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VOL. 4, NO. 18.
Moses & Alien
Are here to do you good. Look at
our prices and come and buy of us.
1(H) pounds Flour $.l 75
100 pounds Granulated Sugar 0.00
16 pounds Granulated Sugar 1.00
80 pounds Rolled Oats 1-.00
3 2 pound packngos Rolled Outs 25
20 pounds Cholco Rice 1.00
A full line of the very best that
money can buy. fron: 25c to 05 per
>ound. Try ono pound.
Jold Creamery Prints 80c
Gold Creamery 5s 28c
Gold Creamery 10s 27jc
Good Rnnch Butter 25c
Butteriue, choice 20c
2 cans choice Tomatoes 25c
8 can Corn 25c
1 can Peas 10c
1 can btring Bunns 10c
1 can Wax Beans 10c
2 cans Is Salmou 25c
1 cau Herring 15c
1 can oil Sardines l)sc
1 cau Mustard Sardines 10c
1 can Anderson 1-pound Jain 15c
2 glasses Jelly 25c
. 1 dozen State Eggs 15c
2 dozen Ranch Eggs 35c
1 dozen Lemons 25c
1 dozen large Sweet Oranges 20c
2 dozen large Sweet Oranges 35c
JO pounds pail Jelly 85c
3 pound Dr. Price’s Baking Powder 30
2 ounce bottle Dr. Prices Vuuillu
Extract 25c
2 ounce bottle Dr. Price's Lemon
Extract 15c
6 bars White Russian Soap 25c
5 bars Clarette Soap 25c
6 bars Mascot Soap 25c
7 bars White Eagle Soap 22c
7 bar Rex Soap 25c
8 bars Town.s Delight 25c
7 bars Ibex 25c
our Dried Fruit; it is always
fresh and choice.
. 5 pounds choice California Figs *l.OO
15 pounds Dried Grapes. 1.00
12 pounds choice Raisins 1.00
12 |K>unds dried Curn.uts 1:00
10 pounds Epap. 1.00
7 pounds Evap. Apples 1 00
6 pounds Evap. Peaches 1.00
•ft-Do not forget to buy a box of
choice Oranges. They arc dilTerent
sizes in box
-126 Oranges for $2.00
150 Oranges for 2.00
176 Oranges fer 2.00
We have fresh Berries, Tomatoes,
Bananas, Cuncumbcrs. Lettuce Radishes
Onions, Rhubarb; also a full line of
Plants, Flower and Garden, Field and
Lawn Seed. Come and trade with
your friends and save money.
Moses & Allen
202 South Union Avc.
Cor. 6th and Santa Fe Avc.
' I will give you lower Railway or
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States or Europe limn can be hiul
through any one else in Southern Colo
-• 10. Call on or write me for rates and
will furnish you with all desired infor
* atlon.
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Avc. near B Street.
Criminal Law n Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claim*
Room 1 over Postolllcc. Pumu.o.
President. Cashier.
Union Ave. and C Rlrcet, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorised Capital, - - ♦2f10,000.
Paid tn Capital, - - - .60,000.
Surplus, 175.001.
Full Set ol Teeth
Booms aM-ft-0-7. Central Block.
Brldga and Crown work done. Also all
work known to modern dentistry. Prices
aaonabl* and all work Warranted.
Buy and Bell
fVlitin, Cwpets Cartons, GUsswarc
v Queenswar Tinware, etc.
iWumoiWEmii - - wear bridge
Mamfectaran of and dealer, in
Buggies and Wagons,
w ~-
I— i—k.wao« ***- tos.iosvtOToa,* av* .
nmm in. PUEBLO. COLO
' MMStOnual Bik_ h»Mo.
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Hnturday at Bessemer,Colo.
Entered at the Postofllco at. Pueblo, Colo., as
second ciusx matter.
Prick of kubscription.
One Year $1 00
Hix Months 60
The runs being made on an many
eastern bnnks by depositors need
cause no uneasiness in the city. The
Pueblo banks have all along been do
ing a conservative business and
nothing but a wild, senseless raid by
depositors could shake them in the
Coin the silver buliiou in the
vaults of the national treasury into
dollars and pay it out to the old
soldiers in pensions. This one act.
alone would relieve the iinanciul de
pression of the hour and lend an
impetus to business that is now
Aldkiiman George Jackson made
a host of friends in not signing the
petition releasing the claims of the
city to tlie steel works. Mr. Jack
son’s loyalty' to his city is every
where praised and lie has reason to
be proud of the commendations of
the people.
