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VOL. 4, NO. !7.
Moses (t Allen
Are here to do you good. Look at
our prices und come and buy of us.
100 pounds Flour $ 1 75
100 pounds Granulated Sugar 0.00
10 pounds Granulated Sugar 1.00
80 pounds Rolled Oats 1.00
8 2 pound packages Rolled Outs 25
20 pounds Choice Rice 1.00
A full line of the very best that
uiouey can buy. fron: 25c to 05 per
round. Try one pound.
Gold Creamery Prints 30c
Gold Creamery 5s 28c
Gold Creamery 10s 27]c
Good Rauch Butter 25c
Butteriae, choice 20c
2 cans choice Tomatoes 25c
3 cun Corn 25c
1 can Peas 10c
1 can String Beans 10c
1 can Wax Beuns 10c
2 cans Is Salmon 25c
1 can Herring 15c
1 can oil Sardines 05c
1 enn Mustard Sardines 10c
1 can Anderson 1-pound Jam 15c
2 glasses Jelly 25c
1 dozen State Eggs 15c
2 dozen Ranch Eggs 85c
1 dozen Lemons 25c
1 dozen large Sweet Oranges 20c
2 dozen large Sweet Oranges 35c
20 pounds pail Jelly 85c
•{ pound Dr. Price's Baking Powder 30
2 ounce bottle Dr. Prices Vanilla
Extract 25c
2 ounce bottle Dr. Price's Lemon
Extract 15c
fl bars White Russian Soap 25c
6 bars Clarette Soap 25c
11 bars Mascot Soap 25c
7 bars White Eagle Soap 22c
7 bar Rex Soap 25c
8 bars Town.s Delight 25c
7 bars Ibex 25c
Bgi„Try our Dried Fruit; it is always
fresh and choice.
.5 pounds choice California Pigs *l.OO :
15 pounds Dried Grapes. 1.00
12 pounds choice Raisins 1.00
12 pounds dried Currants 1:00
10 pounds Epap. 1.00
7 pounds Evap. Apples 1 00
0 pounds Evap. Poaches 1.00
not forget to buy a box of
choice Oranges. They arc different
sizes in box
120 Oranges for $2.00
1 50 Oranges for 2.00
170 Oranges fer 2.00
We have fresh Berries. Tomatoes,
Bananas, Cuucumbers, Lettuce Radishes
Onions, Rhubarb; also a full line of
Plants, Flower and Garden, Field and |
Lawn Seed. Come and trade with I
your friends and save money.
loses & Allen
202 South Union Ave.
Cor. Oth anti Santa Fe Ave.
I will give you lower Railway or
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States or Europe than can be had
through any one else in Southern Colo
-• 10. Call on or write me for rates and
will furnish you with all desired infor
•’ ation.
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Ave. near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to ivn- Inn claims
Room 1 over Postofllec. I’c 1:111.0.
ft’. L. (JKAIIAM, (,’ItAH. 15. SAXTON.
President. Cashier.
Union Ave. anti (' Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorized Capital, - - ♦i'iO.OOO.
Pal.l In Capital, - - - .10,000.
Surplus, - 175.01*.
Full Set of Mil
lloonut 201-s*o*7, Central Hloek.
Bridge and Crown work done. Also all
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
Jtttonalde anti all work Warranted.
Huy and Bell
Juniilnre, Carpel! Curtains, Glassware
Queenswar Tinware, etc.
Manufacturers of and dealers in
Buggies ami Wagons,
Agricultural lmplemeiitaof All Kinds. Wan
on anti Muggy Harness.
108-103 S. UNION AVE.. 102-104 VICTORIA AVE..
Telephone No. isa. PUEBLO, COLO
OlTlee 214 Cent ral Blk.. Pueblo.
Ditch, River Railrond and Mineral
surveys. Examination of Mineral Prop
-rties. Mechanical Engineering; estim
ate# given on Bteam nud Electric plants
Largest in town
The Bessemer Indicator.
Tub Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
PublMn ■! Sal ilida y al I !•■ -i-lmr.' 'oh •
; Entered al the Postottlee at Pueblo, Colo., as
second class matter.
Prick ok Subscription.
