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VOL. 4, NO. 9.
Always Lead! I
For We Want Your
Try Us This Month and I
See tor Yourself
What We Can Save You
On Your Groceries ...
For One Month!
We Can Still Sell You...
dot. Clioleo Sweet Orange*at.s 12 L
Doz. Choice Hweet oranges .2.21
luoz. Choice Lemon* 20
100 lb* Sugar r>.Bo
100 Mm Columbine Hour 1.05
100 lb* Hhogo Hour .1.H5
100 Ibn Empire flour 1..H0
100 IbK Choice Mountain Potutoe*. 1.50
100 Choice Del Norte Potatoes 1.73
100 lbs Choice tlrcoley Potatoes .1 S 3
is lbs Sugar 1-00
Just Think of Buying
30 lbs Rolled Oats 1.00
8 2- IbK Rolled Oats 25
20 lbs Rice 1.00
15 lb. Hulk Figs 1.00
IS lbs Raisins ■ 1.00
12 lbs Currants (choice) ..1.00
22 lbs Navy Ileans .. ..1.00
40 lbs Mexican Keans . .1.00
All Package Coffee 25
Mocha Coffee ifancy) 47L
Java Coffee [fancy] :*7! 2
Java Coffee [fluid 35c, 3 for . .100
lb I>r. Price’s linking Power.. SO
■.Kg*. 3 dozen for .50
*> lb Pall Jolly 1.00
SO lb Pall Jelly 1.23
1 Good Broom ... 15
Look! Look!
SCaus.Corn. ... $.25
2 Cans Tomatoes .25
1 Can Pens , 10
2 Can Hiring Keans.. .10
1 Can Wax Keans .10
1 Cuti Salmon .15
£ Cans Huitnon .25
10 lbs Pall bird. 1.15
Jibs Very Choicest Creamery Butter 1.00
We Are
On All Kinds of
We Save You The Middle
Man’s Profit.
Don’t Forget The
Garden, Flour,
And Field Seeds!
Blue Grass Seed and white
Cor. (Ith and Santa Fe Ave,
Telephone 1111. |
1 208 South Union Ave.
Telephone M j
Moses & Allen
I will give you lower Railway *r
Steam ship rstes to any part of ths Uni
tad elates er Europe than ran be had
through any one else in Southern Colo
'! 10. Call on or write me for rates and
will furnish you with all desired infor
» atioa.
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Ave, near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Qlven to Pension Cluims
Room 1 over Postofflce. PuEm.o.
N. L. Graham, Cham. E.Saxton,
President. Cashier.
Union Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorized Capital, - - $250,000.
Paid In Capital, ... 50,000.
Surplus, 175.001
Full Set ol Teeth
Rooms 204-6-8-7, Central Block.
Bridge and Crown work done. Also all
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
asonable and all work Warranted.
Buy and Bell
hriitin, Carpets CarUias, Blusnrt
Queenswar Tinware, etc.
Manufacturer* of and dealer* in
Buggies and Wagons,
Agrlculturel lmplemeutkof All Kinds. Wag
on and Buggy Harness.
Engineer of the City of Bettemer
m«c m Cntn) Bk.. Poablo.
It .yem mat a twiitewh
«• ninth m “
A-« k a
aits. *■— ffij lie*
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNEB, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Sat unlay at Bessemer. Colo.
Entered at the Postofflce at Pueblo, Colo., as
second class matter.
Price of subscription.
One Year $1 00
Blx Months 60
The new council will probubly
organize the 17 inst.
J. K. Dempsey possess the übility
to make a first-class mayor.
The total rote polled Tuesday was
710, a gain of 123 over last year.
Wkrt aud Hart were both hand
somely defeated. Bury the hatchet.
Jagkhon received a majority of 20
over his opponents. A plurality was
too lame for him.
The great question of the hour
is, was there a combine, aud if so,
who were in it?
In the 2nd ward George Jackson
received 90 votes, D. H. Evans 03
and James Ferguson what was
W. S. Williams increased the
people’s party vote from 73 one year
ago to 188, a gain of 115. Mr.
