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VOL. 4, NO. 4.
Wc arc stm •oiling Groceries chco|x>r than
any other houeu in (.'olordo. .1 list let uh help
you suve money. Ixxik at the following
prices and compare them with those of other
6 bare W. H. Hoap. . $ .25
•5 bars Maitcut soap . . .25
11 hurst lutrette soup 2t
8 burs Tom's Delight soap 20
8 hare Hex soap 25
7 hajrt White Engle soap .25
7 bars I hex soup
C bars White Flouting soap . .25
2 cans tomatoes .15
lean Corn. lu
1 cun Hiring Keans .10
1 cun I-lma lien ns . . .10
1 cun Feus 10
1 can Pumpkin, 8 pounds 10
1 can Asparagus IS
I cun lh linking l’owdor, I»r. Prise's . .jo
1 cun 1-lb Making powder. .15 ,
1 can 2-lhllaUlug powder 25
1 can 2 pounds Corned beef.. 20 I
1 can good Sordines .0.5
1 can Mustard Sardines . .10
1 bottle Cutmiip IS cents 2 lor 25
1 bottle Mixed Pickles ..15
1 bottle (Jerkins’l'lekles .15
1 bottle Chow Chow 15
1 bottle Otis Thompson Relish.. . .25
1 tioltle Stalled Mungow .20
1 bottle C A II Pits Mixed Pickles . .85
1 bottle C A M Pita Chow ( how . .145
1 bottle C A li ( its Chow Chow ... .H 5
1 bottle C A H Ots Mixed I’lekles .«.*,
2 cans Columbian Cream .25
2 cans Winner cow milk 25
20 lbs Apples 1.00
10 lbs evaporated Black berries 1.00
12 lb L M Knlslns i.m
It lbs Wlllte Figs |.oo
7 lbs Silver Plums ..I.on
1 do/. (iranges. Max lean sweet .25
1 do* Choice Lainons .20
100 lbs Sugar granulated .5*50
18 lbs Sugar One granulated 1.00
A-l Codec. packaged .25
3 lbs Mocha and .lava coflbe .1.00
1 lh Jumnvn Codec 80
100 Urn Floor, Shogo. . .1.85
100 lbs Flour, Columbine 1.05
100 lbs Flour, Empire. ..l.so
100 lbs Oreeley Potatoes. 1.75
100 lbs Mountain Potatoes.. .1.50
1 lb good Gunpowder Tea . .25
1 lb eholce (lunpowder Ten . .50
1 lh ex. fancy Gunpowder Ten .*l5
1 lb good Japan Tea. .25
1 lb eholee Japan Tea . . .50
I lb extra faney Japan Tea 05
I lb extra fancy Oolong Tea. . .0.5
1 lt> extra fancy Kngllsh Breakfast .05
1 lb Japan Du3t 12' ..
20 lbs I (lee ..I.tIO
10 lbs Mexican Keans .1.00
25 lbs Navy Keans .1.00 I
10 lbs Hulled Oats 1.00
3pnekuges 2 lbs rolled oats .25
9 While Fish for. 25
10 Break fast Mackerel for .25
Large White Fish, per lb . p"
Large Mackerel .17
Very Choice Holland Herring.
Very Choice Smoked Halibut.
Smoked Spurgeon. Cod Fish.
Kippered Herring.
Come and try its and you can buy nowhere
slue. A full Hue of
Flower and Garden Seed.
Lawn and Grass Seed
A*k for our Seed Dutnlogue.
Moses & Allen
202 South JJnion Avenue nnd Corner of
Sixth uud Snnlu Fo Ave.
I will give you lower Railway or
Bteam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States or Europe than can he had
through any one else in Southern Colo
"• Jo. Call on or write me for rates and
will furnish you with all desired iufor
' alion.
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Ave, near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claims
Room 1 over Postotllcc. Pukiu.o.
AL L. Graham, On as. E. Saxton,
President. Cashier.
Union Avo. and C Street, Puchlo, Colorado
Authorized Cnpltul, - - 1250.000.
Paid In Capital, - - - 50,(MX).
Surplus, 175.001.
Full Set of Teeth
Roams 201-5-6-7, Central Block.
Bridge nnd Crown work done. Also all
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
axnnuble and nil work Warranted.
Buy and Hell
Furniture, Carpels Curlains, Glassware
Qneenswar Tinware, etc.
