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The Indicator.
Tuf. biblical mandate to ••judge a
roan by his lights” should be changed
to judge a man according to the tor
pidity of his liver.
As antiquary says the telephone
has been known in India for thous
ands of years. No wonder the Hin
doos have all become imperturbable
Azitmz.vw.v Rvochi Ni' home San
Jl'K.vsboz Kio-kamh-ki is the name
of a Japanese gentleman who has
discovered the secret of photograph
ing in natural colors.
A San Fkan« isco lad in shooting a'
a target, missed it and hit a China
man. This must not be construed as
tvideuco of a malevolent spirit. Ac i
dents are bound to happen and China*
®en are thick.
There seems to bo little herbage
growing in the path between the
prize ring and the morgue. And the
alfalfa waring in the path betwe -n
the prize ring and the p- tiit ntiiim
appears to be in danger.
himself in the machinery of a saw
mill the other day. which incident
should recall public attention to the
adage pointing to the dang-- of
••monkeying with the buzz saw.”
The report that the body of
‘•Bruce” Younger has been found in
a petrified condition in Texas is dis
credited by Cole Younger who says
there are no ••Bruces” in his fami.; .
Besides, even, body knows that hus
tlers like the Youngers never turn to
Ik Boston needs any assistance in
her hour of trouble she may with con
fidence of liberal response call upon
i Chicago I” ec ty hasn't - »rgott<
the g offices of the pet of th«
huh during the dark period which
followed the fiery visitation of
twenty years ago.
New Ccmbekland, W. Va., has a
parson to be proud of. Three toughs
attempted to break up the revival
meeting, and the man of God threw
them all into the street without as
sistance. Such pulpiteers as Park
hurst suffer immeasurably by com
parisoi vit • i■ \i
New Cumberland.
A Pittsburg boy of only three
years drank half a pint of whisky and
came near being wafted hence* in a
state of inebriation as complete as
ever witnessed. He was brought
hack with difficulty, and when he felt
his head doubtless registered a swear
off as profoundly sincere as a person
of older growth could have done.
In reply to a question in parlia
ment the British government has de
clared that there is nothin"- to prevent
the Americans from buying English
vessels for use as naval auxiliaries. u»
was done in th<> cases of the Paris
and New \ork. I . - decision
us to go right on like an independent
government and do as we please in
such cases.
“Gentleman George," a convicted
burglar, stood before the bar a: P.-ov
idonce and deinonstru’ed bv curs in"
everything in sight and mo-t things
was a misnomer. li<- wa- then -nu
a sentence of twenty-five years, but
what proportion was for bein" a I
burglar and what for not heinju "eu- !
tleman the records fail to show.
Fashion now dictates that at a <
o'clock tea no two cups and homci-i-s j
shall he alike. This give, a chance
to raki elf of the china
closet for remnant' of o, i -,-t-.. and 1
it is therefore D-ss foolish than it j
seems. Nothing is said of the pron.-r
course should the tea accidental I v I>.-
postponed till o:lo. that •n'ic-t- I
will save the hostess uinharassment
by being prompt.
An effort is being math- to sa e eom i
electrocution young ( Han i-.
the murderer ef his -eh .ol vv if... !
The plea is made in his behalf that be ■
is educated, intelligent and of family j
rt I ■ •: H
only married and killed one "iri.
his knowledg • < r poisons
easily have raised this moderate limit
A s «
W Ilian
the windows of his pul;i att ! that I
to that end ail private oroportv fro: ; J
the .Schlo--.yi.it/. and ‘ th'o Breiten
strasse, in Berlin, to the riv.-r Spre. |
will be condemned, lias created a 1
bitter feeling there aguin-t the em
peror. The ground thus nequir.d j
will be converted into a park. The j
money with which to do this will 1».. ;
raised by a lottery which tie- Pru.s- J
slan govt
Now anotht ■ portrait Co i
bus is discoverefl. this time by I
Titian. To get at it it was nm-essai - '.
to remove another portrait of some !
other per*
Why Titiai ..
ond time a canvas on which he bad
already painted Columbus is note
plained, c. 1 ■
vised to make this luw-t discovery '
••authentic." like the forty odd
"authenl s a
since tho W orld's fair opened the •
bric-a-brac market for such ecu.,
rood i ties.
.More than one individual living in
this miseallei) temperate zone has
asked himself in late years if there is
rot really in progress from year to
year a change in tho temperature
find character of our ciimat The
old-fashioned winters, he asks, where
are they? And why docs winter drag
its chilling pro- i ... along into late
April and even Mat Of late, more
over, our local climate has mani
fested a marvelous versatility and
fickleness. We have had winter,
spring, summer and autumn all in
the same day.
The contract has been let. to a i
Philadelphia firm to build two At
lantic steamers and the firm cannot
promise the first of tho two before
the spring of 180.5. They never re
quire such time for shipbuilding on
tho Clyde. Are American enterprise
and energy and push no longer equal
to those of tho canny Scotchman?
Americans anxious to see America
again take her rightful place on the
wave aae not pleased with such slup
gUh work. Certainly a youe at work
sight and Ua>* aught to b«t suAidant
$o canplf m can pi »t* wn,
Detailed Report of the I’roceedlugf ut
11..th House*.
Mut. nlO Senate -The following bills
were passed; t reating local boards of health,
regarding conveyances: regarding the lncor-
IM.ratlon of trust companies.
In committee of the whole the following
were acted upon favorably . To pay a bounty
on wolves and coy otes , abolishing private
detectlvo agencies ; renealiug the act allowing
tracts of land to be withdrawn from towns;
making It a misdemeanor to steal gas or
electric ty . rcimburae eotinty treasurers
foi ■ n • p!id out on an invalid law : abol
i-blng tin l olliee of kteam boiler Inspector, and
several other bills.
llotA large number of appropriation
lulls were reported adversely by the judiciary
eomtnuiee Several members whose bills
had been slaughtered objected to the action
>.f the committee and asked to have the
iced tbe u llclary c< inmlttee and Mr
• aniahan offered his resignation as a member
of the committee but the speaker refused to
accept it The action of the committee was
I.l tilled by the House.
I’he Senate amendment to the legislative
I>.ike's bill to amend the game iaw was pass
ed. a!-., .i bill regulating the laws of labor of
mechanics and others In cities
In committee of the whole two resolutions
to submit amendments i<> the people relating
: i incurring debt were favorably acted upon.
