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VOL. 3. NO. 31.
We purchase in large quantities.
tVe pay cash. We get every discount
going. You go: the benefit.
DO lbs Rolled Oats, SI.OO
3 pkgs Rolled Oats, .25
100 lbs Greeley potatoes, genuine, 1.50
1 doz. choice oranges, .15
1 lb Gold creamery butter. .05
5 lbs No. 1 Island Rice. .25
0 lbs Navy beans, .25
7 lbs fine Figs, 1.00
1 doz 300 size Lomons .25
1 ean j-lb Prices baking powder, .30
All package coffee, .25
3 pounds full cream, Cheese, .50
1 can French Peas, .20
1 can French Mushrooms, .20
1 lb Climax Tobacro. .40
2 Id Star Tobacco, .40
2 !b 11. S. Tobacco, .40
2 cans red Salmon, .25
1 lb Mixed candy .10
1 lb Mixed nuts .20
8 bars laundry soap. .25
5 bars white floating soap, .25
6 sneks, 3 lbs. table Balt, .25
1 pound best tea, .05
1 bottle 2-oz Price’s vanilla extract, .25
1 bottle 2 oz Price’s Lemon extract, .15
1 lb choice smoking tobacco & pipe .20
100 11m Coluuibiuc flour 1.J15
100 lbs Shogo flour 1.85
100 lbs Ktr.pirc flour 1.90
We iruarantcc each article purchased,
•None ean give you as FRESH GOODS.
Wc tvrn our stock every 80 days NO
STALE GOODS. \vhy will you con
tiuue to pay others large profits for the
small accommodation of getting trusted
for a few days? We do business with
you RIGHT. Try us Once you get
in the habit of PAYING CASH we will
have your trade, for WE SELL CHEAP
ER than any other firm iu Pueblo.
Call on us. Write us.
Moses & Allen
202 South Union Avenue and Corner of
Sixth aud Santa Fe Ave.
I will givs you lower Railway or
Steum ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States er Europe thun can he had
through any one eiso in Southern Colo
rado. Call on or write me for rates and
I will furnish you with all desired infor
Ticket Ilrokcr. Pueblo.
South Union Ave. near II Street.
Criminul Law a Specialty.
Divorce* Quick and Easy. Strictly Confi
I loom 131—2 Central lllk., Fukiii.o, Coi.o.
W. L. Graham, Ciias. E.Saxton,
President. Cashier.
Union Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Autliprlxcd Capital, - . $2.70.000.
Paid In Capital, - - - 50,000.
Surplus. 175,001.
Pull Set of Teeth
lkiom*2ol-. r >-f)-7, Central Illock.
Bridge and Crown work done. Also all
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
asonable ami all work Warranted.
Buy and Sell
Fnrniinre, Carpels Curtains, Glassware
Queenswar Tinware, etc.
Manufacturers of and dealers in
Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implements of All Kinds. Wa-r
-on anu Buggy Harness.
I OS-106 a UNION A VS.. 103-104 VICTORIA AVE..
Te Li phone No. ISC. PUEBLO, COLO ,
Stompf Bros. Meat Market,
128 South Union Avenue,
Leaders in Live and Dressed
Pigeons, Ducks, Geese, Tur-
Keys, Opossums, Quails, Etc.
Largest assortment in the City
*011011 your patronnao.
SsturSotlon guaranteed In everythin*. Olye
oars trial. <>rdera called for and drtlyeml to
•ny part of the City. BTC U PF 11KOB.
As Invaluable Remedy for Colds.
Sheriff Herd man, of Tjler Co , W.
Vs., tu alaoit proatated with s cold
when he began tiling Charaberlain’a
Co«gh Remedy. Is apeaklng of It he
esjrsi 'll gay# me almoet Isatsat re
lief. I led it to he as laralaabU
twAj for <*cM*, N 9e* esie by W. P.
rivM SMigtot. . •;
’ ' r- - • •" -• ■*
The Bessemer Indicator.
Tub Indicair.
P. BYRNES, Editor and f 'rietor.
Published Every Saturday at It icr.Colo.