Manufacturers of and dealers \a
Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural linnlementsof All Kinds. Wn-j
-on and Buggy Harness.
tklcphonk No. 111. PUEBLO, COLO
Engineer of the City of Bessemer
Office lit Central Blk., Pueblo.
In Pullman’s Finest.
A tflp over the Miavoun Pacific rail
W*J train Pueblo to Kansu City. 8t
feogb and *H points east can be made iq
fleyaat Pullman buffet sleeping pare
a»4 free teclining chair oars. For for
Ikar tatarnation afifireee William Hoff,
•fell, Unteu avemke Mip depot, Ule
• ...
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Saturday at Bessemer. Colo.
Entered at the I’ostoffice at Pueblo, Colo.,aa
second class matter.
One Year $1 00
•Six Months 60
City election one month from to
To-day occurs the inaugural cere
monies at Washington, D. C., nnd
Grover Cleveland again enters upon
a presidential enreer.
Opposition in the United States
senate to the annexation of the
Hawaiian islands will no doubt defer
positive action on tiiut question ami
leave it for the next congress to
Absolute fitness should be the
first requisite in every man. nominat
ed for office in the coining city elec
tion. If a man docs not possess this
qualification, no matter on wliut
ticket he may be lie should be
Operations will be commenced on
the Pueblo, Gunnison and Pacific
railroad within sixty days. This
road which is to be an extention of
the Missouri Pacific will be the
richest prize Pueblo has secured for
many a day.
Not quite two months until the
opening of the groat World’s Fair,
and the cholera scare is not abated.
Surely no microbe conlcl live through
the rigorous winter of flic East, and
Hamburg, the birth plaee of the
choleric germ stoutly claims to be
The Morning Call is the name of n
brand new four page quarto daily
issued at the live little city of La
Junta with L. W. Peach as editor.
The News has been merged into the
Call, and Editor Lewis will lend his
ability to the new daily. Success to
the enterprise.
If incompetent or undesirable men
should unfortunately receive nomina
tions on any ticket ut the April
clcctiou no good citizen should feel
under obligations to support him.
The man who is entirely devoid of
all business ideas is out of liis ele
ment in the city council and if an}*
such aspirant should rise up it is the
plain duty of every voter to sit down
on him.
The city council threw the first
obstacle in the way of consolidation
when it took the question up nnd
forced it on the attention or the peo
ple. Then Mr. Drake finished the
business by introducing his coercion
bill. Bessemer citizens will neither
lie forced nor disfranchised and very
naturally want a voice in what con
cerns them most, the government of
their city.
Representative A. W. Lcnnard
is keeping his eye on the infamous
Drake bill and writes the Indicator
that it will be killed “dead as a
smelt” when it comes before the
house. Mr. Drake received a heavy
vote from Bessemer last November
and now that he is done with the
people ho would coerce them into
uniting with Pueblo. It is often
thus with politicians.
Judge W. J. Kerr has again
thrown his net into the political
stream and his friends thi ,k will
catch a county commissionership.
In view of the fact that the judge
was disappointed in seeking the
office of state warden of the peniten
tiary at Canon City it would not be
surprising if Governor Waite would
appoint him to the vacancy recently
caused by the death of Commissioner
M. N. Megrue.
The Cherokee Strip contaius
G,050,000 acres and the price to be
paid the Indians is $8,090,000. The
sale has not yet been made and
thousands of boomers are hovering
near the boundaries prepared to
make unothcr famous rush like that
witnessed on the opening of Okla
homa. The boomers declare that L*
congress does not buy the right of '
the Cherokees they will, on the ad
journment of that body; make the
race anyhow and squat on the terri
tory and will defend their stolen pos
sessions against the noble red man
and Unole Sant's troops. This would
teem to be mther a gigantic under
taking but wbsn a boomer gate
wqrked up to a state of frensy he J
etempedse and oan ne more be te«d» '
edeC them a tana eteer.
The supreme court of Kansas has
recognized the republican house of
representatives, and the populists
have passively accepted the decree
and address Douglas as “Mr, Speak
er.” They still declare that they
elected an honest majority and sub
mit to the ruling of the court only
for the sake of peace and will accept
no place on any of the house com
mittees. In this way while accepting
the ruling of the court they yet re
fuse to recognize the constitutionality
of the republican house.
The crinoline is causing trouble. A
gew days ago it caused a big fight, in
a Tennessee church in which a num
ber of men got weli pounded. A
lady wearing a broad-guage, cum
bersome skirt entered the church
knocking several men down, when
one of them took offense and made a
slighting remark which caused the
woman’s husband to start the quar
rel which resulted in several well
thumped heads. It will now be in
order for the Tennesseeans to hold
indignatiou meetings and protest
against the hated hoops.
