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The Indicator.
■ Some derisive spirits are mean
enough to remark that Mr. (Move
land's cabinet lacks a Populist.
The number of railroad accidents of
recent occurrence emphasize the nc
ccssity of a vigilant commission.
Protection against the pauperizing
industry of indorsing notes is a new
doctrine of Major McKinley's policy.
Du. Mary Walker told a reporter,
interviewed her on the subject, that,
crinoline was wicked, immoral and uq
The Governor of Kansas will t.ik*
charge of future legislative rows if the
sheriff of Shawnee county will let
America will be discovered again if
% all go well, as the caracals have al
ready arrived safely at the Canary
There is a manifest disposition in
certain circles to take the view that the
laws of this country err in limiting the
number of cabinet offices.
Another prize fight has resulted ir.
one of the participants being s ‘verely
hurt. This is unexpected in such a
mild and usually harmless occupation.
A captious contemporary finds fault
with the flavor of the gum on the new
postage stamps. Some people would
not be contented if the government
were to give out a plate of pate dc foie
gras with each stamp.
Secretary Rusk counsels farmer.-
to give their hogs corn feed. Stand
ing committed in this way to the corn
policy, it will now he in order for Mr
Morgan to outline a hog policy advo
cating wheat, rye or cabbages.
The silver convention held in Wash
ington last week is already producing
good result: Yi’iien the eountrv can
’<»e convinced that the farmer and me
chanic is as much interested in bavin;
free coinage as is the mine owner, the
battle will he won.
A statesman from lowa proposes
that the Goddess of Liberty he per
mitted to wear a new gown. Kvery
true woman will appreciate the jus
ticc of this move when she reflects
that the goddess' clothes arc ridicu
lously out of fashion.
The state officials of Colorado have
moved their offices into another build
ing. involving an extra outlay of about
*»,000 a year for rent. Those win
feared tlic Populists would hecconom
ical to parsimoniousness seem to have
been needlessly alarmed.
A contemporary avers that on bid
ding adieu to his friends Mr. Steven
son was attired in a long black coat
and a little how tic." Well, it maybe ;
ail right in the neighborly circles *.f ;
Mr. Stevenson's home at Bloomington, i
but it won't do in Washington. Mr. j
Stevenson should secure the s rviecs '
of a tailor nt once.
A THEATER on wheels is suggested
ns one of the novelties for the World s
Fair season. If this device could he
affixed to a powerful and speedy on- ,
gine. capable of instant and sudden
locomotion, it would no doubt become
popular with barn-storming companies
when they fail to meet the critical ap- t
probation of their audiences.
r The collapse of the Reading pool !
and the appointment of receivers is a
surprisine thing, but one that will not
make many people griov. President !
McCloud and his associates tried to
control the whole coal output of the
East, and evidently hit <*fi more than
they could easily chew. They have
an immense amount of coal on hand,
which will now he sold at a reason
able rate.
Governor McKinley of Ohio mer
its and will receive the hearty sympa
thy of people throughout the country,
whether they agree with his political
views or not. It seems probable that
he will have to pay the notes of a
friend for whom he has indorsed heav
ily. The amount may reach SIOO,OOO.
which is much more than Mr. McKin
ley is worth. He and his wife have
turned over all of their property for
the benefit of these creditors. The
man who is willing to risk somethin.'
to help a friend in need is a friend in
Some of the wealthy club men of
Chicago arc very much incensed on ac
count of some remarks made a few
days ago by S. W. Allcrton. the mil
• lionaire pork packer. He made hold
to criticize the Chicago Club, an aris
tocratic and exclusive resort of bloods
of that city, because it boomed the
liquor business so much. He said
that he knew a lot of men who were
“not nearly so good to their families
nor so reliable in business now as they
were before they joined the Chicago
Club." He don't object to liquor
being sold with meals, hut lie thinks
they make too much of a specialty of
the business there.
Susan B. Anthony declares that
she was impelled to remain an old
maid by noticing, as she strolled
through a New England graveyard
years ago the constantly recurring in
aeription: “.Sacred to the memory of
A , relict of the mte Z ." She
then and there took a mental iron clad
Oftth to remain forever unmarried
rniher than have her existence record
id for fit Urn geaeratiowi ?jip jdy as the
•WfT of tap# nth.
Detailed Rr|>orl of the I*roe«*uings of
Roth House#.
Feb. 23.—SenaVB.—The following I.lll*
passed ililid vending: Amending section ' iff
chapter 74 of the law# of 1&77 the *n“ie betng
Miction 3,346 of Mills' Annotated Statutes, en
titled “Partition" ; providing tor the dlsp*>*l
tlon of caae# appealed to the Supreme C ourt
mid Court of Appeals when there Is it luck of
Jurisdiction; providing protection for ho to*
and boarding-house keepers, and o* iking cer
tain acts misdemeanor# -and providing u pun
ishment therefor
In committee of the whole the bill estab
lishing a state board of supervisors of the
charitable, reformatory and penal limit**
Hons of the state of Colorado, defining *h.‘
(.owers and duties of sueh board*, ahd abol
ishing the boards of trustees set boards of
commissioner* of such ‘nsiPutions as are now
provided by law. was taken up. Senator
Israel explained the objects of the 11l «*
length. The measure was strongly s’V,'ported
by Senator Hartzell. Smut.- McGovney op
posed ’be measure In \. ir as It applied to
•he instimte t** '.lie ’education of the mute
and ihe MrtvJ. This was objected to to Sena
tot l«rael. Senator Lockwood thought the
provision# of the bill sound from an economic
view, but more than all regarded the measure
as one which would give unity of netlon in re
card to the penal, corrective and charitable
Institutions. Senator Mctiovney declared
that he would not allow the lnclu-ioti of the
institution at Colorado Springs w Ith the penal
institutions unless all oth.-T educational ’i.sti
tutlon# wore included. The Non-’al School,
the School of Mine- and »bc .state Uni\cr-ii>
should also he Included. More money eoubl
be saved to the state by including the Agi I
cultural« ollege. the Stale 1 uiver-ity and the
Nonrtai School than from the Inclusion of ad
other institutions. Senator Drake favored the
inclusion of all institutions except the State
University, where h constitutional Inhibition
stood In the way. The discussion lasted all
dav. but no action was taken.
llot'SE. Bromley's resolution condemning
the extradition treaty with Russia was «li~-
eussed at great length and then defeated.
The rest of the day was occupied l>.v a di-ciis
ilon of Um
election districts. There was otf-- , j.posi
tion to the bill but It tips'.!} passed -econd
reading. The Homi" 1 theu adjourned until
Monday, and uvost of the members started for
Santa *c
ITbb. "7. Senate A short session was
held, during which Mr. Israel's bill for a
Joint board to manage the penal Inst lot it
was considered nud after some <?l-*-n**bfoit •••
lered printed.