Entered at tho PoAtoUlce at. I'u Colo., as
second elans muttei
One Year $ 1 tX)
•Six Mouths 60
Ex governor John sin has
been nominated for Unit States
senator by the populists’ ii r Kan
sas state legislature.
The committees in th ;eneral
assembly of the state ar jetting
down to business and sot omc of
the bills introduced will 1 nacted
into laws
Say a good word for Usenier
when you can and assist ry good
business enterprise by wor ind act.
All push together for the owth of
enterprise and the year 13 will
witness a change for the b< r.
The new year is brinf j a har
vest of dentil to the note men of
this country. B. F. But It. B.
Hayes and L. Q. C. Lama ave nil
been laid beneath the sot ithin a
few days. All wore men national
William M. Stewart, • great
champion of free coinage silver
was honored this week b i« Ne
braska legislature by bcin< lectcd
his own successor as Unit States
senator. No honor is too mt for
Senator Stewart.
State Superintendent of tract
ion Murray has issued t semi
annual apportion tndfljof sclu funds.
The total amount is $43,( 99 of
which Pueblo county recc s $3,-
098.38. Only one county, A .aho«,
gets more, $12,080.00.
Cou.NTy Treasurer W. J. cNu
mara, bis deputy and four ch i are
busy from early morning i il 10
o'clock at night making c tax
receipts. The penalty is pm a the
taxes February first and pe< o are
crowding the office all day rious
to pay up.
The appointment of Me ignor
Satolli as head of the newly e.‘ blisli
ctl Papal delegation in the nited
[States is a manifestation the
friendliness of the church o Lome
to this country. The chtiri and
state will from tins time on ct in
more hnunony than ever.
The Rocky Mountain ami oblo
Railway Company was incorf ated
this week, the object being con
struct a street car line from ieblo
to Overton, six miles distiiu The
incorporators are A. E. (i mm,
John Coon, George A. Hobson 1. J,
Overton and II- M. Chiflen, a the
capital stock is $50,000.
According to the United ates
census taken in 1890 Color oat
that time contained 104,920 men
aged 21 years and over, all of mm
ought to lie voters. In the :ent
election the total number of ites
polled for governor in the slat was
93,700, showing that loss tliai wo
thirds of the total number of )ssi
ble voters participated in the lec
tion.—Pueblo Sunday Opinion.
House bill No. 90 making 8 ur
day a half holiday in Colorndt vas
killed in the house of represent:! res
as it should be. But no soonei vas
the bill burried and the last fun eal
rites performed than Represent ive
Gratz Brown of Denver introd :ed
as a substitute that the hill a fly
only to counties of 100,000 pof la
tion and over. Mr. Brown's ill
should speedily meet the fate o its
The Joliet Illinois rolling mill as
been shut down by which 2,500 ien
are thrown out of employment, be
Illinois Steel Company declares t at
it has been running these mills , a
ioss for some lime and that it hit to
shut down as a matter of business
economy. On the other hanijtbe
employes say it is a dodge tojget
union men out and to have non-ulion
men take their places. Honlver
the cose may be it is lough »ri the
men who are thus made idle during
the coldest winter Illinois has had
for a long time.
The soaring ambition of tis Dsn
ver dally papers never flags. Mf. S.
L. Cunningham general circnlatlpg
agent for the Republican made this
efltoe a oat! a few days ago and «tai
ed that the Sepobiloan was seriouelj
MaM« «*■«■«
between Denver and Pueblo and
bring that journal into the city with
in two and a half hours after being
printed. A strong corps of reporters
and news boys would take take care
of this end of the line.
With practically no city debt and
with flattering prospects of a good
business ami building hooin the peo
ple of Bessemer ars slow to wrestle
with the problem of consolidation.
They’ are confident of a substantial
growth in population the present
year and know taxable property will
be greatly increased. They are en
tering an era of prosperity and there
fore are in no hurry to discard wind
they consider a certainty for an un
Sunday Closing in Denver.
