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VOL. 4, NO. SO.
Yon bare loat money by
not trading with
Moses $ Allen
Look at the price under
each article. They
are money savers every
one of them.
00 lb« granulated sugar
00 lbs large white new potatoes
! 0 lbs granulated sugar
100 lbs Bhogo flour,
100 lbs Columbine flour
-1 lb Qold cremery butter
5 lbs gold creamery butter
1 lb ranch butter
17 l-2c.
9doz ranch efegf
*"* 1 doe state eggs
1 bottle 9 oa Price’s vanilla extract
"*1 bottle 2oz Dr. Prleo’s lemon extrac
9 benches lettuce
9 bunches radishes
1 doa fine lemons
9*caus salmon
1 can Price’s baking powder
1 can Anderson jam
8 lbs good Mocha and Java
9 lbe Royal Mocha and Java
1 lb ear best Imperial tea
1 lb onr best Japan
, " 65
1 lb Silver Leaf Japan
Onr teas are fine drawers, make
an elegant cold drink. Try them
once; yon willnse no others. Do
» not pay two prices for one ar
ticles when yon can buy goods
at these prices. We arc to save
' Moses & Allen
0* 902 Booth Union Ave.
.*'- Cor. oth and Santa Fe Ave.
I will give you lower Railway or
Steam ship rates to any part of the Uni
ted States or Europe than can be had
throngb any one else in Southern Colo
•*VlO. Call on or write me for rates and
. will famish you with all desired infor
. 7 fttio*
Ticket Broker, Pueblo.
South Union Ave, near B Street.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Fenaion Claims
y Boom 1 over Postofllce. Pukbi.o.
President. Cashier.
Onto* Ave. and C Street, Puoblo, Colorado
"mumr ■—
fall Set «1 Teeth
■ 95.00
Manns HH-5-S-T. Central Bloek.
*■ BHUps and thrown work done. Aleo all
wmfe- mown to modern dentistry. Prices
; teo—tlssnS aU work Warranted.
. ' Bar and 8.11
tertn, Gsfyetc Cvtiiii, eiuifin
rinware, nUs.
’*•. BAND &OODB.
r mmmmut - - sear bridge
Sami dialers in
I Wagons,
sieve** avs..
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Saturday at Bc**emer.Colo.
Entered at tlio Poßtoffloe at Pueblo, Colo., as
second class matter.
Prick op Subscription.
One Year $1 00
Six Months 60
The yellow hand bill scattered
about town and urging the working
men of Bessemer to co-operate with
the A. A. of I. and S. W. is prema
ture and the Amalgamation would do
well to ignore that document in its
meeting. The plain intent of the
circular is to make a demand for bet
ter wages which <mn mean at this
time but one thing—a strike. The
Indicator believes that the Amalga
mation as a hotly is not responsible
for the wording of the document, la
fact J. B. Jones, president of the as
sociation says as much. When asked
concerning it he declared that he did
not know it was to be so worded. It
is likely the work of some irresponsi
ble individuals. A strike would be
disasterous to the steel works meu.
They are not prepared and the com
pany is prepared. Men would be
shipped from Illinois and Wisconsin
at once and the C. F. & I. company
would keep the works running in
spite of those who went out. These
are hard times, and want of work
means want of bread with many a
steel worker. Level headed men
should control the meeting and keep
agitators in the back ground. An
amicable adjustment of the scale of
wages with the C. F. A I. company
can and should be made. 3ueh is
the only sensible course and the pub
lic at large will join the Indicator
in sincerely hoping that such counsel
will prevail.
Colorado’s high altitude has a
neutralizing effect upon the intense
heat of the sun. At times this week
the thermometer registered from 104
to 110 in the shade and yet there
was not a sunstroke recorded.
Thomas Thompson at last won the
race for the appointment to the
Pueblo post office and he was not
counted a sky-scraping White Wing,
either. His appointment is looked
■ upon with favor in Bessemer.