Williams did well.
The political complexion of the
nsw council will be, four republicans
and three democrats with demo
cratic mayor and an alderman to
The republicans swept everything
in Pueblo with the exception of the
city auditor. J. 11. Loor, the only
lone democrat was re-elected to
succeed himself.
Had the duty of registration beeu
properly looked after the vote would
have exceeded 850. If you don’t
register you don't vote under the
present system.
Sol. Fisher went u-fisliing and
captured the alderman’s chair from
the ward by a plurality of 22, his
vote being 81. Muxheimer come
out second best.
Wlien J. E. Miles won the alder
manic honors from 11. M. Quucken
bush he defeated a good man, and
the successful candidate is generous
enough to say so.
The Bpoils were eventy divided
among the democrats aud republicans
Dempsey, Jackson and Miles beiug
the winners on one side and Funk,
Leithead and Fisher on the other.
The people’s part}* polled a good
vote for mayor and treasurer. The
candidates in the Ist and 4th wards
ulso received a large vote, Frank
Mnxkeiraer's being 57 and O. A.
Lee’s 50. lu the 2nd and 3rd the
P. P. was lost sight of.
Carter Harrison was elected
mayor of Chicago which means that
the suloons, the guinbling houses,
the dives and the dens will be thrown
wide open during the World’s Fair
and lawlessness will go unbridled.
The election of the uoted Carter was
a mistake.
The vote on the democratic and
republican candidates for mayor was
almost the same as that of one vear
ago. A comparison shows that Demp
sey, democrat, received 307 votes and
Colvin, republican, received 224.
One year ago Shockey, Tlemocrat,
received 300 and Rees, republican,
223 votes. It is a curious fact that
although the city is republican a
democratic mayor should be elected
on both occasions and by almost the
same plurality
At the City election of 1892 C. R.
Adams who headed the peeple’s
ticket received 73 votes. Last Tues
day W. S. Williams raised the vote
to 188, making it more than two
and ono-half times as large. The
aggregate vote for the leading aider
man in each ward in *92 was 90,
while in this election the combined
vote of the aldermen on the people’s
ticket was 148. The third party
owes a vote of thanks to obairman I.
D.-Jessup and W. S. Williams, its
candidate for mayor, for the big in
The Wicks annexation bill pro
viding for a vote on the ooneolida.
tied of any two contiguous towns or
ottaeo baa bean signed by the gov
• Mar. The MU provides that upon
• HMttWriCHdkj twenty, ira tn*-|
paying electors of the towu or city •
to be annexed being filed with the ;
clerk of the county court, an election ;
should be palled and the question
submitted to the voters of the two
cities, a majority in each city to
govern the result. It would not be a
surprise if such a petition were
gotten up in Bessemer on short j
notice, and then comes the tug of I
Geo. W. Willai er, chairman of
ilie republican central committees [
worked hard for the election of his
ticket but the success of all the
candidates was not on the pro
gramme. Although he worked
actively and easnestly the fates were
against lmn aud lie had up-hill work.
Frank Johnson, the democratic
chairman and I. D. Jessup, people’s
party chairman were also working
zealously far tho success of their
candidates and showed excellent
generalship. The result was that of
the six elected, three are republicans
and three are democrats, while the
strength of the people’s party was
increased more than 100 per cent,
showing good work on ail sides, it
was an active campaign.
A track for the ore buggies is beiug
laid at the furuaces. Tills will
lighten the luhor of the men and
enable them to do much more work.
It is the first track of the kind laid
at the works.
Foreman Brown is pushing the
rail mill to Its full capacity, several
orders being on hand that require
immediate attention. The C. B. & (J.
lias raised its order from ten to
twenty-five thousand ton* which
will keep tilings moving for some
time. Work must be begun on the
order some time this month, 2,500
tons being wanted by May Ist. The
rail is to be sixty-hve pound weight.
