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Patronize Merchants who Advertise in this Paper
Franklin's Paper The Statesman
Twenty-Third Year
Boy Scout Officials Extend Welcome
to Colored Patrols—Statesman
Jls Glad to Make Correction
Souic lime ago, iu an editorial, The
Statesman criticised the Denver man
agement of the Boy Scouts for show
ing discrimination against the enroll
ment of colored boys Our charge
coming to the notice ot the organisa
tion. was taken up and a statement
made In the following letter, which is
so unequivocal that w. publish it
l»o!h to give the farts as they are and
byway of apology For once wi are
sincerely glad that we have been
wrong While we did not wrong in
lent tonally, yet we were wiotig. we
iegret it and we make the correction
Denver, Colo, Ue« 11, lhll
Mr (.* A Franklin. Kditor of The
Statesman, 1026 Nineteenth St..
Denver, Colo.
Dear Sir —I regret exceedingly
that absence from the office prevented
my seeing you when you called this
rating* as i would have
• n ich to have discussed with you Lht
subject raised by jour editorial in the
issue of The Statesman of November
last, and coven
you of the 28th ultimo
A meeting of the local committee
ol the Boy Scouts of America in Den
ver , held this noon, at which I
«-onve? '■•i to the members the sub
stance of your editorial and my reply
thereto, all of which provoked a gen
eral discussion 1 find that the |K>si
tton taken on the question in my lot
ter of the ZNth ultimo to be the unanl
moils opinion of the local committee
We gladly welcome the advent ol
colored boys in the Boy Scout organ
ization, and hope that many will avail
themselves of its splendid training.
1 slnoerely hope that you have cor
reeled the wrong impression which
your editorial has made and the in
justice done the members of the local
committee. 1 would appreciate it if
you would advise the* boys of your
race, through the columns of vout
paper, that they are not barred from
becoming Boy Scouts on account of
their color; but, on the- contrary, nr
welcome. The formation ot patrols
and troops 1b left almost entirely t«»
t the boys themselves, and tin control
of the local committee is merely ex
ercised for the purpose- of seeing that
a high standard Is maintained
Yours very truly.
Secretary of the* Boy Scouts of Amer
ica in Denver.

Bovs who are interested in this
movement, parents who realize what
It will mean to their boys, will be
directed what steps to take if they
will make Inquiry at The Statesman
Marked Progress Shown In Rise
of Two Energetic Toilers.
Arkansan Afro-Amoricnns Who Hav»
Achieved Success In the Public. Pro
fer.sional and Civic Life of Littl*
Rock —Former Letter Carrier Now
Superintendent of City Delivory.
I.it lin I lock Ark. A record of the
achievements of the colored people of
Arktin .is, particularly of Little ttock.
interest lip; reading. r J'ho struj;
c| ( T s Sl ,:nc . f them have bad hi order
to gain a footbolil and u competency
would l»e more startling than the veri
est fiction.
Perhaps Kittle Rock is tie only town
of * on<te<piem *• In the country where
there is « ooh»r<*d superintendent of
city delivery, n man o lio has worked
tils way steadily from < artier to the
bijnrest position in that division l'n
der Lain work a large uumt»er of while
and colored • irriers and clerks. He
1 s business Hr-i. last and all the time
and lu tiie tucnty-one yi»ara be has
t*een « «»!»;.«* ted with lhe |K*stotliee he
baa uiuue many friends among the
while nud • «»!«*i«*d patrons «*f the otii« e
In gii'uiiig this landtiou H H. (jar
ner lias simply done ns others have
done \vb«* li. *«• f*i-«*d ics uguition in
spite of « olor prejudh e 111* has stu* k
to !iis work working during hours and
lifter hours, familiarizing himself with
every detail, and in the cud making
blni'elf iudi*|»cns;.tde It is a bard
thing to „i*t around the « old records of
civil aeivee proeetlure, and when con
fronted v.iili tin* la* t that here st«>od
tlie logit til in ti for the plat e, whose
knou ledge of things ami condition? tlt
t#*d him. la*sides w ht»se record was be
hind him. there was but little else to
do bur appoint liitn to the (Kndtiou he
now holds.
