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Hear Madame Hackley Christmas Night at Shorter
Franklin's Paper The Statesman
Twenty-Third Year
Operation of Cotion Mill In
Texas Proves Successful,
The Manufacture of Cotton Fabrics by
the Promoter* of the Mill City Con
oern la Evidence of the Steady Ad
vaace Which the Race la Making In
the Buainaaa World.
Mill City. Tex Education unused
•nd unemployed Is au economic waste
Natural advantage* neglected or left
undeveloped either in business or
other commercial pursuits are barged
up by the thinking world against
people ao overlooking and neglecting
them It Is necessary that we plan
for and conduct our dally business
affairs with these stubborn facts in
mind. The American Negro Is the
largest producer Af cotton In the world
Good business methods impel him to
so provide for its manufacture and
sni/' ns to ohtnin the best values for
hMself and tbi ae din ndlrect
ly concerned.
Cotton manufacture Is one of the
standard industries of the ‘world In
England. France. Germany. Italy Rus
sia. Japan and China, as well as lu
Mexico. Canada and the United States,
several millions of people are employed
lu its production The American Ne
gro is the producer of fully 00 jwr cent
of all their supply of cottou He sells
it at a few cents a (kiiiiml in tile bale
ami buys buck his needs of manufac
lured cotton supplies at dollars per
pouud While one half the colored pop
illation of the south are producing cot
ton on the farms the other half arc only
partially employed about the towns ami
Sound economic policy requires that
cotton manufacture move forward side
by side with the growth and production
of the staple on the farm In the fall
of 1908 twenty-five acres of land sit
unted in the suburbs of Dallas were
purchased and allotted into what is
known ns Mill City addition to Dallas.
Tex .at a cost of SIO,OOO One-third of
armnino room mm.
the tract w ~s -it apart as the factory
reservation. wln*n*iii tin* erect ion tit fa*
tories was ti* Ik* em-oiiruged ami by
their operati«*ii employ ment to th»*
people Twent.v*tive home* have lx.***!
huilt. valued at tnort* than S3U.UOU.
Capacity of Mop and Twine Factory
The first manufacturing plant to l
erected w:ih the Mill City mop at id
twine factory, a complete spinning
mill of 2,000 spindle*. with a full equip
meut of t\\ inline ami winding macbln
ery. valued at 535.00 U with a lirst
mortgage l»oml issue of 11-VOOO This
plant operated successfully during
the past year, giving employment to
forty operative* and finding a read>
market f--r all its product in t\\lneaml
mops, halving more than sixty whole
sale and Jobbing houses in its list of
customer* The erection of all build
lugs. Including both the homes amt tin
mill, wan done by the citrons of Mil
City They are tin* complete tu*isi«»r*
of every det.-:i! of jin- construction «*f
the building and the operation of tin*
The cotton mill of today is a hind
non* organization capable of employ
lug many liuitdriK) |*ersous. 'renting
Innumernb po*itlons of responsibility
nnd trust, m i*o |.«*rinitting the develop
ment of a high degree of scientific
knowledge and sgiil on the part of the
progressive operative* There i* among
the colored |K»ople ample talent, suited
and educates I fully tip t«» nil these re
Tim lines along which thi* develop
ment has progressed pnn Ide not only
f r • fad m f I so for cn
atlng n model so h *ettletueut around
the plant in which the operatives «au
purchase their own homes All the
houses are being planned and built In
good, neat style with large and well
ventilated rooms These homes are
neatly finished aftet the best stand
ards 'Hie town lies about half a m ♦*
east of Dallas within switching di*
tnnee of two railroad*, the Texas and
Pacific railroad being north of it and
the Texas and New Orleans on the
Scope and Worth of the Main Factory.
The main factory, known a* the Mill
City cotton mill, is now being erected
and the machinery installed The
building will contain lITi.OOO square feet
of floor space, and the \*<piipineni all
of which has been purchased, consists
of fj.ooo spindles. 200 looms,
complete blenelicry and dye works,
also complete equipment for a machine
nnd repair shop This plant will give
employment to more than 400 opera
lives when run at full productive ca
pacity. Ksti muted value when cum
pleted. SIOU.OOO Household u«*cessi
ties, aucb as cotton rugs of many varie
lies uud sizes. including art squares u|
to nine feet iu width, also counter
panes, bedspreads, table covers, towel
ing. etc., will be manufactured.
