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Important to
Bessemer Mercantile Company
Have made reductions throughout the store
that will make things hum.
Others are anxious to save money ;
Why not Yon? -£■
Ladies' Oxford ties, sizes 2 to 6 90 ■
Boys’ canvas base ball shoes, down to 75c
Infants' shoes for every day wear, 25 to 35c
Full line reliable Hamilton & Brown Cos. shoes
Men's cheviot working shirts red. from 75 to 50c
Men's balbriggan und'rw'r all sizes, 25c to $2.50
Full line fancy colored dress shirts.
Ladies' fast black hose. 15c kind, 3 pairs 25c
Hats, clothing, overalls, bib overalls, jumpers,
all at money-saving prices.
Bit m i
Right across the corner from the City
A Magnificent Offer.
We hav# just completed arrangements with u large Publishing House whereby
we ate in a position to otfer our large circle of friends a magnificent edition of the
New Popular Family Atlas of The World,
bound in English Silk Cloth. This Atlas is brought up to date and is a volume
12*4x14 inches in size, containing 582 pages and printed on a fin* quality of
paper, and is worth $8.50. It is impossible for us to describe this work. It will
have to be seen and examined at our store to be appreciated
It is eur purpose to present a copy of this valuable Family Atlas to every I
customer who purchases and pays the amount S7't on the ticket which wears]
giving away. We are aware that no ad vert isem-a* is -o effective ns well pleased
patrons and we have ad-cit>*d 11.1.; plan of ex pr.su. ng our appreciation of the,
patronage accorded '•> a- !>. our mmy c>i.-ito:.i uhi and new. Notwithstand !
ing this otfer, oar ,<;;••• .. . ;..w. ii‘ s-t lower, than before.
Whenever you tore PLEASE BHING A TICKET
with you and have the aia >■ • ;• \y punched or registered upon it, and obtain j
a copy of this magnificent ATLAS < >F THE WORLD.
Call at our store and get a ticket if you have not already received one. And j
whenever you need any furniture m* • o: : rive you some money in your purchases, •
besides supplying you with t L i.- A*ln < »f the World.
Swift Block, 51S Main st.
McMahon k Col.ier,
Funeral Directors
ffe Carry the Largest Stork of Funeral Sup
plies West or the Mississippi
Corner D Street and Union Avenue
Shoe makinq and Repair ing. .
Hand sewed Boots and Shoes i
to order. First-class work &■ i
promptly done. Shop in
__ 1
New that house cleaning is over
yeu find you nre sadly In need of
name new furniture. A new chair
•r two. one of those pretty light
* wood tahles, or a bookcase with
dainty silk curtains will brighten up
the room wonderfully, and certainly
will not cost much if you deal
with the Puoblo Furniture Co. The
bedroom set you have so long
wanted caa be found there at a
surprisingly low price. It is not
necessary to wait until you have the
full amount of meney to pay for
them, for this firm do not demand a
very large sum down, and only a
very email payment every moath
Util the bill ie settled. Thie is
-eerftalnly a great advantage as you
have the use ef the furniture in the
leaatimo. Furniture for the large 1
-Mi etagaat home, or the eoey little
Mhifi, ef all Wads, styles and
idu Aht I large ■—nrtaesnf ef
. HplDil paid In tBMttO
Hu r pi iik. 7,5000
AI vn Adfimn, pr/.Kid -Tit; John A. Thatcher
1 vi.-.- i.r.-sld. iii; i hrU Wilson, mslili-r; M. I>
h ate her, W. L. Graham, J. J. Pochon, J. N
, .irlii.\ T. A. Sloan, Uw>. J. Ipjubuugh, <1
1% South Union Avenue.
1 Suits to order, $23. $3O. $3B.
Pants to order, $7 $8 $9 $ 1 O.
Repairing neatly done.
Pianos, Organs, Sheet music,
I books and all kinds of musical
merchandise. Tuning, repair
ing, boxing and moving pianos
and organs.
322 Santa Fe Ave.
Tuesday June 20, Mark Murphy will
with the assistance of his company of
twenty comedians, present their latest
■ New York success, “O'Dowd’s Neigh
bors,” at the Grand opera bouse.