At present th 3 rail mill is working
on a three thousand ton order for
the Santa Fe. It is a sixty-six
pound rail and will lie shipped to
Dodge City, Kansas.
The D. & R. G. order for five
thousand ton* of seventy-five pound
rails will be gotten out us soon us
possible, that road requiring rails
for repairs, though it is doubtful if
any new extensions will be made
before fall.
Tho IT.l T . P. railroal lias an order in
for fifteen thousand tons, part of
which will he wanted soon. It is
also likely that the M. i*. will place
an order for the extension from
Pueblo to Gunnison. Owing to the
general weakness of the machinery
many small break downs occur
which checks progress.
A retaining wall 210 f*et in length ia
oeing built along the gas producers.
Railroad cars will hereafter take the
place of carts in carrying away the
ashes from the producers.
The steel works are now supplied with
2000 feet of 2*£ inch Excelcior hose
which is the proper tiling. J. V. Leithead
has been appointed chief of the fire
T. R. Phillips has u force of men at
work cleaning out the sewer Deneath
the soaking pits. It is a big job.
City Election.
Bessemer had a quiet though
earnest election last Tuesday. The
respective candidates aud their
friends worked like beavers. Central
Chairmen, Jessup, Johnson and
Willauer for the people’s, the demo
dratlc and the republican parties
were every where with the carriages
hustling voters to the polls uud kept
the dust flying. There was un
usuul iudustry iu this line and many
a nmn got a free ride. Bets were
few. Cigars were plentiful aud the
thirsty knew the location of a num
ber of blind saloons. The special
police had comparatively nothing
to do and no arrests were made.
The question generally discussed was
whether party lines wore being ad
hered to, but it WH9 one of those
problems which could be correctly
solved only by figures; when the
ballots were couuted it was found
that party allegience had been
brushed aside and that a vast num
ber of men had been covertly inde
pendent. Bessemer had once more
mixed its politics. Following is a
summary of the vote cast:
For Mayor—Dempsey, D. 307; Col
vin, R. 224; Williams, P. 188. Demp
sey’s pluralty, 83.
For Treasurer—Funk, R. 819; Fost
er, D. 212; Park, 187. Funk’s
plurality, 113.
Aldermen Ist ward—Fisher, R. 81;
Hart, D. 6G; Maxhimer, P. 57;
Fisher’s plurality 34.
Aldermen 2nd ward—Jackson, D.
90; Evans, R. 53; Ferguson, P. 17.
Jaokson’s plurality 37.
Aldermen 3rd ward—Miles, D. 76;
Quacksnbush, R. 60; Baker, P. 23.
Miles plurality 16.
Aldermen 4th ward —Leithead, R.
86; West, D. 71; Les, P. 52. Lelt
head’s plurality, 15.
These figures are not official
though probably correct.
Grand Ball.
A grand ball will be given by the
ladles of 8L James Chapel at the oity
hall, Wednesday evening, April 10th,
Ttcfcete only 75 coats for gentleman and
MU* A tare good timeii premised to
You ought to fettend those
especial daily sales nt Wil
son's if you want to save
Monday is Dress goods
and Silk day.
Tuesday is wash dress
goods and domesttc day.
Wednesday is lace, em
broidery, white goods and
notion day.
Thursday is linen, ar t goods
and shirtwaist day.
Friday is remnant day.
Saturday is hosiery, under
wear, wraps and gents’furn
ishing day.
Special prices for the day
Paul Wilson Dry Goods Co.,
Sixth amt Main Streets.
Pueblo polled 3,128 votes at the
city election. Strait, 11. received
1323. Utter, P. 93G, and Koval, D.
869. Strait’s plurality 387. Pueblo
republicans are keeping in line.
For Sale.
A $175 buggy and u No. 1 family
horse with harness, for only $175. Cull
at this office for particulars.
For Sale.
1 Combination Bicycle suitable for
gentleman, lady or boy will be sold at a
bargain. Can b* seen at the store of
Herman & Schloss
The Board of Trade.
Editor Indicator.