Last Sunday evening was an
eventful one iu Denver. By order
of the public board of commissioners
the Tabor Grand and Wonderland
were summarily closed under the
law against Sunday amusements
which act caused considerable ex
eitement and much comment by the
press. The Denver Times probably
voiced the ideas of the people of
that city as well as of the other
newspupers when it said editoraiiiy:
Tlie trouble lies in the law. It is
safe to assert that a very small man
her of the voting population of either
Denver or of Colorado believe in the
wisdom of this law. There is no
good reason, based upon propriety or
common sense, why such an enter
tainment as tlie concert given at tln-
Tabor Opera House each Sunday
night should be interfered with by
tlie police. Any law that prohibits
such an entertainment is a rank prac
tical failure and should be repealed
at once.
It is understood that last night's
raid was made upon the complaint of
one Dean H. Martyn Hart. It is
also generally believed thut this
same gentleman is not a citizen of
the United States. Now the question
arises: Should the police pay any
attention to such a complaint?
The Sunday amusement law is a
bad one anyway, uud it is time it
was made obnoxious by enforcement.
Its repeal is only a question of a
short time.
Lutnbor is ba unloaded at the rate of
a half dozen cars per day for another
large trustle. This trustle of immense
proportions will be I,GOO feet long, and
the stock house will be 1,200 feet long
and ninety feet wide. The demand for
more room for raw material has require#
this now structure and it will be a fine
one, not loss than 1,500,000 feet of
lumber being necessary. The material
is mostly black jack pine and comes
fresh from the saw mills of New Mex
The brick layers are working on a
new dynamo building close to engine
house No. 3. The building will be
final) but convenient.
Tho furnace in the bloom mill is
finished and reudy to be tired. The ad
dition of this furnace will boa big ad
vantage inasmuch as it will hurry along
the bloom and rail departments by keep
ing boated ingots always reudy for
Bricklayers are malting progress oil
the now blacksmith shop being built ad
joining the south side of tiio converter.
Supt Crow is determined to have things
convenient about his department.
Tlie uniformity in tho steel now being
made greatly assists in facilitating work
in the bloom and rail mill. From tho
time an ingot readies tho Ifloom mill un
til it is oxumiued by tho rail straightner
it glides smoothly along, no unusually
hard or soft spots being found to hinder
the work. The host rails in the world
are being made, the soconds or second
class rails not amounting to more than
two per cent. Colorado material for rail
making takes the lead in this country.
The electric light plant is undergoing
a careful inspection by un electrician
and a number of lights will dispel the
darknes of night iu the works in the
course of a couple of weeks. Plenty of
lights is a howling necessity and its ad
vent will be welcome. True, there was
a system of lighting iu use for a time
but it was a very poor one and gradually
died out altogether.
Each 12 hour shift is averaging in the
rail mil) nbout 185 tons of rails. On
Tuesday Overseer Dave Lloyd’s shift
turned out 201 tons but this was a little
in advanoe of the ordinary run. How
ever this record wae beaten by the same
turn last week when it made the
heaviest tonnage ever produced in the
mills—2l3 tons. Leyd’s men were on
the night shift when the work was done
and no time was idled away.
April first will probably see each shift
in the rolling mill handling not less than
250 tons. Improvements will make this
Ther# waa considerable dissatisfaction
manifested by the men laat Saturday by
the slowness with which they were paid
off. Tl.is feature of the steel works
aheuld get a Colorado hustle on itself
and be up with the time#.
The committee which went to Chioago
and Joliet Illinois two weeks age at the
instance of Supt. T. W. Robinson to gst
a soals of press being paid bv the Illi
nois Steel 00. returned Tuesday night
and will probably submit n report to
BnpL Robinson to-day. though possibly
not bate* nest Monday. Until then
tby fo—fat pubis-
The City Council Versus tin* Peoples
The members of the* city council who
refused tlio privileges of tho hall to
tlie peoples party and those who up
hold such an arbitrary action will
lind themselves in a hopeless minor
ity when the next municipal elec
tion comes round. The defense set
up by tlie council that tho petition
ers asked for tlie hall as council No.
