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The| [Statesman Wishes You A Happy New Year
Franklin's Paper The Statesman
Twenty-Third Year
I am taking advantage of the ap
proaching New Year to address you a
low words of serious greeting 'ou
represent the first generation of your
race. now. grown to fullness of the
stature of manhood, under the influ
ence and power of education ou are
the lirst ripened fruit of philanthropy,
and by you alone will its wisdom or
lolly be Justified The hope of the
race is focussed in you You are to
furnish the head-light to direct the
purth through the dangers and viscis
sltudcs of the w ilderness For want of
vision the people perish: lor want of
wise direction, they stumble and fall.
There is no body of men in the
world today, now in the history of the
world, who have, or ever have had
greater responsibilities or more cov
erted opportunities than devolve upon
you It is indeed a privilege to be a
Negro of light and leading in such a
time as this The Incidental embar
rassments and disadvantages which
fnr-rtM* time being, must b* endured
are not to be compared with the far
more exceeding weight of privilege
and glory which awaits you if you
rise to these high demands For such
a privilege well may you forego the
pleasures of civilization for a season
Your world consists of lO.uoo.uim
souls, who have wrapped up in them
all the needs and necessities, pow
(Ts and possibilities of human nature,
thgfr oohtaln all the norms ol dvlll
. • from Its roof ts flon -■ en< a
Yours is the task to develop and vital
i/.e these smothered faculties and i*>
ientialitics. Your education will prove
to be but vanity and vexation of spir
it. unices It ultimate® in this task
i ou are the salt of this earth, and if
the salt lose its savior, wherewith
shall it be salted? If the light within
the racial world be darkness how
great is that darkness?
The highest call of the civilization
ot the world today is to the educated
voung man of the belated races. Ihe
educated young manhood of Japan,
t'binn, India. Egypt and Turkey must
lift their own people up to the high
level of their own high conception
They must partake ot the best things
in the civilization of Europe and show
them unto their own people Your
task is the same as one Europe in
tensified. perhaps, by the more diffi
cult and intricate tangle of circum
stances and conditions with which
you must deal.
You cannot afford to sink into
slothful satisfaction and do your lit
tle Job, draw your little pay, and *n
joy your tasteless leisure, and with
inane self-deception hide vour little
head under the shadow of your wings,
like the foolish bird, which thereby
hopes to escape the wrath to come.
As you look over the field the whole
sweep of racial movement seems to
be retrograde. The race has been dis
franchised and Jim-crowed and segre
gated. Lynching and burning of Ne
groes and horrors of indescribable
atrocity, has become a fixed Amerl-
J ra n institution The Christian con
science has become sore, and only
Christ in Heaven weeps.
There Is no other source of help but
God and you. The white race through
philanthropy has done much; but its
vicarious task was practically com
pleted when it developed you on
must do the rest. Our gratitude can
never repay tho debt we owe. They
spoke for us when our tongues were
lied, they pleaded for us when we
were speechless. Hut now our facul
ties are unloosed; wo must stand on
our own footing. The greatest grati
mde that tho beneficiary can show to
ihe benefactor is, ns soon as possible,
to do without, his benefaction. True,
we are not yet able to cut loose wholly
from the benevolent assistance; wo
htlll need some more ear-rings and
finger-rings and other furnishings
from the Egyptians. Hut the great
outstanding fact remains, tho task of
race statesmanship and reclamation is
not primarily tho white man s burden,
but. yours. Upon you will depend its
success or failure.
As far as righteous Insistence upon
Aialicnablo human rights will permit,
live at peaco and helpful co-operation
with all men. North and South, East
and West. But never under any in
ducements ot cowardice or prudence
or thrift, should you deviate from the
straight line of righteousness, which ,
alone |>oints out the way.
Moral energy and race loyalty
should he brought to bear upon your
task whether you be engaged in the
production of wealth or in the more
condite pursuits, which administer to
the higher needs of man.
The white race is fast losing faith
■ Negro an < Efficient and ac*
. .
civilisation. Curtailment of |>olitical.
civil and general privilege and oppor
tunity is but the outward expression
of this apostacy. As the white man’s
faith in you decreases, your faith in
yourselves must increase Every Ne
gro in America should be taught daily,
with his face turned toward the light,
to utter this prayer. * l-ord, I believe;
help thu my unbelief."
Through courage, expressed in the
active as well as In the passive voice,
c ourage to do and courage to endure
you must so assort and exert your
manhood, that you will not only be
lieve* in yourselves, but the* rest of the
world will he* compelled to believe in
you. Then and not till then, all will
be well
Such is the mark and the* high call
ing to which you are called May you
rise to the level of it.