Frank A. Young, grand keeper of
records ami seals. Arkansas Jurisdic
tion of the Knights of Pythias, is one
of the foremost young men in the
mate He occupies a i>osition of com
manding influence among them, al
though lie has only lived in the state a
little o\er ten years. He has had more
to do with tlie erection and inalnte
uanre of the old Indies’ home than any
other individual, that institution being
built largely through his efforts.
Mr Young owns some valuable real
estate, lives in oue of the tnos»‘ beauti
ful homes in the city nud was ve-clect
od for the fourth time to his present
position. He served on the finance
committee and committee on homes for
the Business league and was chair-
» i.ank a row a
mnn of tho committee on toast*. Tic
stands high in hoc rot orders, among
them the Odil Fellows, Masons. I’yth
Inns and Mosaic Templars Before en
tering the real estate business he
served for ten years as a railway mail
clerk, and only by economy and close
application to business has he worked
himself up to his present position of
Influence in the state.
Young Women’s Christian Association.
The work of the Young Women's
Christian association In St. l.ouls Is
progressing rapidly under the leader
ship of Mrs. Klizaheth Boss Haynes
and her etiiolent band of coworkers.
The young women of the city seem to
be thoroughly aroused and art* joining
hands with Mrs Haynes in an effort to
build up u I urge membership
Young Organization of Paronta Makaa
Its Initial Bow.
Among the more re< ent organizations
under the leadership of the women of
Brooklyn and one which promises large
results In personal help to the mothers
of the various communities Is the
Mothers' club The organization had
its Inception In the thrift and Industry
of Mrs. Smith Ferebee and Mrs. Adah
M. Talbott who communicated U»el«*
ideas and plans to several other Inter
ested mothers. Including Mrs II S
Newton, and the result was the forma
tlon of the club.
One of the objects of the Mothers'
club is to create greater Interest in
the family life «»f the community bj
getting the mothers together often hi
conference for the discussion of the
many problem** incumbent upon them
iu the rearing «*f their children.
In su« h a discussion consideration
will t** given to the needs of children
at different ages and how to meet
them, the literary, moral and reli
gious atmosphere which should pervade
the homo, the proper attitude of par
ents toward their children and kin
dred subjects A circulating library of
the best books for mothers will also be
a feature
The first pul i function of the Moth
era’ club was re* ently held at the Carl
ton avenue branch of the M C. A
and was a gratifying success socially
and financially An appreciative audl
en« e was present to enjoy the spicy
literary program which was rendered
by able talent
Mrs N It Ihtdson. president of the
club, preside*! over t lie program, which
was ns follows ('migregatlonnl slue
Ing. Invortition. plan** selection. Mrs
George r. \vil*ec«n. .Ir Introductory
address. Mrs Dodson: piano solo. Mas
ter Ackerman Phillips: dramatic read
Ing. Mrs. Mary M Taylor, and an ad
dress by Intcrifational Secretary » . a-
Hunton of the Young Men's Christian
The officers of the club are Mrs N
11. Dodson. president; Mrs Smith Fere-
Inn*. vice president; Mrs. Adah M. Tal
bot Ux sec ret ary. and Mrs. Frances Har
rison. treasurer
Mrs. Delia Lawrence and Mrs
Mary Brookins arc convalescent.
Mrs. Laura Walker left last week
on a visit to her relatives in Fulton
and Mo.
The First Baptist church elected
the following officers and teachers to
conduct the Sabbath school for the
ensuing yolir: Superintendent, Alice
Clark: assistant superintendent,
Lewis Walker; secretary. Helen Dun
can; treasurer. Cordelia DeNeal,
Myrtle Duncan, librarian: Eunice Rus
sell, organist: Janies Johnson and
Laura Adams, teachers.
Mr. Ned Robinson is away on a
Rev. Fnnt is expected this week to
spend a few days in our city. While
hero he will hold meetings at the
A. M. E. church.
Services at the Baptist church last
Sunday morning: Matt. 5:14. “Light
In a Dark Place.” Evening: Rom.
It: 11!. •'Settle Your Own Uoount
Brother T. M. Russell, officiating.
Both subjects were well delivered to
an appreciative congregation. May
God over bless Brother Russell in his
good work.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woods enter
tained i few friends at dinner Sun
day evening at their home on Third
street The guests were: Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Riley, Miss Octavia Riley,
Messrs James Garrett and Alex.