Do not forget in the approaching
municipal election that the principles
and policies of the great political
parties have nothing at all to do with
the management of city affairs.—
Pueblo Press.
It looks like a slip of the pen for
it strong partisan paper to make such
an independent remark, but they are
all coming to it. If a inan is dis
honest or incapable why boost him
into a municipal position simply be
cause he happens to agree with yon
on some ot' the national issues of the
day? The best men should be
placed at the head of city affairs and
politics should have but little to do
with their election.
City politics with Pueblo arc be
coming no more stable than with the
proud city on the hill. A short time
ago there was talk of making a
democratico-republico combine to
down the everlasting independents,
but hesitation on the part of the
lutter about fusing caused the ad
herents of the Jeffersonion ideas to
pull off, the white wings and the
silver tips deciding to stand together.
A movement is also on foot among
the merchants to put none but busi
ness men on guard which may result
in putting forth another ticket It
looks very much as if there will be
Tio combine and in such an event the
independents or third party men will
have a walk-over.
Pueblo will soon be where Moses
was when the lights went out. At
the meeting of the city council Mon
day night last Mayor Hamilton made
the startling announcement that the
lighting fund was almost exhausted
und that it locked as though Pueblo
would have to remain in darkness for
a month. All the old coal oil lamps
and posts have gone the way of the
antique and the gas plant has been
swallowed up in the electric light
combine, so that unless somebody
does a brilliant piece of financiering
the sister city must slumber in dark
ness, a paradise for thugs, holdups
and bums. If the period of dark
ness comes it will last for a month,
or until after the election when funds
can be appropriated.
For Sixty Thousand Dollars.
The Colorado Coal and Iron
Company offers its six blocks near
the steel works for- $60,000 excepting
from the sale the Colorado Trading
company store • and the Bessemer
Motel. Although the prico does not
seem to be high, yet it is a big piece
of property to handlo and the man
with so much money has not put in
his appearance nnd the company is
now selling the property out at
Restrictions to Stand.
The Indicator has been informed
by a man holding a position in the
C. C. A I. Co. that the liquor restric
tions will not be removed from any
of their property. The deeds con
veying any of the lots in the six
blocks now on sale will all contain
the restrictive clause, nor will an
easement be made in any of the
deeds to property sold heretofore.
Sueh was tha informant's opinion
and he can no doubt guess pretty
close to the facts in the case.
Base Ball.
Colorado lovers of the diamond
are making strenuous efforts to
organise a state league whloh will
inoiude Pueblo, Denver, Leadville,
Aspen and Colordo Springs, and
also Cheyenne, Wyoming. Courtesy
has been extended to Wyoming’s
fair capital because of that oity’s
isolation from all other base ball
oenters. An informal meeting was
held in Pueblo Wednesday night at
which were representatives from
tnoetall the cltiea mentioned but no
e*t*&iut!en was effected. The baoo
bollteta are on the right track and
MWgtiy lag the omty ton—a to win
! • FAIR
Down at
Main and Six'-, Streets.
Never wery so many pretty new
spring goods shown by any firm
in southern Colorado.
Lovely Silks,pretty Dress
Goods, durable Wash
Goods, dainty Embroider
ies, stylish Shirt Waists,
the latest Wraps and Ready
Made Dresses, and so on
through our whole line.
Prices Lower than the
Paul Wilson Dry Goods Co.
Main and Sixth Streets.
Watch for announcement
3f our Spring Millinery
There is nothing positive regard
ing the building of a bolt and spike
factory at the works although there
is lots of talk about it. However,
the old foundry at (In; steel and iron
department will at once be enlarged
to accommodate outside orders, the
capacity of the foundry as it is at
present being none too great to
supply the necessaries of the works.
Other large improvements tire to be
made but exactly what they will be
is something as yet unknown.
There is significance in tin* fact that
General Manager J. A. Kebler spent
the first three days of 'the week
about the works for ho was not there
merely as a sightseer; lie lias been
in tile steel and iron mills too long
for that.
F. B. Newlon, the boss carpenter
lias been let out. Mr. Newlon lias
boon in the employ of the company
fourteen years und was present when
the first whistle blew. He lias con
siderable property in the city and
will give it most of his attention.
Tom and Ed Little who were in
jured a short time ago are improv
ing rapidly.
