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VOL. 4, NO. 12.
Moses & Allen
202 South Union Ave.
Cor. 6th and Santa Fe Avc.
Is the place to buy your
And save you money. Wo
can sell you your goods
•CHEAPER and give you
FRESHER goods than any
■other house in Colorado.
Down We Go!
100 pound*) or Mountain Potatoes .. .fl.no
lUU pound-) Greeley Potatoes. . 1.75
For One Week We Will Sell
100 pounds Hhogo Flour. 11.75
llX) pounds ('olumhlnn Flour ■ 1.85
30 imuiiiil* Oat Meal. 1-00
40 pounds Mexican Beans . 100
20 pounds choice Hire 1 .Ml
12 pounds • u min Is l.'W
IS pounds Riilslns 1.00
10 pounds Blackberries I*o
ir. pound Black Figs 1.00
4 pound poaknge Coin-e l.on
17 pounds Griiuuliitud Hiutur.. 1 .00
18 pounds E Hujcnr. 1.00
UK) pounds (Inundated Sugar. 5.7.1
■'l pound Dr. Price's Malting Powder .:«)
I pounds Dr. Price's Malting Powder. 1.55
20 pounds pall Jelly ....... I.m
III) pounds pull Jelly 1.25
1 pound Freuinory Butler .115
llcan* Toninlocs ... .25
2 cans Salmon 25
1 cun Domestic Surtllrie*. . .05
12 can Corn MO
a cans Corn .25
1 can String Means . .10
1 cun Wax Menus .10
lean Pens .15
1 can French Pens .20
1 can Mushrooms... 20
1 dozen Lemons. .20
1 good Broom .15
8 burs White Busslan Soup.. 25
8 bars Mascot Soap. 25
5 burs ('land te S«ap .25
8 bars Town's Delight ... .25
We have a full line of Fresh
vegetables ami fruit, and everything
d our Hue.
We will have another car of choice
Oranges in Wednesday or Thurs
day. Don't forget to get
Home of them at
121-2 c per Dozen
S2.2S by the Box.
They are cheaper than apples or
any other fruit. We have a full liuc
of Garden, Flower and Grass Seed.
Moses & Allen
I will give J°* lower Railway er
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted ntatei or Europe than can be had
through any one olio ia .Southern Colo
-• 10. Call on or write me for rates and
will furnish you with all desired infor
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Ave. near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claims
Boom 1 over Postolllce, PUElil.o.
L. Git a ii am, Ciias. K. Saxton,
President. Cashier.
Union Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorized Capital, - - 1250,000.
Pul.l In Capital, - - - 50,000.
Surplus, - 175.001.
Pull Set ol Teetli
I too tns 201-5-8-7, Central Block.
Bridge and Crown work done. Also nil
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
asonablo mid all work Warranted.
Buy and Hell
Furniture, Carpet; Curtains, (itasswe
Queenswar Timvarc. etc.
Manufacturers of and dealers in
Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implonieiitsnf All Kinds. Wii r
on and Buggy Harness.
108-l Oft S. UNION AVE.. 102-104 VICTORIA AVE..
Telephone No. Isa. PUEBLO, COLO
oOleu 214 Central Blk.. Pueblo.
Ditch, River Railroad and Miners'
surveys. Examination of Mineral Prop
erties. Mechanical Engineering; estim
ates given on Steam and Electric plants
Largest in town
The Bessemer Indicator.
Tim Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Saturday at Bessemer,Colo.
Entered at the Postolllce at Pueblo, Colo., ns
second Hush matter.
Price of (Subscription.
One Year $1 i>o
Hlx Months 60
'I be fanners down the Arkansas
valley arc busy with their spring
work and arc making good use of the
irrigating ditches.
School election next Monday.
W. L. Graham of the Western Na
tional bank will probably succeed
himself us director.
Unless spring showers soon set
l in it will be in order for Colorado to
import some rain-crows, tree-toads
and Frank Melbourne.
Tiik World's Fair opens Monday
next and for the next six months lids
planet will revolve on its axis for
the special benefit of Chicago.
Bessemer needs a bank, a post
olllce station, a dozen new business
blocks, a public park and a board of
trade. They will all come in time,
but the sooner the better.
There is an inviting field in Bes
semer for a bank. A banking in
stitution would do an enormous busi
ness and the men who buck such an
enterprize will he well rewarded.
The wonder is that a hank has not
been established here before this.
The street car line should be ex
tended from south Evans avenue on
out to the lake. The short cut
would save the people the hour
taken in riding the great horseshoe
bend and the street cur company
owes the improvement to Bessemer
as a simple act of justice.