W. S. Bisbell, postmaster general,
will soon have in his possession a
I lengthy petition asking that a post
office station bo established at this
place. Bessemer is growing tired of
playing second fiddle for Pueblo.
This city needs a public park, not
, os an ornament but as a convenience
and a necessity. The park should
not be a half-acre triangular patch of
1 gumbo, either, but it should com
prize about four blocks where the
weary could find rest and comfort.
Rain makers are meeting with
. success in South Dakota this week
by the use of dj’namite. A gener
ous quantity' of that combustable
mixed with the roar Bessemer is
making at this time against the big
. corporations of the city might bring
a copious shower.
I The appointment of Frank P.
* Arbuckle as receiver of the land
offloc at Denver should be conclusive
evidence to the little clique of short
sighted “White Wings” that they
were not the only democrats in Colo
* rado last fall. That selfish little
i element that blowed a very loud
1 bazzoo and was in it for office only
has bad its head severely bumped.
Speaking of the employment of
negroes by the steel works company
the Pueblo Press says they are bet
ter at least than the dagoes. There
} is no justification in the remark.
> The dagoes in tarn are also superior
l to the Hottenteta but that is no
reason why a dago should be em
? ployed. The steel works should try
, to get along without th<? assistance
of the Alabama blacks.
The range In this vicinity is al
most barren of grass and unless rain
comes very soon the cattle must be
driven to other portions of the staje.
A dry spell of about eight months
* duration has been too much for the
moisture-retaining soil of Colorado
and the sturdy buffalo gnus is
•tooted and red. The hardy cactus
t tod the yteraov soap weed are new
, mM BaiMFtraM* 00 O*
i iMAMtaW »T«* «• JMt
Aldermen Panncbaker in Trouble.
A meeting in which Important
measures were executed
with promptness and dis
patch—The steel works case
appealed—Another hitch in
the viaduct—Liquor license
granted—Pannebaker gets
a scoring and his unofficial
conduct will be officially
investigated—Petitions and
reports—Mayor Dempsey
has a quintette of support
Early Monday evening a number of
curious spectators passed into the
council chamber anxious to learn what
startling disclosures would be made in
relation to the juggling of the steel
works out of the jity. From last week’s
Indicator they had learned that
something would be likely to drop, and
it dropped—dropped rather heavy at
that and fell on the toes of the sage
from the first ward. Mr. Pannebaker
finds himself in a hot box and it is not
at all improbable that he will bo sus
pended from the council. To add to
the interest created by taking up his
case the council discussed the steel
works suit against the city und decided
to take an appeal, an action which will
meet with popular approval.
The Minutes in Detail.
Aldermen Fisher, Kirk, Jackson,
Miles, Leithend and Keltner answered
to the roll call, Mayor Dempsey pre
siding. Tiie minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
The A. A. of I. &S. W. petitioned for
the use of hall Sunday, June 25, and on
motion of Mileß was granted.
J. F. Drake of Pueblo entered a plea
on behalf of an nged cripple for the
privilege of peddlipg vegetables in the
city without a license. On motion of
Juckson referred to committee with
power to act.
Citizens presented a petition asking
that the irrigators dig a ditch on the
west side of Spruce street north of
Summit avenue, und water the trees.
Jackson moved to refer to committee
on streets and bridges with power to
act. Carried.
The committee appointed to fix a
scale of prices to be charged by the city
scavenger reported as follows: The
scavenger Bhall be allowed 30 cents per
cu. ft. for cleaning out vaults and
cesspools, and 50 cents per load for
hauling girbage, etc. The report was
on motion of Jackson ordered to be
incorporated into the ordiuance relating
to scavengex work.
Marshal Shay reported having had
made 12 arrests, had filed 2 complaiuts
with the police magistrate and had col
lected 819 revenue from the pound.
On motion of Miles received and filed.
\ lengthy report of Street Cora.
Burns was disposed of.
