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VOL. 4, NO. 10.
Moses £ Allen
202 South Union Ave. and
Cor. Oth and Santa Fe Ave.
Is the place to buy your
And sav« y«u money. We
can sell you your goods
CHEAPER and give you
FRESHER goods than any
other house in Colorado.
Down We Go!
100 pound* of Mountain Potatoes 11-50
lUU pounda Greeley Potatoes 1.75
For One Week We Will Sell
100 pounda Bhogo Flour 11.71
lUU pounda Columbine Flour . 1-W
JO I>oiinda Oat Mcnl. IXO
40 pounda Mexican Henna .. .1110
80 pounda choice nice 1.00
12 pound* Currants . 1.00
18 iHiunda Italalna 1.00
10 pound* Blackberries 1.00
IS pounds Black Fla* ■ 1-00
4 pound package Coffee 1.00
17 pound* Oranulatad Hugur 1.00
18 pound* E Sugar.. 1.00
100 pound* Granulated Hugur 1.75
pound I)r. Price’* Baking Powder. -.10
4 pound* I)r. Price’* Baking Powder 1.55
80 pound* poll Jelly 1.00
30 pound* pall Jelly . 1.85
1 pound Creamery Butter -35
8 can* Tomatoes .26
2 can* Salmon -25
1 ran Domc*tlc Sardine*. . .05
12 can Corn 1 <»
8 cun* Corn • -26
1 can String Bean* .10
I can Wax Bean* . .10
lean PeH* ■»*»
1 can French Pen* .20
1 can Mushroom* 20
1 dor.cn Lemon*. -20
1 good Broom .15
A bur* White Ku*sl*n Soap 25
6 bar* Mascot Soap. 85
5 bar* Clarette Soap 33
8 bar* Town’* Delight .. .25
We have n full line of Fresh
vegetables and fruit, and everything
Id our line.
We will have another car of choice
Oranges in Wednesday or Thurs
day. Don't forget to get
some of them at
121-2 c per Dozen
S2.2S by the Box.
They are cheaper than apples or
any other fruit. We have a full line
of Garden, Fleweraml Grass Seed.
Moses & Allen
I will give joa lower Railway er
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States er Europe than can be had
through any one else la Southern Colo
-• 10. Call on or write me foe rates and
will furnish you with all desired infor
: ation.
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Ave. near B Street.
Criminul Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claim*
Room 1 over Poxtofllce. Puehlo.
W. L. Übaiiax, Ciias. E.Saxton,
President. Cashier.
ITnlon Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorised Capital, - 1250.000.
Paid In Capital, - - - 50,000.
(Surplus, 175. UK.
Fall Set of Teeth
Room* 201-5-8-7, Central Block.
Bridge and Crown work done. Al*o all
work known to modern denlbttry. Price*
aaonabla and nil work Warranted.
Buy and Sell
hraitin, Carpets Curtains, 6las>mn
Queenswar Tinware, etc.
Maaniactnrars of and dealers in
Baggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implement* of All Kind*. Wac
om ana Buggy Harness,
loa-iea auwtONAVt.. io*-io*v*oto«ia avx.,
Engineer of the City of Bessemer
OOM 8U Central Blk.. PueMo.
If yo» want a hahrWuah
8 I* AM glgUm *
* •• • -twfc *
* **, , »<* Oosi MMfc-
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Saturday at Bessemer. Colo.
Entered at the Postofflce at Pueblo, Colo., a*
second class matter.
Price of Subscription.
One Year $1 00
Hlx Months 60
The Lost Colors.
The following exquisite poem, from the
Atlantic, is published by request. It will
touch every “Warring human heart”
whose “Colors lie on yonder height ’.
Frowning, the mountain Htronghohl stood.
Whose front no mortal could a**nll;
For more than twice three hundred year*
The terror of the Indian vale.
By blood and lire the robber band
Answered the helpless village wall.
Hot was hi* heart and cool his thought
When Napier from his Englishmen
Up lo the bandit'* rampart* glunerd,
And down upon Ills rank* again.
Summoned to dure n deed like that.