Ihe following bills met with upproval: To
exempt MU wage* from attachment; repeal
ing the act to allow tracts of land to be wltb
and collect lon of taxes; referring to roads: to
iimend the registration laws, to forbid bar
ters working • -n Suttdav
March 17 Senate.— In committee of the
whole the following bills were favorably acted
upon: Allowing counties with JO.uuu popu
lation to have live commissioners; to amend
• e
for the same offense: amending the act re
lating to the publication of legal notices; pro
v .ling that the county commissioners shall
see that honorably discharged soldiers, sail
ors .mil marines who may die without mean*
shall have decent tiuri.il; providing for re
porting fines collected for the beiic’i' of the
general school fund to increase the -alary
of county clerks; declaring contract* in re
straint of trade Illegal. The bill is alined at
combines and trusts, but an amendment was
adopted which makes it apply to combina
tions of labor.
llocse.—The following bills were passed:
Requiring Denver plumbers to register, for
the redemption of outstanding warrants; io
prevent the swindling of boarding house
keeper*: providing that water rights be trans
ferred In the same manner ns real estate; to
levy a half-mill tax to complete ihecapitol;
requiring county commissioners to buy sta
tionery on contract and of Colorado hou-es if
possible; giving college trustees power to in
crease or decrease their number; providing
for the uniting of school district-. The joint
resolution asking congress to create a depart
ment of public roads was adopted.
... ‘
i IIS were agreed to Amending the law re
lating to employment agencies: to regulate
the punishment of criminals.
Mr. Iloth’s bill r
Sunday amusements occasioned a lively de
bate. but the sentiment against the bill was
strong and It was defeated by a vote of 'JO to
13. A petition of 10.000 persons against the
bill was presented. A bill regulating the care
of the insane was discussed and recommended
f..r passage. The bill to pay Moses L. Howell
for homes used in the Tie war was defeated.
The bill requiring the semi-monthly payment
of salaries met the sumc late.
Mr. Cannon's bill constituting eight hours
a working day caused a debate of some length,
but tbe measure was agreed to.
■ i f wing
. ■
. . i f the
: • report
eo,Voted f..|- the benefit of the general school
fun providing for tbe appointment of .«

mission to the bar; to provide for suitable
f fieri ng tbe
road law.
were favorably mmended: For the es>

pr»ipriating $35,000 for the
■ :
-■ Home Monte Vista;
for a hatchery In Conejos county; appropil
f t ■ • Stau
185,001 foi '•
defeat, d*
ditch owner* liable f«.r damages by overflow.
regulating procedure In ]tollce courts; pro
g i special levy at 1-10 mill for the State
University; to prevent the spread of disease

e; reg
In committee of the whole the bill ainend

ment or a state engineer, and his assistants
and to define their pay. alto to regulate the
rigation a I
tbe settling of the priority watei rights then

The hill to amend section 1 of the act gov
to stop the sale of convict-made g(K*l* where

'.'it of < titmii l Itv and "'her nearhv towns
The bill demands that, the convict's work be
■ .
Mr. Humphrey’s bill providing for the as
-c.-oncet. lev v and collection of a state tax
for the support and maintenance of the Stab-
Agricultural College, Sebool of Mines, State
Normal S-liool and Mute and llllnd institu
tion was taken tip It provide* for a tax of |
" < Jerk* and providing for tl.p numerical In
dexing of all county record*, wa* amended v>
March 20 —Senate. A number of House
hills were read for the first time. In commlt-
f the whole the following were favoraM.
a"ted upon: Amending assessment law
regulating the distribution of water, extend
ing the time for the completion "f the state
■ i. s ol budding until .lannarv l. 1 pro
viding for tbe Issue of certificates of indebt
ed' <•-- be paid out of tbe i»l*te cap!foi fund
ami providing $550,000 for the ■ oropletlon of
the building, making the total amount. ».ih
already -pent. $2,250,000 f«r the
building; relating to a park commissioner
f..i th. .My of Denver mid providing menu*
f"i securing a complete park and Itiulevard
-y -ten.: forbidding municipal corporations to
grant street railway franchises for a longer
P« riod than twenty rear*: making attack* on
; rains a felonj
The bill to appropriate $1,500 to pay for
the records of the constitutional convention
of 1875-74 J caused a lively discussion but was
agreed to.
A complimentary resolution was pa**ed to
the legal and medical men who had given
their -ervi> - to the department* of law and
mdielne ( onneeted with the state university
Ilr.t *e —The bill which make* elective cer
tain officer* I;, cities of the second elas*. wn*
i rough! up for reconrider.itlon of the vote by
wbieliit was defeated on .Saturday. The re
vised vote showed a constitutional majority
u. •- favor and the bill was passe 1 The fol
lowing measure* were also passed: Provid
ing that service of summon* may be made
upon private corporations by courts not of
re-.-rd. though their officers and employe*;
provl sing fur the redemption of certificates
:—■ i1 a* premium* on poison weeds: to pen
* ion .lames T. McCann, who was Injured in
Hie Utc war. war pn**ed without opposition:
making it a misdemeanor for an employer to
interfere with an employe who may join a
labor organization; to reimburse county
■ nent of w< i f
-• ilp bounties; for the creation of a state
ard of agrlcn I taro w hlch amends the trade
mark law in away to permit the insertion of
the penaiing ciau*e for infraction of copy
right.*: amending the fish law* so as to pre
vent poaching on private fish pond*; for the
payment of damages for stock killed by rail
roads: to prevent trad Mippre-* infectious
di«ctL*e* among domestic animal*: making it
a mi-demeanor to issue a challenge to tight
or to u-e profane language in public places.
In committee of tlie whole the following
bill* were agreed to: Permitting Masonic
and other fraternal bodies to own real estate:
providing for collateral inheritance: requir
ing veterinary surgeons to pas* an examina
tion. authorizing the governor and hoard of
cnpltol managers to negotiate for the pur
chase of the street running through the capl
tol grounds; appropriating $50,000 for the
-upport of the state reformatory; to regulate
I.loyd Insurance companle*; repealing the
present railroad law.
March 21. Senate.—Majority and minor
ity icports on the .lonrs-Orabam contest were
filed. They will be considered Thursday.
The following bills were passed* Amend
ing the statute* in relation to cities and town*;
providing for the publication of certain legal
notlccs;eoncernlng the jurisdiction of justices
of the peace; bounty for the destruction of
wolves and coyotes. abolishing private detec
tive ngencles reimbursing county treasurers
for money advanced under tbe bounty act:
amending the gepersl statute# -o that routi
nes having a population of 80.000 or mors
sbuU Uavs flfp odu&ty uomuiUtlonei'ft iustesO
ut >Bre.jiprvi4iiif r« a. t.u.r ivimuti:
and collection of revenue; to establish and
maintain a state preparatory school at Ala
mosa. and appropriating #10.000; relating to
the auditing of Indebtedness against the
state, and Issuing certificates of indebtedness
therefor; estubll*htng a state ll*h hatchery In
the county of La Plata, and making an ap
ptoprlatlon therefor; amending the statutes
relating to revenue, proxidlng a pen
alty for tbe stealing of electric light or gas;
defining parties t" aclluus before justice* of
the peace; relating to the appointment of no
taries public, concerning the powers of may
ors and police courts in cities of the second
cla«s defining the crime of burglary ; repeal
ing the act establishing the office of Inspector
of steam boilers. relating t" state revenue*;
making sliver a legal tender for the payment
"f all debts contracted by or payable to any
citizen of thl* state. relating to the act to
provide for the disconnection of territory
from cities and town*; relating to the organ
ization «.f police magistrate court* in dtle* of
20.000 or more.