O'Dowd’s Neighbors is one of these
theatrical productions for which you
cannot find a name in the dictionary,
: but call it what you will, it is a winner
! from the start to finish. The manage
i mont boasts that they have the largest
* farce-comedy company traveling this
! season. Sam J. Ryan, who has the
! second best part in the piece, is a very
clever comedian, and wns the original
in the part of Marcus McNab. An ad
dition to the company this year is Miss
Clara Thropp, Miss Annie Fording, Miss
Minnie Williams, Miss Emma Winton,
Miss Hose Leigh, and many other
beautiful ladies. Miss Jennie Murphy
plays the part of the Widow Reilly, is a
great favorite among comic opera
singers. Seats nre now on sale.
Dlnnev Jn Pueblo, Supper In
Clippie Creek.
Leave Pueblo at 11:20 a. m. or 11:50
a. m. via Hi© Grande Coaen City.
Arrive Cripple Creek 7.80 p. m.
through tickets 4-.40.
If yen want yaur clothes cleaned
and repaired, send a postal to 122 S
Evans Ave,, and I will call for tfaooi. ]
P. H. MoCvbdt.
*■■ - i
Wmrtwj I— m»K mt tin Pj
“Welcome thsas pleasant days.”—
King Henry IV.
Celebrate them too, by taking out
intereet certificates of the Central
A watch
To run right
Must be kei t clean.
See F.T. Briggs, 207 Santa Fe.
Strawberry ice cream at the Daisy
bakery tomorrow.
H. C. Miller A Ce. will deliver
orders for groceries to any part ef
the city ea short notice.
Dr. O. A Gregg of 200 South Union
avenue, will extract yeur teeth with
out pain.
O. A. Lee and son Guy left for
Denver Thursday where they will
at once go to w«rk in a paper mill
placing machinery. Mrs. Lee will
follow some time next week.
Scavenger Hughes is looking after
the health of the city.
All kinds of cold drinks on ice nt
all times at the Daisy Bakery
11. C. Miller A Co. for full weights
and measures and the finest line of
You can get the largest dish of
cream in the city at the Daisy
Bakery for 10c. 1204 Routt Ave.
11. C. Hamilton lias been very siek
all week from a billious attack.
Manager H. E. Chubbuck has
placed an order for rails for street
car service with the steel works.
This means more track.
See Dr. C. A. Gregg of 200 south
Union when you need auy work
done in the dentistry line. Teeth
extracted without pain by the use of
J. B. Howard, an old timer of Bes
semer renews his subscription to
the Indicator from Lamanda Park*
As stated in the Indicator last
week, the Pueblo City Rv. Co. does
not intend to tear up the fair grounds
track. The polls and w*re will be
taken up from the fair grounds to
th* city limits and then the work
will stop. The track will not he
removed even outside the city limits.
Inducements have been offered J.
J. Stnnchfield to remove the Bes
semer Fair stock of goods to Sulida
It is not probable, though that he
will make th* change.
Georg* Clark, an expert pattern
maker at the steel works quit his
job and went to Erie, Pennsylvania.
George loaves many friends in
Miss Miriam Greenbaum does
dressmaking at her home, 1015 Routt
avenue. Miss Greenbaum does uone
hut first-class work and guarantees
satisfaction. Prices reasonably.
A new scale of wages will soon re
place that now in effect in the bar
and guide mill. What the reduction
will be is on* of the things unknown.
Miss Alice Rickahaugh will go to
Canon City next week where she
-will attend the summer normal j
school. Miss Rickabaugh will tend) 1
school next year.
Twenty-eight loaves of Ihe finest ■
home made bread in the land at the !
i Daisy Bakery for SI.OO.
| Mrs. Flazier of Montrose is visiting j
J her sister, Mrs. A. J. Fairbanks. j
j The Bullet) Bridge Co. agreed to
j have the viaduct completed in ninty ]
: days from May 15 ult. Thirty-three i
of those precious days have gone by (
and no iron in sight. Time is flying,!
John Warren, justice of the peace
from Rye, has been in town several
days this week the guest of Judge
T. N. Jones will remove his shoe
shop to the mesa next week.
Base ball has lost its charm in this
, city. Like a favorite song it bus had
its run and is now played out.
The street sprinklers are strug
gling against the dust these days
1 and do lots of good.
C. H. Quackenbush A Son are
, scattering hand hills to-day setting
forth some very low figures on the
on the price of shoes.
You and your friends come to the
ice cream social on Friday June 23rd
given by the ladies of th* Christian
church, at their church. Cream 10c.
Cuke sc. X
Messrs. Metier A Morris, th*young
men who bought out the grocery
. stock of John Yates are rapidly
building up a trade and are well
spoken of by their patrons. They
, have made a good start.