The central idea running through
and directing all actions in Mill Citj
is the making and distributing by col
ored |>ersons of such useful and artis
tic products of spindle and loom a>
will bring out the maximum produc
tive ability of the race This will de
velop a strong pride lu the ability
thrift and efficiency of the workers and
give encouragement to the promoters
It is the pioneer effort in the develop
ment of a standard industry that will
point the way for broader usefulness
The plan of financing the development
of Mill City and its factories is sim
pie. It rests on the holdings and per
sonai worth of the management as its
basis with their |*ersonal guarantee
and indorsement behind each of the se
curities issued. By careful purchasing
methods and using extreme economy
in the management of its affairs the
first mortgage interest paying obliga
tions have been held within r>0 |H*r
ceDt of the values behind them
Topeka Session of Press Association
Best In Its History.
Toj»eka. Kan.—Tile Western Negro
Press iisxH-intioti. which recently held
its fifteenth annual meeting in tin
city. conducted one of the most hell*
ful programs ever rendered at any .*t
its meetings during its successful an.!
eventful career Resides the member
and other local talent, the nssociat on
was fortunate In securing the service
of Governor \V It Stuhhs and the
Hon W '1' Vernon, who delivered
timely and Inspiring addresses
Tlte com in it fee on resolutions, after
thanking all persons who assisted in
helping to make the meeting the glow
ing succe-- which it was with »
vote of thanks i«> the local business
league for the splendid liampiet whi h
It gave to the tneni)»ers of the organ
ization. commended Mrs c \\ alke:
for her generous gift to the Y M i V
in IndiatiapolK. Ind and condetnucd
the governor of South ('arolin for
being In favor of mob violence
The election of oiiecr- icsiilted a
follows Andrew.i Sunt henna ii. s. uni
ter. Muskogee. (Jklit . president drsi
vice president. \\ \. Harris Se:i-<h
light. Sedalia. Me -eeotid \ i»*e
dent. .1 Walker. Krectimn. Itidiati
a polls, hut recording secretary. .1 |i
Cooke Defender. .Milwaukee , Wis
corresponding -e iet.it l \ Bell
American. \Yagom t Okla assistant
secretary. I’ C. Thomas. Herald. In
pefc rri X lek <i p
dealer. Topeka, historian. Harry It
Graham. Tmnuler < k Milndan> Kan
chaplain Itev -I 15 Uansoui. Tnpeka.
The exectuIve eoiiimittee includes \
I> Griffin. I’laindealei. Tnpeka: l.ewis
Woods. Kansas t it \ Sun. Kansas City .
Mo.: W R King K\press. Dallas.
Tex C H Ituihanau. Safeguard.
(Illtbrio. Okla lolin I Thompson. Ii\
•fonder I »«■- Mo net* I \Y \ Hill
Protest. St .!os«•;ih. >!-• The sixteenth
annual meeting of the .« laliou will
be hold In Milwaukee Wis.
Lincoln Emancipation Association
The Lincoln Rmancipation assocla
tlon In Brooklyn has begun active
preparations for the celebration of the
forty-eighth anniversary of Hie issu
ance of that immortal docuraen:
which declared freedom to the slaves.
Meaning of Coming National Campaign
In all this blow and bluster there
should be some way to make the safe
and sane colored elector remember
the Taft administration Is not the only
doggone thing that ever happened to
this race of ours, says the Dallas (Tex.)
Rxpress In the coming struggle to
nominate and elect a proslden.1. If Taft
and IHtehcocU and ltoosevelt arc to he
the commanders. the Negro may ex
peet tn he ernollled on the cross of
pertldv and political dishonor while
wearing on Ids brow a crown of
Work of Rev. Dr. C. D. Hazel Entitles
Him to Promotion.
Anbury Park. N. J.—The minds of
the /.ionites* are centered on the gen
eral 'ouference which meets in Char
let?** N. in May. 1912.
Boides the general business which
com- • up before the conference which
has to do with the election of the gen
eral officers of the church, perhaps the
most interesting feature will be the
elec 1 ion of the three new bishops. The
larp- territory of the Zion connection
nec Mtated an addition to its bishop
ric ?«> aid in carrying on the great ma
chinery of the church
®u* high and honored office of bishop
haft • iiused many iutlueutial church
mot ' the connection to aspire for the
offif • One of the strongest candidates
for tic bishopric and one who f»ossess
es peculiar fitness for the office is the
Rei Dr. C. D. Hazel, the efficient and
cap .c presiding elder of the New Jer
sey district of the New Jersey annual
It i> interesting to note that nearly
all ' the colored people own their
hotn* and fully 5b per cent have
nic property to let.
