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VOL,. 4, NO. 18.
w« are as ever
■ Trying To Save
iou money on your groceries, and
we are in position to do so, us we
buy everything in car-load lots,
and from FIRST HANDS and can
sare you all the middle man's
profits. Come and buy at
Anti your goods will alwuvs be fresh and
choice, and you can get from us
anything you want to eat
at the very lowest
-100 lb* Oreeley potatoes |JOO
100 lt>* Mountain potatoes 165
Old potatoes are very scarce. Wo will
liavea oar of new California potatoes
In as soon as they are ripe enough to
100 lb* Empire Flour. ..185
100 lbs Columbine Flour 1 *s
100 lbs Mhogo Flour 1 75
85 lbs Corn Meal
100 lb* Oran. Hugnr 6 10
10 lbs Oran. Hugnr 1 (»•
We run -till sell you
30 lbs Rolled Oats .100
8 2*11) package Holleil Oats 25
Don’t iorget to boy
80 lbs Klee . 1 00
40 lbs Met. Heaiis . 100
IS lbs Dried Figs 1 00
14 lbs Dried Grapes. Ino
12 lbs Dried Currants . l (i 0
10 lbs Dried lllnrkbcrrlcs . 1 00
6 lbs Kvap. Peaches 1 no
Ilb Evan. Raspberries :to
12 cans Corn. .... . 1 on
3 cans Tomatoes .100
lb Dr. Prices bk'g powder . :W
Jjlb Cream bk’g powder 80
tut botllo Dr. Prices l.riunn ext 15
2 os bottle Dr. Prices Vunillu ext .25
We have fresh every morning—
• Fresh Strawberries, Tomatoes,
Bananas, Lettuce,
Rhubarb, Radishes,
Asparagus, Onions,
We ulso have
Tomatoes and Cabbage,
Pepper, Cauliflower,
Chives Sweet Potato
Plunts in any quantity.
Oranges and lemons idl fresh and eholce
1 doz Lemons "5
1 box Oranges 225
TEA—the best in tho city from
25c to <>6c per lb. No better on
earth. Try a pound uud you will
use no other.
CHIPPED BEEF for lunches.
Domestic and Imported baskets to
carry them in.
Call and see us; try our prices
and goods and we know we can sell
you. Don’t forget the places.
Two Storesl Two Stores!
. Moses & Allen
202 South Union Ave.
Cor. 6tb and Snntn Fu Ave.
I will give you lower Railway or
Bteam ship rates to any purt of the Uni
ted States 4>r Europe than can be had
through any one else in Southern Colo
-* 10. Call on or write me for rates and
will furnish you with all desired infor
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
Seuth Union Ave, near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claims
Room 1 over Postoitlee. Pukiii.o.
V. 1,. Graham, Giias. E.haxton,
President. Cashier.
Union Avo. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorized Capital, - - FATO.OOO.
Paid In Capital, ... 50,000.
Surplua, ----- 175.001.
Full Set of Teeth
Room* 2M-5-6-7, Central Block.
Bridge and Crown work done. Also nil
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
asonable and nil work Warranted.
Buy and Hell
hnitire, Carpet) Curtains, Glassware
Queenswur Tinware, etc.
Mangf.ctprtr, of and dealer, in
Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implements of All Kind*. Wag
on and Buggy Harness.
I 08-1 OB S. UNION A VC.. 103-lO* VICTORIA AVI..
m. and mm engineer.
Ofltoa 8U Central Blk.. Pueblo.
Ditch, River Railroad and Mineral
aarveya. ■xaariMtton of Mineral Prop
•File*. Meehaaieal E»gineerinf; tetim
am* m StMM aad »actri© plant*
Abate wuntino
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
PublUhed Every Hut unlay at Bessemer, Colo.
Entered at the Postoftlce at Pueblo, Colo., ns
second class mutter.
Prick of Subscription.
One Year $1 00
Blx Months 60
Myuon W. Reed, Denver's elo-
I guent divine was elected G. A. R.
commander of the departments of
Cororado and Wyoming. The honor
will rest easy on his shoulders.