One Year $1 00
| Six .Months 60
1 Rkssk.mkii cnii boast of the greatest
industry in the state—the steel
The Call of La Junta is much
interested iu the booming of a
Fourth of July celebration at that
Bbsskmku will not depart from
its custom tiic coining Fourth of
July and will go away from home to
The World’s Fair was running
wide opeu last Sunday and will no
doubt continue to be accessible to
the public each Sabbath hereafter.
Pueht.o bunks have been very
cautious iu speculating and particu
larly in placing large real estate
loans and they will not be mlluenced
by the closeness of the eastern
money market.
An exchange remarks that Coloj
rado has enough “stameny” lo en
force its own laws without em
ploying the use of the Pinkertons.
Some dark meaning there. Some
new sort of dynamite in the mind of
the editor.
Just one new case of cholera is
reported from Hamburg, the breed
ing place of the disease. The city
still observes the strictest sanitary
measures ami it is not probable that
the outbreak of cholera of last
winter will tie repeated.
Tut: new Hying train on the New
York Central makes the time to
Chicago in twenty hours, the usual
time having been from twciity-iivc
to thirty-live hours. This is simply
wonderful and is made possible only
by the highest perfection in mechan
ical genius.
Had the city council of Bessemer
not hindered the Pueblo City Rail
way Co. from taking up the fair
grounds track the building of the
Santa Fc avenue street car line
would no doubt be under course of
construction. The fair ground line
was to be removed to Santa Fe
avenue, but if it cannot be obtained
other means will be found to lay the
The German editors who are
making a tour of the great West
were splendidly entertaintained iu
Denver a few days ago. The news
papers of that enterprising city, ever
on the alert took occasion to inter
view the distinguisted visitors on
the silver question and found them
almost uuamioitsly iu favor of
bimetalism. predicting that Germany
would return to that money system
within two years.
Tub action of the seven aldermen
who signed the petition praying for
the release of the steel works from
the city is very strange, and stranger
still because the council had only* a
short time before unanimously in
structed Mayor Dempsey to employ
assistant council in the defense of
the city. The firm of McAliney &
Arrington had been retained to aid
City Attorney Lennard and wlmt
might have perhaps proved a suc
cessful defense had been prepared.
When the petition of the seven
councilincn was sprung on the
astonished counsel for the defense
the fight was over with for the
present at least. The city not only
loses the steel works but lias a big
attorneys fee to pay beside. The
worst feature of the case is, however,
that aldermen will take such an im
portant and unusual stop without
consulting the wishes of the people.
Steel Works Burned.
A dispatch sent out from Scranton,
l’n., gave tlio following brief account
of the burning of the steel works at
ttiat place last Monday:
“The Blooming mill, engine room
and boiler house of the Lackawanna
Steel Co’s, north mill, burned tills
morning. The Jinnies originated in
the engiue room, and quickly spread
to other parts of the works, and the
boiler house, 500 feet long, was
more than half destroyed.
Ttio entire Nortti works were run
ning double time on big orders, and
will be idle for some months, throw
ing out of employment 1,200 hands.
The loss is $126,000.”
The Steel Works Go Out.
The cane of the Colorado Fuel A Iron
_ Co. vs. Bessotner relating to tlio with
drawal of the stool works came up be
fore Judge Mitchell in the county
i. court Thursday. Witnesses for tlio
plaintiff wore examined, viz J. A. Kebler.
T. W. Robinson, Fred Darroch and J. L.
Beaman. When this part of the pro
ceedings were through with a sur|.rise
i was sprung by the pluintiir presenting
) a potition in tlio court signed by all the
nldorman of Bessemer excepting Alder-
L man (100. Juckeoii, praying that the
I works might go in peace. This was a
stunner and the city had nothing to do
but withdraw its defense. The strange
action of the Bessemer uklormon in
thus aiding the steel works in their
schemo is all the tulle of the town.
The opinion is that they have made a
gravo mistake and the people generally
feel sore ovor the affair.
A Magnificent Drill.
The Clmtfoe Light Artillery of Den
ver will give a grand drill at the
Minnequn ball park to-morrow ufter
noon at 3530 o’clock. Fifty men in
handsome uniforms and twenty-six big
horses iu military harness and drawing
tlio Hashing artillery will do tlio work.