It is a fact that any speculator
who puts his capital into u business
block in Bessemer can lease every
room before a stone is laid for the
foundation. Here is a great field for
merchants and the only drawback is
the want of more room. Wiio will
follow the good example of Messrs.
Dempsey and Lungdon and put up
the next block?
There are members of the present
council who were active in bringing
about the eity improvements us they
are to-day. The necessity of a public
park affords these same men with
the assistance of the other progress
ive aldermen an opportunity to add
to their record of public spirit. The
council should not delay in the mut
ter hut take active steps.
Women and women's rights are
fu9t coming to the front in the
Centennial state. The late general
assembly passed a law compelling
husbands to support their wives even
where there are a half dozen chil
dren to be looked after and the
much abused tnen are in a dilemma.
Now for nn exodus of the fair sex
into Colorado, for a husband means
u livlihood.
The Sparks finds it necessary to
again caution correspondents against
the indiscriminate use of the cditorul
“we.” It Ims been decided by high
authority that an editor, a king and
a man with a tapeworm are the only
persons entitled to say “we” when
speaking in the first person singular.
—Lamar Sparks.
And the editors who pluralize
themselves are fast dying out; let
crowned heads and “the man with a
tapeworm” have the field.
Champion James J. Corbett was
the magnet that drew a large Bes
seiner crowd to the Grand opera
house Tuesday night. Corbett is not
remarkable for muscular develop*
ment and is n man of pleasing ad
dress. In the language of a citizen
he “looks more like a gentleman than
a pugilist.” His success ns a boxer
is owing no doubt to his wonderful
activity and science as exhibited on
the stage. James J. mid bis pretty
wife are fair actors and have left a
good impression in the eity.
Bessemer needs more business
I houses. There is not an empty store
room in the city to-day and no move
ment is being made to provide for
the increasing demand although the
clamor is growing stronger and strong
er. It is strange that men with money
do not put their capitul into buildings
where the}* uan reckon on ut least
per cent on the investment.
When capital does seek this channel
of investment the building boom will
be astonishing and then the business
interests of the city will bu increased
to what they should be.
A force of men is at work on the
piers for the viaduct. The council
will take active measures to push the
structure to a hasty completion and
enable people to avoid the death trap
at the railroad crossing.
Four real live Indiatr., dressed in
their native picturesque garb are
walking the streets of Pueblo prob
ably looking out for sculps. Some
taxpayer should point out Kx-Dog
ktller Davis who is about to sue the
city for $1,500.
Thi: sl9 round trip rate to the
World's Fair made by the Santa Fe
was reduced by the I). & It. G. to $-15
the middle of the week and now a
still further cut to $lO is announced,
the combination being between that
road and the Missouri Pacific. The
Burlington will probably be in the
dual soon and then the rates will go
still lower. Wait a little longer be
fore making the trip.
County Clerk Henderson and his
deputies are preparing a list of names
from the registry of all those who
failed to vote at the last election.
The namo and residence of each
voter will he published and the de
linquent voter given an opportunity
to explain why lie did not attend the
polls; if his reasons are not suf
ficient his name shall lie stricken
off the registration lists. This is
done principally to purge the records
of the names of men who have
moved away. Bessemer has about
400 dead names on the list.
Why not have a public park? The
people demand it and the financial
condition of the city warrants it
Luke Minnequu is all right on oc
casions hut ilis too far ouL to suit all
general purposes. What the city
needs is a park within the heart
of the residence portion where it is
accessible and where it can be utiliz
ed. If the city council would make
itself popular it would provide for
the purchase of a block of ground,
fence it, plow it, sow it to grass and
set out trees at once. The city can
well afford to bond itsself for the
small amount requited. .Suppose
the bonds would run ten or fifteen
years, the present would only pay
tbe interest and the future would pay
tlie principal when it would be en
joying the luxuries of the invest
ment It would be a credit to tbe
city and add materially to its ap
pearance. By all means let the
council push the project.
The Colorado Coal and Iron and
Development company and the Colo
rado Fuel and Iron company on
Thursday filed a petition with the
county court askiug for the discon
nection of the steel works and the
Lake Minnequu property from the
city of Bessemer. This is in accord
ance with an act passed by the state
legislature of 1891, providing that
whenever the owners of an unplatted
tract of land of not less than thirty
acres lying on the border and within
the limits of a city, shall petition for
a dissolution from the city, then the
county court shall not sooner than
thirty days determine upon the merits
of such petition and issue the decree.