In executive -esslon the Senate resolved to
expel from the floor the lobbyists, who were
becoming a nuisance
I hc lull to appropriate money to complete
the state canal »as discussed but no action
wa* taken. The bill to pay ex Treasurer (.'ar
il Ic $*>.(KX) back pay was defeated by a vote of
15 to l'i but the >ciiate appointed a commit
tee to draw up resolution* expressive of Its
high opinion of Mr. C'arllle.
\’ R |
reported adversely. The bill xthlcb provides
for the matiuer of serving summon* on pri
vate corporation-. l:om courts not of record,
and the hill for an at I relating to the release
of deed* of trust, were passed.
Mi Wicks attempted to get hi* railroad
bill before the Hou*c again hut failed. It
xv,i* referred to the committee on rub--.
Iu committee of the xvbole the following
bills were favorably reported: Providing for
an auditor in counties of the first and second
class; appropriating cash and #SO pet
mouth to David H. Johns, who was injured
xx bile at work on the state canal; making the
*a!arv "f the clci k "f the Supreme C ourt
£."•.500 and l.i* M*-l»tant sJ,i*«' establi-hing
tlie*exerul udlchxl districts of the state; re
lating to the pructlce of pharmacy; a local
option law to protect cultivated laud from
t re-pa-* bx -to»-U ; for so a<-t creating a board
of control for the completion and construc
tiou of state canal Mo i and providing for
the construction completion, operation and
construction of the same This bill Is of
erest 1 I tod
. .
rhi (the
• rate
rite rest of tl
Mr. Humphrey of l’ueblo, presented a reso
nde] ng 4 i'alte for criti
eetlnga rhe
resolution was laid
ee of the
whole the tdl regulating the weighing of coal
1 1 • Mr. M
bill creating * boat l to be known as the as
- -taut land coniml-slou. for the purpose of
ai ling the work of the land board, wa* taken
up and considered and recommended for
Senate joint measure No >. requesting the
president to open mineral lands in the I'n
compsbgre l ie reservation to entry, was
Senator I .eddy's bill requiring Insurance
companies doing business in the state to de
po'it with the state treasurer was considered
and favorably rej>orted despite strenuous ob
jection on the part of several senators.
Horse.—The resolution denouncing Gov
ernor Waite for his strictures on the House
wa* laid on the table.
The resolution submitting to the people an
amendment creating a bonded Indebtcdnet*
of #1.500.000 xva* adopted and tbe following
bills passed: To submit an amendment to
the constitution prohibiting state or county
aid to Individuals or corporal ions.
To amend the law relating to the industrial
school and changing the age of admission
irotn eight to ten year*.
Requiring employment agencies to keep
definite record* of ail appiieaMotis. and to
I'-nc to the applicant* a slip containing full
particulars of the position open.
To furnl-h the journal* "f the assembly to
the several counties of the state.
Regulating the *:i!:iri<*- of the clerk of the
supreme court and his assDtant.
1 ■ t the erect.• m of additional building* and
to furtil'h machinery to the Institutions dc
x"ted to the care of the deaf and blind.
Designating roods over private land*, which
have been used for twenty years by the pub
lic. to be accepted as public highways.
|-\.r the a--c-«n.cr.:. levy and collection of
taxes for the support of certain state instltu
ltelatlng t«> employment bureaus and defin
ing a 5 per cent, commission for labor posl
t lons secured, and a larger rate for more re
munerative employment*.
To amend the statutes relating to revenue
and f"t the < ollet lion of taxes semi-annually.
In committee of the w hole a large number
i be Republh xns i f Denver have nominated
M 1). Van Horn for mayor
!he fourth annua: bench show in Denver,
xx Iff he held April 11th and 12th.
The officers at Greeley think that they have
John Daxi-. a negro, who 1- wanted In Mis
souri and Texas for murder and rape.
Granville Pendleton, m lawyer at Turn*, was
hor-ewhipped a Jew days ago bx Mr*. John
t«r:;nnl*. A law.-u! 1 . was the cause of the
would-be ••bail man" ntiemptcd to rob an
but she picked up a loaded t itle aud he van
ished from sight.
Dr. Richard T. Fix. one of the leading
writers and thinker* on economic subjects,
ba* been engaged to deliver a course of loe
t barge having been mad-- ff, the eastern
’ t. - Hint tin- Printer*' Home at Colorado
fff'i'lug* " not properly conducted, the
I y ogilocal I ii'.oii "f i ok r.ido Spring* in
\>'tlgated the charge* and disproved them
lion Nathan I! < oy will send to the World's
K ' : 'll' 1 grot ft "1" -cliool building*
••xl.lbited at Phi .adclidii a In INTO. Along
wit hit Ic-I;..- jeej at .il a group of seventeen
htiiidinz* of th«* |<re-i date, labeled Colo-
The Golden Traimcrijit soys: There are
more team* engaged In hauling fire-clay to
mfactoi and lo the • .os for •nip
n.ent than In :>.• "’her Industrie* combined.
From thl* *oinc Idea of the magnitude of this
industry may be gathered.
the ! liter- Mountain Stock Growern' A.«*o
■•; I, xx ill n.. i t [ii >igdcn on the 20th and
w •• fo'.!"Wi • I on the 'JJtli by a sc**ion of
the I'l'in —Mississippi fiongrcs*. The Rio
t. 1 ■ ro.nl announces a rate of "tie faro for
the round trip from Colorado points.
Ti.* now machinery for the Denver <fc Rio
<inude -hops ut Salldn. which were burned
a short time ago. !- now arriving and being
; •in place. When it 1- all In, the force em
• ;.cd will be much larger than ever before,
a both narrow- and standard gauge work will
be handled.
Fountain has recently purchased eighty
volumes for a school library, expending SSO
therefor, it w ill be opened to the public, a*
the money was raised by a levy of one-tenth
of a mill under the provision of the law au
ttiorlzlng such levy. Roswell also levied a
library tax this year.
Tbe new lire and police board of Denver
have removed Chief of Police J. F. Farley and
appointed Jame* < . Veatch in hi* place.
While Mr Parley ha* a go«»d record.lt 1* stip
po-cd that the board wanted a man In the
place who would be fully In sympathy with
the new administration.
The Colorado Springs Tc'.r’jraph says: This
immediate -<•; lion of country I* being scoured
for old bones. Kan*as agents for soap and
fertilizer works have been here and contract
ed for hones at #7 per ton. The offer ha* re
vived an old-time Industry and several car
load* have been -hipped of late. The prairie
country has not been cleaned up for several
The working plan* for the new library for
Colorado 4 "liege are expected to be com
pleted In a few days, and the ground will, be
broken as soon a* the contract* can he let.
