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VOL. 3. NO. SO.
New Prices
New Firm.
HUrt the year right. Try our RyMtcra. We
wIU save you money. In your grocery bill
an lUm worth looking ut? Did It over strike
you that In trading with a firm that does a
nredlt bualneM and thereby under the nee
weary heavy exponnea of book-keeper, col
eelor and bad debte that those who patron
ise such firm pay for these luxuries? CAN
YOU AFFORD IT? Trade with us one year.
Make your arrangements with the beginning
of the new year. PAY CASH ! BUY YOU*
Moses & Allen
We quote a few prices. Can you not see a
saving In tham?
I con \ lb Price s Baking Powder at. *oe
I oaa K lb Royal Baking Powder 35c
1 eas lib AUaa Baklug Powder ISr
80 boxes matches . »<_•
Ilb Baker's I'ren.lum Chortnluti- . Me
t lb Millard’s premium Chocolate 10c
I lb Coeaanut . ».•
1 botlleloa Price’s lemon extract.. IV
1 bottle 8 os Prtoe’s Vanilla extract. 26c
1 A No. 1 Carpet broom 3Ur
1 Fine broom.. 2V
1 Oood broom k)c
1 box Cox’s Gelatine llie
S boxes PeerleHH Gelatine 2V
a bars Pear’s soap ... r>o
These are a few small articles that enter
Into the dally purchases og every family.
Notlco the difference tn the prices from
othor firms.
Down Go Potatoes!
Fine Genuine Greeley Potatoes fl.no
4 lbs Jersey Hweet Potatoes for 25c
We have 5 car* In our cellars and only bv
purchasing curly are we able In sell at these
Flour is Cheapar.
100 lbs Columbine (full patent) . . . .*1.95
WO lbs I.hogo 1.85
*5 lbs Graham .50
to lbs Corn meal 50
A Few Canned Goods.
1 oan French Pen* at 10
1 can French Mushrooms 90
1 oaa tomatoes .10
2 oan corn jo
1 eaa 14 lbs California grapes . n>
1 ean 24 lbs Callofrnla plums 17 1 ,
1 oan 24 lbs California peaches, etc... 20
Cheap Fruits.
l’dos ITC also Ornnagiat 25c
1 dox I7fl slsc Naval Oranges aae
MalagaOrape. 25c
1 dox .100 six# Lemons 25c
ldo* Bananas |sc
W® always carry the most complete assort-
Mat of fresh fralU to be found In the city,
buy login Urn quantities for cash, can
mff you LOWER PRICEH thsn can be
Everything Good.
NuM, Candles, Raisins, all boxed and
cannag dalleacles. Kennedy’s Crackers,-etc.
JAVA COFFEES are specialties.
Moses & Allen
202 South Union avenue and Corner of
Sixth and Santa Fe avc.
I will give you lower Railway or
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted State* ar Europe than can be bad
through any one elae la Southern Colo
rado. Call on or write me for rates and
I will furnish you with all desired iufor
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
.Sooth Union Ave, near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Divorces Quick and Easy. Htrlctly Confi
Room 131—2 Central Blk., Puxnu), Colo.
’W. L. Graham, Ouas. E. Maxtor,
President. Cushlti'
Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorised Capital, - - 1250,000.
Paid In Capital, ... 50,000.
Burplus, 175,00 C.
• Foil SjU Teeth
Rooms 204-5-6-7, Central Block.
Bridge and Crown work dono. Also nil
work known to modern dentistry. Price*
asonable and all work Warranted.
Buy and Bell
hniton, Carpets. Curtains, Glassware
Queenswar Tinware, etc.
P. fc. STEWART & CO.
Manafacturcra of and dealers in
Bogies and Wagons,
Agrtevltaral Implements of All Kinds.. Wav
on and Baggy Harness.
1 as-1 os a. UWtOM AVX.. lOS-lOSVIOTOSiA avx..