The loss of the steal works would
come a little hard on the taxpayers,
and doubtless there will he opposi
tion to losing this source of revenue.
The steel works folks argue that as
they furnish their own police force
and fire department and ask the city
for nothing, they do not feel like pay
ing city taxes. However, it is not
pleasant to contemplate the with
drawal nf the works even though
they would still he part of the city
for all prncticul advantages aside
from the payment of taxes. The
fear of consolidation with Pueblo has
probably caused this step to be
Excursion May 7.
The Pueblo typographical union
gives Its anniiul excursion to
Canon City, Royal (Jorge, Parkdale
etc., on Holiday, May 7. The fare
has been fixed at sl*7s for the round
trip full ticket, and 90 cents half
ticket. Agent Alex Jackson will
run a car up to the steel works
where peop.e from Bessemer cun
get aboard. The car leaves at 9:00
a. ni.
Flourishing Ordway.
Ordway, a flourishing new town
45 miles east of Pueblo, on the
Missouri Pacific, Is to have a SIO,OOO
hotel, a flourishing mill with a
capacity of one hundred barrels per
day, and the town company are
erecting aa office building that will
cost SB,OOO and an elevator with a
capacity of 150,000 bushels. The
Colorado Land and Water company
are constructing n big canal that
will water thousands of acres of
fine agricultural land. Other im
provements are contemplated and a
big boom is predicted for Ordway.—
Sunday Opinion.
Crowds 1
Are attending those
The Paul Wilson Dry Goods Co.
Alain and Sixth Streets
You bettar join the crowd
if needing anything of the
The Owls Came Forth.
A number of thu senior members
of tile Bessemer lire department
gavo a rousing banquet at the city i
hull last Huturdiiy night to which j
they invited a mi in lit r of their
friends, and the “rough necks” and j
the “dudes” mingled in the social
festivities of the occasion. The j
three score who were present enter- ]
ed into the happy spirit of the
banquet ami did their best to carry j
out the injunction to "eat, drink and j
be inorry.” The eloquent Judge I
Darnell was made chairman ami {
had before him a programme con- !
sisting principally of a number of j
toasts to which those called upon i
were expected to give extempor- j
uneous responses.
F. P. Hawke made u short talk on I
Bessemer; George Jackson paid his j
respects to the fire department; Conn |
Finn spoku of the beauties of Luke I
Minnequu, and a score of others j
who would die rather than appear
before an audience were promptly ;
fined by the chairman who brought j
a fifty pound dumb l>ell gavel down i
on the desk as u clincher, l'he oc
casion reminded Mr. liuwke of the I
first banquet he ever attended in ,
liossenier when Pud McCuddeu was j
on ouo side of a keg of beer and j
Judge Darnell on the other. The
conditions were now tiie same only
that both men were on tile sume ;
side of the beer —the outside.
Judge Darnell gave a really inter
esting talk on tlie past, present uud
future of the owl club, and told in
pathetic language of its departed
glory. The joyous recollections of i
the past when the laborer and the '■
most high aiul mighty at the steel 1
works bumped glasses in supreme j
happiness, made the present hard to
bear, uud all that remains for the
future of the joviul rollickiugs of tlie
past days of the famous owl club are
the faint cchoiugs out on the dreary
phlius of lone Timbuetoo. The
undent owl roost wus friendly even
as tlie hospital wigwau of the
Indian of a century ago before bis
contamination with tlie white man,
but other birds had come—the im
pudent mocking-bird, the dude
peacock, the lyre-bird uml jaybird;
tlie simple cuckoo; tlie prowliug
night-hawk, the ravenous vulture,
tiie hungry spoonbill, tlie cormo
rant, tlie pelican and even the un
welcome buzzard had intruded and
corrupted tiie roost of tlie groat and
honored owls, lie mourned its
lost prestige and he called upon
Mat and .Sol Meddings for a song
with a bango accompaniment to
sootli the sorrows of the members
present while they endeavored to
"quench their unquenchable thirst.’’
Sam McCadden, J. S. Craig, and
Clydo Hhoup gave some good ex
hibitions of clog and jig dancing
and Hugh Donahue, John Lynch
uml Sol Meddings sang.
Tiie supper was prepared under
tlie direction of Mrs. (J. W. Me
Caddeu whose culinary skill was
highly complimented by all. Mrs.
McCudden as a cook is par-excel
lent. Pud McCadden was a favorite
and contributed largely to the
merrment of the banquet. The owls
are not dead yet; if they have been
they were surely resurrected Sat
urday night.