There will lie a Napoleon gun drill, a
fatigue drill and the firing or guns.
The ChalCeo Artillery has a splendid
reputation and will alford the people
of iJossomor a rare treat.
Police Court.
William McLaritty was arrested
by Policeman Dempsey Saturday
night last for carrying concealed
weapons and taken to the lock-up.
The prisoner bad a hearing before
Judge Willauer Monday who lined I
him S2O in accordance with the
charge. It seems that McLaritty
had had sumo trouble with a com-1
panion in which be received a black j
eye and stated on the stand that be
had purchased the revolver to go
gunning after bis man. The judge
is going to get after those who
carry deadly weapons, and he
Mrs. Dioal Walsh living out near the
■ l’liilailolphia smelter had Edward
Bollard, a boy of fifteen, arrested on the 1
charge of assaulting her fourteen your
old boy last Sunday. The case came up '
before Sudgo Willauer Wednesday and
was dismissed at tlio cost of tlio jilaintilf I
Mrs. Walsh, her own witnesses giving
evidenco harmful to the case. It seems j
that her son Michael had in his pos-1
session a ball belonging to young Boilnrd J
which tlio latter went to the Walsh 1
house iu search of. Mike refused to
give the ball up which drew on a fight
in which Mike got soverlv pounded*
Ed was then run olf the premieos by
Mrs. Walsh who afterwards made com
plaint and Marshal Shay made the
arrest. The cost of tlio case amount
to $21.00
Notice of Election.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stockholders
of The Bessemer Building and Loan j
association will be held at the city \
ball, Bessemer, Monday, June, It),
1893, at 8 o’clock p. in. for the elec
tion of directors and ollicers, and :
the transaction of any other busi
ness that may come before the
Jas. K. Dempsey
F. P. Hawke
The Bicycle Race.
The 25 miles bicycle race which
came olf near Denver Memorial day
was something of a fake from the
fact that amateurs and professionals
were mixed in together, the am
ateurs being given advantages of a
start in time according to their
time of practice. 11. R. Ronslmw of
Denver got several minutes start by
coming the amateur net when the
belief now is that be is a crack
rider, and won first prize, a $750
piano. W. W. Hamilton of Pueblo
made the best time, covering the
distance in 1:21:45 in the face of a
strong wind, which is not bad con
sidering that the fastest time yet
made for 25 miles is 1:14. Robert
Gerwing of Pueblo also made good
time but was handicapped by being
bold back on the start. There were
105 riders in the contest which was
witnessed by 3,000 people.
Amusements at the Lake.
It is the intention of those having
charge of Lake Minnepua to provide
some sort of amusomont for the public
on occasions horoufter. Tho Four
llundrod can entertain thomsolves at
tlio club house, those who have car
riages can ride, a few can skim tlio
jilacid waters in a boat and the small
boys can fish, but tlio common herd,
tho average professional or business
men or workingmen with their wives, |
sisters, aunts, sweethearts and friends j
have nothing to do but loungo in tho
shade of a few scrubby little trees or ,
sit iu tho pavilion nud see nothing but ;
a crowd of restless beings like themselves
Now tho management has doeidod to
inaugurate some amusements in tho '
way of boat racing and to-day tho first '
contest will take placo, prizes to bo
given to tho successful. Tub races nro
on tlio programme for some future time, j
probably in July when the water is
warm, and other aquatic sports will be J
indulged in. Free concerts will be ,
given every Sunday afternoon and a i
ton minute service will be had on the i
car line. ,
The I. 0.0. F. lodge is negotiating ,
with a loan company to build a hall l
at the corner of Evans and Atroya !
avenues. The building will be 60x110
feet 1
American and Russian.
i Alien as they are in government,
language, customs and all that go to
make up their social livus, yet there is a
spirit of friendliness existing between
i|the people of the United States und
, j Russia, deep rooted and earnest, but
, j which rarely finds expression save when
' war tojjics are indulged in. Particular
( ly since tho late rebellion has tho friend
i ship been marked. When iu the darkest
hour of the crisis when old England,
not content with doing all in tier power
to injure the federal government
by sacretely aiding tho South, was
seriously flunking of acknowledging tho
cause of tho confederacy, tlio groat
Northern Bear growled Ids ominous
growl und England kept her guilty
hands ofT. Russia was America's
friend then and tho warm hearted, im
pulsive American never forgets a friend.