, This is pay day at the steel works
’ and about SIOO,OOO will be din
pursed among the men. The steel
works are the mainstay of Bessemer
| and Pueblo and by their activity’ or
| idleness indicate whether times arc
J good or bad.
j Ilf spite of prayers, protestations
, and petitions the city council of
| Pueblo will repeal the ordinance ap
[ propriating $250 per month to the
| McClelland library. The reform
\ council is trimmiug expenses in
[ every direction.
One Colorado miner is of more
benefit to the world than all the
dealers in wind and water in Wall
street. He is a producer of real
wealth; they are non-producing con
sumers of other people’s earnings—
Rocky Mountain News.
Tiif. railroad rate war is declared
off in Colorado but the S3O round
trip rate to Chicago still maintains.
An effort will be made by the various
railroad companies to unite on a
$35 rate but it is doubtful if they
will succeed. A drop of $5 will be
An exchange sounds a warning
uote on the growing political inde
pendence of men and declares they
will bury any party out of sight that
‘ dares to ally itself with budle.”
i Seems like no party would have the
hardihood to ally itself with such a
, formidable looking thing as that.
Tiif. meeting of the Arkansas
Valley' Fair Association will he held
at Rocky Ford June Ist and 2nd.
Excellent racing programmes hare
been prepared for each day and
considerable interest is being mani
fested throughout the valley. G. W.
Swink is president and G. M. Hall
The Pueblo City Railway Co. is
about to place an electric fountain at
the Mineral Palace. Streams of water
containing all the hues of the rain
bow will be shot high into the air
and will look like a Fourth of July
supply’ of fireworks all exploding
at once. It will be a great attraction
but it should be placed at the lake
instead of at the Palace.
A high truss viaduct will not be
a thing of beauty but it will be better
than none at all. The fact is that
under the terms of the original agree
ment the Bullen Bridge Co. could
wait indefinitely until the steel works
turned out the iron, and therein the
contract was faulty. The high truss
bridge will look like an elevated
railroad but it will allow people to
cross over the track in safety.
The city will get eight additional
electric lights. It needs more. Of
the eight only one is placed on the
Evans avenue car Hue, that one
being at the corner of Evans and
Summit, which location was badly in
need .of a light. The others are to be
in the western part of the city. A
light is needed at Evans and Arroya,
1 Evans and Northern and at the steel
, works bend. The safety of the public
demands it and the council should
take the matter up at the next meet
ing and see that they are placed.
Although the project of building
a street car line up Santa Fe avenue
has not been noised about much for
several days the promoters of the
scheme ha m not been idle by any
means but are getting the prelim
inaries in shape and soon the whole
plan will be made public. Those
particularly interested in the road
and the ones to be benefited by it
are the Santa Fe real estate owners
1 whose property would thereby be in
? creased in value, the Santa Fe avenue
business fraternity who are reaching
out after trade, and the Guggenheim®
who are anxious for a short cut to
! tbs Philadelphia smelter. When
the road reaches the viaduct the
. people of Bessemer will be interested
i n having the line extended oat on
Northern or some other avenae to the
Inks line.
For three days this week the old
vets of the G. A. It. of the depart
■ inents of Colorado and Wyoming
have had possession of Pueblo. The
city gracefully capitulated to them
and about (100 of the “boys m blue’
talked, feasted and made merry. The
grand parade on Wednesday in which
, all the old soldiers present took part
i was a fine sight and was cheered by
1 the thousands of people who every
where lined the streets. But the
vets arc growing old and the elastic
tread of youth is no longer with
them, though the spirit is as ardent
and putriotric as ever. The brave
hearts served their country well in
time of need and the younger men of
to-day delight to do them honor.
The directors of the World’s Fair
have decided to cancel their con
tract with tho government by which
they were to receive an appropria
tion of $2,51*0,000 on condition that
Fair should be closed on Sundays.
There was a tremendous local
prensure brought to bear on the
board of directors and at last they
gave in, only two of the board of
thirty-six voting against it. It is
not certain that the national com
mission will accept a return of the
money appropriated by congress but
the local managers have signified
their intention of keeping the Fair
open Sundays at all hazards. The
chances are that Chicago will have
its way’.
