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VOL. 4, NO. 14.
Start the New Month Right by Trading With
For cash and nee how much
money you can nave. We have
hundreds of families that would
trade no other way. You can
save from 20 to 25 per cent on
your groceries and use the money
for something else. Wo cun
give you better goods for the
money than any other house in
the state. Try us for u month
P and see.
| We want your trade, us these
| prices will tell you.
Come and buy 100 pounds best
flour in Pueblo.
Columbine $1.85
Hhogo 1.75
Greeley Potatoes 1.75
Mountain Potatoes 150
We ore still selling
80 pounds Rolled Onta 100
7•• •• " for 25
80 pounds atcel cut Out Meal 100
7 for 25
80 pounds choice Rice l'»»
3 8-lt> package Itollcd Outs.. 25
lean Dr. Prices (hiking Powder :«•
Try one can of our Cream linking Powder—
Pluest on earth.
8 lb can Huklng Powdej 'M
I lb can Baking Powder 15
Try our dried fruits. Ttioy nro always fresh
and choice.
16 lbs Choice Dried Figs 100
II lira Choice Dried drupes 100
18 lbs Choice Dried Currants 100
7 lb« Kvnpomted Apples 100
1 lb Evaporated Raspberries 30
lbs Fancy Evaporated Apricots ... 100
10 lbs Evaporated Blackberries 100
10 lbs Turkish Prunes 100
There la no use of you paying a Fancy
Price for your Teas. Wo can sell you ns
Fancy Teat as Money will liny nt the fol
lowing prices from 25 to 65c per pound.
Our Bestsl. Japan, Gunpowder, Im
perial, English Breakfast, Oolong
and Young Hyson Tuns, 65. Our
No. 2, Geod Dinner at 40 to 50c.
Good Fair Tea 12' £ to 25c
A full lino of plain niul fancy lunch baskets.
Also to go In them, we have
Bottle Pickles 12'..
Sardines 5
“ In mustard . hi
Glass Jelly. 15, 2 for 25 ;
Lunch tongue so J
Catsup per bottle. 15
Arhucles cotT.M), 4x entree. Midland and Mo- .
koska 23c per pound or 5 for 1.15 :
ship carloads of
Thoy arc sweet and nice, per dozen 12'j
Buy a Imx at 2-2.> |
1 dor. choice lemons 23
We have tiie the largest and host
line of Garden, Field and grass
seed on hand. Come and see us.
Two Stores! Two Stores!
Moses & Allen
202 South Union Ave.
Cor. 6tli and Santa Fe Ave.
I will give you lower Railway or
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States or Europe than can be had ,
through any ouc else iH Southern Colo- ,
-• 10. Call on or write me for rates anil
will furnish you with all desired infor
• ation.
Ticket Broker, Pqeblo.
South Union Ave, near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claims
Room 1 over Postofllce. Pueiii.o.
A’. L. Graham, Ciias. E.Saxton,
President. Cuslilcr.
Union Ave. and C Htroet, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorized Capital, - - $250,000.
Paid In Capital, - - - 50,000.
Surplus, 175.001.
Poll Set Teeth
©5 00
Rooms 201-5-0-7. Central Block.
Bridge and Crown work done. Also all
irork known to modern dentistry. Prices
anonaliln and all work Warranted.
Buy ami Hell
furniture, Carpels Curtains, Glassware
Queenswur Tinware, etc.
Manufacturer, of nnd dealers in
Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implement* of Alt Kinds. Wag
on and Buggy Harness,
loa-ioa a. union avi.. iob-ioavictopia ave..
Tils phone No. tss. PUEBLO, COLO
Office 814 Central Blk.. Pueblo.
Ditch, River Railroad and Mineral
tnrveya. Examination of Mineral Prop
•*U«. Maehan'cal Engineering; eMltn
•*••s**•» on ftuom and Electric plants
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
I’iil.llklipC Kvery Hatimlny at Itewiemer.Colo.
Kntereil at the I'ostofllce at I’uublo, Colo., n*
xot'oiid cluhh inattvr.