Which of them all would ntiswcr then?
What Bitllen regiment I* Ibis
That lifts Its eyes to dread Cutchce?
Abased. Its stand trd bear* no ting
For thus the punishment shull be.
That England metes to Englishmen
Who shame her once by mutiny.
From out the disgraced Sixty-Fourth
There stepped a hundred men of might.
Cried Napier; "Now prove twine
I read my soldier's heart* aright;
Form I Forward 1 Charge my volunteers!
Your color* tiro on yonder height I"
So sad I* shame, so wise Is trust!
The challenge echoed bugle clear.
Like fire along the Slxty-Fourtli
From rank to tile rung cheer on cheer.
In death and glory up the pass
They fought for all to brave men dear.
Old I* the title, but read anew
In every warring human hcurt.
What robed hours, what coward shanio
Upon the aching memory star!!
To find the Ideal forfeited
What tours can tench the holy art?
Thou great Commander! lending on
Thro* weakest darkness to strong light!
By any anguish, give us back
Our life's young standard, pure and bright'
O fnlr, lost Color* of the soul!
For your sake storm wo any height.
“Spring fever” has been prevalent.
During the wintry hours of Thurs
day, the new Easter lints which were
seen on the streets hal a forlorn
The sign is now right for spading
and setting a few hens. Greens arc
also proper for dinner and sassafras
tea for breakfast.
The mountains now have a new
coat of the newest and whitest of
snow, wiliuh shows up beautifully iu
the bright warm spring sunshine.
Another cyclone has left death
and disaster in its traek in Kansas
and Missouri, demolishing whole
towns in a moments titn« and killing
and injuring hundreds of people.
Parts of Arkansas, Texas, Michigan
and other states also felt the fury of
the storm.
The Panhandle threatens to secede
from the rest of Texas and become a
new state. Resolutions have been
adopted setting forth that the Pan
handle has been ignored in the legis
lature, that body seeking to with
draw all public domain from home
steaders, that courts and public
buildings are in the eastern portion
of the state, and that its interests
are essential different from the body
of the state.
The state ot South Carolina will
try the experiment of controlling
the liqnor traffic. According to its
new law, lo take effect Jul£, 1, state
dispensaries will lake the place of
saloons and the profits whieh flowed
into their coffers will bo turned over
to the state treasury. But how it is
going to change the amount of
liquor sold and drunkenkess allowed
remains to be seen. It seems an
exceedingly doubtful experiment.
There is a patient in a Pittsburg
hospital who was severely burned up
on the chest, and whose life has been
saved by grafting the skin of live
frogs upon the injured spot. He
stood the painful operation heroical
ly aud it is to be hoped will recover.
Rats and mice and such small,,
deer” have •ften been denuded of
their epidermis hi the interest of
science and human kind and now
the frog must also forsake his green
swamp and make himself useful to
the tyrant man, but it would be of
interest to some people to know if he
also heroically endured the operation
of being skinned alive.
A company is being organised for
the purpose of supplying Pueblo and
Bessemer with mncli purer water
than now used. The plan it to aacnre
the under flow of tbs Fountain. Ex
periments have proved that an un
failing supply of the purest of water
can be secured from this source. The
water will be, for all practical pur
poeee, completely filtered, aud equal
te that of tha best and purest moms-
Mstpnpfft tat.stlhUMiMs
:• J.’..35!
our liydrauts seem lo run beer, the
news of the organization of this new
water company is timely und most
welcome information. We trust that
the movement will be backed by such
strong capital as to insure the speedy
prosecution of the enterprise.