Rev. A. W. Nicholson of La Junta
. has been appointed by the M. E.
conference to fill the pulpit of the
Bessemer M. E. church for the
ensuing year.
Rev. C. C. P. Hiller will attend the
Methodist theological school at
Denver, he receiving no regular np
-1 point at the conference just held at
Henry Herman of th* firm of
Herman A Shloss is now in the
East visiting and sight seeing.
Mr. Herman is in Tyrone, Pa., his
old home, while his family is at
the World’s Fair.
Kangaroo kid footwear soft, yet
possessed of great strength. Gives
ease and comfort to the most tender
feet. Prices from $2.60 to $5.00 Read
large display adv. Bessemer Mer
cantile Co.
A representative of a Pueblo in
vestment company was viewing the
various corners at Northern and
Evans avenues this week with a
view to putting up a large business
bleak. Bessemer is greatiy in used
of more store rooms.
Itisan-old sayigg that all signs
fail in dry weather. The circus
came and went this week but “nary
a<l rap” of rain. However, the 4th
of July is close at hand, so just hold
en a little longer.
O. W. Perkins is offering a rare
inducement to purchasers. A coupon
or ticket Is to given to a customer
and when purchases are made to
the amoßDt of ff7s, a valuable fafiO L
atlas of the world Jo given away, ft
Yob are a gainer in that extent, ] t
aad besides yen gel your fa ml tare i
■4 the eery lowest pries. Read the
mMrerthmmomt, "A sawralffe—s of-1
C. A. Farlow has completed an
exoellent job of painting the reef
of the German M. E. parsonage.
Mr. Barkley having decided to
postpone the publication ef the
Tribune, th© Indicator will con
tinue to held the field alone, it being
the oulr newspaper in Bessemer.
Standard Slate paint is the best.
It is hr* proof and lasting. Pre
pared and used ouly by C. A. Farlow
of 1007 Claremont avenue, Bessemer.
Have you ever tried eue ef those
5x pies at th# Daisy Bakery? They
are the best in town.
Satisfaction guaranteed by C. A.
Farlow iu the use of his celebrated
Standard Slate paint. It is superior.
Call on him at 1007 ('laremeut Avc.
Bessemer Is being sawed off
nroum! the edges and tern up gen
erally but it continues to bob up
serenely. The steel works pulled
out and was followed by the lake,
and a ranchmen bought the lake
Minnequa ball park and hauled it
out on the prairie to make u cow pen
Our bread Is fresh as we bake
evey day and our sales are so rapid
it does not have time to get stui#.
E. J. Wilcox of Pueblo has an
option on the ‘•on th-cast corner of
Northern and Routt avenues for an
eastern syndicate that contemplates
the erection of a large business
block. The plan of the building has
not yet been decided upon.
Material is being hauled fer the
foundation of the saloon to be built
on Cedar street near Arreya.
Julius Fist'is having the building
put up.
Do you like home made bread?
I f you do vou will call at the Daisy
Bakery and get some of that fine
bread kept on hand nt all times. 1204
Routt Ave.
Phil Driscoll is piling the dirt
taken from the basement of Her
man A Shloss’ store on the approach
to the viaduct for which he receives
from the citv seventy-five cents per
day for each team.
Pueblo’s bns# ball team collapsed
financially at d was obliged to sell
th* Miunequa ball park fence to
help them out of the difficulty.
The fence will hereafter decorate a
ranchmen’s domain as a corral and
the many ornamental signs of down
town merchants will be viewed
only by the lone coyote. Pueblo
and Bessemer combined could not
support a base ball team. Hence
this item.
A shipment of nine corored work
ingmen from Rirninglmm, Alabama,
arrived at the steel works Thursday
morning. Part of them said they
were bonnd for the company’s coal
mines at Rouse while the others had
been sent for as blast furnace men.
The foundation for the new steel
works Keeley Institute is begun.
The building will he outside the
fence and close to the south side of
th# eastern grade to the viaduct.
I»r. McDonald and manager Hum
phery are anxious for its completion
as the room they now oocuoy ia not
adopted to their purpose.
By order of Thomas Crow, Bupt
of the converter, the men under
Foreman Whittihgton of the steel
foundry have cast a steel pinion for
the bar mill, the first ever made in
the works. It is of special steel and
the men pronounce it a fin# one. If
they had an annealing furnace they
would be “strictly in in.’'