<_)ne Year SI 00
.Six .Months 60
Hehkmkr will hardly get a public
park this year although one is badly
needed and the small amount re
quired for the purpose would be a
good investment for the city.
Pueblo’s city council being
pledged to retrenchment of expenses
has repealed the ordinance passed
by the previous council appropriat
ing $250 per month to the McClel
land public library’.
Mayor Dempsey has engaged the
law firm of McAliney & Arringtou to
assist Town Attorney A. W. Len
uard in contesting the withdrawal of
the steel works and Lake Minnequa
from the city limits. The case will
be heard in the couuty court June 1.
The Grand Army encampment of
the departments of Colorado and
Wyoming meets in Pueblo the IG, 17
and 18 inst. There will be a grand
parade of the old veterans the last
day, the military band at Ft Logan
probably playing the march. It
will be a gala day for the city.
The Trades Assembly is the
name of a new weekly newspaper
published in Pueblo in tfie interest of
the various labor organizations. The
' first number is well edited, typo
graphically neat, has a good adver
tising patronage and there is no
reason why it should not come, to
I the front. The Indicator wishes it
1 success.
The project of building a street
car line on Santa Fe avenue is a
good one and will succeed if proper
ly handled. The Guggcnheims of
the Philadelphia smelter started the
subscription list with SSOO and the
Santa Fee avenue business men and
property holders, it is understood
will subscribe freely. This same
scheme was attempted a year ago
but fell through; it should succeed
this time.
Electors who failed to vote at
the late city election had an op
portunity last Monday to appear be
fore the board of county commission
ers to show cause why their names
should not be stricken off the register
The board will sit ngaiu for the
same purpose the 15lh and 22 inst.
The law requiring this is u good one
as it will clean the records of all
dead names which have already ac
cumulated to such an extent as to be
an encumbrance.
The Santa Fe avenue people of
Pueblo are bestirring themselves in
the interest of a street car line ex
tending up Santa Fe to Bessemer,
the object being, of course, to cut off
the travel from this city down south
Union avenue. Bessemer would not
object to a shorter out down to the
postofllce, but it is particularly in
terested in a direct Hue to the lake
and should a track be laid on Santa
Fe it would very likely bo extended
to the Lake avenue line; therefore,
success to the enterprise.
Tiie railroad rate war is still on
and thelravel is immense. The 25
cent rate over the Santa Fe and
Middlund to all points reached by
the D. & K. G., causes puople to take
a ride simply for the sake of riding.
Trains are so crowded that standing
room is at a premium and passengers
even hang on to the front and rear
platforms. The I). & It. G. raised
the rate from $1 to $2, or will sell
a round trip ticket to any part of
the state good 3 days for $4. Many
prefer to take this sort of insurance
rate and hundreds of tickets are
sold every day by Agent Alex Jack
son. It is a great railroad war and
the principal topic of conversation
Pueblo has a reform city council
which starts out by lopping off a
number of employes and cancelling
several contracts for bridge building
and street work which it is esti
mated will be a saving of nearly SBO,
000 for the year. Eight of the police
force numbering twenty-fire were dis
missed and four of the remaining
seventeen are to be mounted with
orders to keep moving. Mayor
Strait informed the council that
after careful investigation hs found
tfcat the expenditures of the ell?
MitntoNlMH mi «h*t
economy must be practiced. High
taxation is a dumper on Pueblo’s
progress and Mayor Strait’s efforts
to economize will no doubt meet
with approval.
The business streets of the city
should be sprinkled. For a eouple
of years past Lake avenue has had
all the benefit of the sprinkling net
to the exclusion of everything else
and the benefits deri f ed to the city
have been very small. If Bessemer
had an unlimited supply of funds to
draw on for sprinkling it would be
well enough, but it is impossible to
keep more than one wagon going
and it should be used where it would
do the most good. In view of the
fact also that the lake people are
making an endeavor to pull their
property out of the city to avoid the
payment of taxes, is it reasonable to
expeat the city to keep the approach
to their grounds in condition?
Hardly*, and the interests of the
business fraternity who pay heavy
taxes and constitute the life of the
city should first be looked after.