’ TeumiONt No. tss. PUEBLO, COLO
Siiapf Bros. Meat Market,
ISB South Union Avenue,
LeMton In Live end Dressed
, Ptgeosa, Oucke, Omu, Tur
[ Mi, Opoesums, Quail*. Xto-
In theOfty
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
Published Every Saturday at lUsswmr. Colo.
Entered at the Phetolßce at PseUe, Cola., as
second eless matter.
Prick or Hormawrrm*.
One Year ft dp
Hix Months BP
Thf Indicator selotee the paklio
this week ns an eight column paper.
The enlarged size from a seven col
umn to an eight column paper will
afford more spans for news, and no
effort will be spared to keep the
Indicator in the front rank of the
weeklies of the state.
Nearly 080,000 will be paid out
at the steel works to-day.
The bottom has fallen out of the
San Juan country and no mistake.
Disappointed prospectors denounce
the wild stories of gold finding ns
the greatest fraud ever perpetated
in this country. That fraud must be
n life sized whopper.
Camp No. 29, Woodmen of the
World, held a meeting in Pueblo
Thursday night and made J. M.
Meals P. C. C. presenting him with a
dinmg table and rocking chair. A
number of Bessemer members took
part in the ceremony.
Charles Henkle has reufsed to
serve as one of the Pueblo commis
sioners on consolidation and the
mayor appointed J. B. Kilhourn in
his stead. Already the usual muss
is being kicked up and the consolida
tion business will be dreadfully pied
before it proceeds much further.
Representative J. C. Funderburg
cams near causing a panic in the
ranks of the republicans when lie
glided into the populist camp early
in the week. The magic •‘33" was on
the other side of the fence and nuless
other conditions arise Mr. Funder
burgh will be a bigger man than
Speaker Ammons this session.
A bill has been introduced in the
Colorado bouse of the representatives
providing for the establishment of
free kindergarten schools in every
district of the state. The kinder
garten system for the training of
the little ones is rapidly coming to
the front und people who iuughed at
the idea a few years ago are now
earnest advocates of it. With the
introduction of the kindergarten
little tots of four years will l>e seed
trudging on their way to school.
IIou«k bill No. 78 uy Repre
sentative A. W. Lennard provides
for appropriations to the state in
sane a9yluui at Pueblo as follows:
For 1893, $10,000; for 1894, $lO.
000; for a new building $72,311,30;
for completing unfinished buildings,
$2,340; other improvements, $lB,
535. The overcrowded condition of
the asylum makes it almost com
pulsory on the assembly to enlarge
the old building or erect a new one.
As a general thing there are several
unfortunates confined in the county
jail because there is no room for
them in the asylum and the accom
modations being insufficient the
poor inmates have to suffer until
such time as the asylum can turn
out a patient to make room for
another. The bill should be
enacted into a law with but little or
no opposition.
Senator J. F. Drake of Pueblo
has introduced in the senate two
bills, Nos. 55 and SG, which have a
direct bearing on the act of the
eighth general assembly regulating
the salaries of county officals. These
bills, it is understood, are intro
duced at the requeat of the county
clerks’ and sherifTs’ associations, and
provide for the employment of
deputies, and assistants by county
clerks, sheriffs, treasurers, assessors
and superintendents in all counties
of the first and second class; the
deputies and assistants to be paid out
of the fees of the respective offices,
the salaries to he fixed by the
county commissioners. These bills
will call up one of the most beaut
iful fights in the senate oa the
measures have powerful friends
and a hidden mine of influence,
while on the other hand as power
ful enemies will light to the last.
However If U cm* be made clear that
awler the present lew oounty officials
ißotur a pernoMt reepMpibility fiasn
•tetfy !■ hiring t'liimimt oUriml
A abort and sharp meeting-
Council No. 1 sits squarely
down on Council No. 2—No
burlesquing goes—Tne city
map question—Pannebaker
would move the stock pound
into the city as an ornament
—Some telling “prods.”