Hot sn. -The following bi'.U passed third
reading To ba’c b.tslice- ..f the peace t -
port In detail iht fines applied to the school
fund: appropriating SIO,OOO for
•Tent expenses of the (ieneral Asscmbl* to
exempt (2,500 of homestead property, w het her
tue same wad recorded for exempt >n o: m.t .
to provide for the proper burial of honorably
liscbargcd soldiers and sailors; to require in
surance companies to pay the amount H-mv.l
md not tbr value of the property damaged;
It* provide for the payment to clerks of the ,
District Courts in counties of the fourth and
fifth classes (300 per annum, whether the fees
amount to that or not: to establish a li-li
hatchery In Douglas count; . to amend the
aet in relation to assignments and requiring
the assignee tM tile a report of the condition
iff the c»tate w ith the county clerk at one**
the. House then went into committer "f the
" hole and took up consideration'ff the Kiiton
bill to prescribe an educational qualification
for voters. The bill provides that voters must
hereafter be able to read the constitution in
English Present voters arc excepted. Af
ter s long discussion the bill w as favorably re
tained by a large major :ty. It is to take cf
feet in P.tOO.
Bills referring to assessment* "i re : on-Jd
ered. but they were referred to the com nittee
with instructions to in bort < ne I 111 to i bange
time of a.s«*-.«ment t*. May Ist.
Consideration of three bills dealing with
attachments was next. These Gills bad been
partially considered. House bill *sl was taken
tiret, to repeui ’bat part of the attachment
law providing for attachment suit# being made
on promissory notes and book accounts kl*
ter a length', d; ■> 1 1*-
by a vole of :tl to 21
Fan. 28.- Senate.—The local option herd
law was disi-us't d and referred to
1 f i vhole The following - ued
third rea ling Piwhlli :
more than two dlstrl id;
lon l of
the ■'tale of i olorado to b<* tie d « ith the re
ing to the - • rriand his
assistant- piohibl'pijr i'.id/cs ..f tbed.-'•:.*
and county courts, just!*-*- ..f the j.eace and
hereof; securing liens
er*. and repealing ail law* in conflict there
The hill providing lor the treatment of ha
bitual drunkards was considered at length
md passed second reading, as d.d uDotlo- l.ili
. be a U ilture and
the method of selecting it- pn-'ideiii and sec
retary, providing that the . secretary may Ire
■ sen ouli
The ill! repealing ft creating the office
elation I
b.r final pa-sage.
i; ! .-an opin
ion on the i .. lotrodm to ref md the
money paid by county treasurer# on scalp
bounties under a law which wa, declared t<*
be unconstitutional. The b:ll Is constllu
a) pi
On fMi B •
Into committee of the n hole to consider a bill
to empower county commissioners to make
appropriations f*>r non-sectarian charitable
• - ■ ng. A favora
report wan made on the hill though it was
strongly opposed by several members.
In the al loose went
mit lex* again to consider < <ti second reading
the bill By Mr. Uallett to provide for the re
demption "f outstanding state warrants
rblob were efu-*■ I pa
treasurer. The discussion of the bill occu
pied the entire afternoon, ."strong opposition
leveloped against the bill bai a motion to
lefeat It was lost by a vote of go to fU. It
war then agreed that the hill should he re
ferred to a special commit ice to Investigate
the iu-tb e of thes«; claims against the state.
At the evening session the Wick* railroad
bill was taken up Mr. Brown Insisted that
Hu* three bills be considered at the same time.
A wrangle ensued between the chairman. Mr.
I.ennard and Mr. Brown, and great confusion
reigned for a time but the matter was finally
settled. A motion to refer tin- three bills to
the committee on rules was defeated as was
the motion to take up the other two railroad
bills with that of Mr. \\ ieks. great num
ter **f d latory motions were made to hlndei
| irtion on the bill and an adjournment wa»
I finally taken.
March I.—Senate.-Senator Barela Intro
duced a resolution, which was adopted, tlinnk
; ing tlic Pullman ('*••• Company and its utteml
.ints for ihr coaches and service furnished tin
1 senators on their recent trip to Santa F<*. In
committee of the whole Mr Walters’ road bill
i w a« taken up. but that, of Mr. Barela was Mils
! stltuted. ami the discission of It occupied r
I large part of tlic day. hut no action wa-
J taken. The following bills were recommend*
'ed for passage: Authorizing the conimis
j sioncr of the Bureau of Labor Statistics to is
sue .statistical bulletin- quarterly and to pro
■ vide for their free distribution; repealing the
net for the creation of a bureau of imndgra
! tlon and stati-ti.-s; extending the time fot
i examination of the books of the 'tan- auditor
and slate treasurer to twelve days instead ol
-it. a.* at present; enabling private corpor
ation* to < xtend their terms i»f incorporation ;
amending the net for the cdm-ntlon and main
'cnanee of the milt** and blind in Its wording,
as to avoid technical objections to tlic ad
mission of pupil* i-ither deaf or mute, but not
both deaf and dumb.
Hot se Speaker Ammons appointed
Messr*. Woolt* *ii. Wick*. Uallett. Brown aud
Thotmis a* the special committee to Investi
gate tlic #tnt«* warrants which It was oropos
ed to pay. Mr. Sweeney objected to the com
position "f 'b*- commit tec. . barging that all
but one of them. Mr. Thomas, were in favor
of pay ing the w arrants. This precipitated a
d:«* ii -*!on and I tie speaker finally appointed
Mr. Be:,' in place of Mr. Wicks. Mr. Bcir
i* ii In executive se-sion called attention to
tS*e fa. t that the girl who had a (lower stand
in Hie lobby was tlie cause of a good deni of
time lacing wasted by member*, ami sugge-t
--e.l that the House would get on better If th>*
stand be removed. A number of member*
objected and nothing was done to disturb the
The judiciary committee reported a substi
tute bill to take Huerfano county from the
1 bird or Lx* Animas judicial district and
place it in the Twelfth judicial district. The
minority report, leaving Huerfano with I.as
Anirn * couni.v, was supported by Messrs.
Wot it tun anil Bweeney,hut the majority report
carried by :;s to ‘2- votes.
Kc*o!utlon of thanks to the Denver Rio
<*.l*ll*lo for giving member# a complimentary
ride to and from New Mexico were adopted.
In the afternoon the third reading of bills
wa* taken up. Mr. Ilvne#’ anti-Pinkerton
bill against the employment of armed guard*
was read. It was passed 50 to ti. The fol
low lug were «I*<> agreed to; To exempt the
>* »1 and personal property of (i A. K. posts
‘kiiii taxation; to provide n board to examine
ippllcants for state boiler Inspectors ard
leputy Inspectors; to et*iub!lsb a lisbl atchevy
in j.n Plata county.
The h»M L*j Mr, Hunter to prevent, >t oosrl-
Me. phot- 1 tvvUbt In coftl'paucd «oaa*.mt*uslr,
Mi 1 . UuatM* ill <X utt want tfco •Mrtni'Q
oltm>{> DiMarfli m fiUki wtiw ffiif V?
Pft?\ IU ****mrf IfflM
Tlie Tories are I mil (TV rent and th* I.lh
eral# Seem t«« train Strenßth.
