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Oct. 26—Autumn Leaf ball at Dania
ball by Capitolia Temple.
Oct. 26 —Disappointed Bride at Short
er church.
Oct 31 —Hallowe’en party by ladies
of the Church of the Redeemer at
Dania hall.
Oct. 31 —Hallowe’en mask ball at East
Turner hall.
Nov. 16 —Ball by Welcome club at
East Turner hall.
Nov. 16 —Hard time social by Prog
ress Court of Calanthe at Dania
Jan. 1, 1812—Leap year ball at East
Turner hall.
Tuesday night, Oct 31st will occur
the first of the series of addresses by
the Rev. J. A. Thos-Ha*ell on the
Inter-Races Congress at the People's
Presbyterian church.
The case of J. J. Manuel has been
set for trial Oct. 24 in the West Side
Rev. Thos. G. Brown leaves the
city next week to go to San Antonio,
where he will have charge of the
Episcopal work there. He leaves
many friends behind who wish him
well in his new held of labor.
Dancing academy open every Thurs
day. All beginners will report at hall
will give you a Set of
Dishes absolutely FREE
Either New Subscribers, or Old
Subscribers paying all indebtedness
All of them becoming Subscribers
Yearly in advance. Price $1.50
Visit The Statesman Office
1026 19th Street
and see the DINNER SET which we are
offering to our subscribers
Only a little effort.
You can get one without effort.
Only a little money, $2.50.
City News
at 8 o'clock sharp. Lessons until 9.
Grand hall every third Thursday.
Courteous attention. Admission rea
sonable. Everybody Invited, at Col
ony ball, 28th and Downing. Good
man's orchestra.
Ho Ho club.
2029 Champa street. Phone Main
COAL $4-0°
w * P | RTON
Leon Pryor has been fortunate in
securing the agency of the Rogers
Brothers silver in Denver. The rep
utation of Rogers’ silver is too well
known for comment to be necessary
on the quality of the goods. The
company has empowered Mr. Pryor
to offer a set of spoons sold at $1.95
and to give as a premium to buyers
a kitchen set valued at $2.50. This
is a most extraordinary offer and
shows that the company values the
service of Mr. Pryor. They give him
a salary and also a commission on
goods sold. He has made Denver his
home for ten years and is especially
well known through the part in lo
cal theatricals. He will canvass the
A surprise birthday party in honor
of Mr. J. J. Bates was given by his
most beloved wife, Mrs. J. J. Bates,
at their home, 2910 Glenarm Place,
last Monday evening. The house was
decorated most beautifully with car
nations and smilax. There were
games and a delightful time was had.
The guests were: Mrs. A1 Kerr, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Wilson, Mr. William
Sanders, Mr. Dick Harris, Frank
Stevens, Mr. S. Helems and Miss
Martha Johnson, the Misses Lovie,
Emma, Mattie, Criseva, Francis and
Grace Helems, Mrs. T. J. Trusty,
Mrs. J. Hollie, Mrs. Jestine Halliday.
The recital of Madam Anita Patti
Brown at the People's church Mon
day night was well attended. Those
who heard this charming soprano on
her former appearance say she was
even better this time. At any event,
it may be said of her that for power
in any part of the scale she is an ex
ceptional artist. Her rendtions of
popular airs was enjoyed by the most
people. In the more difficult classics,
she showed her technique and range,
and was hailed with applause, ‘queen
of song.” The recitation by Miss Cor
telia Reynolds and piano solo by
Miss Rhodie Anderson were delight
ful additions to the chorus music
which completed the program.
DRESSMAKING by Mrs. Andrews
at 1336 Broadway.
a Second Annual
I Church Industrial
A Fair and Harvest Home
* Celebration
Campbell Chapel
23 rd and Lawrence Streets,
OCT. 22 to OCT. 27
Sunday at 11 a. m. will be the Harvest Sermon by
Rev. W. C. Williams. The Altar at this Service will
be covered with Fruits, Vegetables and Grains of the
Field for which we will give thanks to Almighty God.
On Monday Eve., Oct. 23rd will be the beginning of
the Greatest Industrial Fair ever held in this city by
our people.
You Have Never Seen Anything likejftj||
it. You Cannot Afford to Miss It
’! Chairmen of Committees—M. E. Woodruff, Amelia Brown, Hattie King, J. T. Edwards, Henry
N««bit, J. Perkins. REV . W. C. WILLIAMS, Pastor
Mlaa Ethel Layton returns home
from the hospital this week, having
survived an operation which was of
the most serious nature.
Mr*. Martha Hill is improving
at her home, 241 Newton street.
Mrs. Myrtle Holland is entertain
ing a visitor from Philadelphia.
The Self-Improvement Club is giv
ing an unusual commendation to its
president. Mrs. Jas. Abernathy by
bar in* her in office through not
eh tin* a successor. This club has
hern one of the most active in the
state and its loyalty to its officers is
nc less a compliment to the members
for the support than to the officers
for their leadership.
Mrs. Annie Baptiste entertained at
lutu-heon Thursday night in honor of
Madam Anita Patti Brown, the singer.
Mr. and Mrs. Syl. Stewart are now
lit at* at Twenty-ninth and High
st roots.