Only an hour was taken up by the ,
ooumU Monday night in the disposition
of Its busutees and tha meeting was
« sharp .as it was short. K vary body
was unsssy before the council opened
up tor .business and great phantastic
picture® of war hung on the walls of the
hall on every side. There were ‘’razors
in de sir” and everybody revelod in the
ssa of expectancy. The fun commenced
when a petition was rend asking for the
use of the hall by oouneil No. 2, the let
and 3rd Tuesdays of ouch mouth until
April 21. Tho petition was signed by
W. S. Williams, mayor, Dan Roberts,
blcrk, and Aldermen J. E. Murphy,
Tnomos Russell, C. O. Richardson and
Conn Finn, representing the peoples
party os mock council No. 2.
llrennan moved to grant the requeßt.
Hurt objected. He said that he hud
been iaformod that council No. 2 was
organized for tho purpose of burlesquing
> 'Vtcil No. 1. This wus the report, and
he did not object to just criticism
he did object to tho council being satired
by u mimic council. Tho hall wus no
place for it and he therefore moved to
lay petition on the table, l’anuebaker
was quickly on his feet to second the
motion of his friend, Mr. Hurt. He felt
the object of the mimic council was to
poke fun at tho mayor and council and
he was not m favor of granting the hull.
J. B. Jones fluid something to the effect
that it would be time enough to play
horie with the old council when it was
dead. He was not ashamed of unything
he hud done as orator from the 3rd und
didn’t object to tho right kind of
criticism, but he, liko Hurt und Panne
baker did’t want to be burlesqued.
While this was going on it was in
teresting to catch a kodak picture of tho
back ground. J. K Murphy, C. O.
Richardson, Peter Hagan, T. B. Kaylor
et ul representing the peoples party
were there. Mr. Murphy boing granted
the privileges of the floor said that the
aldermen who objected to grunting the
use of the hull to council No. 2 were
laboring under u delusion. So far us ho
understood such was not tho intention
and us a citizen of Bessemer he felt that
he hud a light to the privileges of *’ .
hall. Ho said much more but this was
tho substance of his talk and it was plain
thut his ideas were also those of his
collougues. Hart’s motion to lay peti
tion on tablo was carried.
Pannobuker said that the pound had
again boon broken into und twonty-five
head of stock roleased and lie thought
it best to have tho pound moved into
the city whore it could bo guarded.
The location in tho city was not named
but if moved it will probably be in John
Murphy's stable lot. Tho police com
mittee are now wrestling with tho
Another scrap was had ovor the city
map. Pannebaker moved to ullow Kx-
Engineer Richardson $114.50 for his
work if the map is found to he correct,
and to allow Assistant Rice $00.50, thus
making up the $175, tho co9t of the map.
Mr. Richardson objected to this. He
had ngroed to mako th® map for $175.
and would not allow tho council to say
what ho should pay his ussistunt. He
also intimutod that he would sue tho
city for the whole amount.
Tho privileges of the hall wore grant
oil to the I j. T. L. for an ontortainment
to be given Friday evening, January 27,
and the council then adjourned.
I W lint comic 11 No. 1 *nld to council No. 2 ]
Supposed to tuivo been written by tho pod
| laureate of council No. 1. J
You may fret and fume but you can't
have the room.
For we know what you have to say.
And we’re a son-of-a-guu if we’ll take
your fun
Because we aint built that way.
You won’t stick to facts but you’ll
burlesque our acts,
Ahd you would be almighty gay;
But wc won't have your chin, and we
won't let you in.
Because we aint built that way.
If you fellows would go back and
turn on your kodak.
Why then, there’s the dickens to pay;
We'd all take a fall —but you can’t
have the hall
Because you aint built that way.
So the pops we will fix for we’re on
to their tricks;
We’ll keep the door locked and we’ll
have their game blocked
Because we are built thai way.
Irving Place Cars From Bessemer
Will run on Main Street.