RcVtral straws have shown in the last week
Uiat the wind Is blowing favorably for the
homo rule bill. On every division In the
House the (iludstonlans have more than held
their ow n, to the Intense disgust of the Tory
editors, wh*' roi.l.uuo to thunder against the
whips for not rallying the full strength of the
Unionist opposition Another subject ol
ti ladstoiilan rejoicing lias Ik*cii the wtuning of
the Cirencester sent in the House. Tlie vic
tory I# all the more significant as Harry Law
son. the (*!.-ulaUm!an candidate. Is •’rsoiutlly
so unpopular that he had undergone a series
of mortifying defeats In other constituencies.
He was opposed, moreover, by a popular Tory
who was supported unanimously by the liquor
men. Despite these handicaps. Mr Lawson
secured a majority o? if! As the canvass
Wfts made almost entirely on 'he home rub* is
sue. and contemporaneously with the home
rule debate Irs the House, there can he no
doubt 'hr.t. the result was a popular Indor-e
--hicnt of the home-rule policy.
In dates Head tin-home rule question has
been dlscu***-*! by Mr Allen, tin- (iladstonlan
candidate chosen on Friday, with the utmost
vigor. In a speech Saturday night he gave a
fair specimen of his uncompromising scorn ol
the Tory programme, when he denounced the
Ashbourne acta as a shame and fulee. de*t ril
ing the landlords In Ireland as a pack of roh
b***-», and proclaiming his conviction that the
House of Lords must lie abolished w ithin
three years. After all th*-«- declaration* Mr
Allen was aV.I. to treble the (iladstonlan
inw'ori'.y. Both the elcctious have been In
terpreted by the Liberals to mean that Mr.
(Hailstone lias gained strength sln<*e the In
troduction of the home-rule bill, and In view
of the events in question both In sn*l but *>f
the House of Commons there I* little doubt
that the prospect* of the home-rule bill are
'•lighter than Us best friends dnre«l to hope
three weeks ago.
Discussion of the Subject of lit-.Metal.
Us in In the House or t'oimnons.
Sir llenry Mersey-Thompson. Liberal-
I tibmi-t inomWr of Parliament for North
Ilardswortli. moved In tlie House of Commons
on the •dMh Hint ibfe British government
-bon Id u— its influence to bring about a rc
n-.-cmblaig of the International Monetary
Conference. with the object of finding a
remedy for the evils attendant Upon the di
vergence of values between gold and silver.
Sir Henry, who is a director in several rail*
v. and i- recognized a.- a respectable
authority on trade question-, argued that
monometallism was a national misfortune
and thal a fixed bimetallic ratio was the «u!c
remedy for existing difficulties growing out
of the currency problem.
Mr Usmticl Montague, Liberal member of
Parliament for Whitechapel, and well known
a- a member of the banking house of Samuel
Montague .v Co . earne-tly supported Sir
Henry’s motion and argued lit favor of bi
metallism. Oilier bimetallists also addressed
the House In behalf of the proposition.
Mr Gladstone, In reply, reminded the
House that the International Monetary Con
ference met at the initiative of the United
Stale-, and it would be an Unprecedented
proceeding no r to deprive America of the
If red 1 he Bras
-••is discussion with more or less sympathy
! the l nltcd
Slate- a declaration ns to what step that
country proposed to take next. In tin
opinion of the government no plan vet pro i
1 wised -howed lio» It was possible to change
the -Mmlard of value In Orcat Britain. |!!oar,
Seven other powers, without the slightest
reference to Ktiglanil, had signified their In
the powers represented at the conference had
showed that they leaned toward bimetallism
but as yet they had not given the mw
shudotry indication of what changes they
were prepared to make. In conclusion, Mr.
Gladstonegare an elaborate exposition of tin
benfits of monometallism and the danger* o
Mr Chaplin, president of the board of agri
culture under the la-t Salisbury admlnlstra
tlon. supported the motion of Sir Henry Moy
scy-Tliompsoii. At the Brussels conference,
he -aid, Bertram Currie fHrltl-li delegate*
persistently and deliberately did everything
in his power to defeat the objects of tin
Mr. Half toppos
i t bis coll igut ■
dcniied a monetary system which would ralst
I< ■• • —. The motion was not in favor of bi
meiuiiisin. The fact was that the governincnt
!iad decided to d.. nothing to remedy the
present evils, evident both In trade and ogrl-
Sir llenry Mcysey -Thompson’s motion
eventually was rejected by a vote of Till to
14 s . The announcement of the vote was re
ceived with loud Liberal cheers.
A Mother mol tier Cliililren llrowiinl In
a Flood.
lien 'lie vil
lage of t hugely, near the town of I'aks, In
Hungary. -Hunted on the Hirer Danube.
of Buda 11 • ig to i
sudden rl-e of the Danube the 1 .<<00 inhahl
tant- of 1 Sergely ft und the mud huts in which
they ]i\i .1 f-urrotinded by water. The people
took refuge In the church and school, which
were constructed of stronger materials, hop
ing that these buildings would he able to
bold out against the flood. Mothers and
children clung to the altar beseeching the
Intercession of the saints. They saw theli
home- disappearing in the raging stream and
the -welling waters began to bent agaln.-t the
cliurcb ami the school building with such
strength that at la-t they decided that to re
main would mean the destruction of all of
them, while if they lied some, at least, might
Opening the doors they started out Into
the flood, which surged nearly to the waists
of the grown-up people. Fathers and
mothers carried their children, and the sick
ami feeb’.c were helped along by those who
were stronger.
They fled as fast as they could in the direc
tion of I'aks tine mother with five chl'dren
sank in the waters and perished. Many
oilier-, the number of which Is a« yet un
known, were drowned in the flood and ■ lie
survivors reached I'aks in a most deplorable
The people of I’aks gave the fugitives all
the help pos-ible. although deeply concerned
for their own safety, as the Danube Is twenty
feet above the normal. There Is no doubt
that the number of dead is very large.
A Hoop Skirt Riot.
In attempting to introduce the crinoline fid
into Hie rural district of Daden. Tennessee.
Mrs. Banders cruised a tight In the church last
Sunday. In entering the church the cumber
some skirt- brushed against several persons,
and Andrew Watson made a remark which
insulted the lady, who Informed her husband.
A tight ensued, the relatives and friends of
both parties engaging In the battle. Women
fainted, children -creamed anil pandemonium
reigned supreme. Many emerged with broken
and bleeding heads, vow ing vengeance. Sev
eral of the parties are gunning for each other
and the crinoline style Is on the decline.
Governor McKinley's Friends.
Tn stso H. II. Kohlsaat has practically de
cided to stop opposing the wishes of Major
McKinley’s friends and to receive whatever
funds they may decide to send toward paying
the $95,000 worth of liabilities of the unfor
tunate and deceived governor of Ohio. The
fI contribution scheme inet with almost np
roarous approval In the governor’s own state.