This building !* the gift of Mr. N. P. Coburn,
of Newton. Massachusetts. It 1* to be Guilt
of native stone and will cost $35.0U0. The in
come of the remaining $15,000 of Mr. Cobnrn’s
gift i* to be applied to the purchase of books,
ihe college library at present contains about
nine thousand volumes. The college has had
two valuable gif’* lately -one ofs2.soo.the in
come thereof to be applied to the purchase of
Itooks: the other of the library of tbe late
Alfred Ramos Palmer who was to have been
connected with the faculty of the college this
year. Roth gifts are presented hy Rev.
< barles Kay Palmer of Rrldgeport, Connecti
cut. in memory of his sons.
Tho Colorado Coal and Iron Company has
agreed to pay $lO towards the fee of every
patient who enter* the new branch Keeley In
stitute just established at Bessemer.
Populists Charged Bribery.
The Investigating committee appointed hy
the Kansas Senate heard some sensational
testimony on the ISth from Representative
McEleny. n Populist, who swore that Cv.
I.eland of the Republican committee bail of
fered him and another $5,00U and $10.4)00 for
their votes on senator and state printer, lie
was asked to vote for Kossington for senator.
Jule» Ferry, the well-known French states
man, died quite suddenly of heart dlseaae on
the l7tU. He nu elscted prwfdent of tb«
only »f#w (Ivi wter*
The Town of I.ltetitlelU, Illinois, N rail
Demolished hy a Series of Disasters.
An explosion resembling an earthquake and
destroying nearly $1,000,(XX) worth of property
occurred at Litchfield, Illinois, on the 21st
The loss ~f one life and the Injury of a uum
ber or people resulted from the catastrophe.
Practically every structure in Litchfield wus
wrecked, and score* of dwellings rendered
uninhabitable. Panic reigned for hour* and
details of the terrible affair were obtained
xx Ith the utmost difficulty.
About 3:15 a. m. an alarm of tire was
turned In and upon Investigation It developed
that the Litchfield Planet Mills, located in tbe
southwest part of the city and said to be one
of the largest, if not the larges’, single flour
making establishments In the world, was In
tlamcs Before the firemen arrived upon the
scene the fire had gained sueb headway that
for some time nothing could be done tocheck
It and It seemed as If the enMie south part of
the towu would be consumed.
Tbe fire Is supposed to have originated by a
spark from a passing locomotive fulling In
"lie of the dust room*. The luxe ami hook
and ladder companies hud hardly succeeded
In gettlug their apparatus in working order
when an explosion occurred, appalling iu vio
lence, which was caused by the flames' sudden
contact with pent-up mill dust. The explo
sion shook the earth over a singularly wide
area, while the atmospheric concussion was
felt as far a* Decatur, n distance of fifty
The firemen battled with the flames for
three long hours, finally subduing them to
such sn extent that adjoining property was
saved. The explosion broke large plate-glass
windows lu a majority of stoic* In the • itv,
prostrated almost every one on the street,
shook house* li>o*c from their foundations,
and jarred the machinery in the Litchfield
t ar and Machine company to such an extent
that bail to l>e suspended.
The head millwright. Mr. John Carve, of
Waterloo. lowa, in making an effort to save
his tools In tbe burning building.was stunned
by the explosion, siul endeavoring to cucupe,
xv as pinned against the smoke-stack and
burned to death. When found about three
hours afterwards bis log* were burned off at
the hips. The right nrtn anil left hand were
entirely consumed ami tils body was burned
to a perfect crisp.
A large elevator, standing Immediately
ac ross the Wabash track west of the mill, and
containing some 250,004) bushel* of wheat,
was quickly In flamos. and together with It*
valuable contents burned to the ground. Ten
or twelve cars of wheat 'landing on the house
track were reduced lo ashes. A large pile of
debris ten or fifteen feet high fell on the main
track of the Wabash railroad, and n* a con
sequence traffic on that road was badly Im
paired. The Western I'nlon telegraph wires
were also down, which makes matters a great
deal worse. A number of serious but not
necessary fatal accidents were reported.
Tbe night watchman in the mill xvas hurl
ed through a window and badly Injured.
Window glass were broken ami chimneys
blown down In towns ten miles distant.
Nearly every house within u radius of two
blocks of the mill was badly wrecked. All
the plate glass In the stores on Main ami
State streets were blown out.
I’erslstnnt Attempts to llloxv t.'p .Some
one In the Holy City.
Six bombs were throw n in Rome on the
Jl*t. General alarm Is felt. No arrests have
been made.
A short time after the explosion Monday
night of a bomb ut the M&rigtiolll palace. In
the suburbs of Rome, another outrage wa* at
tempted In the city, being the second of the
kind within the city proper In less than a
week. The first occurred on Friday last at the
Anclnl Mattel palace, the residence of Hon.
William Potter, the United .State* minister.
The last outrage wa- perpetrated at the resi
dence of tbe Marquis Saechetll, grand mar
shal of the papal court, and has caused a feel
ing of great anxiety In Vatican circles. In
\ lew of the fact that the efforts of the dyna
miter* *eem. in a measure, to be directed
against the attaches of the pope’s court.
The bomb which exploded Monday night
had been placed within the entrsuce of the
Marquis Saechettl's residence, and the noise
of the explosion wu* heard a great distauee.
Fortunately the only material damage done
wa* the smashing of many window* in th--
palace, though the walls In some place* bore
evidences of the explosion. This affair ha*
caused the police to be more than usually
During the nlglii. another bond) xx a* found
on tbe riairraac In the Via Dulle (Juntro Fon
tanc. A lighted fuse was attach ed to the
bomb, and It was discovered In time to pre
vent the explosion that In all probability
would have resulted seriously to tbe building
and Its occupants The police have no clue
to tbe authors of the outrage, though tbrv
tirtnly believe they are anarchists w ho are try
ing to intimidate the uuthorltie* and tbu* pre
vent the punishment of a number of their
friend* who xvere recently arrested. This
theory I* not generally accepted, however a ■
the outrages have been directed us much
against the Vatican officer* a* against the
government. Every possible effort Is being
made to detect tbe guilty parties and prevent
a repetition of the outrage
Herr Most Referming.
Anarchism ha* abandoned John Most; he
i- branded a* traitor and rumor has it that
the ex-agitator will run a saloon In leafier.
The various anarchistic association* of New
York claim they arc In po--e*.;on of ample
j nxif that the great apostle of discontent I
not only a traitor anu a coward, but also a
(ll*hi,nc*l man, who ba* lived, when outside
of prisons, like a nabob at the expense of bi
Anarchist Rerkman. who *bot Flick, xva*
the first one to give Most away, for it appear*
that the two were on terms of ih<- greatest In
timacy and that Most had confided many
damaging secret* to Frick’s assailant.
When this became known several "f ti e
j French. Austrian, and other anarchist lr
| societies, Immediately took steps to dethrone
j their one-time chief anti forthwith proceeded
to expel him.
I What precipitated the climax xx a* the
• knowledge that Most recently had private
meeting* xrlth Superintendent Byrne* and
J’olice i ommlstdoner Martin, a* which It i*
bald he had promised not only to stop de
nouncing the police in the fnltir/\ hut also to
dixtiige many secrets concerning the doing*
of hi* fdloxv anarchist* on condition that he
himself be allowed to hereafter enjoy hi*
gains In pence. It 1* said Most’* prospective
partner In tbe saloon business I* a dlvc-keeper
and an cx-Jail bird.