Thomas Crow will return from his
visit to Chicago to-morrow, bringing
with him his family.
Seventy-five men who had been
working in the pipe foundry were paid
off Thursday. Places will be found in
other departments for us many us
A large scule, forty two feet long
with a capacity of eighty tons is being
put in near the other scales.
Harry Loup, a stoel pourer at the
converter is off duty on necount of
sickness and Frank Ewing is filling his
The works are running smoothly nnd
the output in all the departments is i
Tom Phillips is directing the build
ing of a blower in the converter for the
cupolas, n larger quantity of air being
Work on the now sump is pro
gressing. A heavy force of men is now
at work on it Inying the stone walls.
Harry Williams is managing the
converter while Mr. Crow is uosent,
Mossrs. Thomas and Sullivan take
turns in looking after the rail mill
while T. J. Brown is in Chicago.
D. L. Eynon, the meat market man
has gone back to his old trade of turn
ing rolls Mr. Eynon is said to be one
of the host expert roll tumors in the
Joliet Steel Works Closed.
A dispatch from Joliet, 111., dated
the 8 Inst says:
The Joliet Rolling mill, a branch
of the Illinois Hteel comoany, is
closed In all departments. The
plant has furnished work for 2,500
men. In Decombcr a portion of the
mill was closed, leaving 1000 men
idle, but these had expectations of
speedy resumption, and the close
down to-day will now let all bunds
out. They declare it will be impos
sible to resume at the present
prices of steel and iron, which are
lower than in the lust twenty years.
Even if the mills were opened the
perplexing question of adjusting the
card scale of prices would arise, as
the old scale expired January 1.
The mill’s monthly pay roll averag
ed $130,000.
Cattle Going North.
The largest shipment of cattle for
the season was made Wednesday
when 123 car loads of Texas cattle
rolled into the Union stock yards.
The season is now on hand when
cattle are being shipped from Texas
and New Mexico to Wyoming and
Montana for grazing purposes and
the traffic in that line is now heavy.
The Bunta Fe and the Union Pucifle
get the hauling.
A Big Water Tank.
W. 8. Williams, I. D. Jessup nnd
J. T. Buttle are building a large
water tjink for T. 8. Joues of tbs
Union stock yards of 42,000 gallons,
or 1,000 barrel capacity. It measures
twenty feet across, is twenty-two
and a half feet high, the top of the
tower being forty-three aud a half
feet from the ground. It will re
quire eight thousand feet of lumber
and is to be completed early next
Shut Down.
After running steadily almost a
year the pipe foundry practically
shut down the fore part of the week
on account of n lack of orders.
There is a vast amount of pipe on
hand which must be disposed of be
fore the machinery can again he set
in motion, though it is likely thnt
the shut down will be of very short
duration. About 100 men have thus
beeu thrown out of employment,
hut some will And work for the
present in the steel and Iron de
The town is full of the pilfering
species of the tramp and Marshal
Shay and his men are industriously
hustling them outside the llmltu er
pulling them as fast as they can.
The five fellows under consideration
are tough looking customers, lasy
and dirty, hiding away In the day
time and at night prowling about
lar something to steal. It was lucky
for thorn that tbo Mayor IM oot
■ «■»«««■■ *
Dry Goods
on Carpets
Mil iocry
The Paul Wilson Dry Goods Co.
Main and (>lh Streets. 2
Call and see them.
they would he picking stoues on the
streets for the remainder of the
One effect of the 25 cent rullroud
rate Is to get the thugs and tramps
all over the state on the move and !
Bessemer is catching its share. In
some manner these aristocratic
gentry who scorn to work manage
to raise a quarter and bidding good
by to the tie pass they scatter them
selves over the state in quest of
pastures new. The junction, the
I). A It. G. Y nnd tin* old building
hack of the steel works are in
fested with them and the Bessemer
marshal and police are busy run- j
ning them out. Tney seem to come
up Ban ta Fe avenue ortho railroad
from Pueblo and proceed to make
themselves unwelcome in this town.
