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Sept. 23 -24 —Byron Troubadours at
the Auditorium.
Sept. 30—Odd Fellows at Eureka
nail, entertainment.
The Saxaphone Quartette of the
Byron's Troubadours will carry the
house by storm at the Auditorium.
Save your money to hear them.
FOR RENT —Furnished room for
ono or two men. 2218 Clarkson
street. Phone York 6121.
FOR RENT—Seven-room strictly
modern, newly decorated house at
3158 Champa street. Phone York
The Cosmopolitan Tailoring Com
pany will do your cleaning, pressing
and repairing as it should be done
Call Main 7823. 1916 Arapahoe street
Grimes and McCain.
Corsets made to measure, two fit
tings 2339 Gilpin street. Phone
York 6616.
Mr. and Mrs. Denj. Givens have re
turned to the city from Idaho Springs
where they went for the benefit of
his health.
A. J. Young of Leadville came to
the city last week and spent a little
while with his family.
Vassie. the daughter of Mrs L. A
Davis, has gone back to Western
University in Quindaro, Kansas.
Mrs. Albert Norris was called to
Tipton. Missouri, by the death of her
Mrs. Graham, a niece of Mrs. U. G.
Rrown. from Wichita, passed through
Denver this week en route to Wyo
ming. She stopped four hours.
Mrs. U. G Drown and Mrs Mabel
Fallings are attending conference In
Cheyenne as delegates from the Mis
slonary Society.
The tickets are being sold in g lore
for the Byron's. Buy your seat at
once. Avoid the rush. Get In line
Wy joining the crowd for the greatest
musical treat of your life at the Aud
itorium. Sept. 23. 24.
FOR RENT —Furnished bouse, four
rooms, for rent, very reasonable to
right party Enquire at 2810 Wei ton
One of the most lm)»ortant of the
national conventions, and one in
which the people of the West are par
ticularly interested in. is the National
Irrigation Congress, which will meet
this year in Salt i.ake City from Sep
tember 30th to October 4tfo.
In the interest of the congress, the
Denver & Rio Grande railroad has
prepared a handsomely illustrated
folder giving n history of irrigation
and a description of many of the irri
gated sections in the Rocky Mountain
region, which u is distributing to del
egates to the congress and others in
terested in the general subject of irri
FOR RENT Three room terrace for
$8 at 836 Acoma. Phone South 2401.
FOR SALE —Patriarch uniform.
Call at 262«» Lafayette street.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms in
modern house. 2534 Franklin street.
Mrs. J. L. Rice.
FOR RENT—Threo large rooms;
modern; use of another room. Apply
2802 Welton Btrect. Phone Main 7416.
Rent reasonable.
Music lessons, 1039 Enst Twenty
sixth avenue. Special attention given
Nicholas Chiles, the hustling To
peka Plaindealer engineer, is in the
city on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Whito have re
turned to tho city from a visit to To
Rov. Over will begin tho instruction
of tho Dtble class October 1. Uo loft
Sunday night for tho Natoinal Bap
tist Convention which convenes this
year in Houston, Texas. Ho means to
boo tho south as it is nml win bring
back many impressions of its socinl
and industrial condition.
Big Moose Skating Rink will
open at Manhattan Beach, Mon
day Sept. 9, and will continue
until further notice Mondays and
Fridays during the season.
Tho flt Is perfect, so say all the
ladles who call upon Mias Beatrice
Lewis, the corsetlere. Phone her,
York BGIG, or call on her at 2339 Gil
pin street. All prices and styles to
suit the figure.
City News
With feelings of the deepest grati
tude, I wish to thank my friends
whose assistance made possible my
success in being nominated as one of
the candidates whom the Republican
party will present to all the voters at
the November election for the state
legislature. It happens that the re
commendation of the Republican as
sembly which placed my name upon
the primary ballot, came unsought
and in a degree unwelcome, since I
have never aspired to public office. I
have been glad to serve others, but
have not sought office for myself and
was reluctant to depart from my hab
it. However, the arguments of those
with whom 1 discussed the matter con
vinced me that the assembly recom
mendation was more than a personal
matter and should be viewed as an
►•fTort of the assembly to give rep
resentation to colored citizens; and,
therefore. I was not at liberty to act
according to my own desires, but
must consider the effect on the race.
1 am now glad that I took that view,
for the work done to elect me by mem
bers of the race is convincing proof
that they felt interested. Not one
but many devoted time and effort to
elect me and the vote I received is an
honor to them and a reward of merit.
The work of them all was free will,
it was the outgrowth of their loyalty.