There is only’ one J. K. Dempsey
in Bessemer. His remarkable execu
tive ability displayed in the council
chamber Monday night which re
sulted in an appeal being taken in
the ease of the lake properly vs Bes
semer, gained the hearty plaudits of
the vast crowd and men without re
gard to party said “Hurrah for
And still the wires keep (lushing
around the news of batik failures and
assignments without end of big busi
ness concerns, and this, too, mind
you, under the gold standard mon
ey tcry sy'stem. Yet there qra men
who put up the insane howl that the
Sherman law of 1873 shouid be re
pealed without the passage of a free
coinage act and President Cleveland
is actually thinking of calling a fall
.session of congress with such end in
The action of the seven aldermen
who signed the petition to the county
court praying that the steel works
might be taken out of the limits of
the city is absolutely unoflleial and
being so it can bave no weight should
the supreme court decide in favor of
the town in the lake suit. The
result of the latter case will deter
mine the former one, In other words
if the court holds that the lake
property shall not be disincorporated,
then the ease of the atcel works
against the city will be practically
thrown out and tlie steel works be
again within the city limits. The
uclion of the aldermen who signed
away the rights of the city lacks the
dignity of being done in a meeting of
the council, and being unoiHcial
carries no weight.
Much exception is taken to the
ruling of County Judge Mitchell in
the case of the Colorado Coal and
Iron Development Co. vs the city of
Bessemer in the matter of disin
corporalion, his construction of the
law being that he was to decide
simply whether or not the territory
sought to be withdrawn came within
the limits of the law which requirs
that the tract of lund shall be not
less thirty acres, and that it be un
platted, etc. lie construec the law
into meaning that his jurisdiction ex
tended no farther; that it was not for
lam to deeide upon the merits of the
case. As the attorneys for the de
fense well say, if this were all the
county records would decide the
mattor without briuging it into court.
They will show the number of aeres
in any tract of land and show
whether or not it be laid out in lots
and blocks. Tbe admission of Judge
Mitchell tliat the defense had a
strong case were not the intent of
the law against them is a strong
pointer for the suocess of an appeal.
Tbe jndge simply ruled on what he
construed to be -tbe meaning of the
law and not on the merits of the
The Injunction Dissolved.
The temporary injunotion granted by
Judge J. H. Voorhees restraining ths
Pueblo Street Ry. Go. from taking up
the fair grounds track in Be—mar has
been dinolved by Judge J, 0. El well
much to the disappointment of the
property owners along the line. The esse
may ge to the higher court*. Snperia
loqAml Martin of tbe Puoblo City By.
Ok teftraed the litdkuto* hmnr.
aLu MMMllt*
Tlic City Takes an Appeal.
Mayor JDempsey rules with
an iron hand and proves
himseif the friend of the
people -Lake Minnequa
still in the city—Legal opin
ions—Some interesting re
ports -H. P. Bicknell elect
ed city engineer—A new
road from Bessemer to
Pueblo—The appropriation
act —A big crowd and an
exciting time.
The meeting of the city council
Monday night was an unusually lively
one, caused by the discussion of tho
disincorporation of the steel works and
lake properties from tho city limits.
Tho large hull was jammod by intor
ostotl spectators who came to discover
for themselvoH whether or not tho
council would stand by the interests of
the taxpayers. It was n roprosentativo
gathering of the leading citizens of the
town who gave expression to their feel
ings by loudly applauding every ox
presHion of tho council which indicated
a disposition to light tho ease. There
was u hot discussion of tho question in
which Mayor Dempsey roundly scorod
tho seven aldermen who signed the
potition for the release of the steel
works from the corporation and was
vociferously upplauded. Tho crowd of
spectators meant light and they ex
pected fight from tho council which
was finally prevailed upon to carry tho
lake case up.
Tho annual report of tho city clerk
was read and showed receipts of $25,
131,07. On motion of Jackson the re
port was received, filed and concurred
Tlio finance committoo reported us
Warrants outstanding Juno 1, 1892,
$18,131,12. Warrants drawn from Juno
1, 1892 to Juno 1, 1893, $25,408,89.