Dante's Inferno which was shown at
prices ranging from 50 cents down to
15 cents down town, will appear at the
l.ornine all next week for only 10 1
Wfitirn Press Association Pledges
Loyalty to Race and Country.
Following it* the address to the coun
try in full ns ndoptcd by the Western
Negro Press association nt its recent
nnnunl meeting held In Topekn. Kan.
We. the members of the Western Negro
Press association. In convention intern
bled, acknowledge our thank* to the So
preme Ruler of the universe for the hies?
lng* which have come to the convention
members Individually end collectively, to
the race we represent . r:d nil mankind
With these presents >*»•*• e »ur greetings to
the COUntp* at large
We Would appeal to the b.ir of public
opinion and ask that discriminations
based upon color shall Im» at an end We
do this believing that the fundamentals of
American jurisprudence. the tendency of
our present day civilization, demand that
merit and worth shall count and that
nothing shall stand between the worthy
and the rewards of his labors This Is
done with the Involved purpose of making
better the standard of American manhood
and cultivating that spirit of Interdepend
ence of thought and activity, the nec«s
sary requisite In n free republic. America
grows In greatness and her perpetuity Is
more completely assured when every man
counts for one and nobody for more than
That righteousness which exhorteth a
nation should and must be more clearly
demonstrated In America than anywhere
In the civilized world. With faith In the
Justice of our cntiso we would usk that
disfranchisement and discrimination be
cause of • oloi and anytl lng that sa\ori of
unfairness before, the law shall cease. We
believe that there Is enough fairness In
the American republic to finally secure
this result.
We deplore and denounce lawlessness,
crime. Indolence and prodigality In any
race and are not unmindful of the fact
that these exist among the white race as
well ns the Negro rnce
We would ut go upon them a higher con
ception of duty to family, society and
c< untry. We would advise that they save
money, purchase homes, become property
owners and tillers of tho soli.
To tho farm, where are unlimited op
portunities. wo would advise them to go.
The tillers of the soil have ever been tho
sturdy yeomanry, tho foundation of soci
ety and tho forerunners of a powerful
commercialism which has moved tho
Wo urguc earnestly for education both
high and Industrial and believe In tho
preparation of our youth to fill every ave
nue open to tho citizens of a republic.
Tho members of the Western Negro
Press association pledge themselves to
stand for tho highest In Journalism and
for tho propagation of all tilings uplifting
and Inspiring. Wo ask members of all
professions, activities and varied employ
ments to Join in the new movement to
make better and stronger tho race of
which w * are a part and prove our right
to all the guarantee of our federal consti
tution by a wise and faithful performance
of the duties therein imposed.
Time Honored Secret Order Reincor
porates and Makes New Beginning.
A brighter day is dawning for the
Grand United Order of Galilean Fish
ermen of Baltimore, one of the old
est fraternal orders in the country.
Following the failure of the bank of
the order at Hampton. Ya.. and the
suspension of the endowment depart
ment of the order. National Grand
Ruler Columbus Gordon, Grand Secre
tary Annie G. Heath and other lead
ing spirits began to plan for the up
building of the order. At the session
of the national grand tabernacle of
the order held in Baltimore last Au
gust a revised constitution was adopt
ed. the order reincorporated, and re
cently copyright papers were taken
Reports received lately by Mr Gor
don from various parts of the Juris
diction indicate that the order is rap
idly gaining in strength. In Philadel
phia.- where Mr Charles II Marshall
Is the special deputy, the order is in
letter condition than nt any time with
in tin* past i*»n years. In Wilmington.
Del.. where tiie next annual session
will l»t* liehl. Mrs. Ellen Freeland, lieud
of tile work in (lint jurisdiction states
Hint the order is taking on new life
there and that great preparations are
being math* for the next grand ses
sion MAenuley Dorsey. grand trcas
urer of tin* order: Joseph IV Kvius
state ruler for Maryland. and a mini
ber of others are al>.» bending the*
best efforts for npbuihliug tin* work
Even in the capital of the nation th
people are stopping long enough to
give the order their consideration. I
may mention t\ r Fit/.gt raid, alter
ney for 1 1»«» onler: .1 I' Hill of Colmn
bus. <» . Mrs Hattie K. Troy of Har
risburg. Pa.: Kev I) Stratton of St
Albans, w Yn \l I. Fairfax of
Charlestown. W Yn nod others whose
devotion to the interest* of the o'tler
have always been manifested The
country tuny look for bigger th;ng>
than ever from • ur order.