Tho following story now going the
rounds of tho newsjmjiers servos to
illustrate the point. Tho incident hap
pened o!F the Atlantic coast, and
though tho American ofiioer was a
little enthusiastic, yet lus remarks un
masked tho hearts of representatives of
the two groat nat ions:
“A number of American officers from
the cruiser Baltimoro dined rocentlj
aboard a Russian warshij). In tlio
course of the dinner one American
ollieer rose and proposed three toasts in
something like tlio following language:
“Russians and friends: I rise as an
American officer to propose three toasts
in honor of three moments in history.
The first toast is in honor of the
moment when Russian ingenuity de
vised the means to build ships; tho
second toast is in honor of tlio moment
when Russia commanded a place
j as a naval power, and the third toast is
in honor of the moment in the future
when Russia and America shall to
gether possess the world." The hurrahs
I which followod these remarks are said
to have boon fairly deafening. Ollicers
j limited to their feet and iu their
enthusiasm mounted chairs. Wineglass
after wineglass was emptied, and then :
the warm blooded Russians, no longer !
able to contain themselves, seized the
American officer, mounted him on their ;
shoulders aud in a body paraded around j
tho room and out on deck. Tlio re
marks wore cabled to Russia. They
| have been printed during tlio last few
[ days in tho majority of the St. Peters
burg and Moscow papers.”
I The employment ageuts of Bes
semer, Ala, are advertising for work
men to send to Colorado, and i
particularly to Pueblo. A large |
| influx of workmen would do Pueblo
| harm. The agents have no authority j
from this state to send laboring
men, and it is probable there is,
some fake money-making scheme!
back of it. The Trades Assembly j
will probably take action on the i
matter. Pueblo Trades Assembly.
Convention Colorado
| Sunday school association, Denver,
June 13th to 15th, 1893. For this
occasion a rate of one and one-fifth
faro on tlio Certificate Plan is
I authorized, providing there are fifty
or more in attendance. Certificates
will bo signed by James Steuliouse,
Denver. Scott Bryan, Ticket Agent |
Union Depot, Denver, will stamp
certificates and act as joint agent
Selling days Juue 11th and 12th.
Certificates will be honored one day
after convention is over.
Ai.k.v. Jackson,
A fit. D. & R. (J. Central Blk
Tlio Public in General and tlio
People of Pueblo In Purtlcultti*
First— The Denver & Rio Grande (the
j old reliable) runs more trains daily be
tween Pueblo, Colorado Springs ami
Denver than all other lines combined.
Makes faster time, and departure of
trains is at all hours to suit the conve
nience of our friends, the traveling
Second—The equipment of this line
is unsurpassed; chair car trains, heated
by steam and lighted by gas. and as all
experienced travelers will tell you. the
track has no equal in the west.
Third—Our time between Pueblo and
Denver is from 1 hour and 43 minutes
to 2 hours and IS minutes faster than
made by competing lines. Time is
Fourth—This is the only direct line
from Piicldo to Leudvillc, Aspen, Glen
wood. Salt Lake City. Ogden, and all
l'aciflc coast points. Through sleepers
over this inr from Pueblo to San Fran
cisco and Los Angeles. Round trip
tickets now on side to Utah. California
and Oregon points at greatly reduced
Fifth—lt is not generally known, but
is nevertheless a fuel, the Rio Grande
makes the quickest time between Pueb
lo and Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis,
Chicago, und all points east and north.
N. B.—Leave Pueblo at 4:48 a. in.
(say Monday), arrive Omaha 11 t>. m.
same night; arrive St. Louis next dav
(Tuesday) at 1:25 p. m. ; arrive Chicago
next day (Tuesday) at 2:15 p. m. Only
one night on the road Pueblo to Chica
go or St Louis—no other line can offer
this accommodation—thus saving you
from $3.50 to $4. on Pullman fare, and
connecting at Chicago with all the 3 p.
m. fast trains for tho east, saving 24
hours to New’ York or Boston.