In reference to the organization of a
Board of Trade for Bessemer, I will
try and start our subscription list for
members next week.
Yours very truly.
J. E. Miles
The business men of Bessemer should
meet and discuae the project nf organiz
ing a Board of Trade. Beuseraer needs
something of the kind and the sooner
one is started the better.
Church Building.
There is quite a buildiug boom
among tli* churches of the city.
The German Methodists will Imild
at the corner of Arroya and Cedar,
and the Presbyterian* at Mesa and
Cedar. The colored Baptists have
not yet selected a site. The work on
the German Mettiodists will com
mence next week aud the contract
for the Presbyterian has been let.
Notice of School Election.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the legal voters
of school district No. 20, iu the
county of Pueblo and state of Colo
rado, will be held at the Broadway
hos* house, near the Masonic Tem
ple, in the city of Pueblo, on Monday
the first day of May, 1893, for the
purpose ef electing one sctiool di
rector for the term of five years.
Tho ballot box will be opened at tlie
hour of 2 o’clock p. m. and closed at
the hour of 5 o ’clock p. in. aud 5:15.
o’clock p. m. the meeting will be
organized for the transaction of any
other business pertaining to school
interests that may legally be brought
before it. G. L Knight,
Secretary School District No 20
county of Pueblo.
Clean the City.
In view of the fact that there 19 a
possibility of an outbreak of the
cholera too strict attention cannot
be given to the sanitary condition of
the city. The good example of a
few cities in the east that are sub
jecting themselves to a thorough
cleaning, should be followed by
Bessemer. The alleys should be
carefully searched and cleansed of
rottenness, garbage and debris in
back yards should he hauled away
or burned, hydrants should he
looked after, houses cleaned, etc.
Filth is the prolific breeder of
cholera. Thut dreaded epidemic
avoids cleanliness but revels in dirt
The city authorities should exercise
great diligence iu regard to clean
ing up the city which example
would be followed by the residents
and thus avoid bv a little care a
possible visit ef the plague. Many
of the larger cities are now under
going a general everhauling and
the strictest sanitary rules will be
enforced. Should the contagion
suddenly break out at the World’s
Fair the panic stricken visitors
would spread the disease to every
part of the country in a few days.
Cleanlinsss is the only preventative.
Fresh Garden, Grass and
F lower seeds. Come early
Gasoline only 18 cents a
C. H. Quackenbush k Son.
It yea want year elothes cleaned
end repaired, seed a postal te 1226
Brass Are., and 1 will o*U for them,
r,u*< jcwyi
I*' or vBeilo!
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
Room ji. Union Depot.
To the fact that we are selling
30-foot clothes line 5c
3 hold mouse trap 5c I
Machine oil 5c
A good raalable iron, heavy retinned
acid proof lemon squeezer 15c !
A Full Line of Novels by the Very Best Authors.
See R. Heitler’s
Those sio. Saits arc Beauties, ami Boys' $2. ami
Sj. Suits can't be beaten for the Money.
R. HEITLER, 309 Santa Fe Ave.
Official vote of Bessemer, A pr. 4, ’93.
" ‘ fi 1tm..,,™. | Aldermen Aldermen Aldtrmcn AMerimm
__ _ _____ >*' "'“’■‘l 7'l 'MI I,I :!r.l ward lih win.|
r! : *J |; ' r ■’ i, :
First..... 1151 181! 59 i« '7 r.i »i v. 17 :« 71 - M
Second 107 | i2H (15 !73j 11
Third » 43 3* 50 j j4O
Fourth 70 j 711 •» 53 i H»» I«2
Totals i 1307 [221 iISH |212 |aiD 1187 !
At The Grand.
—By Gen. Custer’s Bugler
Shewing all the great battles of
betli land and sea, including the
movements of the armies, just as
the scens were photographed on the
spot by the governmeut photog
raphers, Brady <fc Garduer. 200
square feet in each scene. En
dorsed by all old soldiers, both north
and south, and the teachers through
out the land.
This afternoon and to-night.