Jackson reported the trip made to
Denver by himself, Mayor Dempsey
and Mr. Bullen to see J. A. Kebler re
garding the viaduct. They learned
that Engineer Rodgers of the D. & R.
was not entirely pleased with the
change of plans of the viaduct. How
ever, Mr. Jackson thought there would
be no serious delay.
J ackson called attention to the fact
the bridge on Lake avenue was in bad
condition. Miles moved that the bridge
be at once repaired and the bill of ex
pense be sent in to the Bessemer Ditch
Co. Carried.
Attorney Arrington was called upon
to give his views in regard to taking an
appeal in the case of the withdrawal
of the steel works. He stated that
while the ruling of the supreme court
in the lake case would virtually settle
the steel works case also, yet he re
garded an appeal necessury so that in
the event that the city would be suc
cessful the taxes on the steel works
could be collected. As matters noiv
stood the county clerk would be gov
erned by the ruling of the county
court and would, not apply Bessemer
taxes against the steel works. He was
not giving advice as to whether the
council should take an appeal; he was
simply stating a fact regarding the
question of taxation.
City Atty Lennard being called upon
said he did not quite agree with Mr.
Arrington. The oity taxes for the
present year apply to the steel works
and the city oould next year mandamus
the oounty clerk and compel him to
extend the taxes; still an appeal would
be all right, his only objection being the
compromise effeotsd in the oounty court
It was for the council to say whether it
would stay with the settlement.
Mayor Dempsejksaid that he had no
sompunotion about appealing the case.
With him the compromise extended no
farther than the oounty court and need
not affect the aotion of the council in
carrying the case up.
Fisher said there had been some
“monkey work” going on (referring to
Pannebaker’* petition) and he was in
foo straightening things out. Miles
thought the council had triad to
checkmate the mayor and was itself
checkmated. A vote being taken on
appeal the reeult was as follows:
Ayes, Fisher, Kirk, Jackson, Miles
and Kaltnar. Naes, Leithead.
Following out the prediction in the
last issue of the Indicator some of the
aldermen proceeded to shake Panne
baker up. Fisher reviewed the lying
conduct of that gentleman in securing
the signature* of the seven aldermen to
the notorious petition and stated
furthermore that Pannebaker exhibited
s copy of the osse involving the Union
■look yards, Denver, in the matter of
dlaiuoarporetfon, laying that, the steal
work* oould so more bo kept in the
oily thaa mold the Stock yards. Kirk
•MUHwMok d—o-Bwd th*
<**>• MIhbMM
Fisher aa such committee.
TrenBurerC. L. Funk having changed
the city accounts te the Pueblo Na
tional bank, presented a new bond of
L $15,000 with I>*R. Greene, N. D. Ilins
[ dale and Thomas Thomson as sureties.
. Accepted. On motion of Miles his
i former bond with I). L. Holden and
1 VV. A. Moses as sureties was cancelled.
' Fisho.* brought up the matter of
I street sprinkling and found fault with
r the street commissioner for not spnnk
1 ling north of Summit avenue except
' on Evans nvenue. Commissioner Burns
said the troublo lay in the low water
1 presure; it took so long to fill the tanks
that it was night by the time the north
k ond of town was roached. Kirk re
marked that it would be a good plan
j to have the sprinklers begin next morn
ing where they left off, which idea
seemed to <x*:ur also to the other mem
j bers of the council.
fc License to sell liquor was asked for
by J. H. McIntosh, the location of the
r saloon to be on lot 20, block 44, he to
give bond in the sum of $2,000. License
granted, Fisher, Kirk, Jackson, Miles
} and Leithead voting uye and Keltner
B voting no.
j Fisher called attention to the report
j that a saloon was running near the
I Holden smelter in vialation of the city
ordinance. Miles moved that the
mayor appoint a committee to investi
gate, nnd he was designated as the
, committee,
j Adjourned.
The Great and Glorous Fourth!