At times they beg, at other times
they steal and at still other times
they do both. They are no good |
and about the only way to get rid of
them is to draft a gang into street
service and the others will leave In
A Good Haul.
Early Tuesday morning Marshal
Shay and Policeman Brennan pulled
live bums out at the D. & It. G. Y
who had broken into Mayor J. K.
Dempsey’s house in his absence the
evening previous. The thieves
would no doubt have loaded them
selves with plunder had they not
been scared away by Mrs. Dempsey
who was awakened hv the noise.
As stated elsewhere they were
properly dealth with by Judge
YV illuuer.
Police Court.
In tlio case of (’. O. Richards vs C. A.
Miller, charged with assault, which the
Judge had under advisement, a tine <f
$3 and costs amounting in ail to $6
was imposed.
Judge Wlllauer had before him
Tuesday night live vugs charged
with having entered the residence
of Mayor J. K. Dempsey the evening
previously and attempting to steal.
No defenso could be. made by the
vagrants and they were promptly
fined $lO each, in default of which
they were each sentenced to five
days work on the street. With sor
row they are toiling not for them
selves but for others.
Marshal Shay pulled two other
trumps Wednesday morning and
without delay Judge Willuuer gave
them the same fine us imposed on
the other five. The whole outfit
was turned over to Joe Darnell and
set to work on the street. The last
couple had only been out a few
days from having served u fifteen
day sentence in the county jail, his
Honor having sent them up las!
To Stimulate Travel.
We will to-day sell as follows:
Chicago aud return, S3O; St. Louis ami
return, $22, nnd to any Missouri river
point and return, S2O Al. tickels
good thirty days It will not be out
of order to again announce that "We
arc the people.” Call at Grand Union
ticket olfice, Central block, if you de
sire te be in the swim in the way of
cheap tickets to any point on this or
any oilier globe.
A. Jackson, Gen’l Ag't D. & Ft. G.
To Give All Our Patrons
A chance to see our beautiful state,
and at the snme time to he in position
to furnish them with first class servic:
we have decided to put on said round
trip tickets to Leadville. Aspen, Glen
wood, Grand Junction or any inter
mediate point (on the standard gunge
line) at a rate of $4.00; »U tickets
good three days. At these figures our.
patrons will be assured good service
and at the same time know that their
trip will not exceed $4.00, thus tnking
no chances of the rates being raised
to the old figure without notice. Our
people will at once see the proper
thing to do la to purchase round trip
tickets, thus avoiding all anxiety and
worry about the rates being raised
while they are on their outward trip.
Call at grand union ticket office,
Control block, for vest pocket time
A. teOttOV, Goaorai Agent O. 4RG
P' or SScilo!
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
Graham-JVescott Block ■
Best Blue Printp, yard 8c
15c Dress Gingham 10c
Cambric, all colors, yard 5c
15c Outing Flannel ..10c
Ivory Dress Buttons, doz 5c
Yi doz Agate Buttons 5c
0 spools, Clark’s O. N. T. Cotton 25c
Ladies’ 35c Fast Black Hose 25c
Adamantine Pins, paper .. lc
Ruchings, Ribbons, Edgings, Laces, Etc. These are only a few of
our Bargains.
H. PERLET, Evans and Summit
At Half Price.