Sugar bread at the Daisy Bakery
tomorrow. Call and get some of the
best you ever ate. 1204 Routt Avc.
A House on Fire
down in Host Pueblo caused tre
mendous excitement th* other day and
the people cam* running from all parts
of the city for they expected to see a
great sight, but the excitment wns not
half so great ner the rush anything in
comparison to what* was taking plnce at
810 Snnta Fe av*nu*, and the commotion
still continues. It ia all caused by
th* grand sale of summer goods at
the dry goods and millinery store of A.
Yorreiter. Everything going nt a mere
nothing and great is the crash. No
room here to relate details; go there
yourself and s*e the wonderful bargains
to be bad. You come away feeling that
you have rscewed a gift.
This man is
c e r t a 1 n I y
in a king
tracks. He
is trying to
• keep time with the tremendous pace
s*t by one of th* greatest depart
. ment stores in this or any other
: country. H* is in the push with the
. big crowd that is constantly making
a rush for the great bargain center.
He got in the line of march and is
. irrislstably carried along by the
, eyer increasing crowd of hurrying
humanity. He heurd of the store
from afar off and is westwurd bound
to see the sight. Next after tin-
Mineral Palace the department
■tore of Wall A Co. is perhaps the
most interesting place for sight see
ing in the city. Thousands of peo
ple, not only from the various parts
of the state, but from Bessemer and
Pueblo crowd the spacious room
every day to view the numberless
things which are for sale and to be
numbered among those who get the
Wa.l A Co. know no hard times
nor slow sales because they sell so
low and their good* give such
satisfaction that the sales continue
to increase and grow as the summer
advances. No prices are quoted,
but you are invited to call and eee
the sights and then invest if you
find what suits in quality and price.
Any one of a dozen clerks will be
anxious to show you about and
quote prices to you. Don’t be back
ward about asking questions, but
come and see what i* offered. Your
presence Is wanted, your attention Is '
wanted. Come everybody. Come 1
aad feast your eyes on tbs beauties 1 *
and tbs bargains of tbs Great os-1
I partment store of Puefet*. .
Th«y are equal to any Tailor made goods in
the world. They are made of the BEST materials
and guaranteed to fit the same as if the best Tailor
in America had made them to your order. In all
grades and in all prices.
We carry a full and complete line of Gent's
Clothing and Furnishing goods.
221 Santa Fe Ave.
Corner of Northern and Evans Avenues.
Board, $4.60 per week. Regular meals, 26 cents.
Everything first-class.
H. M. SHOUP, Proprietot
Savings Bank.
The Pueblo Savings bank is a popular
institution with the people of Bessemer,
Hnd it deserves to be. It is a good bank
to patronize and the men, women and
children of the city are fast finding it
Cards for Sale.
Large cards with the following:
“Furnished rooms fo rent,” “dn-.
furnished rooms for rent, “rooms
with board,” “for rent,” “boarders
wanted,” “dressmaking,” etc. etc.
ect. for sale at this office.
A Story of Bessemer.
[By e. m. oi.abke.l
“ Miss Summers —Polly—I—er—daro
■ I—” But tho speaker took a header
i over bashfulneßS, only to hear n sweet:
“Yes, Charlie.” “Can I aspire to—that
’ is—” Again a lapse into silence, fol-
I lowed by an encouraging: “Yes,Charlie.”
I “Oh, if I might only hope to—er—to”
. Another failure of langusge. It was
I soemingly a hopeless caso, and It might
have been, only for a demure: “Charlie
, I've said ‘yes’ twice, and if you mean it,
■ too, and—and—” And to this day that
young mun will insist that he popped
tho question.
All this happenod away “down
east,” and it wasn’t long before tliero
was a wedding. Not much longer be
fore there came a letter from Polly’s
Uncle Cy Htubbs, out in Colorado whe
wrote effusively ef ins delight ut her
exhibition of what he called “grit” and
lie proposed that ff the young people
would locate at Hessomer he would give
them a start in life. Of course they ex
copted and were soon bidding their
friends adieu.
• *****
A few weeks subsequent to he übove
incidents, a travel stainod party ar
rived at Bessemer. Our friend Uncle
Cy, waa in charge, and he led the party
straightway to a hotel.