The Sons of Veterans and Co. C have
r arranged with the Rio Grande for a
3 special train from Pueblo to Colorado
Spring! on July 4th, to carry 1,200 peo
pie at a round trip rate of $1.50 each,
e children 75 cents. Those desiring to
e run over to Manitou can purchase
f round trip tickets at Colorado Springs
1 for 20 cents.
The citizens of Colorado Springs
* have contributed $1,000 for a grand
j pyrotechnic display, other attractions,
! athletic sports, grand drill by Co. C
a firman’s tournament and a grand com
3 petitive drill by the state encampment
of Sons of Veterans. Make your ar
i rangements to go along and spend the
i day at Colorado Springs, Cheyenne
s 'Janoa, Broadmorc or Manitou. You
f can make the round trip to any of these
* points from the Springs en the Fourth
r for 20 cents. With the unexcelled Ber
* vice always furnished its patrons by the
-‘Old Reliable” there is no danger of be
ing rushed or crushed. Tickets can be
j obtained from all members S. of V., Co.
9 C. or at all Rio Grande offices.
The Missouri Pacific Ry Reduc
ed Rates.
To Chicago nud ret, good until Nov. 15 $87.50
' Ht Lou Is * “ “ 31.00
' Chicago one way rate 21.75
) St Lon In “ “ “ 18.50
r Kansas City and ret, good 30 days 20.00
Kansas City, Leavenworth, Athlson, and
Ht Joseph one way, 12.50
The Missouri Pacific is the only line
‘ offering choice of two routes over its
own rails to Kansas City, 8t Louis,
Memphis and Little Rock. For reliable
information os te routes and rates,
; either railroad or steamship, maps,
I guides, timetables and description
1 pamphlets—please call on or address
the undersigned'. Sleepur berths re
-1 served and baggage clerks at the
Missouri Pacific depet, Union avenue
t bridge, or at the Union Depot.
I Wm. Hood, agent.
. Telephone 191
Are You Thinking
Of what you ought to take with you
when you go to the World’s Fair? Your
outfit will not be complete without a
uottle of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhcea Remedy. The change
of water and diet, fatigue and irregular
habitß, during your trip arc almost
certain to produce diarrhcea and a dose
or two of this remedy may save you
serious sickness and perhaps much ex
pense. Procure it before leaving
home. 25 and 50 cent bottleß for sale
by W. P. Swartz.
When Your Eye Strikes This Stop
and Read It.
The famous Hot Springs of Arkansas,
world renowned for their healing qual
ities and as a health and pleasure re
sort, can be reached quickly in Pullman
Buffet sleeping cars from Kansas City
and Coffeyvillo via the Missouri Pacific
railway Sufferers from “la ‘grippe,
influenza, rheumatism or kindred dis
eases, can obtain relief by a visit tc
this famous sanitarium.
Latest in “World's Fair Rates
Commencing June Ist, and until
further notice the Denver* Rio Grand'*
will sell tickets at the following rates
in connection with the Burlington or
Rock Island routes, viz.: Chicago and
return $87.50 good until Nov. 15.
St. Louis and return $Bl good until
Nov. 15th. Kansas City, Omaha or
any Missouri river common point and
return S2O good thirty days, and com
mencing June sth and until further
notice we will sell one w»p tickets
as follows: Chicago $21.75. St Lon is
$18.60 Kansas City Omaha or any Mis
sour! River common point $12.60.
Make note of this important point,
vis.: We run more trains and give bet
ter service than 1 roads running into
Pueblo combined. Jnst think of It,
leave Pueblo this morning, arrive In
Obama same night, Ohkngo or St
Lsubt tbs next altereooa. Only one
All Houses and Lots in this Addition for sale
on Easy Payments. Land under the Bes
semer Ditch for Sale or Rent.
Graham - IVescott Block .
Every Day in tire Week. Tlio best
that can be made.
Also Ice Cream Soda and all Other Regular
Small Drinks.
H. PERLET, Evans and Summit
Q. S. 11. James, late organist of the
Holy Trinity Church of Pueblo, is
prepared to give piano lessons and do
piuno tuning in Bessemer. Address
him at 309 Broadway.