The trustee Is receiving do’lars by mall, and.
nt first, being opposed to thsplan, h® sent one
man’s contribution back Thereupon the
contributor returned tb; money, with the
pertinent i|Ue->;lqu as to Mr. Kolilaoai'a aatn
ttrBy to relief the of •steam Du matt/
bar# now ludorwd tbo thing, furtfetr rift*
tlbOWlU pWtaWj* b* «ftJr*Ci
Telegraphic Brevities.
The Senate will meet In extra session on tnc
ith of March.
Another severe blizzard raged in the
Northwest on the ’i7th.
Two keeper* In a Texas insane asylum re
cently beat a patient to death
Rufus Hatch, the wcl 1-known New York
stock broker, tiled ou the 23rd.
Mr. Cleveland ha* selected Henry T. Thur
ber of Detroit for his private secretary.
Governor McKinley continues to declare
*h*t he will not accept gifts from hts friends.
Heavy snows blockaded nearly all the road*
in Minnesota and Wisconsin on the 27th and
M. Jules Ferry ha* been elected president
of the French Senate by a majority of 14d
John Mackay, the ( alifornla millionaire
who was shot. 1* recovering. His assailant,
B’ppey. Is dying.
The English Liberals won two elections on
the 24th, one of them being n galtl It was
nl-o a substantial victory fot home rule
The Court of Land Claim* lias settled the
question concerning the Algodonc# grant In
Arizona, in favor of K. B. C«*e and other Den
ver it 1C 11
Governor Osborne of Wyoming ha* ap
pointed A. Beckwith u* United States
Senator. He will serve until the next legis
lature meets.
Secretary of the Navy-elr. t Herbert ha*
selected lor hi* private secretary the son of
Representative W. J. Loom* of Brooklyn,
New York.
The South Dakota legislature ha* passed a
divorce law requiring -ix months' residence
Iti nil ca*e< ami mie t ear where personal ser
vice cannot be had.
The Supreme Court **f Kansas has divided
In favor of the Republican Hvu*e of Repre
sentatives. The I’opuUsts have decided to
acquiesce in the decision.
The widow of Albert Blount, who was
lynched '.n Tennessee recently, has sued the
sheriff for $25,000 damages on the ground
that he did properly protect the prisoner.
The legi'inme assembly of Arizona has
passed a bill authorizing woman suffrage In
the territory It 1* conceded that It will paw
the ttenate and also receive the governor’s
It transpire* that Governor McKinley hold*
a* security for hi* obligations a* Indorser for
Walker (100,000 twenty-year tontine policy
on Walker’s Ilf**, which" has already run six
teen years ami Is now worth s»'-).0t):>.
Democratic politician* Who have just re
turned front Washington are authority for the
statement that cx-Governor George W. Click
of Kansas will receive the appointment of
commissioner of the general land office.
A sensation was caused at Dcs Moines on
the 23rd by the arrest of four men for grave
robbing. One of them wa* Dr. J. W. Over
ton. dean of Drake University medical de
partment. The body taken wa* that of a
Allan Manvel, president of the Atelil*on.
Topeka »V Santa Fc railroad company died at
San Diego, California, on the 24th. Death
was not unexpected, a* he had been afflicted
wim Bright'* disease ami had been falling
rapidly for several days.
The legislature of North Dakota has elect
ed a Democrat to the United Stales Senate
lb- I* W. N Roach of Grand Forks. He was
elected by Democrat*. Independents, and
nine Republicans He was a dark hors* '
Mr Roncli Is rt large wheat-grower.
Governor Stone of Missouri, in a message
to the legislature, urges that a memorial be
*ciit to congress nsklng that the |K>wer of
federal judges he so limited a* to prevent
them from Imprisoning local judges f• *r con
tempt as has l>ccn dour heretofore.
The police of Rome surprised twciity-dx
anarchist* working a bomb factory on the
outskirts of that city. All the men were ar
rested an*l a large quantity of explosive* were
seized. The police ludleve that they have
the person* responsible for ino.-t iff the ex
plosions of the List year.
Lewi* Green Stevenson, the only son of
Vice l’rcsidcnt-eicct Stevenson, ha* been ap
pointed by hi* father a* hi* private secretary
and will accompany him to Washington and
at once assume the duty of that iM>sitloti. He
i* about 27 years of age and Is an able and
bright young man
A curious campaign lias lust c]o*cd at ( 'lay
ton. Vernon county. Missouri. It waa some
time ago decided In that town to elect the
postmaster to serve under the new adminis
tration. A campaign was begun and the
election bit* resulted in the choice of a wo
man. Ml** Muuda Suite. who defeated her
male opponents t*a*ll v.
Alexander Russell Webb* the American
Mohammed.ol whom the wealthy Mire *-!m:iii*
of India and the East have sent to Introduce
tin* faith of Islam among the ••civilized”
i hristlan* of the West, has arrived at New York
The rich Mohammedan* of Bombay have
guaranteed (150.000 for the purpose of erec
ting a mosque in America.
80-ton and New York sole leather firm*
representing a capital of SIA,OiK),OOi) have
combined with a view of controlling the out
put of the tanneries under their control and
consequently the price of sole leather. The
head of the combination I* Thomas L Proc
tor of Boston. It 1* said there are some
ninety Arm* In the agreement
F E. Barnard, the noted astronomer of the
Lick observatory, who discovered Jupiter's
fifth satellite, will not return to California.
Barnard is In the East, having been granted
*lx month*' leave of absence, and the paper*
*av he will probably accept a |>osltinn with
the Chicago university, where he will have
charge of the big telescope placed there.
A letter has been received from New Men
t.mkanta. Ala-ka. known a* "Father Dim*
kail's Mission.” giving particular* of :* Hr**
there February 7. In which twenty-eight
houses were destroyed In two hour*. The
people arc suffering for want **f clothing and
shelter. The fire destroyed about a quarter
of the town, entailing a lo** of (12.(KK). Re
quests for nl*l have resulted In (300 being sub
scribed In Beattie so far; and more will be
The Wardens, (he descendants of the fa
mous sect which wa* cruelly persecuted for
centuries on account of their rcl'gtoiis opin
ion*. and who still Inhabit th** mountain tract
on tlie Italian side of the Colt lan Alps where
their ancestor* held out against their oppres
sors, propose to emigrate to America. Their
staple business of cloth making has become
mu*-h depressed ami their frugality
they flnil It difficult to live. They will proba
bly settle In North Carolina.
Two fine-looking people are trav. ling about
Oklahoma Territory working a novel swindle.
They call upon n minister aud n*k him to per
form a marriage ceremony After it i- over
and the bride ha* been kissed a > ’.■) Gil I i*
tendered the minister with tlic request that In
take out (5 for a fee. The minister hands
over (15 change with alacrity, and I* very
happy until later, when lie discovers the bill
to be a counterfeit. Several ministers in
Payne county have been victimized, but the
swindlers have escaped arrest.