2, uud not as the peoples party is a
very weak one. It is u thi:i veneer
ing that fails to hide in the least the
purpose of tho council, for n.Tt only
they hut every one who is taking
any notice whatever of the trend of
public alfairs in tin* city knew of
the organization of the peoples party
and for the better discussion of
municipal alfairs had resolved it
self iuto u moot er mimic council.
The Indicator published tlie re
ports of the peoples party meetings
at the time aud every rending man
iu tho city knew of the proceedings.
I'he aldermen knew before hand
that the hull would be applied for
and came to the meeting pre
Whether or not tho second council
would “burlesque” the city council
is a question that can he foretold
only by prophets and very wise al
dermen of this city; and just why
council should object to having its
otllcial acts discussed is a matter
causing much comment.
It is tlie intention of t!m much
talked of and seemingly much feared
second council to discuss tlie affairs
of the city and enact into spurious
ordinances certain measures as they
would have thorn and to transact
business according to their ideas.
If, in the discussion of these affairs
exceptions to the official ai ts of the
city council are taken, has any
crime been committed? Is the
council not subject to criticism?
Certainly it is. If the critic council
declares that tho viaduct should
have been built across Northern avi
nue six mouths ago who shall say
that the criticism is not just? No
one. Not a man woman or child iu
tlie city will deny it.
As tlie Indicaok said last week
the peoples party is organized into
an educative association and its
mission is to prepare for the ap
proaching election by outlining the
necessities of tlie city and publish
ing tlie manner in which they
would conduct them. If any man
is iu tlie way let him step aside; the
engine never stops for tlie goat.
A. E. Graham has boon elected his
own successor as president of tlie board
of trade. Mr. Graham is always on the
nlort for anything relating to tho in
terests of his city and is now in Denver
waiting on tho legislature in its be
J, A. Wayland, tho retired editor of
the Coming Crisis has decided to start
a peoples party paper somewhere in
Indiana, probably in Groensburg. Mr.
Wayland says tlie Hoosiors are in the
right mood for some new party idoas
and he will proceed to tell them what
lias been done in this state and what
they can do if they will.
The dry goods and clothing houses
did a big business as a result of the
pay day at tho Bessemer steel works.
W. R. Gregg, tho orstwliile C. C. «fc 1.
coal dealer well known in Bessemer has
fallen under a financial crash. On Tues
day two heavy attachments one of sll,-
400 by tlio American National bank, and
one for SIO,OOO by W. B. Williams of
Denver were run on him. Whether or
not Mr. Gregg (ran straighten up his
business affairs is not known.
Heavy Freight Receipts.
Home idea can be formed of the
enormous business being done by
the C. F. (fe I. Co. when the freight
receipts of the IX & it. («. railroad
from this point are considered. G.
W. Kelley, the agent at tin* Besse
mer junction says that the receipts
for tlie present month will amount
to not less than $120,000.00. This is
for such received stock us lime
stone, coke, ore etc. used C.
F. «fe 1. Co. and does not include the
freight on the out-going shipments
at all. Tlie money puid out for
freight to tho D. & It. (I. Co., there
fore is oue-lutlf more than that paid
the employes in the mill. Four
thousand dollurs per day paid out
for freight on stock received at the
steol works is doing business on a
broad guuged plan. Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Kelley haudle this vast
amount of work uloue and until a
week ago were alto obliged to look
after the duties of a day aud night
operator. The wonder is how they
can attend to it all.
What Might Have Been.
Had the viaduct been built across
the railroad tracks the accident of
Saturday last would never have
occurred whereby a man had a
□arrow escape from death aud a
horse was killed outright. Charles
Brant, a driver on one of George
Jackson’s beer and Mauitou water
wagous was crossing the D. <k R. G.
tracks near the steel works at the
time when his horse was struck by
an oil tank attached to the engine
with the above result. The driver
was thrown violently to the ground
between the engine aud his wagon
and the horse instantly killed. Had
the counoil done its duty in th«
matter gf building the viaduct the
accident would not tave been.
When will the oo unoil do lta daty?
James G. Blaine, America's most
brilliant statesman died yesterday
and tlie whole nation mourns his loss
Tlie* I ’ii I >llc- In Ucucrit 1 (iixl tlio
People of I'uebloin I ’hi lieu l«»r
First—The Denver & Rio Grande* (the
old reliable) runs more trains daily be
tween Pueblo. Colorado Springs and
Denver than nil other lines combined.