Total $48,543.01. Warrants paid for
fiscal year $24,001.28. Warrants out
standing Juno 1, 1893, $19,541.73. Ife
ceivod from treasurer, $07.94, Receiv
ed from city clerk from Juno Ist to
June Ist $25,99*1.07. Total $20,019.01.
Warrants paid Juno 1,1892 to June 1,
1893, $21,001.28. Interest on same
$2,042.32. Cash on hand $5.11
On motion of Kirk report wus re
ceived and placod on file.
The question of establishing a grade
on Abriendo avenue was brought up by
Fisher and after seme discussion was
on motion of Kirk laid over.
Judge Willauer roported having bad
twelve persons bofore him for May and
had collected $39.40. On motion of
Jackson received.
Tho appropriation bill for tho ensuing
year was road, incorporated into an
ordinance, passsd first and second read
ings and put on final passage. (The
ordinance enn be found elsewhere in
this issue)
A resolution was read to the effect
that hereaftor all city warrants draw ton
per cent interest per annum from the
time of presentation for payment. This
was done as a matter of form to protect
the banks handling the warrants.
Fisher thought the law allowed only
eight per cent but liis objection was
overruled and the resolution carried.
Tho throe irrigators will hereafter
work separately on eight hour shifts,
thereby saving tbe powor on the water
works by gradually drawing off the
wutor instead of making a run on it all
at once.
Hermun & Shloss obtained permis
sion to pile stone and sand on the
street while building a basement under
their store.
Hose Co. No. 2 asked for a bell for
their station. On motion of Jackson
referred to fire and water committee
with power to act.
A letter from O. W. Mallaby was
read requesting that tho council take
measures to keep horses and cattlo
from roaming at largo about tho city.
On motion of Kirk referred to police
Mrs. Dr. Tucker and Mre. W. 8.
Kelt'ner, president of the Helping Hand,
had a letter read stating that that in
stitution bad been discontinued and
they thunked the city for past favors in
the way of monthly stipends.
County Attorney Saulsberry was
present in the interest of the county
commissioners who wished Kush street,
Pueblo, opened up via the Pueble
machine shops, under the D. & R. G.
lly., and up to the Dunforth school.
The united efforts of the county, the
D. AR. G. and the cities of Bessemer
and Pueblo could open up this valu
able roadway, once the old Santa Fo
trail, and ho was instructed to say it
should be done. On motion of Jackson
referred to street and bridge com
mittee to consult with similar com
mittee from Pueblo and the county
commissioners, and report.
Mayor Dempsey called on Attorney
Lennard for a statement, of the cases
of tho C. F. A I Co. and the C. C. & I.
D. Co. vs the city. Mr. Lennard went
on to cite the fajts as heretofore
stated in these columns. He, in con
junction with Mosers McAliney and
Arrington had prepared what they
considered a strong case but before they
oould bring their case before the court
counsel for plaintiff preeeated a dis
claimer from the oounoil of Bessemer
signed by seven of the members, and
there was nothing left to do but drop
the defense for the tins. In the oase
of the dieinoorporation of the lake the
court ruled adversely but he felt con
fident of auooeoa if the oaae were car
ried up.
Mayor Dempsey then narrated the
circumstances of the oaae aad said that
the queer action of the eonnoil had
“knocked tbe props’' from under tho
eanooof tho dtp. A Merman leehiun
mIMMh m. h. m
e ;penses. He condemned tho aider
; men for tboir disloyalty and declared
their action strange in the face of the
fact that thoy had all instructed him to
j procure council to fight the case.
Leithoml had au explanation to
make: Ho thought tho mayor was
, mistaken in saying that tho council
wus unanimous in wanting to contest.
Mayor Dempsey quickly retorted that
ho wi.Bnot mistaken. He then scored
the recalcitrant members of tho council
; and said it looked very much ns if thr
council wus working in tho interests of
[ the C. F. & I. Co. and not of the town.
; At this the crowd applauded wildly and i
: Alderman Fisher got excited. Ho de
nied the charge. Ho was therein the
j interest of tho first ward and not in the
: interest of any company. A cross lire
J between himself and tho mayor was
I indulged in in which the mayor said
that Fisher lmd told a falsehood, and
the latter calling on Miles for proof,
the mayor said he was in tho same box
A'derman JacKsen jumped up and de
clared it looked as if tho C. F. & I Co.
owned seven uldormon and tho city
ownod one. -This pointed remark
added oil to tho ilro croated by the
discussion and tho spectators showed
their approval by long and loud hand
clapping and cheering.