Advices have been received at military <!*•-
y art men t headquarters at Sun Antonio, that
iuseblo Martinez, alia* Mangas *l** Agua. was
killed by Sheriff Wash Shelly. In Starr coun
ty. Texas, a few days ago. while re Ist Ing ar
rest. He was one of tin* most desperate men
on the Rio Grande frontier. He has com
mitted a full dozen murders, nud for years
ha* been engaged In smuggling ntnl horse
thieving operations. When Catarino Garza
organized the revolutionary movement. Mar
tinez wns one of the principal officers in the
so-called army.
A special from Laurel, Delaware, says; In
telligence has just been received from Tan
gier »Sound, the disputed oyster beds of
tlie Chesapeake, that i* of a barrowing na
ture. The past week has been a memorable
one. Four boats were wrecked, the Maggie
Smith. Thomas Mcslck. Benjamin Harrison
and George Thomas nml seven oystermen,
Harry Smith. Benjamin Walker. Martin Van
dyke ut Philadelphia, anil Howard ( lendanll
anil Charles Ilammerstry of New York and
two unknown dredgers were drowned.
At the closing session of the convention of
the Daughters of the Revolution. Mrs. Btcven
i*on, the wife of the vice president-elect, wan
elected president. General anil Mr*. H. V.
Boynton were re-elected vice presidents.
The people of ( ripple Creek and Fremont
hare voted to consolidate the two towns.
The Denver Bar Association held Its first
annual banquet on the 23rd. It wns an elab
orate affair.
B. F. Fowler, who was arrested for stealing
telegrams from the Western Union at Aspen,
has been acquitted of Hie charge.
Another explosion of coal dust occurred iu
the mines at King on the 23r*l, whereby two
Italian miners were slightly burned.
Edward Crotty, the witness hi the Santa Fe
robbery cases, who escaped from the Trinidad
jail, ha* been caught at Lnkin, Kansas.
Snm Inman, well-known In Denver, who
was formerly on the police force, committed :
suicide on the 17th. Debt was the cause.
The slate offices it Denver have been re- !
moved from the Barclay block to the Eqult- [
able building, on (he corner of Stout and 17th i
streets. Better quarters will lie obtained for '
less money.
Deliver Markets—Egg*, ranch 2tv, state
tide ; butter, best creamery 33jc$i!4c, dairy !52c;
hay. upland baled [email protected] second bot'-om
f7B.so;alfalfa 1 5.50;wheatOOo ;corn, hulk
70?; suck*ro 7*>o. oin, |! 15. aaolced $1 23;
potatoes (i 45; cattle, cbo:c9 steer* $3.10
<£#2.4o, ock s #i,6tilo, native feeder* 11.73
What Congress is Doing.
Feb 23.—Senate.—Good progress was
made In the Senate to-day In disposing of the
absolutely necessary work of oongres# With
in less than an hour two of the genera) ap
propriation bills, thej diplomatic >«d con
sular. and the military academy, were read,
considered and passed. And then the legis
lative and judicial apprppriatjmv .I*lll which
appropriate* aboilt (22,01i0,000, was taken up
lilt th*’ time of adjournment. The House
hill for the re-opening aud adjustment of the
accounts of George W. Jones while minister
to Bogota. New Granada, was also passed
Hors E.— The bill for the relief of George
W. Jones, formerly minister to New Granada,
was passed. The Indian appropriation bill
was again taken up aud occupied the rc#y«>f
the day.
Feb. 24. Senate. After considering a(HU
of purely local Importance, the .Senate took
up the legislative appropriation hill. The
question of clerks trt M-nntof* wrts taken up
and an amendment providing for tlilrty-llve
clerk* to senators who are not chairmen of
committees was agreed to. The total cost
of these clerks will t.c (14,275 per annum.
The next amendment giving rise to dlseus
slon was one r**|K»rte*l by the committee on
appropriations to strike out of the bill a para
graph abolishing tin* Utah commission nml
substituting f«ir ti a paragraph appropriating
#IO.OOO for the compensation of the five com
missioner*. After some debate this wa*
agreed to. 3t> to 20. An .amendment rtffered
bt Mr. Wolcott Increasing the appropriation
for expenses of the civil service commission
mu* taken up. Mr. Hale nml Mr Harris op
p*wrd the amendment. Mr Wolcott defended
the commission runt declared It was fulfilling
Its duly with the highest and moil sensitive
tenant to the htw. It wa* the only depart
ment of the government In Ehlch fuvortlcisin
was not practiced. Agreed to.
Hut *e Mr. Holman asked for eoiisent for
a non-concurrence in lb*- Senate amendments
to the sundry civil appropriation hill, except
to the amendment known a* the Sherman
t*oml amendment. To this Mr. Bland object
ed. denouncing the Sherman amendment as a
"Job" aud caused the reference of the hill to
the committee of the whole. The Indian ap
propriation bill was tnken up but not com
Feu. 25. Senate.—After four hours spent
lit discussing amendment# of Utile Import
ance to the legislative appropriation bill
the Senate passed the bill (o-day insisted bn
Its amendments nml requested a conference
with ihc House bn the disagreeing votes. A
mol lon which was made by Mr. Slicrtnati to
go Into executive session wa* defeated by the
compact Democratic vote aided by four vote*
on the Republican side of the chamber. One
of the leading Democratic, senators stated to a
reporter that the practical significance of the
vote was that the remaining time ot the ses
sion should be given to legislative business
and not frittered away hi petty nominations
<>r In considering the Hawaiian treaty. No
action *m the treaty, he said, would be had
at till- *c*si»n. The legislative appropriation
bill was tnken tip and passed. After paying
tribule to the memory of the late Representa
tive SplnoU of New York, the Senate ad
Horse.—A fight which may next week
prove to be a serious one. was inaugurated
in the House to-day. It was over the sundry
civil appropriation I*lll. which contains the
Sherman bond amendment. There are in all
2)7 amendments to the bill. Mr. Sherman
desired that all except the ShcFmnil nmctid
niciit, upon which there was to be a debate,
b - iioii-com urrcd In. Mr. Bland, as lender of
the opposition to the Sherman amendment,
objected unless It was agreed that the amend
mcm should he, after debate, nlso non-concur
red In. This suggestion <lf Mh Bland's
r;«i*;*d the antagonism of Mr. Cock ran. and
no agreement was arrived at. The silver
men then resorted to inbustcrlug tactics,
which were effectual, and after a speech by
Mr. Bland, the hill went over without action.
Fr.n. 27.—-Senate.— -The pension appropria
tion bill was taken up und Mr. Gorman of
Man liunl called attention to the fact that a
bill appropriating over $100,000,000 wns being
itin through the Senate, with very few sena
tors giving any notice to It. After discussion
by Mc*.*rs. McPherson, Palmer, Platt nml
Allison, the bill passed without amendment.
The conference report on the military acad
emy bill wa* agreed to. House bill to grant
to the Gainesville, McAllister Ac St. I.ouls
railroad conqiany a rlght-of way through the
Indian Territory was passed. A conference
wa* ordered on the civil appropriation bill,
and Mrs*rs. Allison, Hale anil Gorman were
appointed conferees on the part of the Senate.
Public business was then suspended In order
that tbiliig tribute might be paid to the mem
ory of the late Senator Kenun.