Prices for Matinee and regular show
the same. Reserved seats 50 cents
Children 25 cents. Seat* on sale at
usual places. Be sure to attend.
Mrs. W. J. Florence will be seen
at the Grand opera housu on Mon
day nigtit next, appearing in her
happy role of Mrs. General Gllllory
in the famous American comedy,
“The Mighty Dollur.” At present
she i* tilling a series of successful
engagements in Denver. Mr. How
ard Coveney will be seen as the Hon.
Bardwell Slote, the role formerly
played by the late W. J. Florence.
A number of new and handsome
dresses worn by Mrs. Florence are
promised iu tins production and are
said to be gems from the design and
execution of the great Felix, of
Paris. Reserved seats now on sale
Tiie Grand opera house is fortu
uate in securing the first perform
auce in this state of Effie Ellsler’s
successful play ‘‘Doris.’’ The play,
depends largly on the setting t f
scenes, and all the requirements of
a large and well equipped stage, and
these can only be found in a theater
of the first class. The drama is an
undoubted success. The Detroit
Tribune says of it* i nitial produc
tion in that city: “ ‘Doris’ was pro
duced last night forth* first time.
It met with Instant stccese and was
vehemently applauded at the end of
each act.”
Miss Ellsler opens her engage
ment with her delightful impersona
tion of “Hazel Kirke.” the miller’s
daughter, and as this will be the
last occasien, in which she will ap
pear in this city, those who have
never availed themselves ef the op- i
portunity to see her, should do to
now. It is a performance never te.
be forgoten. Miss Ellsler’s appear
ance at the opera housi is limited to
Taoeday and Wednesday evenings,
April fi and 12. Reserved seats ou
sale Saturday morning.
The Correct Hat.
quality, Style, Service.
TH* Kwox,
G.L.L Gaaa Mercantile Co.,
Tn ▲onrre.
Collar buttons, do/. 4c
! Tacks, paper le
Matches, 5J2 boxes 26c
i Admuntine pins, paper le
Cholerine in Pennsylvania.
Swickley. Penn.: We had an epi
demic of cholerine, a* our physicians
called it. in Ibis place lately aud I made
a great hit with Chumberlaiu’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. I sold
four dozen bottles of it in one week
and have since sold nearly a gross
This remedy did the werk and was n
big advertisement for me. Several
persons who had. been troubled with
diarrhcea for two or three weeks were
cured bp a few doses of this medicine.
I*. P. Knapp, Ph. G
25 aud 50 cent bottles for sale ot
W. P. Swartz, Druggist.
Great Rock Island Route
lH5’-3 1 »OL*
As loin; ii time as I mvill rclßned, so long
lilt* ttio < hti'iigD). Hdm-U Island it Piu-lfl.• It nil
way run trains westward from « lilcagn.
The Hock Island Is foremost In ado).ting
any advantage calculated to improve speed
and give tlmt luxury, safety and comfort
that popular patronage demand'. Itsnpiip
ment I* thoroughly complete with vcstllml. d
trains, magnitleent dining curs, sleepers and
D-lialrs coaches, ull the most elegant, and of
recently improved pnttorns.
Faithful and cupubh- management and
polite, honest service from employes are
important Items. They are a double dm\ -
to tin- t onipnny and to travelers—and ii is
sometimes a task ditlhult of neeomp!l»h.
until. Passengers on t hi* line will flint little
cause for complaint on that ground.
Tlie importance of thin Line can he l.etti'r
midi r.-tood If n short lesson In geography he
What is the great Eastern termini of the
Itnek Island Route?—Chicago. What other
snh-Eastern termini has it?—Peoria. To
what important points does it run traiti't..
the Northwest?—St. Paul nml Minneapolis.
Minnesota nml Watertown and Sioux lull-,
Dakota. To what Important lowa and Ne
braska points—Des Moines. Davenport. lowa
Omuhn ainl Lincoln. Nebraska. Does it
touch other Missouri River point-?- Yd s; st.