“Mow we are ready for the cage for
■ your bird,” said Uncle Cy, as they re
-1 paired to the carriage. “The first thing
' toward a house is the lumber. You of
i course want the very best. I have al
- ways found it cheapest and most profit
■ able to patronize the Bessemer lumber
! yard managed by Mr. Geo. Fugard, at
i the corner of Spruce and Mesa. There
' is no other establishment in this section
I of the country where they carry con
• stantly a stock in quality and quantity
» such as you will like to select from.
» They are reliable in every respect, and
* not to be undersold.” The popular yard
' was reached in a trice, and a bill cov
l ering tho whole range of material
nooded for an extensive house from
sills to shingles, with a fancy fense to
unclose it, was ordered.
“And now, we'll pay a visit to Her
man &. Sh loss' big general Hiore. I
' want to show you a thoroughly equipped
mercantile establishment; one that is a
' whole trade center in itself. It has
complete and full stocked departments
in every conceivable line—dry goods,
groceries, clothing, boots and shoes,
dishpp, hats, and caps, ladier and gents
furnishings., etc., in charge of com
petent and polite salesmen. And when
1 you coins to prices, well, their metheds
of shrewd buying, modest profits and
square dealing have placed them in the
lead in this respect also.
Next my dear, said the old man to
Polly, “I'm ready to honor any draft
you may make for dry goods. The best,
cheapest, and most popular place in
town is the Bessemer Mercantile Co.
store, and we’ll drop in there. In ex
tent, quality and completeness their
stock is superb; they are always to the
front with the latest fashions, superior
goods and lowest prices, nnd you will
receive the politest attention from the
clerks. One of the secrots of the great
success of this house is that it is con
stantly in the market for the freehast
styles nnd novelties, and havo a very
genius for buying nt remarkably low
figures. Add to this an inviolable
policy of sharing Ita bargains with its
customers and you have the reason for
its popularity. This estnblisemont also
sells drugs and books.”
Roturning to Polly, Uncle Cy sug
gested a resort to some pluce of refresh
ment, nnd they betook themselves to
H. Perleta oonfectionery and ioe cream
parlors where they regaled themselves
on cream as “delicious ae the apart an
dreams ef tho goda," eo Polly dr
declared. Then after eajeying farther
refreshment ia a faH eomgletement of
fruits, while the gentlemen indulged ii.
a “Calida” cigar.
At the refreshment tnble Uncle C\
waxed philosephical. “Never neglect
your larder, young lady,” said he.
“That important adjunct of house
keeping controls the masculine temper.
To that end you must patronize u
a grocer on whom you cqp depend for
honest goods. Through a long term ol
years I have found P. Shoor.uj thorough
ly reliable. You will Hud him a careful
dealer always full stocked with evorj
passible thing in the lino of staple and
fancy groceries, fresh au«l first class
no Bhelf worn goods there—while ic
prices ho is ‘way down to brass tacks.’ "
“It don’t follow, though," ho con
tinued, “that careful attention to
mutters of tho table need only be paid
to groceries and provisions; the inoal
question is eqtlully essential. To locate
tho man who oarries constantly choic*
meats, juicy stoaks, and gaino aud fish
in season, is quite an undertaking, but I
here heartily recommend D. L. Eynon
A Co. They are cheap, always well
stocked, handle uothing but the
ohoioest of prime and well conditioned
meats, and make a strong point in com-
bining quality and quantity lor the
“If there’s one thing now," vouch
safed tho old gentleman, “that I dis
like about our orthodox domestic
economy, it’s the custom that expects
our women folks to burn their faces
over a hot oven, nnd meanwhile fretting
their souls with fours that their bread
will be heavy. I u.lvivo you young
folks fo buy your bread ut some first
class bakery; Its cheaper, more con
venient and saves over-heating, worry,
kitchen disarray nnd a heap of feminine
temper. My friend Wui. llt rig con
ducts a very superior bakery just down
tho srreet, and his broad is the best in
town, while his pastries are uucqualled
for dolicious quality.