Hot *n. The Indian appropriation hill was
passed under suspension of the rules. After
n lively discussion the sundry civil bill was
sent to a conference, none of the Senate
amendments, including the bond amendment,
being agreed to. The Senate amendment to
the ear-coupler bill was concurred In.
The conference report oil the military ncad
eni.v appropriation bill was agreed to. On
motion of Mr. Springer n bill was passed con
tinuing for one year the present tariff on line
linen goods of not less than 100 threads to the
square inch.
Fr.n. 2*. Senate.— House hill extending
for <ine year the time for filing petitions Iu
the Court of Private Land Claim* was report*
ed and passed. The naval appropriation hill
••a' taken up. Ihc amendments reported from
the committee oil appropriations first Irelng
acted upon, several of them being adopted.
The agricultural appropriation hill ww« passed.
Mr. Sherman made two attempts to get the
Senate to go Into e\c :ulive session, but fulled
by a vote of 20 to 27. The Democrats ami
Mc'-tra Stewart, Kvlc and Pelfer voted against
Hot *n.—The greater port of the day wa*
con-mncd ill the consideration of nu election
ease in which there was no interest manifest
ed. After three hours' dchuie Turpin (Dem
ocrat. from the fourth district of Alabama)
was declared entitled to retain the scat which
he has occupied since the opening of the pres
ent Congress, and his contestant. McDuffie,
was declared to have not been duly elected.
The conference report on the consular hill
was agreed to. <>n motion of Mr. Springer a
bill was passed, without the slightest opposi
tion. providing that after July 1, lrt)3. pig tin
shall l>e exempt from duty. On iiibtlon of ( .
\Y. Stone (I’ennsylvanlti) a hill was passed es
tabil-hing a standard gauge for sheet aud
plate iron and steel. An amendment was
adopted, on motion of Mr. Springer, provid
ing that nothing In the bill shall he construed
to Increase the duty on any Imported r.rtielcs.
Maiu ii 1. -Senate. —Tnc postofficc appro
priation bill came before the Benate and was
discussed to *oin** extent on the question a«* to
the route of the Southern f»*t mail. That
question was not disposed of when Ihc con
ference report on the sundry civil appropria
tion bill wit* presented. The report led lon
long dbcUMion on the Sherman bond amend
ment. the result being, however, that the
amendment was receded from by the Semite.
On motion of Mr. Teller the McGnirahan hill
was taken up and discussed, hut iio action
taken. The Hudson river bridge hill hail the
same experience.
Hoi se.— The Bennie amendments to the
agricultural appropriation hill were then non
concurrcd In and the bill was sent to confer
; chop. The conference report on the District
of Columbia appropriation hill was agreed to.
Tin* war claim bill for the relief of William
ami Mary college wns passed—yeas 100. nays
3D. The Senate amendments to the naval ap
propriation bill w ere iiou-concurred in. Then
Mr. Hatch moved to suspend the rules and
concur In Senate amendment* to the anti
option hill. After a brief debate the vote
was taken ami resulted 172 to 124. A* this
was less than a two thirds vote tin* motion
was declared lost. This make# It almost cer
tain that the bill will not pass at this session.
Washington Notes.
The Bi-Metallic League met In Washington
on the 22nd.
Vice President Morton was honored with a
complimentary banquet Monday night. It
was tendered by the Senators without regard
to party.
John W. Fost* i*. secretary of state, resigned
' on the 23rd ami left for Paris at once, where
i he will participate in the Behring Bea arbitra
tion proceeding*.
The House committee on World's Fair has
declined to recommend a bill allowing the
gate* to l»c opened on Bunday. and the matter
mny he considered settled.
The total receipts from internal revenue for
the first seven months for the present fiscal
year were (7fi.414.78H, being $7,715,577 more
than for the same period last year.
The navy department, has been Informed of
the arrival of the gunboat Bennington and
the cruiser Newark at the Canary Islands,
with the Columbus caraval and Nina and
I’lnta, In convoy.
The President has appointed Benton Han
cliett of Michigan. United States circuit judge
of the rtth district, to t-uncccd Judge. Jackaou,
nml J. K. Cochrane of Nebraska to be consul
of the United Slates at Bun Salvador.
Informal notification has been sent lo the
navy department from the Italian legation in
this city, that the Italian government would
t send three war vessels to take part In the
i naval review at New York. Ipqttwfl
I The House Judiciary committee has adopt
ed the report of the sub-commlttec which in
| vestigated the whisky trust. The report rec*
| otnmcnd# that, the duty on Imported liquors
he reduced from (2.50 to $1 per gallon, and
• that the tariff on ull goods l>e reduced when
ever It Is found that they are Influenced by a
; trust f»r combination. Recommendation le
nlso made that rectifying establishments be
made subject to governmental or.perrlriou,
cud that all rectified or compounded good*
be lumped to u to abow tbeir eotuponoDM.
i Jfqj x® mw
11. I.ooU Authorities Eianlnlai tht
flaking Powdtn.
[St. Louis Globe-Democrat [
At the request of Health Commis
sioner llrennan, the city chemist has
collected xu tit pie* of the various bak
ing powders sold in St. I.ouis and sub
jected them to analysis for the purpose
of obtaining for the public bencilt in
formation us to (heir composition and
character, whether wholesome or other
Owing to the fact that alum baking
powders are produced at a cost of less
than four cents a pound, while in ap
pearance they are hardly distinguish
able from a pure fcreum of tnrtd.r pow
dor. costing from eight, to tori times as
much to manufacture, there have been
many of them put upon the market,
and great efforts mode to substitute
them for the more wholesome cream of
tartar compounds.
Of course, such powders afford wide
margins of profits both to the manu
facturers and dealers and it is not un
usual to find them for this reason
recommended and urged upon custom
ers who would not, knowing their true
Character, use them under any consid
City Chemist Sullivan's report shows
one pure cream of tartar powder only
(the Royal); one cream of tartar pow
der containing free tartaric acid; one
phosphate powder containing sulphate
of lime, and that all tlio other brands
are made from alum. The samples
ranged in strength from 13.47 per cent
of leavening (carbonic acid) gas found
in the Royal, to 0.08 per cent found in
an alum powder.
The general usefulness of a bnkin*
powder depends largely iipoil the
quantity of Ifeavcning gas It gives off.
A powder containing thirteen percent,
of gas will go more than twice as far -
that is. one pound of such powder will
raise more than twice as much Hour—
Os one that evolves but six per cent.
The economy thus shown, however, is
not the greatest consideration. The
low strength powders leave a large
residuum in the food, which, being c f
alum in its various forms, renders the
food positively unwholesome.
Upon this point, and in describing
the character of the baking powder
found of highest strength, the City
Chemist says: “A high leavening
power is requisite. Pure ingredients
in proper combination quicken and in
crease the production of carbonic, acid
gas. In this the Royal excels all oth
ers. It is the highest in strength, in
fnbrique a faultless arrangement of
agents, pure and wholesome, free from
adulteration with lime, ammonia or
The result of these tests will be read
with interest and will prove of great
benefit to housekeepers by enabling
them to distinguish the pure from the
numerous impure and unwholesome
powders found in the market.