The business men of Main street
waited on Manager H. E. Chubbuck
of the street railway Tuesday last
and asked his consideration of their
petition to have some of the cars on
the Bessoinor line run through Main
street. Heretofore nil the Bessemer
cars ran through Santa Fe avenuo
and until now they had made no
protest. After listening to the
arguments Mr Chubbuck decided to
make a change, and now the Besse
mer cars bound for Irving Place,
being every third one. switch off at
the Triangle block and run up Main
street The Irving Place cars leave
Bessemer every fifteen and forty-five
minutes past each hour and people
whoee destination is on Malu street
will naturally take one of these
The Santa Fe avenue peeple are
The fact that a committee from the
®to«l work® is now iu Chicago and
Joliet to invostsgate the scale of wages j
paid at those places has cuused scarcely !
a rifile of excitement, the general opinion <
being that a fair compromise will bo j
arrived at and that the equanimity of I
the BesHomor plant will not be disturb
ed. Good enough.
Tho iron crane in tho converter has i
caused somo delay lhiß week by break
ing twice but now it is working in good
order. A few weak points must nec
essarily give way under the increased
work but Supt. Crow of this department
Buys the sooner tho better as ull will bo
repaired and made stronger at onca. No
unnecessary delays arc being made.
More men are wanted at the blunt
furnaces. Tho wages of that depurt
ment havo boon raised from 81.55 to $1.75
por day. This was douo at tiie option of
Supt. C. S. Robinson, iio demand for an j
increuso having boon made by tho men. 1
The blast furnace men ure among the |
hardest worked in tiio mill unit the in- |
crease of wages, 81.75 for to:i hours iu a i
just one.
Ten additional men were wanted, and
wanted bad at the blast furnace Wed
nesday but could not be had. No ex 1
cuse for idling these times.
Thomns Fox, foreman of the ore roust
ing gang has increased his force. Tho
platform of the roaster has boon enlarg
ed admitting of tho unloading of four
fiat cars at one tiuio, ton men being on
gagod in wheeling the ore into the
Carpenters are completing tho hoist
ing tower to tho new ore roaster.
William Preal received a dangerous
scalp wound last Monday. Ho was
working in th® converter when a largo
piece of “skull” fell from tho r of strik
ing him on the head and knocking him
down. This “skull" is the refuse of iron
and gathors on the roof in masses, scal
ing off occasionally and making it dan
gerous for tho men below. Mr. Preal is
at the hospital and gotting along all
Two trusses will bo taken from under
the elevated railroad ut N 0.3 furnace
making a2B foot span which gives more
room to the bottom tillers. The improvo
went will boa good one.
A new furnace for the heating of cold !
fteel is being placed in the north end of •
the bloom mill. It may lie also that '
hot from the convertor will be ;
| thrust into tho now furnace, thus suv- ■
ing time and greatly facilitating tho
work iu the rail mill.
Foreman Tom Phillips has completed
three new furnaces at the puddlo mill
and repaired three others. Luts of im- '
provements going on.
On Wednesday the bar mill common - '
cod rolling splice bars out of soft steel.
Heretofore the splico bars used for
splicing rail road rails was made of iron
but the steel gives bettor satisfaction.
Supt. T. W. Robinson is diligently
looking after new orders and it looks as
though he would successfully ho.id off
eastern competition. Tho iiossemar
steel works are destined to bo groat.
Fred Darrooh and his force of clerks
are glad e lough th it tha vut w >rk of
making up tho pay roil is off their
This is pay day and about $3'),00l) will
bo thrown into circulation.
Pueblo County Representatives and
the Committees They are on.
The Pueblo county representatives
have not been slighted in the mak
ing up of the committees in the
lower house of the general assembly
as the following will show :
A. W. Leonard is on five commit
tees, viz., judiciary, state nifuirs and
renpportionment, foes and salaries,
federal elections and temperance,
medical affairs and public health.
Ho is chairman of the judiciary, the
post of honor in the committees.
