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VOL. 4,
Hoses & Allen
NVe ere in h position now to sell you
goods cheuper than ever. Our goods
cost us money. We must turn them
fust so that we may discount our bills.
If you are in need of uuything In our
line do not fuil to call on us. We must
have money this week to held our job.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
100 pound* choice polutoe* 1 :,u
11 lb a i’ure lA-af lard | 2ft
Sugar cured Iihmih per It. It
Dry Malt meat |ht lt> 11
1ft!;, pound* gmiinlatcd sugar | iii
ft pound* No. I Klee 2ft
JO lb* rolled oat* 1 on
10 can* augar cream corn 1 DO
a cun choice tomatoes 2ft
1 can French pea* pi
1 can luuMhmnniH ju
I Ibcan moat beef 20
1 21b can corn beef 20
30 lb pall Jelly ....... 85
10 lb package coffee l.iu
I can 1’rlccM baking powder :«o
1 can Atlas 18 ox baking powder Ift
0 bar* White HiimnIuu Houp 23
8 bar* laundry Moap 2ft
10 IbM Mexican l>eans 2ft
2 bottle* pickle* 2ft
I pint bottle I'rtMN Ji I'.lack well'* pickle*
1 package Fox'* gelatine. tr,
lpaekageralirornlMbreakrM.it rood.. 13
1 package rolled wheat. 1ft
1 package cracked wheat. Ift
J package* rolled oal* 2ft
1 pd'kHgi' granula 1ft
1 package cryatallxed rice . in
or w» have a full line ef fresh fruits.
tSTOur prices are the loweet.
4u-n» box apples fi.75
ft ll>* apple* ...... .2ft
1 dux. lemon* ,2ft
1 banket lloae Peril grape* ;ii
1 baaket Malaga grape* 2ft
1 buifeet II ungarlan prune* aft
1 baaket Unman prime* Jft
1 box California cling peaclieH .1.15
1 l*ix California freestone peache* 1.1ft
You shouhl take advHiituge of our
dale of California table fruit. These
prices are the lawsst ever quoted in
can green gage plum* If
1 can egg plum* l.ft
I can California apricot*. l.ft
lean blackbcrrle* .Ift
Icanaprlooi* 1ft
1 can peache* 20
lean pear*. . ...... ...20
1 can cherries 20
lean ruHpberrle* 30
All goods warranted to be tirst-class.
Jolumblne per liai |Minud* 1 8ft
Mliago per too pod ml* .1 7ft
29 llx corn meal 40
1 dozen good egg* l.ft
1 pound Gold* rcunicry lint ter . :«)
jib tub Gold Creamery butler 1.4ft
11 boxe* parlor inutcbe* ..Ift
IS box a* mate be*.. ... 2ft
1 lb Cotwrado honey ...... 20
!i gallon Colorado strained honey ftO
1 pint Colorado strained lioaey ....Ift
1 lb Mallard cliovolate to
I do*, '-j gal. Mason rnilt Jar* .1.2ft
1 dok. quart *' *• •*.... l«o
1 doz. pint •* *• *• »0
1 can baked bean* 20
1 l-lb can apple butter. . M
lean Colorado pumpkin 10
2 gallon* water white oil lift
We carry the finest line uf teas and
coffee in the state. One triul will con
vinoe you that we give you lielter values
than others.
1 pound our extra fine Moyauc Imperial, aft
1 pound our India Knglish breakfast aft
1 pound our Mllverlenf Japan 8ft
Itboiir uncolured Japan 8ft
1 pound our Pinhead Gunpowder. .aft
2 lb Japan tea dual 2ft
2 Iba our Itoyal Moc-ha and Java coffee 7ft
2 I ha our tfomhlnatloii M. Jc J. coffee ...1.00
I lb our graulatvd Juinova coffee 20
ft Iba cruahetl Java coffee ..1.00
! a Maduug Java coffee I
k>2 M. Union Ave. Cor. Hlxlli and Santa Fe.
Who willies to keep well in hot weath
er should use our
It is innite only from pure distilled
inil Altered water.
Delivered lulled Wagons only
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt AI teu t lon Given to Pension Claims
Room 1 over Postolttce. PtiKlilJi.
President. Cuslilcr.
Union Ave. aud C Mtreet, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorised Capital, - •
Paid In Capital, * • - 50,000.
Hurplua, 175.001.