Attornoy Arrington was then called
on for an opinion regarding an
appeal and expressed himself as certain
that tho ruling of Judgo Mitchell would
he reversed in a higher court. To him
the construction placed upon tho law
by tho county court was absurd and
would uot bo sustained if the case
wero carried up. Ilis statement was
well recoived.
The mayor then asked tho pleaouro of
the council regarding an appeal. Leit
hend said he could not see tho policy
of sponding perhaps 8500 In fighting
tho lake case when that property was
paying only about S2OO per year in
taxes. Milos said that if it was tho
wish of tho people to appeal the case
ho would second Jackson’s motion to
appeal. The mayor asked for an un
qualified socond to the motion which
Miles gave and received some coinfort
from tho applause of tho spectators.
The vote on tho nppoal stood us
Ayes, Jackson, Miles, Fisher, and
Kirk. Nays, Loithoad, Martin, Kellner
and Pannobnker.
The mayor voted aye and amid an up
roarouß time. Jackson moved that
the city attorney bo instructed to carry
the case to tho supremo court, and a
recess was taken.
After recess tho regular routine of
business was taken up. Miles moved
to eloct I*. O. Gaynor city engineer.
Jackson moved to eloct H. I*. Bick
nell. Bicknell was elected on fust
Miles moved that the city attorney be
instructed to draw lip an ordinance
regulating the pay of tho city scavenger
and to stop the Puoblo scavenger from
operating in Bessemer; carried. He also
culled on Murshul Shay for a report con
cerning instructions givon him to ferret
out any parties soiling liquors in the
city without license. Tho marshal said
he hud visited the places where liquor
was said to bo sold but he found none.
By request of Fisher the city attorney
assisted by tho mayor expluined the
circumstances regarding the payment of
costs by those interested in hnving the
injunction served restraining the
Pueblo City Ry. Co. from roinoviug the
fairgrounds track.
Restrictions Not Removed.
The statement made in the Chieftain
to the effect that the restrictive clause
had been removed from four lots with
in a block of the city hall, and that a
couple of saloons would be built forth
with is entirely without foundation.
Such a report hus beon circulating for
several weeks but no attention was
given to it and tho rumor iB not
strengthened by giving it publicity in
the Chieftain.
The Indicator took occasion to in
terview the local officers of the Colo
rado Coal and Iron Development Co. on
the subject, Messrs C. K. Mcllarg, O.
M. Ladd and J. L. Beaman, who gave a
fiat denial to the report. Those gentle
men stated that neither the C. F. &
I. Co. nor the C. F. &I. Co. have
considered the proposition of removing
restrictions from any Dossemer property
and that the rumor concerning the
restrictive clause to the lots under dis
cussion was absolutely without founda
tion. This positivo denial should settle
Hie matter. Thoy stated, however, that
it is possible thero aro a few lots in n
certain ten-acre tract out. west of the
oity hall where the prohibitive measure
does not maintain, but if such is the
case it is very strange that such lets
were not discovered long ago.
An ordinance providing for the
annual appropriation for the fiscal year
beginning June x, 1893.
R« U ordained by the City Council ol the
City of Bessemer:
Sec. I. That for the purpose of defraying
all necessary expense* anil liabilities of the
City of Bessemer fur the fiscal year begin
ning Juno Ist, 139), amt ending May list 1894,
there Is hereby appropriated out of any
mono;.* In the treasury of the City of Bes
semer, not otherwise appropriated the fol
lowing sums of money for tha objects and
purposes herein provided.
First, Salaries •*,000.00
Hccond, Streets and Bridges 3,500.00
Third. Contlgcnt fund 2,800.00
Fourth. Klro 800.00
rrrth. Water * 4,100.00
BUth, Light* 9MM
Seventh. Irrigating, 1,000.00.
Eighth, Printing and Elections 600.00!
Ninth, Interest 1,600.00 i
l'enth, Indebtedness 4,000.00
Passed and approved this sth d»y of June,
A. D.tssa
Attest: Mayor
B.F. JoureaoN,
S VBA pubHo«tSn C June 10,1898.
P A ors Sale!
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
Graham-JVescott Bloch.
iJ— —- PER LET
Every Day in the Week. The best
that can be made.