Feature* of the Premier's Flan for Se
curing Homo Itule.
Mr. Gladstone'* home rale hill, which wat
rend for the first time In the home of com
mon!* last week, Is prefaced with n "whereas"
clause declaring It "expedient that without
Impairing or restricting the supreme author
ity of the parliament an Irish legislature hf
enacted.” The legislature U to consist ol
two houses—a council ami an assembly--
both, of course, subject to the queen. With
certain exceptions this body it to he granted
power "to make laws for the pence, order and
good government of Ireland In respect t<
matters relating exclusively to that country.”
Among the subjects with which the Irish
legislature will not he allowed to tamper nr»
these: Matters relating to the stutus, dignity
or succession of the crown; the making ol
peace or war. or the management of maltcn
pertaining thereto; dignities or titles ol
honor; treason, felony, or naturalization:
trade with any place out of Ireland; coinage,
copyright or patent rights. All matters ol
religion are also withheld from the power ol
the i.omc legislature.
The executive power will continue to In
Tested In the <|ucen. The lord lieutenant
will exercise any prerogatives, other than tht
executive power of the queen, which shall lit
delegated to him by her majesty, among
wbieh will be that of summoning, proroguing
and dissolving the legislature and vetoing
The council of this proposed legislature li
to consist of forly-clght councilors. Ireland
Is divided Into constituencies, among which
the right lo elect councilors Is apportioned
according to the number of voters in each
Councilors w ill hold office for u term of eight
years, half the number retiring every fourth
The legislative assembly Is to consist ol
members returned by the voters In the exist
ing parliamentary constituencies. This body,
when It meets, may continue hi te.-slou llvt
years unless dissolved sooner by the lord
Until parliament shall see lit to make t
change Ireland Is to he represented by mem
bers in the house of commons and the liou.-<
of lords, elected by Irish constituencies ns ar
ranged for by a schedule suiuhltted with tht
bill. These Irish peer* and members of tht
house shall not he entitled to deliberate 01
vote on any hill relating exclusively to (Ireal
After the appointed day there shall exit*’
an Irish exchequer and a consolidated fund
separate from those of the milted kingdom
Customs and exclso duties and postage duties
are to lie Imposed by parliament. The Irl-I
legislature In order to provide for the publh
set vice in Ireland may Impose all other taxes,
provided that duties nml customs shall In
regulated, collected, managed nnd paid intc
the exchequer of the united kingdom as lu re
toforc, and all prohibit lons In eonticcllor
with duties and excise and so far as regard*
articles sent out of Ireland and nil inatteri
relating to those duties shall he regulated by
act of parliament. Excise duties on article
consumed by Great llritnin shall he paid In
Great Britain to an officer of the gorernmcnl
of the united kingdom, save ns In the act
mentioned. All public revenues in Ireland
shall ho paid Into the Irish exchequer am!
from a consolidated fund appropriated to the
public service of Ireland by Irish nu.
After detailing the jurisdiction of the Irish
courts ami fixing the salaries ami pensions ol
the judges, the remainder of the hill covers,
on the lines Indicated by Gladstone In hh
great speech and summary of the act, these
points and features: The postal ami telegraph
service shall he turned over to the Irish gov
ernment; appeal from the courts of Ireland
to tlie house of lords shall cease, the queen
In counsel being the appellate power: relig
ion* belief shall not enter Into the choice id
lord-lieutenant of Ireland, who shall hold of
fice six years; the royal constabulary ami
Dublin police forcet itre to die out by lack
of new appointments; the Gladstone net I
tnadc subject to restricted amendment by tin
Irish legislature; Supreme court judges art
for six y ears, to he created by royal warrant:
the Irish legislature shall meet on the first
Tuesday In September, 1894; the net shall be
come fully operative not more than seven
months after that date.
A Great Newspaper’s Achievement.
New York, Feb. 27.—The {{reorder , tht
New York dally wbieh created a sensation
both In this country and Europe by offering
f I.OOO for a consumption cure, and latei
placed twelve patients far advanced in the
disease under a new treatment discovered by
Dr. IV. R. Atnlek, announces that the treat
ment Is In each one of these cases accom
plishing a cure. The Kerordrr devotes sev
eral columns to-day to the publication of bul
letins, In almost every case favorable, from
physicians who In responso to Its Invitation
are conducting tests of Dr. Atnlck’s treat
ment In all parts of the United Suite*. It re
iterates Its Invitation nnd announces that ar
rangements have been made with Dr. Amick
whereby medicines for a ten day preliminary
trial may be obtained free upon application to
him. Physlclnus Who wish to conduct Inde
pendent test eases nml sufferer* from lung
troubles who wish to act, ns such tests nre In
structed by the {{reorder to address Dr. W.
U. Amick, 1110 W. Seventh street, Cincinnati,
O. Physicians are requested to report re
sults to the Jft.ordtr. Considerable enthu
siasm is displayed by the {(reorder In regard
to the Amick treatment, and It says In effect
that single-handed and without government
aid It has discovered something which will In
time wipe the dread disease, contumptlon,
out of existence. Tho National Academy of
Medicine of Fracce at Paris nnd tho United
Stale* Marine Hospital Service, Bcutbcrn At
lantlc District, bare followed the JUoordtr'i
•xampU and in conduct J*f lasts of tb*
AatAuwtaw U<S nwi moHuMr t*
Address: san francisco, cal.
Fray Never Tie Klbbons on the Log* of
Your Fla no.
Thoro is such a thing as carrying
tho homo decoration business a little
too far. It can be carried ho far as to
almost set on oil go the toetli of tho
beholildrs <>/ it. 1 believe in orna
menting nnd decorating one's house
to it certain degree. Indeed, I am a
•great lover of pretty things of every
sort, but whdn homo decoration
roaches as far as tho legs of one’s
piano it's time to cry "halt!”
1 was in a house not very long ago
in which all of the piano legs wero
ornamented with huge bows of yellow
and cardinal ribbons, a couple of cast
off sashes evidently having been used
for this purpose. Now 1 tun quite
sure that till of my readers will agree
with mo that tho less Oho tries to
ornament piano legs tho better it wLU
be for Iho feelings of one’s friends.
No amount of ribbori or Of any
thing else can make piano legs beau
tiful. 1 would as soon think of put
ting piano legs in trousers us into
ribbons. One would not lie any moro
incongruous than tho other. Of nil
things, piano legs are least fit for
decoration and the home decorator
will be wise not to trillo with them.
Leave them as their maker made
them, since they stand so far outside
of the realm of artistic decoration.
And I, for one, have never been
able to see anything beautiful or ar
tistic in [minted and beribboned coal
and scoop shovels, wash-pans, pipe*
and elothes-pins Tho Housewife.