1 thank you, one and all. 1 thank you
not merely for what It means to me,
but because It makes the heart glad
to know that the time has come when
the race believes in its own.
Yours sincerely,
F. C. Payne leaves Sunday for a
month’s visit in Washington and Vir
Mesdarnes Grice Haskins and Me-
Keether eut»*nain»*d at dinner at
West Brothers Saturday, complimen
tary to Mrs. Fred Cummings
A. G. Falling faded out of sight last
week and hied himself to Topeka,
where he took unto himself a wife in
the person of Miss Pt-arl McNeil .The
bride is well known in this city hav
ing visited here several times. They
arrived home Sunday and are at
home for the present at 2337 Glen
nrm place. Mr Fallings and Mrs.
Fallings are both highly esteemed in
a wide circle of friends who wish
them Godspeed In their wedded life.
The congregation of Campbell
Church Is Justly proud of the Work It
has Just completed for this confer
ence year under the leadership of
Rev. Pope The reports sent to Con
ference are excellent, notwithstand
ing the pastor is serving his first
year What many do not know is that
Rev Pope is one of the strong men
of the church, formerly serving the
largest churches in his conference In
Alabama His presence in the west
for a few years recuperating is Colo
rado's gain.
The Railroad Men and Walters'
Club is active these days supplying
help to several large employers. The
men who arc members of the club are
deriving considerable advantage from
the activities of the manager. Frank
Burnley, in this respect. In the mean
while the social side of the club is
better than ever The larger equip
ment has filled a long felt want.
Don't (ail to see Ed Jones and H. Oglesby, better
known as Sambo and Willie Ticklebreechee, the
monarchs of frolic and fun, in the their latest
Song and Dance Specialty.
Miss Edna Parrott, a school teach
er of Atchison, was the house guest
of Mrs. U. G. Brown last week. She
left as a token of her esteem an ex
pensive salad set. On Sunday of last
i week in company with Mrs. Hattie
! Reynolds, Dr. Grant's niece, and Mrs.
< ibbs and daughter, she was enter
i tained at dinner by Mrs. U. G. Brown.
WANTED —At the Rocky Mountain
Athletic Association, a barber and
also a manager for the cafe.
The executive committee of the
Arnold and Jefferson Leagues are
urged to meet next Tuesday, the 17th,
at 1u22 street.
The Bull Moose Skating Rink at
Manhattan Beach opened in a blaze
of glory Monday night, 180 taking ad
vantage of the opening. C. B. Hill
welcomes you every Monday and Fri
day afternoon and night.
H. Franklin Bray, pastor of the A.
M E. Church at Phoenix, Ariz., was
in the city early in the week, stopping
over a lew hours with his brothers
and sisters. His presence en route to
Cheyenne is caused by the fact that
the General Conference did away with
the Arizona Conference joining it
again to the Colorado Conference.
J. S. Groves, wife and daughter of
Edwardsvilie. Kansas, were in the
1 city last week, being shown about by
George Groves, to whom they are re
lated He is the famous “Potato
I King” of Kansas and is a man of con
siderable wealth.
Mrs. J. Georgia has returned from
Kansas where she went to bury her
Word is received from Randolph
Butler that he is having a large time
in Washington.
Mrs David Turner of Williams
street gave an elaborate 5 o'clock
dinner. Monday, in honor of Miss M.
B. Cashin. Covers were laid for six
teen. Miss Cashin left Thursday for
Holly Springs. Miss.
Mrs Basil Hill leaves today for Chi
cago for a visit. Her daughter accom
panies her and continues her journey
to New York where she will remain.
Henry Finn is making a success of
his chicken business as far as a new
business can succeed. He has cleared
his property so as to accommodate
more chickens and is getting a trade
of customers who wish good fresh
killed and well dressed chickens.
Mrs. Hattie Keel of Pueblo, who has
been visiting her sister. Mrs. Gali
more. went home Thursday.
FOR RENT —Furnished rooms in
modern house, suitable for ladies or
gentlemen. Very convenient. 2856
Welton street. Phone Champa 2619.
Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, Tuskegee, Ala.