Half price is a good price—for the
buyer—and that is the reduction at
A. Yorreiter’s, 31G Santa Fe avenue.
Following the oxample of the railroads
this large dry goods and millinery store
lias cut down to suit the popular de
mands and as a result catches the
crowds of ladies who know the truth of 1
the. maxim that a “penny saved is a
penny earned." Everything going
cheap, special sales being made of
handsome parasols, latest style of hats
beautiful (lowers and fancy ribbons. A
large stock of these new spring goods
[ now on sale and going fast. An un
limited supply of notions must be sold
and will go at the sacrifice price of one
half value. Do you want anything in
the line of dry goods, notions and
millinery? Call to-day or early next
week and secure bargains. You will
find it to your interest to visit the big
store with the small prices. .Remember
tiie place, A. Vorroitor, 31G Santa Fe
On Wednesday night, May 17. Jack
McAulitfe and u strong company will
be at the Grand opera house. The
play, “King of the Turf,” is said to
be a remarkably strong one, intro
ducing several thoroughbred horses
and a complete racing scene. Jack
McAuliife is the middle weight
champion. In addition to the other]
good tilings McAulifTe puts on a i
sparring exhibition which is said to
lie equal to that of Corbett or Hulli- |
The houses at the California this I ■
week have furnished the strongest
evidence that the San Francisco
public appreciates a first-class enter
tainment and show’s its apprecia
tion in the inannor most agreealde
to a manager. Col John I). Hopkins i
has eclipsed all his former brilliant
efforts by presenting in the Howard
Athemeum Company the best com
bination of specialty talent ever
collected under one management.
From the first, entrance of the Broth
ers Dixon, the famous musical
clowns, whose performance is the
most novel and unique exhibition of
its kind over presented, until the
fall of the curtain on M. Servais Le
Roy’s wonderful aud beautifully
executed cabinet mystery there is'
not one tedious or uninteresting
moment during the performance of
a long list of hrilliuut and, in most
instances, exceedingly novel special
ties. Music «fc Drama.
This famous company will be at
the Grand opera bouse Tuesday
uight, May Its.
The enormous success of Carmeneitn,
tiie exquisite dansouse in conjunction
with the brilliant ** comedy, “The
Prodigal Father," from the Broadway
Theatre, New York, continues to be the
event of t ho theatrical season. Man
ager Lockin has been inundated with
enquiries for seats for the appearance of
the great dancer at the Grand opera
house Friday night May li>.
Tlio Volunteer and the Caohuca will
be two of the thrilling dances which
will be given by the great Carmencita
in the great New York comedy success,
“The Prodigal Father” at the Grand
opera houso Friday night May 19.
These dances have takon New York
Swelldom by storm for the past three
The Santa Fe Is The Lowest.
Denver 25 cents
Colorado Springs 25 ccnta
Canon City 25 cent*
Aspen 25 cents
Glen wood 25 cents
Leadville 25 cents
Very lew rates to all points cast.
Call at banta Fe office, 287 North
Union avenue.
F. B. BBAWipBT, Otty Ticket A|t
Fresh Meat, Fish, Poultry nail Game
constantly on hand. Orders called for
and delivered lo any part of Bessemer
| and Pueblo If you can’t get wliat you
want from your own butcher, give us
a call and we will please you.
Estimates Furnished
Call nt No. 600 Arroyo, Bessemer.
Great Rock Island Route
1862 X BO-
As lout: a time ns David reigned, so long!
hits the ( hlcngo. Kook Island A l*u.-ifn- Hall- ,
way rim trains westward from Chicago.
The Hook Island l» foremost In adopt ing j
any advantage calculated to Improve sped :
and give that luxury, safety and comfort i
that popular putronago demand-. Its equip
ment i» thoroughly complete with vestlbtilcd
trains, magnificent dining ears. Bloopers and
chairs coaches, all Oie most elegant, anil of
recently improved patterns.
Faithful nnd capable management and
polite, honest service from employes are
Important Items. They are a double duty
I to tho < otnpany and to travelers—ami It is
sometimes a task difficult of accomplish
ment. Passengers on t his line will find little
cause for complaint on that ground.
The importance of this Lino can he better
understood if a short lesson In geography la
now recited.
What is the great Eastern termini of the
ltoek Island Route?—Chicago. What other
suh-Eastern termini has it?— Peoria. To
what Important points does It run (ruins t<>
the Northwest?—St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls,
Dakota. To what Important lowa mill NV
liruska points—De* Moines, Davenport. lowa
Omaha and Lincoln. Nebraska. Does it
touch other Missouri Hiver points?— Yes; St.