Genuine umber is becoming scarcer
every year, and it will not bo long be
fore n real amber cigar bolder or
pipestem will be a rarity and ft lux
ury. The true amber is a fossil gum
which was produced hi largo quanti
ties by trees having a resinous sap,
which flowed down the trunk and
gathered in masses at the roots. It
is found in the ground of marshes and
other places wiioro forests flourished
in former times, and iH also secured
by dredging. The Italtiu and Hlnck
seas uud tho German ocean formerly
produced it in considerable quanti
ties,but their supplies are now pretty
much exhausted. Thcro is a little
satisfaction, however, in knowing
that tho imitation is just as good as
the real. On this account wo will
still bo able to smoke pipes and uso
cigar and cigarette holders that look
and taste just us good as tho genuino
umber. .Save for theso purposes very
little amber is used in this country,
but in India and China large lumps of
tho product aro in great demand. For
some cause or other an umber idol is
far more highly prized in those coun
tries than even golden gods, and as a
result the finest pieces of amber go to
tho Fast to make deities for tho
North China Fairs.
A writer in tho North China Her
ald describes the fairs in Northern
China. There are but two months in
tho year when tho pooplo do not hold
large fuirs at convenient centres, at
which all imaginable wants of cus
tomers are supplied. Tho exceptions
are the sixth month, whoa the roads
are generally impassible, and the
first, which is devoted to rest and
recreation. 'There is u constant suc
cession of theso gatherings in any
given district, at which it is not un
common for 10,000 persons to be con
gregated. There is no method of ad
vertising the exact date at which a
fair will begin except by red slips of
[Riper [»ut up in public places, and
tiiese are generally misleading.
"Why don’t you propose to Miss
Squires if you like her so much?”
"I’m waiting for Christmas. Then,
you see, I can make tho engagement
ring servo for a Christmas present.”-
Chicago News-Record.
Her Reflections.
Jack—-What did you think when 1
kissed you?
Clara—l wondered what my f.nuea
would think if ho know it.
CGntsinlng Cotton Root and Pennyroyal.
eri&fbn THIS tACIir fBUCT.
ffho ten; aci n;tt t«msi>
rimlirml? is ttoirsrkL
Monicin'.* French F<-
'a male Fills, have been
(l (ft *** sold for over twenty
y yoar*,*nd used by Thou
rT'VV S'* rands of Indies, who
h*»e given testimonial*
s' FfjSn Uiat they arc unexcelled.
Igftjh a n a specific monthly
-vpSr * 'ortk medicine, for Immodiato
/"'v TV \L relief of Painful, and
/ V. W V Irregular Menses, i'e
\ V.-v I main Weakness oto.
x \ *V ' I’rico 12 00 n bo*, with
' S full direction*.
MESMIN CHEMICAL CO.. Detiioit, Mich.
von hale nv W. I*. SWARTZ, Druggist,
Rcssenier, Colorado.
M _1 caused by exrersiTO use t.f Tobacco, Alcohol or Opium, or on account < t
Si 42 Cl J»utl.ful Indiscretion or over indulgence, etc., Bittiness, Convulsions.
V J Menial Depression, Koftcclng of the Brain. Weak Memory, Seminal Weak-
N JMJ ness, Hysteria, Nocturnal Kmlwlon*. Htwnnatorrbrra. Loss of Power and
I Ixnpotem-y. which. If neglected, rnayleaa in premature old age and insanity,
AV~7k- Positively guaranteed. Price, sl.ooa bojfi 0 boxes for $5.00. Bent bf
. on receipt of mice. A written guarantee furnished with every $.5.00
i Aitc v- a erdor received; to return! the money If a permanent cure Is not effected
NKitVIA MkCicLNB CO.. Dethoit. Mica.
fob sali:‘i»y W. I*. SWAIt IZ, Druggist, Heaacmcr. Colorado.
}s&ssxi£m2\fi& ISTHIB HEME
one would b« your last, you have r*W ■ IHIIIIMIIIIi
only to take* fnMiMMm when tho spasm I s broken, the breathing beam*
easy and you feel an If *n angel of mercy had unloosed the Iron grasp ol the finnrs
flotsam* and Jetsam from the Tide
That Streams Hv t«» the Chestnut
| [Ocean lmpersonal Burlesques of To
« Hay.
Tireless in Sport.
"Arc you going to have any hunting
this winter,” asked the visitor of the
master of the hounds.
“Yes! tve have hired tho Madison
Square Harden for four nights. We
shall chase a fox around the arena
from nine to ten each night. ’
A Qualification.
Baumgartner— Mein front, I only ask
a fuir profit.
Dooley— Ya-as; a church fair profit.
Warburton’s Logic.
Warburton—Mama, may I have n J
slice of bread and jam now?
Mama—No; you must net think of
eating now, because you will spoil
your appetite for dinner. It will bo
ready in three hours.
Warburton—l only had lunch three
hours ago, didn't 1?
Warburton—Then I don’t see how
the bread and jam can spoil my appe
tite for dinner, when my lunch did
not spoil tho appetite I have now for
bread and jam.
A Gentleman.
Mrs. Upton—l saw Mr. Newton bow
ing with the most courtly grace to a •
very conttnonplnce woman. lie’s a
gentleman of tho old school, isn’t he?
Mr. Upton—No, u gentleman of the
new school.
"New school?”
"Yes. He lives in the suburbs and
that was his cook.”
Very Thorough.
Mother—lsyour Uncle John’s wife a
thorough housekeeper?
Small Son (just back from a visit)
1 guess so. I was just as uncomfort
able with her us I am with you.
Easy Enough.
Mrs. Goodsottl—Oh, don't thank me!
It makes me only too happy to know
that I can be of service to an unfortu
nate fellow-being.
Wanderer (eagerly)—Lady, say th’
word, uud you can be happy three
times a day the year round.—Truth.
a few days, nml you will be startled at the uuex.
pr-cted success tlmt will reward jour effort* We
im-Uively have the best business lo offer uu agent
that can In* found on the face of ibis earth.
SI.VOO profit on 8! 5 OO worth of biinlm-** it
being eii.ilv illiil honorably made by ami paid to
hundred* of men, women, boy*, and girl* in our
employ. You can make moiicv fader at work lor
u* than yon have any bleu *>f. The bnslncs* |* r<>
easy t*> learn, ami Instruction* so simple ami plain,
that all succeed from the start. Those who take
hold of tin- liiihliic** reap the advantage tlmt
ari.es from the sound reputation of one .if the
oldest, most sticcc■ fill, ami large.t publishing
house* in America. Secure for \mir-elf the profit*
tlmt the bii-lii. ** >o readily ami handsomely yield*.
All beginner* succeed gr.nidlv, ami more thnn
realize their greatest exportation*. Those who
trv it find exactly n* we tell them. I here is plenty
or room for u few more workers, and we urge
then! to begin at once. If you are alrcudy em
ployed, but have u few *pnre moments, mi l wish
to li-e them to iidyuutage, then write n* at once
(for ltd* I* your grand opportunity}, uud receive
full particular* by return mull. Address,
Tltl'i: £ CO., Ilox No. 400, Augusta, Me.

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