A Brave Missouri Girl.
MU* Krmlnle Alexander, the 17-ycar-ohl
daughter of a drcH*makcr In Sedalln, Mis
souri, was awakened by a burglar In her bed
room between 1 and 2 o'clock Ttiesdny morn
ing. The burglar, xvlio was wearing n hand
kerchief mask, grasped her arm and whis
pered "hush i’ Instead of remaining silent
tbe young lady screamed for help and graj*-
pled with the housebreaker. A struggle fol
loxvcd and the girl was knocked down hy a
heavy blow from 'be thief* list. He sprang
to a window and knocked the glass out, but
egress was stopped by a wire screen. Ml**
Alexander caught bis arm a second time to
detain him when the burglar stahlwd her with
a sharp knife, cutting through her clothing
and making a slight gash from her neck down
ward across her breast. The burglar lied out
of a rear door as assistance reached Mis*
Alexander, who was lying unconscious on the
floor hathed In blood. Her wounds arc not
considered dangerous.
Mrs. Lease Wants Peace.
Recently the Populists commenced the or
ganization of a "Loyal Legion" throughout
Kansas, the membersof which would he train
ed for battle should armed forces again be
needed, a* was the case during the recent
legislative cmbrogllo. The Republicans have
also organized an order which op|«>He* for
eign Immigration and the alleged anarchistic
tendencies of the Populist*.
Mrs. has appeared as a peace-maker
and has organized a peace association, which
will be established throughout the state. The
object of the Association Is to prevent war
and to frown down Any organHatiou w|iot«
ohicet ii bioo4ib»d
Telegraphic Brevities.
(Jurcn Victoria has gone to Italy.
The Blaine family are going to Loudon to
utay a year.
Two thousand barrels of uhloky were burned
at Covington on the 18th.
The mayor of Moscow was fatally shot In a
public building on the —lot.
Two more big bridge* are to he built to con
nect New York and Brooklyn.
Senator Harris of Tennessee was elected
president pro tern of the Senate on the 22m1.
It seems certain that there will soon be a
big strike on the Atlautle .V Pncltlc railroad.
The town of Purvis, Mississippi. wa« nearly
destroyed by tire on the 22nd. It was caused
by Incendiaries.
A big locomotive exploded at Butte. Mon
tana. on the lMli. Two men were killed and
two others badly hurt.
Felipe Osanle, a prominent hanker of
t .ii.uiaiuato. Mexico, has Imen arrested for
robbing his hank of #400.000.
The| death sentence of Carlyle \V. Harris,
the young man who murdered Ids wife ltt
New York, has been cottlir tiled.
The captain of a schooner was lined $14.,‘>00
and sentenced to one year lit iall at San Fran
cisco for smuggling In Chinese.
By an explosion of gas In a coal mine near
ConncUvllle, Pennsylvania, on the lflth, ten
men were Injured and several of them will
Tlir steam-hip Sarnia with nearly SOO pas
sengers aboard arrived a' Halifax on the I'.tih.
She was a week overdue owing to having
broken her shaft.
M. .1 Karris has told his herd of lIt.OOO cat
tle that he formerly kept on the Pecos river.
New Mexico. They were bought hv J. M.
t oburn of Kansas City.
.“evcral eases of cholera have appeared In a
convict prison In Moscow. The provincial
council bus voted 5100,000 francs to lie spent In
instituting preventive measures.
Fite in the F.rctcr. New Hampshire, cotton
mills on the 14th destroyed #250.000 worth of
property, threw 240 hands out of employ
ment aud Injured three persons.
A school hoy of Louisville. Kentucky, com
mitted suicide a few days ago by lying down
In front of a train, lie was despondent be
cause hi- girl had gone hack on him.
Secretary Morion has begun reforming his
department in it very practical manner. He
has dismissed, or rather furloughed." 121
employe* of the bureau of animal industry.
Joseph Gardner of Bedford, Indiana, ha*
presented the National Bed Cross Society over
TOO acres of land In Indiana. This ground
would he neutral territory In case of any war
'V. C. Tuller. who resigned the position of
general purchasing agent of the Santa Fe
about three months ago. Is restored to that
position, relieving 11. C. I vc-, who Is assigned
to other duties in the transportation depart
d F. Strong of Shelby county. Alabama. U
the w inner of the ('onrier-Juunm''* prize of
£IO,OOO for the person gne-slng nearest to the
number of votes cast fur President Cleveland.
Ills guess was 12.18U.910. The number of
votes actually cast being 12,136,592.
Bishop John M. Brown, the head of the Af
rican M. F. church, was buried In Washing
ton Monday. A large number of prominent
persons front nil part* of the country were In
a!tendance. Among the floral offerings was
one from President Cleveland.
A woman has been arrested at Pierre,South
Dakota for arson. Her crime Is a remark
able one. She set lire to the court house and
the residences of several prominent citizens
In the hope of destroying in this way notes
and other papers showing her Illdebtedncss.il
It now- seems certain that the freight
steamer Naronlc has foundered at sea. as a
vessel report* having seen two of Iter life
boats, empty. It 1* possible that the crew
was rescued from these by a passing ship.
There were seventy-nine men aboard the
A large number of Chinese are obeying the
law that reunites them to register before May
l-t to avoid being sent back to China, hut the
Chinese Six Companies of San Francisco have
raised a fund with which to defeat the law by
testing Its constitutionality before the .Su
preme Court.
A horrible accident occurred Monday morn
ing In a coal pit near ( heUerlield, Derby
shire. While the cage was descending loaded
with miners going to their day's work the
cage, owing to some accident to the appara
tus, suddenly fell to the bottom of the shaft
and right of the miner* were killed.
A miner named Bochme purpose It exploded
ten pounds of dynamite on the 17tli In an Iron
mine in the Harz district In (iermanv. He
and six other miners were torn to atoms.
Iloehme’s motive !« supposed to have been
revenge, is he had trouble recently with the
superintendent and was constantly quarreling
with his fellows.
•Suit has been commenced by the slate's at
torney Ht Columbus, Indiana, against Franc U
li. Crump. Martha J Sidney, Catharine J.
Snyder and Dr. Welsner for $5,000 each for
railing to list their property for taxation. The
amount hidden exceeds $400,000. There Is
great excitement there on account of the 111-
liig of the suits.
The year-old so,, „f John Zen!, an Aus
trian coal miner, wandered from his home at
Bock Spring* on the Istli. The frozen hotly
of the little follow wa« found last week two
miles from the town. It was In a gully In a
territory which had several times been trav
ersed by searcher-. S* bool children made the
An east-bound Union PaclAc express and
passenger train ran Into an open switch twen
tv miles from F.vatiston. Friday. They were
going at top speed and a had w reck resulted.