The colored band recently organ
ized gave a ball on Monday (New
Year’s) night, at the Band hall. A
large crowd attended and a delight
ful tim*. was had.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stribbling are
erectile a beautiful cement block
Miss Hazel Stribbling has been in
dispos'd with the measles but is able
to be out again.
Mr. George Carter continues to be
ill with heart trouble.
Mr. Ed Hayden, formerly of Den
ver, is in the city again and has re
sumed his old position on the parlor
Mr L \. Riley is anticipating trav
eling with the Lacy Minstrels this
season which hopes to open their
season, ravel on or about the mid
dle of March. We wish the company
great iccess.
The weather has been quite cold,
the thermometer reaching 15 degrees
below zero.
i N. jt Lav r< ent< riained
lb - McCully and wife Sunday for
Mrs N K. Shaw left for Kansas
it} where she will join her hus
an . They will make Kansas City
heir home
Mrs. Green of Wyoming is visiting
;.er sister and son. .Mrs. Martines.
Mrs. Will Watkins left for Port
lane: Ore , to make her home
Mr. and Mrs. 1-awrence Fair en
tertained Re%. McCully and wife for
'.inner Christmas eve.
s. A. J. Martin is coufiued to her
M s. Kindey is confined to her
hour with rheumatism.
Mis. Martines entertained Christ
mas day Rev. McCully and wife.
v. s. Blue was in from her ranch
Th sday.
Ms. Colter is confined to her bed.
M s. Flemmings has returned from
s Lake.
Christmas tree was a great
si. ss. Many good presents were
ha: tied out from it. while the chil
dri'i rejoiced. Mr. Henry Clay knows
w to do with a Sunday school.
choir of lute hus been reuder
ir- sjme tine music under the leader
si: of Mrs. Ij. A. Morris.
A few weeks ago the pastor per
!» d the matrimonial tie between
Mi Bruce Johnson and Mrs Ada
V\ n of Pueblo, and ol course
rii mas dinner was in order and
trul he was not forgotten. The tur
Kt : as there but he didn’t gobble
th« tlier fellow did that.
;n glad to say that among the
el*. papers 1 read regular, The
Stn. -unnn is the most welcome vis
it. 1 go out to meet the postman
evet Monday morning to get The
Si man, and read everything in it.
It’- newsie.
'1 death of little Lottie Jane Lee
Lai n, whose parents are prominent
< it is of original duration, was
qui a shock to all in the city who
kite her. Only twelve years old.
yet m extra little Christian, with
suit sing Christian influence, whose
dt has caused several to turn to
the ord, attempting to use her little
llf« is a model, she died Sunday
m.' ng and funeral was held from
tin v. M. E. church, where she was
a nber. Interment in Mesa ceme
tery *n Christmas day. Peace be to
hi remains and spiritual life to the
\ nickel will never buy more of.
pleasure than it can at the Lorraine
Moiing Picture Show at 725 Twenty
sixth avenue, just across from the
Fivi Points postoflice.
Social News and Personal Mention
Continued on Pages Two,,
Four, and Five
The men of Zion outdid themselves
in the banquet which was served to .
the ladies of the church last Monday
evening, when three hundred sat
down to a most delightful repast.
The church auditorium was trans
formed into a huge dining room with
250 feet of tables, beautiful in white
linen, china, glassware and silver.
These were taxed to their capacity |
and a more delightful evening was
never spent by the church.
Among the guests of the men were
a number of friends from other
I churches in the city whose presence
added to the pleasure and delight of
. the evening. Each person was served
,} to his heart s content w ith as elab
orate a menu as the city and season
could afford. There was roast tur
key, brown gravy, French creamed
peas, mashed potatoes, cranberry
sauce, tender celery, potato salad, |
bread and butter, black coffee, ice'
cream and cake and each diner was
served till enough was said.
And. ah. the cooking. It is doubt
ful whether mother herself could ex
cel it. (This is the verdict of the
The service was par excellence.
Bro Bert Ellis acted as head waiter,
owing to the fact that Bro. Chas.
Muse could not leave his work in
time to take charge. Bro. Muse came
a little late and rendered most effi
cient Ip m making things go.
waiting force was made up of men
of experience and never was better
ser\ ice rendered.
The most difficult question the men
had to face was to convince the
women that the food was actually
man-cooked But its a fact. The
pastor is willing to stake his reputa
tion on it: he actually saw them at
it. There was -J. R. Green. J. J.