Also Ice Cream Soda and all Other Regular
Small Drinks.
H. P.ERLET, Evans and Summit
We have on baud nl nil time*
the beet Ice Cream and nil
kinds of cold drinks to be bad
in Bessemer. We use nothing
but the best material and nre
not afraid to guarantee any
thing we sell.
1204 Routt Avenue.
Notice of Stilt*.
Notice is hereby given that I hat e
this (lay sold my stock of groceries
to Joe Mellor and John Morris,
known as the firm of Mellor & Mor
ris. All persons knowiug them
selves to be indebted to me will
please call and settle accounts by
June 20, 1893.
Dated June 7, 1893
John Yates.
Public Notice.
Messrs Mellor & Morris beg to
inform the inhabitants of Bessemer
and neighborhood that having
bought the stock of groceries of
Mr. John Yates, they are now pre
pared to offer the best groceries at
the lowest possible prices, and hope
by a strict attention to business to
merit a share of the patronage of the
public. Respectfully yours,
Mellor & Morris.
To buy aSO or 100 ft. front suitable
for residence. Will pay casli, but lets
must be cheap. Inquire at this office.
Are You Thinking
Of what you ought to take with yeu
when you go to the World's Fair? Y#ur
outfit will not be complete without a
oottlc of Chamberlain's Colic, Cb#lcrn
and Diarrha-a Remedy. The change
•i' water and diet, fatigue und irregular
habits, during your trip are almost
ccrtnin to produce diarrhoea and a dose
or two of this remedy may save you
serious sickness and perhaps much ex
pense. Procuro it before leaving
home. 25 and 50 cent bottles for a ale
by W. P. Swartz.
Latest in “World's Fair Rates
Commencing June 1st. and until
further notice the Denver* Rio Grande
will sell tickets at the following rates
in connection with the Burlington or
Rock Island routes, viz.: Chicago and
return $37.50 good until Nov. 15.
St. Louis and return $32 good until
Nov. 15th. Kansas City, Oraaba or
an} Missouri river common point and
return $20 good thirty days, and com
mencing June 5th and until further j
notice we will sell one way tickets 1
as follows: Chicago $21.75. 8t Louis
$19. Kansas City Omaha or any Mis
souri River oornmon point $12.50.
Make note of this important point,
▼in.: We run more trains and give bet
ter oervioo than all roads running into
Pueblo combined. Just think of it,
leenre Pueblo this morning, arrive in
Obama same night, Chicago or 8t.
Louie the next afternoon. Only one
eight eat Pueblo to Chicago or 8t.
Louie, 8>bH tickets ead Pullman ac-
Grand Union Ticket
Estimates Furnished
Call at No. GOO Arreya, Bessemer.
Notice of Election.
Notice Is hereby given that tbe
annual meeting of tbe stockholders
of Tbe Bessemer Building and Loan
association will be held at the city
hall, Bessemer, Monday, June, 19,
1893, at 8 o'clock p. in. for the elec
tion of directors and officers, and
the transaction of any other busi
ness that may come before tin
Jas. Iv. Dempsey
F. P. Jlawke
Great Rock Island Route
iubu l mrj
As long a time ns Duvlil reigned, so lone
I ms tin* ( lilcago, Hock Island A Pacific Hall
••vny run trains westward from Chicago.
Tlic Hock Island I- foremost in mio|>thit
any mlvnntnee calculated to improve speed
nnil it! vo Hint luxury, safety and com for'
that popular patronage demands. Its equip
ment is thoroughly ooinplete with vestltmled
trains, magnificent dining cars, sleepers and
clinlrs eoaelies, all the most elegant, and 01
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful and cupnhle management and
polite, honest service from employes an
important Items. They are a double duty—
to toe i oiapuny and to travelers—and it is
sometimes a task ditlleuli of accomplish
ment. Passengers on this line will tlnd Huh
cause for complaint on that ground.
The Importance of thU Fine can lie hettet
understood If a short lesson iu geography bi
now recited.
What is the great Eastern termini of tin
Hock Island Kolito?—Chicago. What othei
suti-Kastern termini has if.’—l’eoria. T<
what important points does it run trains h
the Northwest ?—St. Paul and Minneapolis
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Palls,
Dakota. To what Important Iowa mid Ne
braska points—Pc* Moines. Davenport, Iowa
Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Does it
touch other Missouri Hlver |H»ints? — Yes; St.