B. F. (lav. a young postal clerk, working ex
tra. wits so badly Injured that he died in
three-quarter* of an hour. Kiiglneer Leth
bridge was seriously scalded
Near Fort Steele a mountain lion entered a
herd of sheep In broad daylight and made off
with a large ewe. Next day the herder fol
lowed the trail, found the partly devoured
. o. a-- of the sheep and poisoned It. Oil the
following day he Investigated further and had
the sai.-fai lion of llnding the lion dead. The
11011 was one of the biggest ever killed In that
Judge Ricks of the l ulled .state* District
Court at Toledo, created a great sensation on
the 18th by ordering Chief Arthur to remove
Il.e boycott la!.! on Ann Arbor ears by em
ploye- of the Lake Shore road. Judge Bloks
al-ohad several engineers arrested whore
fu-cd to handle those cars. Mr. Arthur Jta
lifted the boycott temporarily until the mat
ter I- settled In the courts.
I'd ward Barker Deacon, me slayer of
.Me,lie, ha- sailed from Europe with hi*
daughter Glad.v. for New York, with the in
-at on of joining hi* other children at New
port, Gladys is the child whom Mr-. Deacon
abducted front fie convent to save her from
falilng Into the hands of Mr. Deacon during
the divorce proceedings which have recently
been terminated Ivy an agreement, under
which Mr. Deacon was given possession of all
the children except the youngest.
The Tolled States Senate Is taking things
ca-y. its chief work Is to conllrm tint Presi
dent's appointments. The Democrats want,
to elect a new -et of Senate ollicers. lint the
Republicans will resist oil the ground that
thi-would be contrary to precedent, and that
tin- Democrats must wait until the regular
session. It seems probable that the three
n-nator* appointed by the governor* of Wyo
ming. Montana and Washington will he
Tmxton Beale, United States minister to
tiie.a e, Rotimnnht ami Set via. ha* Informed
the -tate deportment that Mine. Seblletuatin,
v. : !'. v of Dr. Scblleinann. the famous ex
plorer of the ruins of hurled and ancient oil les,
lim- determined to present to the United
St it - National Museum a portion of the
rclii - unearthed at Troy by her late husband.
Mr. Beale gives no Intimation of tlie size of
the collection, but, says Its value will !>e ap
parent on Inspection.
Active preparation* are about to be begun
hv• Secretary Hoke Smith for opening the
< hemkee strip. under the provision* of the
Indian appropriation act ratifying the agree
ment with the Cherokee*. The preliminaries
1.. lie ob-erved prior to opening the outlet to
settlement. Ivy proclamation of the President,
will consume considerable time. Seventy al
loirnents arc to he rnmle to Indians who were
bona fide residents of the strip prior to 1891,
and engaged In farming, and the strip Is to be
opened to settlement under the provision* of
the act to organize Oklahoma Territory.
Kansas anti Nebraska capitalists have se
cured absolute control of over IKK),000 acres
of choice wheat land convenient to Wichita
Falls. Texas, for colony purposes. It will be
cut tip In tracts to suit farmer* and arrange
ment* have been made to locate people from
the northwest states on the land. This Is
the beginning ot the end of the large pasture*
In this section of Texas. The settler* arc
driving the long-horns further west. The
prospect for a big wheat crop was never bet
ter In Northwest Texas than at the present
If. (i. Fox. collector for the First national
hank of Chicago, was held up and robbed of
£1.290 on one of the stairways of the city hall
Thursday. He had ju»t' received SBOO from
the city treasurer and $9lO from the county
treasurer, and was descending the dark stair
way to the mnin floor of the building, when at
the turn of the staircase some man whom he
had not seen, threw his arm* about his neck
and choked him almost Into Insensibility.
The man then grabbed the two packages of
money and. rushing down the stairs, escaped.
Denver Markets —Egg*, ranch IGc, state
15c; butter, best creamery Ro(gß2c, dairy 22c;
hay, upland baled sll(<ssl2. second bottom
f7.st><3sß 50;alfalfa ss.6o;wheatflsc;corn,bulk
75c; sacked 80c; oau, 11.15, aacked $1.28;
potatoes $1.65; cattle, choice steers $8.25
<414.25. c0w«58.00®53,25. native feeder* $2.00
o^sß.6tH»hog,^obo-c#!>7.93; ipring ohltftM
Sent by the I’reeldeut to Ascertain the
Wishes of the lelamler*.
Ex-Congressman Blount of Georgia, who
lias been ap|Hilntcd a commissioner to Inves
tigate the question of sniveling the Hawaiian
Islands, reached San Francisco on the 20tli
and Immediately left for Honolulu 011 the
revenue cutter Richard Hush, which had been
placed al hi* disposal.
Regarding the object of his trip Mr. Blount
laid: "The public seem to have the idea
that 1 am loaded to the guards with instruc
tions, whereas the plain truth Is that 1 have
received practically no Instructions from
President Cleveland or any one else. My mil
lion Is to Investigate the whole question of
annexation, to determine the sentiment of the
foreigners a* well a* of the natives, and to
conclude a* far as possible from the facts
whether It would be advantageous to this
country to annex the Islands. My mind is
free from any prejudice, and I am prepared
to give an Impartial bearing to all shies. The
cutter Rush will heat my disposal, and hi It I
will visit the other Islands after completing
my work at Honolulu.
"Of course the foreign sentiment can he
ascertained fully at Honolulu, but the natives
of the other Island* may have very dllTercnl
views from the Kanakas of Honolulu. lam
Ignorant ot the Hawaiian language, hut with
a trustworthy Interpreter it ought not to he
dllllcult to get at the real sentiment of the na
tive*. What the additional Instructions from
Washington may contain remains to be seen.
No question in recent American politics so
sadly needs the light of pure truth thrown
upon It as this Hawaiian question, for It has
been muddled be ->-oeals t<> sentiment and
Mr. Blount »l;tn _ .at two months would
sufllcc, although he Aid lie should not sacri
fice thoroughness In baste. When told the
voyage would probably tnkc eight days he
smiled and said drily: "It Is an lmportont
question whether ivo want any territory that
it takes a steamer more than a week to reach.
Thatl* might)* f,» away In my estimation."
A SherlflT Killed nn<l Two Men Badly
Four desperadoes attempted to take the
Louisville it Nashville south bound train Sat
urday morning ten miles south of Jcllico,
Tennessee. Conductor Brown called upon
Sheriff Burnett and Deputy Dali of Campbell
county, who happened to be In nnotlicr car,
to preserve the peace. The officers responded
aud a pitched buttle ensued Jin the smoking
car. When the smoke bad lifted Sheriff Bur
nett w as found dead, and Jerry Smith, one of
the desperadoes, fatally wounded. Dali was
overpowered and thrown from the train, but
managed to grasp the gun, and he wounded
Jones and effected the arrest of unotlicr, only
permitting two to e*cn|>c. Although Inter
nally Injured and suffering great agony, Dep
uty Dali took his prisoner to Careyvllle, while
the other was taken to the jnil at Jaek
boro. lie was lynched the next night.