All iB busy about tiie works this week
The breaks have beeu few and the de
lays short; consequently ud immense
amount of work ia being done.
E. C. Puttor, consulting engineer from
Chicago it out on a tour of inspection.
Supt. Robinson and Time-keeper
Croker of the blast furnaces have the
bent office about the works. It is a
convenient placo and is fitted up
properly. It is heated with sioam and
will soon be supplied with hot and cold
A large sump or reservoir is being
constructed directly south of the old
one. A force of men ami teams is now
j at work on tho excavation and will be
ready for the stone and brick masons
next week.
I Tracks are being laid from the main
one to each of the three blast furnaces
to carry off slog. This will be a good
improvement. Another track is also
being laid alongside the cast house.
Coke will hereafter be unloaded direct
from the cars into the buggies. This
will Btop the breakage and it is calcu
lated will save the company SIOO per
Sunt. T. J. Brown of tbe rail mill
and Thomas Crow of tho convertor will
IA >r Sale!
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
O. M. LADD, |
G -aham-II "csco/l Block■
See W. I Ic'itk'r’s
t hose sio. Sni/s arc Beauties, and Boys' $2. and
$3. Suits can’t be beaten for the Money.
R. 11 HITLER, 309 Santa Fe Avc.
A special line going cheap
Black satino shirt $l.OO Chiveot shirt 50 add 75 c.
Shirts uud drawers, mixed Fine white shirts only $l.OO
goods, each 50c. Call and see us
// e can surprise you on prices and qurtity of goods.
JT. PEELET, Evans arid Summit
I leave for Chicago early next week and
i will spend a couplo of weeks at the Fair,
j Tiie rail mill is now on an order of 75
j lb. rails for the Milwaukee & St. Paul
railroad. This seems to ho invading the
i territory of tiie eastern mills.
| Supt. Crow expresses himself us being
; all right, tlie men aro all right and tho
convertor is all right. All right.
Chief Auditing Shenck and Assistant
Uitur are taking a general inventory of
tho works.
A largo derrick for handling ingots is
being built near the rail null.
Tho Keeley Institute will commence
| tlie oreciton of a 35x34 brick building
j outside tiie works next week. It will
j bo close by the viaduct and built on a
j plan most convenient for the treatment
j of patients, tho room now occupied being
too small and not suited for such work.
The institute has eight patients in
charge and graduated four others,
j No. 1 blast furnace is once more at
work. No. *2 will ho blown in in aoout a
mouth. No. 3 is booming : on Wed
nesday it turned out IGO tons which
was good work.
Orders for pig iron are coming in fast
and tho mills now supply all Colorado
and new Mexico points. The pig iron
trade is bound to he a big one.
Ore roaster No. 2 was blown in Tues
day and is giving satisfaction.
Tho grounds about tho office are be
ing laid out into a lawn, and sown to
grass at once. Trees will be planted
uud flower beds arranged. Gravel
walks will he laid out around and
through tho lawn. A fountain is to be
made at the artesian well and the whole
place generally improved. It will not
ho long before tho stool wbrks will have
a beautiful park.
ILW.LKN and Hart.
Ilallen and Hart will bring to the
Grand opera house Saturday night,
April 29 this week their latest success,
called “Tho Idea.” This piece is tho
joint composition of Herbert Hall Wins
low and Joseph Hart, and has been
uncommonly well received in other
citios. In Now York it made a decided
hit, and oiforts were made to continue
tho engagement beyond the time
orginally planned, but engagements
hero and elsewhere would not permit.
Halleu and Hart enjoy a reputation for
individuality in their work and enter
tainment, which has always promised
groator and bettor work for tho future,
and this is said to be in a measure
realized in their latest production “Tbe
Idea." Bessemer people who love the
funniest of fun cannot alTord to miss
H alien and Hart.
Starks' Austra-llungarian orchestra
will bo at tho Grand next Tuesday
night. Lovers of good music should
not fail to attend- Heats on sale to-day
at 25 and 35 cents in balcony and 50 and
75 cents in parquet and circle.
Mrs. Gon. Tom Thumb and her com
pany of Lilipulions will give two per
formances at the Grand Friday and
Saturday May 5 and 6, and a Saturday
matinee. The matinee prices will
probably be from 25 to 76 cents. The
company is quite a large one and cap
Cards for Sale.