Platt Wicks is on six committees,
appropriation, agriculture, elections
and apportionment, corporation*
and railroads, rules, and state canals
aud reservoirs. He is chairman of
the committee on'elections aud
W. C. Slawson is on four commit
tees, those of finance, enrollment,
labor and cities and towns, being
chairman of the committee on
J. R. Gordon is on four commit
tees, namely, of state canals aud
reservoirs, engrossment, federal
elections and public lands. He is
chairman of the committee first
The county is therefore represent
ed on sixtoen committes and has no
kick coming. As much of the im
portmeut legislation is settled in
the committee rooms it may reason
ably be expected that the interests
of Pueblo county will be properly
looked after.
The Peoples Party Denied the use of
the City Hall.
As recorded by the Indicator at
the time, the peoples party organ
ized itself into an educative political
body January 4, tho object beiug to
prepare for the city election next
April, and the organization natural
ly assumed the form of a city coun
cil ut which all questions pertaining
to municipal government and mu
nicipal improvements were to come
Several members of the moot or
mimic council, vis, Mayor W. 8.
Williams, Clerk Daniel Roberts and
AMettte* J. Br Murphy, Tho*. Rue
mU* 0. ft Rtofcardwn and Can*
wmmll far tha
Pannebaker and “aided and abetted” j
by Alderman Jones, J. D., the peti- j
tlon was laid on the ‘table, which •
means in parliamentary language to |
lay on tliu shelf. The council de- ,
clnred that it bad information to the ,
effort thut tho intention of No. 2 was
to burlesque No. 1 and to reflect on !
its official actions which council No.
1 Haul was out of place. Of course.
Juibi so. Exactly. Entirely out of.
pldcM to investigate the manner in
which the affairs of the city ure con
ducted. Wlmt boys’play! What a
foolish argument! Afraid of being
“burlesqued” us one of the aldermen
declared. The Indicaor credits the
council with having better sense
aud believes in common witli the
petitioners that it is u subterfuge
and used as a pretext to shut the
peoples party out atftPinjure it to
thut extent. This paper knows fair
ly well the intention of the peoples
i party und no such intentiou was
j over brought to its knowledge. It is
I intended as a legitimate, educative
organization and the city council
■ knaflc a mistake when it denied the
I party the privileges, of the ball. In
justice to Alderman Brennan it
] should be stated that he favored the
I letting of the hail and that Aider
men Kirk und Jones, J. E., were not
150,000 Souls Made Happy in a Short
Time and I)r. Keeley,s Double-
Chloride of Bold Cure is the
Cause of it all.
When we come to consider the many
wonderful inventions of the century it
19 hard to conceive what else can lie
done in the inventive line. But there
is one invention or more properly spetik
iug discovery, which considering the
va9t amount of good it has done and
the unlimited amount of good it will do,
takes the lead of all which has hereto
fore been invented or discovered.
I allude to Dr. Leslie E. Kecley’s
Double-Chloride of Gold cure for the
Opium. Liquor, Morphine, Tobacco
and Cigarette habits.
Tlits cure has long since passed the
stage »f an experiment; and has become
so universally accepted ns an absolute
cure for the above mentioned hubits
| hat llie Government Ims adopted its
i use in the different Soldiers Homes
i throughout the country.
if yoq drink to excess periodically or
regularly, or use opium, morphine or
cocnin iu in any of their forms, or chew,
smoke or otherwise use tobacco to your
injury, and
Come to the Kecley Institute 1024
Main St. Pueblo, or write for particu
lars io box 107. All communications
strictly confidential.
11. L. Smith Manager.
Dry Goods Muk \„ y
Fur Millinery
We call tho attention
ot the Public to the
Great Change we are making
in our Store.
DRY GOODS ore giving
place to the Largest
Stock of Millinery
to be found in the City
Every piece of DRY GOODS
must be sold and will
go at figures lower than
anywhere else this
side of Chicago.
Don’tmiss this opportunity j
to get a bargain.
We want to see you at
316 Santa Fe Avenue
shortest time
Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
Salt Lake City, Ogden, Pacific Coast,
and all Northwest Points, via Ma
nlton. Leadville, Aspen and
fllcnwood Springs.