Two things are well to be kept be
fore the public, or that part of it
which intends visiting the World's
Fair at least. One is that the fear
of danger from cholera in Chicago
this summer is almost groundless,
and the other that the Exposition
will not be fully equipped before
July or August. It would be an un
parrelled mistake from a business
point of view to allow cholera to get
in and Chicago won't make that mis
take if it is pessible to avoid it. On
the other bund, the intending visitor
need not rush away to be there the
lirstof.May lest the lights be fled,
the garlands dead, and all but be
The strike at the World’s Fair is
happily ended. Ths trouble was
caused by the refusal of the council
of administration to agree that only
union labor h# employed, and threat
ened to interfere seriously with the
completion of the buildings aud
grounds, already likely to be de
ls} e l evtu with the most vigorous
aud unanimous work possible. More
than 8000 rnen went out—carpenters,
painters, electricians, hod-carriers,
iu fact every trade employed in the
vast enterprise was largely repre
sented among the strikers. The
terms of the settlement were that no
discrimination should be made be
tween union and non-union men, anti
that union men should he paid a
minimum rate of wages, allowed
passes for their delegates, and other
That brave and noble man. and
model citizen who shoots his sweet
heart because she will not marry him
and sometimes kills himself after,
has again been heard from in an
Illinois town. He accomplished his
purpose, killed the woman he pro
fessed to love and then himself. A
disgusted public will say that this
lust was an extenuating circumstance
If men of his kint| could only see the
scorn the majoritj- of seusible peo
ple feel for their miserable cowardice
and sickly sentimentality, but they
never read newspaj*ers and have too
little sense to see anything. If
this practice continues women will
have a shot gun ready to defend
themselves when they see any reason
to expect a proposal of marriage
from one of these idiots, and it is to
be hoped they will frighten their
class into decent behavior.
The governor has appointed Fri
day April 21 as Arbor day. It is to
be hoped that the citizens of Bes
semer will not allow the school chil
dren merely to observe the day but
will encourage in every way possible
tbe planting of trees. It is not by
any means a matter alone of senti
ment, although that should not be
forgotten, but it also appeals to the
dealer in real estate and the practical
business men, who know that nothing
more increases values than well kept
thrifty trees. Lawns, vines and
flowers soon follow and are not only
an abiding delight to those who
plant and care for them but the
surest evidence to the investment
seekor of prosperous homes aud
wisely governed cities.
State Game Laws.
The new game low approved by the
governor April 7 contains the following
“No person shall kill, shoot or take
wild ducks, geese, brant or swans, or
other water fowl, except between Sept. 1
aud May 1 following, during which time
the sum# may be shot, killed or taken by
means of an ordinary shoulder gun, and
it shall be unlawful to use any swivel or
punt gun in this state for said purposes.
“No person shall ensnare, net or trap
within this state any wild ducks, wild
geese, brant or water fowl at any time.
“It shall be unlawful to kill, trap or
otherwise destroy and leave lying on the
ground or in any manner permit of the
going to waste of aay useful part or parts
of alk, daer, antelope or other game,
game fish, water fowl or game fowl.
“All persons offering for sale any ani
mal, fish er fowl, or any part thereof, im
ported inte this state from another state
or territory, ah all, upon demand of a
proper officer, exhibit a bill of lading
aad affidavit identifying the animals
fieher fowls and shall make affidavit
showing that such ware not killed with
in the state.
It ahull be unlawful for any railway or
or pxprees company or stage line or oth
er public carrier er private person to
transport any before nentioned animals
or tha hidsa ef such animals, fish or fowl
tar marfcnt shipped top My past with
in the state. Ha penoa shall kill,
wsasil, saassrp or aay Urn* bt
ttMMa thorn.-
You ought to attend those
especial daily sales at Wil
lson’s if you want to save
Monday is Dress goods
and Silk day.
Tuesday is wash dress
goods and domestic day.
"Wednesday is lace, em
broidery, white goods and
notion day.
Thursday is linen, art goods
and shirt-waist day.
Friday is remnant day.
Saturday is hosiery, under
wear, wraps and gents’furn
ishing day.
Special prices for the day
Paul Wilson Dry Goods Co.,
Sixth ami Main Streets.
“No person shall kill take or have in
possession any deer, elk or adtelopo, ex
cept such animals.have horns and be
killed between Aug. 1 and Nov. 1 of the
same year, and then only when necessary
for immediate us®, governed in amount
and quantity by reasonable necessity of
the person killing the saiuo. Reasona
ble necessity shall be construed to mean
not more than one elk, deer or untelopo
in the possession of one person at ono
“It shall be unlawful for any person
to gun for aey game upon unothers land
without the consent of tho proprietor.