We have on hauil at all times
the best Ice Cream and all
klndM of cold drinks to he hud
In Bessemer. We use nothing
but the best material and are
not afraid to guarantee any
thing we sell.
1 204 Routt Avenue.
Cash! Cash!!
Will pay spot cash for
residence lots in Bessemer.
Must be 30 or 100 ft. front.
Call at the Indicator office.
mUiI,L Basand Basoline
■ lr ■ ■ Ball IT are fewer parts, and are
WMMMMW therefore less likely to get out
'f order than any other Ran or gasoline engines now
-rullt. Just light the burner, turn the wheel, and it
runs all day.
No double or felse explosions, so frequent with the
unreliable spark.
for Simplicity It Beat* the World.
It Oil* Itself Automatically^
Mo Batteries or Xlectxie Spark,
t runs with a Cheaper Grade of Gasoline than any
other Engine.
you MKiimw ciacout** *mr to
CALMER & REY, Manufacturers,
San FrmSre, CaL at MM, Sr.
-♦re- BCTWECN > 1
Denver, Oskrais Spring* u 4 Pnebl*
Salt lake (3ty, o«4n, Pacific Coast,
mi nil Ksrtfewnst Pitots, via Mn
atem, ait
An ordinance providing for the
annual appropriation for the fiscal year
beginning June i, 1893.
Be it ordained by the City Council ol the
City of Bessemer:
Sec. 1. That for the purpose of definylnu
all necessary expenses and nubilities of the
City of Bessemer for the flscal year begin
ning June l*t, 1391, and ending May 31st I*9l.
there Is hereby appropriated out of any
money In the treasury of the City of Bes
semer, not otherwise appropriated the fol
lowing sums of money for the objects and
purposes herein provided.
First, Hularies t&.OOO.Ou
Becond, Htreets and Bridges 3,500.00
Third, Contingent fund 2,500.00
Fourth. Fire 800.00
Fifth, Water 4,100.00
Sixth, Lights e.0n0.00
Boventh/lrrlgntlng, 1,000.00.
Ktghth, Printing ami Elections fiOO.OO
Ninth, Interest 1,500.00
Tenth, Indebtedness 4,000.00
Passed and approved this sth day of June,
A. D. 1893
J. K. Dempsey
Attest: Mayor
H.F. Joiintson,
|L. B.J City Clerk.
First publication June 10, 1893.
Great Rock Island Roote
18S2 189U.
As long a time ns David reigned, so long
Inis the Chicago, Itock Island & Pacific Hall
way run trains westward from Chicago.
The Hock Island Is foremost In adopting
any advantage calculated to Improve speed
and give that luxury, safety and comfort
that popular patronage demands. Its equip
ment Is thoroughly complete with vestlhuled
trains, magnificent dining oars, sleepers and
chairs coaches, ull the most elegant, and of
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful and capable management and
polite, honest service from employes are
Important Items. They are a double duty—
to the Company and to travelers—and It is
sometimes a task difficult of accomplish
ment. Passengers on this line will find little
cause for complaint on that ground.
The Importance of this I.lne can he Itettor
understood If a short lesson in geography be
now recited.
What Is the great Eastern termini of the
Rock Island Route?—Chicago. What other
sub-Eastern termini has It?—Peoria. To
what important points does It run trains to
the Northwest?—St. Paul and Minneapolis,
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls,
Dakota. To what Important Iowa and Ne
braska points—Dos Moines. Davenport, Iowa
Omaha and Lincoln. Nebraska. Does It
touch other Missouri River points?—Yes; St.
Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth and Kansns
City. Does It run trains to the Foothills of
the' Rocky Mountains?—Yes; to Denver,
Colorado springs and Pueblo, solid vestlbul
ed from Chicago. Can Important cities of
Kansas be reached by the Rock Island
Route?—Yes; Its capital city. Topeka* and a
full hundred others lu all directions In the
State, and It is the only road running to and
into the new lands opened for settlement In
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation.