At last the question of building
the viaduct is assuming definite
shape. The city council has per
mitted the Bullen Bridge Co. to
change the plans, J. A. Bullen
promising to go at once to Chicago
and procure the material. The
alteration enables the Bullens to get
the iron of the company with which
they have been accustomed to deal,
and now it may be expected to see
ihe bridge completed within ninety
days. Strange that such an under
standing was not arrived at two
months ago when Superintendent T.
W. Robinson informed the city
aouncil that he found it impossible
to furnish the iron according to the
plans adopted. If the Bullens de
sired to change the plans of ths
viaduct it would seem that they
should have said so instead of pok
ing along and making people be
lieve they were waiting for the D. &
R. G. railroad, to put in the piers.
The piers were in place a week or
more and still no move was made
toward building the superstruction
until the new council took a hand in
the deal and stirred things up.
The Geary law stopping Chinese
immigration and sending those out of
the country who are not registered,
Ims been declared constitutional by
the United States. This is tough on
the Mongolian but he has a chance
left. One clause of the Geary act
stipulates that the United States
shall pay the expense of deportation,
and there is no money in the treasury
for that purpose and it is just pos
sible that the next congress will
repeal the law. The Chinaman is
not a desirable individual but it
would be better to go slow in get
ting rid of him and not work the
the Chinese government up to the
point of retaliating hr driving
American residents out of that
country. If christain America will
adopt such harsh measures as send
ing aliens out of the country what
might not he expected of heathen
China? Americans resident in that
country might be slaughtered indis
eriminitely with no power to stay the
vengeance. A war with China
would follow but it would be too lute
to afford protection and would there
fore be worse than useless, it might be
well to keep the Chinese out of this
country, but treat those already here
fairly. Congress can use its time to
better purpose than trying to please
a few San Francisco sand lot poli
Sound Advice.
The scheme of trying to boom
Pueblo as a health resort will be a
huge fizzle. Yon can never make
the eastern people believe we have
a healthful olimate. Better take
the money that is proposed to be
thrown away on the pamphlet and
donate it to a small factory, which
within five years will be furnishing
employment and living to GOO or
1,000 Pueblo is a manu
facturing city and what Is the use
of trying to make anythiug else out
of it Push the factories hard as
possibls; get all the new ones and
build up those we now have. This
will keep Pueblo very busy without
taking care of a lot of one-lung
tender feet from the east, whose only
use here would bo to Bad fault with
tho wool—Pueblo Sunday Oyfutua.
Red Hot
Drives in
Dry Goods
Carpets and
Millinery at
Seasonable Goods in
Ail departments at cut
Call and see them.
The Paul Wilson Dry Goods Co.
Main and bth Streets.
Call and see them.
The City Council.
The hall to be re-arranged—
More lights to be placed
Douglas and Manning to
do the sprinkling —Reports
of committees—The viaduct
problem and what Mr.
Bullen has to sa y about it —
Martin Hughes to be city
The council met Monday night Inst,
all members being present. There was
a fair attendance of onlookers anxious
to learn what steps would be taken
relative to the viaduct and they were
not disappointed in witnessing a lively
time. The council took steps toward
nnying it built as soen as possible,
though on a modified plan.
The Junior Order of American
Mechanics petitioned for the use of the
hall the night of the 25 inst. Jackson
moved to lay on table on account or
changes in the urrangmente of the hall
being contemplated which would render
it unsuitable for u ball. Motion pre
A number of north end Abriendo
residents tiled a request asking that a
sidewalk grade be established. Miles
moved to refer to committee en public
works. Amended by Fisher to refer to
committee on lights and surveys. Mo
tion carried as amended.
A report from the committee on
lights and surveys was read recom
mending that lights be placed nt tho
following named locations:
Summit and Palmer.
Arroya and BerKelev.
Northern and Palmer.
Graham amt Berkeley.
Windsor and Palmer
Northern and Stone.
Evans and Summit.
City kali place, 2nd tiling.
Report was on motion of Jackson re
The Btreet and pridge committee
recommended that the Bessemer Ditcli
Co. be urged to build bridges at cross
ings of Eaton and Northern avenues
and Rice street.