• yturtfr* 11 TaMtM
*s s * 3
Do You Want A Present!
| If so visit The Fair, corner
j Main and 2nd .street any time
I this month. Besides making
; very low prices on goods they
! make each customer a present
with each and every dollar’s
worth of merchandise pur
chased. Tiie presents run up
to great value and they cost
you nothing.
Following is a few of the
bargains offered by this large
department store.
All our BU.OO Comforts, now $3.50
All our $5.00 Comforts, now 3.00
All our $4.00 Comforts, now 2.50
1 lot Jeans Pants $1.75 now 1.00
1 lot Wool Pants $4.50 now 2.50
1 lot Wool Pants $3.25 now 1.75 *
1 lot Men’s suspenders SI.OO .(>0
1 lot Men’s wool shirts $2. now 1.25
1 lot Men’s wool shirts $1.75 1.00
1 lot Men’s wool underwear, sl. .00
A Winter in the South.
A winter iu the South— the very
words conjure up delicious memories
for those who have been there. The
bright sunuv skies, the dry, bracing air
and the warm sunshine is in decided
contrast to the cold, bleak north.
The great state of Texas is celebra
ted as one great broad winter resort in
itself, but the following places arc, per
Imps, particulrrly popular: Fort Worth,
with its mineral baths, liealthful climate
and good hotels; Austin, the beautiful;
capital city; Sun Antonio, one of the j
few' really historical places in our coun
try; Houston, with its blooming roses*
oleanders and groves of oranges aud
lemous, and Galveston with its delici
ous sea breezes. These arc hut a few
of the deligbtf.il resorts of this highly
favored region.
An escape from all the pains und dis
comforts of our rigorous weather, tran
sported by magic from the region of :
snow und ice to the fragrance of this \
summer-land, is now made possible and .
easy by the Denver. Texas «fc Ft. Worth 1
branch of the Union Pacific system. !
which runs through Pullman Palace
sleepers between Denver, Fort Worth.
Delias, Shreveport aud New Orleans,
and offers exceedingly low excursion
rates to nil Southern cities from Denver.
Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Triuidad.
; For a full description of Southern win
! ter resorts, reached over the Union Pa
cific system, or for excursion rates ap
ply to A. S. CuTnuEHTsox. General
Agent, Triangle block or Union Depot,
Pueblo, Colo
MONEY saved by placing it in the
Pueblo Savings Bank. Don’t
delay but begin an account if you have
not already done so.
Of Importance to the Traveling
Before purchasing your tickets, on.
at the Union Pacific ticket office, Tri
angle Block, corner North Union ave
nue and First street, Pueblo, Colorado,
for authentic information on the subject
of rates, routes etc. To all points
North, South, East and West, which
will he cheerfully given.
Great Rock Island Route
1852 1802.
An lout; a time as David reigned, ho lons
liae tlio Chicago, Hook Island .V PaHilv Kail- i
way run trains westward froim i lilcngo.
The Hook Island Is foremost In adopting
any advantage calculated to improve speed |
and give that luxury, safety ami comfort ,
that popular patronage demands. Its equip- i
meat i* thoroughly counplotc with vestibuled ;
trains, magnificent diuln g ears, sleepers and I
chairs coaches, all the most elegant, and of
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful ami cupuhle management and j
polite, honest service from employes are
Important items. They are a double duty— 1
to tho Company nnd to travelers—and Ills'
sometimes a task ditlieult of accomplish
ment. Passengers on this line will lind little i
cause for complaint on that ground.
The importance of this Line can he better
understood if a short lesson In geography he
now recited.
What lathe great Knstern tormlnt of the
Hock Island Route?—Chicago. What other
suh-Kastern termini has it?—Peoria. To
what Important points does It run trains to
the Northwest?—Ht. Paul and Minneapolis,
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls,
Dakota. To what Important lowa and Ne
braska points—Dos Moines, Davenport, lowa
Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Does It
touch other Missouri River points?—Yes; St.