“No person shall kill, wound, ensnare
or entrap any beaver in tho state at any
time; provided, that this shall not pro
hibit owuors of canals or ditches from
killing beaver that interfere with such
canals or ditches.
•‘The state game and fish warden may
grant permits to any person to collect
such game for scientific purposes, for
preservation in cabinets and museums,
not exceeding tho number of each men
tioned in such permit, but nothing in
the certificate shull authnrizo tho sale of |
any property acquired in pursuance of
such permit. The game warden shall
not grant a permit to any person to kill
buffalo or mountain sheep for any pur
pose whatsoever.
“Prairie chickens, wild turkeys and
phnesants may be taken between Aug
lo and Nov. 1.
“Wardens and all officers of the law
are etni>owered to entor camps without
warrants and confiscate all game killed
illegally and all traps or contrivances
used for taking game illegally.”
The Continental.
A meeting of the local Stockhold
ers of the the Continental Invest
ment and Loan Society was held in
the fireman’s room in the city hall
on Tuesday evening for the purpose
of organizing a Pueblo branch of
said society. A large amount of the
stock was represented and the fol
lowing directors were chosen for
oue year:
W. H. Anderson, Thomas Crow,
C. H. Qunckenbush, Dr. J. A. Black,
F. J. Brown, Chas. A. Roomer, Jeff
Fitzpatrick, Dennis Sullivan, G. J
O'Brien, \V. P. Swartz, H. C. Miller.
J. K. Dempsey, E. F. Rose, \V. L.
Starbird, Taylor O’Bogert, J. D,
Williamson ami Fred Hngemnn.
A meeting of the directors was
held after the adjournment of the
stockholders meeting and the fol
lowing officers were elected for one
W. H. Anderson President.
Thomas Crow Ist Vice Pres.
Dr. J. A. Black 2nd Vice Pres.
Geo J. O’Briuo 3rd Vice Pres.
First Nat’l Bank Treasurer.
W. P. Swartz Secretary.
Martin Crow Agent.
Oue of the most agreeable features
of the evening was the tnuaic furn
ished by tho Dudley Buck Male
City Council.
Ths regular meeting of the city
council was held on Monday even
ing, Mayor Shockoy presiding. The
minutes of the Inst meeting were
read and approved.
Bills for tho election were read
and approved. Warrants were
drawn to meet them.
City Clerk Merlck read the elec
tion returns and tho meeting then
Trees, Trees.
Where will I buy my trees? Why,
of U. A. Redell, of course. He has
the largest and finest selection of
fruit, ornamental and shade trees to
be fouud in the city and keeps them
in the best ef condition. You can
have a choice us regards age and
size and will be sure to be satisfied.
He keeps a large line of shrubbery,
and a great variety of roses on sale.
Nursery goods of all kinds con
stantly on hand. Call early aad
get something ornamental and at
reasonable prices. Nursery at the
corner of Union and Abriendo
avenues on the Mesa at car line
Hand Leather.
An improved hand leather tor
handling iron or brick. Needs only
to be’seen to be appreciated. They
enn be had at tbe store o( Herman
# Sehloes, or st Unele Barn’s harness
tfcafe lit B. t7nton anrvano.
Kor Sale!
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
Room 21, Union Depot.
To the fact that we are selling
30-foot clothes line 5c ! Collar buttons, doz 4c
3 hold mouse trap 5c Tacks, paper li*
Machine oil So Matches, 32 boxes 26c
A good malable iron, heavy retinned ! Admantine pins, paper lc
acid proof lemon squeezor 15c
A Full Line of Novels by the Very Best Authors.
See R. Meitier’s
Those sio. Suits are Beauties, and Boys' $2. and
Sj. Suits emit be beaten for the Money.
R. HEITLER, 309 Santa Fe Ave.
Where to Stop in Chicago.
Tlit? perplexing question which is
every day asked by people who desire
j to go to Chicago to attend the World’s
j Fair is, "Where are we going to stay
when we get there?" This is easily
answered, ami if you will go to the
ticket agent of the Santa Ft*. Mr.