Same committee recommended that
the contract for sprinkling the
streets be awarded to T. C. Manning
and E. F. Douglus nt $3.60 per day.
Reported the extension of Lincoln,
Violet and Division streets four blocks
westward, but did not deem it advisable
to widen Elm street as requested by
Committee on fire and water did not
deem it advisable to move plug from
Sprague and Palmer to Jones and
Palmer on account of fire protection.
Street Commissioner Burns reported
having gone over all streets und alleys,
had dug a new irrigation ditch on
Abriendo avenue and had laid pipes on
Abriendo, Routt and Lake avenues and
on Elm and on Box Elder streets.
Clerk Johnson reported the following
From license $39.00
From dog tax SI.OO
From pound $ll.OO
From Co. Trees. $349.84
Jackson sprung the question of build
ing the Northern avenue viaduct.
Messers J. A. and George Bullen were
present and Mayor Dempsey called on
them for an explanation of deluy. J. A
Bullen after much circumlocution final
ly located the cause of deluy to the
fact that the machine shop nt the
steel works, Bessemer, were not in good
running order and could not turn out
the iren, the contract stipulating that
the iron to be used in the construction
of the viaduct Bhould be obtained at
the Bteel works. M. Bullen was asked
if the council did not release him from
this part of the contract early in Feb
ruary last when Supt. T. W. Kebinson
wrote the council to the effect that he
found it impossible to fill the order for
the viaduct according to the plans.
The letter of Mr. Robinson together
with the minutes of the meeting relative
to same were read which confirmed this.
Mr. Bullen, however, maintained that
he construed the action of the oounoil
to mean that he could get the iron from
theeas* through the Beaasemer steel
works, which construction did not ;
satisfy the council. Attorney Leonard
being oalled on for an opinion said that
oven though the oounoil had roloaood
the Bullens from obtaining tho iron
from tho Boooomot stool works it oould
not oompol thorn to got it elsowhsro.
Tho tones of tho oaotract mado this 1
plot* to him.

-•t?-, - i.JV- ... - -J. -i*. ' '
Ror Sale'!
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
Graham - It ' csco/t Bloch .
Best Blue Prints, yard ... 8c
15c Dress Gingham 10c
Cambric, all colors, yard 5c
15c Outing Flannel . . 10c
Ivory Dress Buttons, doz 5c
doz Agate Buttons 5c
G spools, Clark’s O. N. T. Cotton ... .. . . 25c
Ladies' 35c Fast Black Hose 25c
Adamantine Pins, paper lc
Ruchings, Ribbons, Edgings, Laces, Etc. Those are only a few of
our Bargains.
IT. PERLET, Evans and Summit
Mr. Bullen then proposed anew sot
of plans which changed the viaduct :
from a low truss to a high truss the
same as the Santa Fe avenue briddge
in Pueblo. After considerable dis j
i cussion of the proposed change Jackson '
moved to adopt new plans which car- I
ried, tho Bullens offering to do the!
work in ninety days and to give an
indemnity bond.
Cummings and Muchmore obtained i
permission to peddle mineral water in
the city.
Ordinance No. 73 repealing ordinance!
No. G 3 was read second time but was I
not placed on final passage.
On motion of Martin the office of
scavenger was created. Martin Hugos
was elected to serve, his pay to be reg
ulated by the health committee and to
come from the property owners who
, have work done.
Helmets and whistles were ordered
i for the fire company.
Tlu* Chicago Ladies Quartette
This suberb organization of
musical voices will he at the Grand
opera house for one night only Tues
day, May 30th, Decoration Day.
No combination has enjoyed greater
success and more hearty welcome
from the people at large than this
quartette. They have sung their
way into the affections of the public !
to a remarkable degree, and wo feel
confident they will in the future ns
in the past receive tho liberal
patronage from the general public
that they so justly deserve. Every
member being an artist, well and ,
favorably known, is a sufficient
guarantiee of the merits of the
organization, and as a lady quartette
they stand pre-eminent above nil \
others. Prices, 60, 75 and SIOO. Seats!
on sale Saturday morning May 27th.