Blast furnace No. 1 outdid Itself
Monday when it turned out 160 tons.
This output is not equal to the pro
duct of No. 3, tlie new furnace, but
it is the greatest work the old one
ever did.
No. 2 blast furnace will not bo
started up for at least five weeks.
When it does thero is a surplus of
roasted ore to keep all three furnaces
Work is progressing on the new
trestle being built as an adjunct to
ore roaster No. 2.
Plenty of orders ahead for several
months and there is not the shadow
of a doubt about the steady running
of the works.
Political Meeting.
The peoples party held a meeting
at the eity hall Tuesday night, W.
8. Williams presiding. There was
no discussion of city affairs, and no
general talk on political subjects the
work under consideration being the
election of now olllcers and the fill
ing of the ward committees.
J. H. Benson from the Ist ward
was not considered a good peoples
party man and on motion of (’. M.
Pollard Neil Gregory was elected to
fill his place. On motion of i. I).
Jessup Clias. O. Richardson’s place
from the 3rd was declared vucan-t,
Mr. Richardson having removed
from Bessemer, and T. B. Kaylor
was elocted in his stead. No other
changes were made in the ward com
W. H. Howard said in regard to
the change in the first ward that it
it as hard to tell who is a good
peoples party man as to tell who is
a good church man. He had dis
covered some dodging about and he
wanted to know where a man stood
before ho could be entrusted with
some duty.
The question of the election of
new officers coining up, Ferguson
favored a change while Jessup,
Dunlap, Pollard and Neal argued
that the old sot remain in office.
However, Chairman Williams re
signed for good reasons, he said, and
his resignation being accepted,
Jessup and Ferguson were nomin
ated to fill vacancy, Jessup being
Secretary Roberts also resigned
and \\. H. Howard and C. M.
Pollard being nominated Howard
was elected. On motion of Neal it
was agreed to iuvito public speakers
to be present at the next meeting
aud suggested that J. J. Voories bo
sent an invitation. Howard amend
ed by moving that I. D. Chamber
lain also be invited* The chair apt
pojnted Neal to see the former gen
tleman and Howard to see the
Adjourned until next Tuesday
A full Una at diamond ctyea at tha
F\ >r=Sale!
All Houses and Lots in thi3 Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
“Are We In It?"
, “In what?”
j In our new store.”
I “No, but we expect to be next week,
and then you cun look for bargain*.
I This week we offer you 32
boxes matches for .25
12 do/., agate buttons .05
Dress shields per pair .10
Dress stays per set . 10
Our 25c grade of ladies hose
can not be beaten.
j Dime registering book .10
! <> cards daisy darning cotton,
black .05 ]
Best carpet tacks, keg .05 ■
A good grade of gents half
I iiosc in slates and tans, 2 pr .25
Patent hooks and eyes, card .05 j
I Japanese bamboo tooth
picks, 500 in fancy basket .05 !
I 10 inch Turkey red hand
kerchief .05 I
Thanking you for past favors wc re
Yours truly,
U. Peiilet,
Evans and Summit.
Would Force Consolidation,
j Senator Drnlco corrects the Opinion
J about tho item that tho bill now before
j the senate to consolidate Pueblo and
: Bessemer was originated by A. E.
Graham. Senator Drake claims the
authorship of the bill, as it was entirely
prepared by him. So much tho worse
for Senator Drake. The bill is contrary
to the wishes ef tho voters of Bessemer
and Pueblo. It looks very much as
though the honorable senator would
force consolidation whether tho pcooplo
want it or not. We are sorry -jhat Sen
ator Drako has made this mistake. The
poople in Bessemer are highly indignant
over what they deem an unwarranted
interference on the part of the legisla
ture.—Pnoble Sunday Opinion.
Bountiful Baca.
Wo hear of many old settlers return
ing to Baca county. After vain en
deavor tho past three years to find a
better place they have yielded their
pride and are returning and with
each returning family at least one now
settler comes. Good crops for a few
years will till up our county, bring us
railroads and capital. Those who waited
long for tho privileges und comforts of
older settled countries are viewing tho
dawning of tho morning. Springfield
The Truth Will Out.
Pueblo advertises horsolf as a great
manufacturing city, a center of great
coal fields, whereas, she has no manu
factories at all and no use for but little
Lot her circulars read “Wo are close
to the city of Bessemer which has steel
works, *c., Ac..” and if she does not de
sire Bessemer us a part of hersolf let us
no longer try to derivo bonofit by dis
honest assumptions.— Pueblo Star.