Seawright, he will tell you.
Arrangements have been made for
the distribution ny the Santa Fe Com
pany of a pamphlet entitled. Hornes
for Visitors to the World’s Fair. This
is a reliable pamphlet containing the
nnincs and addresses of about 0,000
families who will furnish accommoda
ti»n to visitors from Ist of May to Oct
ober 31st, 1893. The pamphlet also con
tains sectional maps which will enable
the intending visitor to select any
quarter of ttie city that he would prefer
Correspondence can then he carried on
and definite arrangements made so
that when visitors arrive in Chicago
they can proceed at once to their
Moses Price Cured of Rheum
The many cases of rheumatism eured
by Chamberlain’s Fain Balm during the
past few months have given the peo
ple great confidence iu its curative
properties, and have shown that there
is one preparation that can tie depend
ed upon for that painful and aggra
vating disease, llnnaker Bros., Lorain.
Ohio, say: “Mr. Moses Price, of this
place, was troubled with rheumatism
for a long time. Chamberlain's Pain
Balm has cured him. He says that the
Balm has no equal.” For sale by
W. P. Swartz. Druggist.
Once More to the Front.
Just received an invoice of new Out
ing Flannels, Ginghams, Serges. Chev
iots, Calicoes, Blue Prints etc. Also a
full lino of Gents, furnishing good*
equal to any in town, and at prices that
defy competition.
Remember that all our goods ara new
no old stock but fresh from the manu
facturer’s agents.
We are hero to stay. Everything
guaranteed as represented. Give us a
H. Perlet,
Evans and Summit.
The Correct Hat.
Quality, Style, Service.
The Knox.
G. I<. J.. Gann Mercantile Co.,
Thu Agents.
At The Grand.
Uncle Sam’s harness shep has re
moved from C street to 115 8. Union
avenue and requests a continuance
of patronage from all old customers,
and all new ones who will favor it
with their work.
For Sale.
1 Combination Bicycle suitable for
gentleman, lady or boy will be sold at a
bargain. Can be eeen at the store of
Herman A Schloea
Popular Styles.
Correct shapes, beat qualities, low
prices. Hats, hats, hats.
G, L. L. Gann Mercantile Co.
Fino stationary blank books and
Nows Dspot for all tho loading
periosteal*. Boosomsr Fnlr.
... .. .V' ':•••«> . ..
Grew Rock Island Route
185-J i an-j
A- long a lime ns David reigned. so lons
has tin-( hlcugn. Hm k Island A Puelile Rail
way run train* wi-Mwuril from < hfc-ugo.
The ltook Islam) I- foremost in adopting
any advantage calculated to Improve speed
and give that luxury. salcU and n>i:il'.,ri
that popular pat ronage demand-. Il»i.p>ip
rnent l* thoroughly complete w iih vest j|.nl -d
trains. liiaKuilteent dintn g ear*, sleep. r» ami
chairs conches, oil tho most elegant, and of
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful and capable management and !
polite, hottest sorvioe from employes are :
important items. They are * double dut v
to tho Company and to traveler*—and it i* >
bometim. s a tu.-k dltlieult of accomplish- I
tnent. Passenger* on ttn* line will tin 1 liul,
cause I'm-complaint on that ground.
The Importance of Mil* I.lnc can l>e better j
understood If a stiort lesson In geography lie 1
now recited.
What Is ttio great Eastern termini of the
Rock Island Route?—Chicago. What other
sub-Kastern termini ha* It?—Peoria. To
what Important points does it run trains t.>
the Northwest?—St. Paul and Mlniicnpnlis.l
Minnesota and Watertown und Sioux l ull-. |
Dakota. To what Important lowa and Ne
braska points— De* .Molne*. Davenport. lowa
Onmha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Does ii
touch other Missouri River points?—Yes; si
Joseph. Atchison. Leavenworth and Kansas
City. Does it run trains to tho Foothill* of
the Rocky Mountains? V. s, to Denver.