Makes faster time, and departure of
trains is at all hours to suit tlie conve
nience of our friends, the traveling
Second—The equipment of this line
is unsurpassed; chair car trains, heated
by steuin and lighted by gas. and as all
experienced travelers will tell you. the
truck has no equal in the v*est.
Third—Our lime between Pueblo and
Denver is Irom 1 hour and 43 minutes
to 2 hours and IH minutes faster than
made by competing lines. Time is
Fourth—This is the only direct line
from Pueblo to Leadvilie, Aspen, Glen
wood. Salt Lake City, Ogden, and all
Pacific coast points. Through sleepers
over this line from Pueblo to Sail Fran
cisco and Los Angeles. Round trip
tickets now on sale to Utah. California
and Oregon points at greatly reduced
Fifth —lt is not generally known, but
is nevertheless a fact, the Rio Grande
makes the quickest time between Pueb
lo and Kansas City, Omaha, Bt. Louis.
Chicago, and all points east and north
N. IX— Leave Pueblo at 4:48 a. m.
(say Monday), arrive Omaha 11 p. m.
same night; arrive St. Louis next day
(Tuesday) at 1:25 p. in.; arrive Chicago
next day (Tuesday) at 2:15 p. m. Ouly
one night on tlie road Pueblo to Chica
go or St Louis—no other line ean offer
tiiis accommodation—thus saving you
from $3.50 to $4. on Pullman fare, and
connecting at Chicago with all the 3 p.
m fast trains for the cast, saving 24
hours to New York or Boston.
Sixtli—Notwithstanding tlie many
superior advantages offered by this
strictly A 1 line, the Rio Grande will
always lio found in the lead with the
lowest rates. Correct and reliuhlc in
formation can always lie secured bv
OFFICE, Central block (cor. Second
and Main streets). Tickets can he se
cured at this office to or from all points
in tlie civilized world. Tickets on sale
at tills agency via Denver & Rio Grande,
Union Pacific system. Rock Island
Route, aud Burlington Route.
General agency for A 1 steamship
lines. Ai.ex. JacxsoN, Agent.
Dry Goods Mak '„„ y -
Por Millinery
Wo call the attention
ot the Public to the
Great Change wc are making
in our Store.
DRY GOODS are giving
place to tlie Largest
Stock of Millinery
to be found in the City
Every piece of DRY GOODS
must be sold and will
go at figures lower than
anywhere else this
side of Chicago.
Don’t miss this opportunity
to get a bargain.
We want to see you at
3 1 G Santa Fe Avenue
For Sale.
A four room brick house with cellar,
closet and buttery, situated on a thirty
three foot lot on Spruce street, Besse
tner, being No. 945. Price $1,401).
$225. cash, balance in monthly pay
ments of S2O. each. For further in
formation call on
11. S. Currie,
Room 12, Graham—Wcscott Blk.
South Union Are., Pueblo.
Street Car Service.
The following new timo table will take
effect February 1.
All Bessemer cars will run to Eleventh
street, giving 10 minutes service; Besse
mer cars will not go to Irving Place.
Lake cars will run on 15 minute
service. Union avenue to Santa Fe;
turn on Tenth street and return to the
Lake over Main street.
Irving Place cars will run on 15
minute service. South on Main street,
returning over Santa Fe avenue north
to Irving Place.
Dundee cars will run with West Abri
ondo avenue on 20 minute service, going
both ways on Main street as formerly.
Irving Place cars will run on 15
minute service. South on Main street
to First street, returning over Santa Fe
avenue; north to Irving Place.
Low Rates to New Orleans for the
The Missouri Pacific will sell round
trip tickets to New Orleans, La. aed
Mobile, Ala., for one fare, on February
Bth to 12th inclusive. Final limit
March 7th. Choice of three
routes. Best accommodations. Call at
Union avenue bridge or Union Depot
for further information, folders, bertha
etc. Telephone 191.