Sixth Notwithstanding the many
superior advantages offered by this
strictly A 1 line, the Rio Grande will
always be found in the lead with the
lowest rates. Correct and rclinble in
formation can always be secured by
OFFICE, Central block (cor. Second
and Main streets). Tickets can be se
cured at this office to or from all points
in the civilized world. Tickets on sals
at this agency via Denver & Rio Grande,
Union Pacific system. Rock Island
Route, and Burlington Route.
General agency for A 1 steamshij
lines. Alex. Jbckson, Agent.
n I
! For S-O-ik'*’
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
r Graham-lVescott Block.
!j Every Day* in the Week. The best
; that can be made.
Also Ice Cream Soda and all Other Regular
Small Drinks.
Fi. PERL’JECT, EvansaiHl.Sum.mil
To Stimulate Travel.
We will to-day sell as follows
1 Chicago and return, $30; St. Louis and
rot urn, $22, and to any Missouri river
point and return, $20 AL tickets
j good thirty days It will not be out
of order to again announce that “We
I are the people." Call at Grand Union
! ticket olllce. Central block, if you de
sire te be in the swim in the way of
cheap tickets to any point on this or
any other globe.
A. Jackson. Gen'l Ag't D. & R. G.
To Give All Our Patrons
A chance to see our beautiful state,
and at the same time to be in position
Ito furnish them with first class service
jwe have decided to put on said round
trip tickets to Lemlvillc. Aspen. Glen
. wood, Grand Junction or any inter
j mediate point (on the standard gunge
j line) at a rate of $1.00; all tickets
j good three days. At these figures our
J jmtrons will ho assured good service
and at the same time know that their
trip will not exceed $4.00, thus taking
no chances of the rates being raised
to the old figure without notice. Our
people will at once see the proper
thing to do is to purchase round trip
tickets, thus avoiding all anxiety ami
worry about tlie rates being raised
j while they arc on their outward trip.
| Call at grand union ticket office,
| Central block, for vest pocket time
A. Jackson, General Agent D. & R G |
To buy a 60 or UK) ft. front suitable)
for residence. Will pay cash, but lots
must bo cheap. Inquire at tlus ofllce.
When Your Eye Strikes This Stop
and Read It.
The famous Hot Springs of Arkansas,
world renowned for their healing qiial
ities and as a health and pleasure re
sort, can be reached quickly in Pullman
Buffet sleeping cars from Kansas City
and Coffcyville via the Missouri Pacific
railway Sufferers from “la grippe. ;
influenza, rheumatism or kindred dis |
eases, can obtain relief by a visit tc
this famous sanitarium
s a
s /e/ \v\ s
S s
~ ”
- •■■-» BETWEEN -R»<-
Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo,
Salt Lake City, Ogden, Pacific Const,
and all Northwest Points, via Ma«
niton. Leadville, Aspen and
tilcnwood Springs.
Through I’nllman Sleepers and Pullman Tourit
Jars hrtwn.ii Denver and San Francisco.
Through the heart of the Rocky Mountains —TV '
■nu.t comfortable, the safest and the grandest of a? i
tratu•continental routes.
' MN*l MANAOaa, tin. PASS. AOINT,
Colorado torlno*, 0010. Oanvar, Colo.
Fresh Meat, Fish, Poultry and Game !
constantly on hand. Orders called foi
and delivered to any part of Besscmci
and Pueblo If you can't get what you !
want from your own butcher, give u
a call and we will please you.
Estimates Furnished
Call at No. (>OO Arroya, Bessemer.
i Great Rote Island Route
'- - f.~ *■- - -'H
'.',VB i
and give Hint luxury , ‘.iiiotv and i-< >i ■ imi 1
Uiiit popular |uitr<>ikiiu'<' «l. nmini-. It*. ... ,
l«n*ltl Is t hi.PHI Killy >■< >ii ■ pi i ■; with \ .-t it..: I. d
• ■ .:7. Iall t’l
I .