( olorado Springs and Pueblo, solid vest Hull
ed from ( hiengo. ian Important cities or
Kansu* he reached by the Rock Island
Route?—Yes; its capital city. Topeka- aud i.
full hundred others in all directions In I In
state. and it is the only road running to ami
Into the new Innds opened for settlement in
the Chcvenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qc seen that n line tapping, as
I tlie Rock Island iloes. such n varied territory,
lias much in that regard to commend It to
travelers, as all connections are sure on the
Rock Island, and passengers can rclv on u
ly Journey, as overnlntlkof the system
nml rightly too, the nopulur Line
A very popular train on the i hlciigo. Rock
Island ft Pacific Hail wav loaves Denver,
Puehlo and i olorado Springs, dallv. It i
eidled • The World's Fair Sneehil," i-one
layout, and passengers arrive at Chicago
curly the second morning.
The Hock Island has become n popular 1
Colorado Line, and the train above referred I
to is Ycstihuled, and carries the Hock Island i
excellent Dining < ur Service.
For full particular* ns to tickets, maps,
rates, apply to liny coupon ticket office In j
the United. Canada or Mexico, or addr. --:
Geul.Tkt.it- Pns«. Agt., Chicago. 111.
K. ST. JOHN, Genb Manager. Chicago. 111.
J. G. KELLER, Agent. Puehlo, Colorado.
Fresh Meat, Fish, Poultry and Game
constantly on hand. Orders called for
and delivered to any part of Bessemer
and Pueblo. If you can't get what you j
want from your own butcher, give us \
a call and we will please you.
Fresh Garden, Grass and
F lower seeds. Come early
Gasoline only IB cents a
A »’« individual safes constructed of selected drill proof steel
andd < afekeeping >fDiamonds, Jewelry, Ab
| stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables of all
"’• 1 • Owing l . . nstruction and : -cation in
the strong vault of the American National Bun they afford a
ihary safe. The owner of one
' eeping valuables in a safe
P ,ace : mself Any peiion can rent one of
these safes by applying to this department of the—
T. \V. LYM I i.
Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kal-ominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
| All Work Guaranteed.
We will give
i °r°ne $6O Gold Wateli and Modal to the first and second
Pueblo riders finishing in the great Denver Cyclists' Un
ion t!5 mile handicap, straight away road race on Decor
ation day, May 30, at Denver.
Wealsogiveas j j> S ’|- | ) |.> | y |.J
1 ° ,le ,u “ nickel ' d Victor Flyer safety bicycle to the first man
over the tape in the same race.
There will be 200 entries and 50 prizes.
Overman Wheel Co.
j ROBER T CERWING, Manager. 312 Santa Ee Ave
Plans and specifications rurnlshed on application and
estimates given.
('all nt No. 600 Arroya Avenue, Beisemer.
0. R. QRCENK, Nt. D.F. U.«», .... ..... N, 0. HINSDALE, cashi.h,
PAID UP CAPITAL. $250,000.
Jnme* 1,. Lombard. T. a .Sionnr
i _ _ K. D. Hln.ilnlo.
Jlas Rare Barhams in Houses and Rots
in Bessemer. Choice Garden tracts under
Ditch, fenced, and cult rented last year,
so/d on easiest hind of terms.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
I No S East C Street, Back of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
TELEPHONE 18.5. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
The Perfection Steam Laundry.
Will open about May Ist at the corner J
of Victoria avenue and C Street under
the name of
Everything neat and clean and all work first class. Goods
called for and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I PAAAPIAO S > " Doesn t quote any prices, but be permits
vJlUvtl Iltf.b onetO givc more Groceries and Provisions for a BIG
1 DOLLAR than he dots.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don’t ask questions, but drop in and sec him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to—
CoRSEn Union and Abrtendo Avknt'es, PUEBLO, C’OI.O.
A full line of fresh drugs always on hand. Prescriptions care
fully compounded either day or night. Give me a call.
Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables and Spring Idattreeees.
Also for Heating and Cook Stoves and Queer aware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.
ns SOUTH union AT*., FCtte, MbO
" i.f :'.'u . -

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