The report of the treasurer showed
the institution without debt. The
budget for the year, however, reveals
the fact that only by the most rigid
economy can a deficit be avoided on
account of the large increase of stu
dents and the enlargement of the
teaching force.
The rapid increase of Young Men s
Christian association buildings for col
ored men in the north and south has
made a demand for a training school
for secretaries. At the urgent re
quest of the International Young Men's
Christian association committee the
board has authorized the o|HMihig of a
Young Men's Christian association
training school, the work to be pro
vided for by the present teaching force
in the School of Theology and college,
with assistance from the officers of the
central Young Men's Christian associ
ation and from the two international
secretaries who are located in this
Mothers’ Day Nursery to Reopen.
At the February meeting of the
Lincoln Settlement association held
in the interest of the Mothers' Day
nursery in Brooklyn, plans were per
fected for the reopening of tlie nursery
early In March. The officers of the
day nursery department of the Settle
ment association are: President Dr. V.
Morton-Jones; vice president. Mrs.
Alice Wiley Seay; secretary. Miss
Gertrude E. Johnson: assistant secre
tary, Miss Catherine E. Washington:
treasurer, W. Russell Johnson.
Warning to Federal Government.
The effort to elect United States
senators by a direct vote of the people
deserves to fail, says the Dallas (Tex.)
Express. The idea is born in sin and
soaked in iniquity. The very day the
federal government lends its sanction
to this heresy that day the national
government acknowledges the legality
of the unlawful and diabolical methods
now being resorted to to disfranchise
the Negro vote in the south.
Wisdom In Becoming Politically Wiso.
The Illinois Idea, edited and pub
lished by Mr. S. B. Turner in Chicago,
says editorially colored men are be
coming wise politically. They are
taking part in all the different cam
paigtis and are dividing their votes
like any other nationality.
Colored Citizens Have Just Cause For
Complaint, Says Dillard.
In the course of his lecture on “The
Growing South” nt the Waldorf-
Astoria in New York recently. Presi
dent James H Dillard <»f Tulane uni
; versity, Louisiana, said:
"It is doubtful whether the discus
siou of tlie race question in the south
is helpful at this time. Quiet work for
improved conditions is more needed
than loud talk. So much has been said
and done which might cause irritation
that the wonder is how peaceably the
millions are going on about their busi
ness. It is only the dozens and hun
dreds about whom we hear trouble.
In my opiuiou. the races are settling
down to a basis of gradual adjustment,
which requires time and patience. If
we wish to hurry let us hurry in the
way of letter schools, better religion,
better homes and more landowners. I
shall venture to mention four grounds
on which I think the colored people
have a right to make just complaint,
the trouble may be in the north as
well as In the south.
"They have a r ght to complain of
their treatmei# 'a the lower courts,
which are the ii courts for most of
their people, is s a shame that less
care is taken, luv money paid, less
thought given t# * justice in these
loweV courts than In the higher courts.
"Another just ground of complaint is
the treatment which they too often
receive from the employees of public
service corporations, especially from
the employees of common carriers,
such as ticket sellers and car con
ductors. I .mean the humiliating treat
ment in the way of gruff words and
"Still another cause of complaint is
that in many parts in the south, es
pecially in the rural districts, the
colored people are not provided with
public schools which are open long
enough or have sufficiently competent
teachers. The education of the masses
must depend on the public schools,
and our southern white |*eoj>le must
learn that from every consideration »»f
Justice, as well as from every con
sideration of self Interest, the masses
of the race in ttie country must be
brought out of the condition of igno
rance and inefficiency.
"The fourth complaint is that we
are too apt to generalize the Negroes
ns a mass and Judge the whole by
the worst types. On the contrary, the
colored people of the south should l»e
encouraged to have self respect and
race respect
Speaking before a large audience in
Montgomery. Ala., recently on the
duty of the Christian church toward
Africa and its people. Bishop Alex
ander Walters of New York said the
Christian church is neglecting Africa.
To know the awful needs of the
non-Christian world, to have an avail
able gospel sufficient to meet that
need, to be fully able to carry that
gospel to those who are In need of It
and not to do so is hypocrisy.
Root Made Southern Senators Shiver
John Mitchell. Jr., the sagacious edl
tor of the I.ichmond fVn.) Planet
says Senator Iv'iliu Boot seems to
have sent cold shivers down the spinal
column of the southern senators when
he told them that the election of leg
islators by a direct vote would be an
other centralization of power which
would endanger the unconstitutional
provisions of the unconstitutional con
stitutions in i lie several southern
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