It will thus qe seen that a line tapping, ns
the Rock Island does, such a varied territory,
has much In that regard to commend It to
travelers, as all connections are sure on the
Rock Island, and passengers can rely on a
speedy Journey, ns over a bulk of the system
through trains are run, and It has become,
and rightly too, the popular Line
A very popular trnln on the Chicago, Rock
Island A Pacific Railway leaves Denver,
Pueblo and Colorado Springs, dally. It is
called ‘*The World’s Fair Special,” Is one
day out, and passengers arrive at Chicago
early the second morning.
The Rock Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
to Is Vestlhuled, and carries the Rock Islnnd
excellent Dining Car Service.
For full particulars as to tickets, maps,
rates, apply to any coupon ticket, office In
thelunlted,'Canada or Mexico, or address:
Gcnl. Tkt, A Puss. AgL, Chicago. 111.
E. ST. JOHN, (Jonl. Manager, Chicago, 111.
J. G. KELLER, Agent, Pueblo, Colorado.
Cut Rates.
To Chicago aqd return SBO. St Louis
and return $22, Kansas City and all
Missouri river points S2O. Above are
round trip rates via the Missouri
Pacific. Secure your tickets at the
Union avenue bridge depot or Union
Wm. Hooo, P. & T. A., Tel. 191.
Quick Service to Cripple Creek
via Santa Fe.
Commencing Mey let the Sente Fe
route end Coloredo Mldlend will put on
e new new for Cripple Creek, lee Ting
Veion Depot at »:10 a A end Stone
depot et 1:10 a wi. errirteg et Cripple
deck el noon. Sound trip tkketo et
i*le«lstan<a eele et Cain* Snpn’
•j eetwnti -re r Tm
Are individual safes constructed of selected drill proof steel
i and designed for the safe keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry, Ab
i straets, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables of all
kinds. Owing to their superior construction and location in
; the strong vault of the American National Bank they afford a
Ipr otection not offered by the ordinary safe. The owner of one
of these safes enjoys the privilege of keeping valuables in a safe
place known only to himself. Any person can rent one of
j these safes by applying to this department of the—
Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
All Work Guaranteed.
This is a Victor Year -
“All of Pueblo’s best riders use Victor Bicycles”
“Because VICTORS are best”
Overman Wheel Co.
(' ROBERT GERWING, Manager. 312 Santa Fe Ave.
it . - i -i-1
it ■ ————
- Greene, mi. D.F. Urmy, vici puts. N. D. Hinsdale, oashur,
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
I .lames L. Lombard. T. A. Sloane. Tlios. Thompson.
Roger W. Woodbury. D. F. Urmy. j. K. Shlrcman.
I). K. Greene. John J. Burns. N. D. Hinsdale.
Has for sale the Four best inside lots in Bessemer at
way down -prices and on very easy ■ terms. Will sell
I one or all. See me ai once.
Abstracts of Title prompty furnished.
No 8 East C Street, Back of Western National Bank, Pueblo.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
r Headquarters for Natural lee.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
TELEPHONE 185. Between Union and Victoria Avenues.
Pueko Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything neat and clean and all work first class. Goods
called for and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
' PpAPAPI I eeran DoeBn,t < l uote any prices, but he permits
i UlUlMlto# "° ° De t 0 g ' Ve more Groccries and Provisions for a BIG
; | DOLLAR than he does.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
, to stay there. Don t ask questions, but drop in and see him. You will call again
r For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci-
I gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
, a first-class stand, go to —
Corner Union and Abrtkndo Avenues, PUEBLO, COLO.
! Wanted: Second-Hand Goods.
I will pay the HIGHEST PRICE for Second-hand
i Bedsteads, Chairs, Tables and Spring Mattresses,
\ Also for Heating and Cook Stores and Queensware.
Will buy, SeU or Trade.
I 119 Wart Bad Sen*,
j md Fima

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