R»- J. W. Fant, pastor of the A
M. K church, was in the city Dec.
lot »nd delivered two aide sermons
to a representative congregation o
• listeners.
'Me* First Baptist church is taking
n new life under the leadership of
K-v. T. M. Russell, who on last Sun
day afternoon addressed a full audi
nce. Subject was "Is the Bible th<
Word of God?" 2 Peter 1:21.
The First Baptist Sunda> school
ill be entertained Saturday evening
- ith a Christmas tree and a selec
.sical program.
Lreat preparations are being made
: the Christmas tree
The wedding of Mr. Bruce Johnson
<1 Miss \da Wilson was a swell
Little Lottie Langon is very sick,
o it of all that mama and papa can
site seei - ••• get worst
The funeral of Mr. Patrick Sharpe.
:.o died Saturday morning at 125
ed avenue, was attended Tuesday
m Lady Pearson's undertaking par
He was so nicely put away and
funeral well attended, happily
averted he was. and prayed the
id's will be done, his wife taken
h good care of him and put him
! a ay so nice. Lord give us more
men like her. please.
The city has been the source of a
of inspiration in the last few days,
s Paul's Baptist church continues
ir attraction in the Literary So
fty on every Monday night The
ier departments of the church are
tally interesting. The A. M. K
irch is keeping abreast of time and
e. The trustees’ rally is on for the
t of January, when the first obli
ion is to be met on the pews and
pit suit for the new church 1 he
gest donation ever presented to i
I v gro church in this city is the one
the A. M. K. church by which the
intv commissioners donated the
ldows for the new edifice The
n is between $400 and $500 and
1 the church is moving on.
Mrs. N. V. Steele gave one of th<
to-date socials at her residence on
i ursday night, the 14th. for the ben
i of the Trustees’ rally. There
s. indeed, a good time for all. both
and young, and the proceeds were
lily gratifying.
itev. and Mrs. J. H Brown was the
•St of Mr. ami Mrs. Peter Clark at
’iner. in honor of their daughter,
vs. Jennie Brogant of Silvorton.
\ s. Brogant is quite an affable lady,
a jovial, sweet disposition, hence
s a host of friends everywhere.
!'he Thomas and Jordan cleaning
l tailoring establishments have
isolidated on East Main
Mrs. Fannie Booker underwent an
I o ,er severe operation of the foot on
day. u is .i (ase look ed to w
at concern.
Mrs. Anna Johnson is quite low and
s . ms not to he improving.
Br. S. P. Douglas. (?. M.. visited the
. y last week and was the guest of
Simpson's Rest No. 10. He made
quite an impression.
Social News and Personal Mention
Continued on Pages Two,
Four, and Five
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Burnett of 3912
I«arimer street have finished their
new home at 3412 Columbine street
. and are ready to welcome their
friends at the new address. They
have made their home in Denver for
twelve vears and in that time have
purchased two homes, this last one
being a model of convenience and
taste. Mr. Burnett seems to have
only one thought, his wife and home,
and Mrs. Burnett is a model wife.
The example they set of thrift and
culture is a boon to the community.
To much praise cannot be given them.
Their phone is Olive 133.
A tragedy enacteu Thursday after
noon snuffed out the life of Jas. Holly,
an estimable citizen of Denver for
many years. Through giving a home
to Mrs. hildress. who recently mar
ried Mr. Partee, he was the victim of
a murderous assault by Mr. Childress,
who came to this city from Colorado
springs, Thursday, with the threat to
kill Mr. Partee. Mr. Holly was at
home engaged in household chores,
and since no ground existed for en
mity between him and the slayer, it
is probable that Childress in his ig
norance of the identity of Partee. mis
took Holly for him and shot without
inquiry. It is a sad blow to the wife,
who is utterly prostrated. He has a
brother and many relatives here Up
to the time of going to press the mur
derer has not been apprehended
Sad Indeed is the death of Mrs. A.
\Y Porter It occurred on Thursday
near noon She and her child passed
away together, a sad reminder that in
the midst of life we are in death. The
Douglas Undertaking ompany is in
charge. Her marriage a year ago. her
pleasant surroundings, her usefulness
and friends, her loving husband, all
were of no avail.