The Star tells the blunt truth at last
and it is refreshing to hoar n Pueblo
paper own up to "dishonest assumptions'
on the part of that city.
Took Advice.
T here whs. not long sinoo. says Life,
a very vcnorablo and benevolent judge
in Paris, who. at the moment of pass
ing sontonco on u prisonor. consulted
his associates on each sido of him ns
to tho proper penalty to ho inflictod.
••What ought wo to give this rascal,
brother;''' ho su'd, bending over to tho
one upon liis right. *'l should say
three years.” “What is your opin
ion. brother?*' to the other, on his
loft. I should give him about four
years.” The Judge (with benevo
lence) — “Prisoner, not desiring to
give you a long nnd severe term of
Imprisonment as I should havo dono
if left to myself, I havo consulted my
learned brothers, and I shall take
their advice. Seven years!”
Caught in His Own Trap.
Handsomo Young Sheriff (with an
order from the court) —I bog pardon.
Miss McFalL but I havo an attach
ment for you which—.
Miss McFnli (32. If she's a day)—
This is so sudden, Mr. Nippers! But,
yes, dear.
She Should Have Said “Haint.”
“I looks like a tramp ma'am.” ho
said, “but I ain't I'm a sailor,
ma’am; I was wrecked and washed
ashore. ”
“You ain’t been washed since, I’ll
wager.” said the unsympathetic wo
man. —Kpoch.
Second Hand Goods.
J. E. Hoyt, of 118 South Union
avonuo, (• offering big bargains in
•oeond hand goods. Bessemer peo
ptacteiaot miss M by trading with
A Winter in the South.
A winter in the South— the very
words conjure up delicious memories
for those who have been there. The
i bright sunny skies, the dry. bracing air
and the warm sunshine is in decided
contrast to the cold, bleak north.
The great state ef Texas is colebru
ted as one great broad winter resort in
itself, but the following places are. pet
Imps, particulrrly popular: Fort Worth,
with its mineral baths, healthful clitnau
and good hotels; Austin, the beautiful
| capital city; San Antonio, one of the
few really historical places m our conn
I try; Houston, with its blooming roses*
oleanders and groves of oranges and
lemons, and Galveston with its delici
j out sea breezes. These are but a few
'of the dclightfjl resorts of this highly
I favored region.
An escape from all the pains and dis- '
comforts of our rigorous weather, trau
! sported by magic from the region of
snow and ice to the fragrance of this
summer land, is now made possible and
easy by the Denver. Texas & Ft. Worth
branch of the Union Pacific system,
which runs through Pullman Palace
sleepers between Denver, Fort Worth,
Dollas, Bhreveport and New Orleans,
and offers exceedingly low excursion
rates to all Southern cities from Denver.
Puchlo, Colorado Springs nnd Trinidad.
For a full description of Southern win
ter resorts, reached over the Union Pa
cific system, or for excursion rates ap
ply to A. S. Cum Bkrtson. General
Agent, Triangle block or Union Depot,
Pueblo. Colo
MONEY saved by placing it in the
Pueblo Savings Bank. Don't
delay hut begin an account if you have
not already done so.
Great Rock Island Route
1 H5L’ 1862
As lone a time an David reigned, ko lone
hits the ( lilcngo, Rock Island .V Pacific Rail
way run trains westward from ( lilcngo.
The Hock Island Is foremost In adopting
any advantage calculated to Improve speed
and give that luxury, safety and comfort
that popular patronage demand-. lisei|iilp
tnent Is t hormighly complete with vest Mailed
trains, magnificent dining ears, sleepers nnd
chairs conches, all the most elegant, and of
recently improved patterns.
Faithful and capable management nnd |
polite, honest service from emplove- are
Important Items. They are a dotihh- .Inly
to the < otnpntiy and to travelers—nml li Is.
sometimes a task difficult of accomplish
ment. Passengers on this Mae will find litll,
cause for complaint on tlmt ground.
The Importance of this Line can lie lietter
understood If a short lesson in geography he •
What Is the great Knstern termini of the
ltock Island lloiitc?—Chicago. Wind other
sub-Eastern termini has It?— lVorin. To 1
wlntt Important points does it run trains to
the Northwest?—St. Paul nml Mlnnenpoli-.