Sheriff Burnett was about 80 years of uge
and ivas single. He was the most prominent
man In the county, and was elected to the po
sition of sheriff last August by a sweeping
majority. Deputy Sheriff l)all bail arrested
a man named White yesterday, but he was
rescued by Jerry and John Smith. This morn
ing the two Smiths and another frleud, all
desperate characters, boarded tlic train on
which they knew Dali was and raised the dis
turbance to show their defiance of him. When
the two officers entered the ear the desper
adoes opened lire at once, and Sheriff Burnett
fell before he could offer any resistance.
Dali mafic a gallant light. Pursuing parties
arc after the two desperadoes who escaped.
Boomers Along the Strip.
The boomer*’ ranks are fast filling up. and
the scenes along tb>* bonier of the ( bciokee
Strip ure growing livelier every day. The
town of Orlando, on the south line, has
trebled 111 population during the pa.-t ten
•lays, and at Stillwater It looks as though an
nrmv was camped around the town. A ti-it
to the northern line reveals a continuous line
of tents, covered wagons, shanties and dug
outs, from the Chllhwco Indian schools,
thirty mile* west, to Caldwell, and every hour
the number grows greater. Every few 'miles
a squad of cavalry Is quartered, and sentries
tide back and forth regularly, keeping out of
the promised laud all who cannot show proof
that they are journeying to some point be
yond. and arc not lu search of good locutions.
Mexicans in Distress.
There Is no Indication of a decrease In tho
suffering among the poorer classes of people
of Ban Luis Pnto.-I, Mexico. Although chari
table associations have lent every possible as
sistance the failure of crops for four years In
succession has driven the pastoral people Into
San Luis Potosl by the thousands, and they
have adopted the vocation of begging on the
street there and eking out a miserable exist
ence from tlie alms they secure. Five bun
dled of the destitute people were recently
sent to Yucatan to work on sugar plantations.
The free eating house* eolnlill died here sev
eral months ago supply food for ncompniu
tively small number of the hungry horde who
throng the city.
Trade Report for 1892.
The statement of the Bureau of Statistics
on export* and Imports, just Issued, shows a
balance of trade against the United States for
the year of $81,000,000, against a balance of
$171,000,000 In favor of the United States for
the previous year.
The export gold for February, 1898, was
valued at $14,215,(508, silver $8,105,281; a total
of $17,850,891; Imports gold $1,257,589. sil
ver $2,112,977; total $3,870,51(5, execs* of ex
ports of coin and bullion over imports for the
month $18,980,875; for twelve months ended
February 28, $95,784,002.
For the similar period last year the excess
of export* over Imports was only $45,000,000.
Mexican Bandit Captured.
Leandro .Soto, one of the most desperate
and famous bandit chiefs in the state of
Guerrero ban been captured. Soto and his
bn ml have been committing depredation* In
the district of Allcnde for several years, the
authorities being powerless. A few day* ago
a very strong force of troops made a raid
upon the rendezvous of the brigand*. In the
tight that ensued two of the soldiers were
killed and three wounded. A detachment of
soldiers are on their way to Acapulco having
In charge Chief Hoto, who will he summarily
shot upon Ids arrival there.
Victims of a Madrid Fire.
A*. 8 o’clock Sunday morning a fire broke
out In n pastry cook’s shop It S:. hcba.stlan.
A keg of spirits exploded and spread the tire
to the adjoining houses, which were densely
tenanted. All the occupants were sleeping,
and lb<- flames were around them before they
could he warned. Two families on the top
floor of a four-story bouse were suffocated in
their bed*. Fifteen persons jumped from the
windows. Ten of them were killed and three
received mortal Injuries. Twenty-one per
sons are known to have perished, ami several
others whose fate Is unknown arc believed to
have been burned or crushed In the ruln«.
Fighting Whisky in Kansas.
A great whisky war Is on In Osage county.
Kafi*a*. The people are up In arm* against
the Kansas City houses that are running
joints in several towns. Rev. M. Milner,
president of the stale temperance union, was
called to Osage county two week* ago nod
has since lectured at several towns. At
Osage City a carload of liquor was seized ami
destroyed In the presence of n great crowd.
The state temperance union will wage a vigor
ous war on the joints nil over the slate. Feel
ing I* running high and n genuine wlil-ky
war Is imminent.
Met a Horrible Accident.
Henry Pomering, an employe at the Penn
sylvania Tube Works, Pittsburg, met with a
horrible accident a few days ago. lie was en
gaged in conducting a red-hot bar of Iron
through the rolls when It slipped from the
tongs. Before the man was aware lie was
struck In the stomach with the bar, receiving
a terrible Injury. Mad with pain he seized
the bar with his band, burning his finger* to
a crisp, but he straggled in vain to free him
self from the awful Instrument of torture.
Only by the aid of hi* fellow workmen was
the man removed from the bar, which had
peuptrated Ids stotnsch and was rotating him
Internally. He was taken to the Homeopathic
hospital where be will die of bis Injuries He
is 27 year* of age and singl-+ He retained
oornlmimmm ftU tfcroufb ui« wrlbl# ordeal.
HU I.lfoOno Tong Rfrord of Crafty, Cow
ardly nml Squalid Crlmai—Unused
at Tyburn Hill In 17«S—
Nefarious Career.
A hundred and sixty-seven ycai’R
have elapsed since Jonathan Wild
was hangod at Tyburn, and the chief
incidents in his nefarious career havo
been carefully transmitted from gen
eration to generation in tile succes
sive “Malefactors’ Registers,’” “New
gate Calendars.” “Criminal Record
ers” and “Chronicles of Crime,’’which
ingenious bucks have compiled from
those terrible trustworthy authori
ties. the Old Hailey sessions papers.
Jonathan Wild, indeed, seems to
have been throughout his life an in
carnation of rascality, duplicity and
knavery of every kind. He was born
at Wolverhampton late in the reign
of Charles II., of decent parents, who
gave him a plain education and ap
prenticed him to a buekle-makor at
Hirmingham. When quite a young
journeyman he murriod, and after tlio
birth of u son ho deserted his wife
and child and came to London. Ho
worked for a while at his trade, but
dissolute hubits got him into debt in
Wood-street Compter, whero ho no
doubt umused his enforced idleness
by devising schemes for swindling
tlio public when he should regain his
In tho compter, too, he formed the
acquaintance of a notorious fomalo
pickpockot named Mary Milincr, who
liatl been within nn aco of hanging
half a score of limes, but had man
aged at last to get arrested for debt.
By some moans cr another both
Jonathan and Milincr obtained their
freedom ami opened a littlo public
houso in Cripplogato. As tho lady
pickpocket was on terms of intimate
acquaintance with most of the dis
tinguished thieves in tho metropolis,
she proved a valuable assistant to
Mr. Wild, whoso tavern became n
popular resort for felons.
There was no law at tho period for
tho punishment of the receivers of
stolen goods, ami Jonathan drove for
a considerable time a roaring trade as
a “fence.” His practices, however,
were considerably interrupted by tlie
passing of an act of parliament in
dicting fourteen years* transportation
on all persons convicted of receiving
goods knowing them to be stolon.