“I regard the Tuskegee Institute as . - .. ' .-»«* - . v.
the most considerable educational in
'‘ention of modern times," writes V •’•
I’rofessor \V. L. Thomas, professor of V
sociology in tie* I'niversitv of Chi- - -P
Industry the Tuskg. ••
—industry and discipline are imnle a % ?^^M|i|i|||||
hai it. The choice o: some iu trades k! HHHy
are offered young men and young
flr women. Tuskegee graduates tire • r^Wtft^S
JK3- < timing from $50 to $>" and $100 per "• ***tiff '/ ’j/' j&L
|^ academic fr/j^mm
managers, steam and electrical on- j r /jjjjw^y
gineers, tailors, teachers of domestic *’ ,- *'■ * J* jB
*HnK''jpg’ '3 s.-ience, nurses —in fact, the demand • d
,f fr.r men and women trained in till the / ' *’ 3jjp
i rtrd* s tit Tuskegee is far beyond ■'.,•• . >/•
' : - -•'
!' .'yaps.. ~ r v
g&H*' ffH a:.-l III*-; \
9HK . p.
HGl y
rBh| sBGKfr jHBliM
gg§§g.fBBfe .- •-• a BjBBHBHBBM8f\^mHmBbI
SBlIg jQHfii. ' . '• :••■:■; ‘
h B 'SB’-’hy H H ;h; ■ HI
Hh 1S|H •"' ho-
-jH» 35HJBBB
'JE3R CjP®
* 8S *H
CADET OFFICER. Tuskogee Institute, Ala. AND HAT.
Tickets for the Byron’s Trouba
dour concerts. Sept. 22, 23. 24 at the
People's Church and Denver Audito
rium are on sale at The Lorena, 2401
Emerson: West Confectionery Par-
Irs. 937 21st street: Elite Drug Co.,
2100 Arapahoe. The Westminster
Guild, through its president, Mrs.
Laura Hill, and The People’s Church,
through ,ts pastor who alone will sell
for the boxes: Knight-Campbell
Music Co. Parquet. $1; balcony. 75c;
gallery. 50c; boxes. $1.50 upwards.
Reserve your seat at once.
The Llewellyn Macon Relief Corps
will give a watermelon feast and
lawn fete at the home of Mrs. M. E.
Morrison, 814 Fox street, on Friday.
Sept 2 . Admission is free to the
fete.’ program beginning at 8 and fol
lowed by the feast. It is for the bene
fit of the old soldiers.
M. —. WADE, President
Mrs Melberta McFarland has re
turned home to Indianapolis.
Mr. and Mrs A. E. Fulton are the
parents of a baby boy. Miss Alta wil
liams of Great Bend. Kans., Mrs. Ful
ton's sister, is with her.
Mrs. Bryant of Cincinnati, mother
of Clarence Bryant, the Five Points
merchant, is here visiting for two
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ross a
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Penning
ton sick with scarlet fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey of Oakley,
Kan.-., were visitors in the city last
week Mr. Ramsey is section boss on
the I*. P. R. Ry. at his home. Mrs.
Rat yis a niece of Mrs. Nnckles.
The present interpretation of the di
rect primary law is such that voters
who did not participate in the direct
primary on Tuesday will have to reg
again In ord< r to rote In No
vember, The facts will come out in
plenty of time for all voters to be
ready. The changes in the law cause
perpetual vigilence to be the price of
voting in Colorado.
There are large change?, going on in
the Five Points Pool Room. Mr.
Page is having the rear wall changed
so ns to make it more commodious.
He has taken over the upstairs under
lease, and plans to accommodate
boarders with regular meals. The
uusiness has grown steadily along
perfectly legitimate lines until it is a
favorite pleasure resort out at the
Chicago. 111.
I was a lunger, suffering for a long
time. A benefited friend endorsed
Bates* Twentieth Century Wonder
Tea. I took several packages of the
tea and have not been troubled with
my lungs since. That was several
years ago. not being troubled with
colds ns I was theretofore. I most
gladly recommend the Twentieth
Century Wonder Tea to all lung suf
2945 So. State St.
Sold by J. J. Bates, manufacture,
2910 Glenarm place, Denver, Colo.
MRS. ELVIA S. HUNTER Phone Main 8655
Use of Kitchen. Prompt Attention to Transient
Parties.“ Most Reasonable Rates in the City
are valuable, and redeemable
in premiums by
Telephone Gallup 395.
Bottlers for
The Ph. Zang Brewing Co.
The Western Stove Repair Co.
Estimate* Given any Kind of Stove
or Furnace Work
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Chimney Cleaning and Attending to.
We Repair All Kinds of Stoves. Ranges Connected.
16,3 cH»Me°3, E s DENVER, COLORADO
Cover That Bald Spot!
by usinp my special Treatment. 1 promise to prow hairon every
persons head who has been bald 25 years. Stop hair from fait
ing, promote new growth in six weeks, restore color to gray
or faded hair without the use of dye. Satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded.
E. WILLIAMS, 1830 Arapahoe St., Denver, Colo.

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