“Oh!" exclaimed Polly, as they
halted before a show window: “What
perfectly lovely slippers!” “Yes,” suid
Uncle Cy,“C. H. Quuckenbush A Son’s
beot and shoe stock can’t be epualled
in style or extent in this section; como
in and look it over.” Now it is utterly
impossible to tell of the bargains our
young friends got. Polly declared that
nowhere in the east had she seen finer
styles, better quality, or grenter variety
in all lines of foot wear, and she was
thoroughly astonished ut the remark
ably low prices. Uncle Cy willingly
paid for the extensive purchase, for he
declared that no one could resist the
styles and prices at Quackenbush’s
“And now,” excluimed Uncle Cy,
with what sounded like a sigh of re
lief, “I reckon we can supply all the
rest of the outfitting at one establish
ment, they’ve got literally most every
thing there—l mean tho Bossemer
Fair." And sure enough, what was
needed of an hundred and one things
for the economy of u household waa to
be found thoxe -ladies nnd gents furn
ishings, dry goods, hats ami cups, tin
ware, toweling, lamps, mouse traps, teys
crockery, wooden ware, jewelry, no
tions, glusswuro, fancy baskets, books,
stationery- good gracious, we couldn’t
begin to tell all that Polly found that
she couldn’t possibly do without.
Am the trio passed down the stree
Polly stumbled and would have fallen
but for her uncle's arm. “Oh dear!”
sho oxcluimed, “I havo torn the sole
off my shoe.” “You are lucky it hap
pened right here,” said the old man,
' for we are near to the shop of T. N.
Jones, the best shoemaker in all this
region, and he will ropair damages in a
En route to tho hotel the gentlemen
called at tho Indicator office. “You’ll
want the news,” said Uncle Cy, “and
this is the only paper here. I’ll sub
scribe for it.”
Preaching at 11 u. m. and 8 p. m.
Morning text “This year also.”
Evening, “What Is that in thine
hand,” u sermon to young Christian*
Sunday school 9:46 a. in. All are
cordially invited to all these
Rev. Finley Reynolds,
W 0 »«<* *», Genuine Coo-
’ federate Bills only five ‘cents
each; S6O and fLOO Mil* 10eente each •
fl and Cl Mil* St cent* each. Int
securely seated on receipt Wpr tee.
... ——. ,1.- i ■»
Keeps a Fine Line of Reliable
Bub^ct to y° ur inspection end selection.
t ' You cr* be fitted out without having to pef
' extra price for an eye test.
— l •>"' Waterier k*u* ewelry carefully and proasptl|
FRFD T 207 Santa Fe Avenue.
L I\ljL/ 1 . 1J IVIVJUO, With Stanchfield’s Book Store.
Corner 2nd and Mun • and 226 S. Union Ave.
' — —~—-
mrm t\ tti t on the
mil null ■*
Compared with the great rush at
For Summer suits.
Suits to order $15.00
Pants to order 3.50
*333 South Union Avenue
HTATKor Colorado, i In the County
Pueblo County. J ”*• Court.
8. T. DANIEL, l
Plaintiff, I
_ „ . _ vs. > Summons.
The People of tlje State of Colorado, to the
Defendant aboue named Creetiqq :
You ar* hereby required to appear In an
action brought against you by the above
named plaintiff, In the County Court of
Pueblo County, State of Colorado, and
annwer the complaint therein within twenty
days after service hereof, If served within
this County; or. If served out of this County,
or by publication, within thirty days after
the service hereof, exclusive of the day of
service; or Judgment by default will be taken
against you according to the prayer of the
If a copy of the complaint be not served
with the Summons, or If the service be made
out of the State, ten days additional to the
time specified In the Summons shall bo al
lowed for appearance and answer.
The sum or money and other relief demand
ed In said action, briefly stated, Is a Judge
ment for seventy-five dollars with Int from
March S4th A.D. DWon a certain Prom
issory note, executed by you payable to said
plaintiff or order dated Marcb 2tth A.D.
IM dne ninety days after dale with Interest
st 1 per cent per month from date and costa,
as will more fully appear by the complaint
In said action, on file In salu Court, to which
reference Is hereby made.
Given under my hand and the seal of said
Court, at the City of Pueblo, In said County
and Hiate, this Btn day of May. A. D. IMPS.
Judge and Acting Clerk of said Court. #
Deputy Clerk.
n ti rani mu.
. »i» as jfStnSjW H— al nM*m
v ly Ms* «stwiw» a u»
Manulaeturers of and retail dealers in
Rxpaibiwo Dona.
247 Nell Diin Amu.
Riga to hire, bones stabled and v*.
hides cared for. Charges reaaoaaM*.
Northern and Spruce, Bessemer
Teeth ti ratted Withsnf Fata,
The tfraateat w-ndar el a* tHs. j
whqee daalal jtarlsn a* a. Mb <m£||
Uuen Avenue hae the/ >fht a. the aMBRi
ead of Pubis couatf aad arffl awH
rser teeth wlthaet atuiag pafca.

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