At Campbell Chapel. Opossum din
ner. beginning at 3:00 p. in. Serve
great big Opossums, sweet potatoes,
lirown gravy. Chitlings with Ash
cake. Ha. ha. ha
Great drama. Santa Claus Christ
mas Mail, at Campbell Chapel. Mon
day evening. Dec. 25th.
West Bros, wish to inform the pub
lb that they have been granted a res
taurant license which enables them to
serve wines, cordials, beer, etc., with
meals and that the service wul be up
1 to the standard as they have main
tained in the past.
\V. A Rice, who left the city sud
denly several weeks ago. was expelled
by the Knights of Pythias on Friday
night, and by the Masons of Rocky
Mountain Dodge on Monday night. The
last named lodge, through its master.
S. A Bondurant, and its secretary.
Wm. Sprague, makes this announce
ment that the craft everywhere may
■take due notice and govern itself ac
The Crescent theater, over whose
sign segregating colored patrons, a
storm of protest «ras raised a few
I weeks ago. has changed hands. The
new owner is J. C. Cornwell of Lara
mie. Wyo. He began renovation at
once, and took down the obnoxious
sign. He wishes the public to under
j stand that he is entering for patron
age and does not continue the poliev
| that was followed by the former
I owner.
Five Cents a Copy
The Sunday School will render
I Christmas Glory” to the Child King
'and have their Christmas tree Satur
day evening, Dec. 22rd.
Sunday services. Dec. 24th:
Christmas services by the Sunday
school at 9:45 a. m.
The pastor will deliver a special
; sermon at 11:00 a. m. Miss Myrtle
' Brown will sing a solo.
The C. E. League will have charge
. of the entire evening services with
a special program at 7:2<y
The regular Christmas sermon will
be delivered Monday morning, Dec.
25th at 5:00 o’clock. Music by the
Senior and Junior choirs. Mrs 1J1-
lian Jones will sing a sacred solo.
Madame Hackley will tell about life
in gay Paree and French songs, etc .
Monday evening. Dec. 25th.
The pastor, officers and Sunday
! school are all smiles over the great
success achieved last Sunday in their
i contest. Many new scholars were
added to the roll and $91.75 collected
: Royal Brown was crowned king of
! the occasion.
To the members, friends and well
wishers of the People's Presbyterian
church we extend the compliments ot
the season. May Christmas be one
of unbroken joy. May the year 1912
be even more prosperous to you than
the present and past years. A retro
spective view of our life presents to
i us undisputable arguments of God's
1 goodness to us and our absolute un
worthiness of the same. The church
we believe is the institution founded
, by Christ Himself for the glorifying
of God by the salvation of humanity
Our firm conviction is that all or
nearly all the poverty, injustices, mis
eries and flagrant evils of the world
ar? mainly due to the church as a
, church in being passive when it
should be active in "crying aloud, in
sparing not ’ to show the existing acts
I of wickedness. Corrupt politics, cor
rupt churchmen, with all their con
conimitant evils are open challenges
) to the church. The church of God
that was founded by the spilling of
His blood can only remedy these evils
by the mustering of the righteous
forces of individuals for a common
combat with the world. Idealists.
! grumblers and fault-finders both in
and out of the church can only ac
complish the end for which the
church was instituted when they
come together in the church as a
I unit for the specific object of glorify
ing the kingdom of God b> their tin
j selfish contribution for the better
intent of humanity. As the year 1911
passes into the realms of yesterday,
let the reminiscences of the failings
of the church, including both the mis
takes of some pulpits and pews, be
buried with the bufial of forgetful
ness Let the good people in and out
of the church come together for the
year 1912 for the reaping of the great
est spiritual harvest in Denver and
thus provoke God in heaven to be
stow a special benediction and the ef
forts of our hands in the fields of
temporalities. As pastor of the Peo
i pie’s Presbyterian church, our one
: platform is to serve the people
through our church. Our views arc
! liberal as the Christ is liberal. Our
1 one object is to contribute our quota
[for the uplift of a downtrodden peo
i pie who will allow themselves to be
uplifted. “Come thou with us and
wo will do thee good."
The w ishes for a Happy Christmas
and a prosperous New Year are the
expressions of the writer.
Pastor the People's Presbyterian

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