Joseph, Atchison, I/eavenworth and Kansas
City. IJoes It run trains to the Foothills of
the Rooky Mountains?—Yes; to Denver,
('•dorado Springs and Pueblo, solid vestlbul
ed from Chicago. Can Important cities of
Knnsas be reached by the Roek Island
Route?—Yes; Its capital city, Topeka* and a
full hundred others In nil direct tons In the
State, and It Is the only road running to nnd
Into the new lands opened for settlement In
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qe seen that a line tapping, ns
the Roek Island does, such n varied territory,
has much In that regard to commend It to
travelers, as all connections are sure on the
Roek Island, and passengers can rely on a
tpeedy Journey, ns over a hulk of the system
nrough trains are run, ami It has Itecome.
nd rightly too. the popular Dine
a A very popular train on the Chicago, Rock
aland A Pacific Railway leu von neneer,
Pueblo and Colorado Springs, dally It la
called **Tho World’s Fair Special, ls one
day oat, and passengers arrive nt Chicago
early the second morning.
to tsVwrtßwlcd, and carries the Roek Island
yir tan parOcnjase aa tk_W|Hef, jugs.
Are individual sal- • instructed of selected drill proof steel
and do- i-.ji.--d for the aie keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry, Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insui nnee policies, Money and Valuables of all
kinds. Owing to their superior c- instruction and location in
the st r tig vault of the American Ngtional Bank they afford a
Hon n • >ffer< are. The . >wner of one
f these sal enj ping valuables in a safe
place known <*n!y to hu. -v!f. Ai. , peit--n can rent one of
these safes by applying to thi- department of the—
font’s Clothing mill Furnishing Goods,
I dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
All / / \ork Guaranteed.
239 North Union Avenue.
Dealers in Canon City, Lenox. Maitland, Franee
ville and all kinds of Steam Coal.
Bessemar agency at Herman & Snloss’ store.
: Oftlce (Ylcphone 245. Turd Telephone 202. Herman & Shloss’ Telephone 221
D. L. HOLDEN, r«; A. ROYAL, vie phc*.
H. L. Holden, cashier. H. L. HOLDEN, *»«*t c*»h.
I 3 ii elrlo, - Colorado.
D. 1.. H<>i.i>i:n\ w. A. Moses,
A. Royal, Joski iiiV K. Mooue, C. K. Ai.lkn »
A full line of Tresh drugs always on hand. Pr escriptions care
fully compounded either day or night. Give me a call.
D R. Greene. •>■«*. D.F. Urmy, v.ct ™»s. n. D. Hinsdale, casm.c*.
: : : V.A.f iron. Charles West.
Roger W. Woodbury. D. F. linn. .1. I*. Martel. J. K. Shi reman.
I D. R. Greene. A. K. Omlinm. 11. K. Holloway. N. D. Illnsdale.
John .1. Burns.
KT'til Instate and Uo.ins
J No 8 East C Street, Back of VVesterr National Bank, Pueblo.
headughTTeed store,
J. B. GA i ES- Manager.
1 LLbPIION h ISS. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
The Perfection Steam Laundry.
Work Called forand Delivered Promptly.
i Goods left nt the Bessemer Fair or Foster's Restaurant receive prompt attention.
Telephone 146 Proprietors.
(Y ■ P. Sheeran o ■Jcsn’t quote any prices, but he permits
|| 111 I |1 1 \ # no one to give more Groceries nnd Provisions for a BIG
DOLLAR than he does.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don’t ask questions, but drop in and see him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to —
Corner Union and Adrtknpo Avenues, I’UEBLO, COLO.
That is what everybody knows our store to be—a great General store
where you can gat anything in household ust in the way of Grocer
ies, Provisions, banned goods. Meat and Oysters, and such ar
ticles as Hardware, Glassware. Tinware, Cbinaware, Dry
foods and Clotkiaf. Hats and Capa, Boots and Shoes,
Etc., Etc. We thank you for your castoes, aad

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