To Stimulate Travel.
We will to-day sell as follows
Chicago and return. S3O; St. Louis and
return, $22. and to any Missouri river
point and return, S2O Al. tickets
good thirty days It will not be out
of order to again announce that "We
are the people.” Call at Grand Union
ticket office, Central block, if you de
sire te be in the swim in the way of
cheap ticket* to any point on this or
any other globe.
A. Jackson, Qen’l Ag’t D. & Ft. G. I
To Give All Our Patrons
A chance to sse our beautiful state,
aud at the same lime to he in position
to furnish them with first class servic?
we have decided to put on said round
trip tickets to Leadville. Aspen, Glen
wood, Grand Junction or any inter- !
mediate point (on the standard gunge
line) at a rate of $4.00; all tickets
good three days. At these figures our
patrons will he assured goad service
aud at the same time know that their
trip will not exceed $4 .00, thus taking
no chances of the rates being raised i
to the old figure without notice. Our,'
people will at once sec the proper
thing to do is to purchase round trip ‘
tickets, thus avoiding all anxiety and
worry about the rates being raised '
while they are on their sutward trip. :
Call at grand union ticket office,
Central block, for vest pocket time
A. Jackson, General Agent D. & R G
When Your Eye Strikes This Stop
and Read It.
The famous Hot Springs of Arkansas,
world renswned for their healing qual
Itles sad as a health and pleasure re
sort, can be rssched quickly in Pnllm&s
Buffet sleeping cars from Kansas City
and Gaffeyville via the Missouri Pacific
railway Sufferer* from “la grippe,
inflnensa, rheumatism or kindred dis
•anas, can obtain relief by a visit tc
title Osamas sanitarium.
l. . . .!••• ' ■ . .
| Fresh Meat, Fish, Poultry and Game
‘ constantly on hand. Orders called fori
and delivered to am part of Bes
i j and Pueblo. If you can't get what you
! want from your own butcher, give us
1 I a call and we will please you.
I Estimates Furnished
Call at No. GOO Arroya, Bessemer.
Great Rock Island Rowe
As longntlme ns David reigned.so long
' Inis the ( hicugn, Knelt Island A- l*n«-lli«- Hnll
-1 wav run trains westward from < hiengn.
' The lloi'k Islam! i- for.most Inndoptlng
I any advantage calculated to improve spin'll
j unit give Unit luxury, safety anil comfort
; that popular patronage demands. Its cipiip
-1 meat is thoroughly complete wit ll vest itailed
; trains, magnificent dining ears, sleepers ami
i chairs coaches, all the most elegant, and ot
I recently Improved patterns.
I Faithful and capable management and
polite, honest service from employes are
| important Items. They nre a double duty—
i tot In* i otapnnv and to travelers—and ills
sometimes a task .litlieult of accomplish
ment. Passengers on this line will find little
| cause for complaint on that ground.
The Importance of thl* l.ine can be better
! understood If a short lesson in geography be
i ' now recited.
What Is the meat Eastern termini of the
Buck Island Ilmito?—( hlengo. What other
I sub-Fusicrn termini has it?— Peoria. To
what Important points does it run trains m ,
the Northwe-t?- St. Paul and Minneapolis, I
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls j
Itakota. To what important lowa and Ne
braska point-—l*»'* Midi). '. I*:ivenport. lowa
oinaha and Lincoln. Nebraska. Hoes it
touch other Missouri Kiver point-?- Y. -; St.
.Joseph, \tehlson. Leavenworth ami Kansas'
• its. I toes It run trains to tho Foothills of
I the' Hockv Mountains?—Yes; to Denver.
Colorado Springs and I’uehlo, solid vestihul
• e.l from Chicago, can Important cities of j
' Kansas he reached l>\ the Hock Island
Rout. ? Yes; Its capital city. Topeka- and a
lull hundred others in all directions in the
i state, and it D the only road i aiming to and
Into the new lands opened for settlement in '
the Chevenne ami Arapahoe rvation.