Joseph, Atchison, Ijonvcnworth and Kansas
City. Does It run trains totho Foothills ol
the ltoeky Mountains?—Yes; to Denver
t-'olorado Springs and Pueblo, solid vest Hail
ed from Chicago. <an Important cities 01
Kansas be reached by the Hock Island
Houto?—Yes; Its capital city. Topeka* and n
full hundred others In all directions In tin
State, anil It Is the only road running to and
Into the new lands opened for settlement in
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Hescrvation.
It will thus qe seen that aline tapping, ns
the Hock Island does,such a varied territory,
has much in that regard to commend tt to
travelers, as all connections nre sure on the
Hock Island, and passengers enn rely on n
speedy journey, as over a bulk of the system
through t rains ait* rim, and It has become,
and rightly too, the popular Fine
A very popular train on the Chicago, Hook
Island A Pacific Hallway leaves Denver,
Pueblo and Colorado Springs, -hilly. It Is
called "The World's Fair Special,” Ison-'
Jay out, ami passengers arrive at Chicago
early the second morning.
The Hock Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
to Is Vestlbuled, and carries the Hock Island
excellent Dining Car Service.
For full particulars as to tickets, maps,
rates, apply to any coupon ticket nfllco In
the united, Canada or Mexico, or address:
Genl.Tkt. * Pass. Agt., Chicago, III.
E. ST. JOIINcOenl. Manager, Chicago, III.
J. U. KELLER, Agent. Pueblo, Colorado.
Cut Rates.
To Chicago ami return S3O. St Louis
and return $22, Kansas City and all
, Missouri river points S2O. Above are
; round trip rates via the Missouri
Pacific. Secure your tickets at the
Union avenue bridge depot or Union
Wm. Hooo. P. & T. A.. Tel. 191.
Quick Service to Cripple Creek
via Santa Fe.
Commencing May Ist the Santa Fe
route and Colorado Midland will put on
a new tram for Cripple Creek, leaving
Union Depot at 6:10 a. m. and Stone
depot at 6:80 a. m. arriving at Cripple
Creak at noon. Round trip tlcketa at
reduction are en aale at Union Depot
ail beta Fealty oflfao IS? H. Union
SfWfc. *• V-**?,. a •
Are individual safes constructed of selected dr ill proof steel
and designed for the safe keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry, Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables or all
kinds. Owing to their superior construction and location in
the strong vault of the American National Bank they afford a
protection not offered by the ordinary safe. The owner of one
of these safes enjoys the privilege of keeping valuables in a safe
know • . ; n An ei :
these safes by applying to this department of the—
T. \V. LYN( 'I I.
Dealer in Wall Paper Points, Oil, Gloss, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingund Glazing done on
* Short Notice,
sill IVork Guaranteed.
This is a Victor Year
“Ali of Pueblo’s best riders use Victor Bicycles’’
“Because VICTORS are best”
Overman Wheel Co.
ROBERT GERWI NG, Manager. 3 1 2 Santa Fe Ave.
D R. Greene. D.F. Urmy, vict «ns. N. D. Hinsdale. ca*mi»r,
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
I James L. Lombard. T. \. sionn.. Thos. Thompson.
r w • 11 T). r. tJrmy. J. K. Sbireman.
1). It. Greeno. j. Barns. N. I). Hinsdale.
lias for sale Ihe Tour best inside lots in Bessemer at
leav down prices and on very easy terms, it HI sett
one or all. See me at once.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
No 8 East C Street. Bock of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
TELEPHONE 185. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
PuebLO Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything neat and clean and all work first class. Goods
called for and delivered to any psfrt of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I fIAAAIHAfI I I )oesn t , l Ul ’tc any prices, but be permits
iJlUvvI M*\ n 0 ° nCt ° e ' VC ,norc Groceries an( l Provisions for n BIG
I DOLLAR than lie does.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don't ask questions, but drop in and see him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to—
Corner Union and Arrtkndo Avenues, PUEBLO, COLO.
Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables and Spring Mattresses.
Also for Heating and Cook Stoves and Queensware.
Will buy, Sell or Trade.
119 West 2nd Street. Y Mill
Largest and Finest Stock of Domestic
\_jportmi IVooitus in tke

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