Joseph. Atchison, Leavenworth and Kansas
City. Does II run trains to tho Foothill* of
the Rocky Mountains?—Ye*; to Denver.
Colorado Springs and Pueblo, solid vestlhul
ed from Chicago. < an Important elites of
Kansat hr readied by the Rock Island
Route?—Yes; Its capital city. Toiwka- nml a
full hundred others in all direction* In the
State, and it ts the only road running to and
Into the new hinds opened for settlement in
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qe seen that a line tapping, as
I the Rock Island docs, such a varied territory,
ha* much in that regard to commend It to
i travelers, ns all connections are sure on the
Hock Ifinad. and passengers can rely on a
i speedy joufiiey, as over a balk of the system
j through trains are run, and it has become,
I and rightly too, the popular Line.
I A very popular train on the Chicago, Hock
! Island A- Pacific Hallway leaves Denver.
[ Pueblo and Colorado Springs, daily. It Is
called -The World’s Fair Special.’' is one
| .lay oat, and passengers arrive at Chicago
: early the second morning,
j The Rock Island haa become a popular
Colorado L|ne, and the train above referred
to I* Veattbuled, and carries the Rock Island
excellent Dining Mar Service.
For full particular* a* to ticket*, maps,
rate*, apply to any coupon ticket offlee In
thc.Unlted. Canada or Mexico, or address:
Genl. Tkt. A Pan. Agi., Chicago, 111.
Are individual safes constructed or selected drill proof steel
and designed for the safe keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry, Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables of all
kinds. Owing to their superior construction and location in
the strong vault of the American National Bank they afford a
protection not offered by the ordinary safe. The owner of one
of these safes enjoys the privilege of keeping valuables in a safe
place known only to hims< if. An> perm n cai rent ole of
these safes by applying to this department of the—
'l'. \V. I.YXC 'l l.
Dealer- in Wail Paper- Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
.■lll ll',orh Guaranteed.
We will give
i Of one $3O Gold Watch and Medal to the first and second
Pueblo riders finishing in the great Denver Cyclists’ Un
ion 25 mile handicap, straight away road race on Decor
ation day, May 30, at Denver.
Wealsogiveas JT J J 1 >l~i 1 X Ijj
| One lull nickeled Victor Flyer safety bicycle t > the first man
over the tape in the same race.
There will be 200 entries and so prizes.
Overman Wheel Co.
ROBERT GERWING, Manager'. 31 2 Santa Ee Ave.
Plans arid specifications furnished on application and
estimates given.
t all n» No. 000 Arreya Avenue, Bessemer.
D R Greene. »» OF. Urmy, * ••«». N. D. Hinsdale, oashier.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
J”"** w «-" ,l n r "' T. A. Sloano. Thos. Thompson.
I n » °° " r ' I *' * ' 1 r,n * v " J. K. Shiremun.
' K - l,r ' ' M>i - John .f. Burns. K. D. Hinsdale.
Has liar, Bargains in Houses and Lois
mB, ssi n/i ,. ( itoicc Garden tracts under
Ditch, fenced, and cultivated last year,
so/d on easiest hind of terms.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
; No 8 East C Street. Back of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
I TELEPHONE ISo. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
The Perfection Steam Laundry.
Will open about May Ist at the corner
of Victoria avenue and C Street under
the name of
Everything neat and clean and all work Prst class. Goods
called for and delivered to any part of l’ueblo or Bessemer.
I llAnAlllACl Doesn't quote any prices, but he permits
UIUICIILO. 1,0 onc 10 £ ive more Groceries and Provisions for a BIG
_DOLLAR than he does lie is in TIIE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don't ask questions, but drop in and see him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Cl
ears, Tobaccos, Cider and 0 variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to —
Corn Kit Union and Ahuiknoo Avenues, PUEBLO, COLO.
Arull line of fresh drugs a I ways on hand. Prescriptions care
fully compounded eithei day or night. Give me a call.
Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
j Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables and Spring Mattresses.
Also fbr Heating and Cook Staves and Queens ware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.

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