Minnesota ami Wntertown und Sioux 1 nli-
I’akotu. To what important lowa and Ne
braska points—Des Moines. Davenport. lowa I
omahu nnd Lincoln. Nebraska. Does it
touch other Missouri ltlver points?-Y5 -: st. ,
Joseph, Atchison. Leavenworth nml Kansas
City. Does It ran trains to tho Foothills el
the Hooky Mountains?— Yes; to Denver.
Colorado Springs nml Pueblo, solid vcstlhul
ed from Chicago, can Important cities of
Kansu* he reached by the ltock Island
Route?—Yes; its capital city, Topeka* and a
full hundred others in all directions in the
State, nml It Is tlie only road running to and
Into the new lands opened for settlement in
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qe seen that a line tapping, ns
the Rock Island doe*.sueh a varied territory,
has much in that regard to commend It to
travelers, ns all connect lons are sure on the
Rock Island, and passengers can rely on n
speedy tourney, as over a bulk of thesVstem
through trains arc run. and it has become,
nnd rightly too, tho iiopiilar Line
A very popular train on the Chicago, Rock
"land A Pacific Railway leaves Denver.
Puchlo and Colorado (tarings, dnllv. It is
culled "The World’s Fair Special,“ is one
(layout, and passengers arrive ut Chicago
early tho second morning. •
The Rook Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train utmvc referred
to Is Vestlbuled, and carries the Rock Island
excellent Dining Car Service.
For full particulars as to tickets, maps,
rates, apply to any coupon ticket office in
the.Unltcd, Canada or Mexico, or address:
Gent. Tkt- A Pu**. Agt., Chicago, 111.
15. HT, JOHN. Goal. Manager. Chicago, 111.
J. G. KELLER, Agent, Puchlo, Colorado.
Of Importance to the Traveling
Bftforo purchasing your tickets, ca*
at the Union Pacific ticket office, Tri
angle Block, corner North Union ave
nue and First street, Pueblo, Colorado,
for authentic information on the subject
of rates, routes etc. To all points
North, Booth, Bast sad Wont, whij£,
mfll ho shssrfhßy |hi,
Are individual sares constructed of selected drill proof steel
and designed Tor the safe keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Moneyand Valuables of all
kinds. Owing to their superior construction and location in
the strong vault of the American Nutionul Bunk they afford a
protection not offered by th< rdlnarysafe. The owner of on e
i of these sales enj. .ys the privilege of keeping valuables in a safe
place known only to himself. Any person can rent one of
these sales by applying to this department of the—
T. W. LV\( 11.
Dealer In Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
Hit // ork Guaranteed.
VICTORS are Guaranteed.
VICTORS are taken care
of IN PUEBLO by the
Before buying n Pneumatic Bicycle ae tliat it has an inner tube,
removable through the rim. VICTOR Bicycles arc built
that way. and they lead the world. All makes of Bicycles
Plans and specifications furnished on application and
estimates given.
< all nt No. 600 Arreya Avenue, Bessemer.
D. R. Greene, D.F. Urmv, v,« N. D. H.nsdale. cash,™.
I ,; m TT"' T A - «•»”<'• Tlion. Thompson. Charlo, W«t.
I .
A. K. Grulinm. H. K. Holloway. X. D. Hinsdale.
John J. Burns.
Has Rare Bargains in Houses and Lots
m Bessemer. Choice Garden tracts under
Ditch, fenced, and cultivated hist year,
sold on easiest hind of terms.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
j No 8 East C Street, Back of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
lELEPIIONE 18.5. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
The Perfection Steam Laundry.
Work Called for nnd Delivered Promptly,
Goods left 111 the Bessemer Fair or Foster s Restaurant receive prompt attention.
Telephone 146 Proprietors.
l 1 APHIM AC Doesn't quote any prices, but lie permits
IlUuLllvO* "" 0,10,0 « ivo nwrc Groceries and Provisions for a BIG
HOLLAR than ho docs.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
111 Slav there. Don't ask questions, bul drop in and sec him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to--
ConNr.it Union and Amuendo Avenues, PUEBLO, COLO.
That is what everybody knows our store to be—a great General store
where you can get anything in household use is the way of Grocer
ies, Provisions, fanned goods, Meat and Oysters, and such ar
ticles as Hardware, Glassware. Tinware, Chinaware, Dry
goods and Clothing. Unts and Caps. Boots and Shoes,
Etc., Etc. We thank you far your custom, and
Respectfully Yours,
Herrr|ar) Sc St)loss.
AM* fnrnithM m.l.rkd, iudiUu *f .0 AhMMIoM, OAh It Un*f
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