It will thus qe seen that a line tapping, as;
I the Hock Island does.such a varied territory.
hits mue.lt In that regard to commend ii to
I travelers, as nil connections nre sure on the
Rock Island, ami passengers enn rely on a
| ly Journey, as over a hulk of the system
through trains are run. and ii lias become,
j nml rightly too. the nopulur Line
A very popular train on the < hlengo. Rock
' Island A- Pacific Railway leaves Denver,
I Pueblo and Colorado Springs, dally. It is
Called -The World's Fair Special.” is one ,
1 day out. and passengers arrive at Chicago ]
i early the second morning.
The Hock Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
: to D Vest Hailed, and carries the Rock Island :
r excellent Dining t 'nr Service.
r l For full particulars »s to tickets, maps,
' i rates, npplv to any coupon ticket nfllcc in
I | the I'nlted.'Canudu or Mexico, or address:
Oenl.Tkt.A- l’a-s. Agt„ Chicago. 111.
I E. RT. JOHN, (ienl. Manager. Chicago, 111.
■ J. CL KKLLKIt, Agent, I’uehlo, Colorado.
Cut Rates.
j To Chicago and return S3O. St Louis
! and return $22. Kansas City and all
Missouri river points S2O. Above arc :
: round trip rates via the Missouri;
! Pacific. Secure your tickets at the
Union avenue bridge depot or Union
Wx. Bono. P. &T. A.. Tel. 191. j
Quick Service to Cripple Creek,
via Santa Fe.
Commencing May Ist the Santa Fe
route and Colorado Midland will put on
a n«w tram for Cripple Creek, leaving
Union Depot at 6:10 a. m. and Stone
depot at 6:80 a. m. arriving at Cripple
Creek at noon. Round trip tickets at
reduction are en sale at Union Depo'
and Santa Fe city office 187 X. Union
aveane. \
. (
Are individual safes construe ted of selected drill pr< of steel
and designed for the sar< keeping
stracts, Deeds, Insurance poli< • A
is - ° to their superior
the strong vault of the American National Bank they afford a
1 Pro t < ■ i
fl eße sar< ei ysthoi
place known only to himself. Any ]-rf n cat, rent < ■•'
these sales by applying to this depn nment of the—
T. W. I.VM 11.
Dealer in Wall Paper Points, Oil. Gloss Vomioi and Brushes
Pa P®i !i -’
Short Notice,
. AU Work Guaranteed.
This is a Victor Year
“All of Pueblo’s best riders use Victor Bicycles’’
“Because VICTORS are best
Overman Wheel Co.
ROBERTGERWING, Manage,-. 312 Santa FeAve.
) O. R. O«EX€. .... D.F. UHMY, . N. O. HINBDALS,
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000,
f .lamps L. T.oinbnnl. T \ ~ , . T . ....
> Roger W.W lliur}-. n F
i. ‘ • ’ • • .1. »v. Shlroman.
| " ’ ’ ******* John J. Ihirns. K. D. Hinsdale.
Has Rare Bargains in Houses and Lots
\ w Bessemer. Choice Garden tracts under
■ Ditch, fenced, and ad Heated last year,
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
I No 8 East C Street, Back of Westerr Nat leblo.
! : : ■— 1 •
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
,' Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
TELEPHON E 185. l. - sen Union and Victoria Avennei
PuebLo Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything licit and clean and all work fust class. Goods
called for anti delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I "
. P., .j ' P. Sheeran Ptosih quote any prices, but lie permits
1 UlUvvl 1L o• 0,10,0 S ive more firorcrics and Provisions for a PIG
DOLLAR than lie dot's.. He is in TIIE LEAD and intends
. staj there. Don t ask questions, but drop in and see him. You will rail again
i For Fresh Fruits find Confectioneries of oil kinds, Ci-
J gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
'! n first-class stand, go to—
Corker Union and Abrtendo Avenues, PUEBLO, COLO.
I Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
| l will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables and Spring Mattresses.
, Also for Heating and Cook Stoves and Queensware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.
, Also famishes material. Sandstone of nil dimensions. Offlce «f Umi
•table new Citj Hall, Bsshwst,
'.S''. >. ’ A*.. J . Al". :. . . I. v'.V.' * .i v* **.Vi ■ T. *

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