Masons Hold Annual Communication.
At the annual communication of Eu
reka grand lodge. Free and Accepted
Masons, recently held in Providence.
U. 1 . much important business was
transacted Most Worshipful (Jrand
Master W 11 Mathews presided. The
attendance was large, and the members
of the craft were enthusiastic over the
success of the work accomplished with
in the jurisdiction during the year.
< Ira ml Master Mathews and the rest
or the ofHcors were re-elected
Interstate Literary Association.
The twenty first an mini meeting of
fho Interstate Literary association,
which is composed of n majority of
the literary organisations of the tuld
die west states, was held in Wichita.
Kan . for three days, beginning on
Wednesday. Dec *J7 The sessions
were presided over by Attorney S. J.
Brown of Dos Moines
General Conference Delegates.
the forty-sixth annual session of
the 'iforffia conference of the African
Met I dist Episcopal church recently
hob* in Savannah the following per
sods were elected as delegates to the
geo- r I conference to be hold in Kan i
sas 1 ity. Mo., in May. 1012: The
Rets u. n Singleton. I.. A. Towns
ley. p w. Greatheart. L. W. McMil
lan. \Y. U. I\ Sherman. N. Bembry. E
B. Brown. It M. S. Taylor. B. S. Han
nab, B. J. Ross. R. L. Hurst and T. N
M. Smith. who was selected to head the
(M. V. Gaskin.)
The minstrel show given by Porter’s
Ninth Cavalry Minstrels last Thurs
day evening was reported to be a ■
great success. The members of the
company were greeted by a large au
dlence and each one present went
awa> feeling that he or she had re
ceived their money s worth Some of
the best popular music was given and
the cavalry orchestra displayed its
usual entertaining ability.
The Dime Social which was to be '
given at the home of Mrs. Simon
Smith by the W. M. M. Society De- «
cemt" r 22, will be postponed until a ;
later date on account of Christmas.
Th<* Christmas tree concert, will be i
hel'i • hrlstmas night, the little folks (
nredominatlng. All are cordially in- ,
vlt* ■: and the Xiuas trees is for young :
an« old. >
Sunday night. December 17th. Rev
C. Crutchfield and his choir coll
ated the services at the Post chapel
charge of Chaplan George \V. Proi-
Ft. D. A
Russell. The subject of Rev. Crutch
in Ids sermon was “The Prodigal 1
Son.” A large crowd was present and
tin* singing was enjoyed by all.
I'haplain and Mrs. Proileau will
• .ive Sunday to spend the holidays ■
.th Mrs Proileaus parents.
The Christmas tree exercises tor
e children of the Ninth Cavalry
were held Saturday afternoon at 2
lock at Troop B of the same regi
ment. ,
Mr. Wm Christian, who has been
Mined to the hospital with a brok
er. limb is again able to be about with
: < aid ot crutches
Mr. D. Henry, who has been suf
ing with consumption, has been re
moved from the hospital to his home.
Saturday evening, Dec. 23, a recep
tion will be given at the A. M. E.
arch in honor of Captain Charles
i > ung. The reception will be in
cl: irge of Rev. James Washington.
•Irs. Pearl Edwards and sou, Lloyd,
ve just returned from an extended
'it with Mrs. Edward’s mother.
Mr. Charles Lucas is somewhat in
posed this week as the result of a
ious attack.
Mrs. Henry Cooper is ill at her
lu ue, threatened with an attack of
pi »umonia.
Mr. Taylor of Pasadena, Calif., is
• guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lucas,
a few days. Mr. Taylor has been
lting at ins home in Lincoln, No
ska. and is now en route to Cali
Everybody seems to be alive with
holiday spirit We wish you all
Merry Xmas
Mrs. Laura Hill's picture show is as
g. *d as the best. See it just across
in the Five Points postoffico. Best
t mis, best machine, host music.
■Irs. Delia Lawrence took suddenly
last Thursday morning but is much
arovod at this writing.
.'he first public Christmas tree for
tb children was given last aturday
in lit at the First Baptist Church It
was an enjoyable event. Many pres
< : s were exchanged.
ittle Miss Eunice Russell is spend
the holidays in Grand Junction.
The First Baptist Church lias re
sumed their regular orders of services,
preaching at 11 a .m. and 7:30 p. ni.
umlay school at 3 p. m. Prayer meet
in Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p in.
Social News and Personal Mention
Continued on Pages Two,
Four, and Five
While the readers of this paper are |
perusing this item, the men of Zion ,
Church are laboring hard to make up
for what they did not do in the last
rally which the church had last fall.