Bates. S. R. Flam and Peter Fosseft.
These are the guilty parties and a
better team never entered a kitchen.
However it would be a difficult thing
to make a list of all who worked. It
is easier to simply say "the men of
Zion," assisted by a few of our
staunch good friends, that's enough.
The women declare that they are
going to even up with the men and 1
there is no question of the ability of j
the women of Zion to do it, though
some of the men are doubters.
The pastor is delighted. Again the :
' congregation has shown its possibili
ties The good to the church work
' can hardl> be estimated and the con- !
tention of the pastor that men fully |
organized are a power in the church'
work is more than justified.
On the whole the banquet was very
like one seen recently in El Jebei
Temple Zion has against set the j
The holidays are now past and the
, church is considering a series of j
meetings under the preaching of Dr. ,
Tillman of Wichita, who will prob- j
ably begin January 14th. Dr. Till j
mail is one of the strongest men in
the country When a people want
the pure, unadulterated gospel, he
has it.
Next Sunday is our covenant and
communion service, which will be
held at 2:30 p. m. We hope that
! every member possible will be pres
Music at West Bros.. Sunday even
ing. Jan. 7th. from 9 to 12 o’clock.
Prof. W. R. Edwards is salesman
for the Columbine Music Co. Consult i
him for bargains in all grades of pi- j
anos. Also tuning. Residence. 2944 .
California. Phine Main 82S2. Don't
guess. Know that your investment Is
Five Centi a Copt
I The forty-ninth anniversary of the
emancipation of the American Negro
will be celebrated Sunday afternoon
) at 4 o'clock at 2630 Welton, when
. the following program will be ren
dered :
Music Scott M. E. Choir
Reading of the Emancipation Proc
lamation Mrs. Isabelle Stewart
Piano Selection... Mrs. Minnie Hayes
Address—"Wendall Phillips the
Abolitionist”. Mrs. Helen M. Wixson
• State Supt. of Pub. Inst.)
Violin Solo Prof. Lee
j (Graduate in music from Nebraska
State University.)
Address—"A Look Into the Future"
....Rev. David E. Over
(Pastor of Zion Baptist Church. >
Closing Music Scott M E. Choir
Mrs. E. W. Small is entertaining
her sister.
The congregation of the People’s
■ Presbyterian church is up in arms
; against a sea of troubles. Rev. Thos
j Hazell has notified it of his having
tendered his resignation to the Pres
( bytery. While no cause is given, it
is understood that he is led to take
this step because of the lack of thor
ough whole-hearted support from all
his congregation. Too many of them
have allowed their part of the respon
sibility to be carried by others. His
ambition to make the church a pow
erful factor in community life, his
zeal to hold high the banner of the
cross has thus been hampered and
he prefers not to preach than to do
so without the support and encour
; agement of all his members. In no
sense is his action a protest against
; the financial conditions in the church
To cause him to reconsider, and to
influence all to jJo what duties mem
bership entails, some of the members
are planning a meeting at which the
congregation will pledgeitself anew
. to the work of the church.
Luther Long of Pueblo set the pace
for his fellow students at the State
Industrial school for the past year
and was rewarded by a $10 gold piece.
! the gift of Senator Schermerhorn
Possibly the jolliest bunch of girls
in the city are the Bachelor Girls
They have kept the holiday season
l gay with their entertainments aud it
a few of the real bachelors could have
peeped iu Miss Morelia Josephs
home on last Friday they would have
1 been just a bit jealous.
The meeting was interesting from
! start to finish. Mrs. Bert Patrick car
ried off the first honors, while Miss
Eva Cooper carried home a small
I deck of cards to console her.
Miss Joseph invited Miss Ethel
Burns. Mesdames H. G. Johnson. Bert
Patrick and W. E. Parks to meet the
The Eureka Literary Society will
| have its annual election of officers
Jan. 9, 1912. All members and
friends are requested to he present
V splendid program will be rendered
Piano solo, Mr. L. Good; vocal solo.
Mr. Fred Clements: select reading.
Mr. C. F. Starks, piano solo. Miss
Edna Freeman; vocal solo. Mr. J. A.
Garfield; journal, Mr. F. V Ward.
Zion Sunday school is going to
! have a special feature in its work in
ttit' way of a projecting lantern which
will be used to illustrate the work bv
| show ing views of the Holy Land and
[the like.

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