Wm. Uoog,
P. and T. agent.
New Orleans, La. and Mobilo. Alt.
aoff return for one fare via the Missouri
Pacific. Ceil on Agent Hogg and learn
kow to get there. j
Do You Want A Present!
If so visit The Fair, corner*
Main and End street any time
this month. Besides making
very low prices on goods they
make each customer o present
with each and every dollar’s
worth of merchandise pur
chased. The presents run up
to great value and they cost
you nothing.
Following is a few of the
bargains offered by this large
department store.
All our SB.OO Comforts, now $3.50
All our $5.00 Comforts, now 3.00
All our $4.00 Comforts, now 2.50
1 lot Jeans Pants $1.75 now 1.00
1 lot Wool Pants $4.50 now 2.50
1 lot Wool Pants $3.25 now 1.75
1 lot Men's suspenders $1 00 GO
1 lot Men's wool shirts $2. now 1.25
1 lot Men's wool shirts $1.75 1.00
1 lot Men's wool underwear. sl. .00
A Winter in the South.
A winter iu the South— the very
words conjure up delicious memories
for those who have been there. The
bright sunny skies, the dry. bracing air
ami the warm sunshine is in decided
contrast to the cold, bleak north.
The great state of Texas is celebra
ted as one great broad winter resort iu
itself, but the following places are. per
haps. particulrdy popular: Fort Worth,
with its mineral baths, healthful climate
and good hotels; Austin, the beautiful
capital ciK; San Antonio, one of the
few really historical places in our coun
try; Houston, with its blooming roses"
oleanders niul groves of oranges and i
lemons, and Galveston with its delici- !
ous sea breezes. These are but a few !
of the delightful resorts of this highly j
favored region.
Ail escape from all the pains and dis- j
comforts of our rigorous weather, tran
sported by magic from the region of
snow and ice to the fragrance of this!
summer-land, is now made possible and J
easy by the Denver. Texas «fc Ft. Worth '
branch of thi Union Pacific system,
which runs through Pullman Palace
sleepers between Denver. Fort Worth,
Dollas, Shreveport aud New Orleans,
aud offers exceedingly low excursion
rates to all Southern cities from Denver,
Pueblo. Colorado Springs anil Trinidad.
For a full description of Southern win
ter resorts, reached over the Union Pa
cific system, or for excursion rates ap
ply to A. S. Ccth bertsox, General
Agent, Triangle block or Union Depot.
Pueblo, Colo
MONEY saved by placing it in the
Pueblo Savings Bank. Don't '
delay but begin an account if you tiave
not already done so.
Of Importance to the Tmvelinc
Before purchasing your tickets, on..
at the Union Pacific ticket office. Tri
angle Block, corner North Union ave
nue and First street, Pueblo. Colorado,
for authentic information on the subject
of rates, routes etc. To nil points
North, South. East and West, which
will be cheerfully given.
1002 1802.
As long: a time as Davlil reigned, so lon*
has tin- L lilciigo, Rock Island .v Purlfio Rail
way rim truliiK west want from Chicago.
The Roek Island Is foremost In adopting
any advantage calculated to Improve speed
and give that luxury, safety and comfort
that popular patronage demands. Its i-«|iilp
inctit la thoroughly complete with vestlbuled
trains, magnificent dlnln g ears, sleepers and
chairs conches, till" the most elegant, and or ,
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful and cuputdc management and
polite, honest service from employes are |
Important Items. They are a double duty— i
to the Company and to travelers—and It is |
sometimes a task dltlteult of accomplish- ,
ment. Passengers on tills lino will find little
cause for complaint on that ground.
The Importance of this bine can be bettor
understood If a short lesson In geography be
now recited.
What Is the great Kastern termini of the
Rock Island Route? —Chicago. What other
sub-Baatern termini has It?—Peoria. To
what Important points does It run trains to
the Northwest?—Ht. Paul and Minneapolis,
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls,
Dakota. To what Important lowa and Ne
braska points—l'ea Moines. Davenport. lowa
Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Does It
touch other Missouri River points?—Yes; St.