The general lack of knowledge of
the ability of the colored physicians
of Denver to perform surgical work
is most difficult to meet for the rea
son that the ethics of the medical
esslon absolutely bar the adver
tising of the merits of a doctor in
ny particular case. For instance, it
not professional for a doctor to say
■ r himself, and is equally embarrass
ing to the conscientious physician to
have said of him that in the case of
Mr. So and So he effected a cure.
The Statesman recognizes these pro
, ssional considerations and yet
■ shea to give to our colored doctors
such reputs as Is justly theirs. It is
rot fair that the fame of white practi
oners alone should be exalted.
Therefore front time to time with
ilit the use of names of either patient
or doctor, we shall tell of success. It
is in the highest degree -creditable
that a colored physician recently was
no of the two doctors bearing the
major responsibility for a capital op
• ;ntion that was of doubtful success.
For three hours three labored on the
surgical work and the speedy recov
ery of the patient Is glory enough for
the colored physician.
Orders Directly From the King.
The kin?* orders to correspondent*
of tba* Dallas (Tex I Express are the
following: Do not write when you
have nothing to any. Take subscrlp
tlons for $1 from September to Nov. 1.
Send no matter to lie paid for. but
send the money with It. Stop silly
writing. This Is the Ipse dixit of Edi
tor W. E. Kin* of the Dallas Express,
it mean* what it ssya, tor it la tho
ttng’a decree.
Nickel Refunded with all Telephone Orders of 91.00
We Gave You Prompt Service and Low Prices
Last Winter, Will Do the Same This Winter
Northern Lump Coal, per ton 14 50 One Ton Hard Nut $5 25
Northern Lump Coal, naif ton 2 50 All Hard Lump, per ton 6 00
Half Ton Nut, all kinds ..—- 290 Satisfaction Guaranteed
1119 22nd Street, and Law ran :e Sts. Phone Main 5067
There Is but On. Path to Peace, Siyl
President Scarborough.
Xn his speech at the universal peace
congress recently held In London
President W. S. Scarborough of WU
berforce (O.) university said: The fact
that the wide world is awakening to
the dangers confronting society at
large Is a good sign. We are sure that
the weapons of good will eventually be
more potential than those of evil in ad
justing the Negro Question in the
states. There must be an uprising of
fearless men of all races—men who see
the right and dare to do it in averting
trouble and discountenancing anything
that panders to race prejudice; men
who will preach untiringly and un
ceaslngly the gospel of the common
brotherhood of man; who will work for
legislation that will render equal Jus
tice to all: who will unite In stifling
crime, helping the fallen and guarding
the youth; who will plead for that gen
eral exercise of Christian fellowship
that will lead to confidence in and re
spect for self and others.
The Negro Is needed in the develop
ment of America. He Is native to its
customs. Its religion and its laws; has
virtues as well ns vices. He has given
his blood In its defense, and it owes
him a chance. It becomes a matter of
right and duty that both north and
south should unite actively In mutual
co-operation with the race for law and
order, for pence and fraternity, for
right and Justice. There Is but one
path to peace and the final adjustment
of this question.
And that Is to use the law for the
protection and punishment of white
and black citizens alike, to practice the
true Christianity that is preached and
to leave the door of hope open to the
Negro as to any other people. This
work will devolve upon godly preach
ers. self sacrificing, intelligent teach
ers. devoted philanthropists and wide
awake, earnest students of sociology,
and it Is the mission of the higher In
stitutions of learning for the Negro in
the United States to raise up. educate
and Inspire the coming generations of
the rare to assist in the consummation
of this purpose.^
Sometimes liver, kidneys and bow
els seem to go on a strike and refuse
to worn right. Then you need those
pleasant little strike breakers—Dr.
King s New Life Pills—to give them
natural aid and gently compel proper
action. Excellent health soon fol
lows. Try them. 25c at all druggists.
FOR RENT—Nicely furnished
rooms in modem house. Mrs. Nee
ley, 2621 Marion street.
FOR RENT—A furnished room in
modern house at 2622 Downing St
Mrs. J. B Gist.
FOR RENT—Nice 6-room brick,
water in the house. 2535 East Fifth
avenue, rent $15. The Colored Amer
ican Loan and Realty Company, 813
Twenty-first street.
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms at
1SS9 .Marion street. Phone Purple
FOR RENT—l .urge front room,
nicely furnished, with privilege of
house. A nice location with the beau
tiful mountain scenery. Man and
wife preferred. Call Blue 2579.
FOR RENT—Seven-rom house at
301S Champa street. Apply to Rocky
Mountain Athletic Association, 2014
Champa St.. Phone Main 2275.
THE LORINE, at 2312 Champa
street. Modern house, nice rooms.
Phone Champa If36.
FOR RENT—Furnished room for
gentlemen at 2515 Curtis street.
No one has ever made a salve,
ointment or balm to compare with
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, it’s the one
perfect healer of cuts, corns, burns
bruises, salt rheum. For sore eye
cold sores, chapped hands or sprains
it s supreme. Unrivaled for piles
Try It. Only 25c, at all druggists.
Gentlemen, Christmas Is coming.
Call In and inspect the seta of dishes
we have, three different patterns, and
see If they will not make a »■■—«
present •

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