Tlie unahnshed Mr. Wild then pro
ceeded to call n meeting of the most
notorious robbers in London, and,
after pointing out to them that if
they took their booty to unscrupulous
pawnbrokers they would not receive
more than a fourth part of tho value
of tlie goods, ho proposed that they
should bring all their plunder to him.
and he would negotiate for restoring
it to tho owners, receiving a reward
for doing so. which roward ho would
divide with his predatory friends.
Tlie plan met with the approbation
of tho thieves, and for some years
Wild carried on tho business with
brilliant success. Ho bad positively
tlie assuranco to open an office in the
Old Hailey for negotiating with per
sons who had boon robbed, and, to
onhanco his assumption of respecta
bility, he acted ns assistant to
Charles Hitchon, tho city marshal,
who was almost as great a rogue as
liis subordinate.
This worthy couple used to parade
tlie streets from Temple Bar to the
Minories, searching disorderly housos
and apprehending suspected persons,
and at the same time extorting large
bribes from those who justly feared
to be brought in contact with tho
Tho two rascals, however, foil out,
and eucli pursued his own villainous
way. Hitehcn had a turn for litera
ture. and attacked Wild in a pam
phlet railed “Tlie Regulator; or The
Discovery of Thieves and Thief-Tak
ers,” which drew a vehement reply
from Wild.
By ill is time tlie scump had provid
Containing Cotton Root and Pennyroyal/
ra» LACiir ninre.
Ititnt ud nett reliable
i JoSh&ctlm fsnsle rsasly in tbe worlL
Mosmln's French l'o
if male Pills, havo been
1 Mjr Bold for ovor twenty
«V . y years,Hnd used by Tliou-
A y *anda of Ladies, who
-y< \ have glean testimonials
that they are unexcelled.
- v , luodiclno. fur immediate
'X relief of Painful, and
( Y. V\ \ Irregular Meuse*, Fe
\ 1 male Wenknos* etc.
\ ' Price $2.00 a box, with
' S full directions.
-ML2MIN CHEMICAL CO.. Detroit, Mich.
von sale isv W. I*. SWARTZ, Druggist,
Bessemer, Colorado.
ML6ST MANHOOD£?S£.'!&& r
caused by excessive use of 1 obar.ru. Alcohol or Opium, or on account ut
Youthful indiscretion or over indolgence etc.. Bittiness, Convulsion*.
Mciitiil Depression. FotteninK of the Brain, Weak Memory, Seminal Weak-
Per*. Hysteria, Nocturnal Emission*. Kpermatnrrhrra, ]x«s of Power and
1 idpotem-y. which. If ncfileolod, may lead t<> premature old age and insanity.
Positively, guaranteed. Price, $l.OO a box; <1 boxo* for $5.00. Kent be
mall O’, receipt of price A written guarantee furnished with every ss.(*
order received; to refund tlie money if * permanent cure ie not effected.
NEK VIA MEDICINE CO., Detroit, Mica,
voit s.M.Ej’.Y W. I’. SWAR'IZ, Druggist, Bessemer, Colorado.
m wk DR. TAFT’S | AVllli*! IiPIIP
Instead of flying to the door gasp- JB •Pr I Ull B I iLIIF
Ing for breath, seeming as it each MM I
one would be your last, you have mwMF ■ 11 IVlR|||||lfti
MUtytaffWu, vfiTiniTtti Ri vtqlMlUfßfrflitXß 1 wMRBVfiSfIBp
od a second string to his bow.
not only acted as an agent for recov
ering stolon property, but lie used his
familiarity with tho thioves and their
haunts in order that ho might do
nounco thorn to tho magistrates if
they offended him. or if they grum
bled at tho miserable shuro of tho
profits of their iniquity doled out to
thorn by tho “fence.”
As a thief-taker. Wild, paradoxical
as it muy appear did render somo
paltry kind of sorvice to tho stato;
but it is operations as a receiver of
stolon goods had made him a public
nuisance, and in 1718 un act was
passed declaring every person guilty
of u capital offense who should accept
a reward in consideration of restor
ing stolen effects without prosecut
ing tho thief. This, it might bo
thought, would havo sufficed to an
nihilato Jonathan’s business, but, by
consummate dcxtority.ho contrived to
ovado the law and proceeded as before
with such success that ho was able to
open a branch office, which was con
ducted by his man Abraham. He
hud agents abroad, to whom he trans
mitted watches and jewelry, and he
actually chartered a couple of sloops
which plied between tho Thames and
Rotterdam laden with plunder which
lie had received.
At length, through n quarrel with
an accomplice, Wild was arrosted,
and, after a lengthy trial, ho was
found guilty und sentenced to death.
He was at tho time in wretchod
health, and attributed his illness to
several fractures of tho skull which
lie hud received while arresting
criminals, and to his throat having
been cut by a notorious ruffian named
To the last ho indulged in hopes of
obtaining tho royal morcy, and
bragged of tho dukes, marquises and
carls to whom ho had rendered ser
vices; but on May 2-1, 1725, Jonathan
Wild, “Tho Groat,” as Fielding iron
ically calls him, was taken in a cart
from Newgate to Tyburn and hangod.
Ho hud drunk u large quantity of
laudanum on tho night preceding his
execution, and was in a half-stupcflod
state when ho was cast off tho laddor.
A meaner, moro sordid and moro
ignoble rascal it is difficult to con
ceive. His life was one long tissue of
crafty, cowardly, squalid crimes, yot.
thanks to the genius of tho author of
“Tom Jones” and the dramatic power
of Harrison Ainsworth, tho memory
of Jonathan Wild still lives.
A Perpetual Sacred Fire.
in tlie peninsula of Abehoron,
formerly belonging to Persia, but
now a part of Russia, there is a per
petual or, rather, what tho natives
call an eternal sacred liro, which ia
known to have boon burning contin
ually for moro than 2,000 years. It
rises from an irregular orifice of
uhout twolvo feet in depth and 120
feot square. The flames, which aro
constant, riso to a height of from six
to eight foot, unaccompanied with
smoke or disagrecablo smell, waving
back and forth with tho wind liko a
Held of golden grain.—Philadelphia
Soil Matter.
If tho nutritious matter at tho soil
is carried down below tho roots of
some plants the plant form may bo
unavailable. Hut all plants do not
feed alike, as somo reach down into
tho subsoil and bring up tho plant
food again, which is stored in tho
stalks and leaves. It is in this man
ner that clover performs such excel
lent service; and tho fact explains
why clover always leaves tho land in
better condition than before, when a
clovor sod is turned under.
British Justice.
Tho severity of British justlco was
well illustrated at Northampton re
cently, whero a trial for murder was
in progress. Tho jury having been
permitted to take a lunch in tlioir
room, one of their number took tills
opportunity to step out and post a
letter. Tho judge, hearing of this,
promptly gavo the offending juror a
strong lecture and fined him $250.
Ho dismissed tho jury and a new one
was impaneled.
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