Joseph, Atchison. Leavenworth and Kansas '
City. Does it run trains to tho Foothills of I
| the Hooky Mountains?—Vos; to Denver,
i ( olorado Springs nnd Pueblo, solid vestlhul
|ed from Chicago. < an Important cities of
; Kansiu lie reached by the Hock Island
I Route?—Yes; Its capital city. Topeka* and a
full hundred others In all directions 111 the
| state, and It is the only road running to and
, Into the new lands opened for settlement in
, the I'hcyenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qe set'll that a line tapping, us
: the ltoek Island does,such a varied territory, ,
1 has much In that regard to commend It to !
1 travelers, as all connections nro -ure on the ,
Rock Island, nnd passengers can rcli on a |
speedy Journey, as over a hulk of the system ;
| through trains are run, and it has become.
and rightly too. the nopuiar Line
| A very jMipulnr train on the ( 'hlcngo. Hock
> Island A Pacific Hallway leaves Denver.
; Pueblo and Colorado Springs, dally. It Is
1 called "The World's Fair Special, Is onu
.layout, and passengers arrive nt Chicago
eurlv the second morning.
The ltoek Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
to 1- Vestlbuled, and carries the ltoek Island
excellent Dining Car Service.
For full particulars as to tickets, maps,
rates, apply to any coupon ticket office In
the rnltcd. Canada or Mexico, or address:
<lenl.Tkt.A- Pass. Agt..Chicago, 111.
K ST. JOHN. 0.111. Manager, Chicago, 111.
J. (t. KKLI.ER, Agent. Pueblo, Colorado.
Cut Rates.
To Chicago anil return $30. St Louis
ami return $23, Kansas City and all
Missouri river points $20. Above arc
! round trip rates via the Missouri
I Pacific. Secure your tickets at the
| Union avenue bridge depot or Union
: depot.
Wm. Uooo, P. & T. A.. Tel. 191.
For 25 Cents.
Mealey Jk Son, the expert photog
raphers over the Central National
i bank have determined to out-do the
i north side photographers and will
| make a picture for twenty-five cente.
This is the only picture gallery on the
south side and they will hold their own
against all competition. Call en them
and get the benefit of their last great
effer. Only twenty-fir* oenta for a
Are individual safes constructed of selected drill proof steel
and ’*■ fflned foi the safe keeping of Diamonds, J* weir y, Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables of all
kin ds. O w ing # to the! rsu perioi
the strong vault of the Amer ican National Bank they afford a
protection not offered by the ordinary safe. The owner of one
of these sares enjoys the privilege of keeping valuables in a safe
place known only to himseir. Any person can rent one of
these safes by applying to this department of the—
t. \v. nvx< 'i i.
Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, 0,1. Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
sill IVork Guaranteed.
This is a Victor Year
“All of Pueblo’s best riders use Victor Bicycles”
“Because VICTORS are best”
Overman Wheel Co.
ROBERTGERWING, Manager. 312 Santa Fe Ave.
D. R. C.EENE. OF. URMV, »,„ N. D. H.nsdalC.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
.1 nines 1.. Lombard. T. A. Sloan*. Tll „.
Hopor W. Woodbury. ], v Urmv Tlioh. Tliompson.
-'TCdC,,.. YThiiir,::
I las Rare Bargains in Houses and Lots
m Bessemer. Choice Garden tracts under
Ditch, fenced, and cultivated last year,
sold on easiest hind of terms.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
No 8 East C Street, Back of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
TELEPHONE 185. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
The Perfection Steam Laundry.
Will open about May Ist at the corner J
of Victoria avenue and C Street under
the name of
Everything neat and clean and all work first class. (Jowls
culled for and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I Docsn t quote any prices, but be permits
UlUltl 11/ U» n " onc to g‘ ve more Groceries and Provisions for a BIG
__________ DOLLAR than be does., lie is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don't ask questions, but drop in and see him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to —
=> :{ JOHN H. PLEIS,
Corneb Union and Aiuuendo Avenues, I’UEBI.O, COLO.
Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables and Spring Mattresses.
Also for Heating and Cook Stoves and Qneensware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.
Alto fflnUhM material. Saa-Jatoao of Ell dlmcHlon. OOaa at Um,
Stab la Bear CR, Ball, Btaatmar.
n . a-; i*

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