Large cards with the following:
“Furnished rooms for rent,” “un
furnished rooms for rent,” “rooms
with board," "for rent,” “boarders
wanted,” “dressmaking,” etc. eto,
ect. for sale at this office.
Moses Price Cured Cured of Rheum
The many cases of rheumatism cured
by Chamberlain's Fain Balm during the
, past few mouths have given the pe* -
J pie great confidence in its curative
properties, and have shown that there
is one preparation that can be dopend
jcd upon for that painful aud aggra
vating disease. Honaker Bros., Lorain.
| Ohio, say: "Mr. Moses Price. «-f this
I place, was troubled with rbeiiinati.-m
j for a long time. Chamberlain's Pain
| Balm has cured him. He says that tin-
I Balm has no equal.” For sale by
\V. P. Swartz, Druggist.
Notice of School Election.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the legal vot- r
of school district No. 20, in the
county of Pueldo and state of Colo
rado, will be held at th** Broadway
hose house, near the Masonic Tem*-
ple, in the city of Pueblo, on Monday
the first day of May, IS'93, for t!..-
purpose of electing one school di
rector for tiie term of five years.
Tho ballot box will be opened at the
hour of 2 o'clock p. in. and closed at
the hour of 5 o ’clock p. in. and 5:15.
o’clock p. in. the meeting will be
organized for the transaction of any
other business pertaining to school
interests that may legally he brought
before It. G. L Knight.
Secretary School District No 2<>
county of Pueblo.
Frcsli Meat, Fisli, Poultry ami Game
constantly on hand. Orders called for
and delivered to any part of Bessemer
and Pueblo If you can't get what you
want from your own Imtclicr, give us
u call and we will please you.
Estimates Furnished
Call at No. 600 Arroya, Bessemer.
MONEY saved by placing it in the
I’ucblo Savings Bank. Don't j
delay but begin an account if you Have
not already done bo.
If you want your clothes cleaned
aud repaired, send n postal to 1225
Evans Ave., and I will call for them.
P. H. McCurdy.
World's Fair Rates.
Commencing April 25th the Santa
Fc Route will sell round trip tickets to
Chicago on account of the World’s Fair,
j good to return until Nov. 15th, at rate
of S4O. Commencing same date round '
trip tickets will also he sold to St
Louis at rate of s4l. Full and com
plete information as to hotels, boarding
houses etc., in Chicago furnished. The
Manta Fe route has three fast daily
trains for Chicago, with Pullman sleep
er, free chair cars and dinniug cars
through without change. The quickest '
route to Chicago by six hours. Berths
reserved ahead. Call at Santa Fe city
office, 287 N. Union Ave. or address
company! agent
F. B. Sbawright.
Are indh < i
and designed for the stiff !<• . . /
■ i ■
I ( ■
the strung vault ilt ‘• Am* i
protection not -, j•. r , < i, v •. . ,
of th es<
place known
these safes by j! i.j>ivi n < \ : th ,
r i > a • r
I.V V . 1 ;
Dealer in Wall Pat , Pa • •
Paper- Hanging, K<-, .
All I for/- Guarani d.
We will give
Of one $BO Gold Watch and Med a
Puebl . ler fin
i < •r i 2 E mil ■ . an
ation day, May 80, at Dei
| We also gi vo n:s pj J->ST \ »]-> ] / ]£J
There will bt
D R QftEENK, nits D F. Unit•
' n < 1 " ■ N AND DOMES ~ ~
.Tomes 1.. Lombard. T. \ >
Roger W. Woodburv. j/ y \ J1 homphon.
D. U. Greene. , , s y raBU *
Has Rare Bursmim in // uses and Lots
in Bcssa/n r. Cl ■ l Carden tracts under
Ditch, fenced, and cultivated last rear,
soldo; east,
Abstracts of Title
N> B I
Hay, Grain, Flour .
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
The Perfection Steam Laundry.
Will open about May i
of Victoria avenue and C' Street under
the name of
Everj : ,
called for and delivered 1
Groceries! F she
to stay t here Don't ask qi
For Fresh Fruits and Confection ries . all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety , . g ids kept at
a first-class stand, go to--
ii. i -i, i :icn
Corner Union and Auriendo Avenues. PUEBLO, COLO.
A full line of fresh di u v « a ,
fully compounded either day or night. Give me a call.
Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIG-HEST PRICE for Second-hand
Bedsteads, Chairs. Tables and Spring Mattresses.
for Heating and Cook Stoves and Qneensware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.
Al«o furnishes material. Saudstone of all dimensions. Office at Livery
Stable near City Hall, Bessemer.

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