Joseph, Atchison, Ixsavenworth and Kansas
City. IV>es It run trains to the Foothills of
the Rocky Mountains?—Yes; to Denver,
Colorado Springs and Pueblo, solid vesllbul
ed from Chicago. Can lni|M>rtant cities of
Kansu* be reached by the Rock Island
Route?—Yes; its enpltal city. Topeka* and a
full hundred others In all directions In the
Htate, and It Is the only rood running to and
Into the new lnnds opened for settlement In
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qe seen that a line tapping, as
the Rock Island does,such a varied territory,
has much In that regard to commend It to
travelers, as all connections are sure on the
Hock Island, and passengers can rely on a
speedy journey, as over a bulk of the system
through trains arc run, and It has become,
and rightly too, the popular Line.
A very popular train on the Chicago, Rock
aland A Pacific Railway leaves Denver,
Pueblo and Colorado Springs, dally. It la
called “The World’s Fair Special," la one
day out, and passenger* arrive at Chicago
early the second morning.
The Rock Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
to Is Vestlbuled, and carrlea the Rook Island
excellent IMnlng Car Service.
For mu particulars as to tickets, maps,
rates. apply to any coupon ticket office In
Gent. Tkt. & Pja Agi.,Chicago. lU.
I vtfiEbraaiaeßß*;
Are individual sates constructed of selected drill proof steel
and designed for the sate keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry, Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables of all
kinds. Owing to their superior construction and location in
the strong vault of the American National Bank they afford a
protection not offered by the ordinary sate. The owner of one
of these safes enjoys t he privilege of keeping valuables in a safe
place known only to himself. Any person can rent one of
these sales by applying to this department of the— ‘
Gent’s Clothing anil Pniiiixliing Goods,
T. W. LV\( ' I I,
Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper* Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
All IVork Guaranteed.
239 North Union Avenue.
Dealers in Canon City, Lenox. Maitland, Franee
ville and all kinds of Steam Coal.
Bessemer agency at Herman & Sf-loss’ store.
Office Telephouc 245. Yard Telejihone 202. Herman * Shloas' Telephone 221
D. L. HOLDEN, in*. a ROYAL vie p«tct
H. L. lloi.den ( cashicr.
Pueblo, - Colorado.
D. L. Hoi.dkx, \V. A. Moses,
a. Royal, Joski*iiixe k. Moore, c. k.ai.len
A full line of fresh drugs always on hand. Pr escriptions care
fully compounded either day or night. Give me a call.
D. R. Creeni. »*(*. D.F. Urmy, vief Pfl.s. N. D. Hinsdale, oash.i*.
FOW EION AX n DOM l'.nc rcxci! a xok i .ought ax ij soi.d
Jama. L. Lombard. T. A. Sloone. Tho«. Thmapn. Charle. Wert
‘"f W. Woodbury. I). F. Urmy. J. p. Martel. J. K. shir.-,,,,,,,.
I>. H. Grci-ni'. A. E. Grattan). H. K. Holloway. N. D. Hinsdale.
John J. Burns.
Real Estate aiid Loans
No 8 East C Street, Eack of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
J. B. GATES- Manager.
j TELEPHONE 185. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
Ihe Perfection Steam Laundry.
Work Called torand Delivered Promptly.
Goods left at the Bessemer Fair or Foster's Restaurant receive prompt attention.
Telephone 146 Proprietors.
p ' P. Sheeran Doesn't quote any mces, but he permits
111 Uvvl 11/u« nooncto give n,ore Groci - ,rie » nnd Provisions for a BIG
DOLLAR than he does.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don't ask questions, but drop in anil see him. You will trail again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds. Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to--
Corker Union and Abrtendo Avenues, PUEBLO, COLO.
That is what everybody knows our store to be— a great General store
where you can get anything in household use in the way of Grocer
ies, Provisions, Canned goods. Meat and Oysters, and such ar
ticles as Hardware, Glassware. Tinware. Chinaware, Dry
foods and Clothing. Hats and Caps, Bootß and Shoes,
Etc., Etc. We thank you far your custom, and
Respectfully Yours,
Herrqetri <& Slr|lo«ss.

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