NOW rrri'ti'd!* " 11 '"‘ill iiL'tllph v I'l |
What N tin- aiaat F.usiern t.rmini m 11-.-
Hook I-liind K.Mit. (Idem;... Wind nttor
Mih-I'.ust.Tii t ••rm ini hai if-IV..mi. 1..
what important points dor* It run train*, t<.
till' Ni.rttiw. *! ’ — St. I* I Mint 1
" i ' M.dti,'.. Have ■iii.orr. 1
I * tin aim and l.inonln, Nebraska. line- it
tnueh otlu r Ml-sniiri Filer point*'.’ -Y.*: -t. 1
thi- Hooky Mountain*.’ . *: t.. Ii. nn .
( olnrado Springs and l’lichlo, solid vest il.nl
od from ( liioau'o. t Tin Important «• 1! i<•*- ..• ]
full hundred ..tinas in all 'dirc.t |..ns In ti , 1 .
I Stilt.', and It i* tin* onlv mad r.innlna to and
] into tin* tu n lands opened for *.•; t lenient m
| \vVlf VliVls < l |. l ' , s,’^i| l| | I'ini 'n Vl'n'o 'lappi’iiL-. a* ,
j and’rilthtl'i .
I layout, and passengers arrive at Chicauo
i i'iirl\ the si'.'ond inornini;.
Tin- Hook Island lia* liecomo n popular
t olorado I.Ini', andtho train al.ovo rot. t rod
, to i* Vostlhulod. and . art n * tin- Hook 1-land ,
; I'xooilont I'iniiiKt ur Service.
For full particulars as to tickets, map*. (
i rates, apply to any coupon ticket "thee in '
the l nitod. Canada or Most. o. ..r a.Idr. *-: i ,
< ionl. Tkt. A Pa**. Act..! h!ont;o. III.
; F. ST. .1« »11 N. I .old. Mullin', r. . lnoa-o. Ill .
.1. IJ. KKI.I.KH. Audit. I’ltchlo, Colorado. .
Cut Rates.
To Chicago and return S3O. St Louis
and return $22, Kansas City and all
Missouri river points S2O. Above are
round trip rates via the Missonri
Pacific. Secure your tickets at the
Union avenue bridge depot or Union
Wm. Hogg. P. & T. A . Tel. 101.
Quick Service to Cripple Creek
via Santa Fe.
Commencing May Ist the Santa Fe
route and Colorado Midland will put on
a new tram for Cripple Creek, leaving j
Union Depot at 0:10 n. m. and Stone
depot at 0:30 a. m. arriving at Cripple
Creek at noon. Hound trip tickets at
reduction are on sale at Union Dcpo* j
and Santa Fe city office 237 N. Union . ,
avenue. |
nstrueted electeddrill toel
° nd "• B| B ned for the safe keeping or Diamonds, Jewelry. Ah
•stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables of all
kinds. Owing to their superior construction and location in
the strong vault of the American National Bank they afford a
T. \V. LYX( MI,
PAII . ,G,
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
All U 'orl' Gmi ran teed.
This is a Victor Year
“All of Pueblo’s best riders use Victor Bicycles’’
“Because VICTORS are best’
Overman Wheel. Co.
i KOBERTGERWINC, Manager. 312 Santa Fe Ave.
D. R. Greene, ««* D.F. Urmy, v.cr pms. n. D. Hinsdale c *smi
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
! { /H r c'r.'.nV ,o<,bUry ‘ V * rn, . v - J. K. Shi reman.
K. D. Hinsdale.
H's for sal■ the /-'our best inside lots in Bessemer at
:eay down friers ami on very easy terms. // 'ill sell
, ■one or all Sec me al oner.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
j No 8 East C Street. Back of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural lee.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
rELEPIIONE i v u Between Uuion and Victoria Avenueß.
Pud mo Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything neat and clean and all work first class. Goods
calk’d for and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I' ’ P. Sheeran n }esn't quote any prices, but lie permits
*I J (l( VI |! ,\» " ' for a BIQ
_ DOLLAR than he docs.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don't ask questions, but drop in ami see him. You will call again
For Fresh F ruits nnd Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to—
:§>H .TOXIN 11. PLEIS,
Corner Union and Adrien do Avenues, I’UEBLO. COLO.
Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
Bedsteads, Chairs. Tables and Spring Mattresses.
Also for Heating and Cook Stoves and Queensware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.
Also furnishes material. Sandstone of all dimensions. Office at Livery
Stable ucnr City Hall, Bessemer.

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