It seems that the men and the women
contested to see who would bring in
the most money, an das usual, the men
lost. So now they are solacing their
chagrin by entertaining the ladies at
an elaborate spread to be set New-
Year’s night, and today they are hard
at it with hammer and saw-making
tables to seat three hundred guests at
once. Professional chefs will prepare
the turkeys an dtrimmin's and every
thing will be done up in style. Charles
Muse Ijasii corps of waiters who know
■ • . post ol toe expert and who
mean to give such service that the
ladies will be compelled, since it is
leap year to acknowledge their ex-!
pertness by generous tips.
The first of the year is the time set ;
by Shorter Church for the general \
adoption of the pledge system of
church finance. It is expected that
this system if carried out as proposed
and as successful as it is in churches
where it has been tried will relieve
the officials‘of much of the financial
worry attendant upon present meth
ods They are explaining the system
to each member personally Rallies
will not be necessary to carry the
church current or other expenses
when all contribute in this manner.
The Loraine has the same moving
pictures as the Princess and Isis.
Spend an hour seeing the pictures at
725 20th avenue, just across from the
The Church of the Redeemer will
have as its pastor after the first of
the year. Father Brown now of To
peka. He comes by appointment of
the bishop It is a singular coinci
dence that he is of the same name as
the pastor who has just gone away.
A compliment has been paid to Rev.
Williams of Campbell A. M. E. Church
in the way of an offer of a church
in another section of the country that
is a thousand strong and proportion
ately prosperous. He has not inti
mated any intention of acceptin. but
the offer is an honor which delights
his friends.
P. W. Webster also has been con
nected with the Interior department
of the National Government since
coming to the city, being a laboratory
aide to the pure food laboratory chief,
has been advanced in grade recently,
being now laboratory assistant.
Christmas this year was especially
delightful to Wm. Sprugne. one of the
veteran employees of the Stearn-
Roger Mining Machinery Company.
He was notified of a substantial raise
in salary as well as given a reminder
of Christmas in the way of cash. He
is shipping clerk there and has been
for many years.
Mr. Spr ague is filling a position of
responsibility and salary-, unusual for
a member of tho race, and in fact, it
may be said that there are few men
in tho whole West who even equal
him In the work he performs and tho
money ho receives.
Five Cents a Copt
The coming of its new pastor has
I attracted an unusual amount of at
tention to Central Baptist Church lo
cated at 24th and California streets.
This beautiful property in the past
year was freed from all indebtedness
through the sacrifice of its members,
and they plan it to be the site of a
new Temple which shall be glory to
God and a credit to the church and
denomination The financial effort
which was undertaken last summer
had a most beneficial effect upon the
church apart from sum
of nearly a thousand dollars which
they were able to lay away in the
bank. It united and quickened the
; people, it showed them their possi
bilities. it converted a congregation
which was always spiritually strong.
' into one both spiritually and tempo
rarily efficient.
For several months the church has
been under the pastorate of Rev. G. T.
Ramey. He came into charge in a
moment of emergency and has been
a most happy choice. His long resi
dence here has made him well known
to church-goers and his leadership
1 tound ready acceptance. He has been
able to maintain the zeal and his tact
till handling of church finance and
business will cause the new pastor
Rev. Williams of Atlanta, to find a
tallow field for his sowing
Rev. Williams comes with a repu
tation as a gospel preacher, with the
strongest of recommendation as a
business man, and all in all Central
expects to enter upon fields of larger
: vision under his leadership.
Rev. Tillman of Nicodemua, Kan
I sas, a scholar and a speaker of more
than sectional reputation will preach
I at Central Church tomorrow. He
j spoke at Zion Sunday evening
On Sunday the 31st lust , at 11
; o'clock Holy Communion w ill be cele
brated by the Rev. H B Hitchings,
1) D . Rector Emeritus at St. John's
: Cathedraal. Dr. Hitchings was rector
! of the Church of St. John s in the Wi!
1 derness” nearly fifty years ago. from
IS62 to 1SGS, and during his pastorate
he ministered to the colored people
then living in Denver, holding special
services of instruction for them and
lu many ways looking after their wel
| ware. Mr. Hudston will preside at
the organ and give the address
Sunday School at 10 a. m. The pas
tor will preach at ll a. m . subject
• Enjoyclng for the Old Year ” As
Sunday night is watch meeting night.
, services will begin at 9 o'clock Th**
C. E. League will have open doors ”
. New Year’s day at the church begln
l niug at *J p. m.

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