Buy and Hell
hriitun, Carpeti! Curtiiis, Blassware
Queeiiswar rinware, «tc.
Manufacturers of and dealers in
Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implement* of All Kinds. Wag
ou and Huggy Harness,
loa-ios a. union ave.. io«io*vioto*.a av«..
fiumoM No. ias. PUEBLO. COLO
Savings Bank.
Tba Pueblo Bevings bank is a popular
•"•tftutkm with the people of Beeeemer,
to be. It is a good bank
***** ll» St? ta* tart kdiM it
The Bessemer Indicator.
The Indicator.
P. BYHNES, Editor and Proprietor.
Published Every Huturday lit Bessemer. Colo.
Entered at the Poshdttce at Pm-hlo, Colo., as
One Year fl tK)
Hlx Months />()
The First National baulc ut Canon
City aud the German National bank
of Denver resinned business last
Tuesday by permission of Comptroller
Ex-Mayor F. I*. Hawke is out for
the office of county assessor. Bcs
semcrits should not forget this and
stand by him regardless of politics.
And they will.
The average congressman is
easily locoed on administration “pie.”
Pity if it does not have the same
effect on them that the Colorado loeo
weed lias on the average calf.
The Denver Post, the only ad
ministration newspaper of im|x>rtancc
in the state, was closed this week.
It was a screaming •White Wing”
but Cleveland’s message killed it.
The vote on unconditional repeal
in the lower house stood 2119 for and
only 110 against. No wonder the
•‘common” people are walking about
on their tin ear and using cuss
The Arkansas valley fair will be
held on the oth, 7th, and Hth at
Rocky Ford. The 7th will be water
melon day and great preparations
have been made to entertain the ex
peeted crowds.
Governor Hois of lowa is a rant
ing goldhug although elected by the
democracy on a silver platform.
Horace is trying to ape the great
Auiericau fisherman. Somebody ought
t* throw a dead cat ut him.
The Denver Times sums the
whole tiling up in a nutshell when
it says, “There is but one wav to
account for it. The result bus been
achieved through the powerful in
fluence of federal patronage.”
Wouldn’t it be funny if young
Commissioner Windom would come
the Uyuum net oil it and plead
drunkenness as ur< excuse for recom
mending that the public building at
Pueblo be placed on the north side?
The friends of the mesa site arc
again bolstering up their hopes on
“W iiite wiugs they never grow
weary," but they do sometimes. The
“White Wings” who so pertinacious
ly clung to Cleveland last fall even
after he had calleil them ot!' have
now time for reflection over the in
gratitude of the lone fisherman of
Blizzard’s bay. They are both sad
and weary.
One hundred democrats voted for
free coinage at a ratio of Hi to 1
while only 13 republicans were found
registered on the same side. Re
publicans taunt democrats with going
back on the money of the people,
but where are they at themselves?
No wonder advocates of a new in
dependent purty with silver for a
platform ure looming up ull over the
A Commercial union between the
West and South is being much talked
of, which if effected would seriously
cripple the manufacturing centers of
the Fast. Tin* perfecting of such a
anion would mean the organization
of a great independent party with a
platform of solid silver with free
trade tendencies which would bring
the money cormorants of Wall street
and their allies to time.
John Siierman said in his speech
in tbs senate referring to the atti
tude of Americans toward England
that “we should seither be ashamed
of nor hate her. Ws are her children
and partake much of the character
istics of the parent stock.” John’s
brother, the general, partook of no
such Anglo-maniac sentiments when
he vigorously declared upon one oc
casion when England interfered
with his operations in Atlanta, that if
his government would givo him per
mission he would take the army that
marched with him to the coast over
to Bnglaad and “shovel the infernal
little sand hill into the sea.” The
American people ware with William
Tecumpoah Shsrmsn then and thoy
are not with John Sherman now.
His toadyism makes one feel as if ho
had swallowod a goat.
Bessemer’has u claim on Pueblo
county politics. F. P. Hawke, one
uf her foremost citizens, is a candi
date for the office of county assessor
subject to the will of the republican
convention, and that party will be
wise to recogni/e this burgh through
him. If nominated he would carry
the hill almost solidly.
Nobody expected silver to win in
tbs house of representatives but yet
nobody expected to set; so many of
the members eating Cleveland “pie.”
What u burning shams it is that the
chief executive of the nation should
stoop to the shoddy trickery of a
mere politician ami carry his point
by promises of official patronage.
Tie nomination of F. P. Hawke
by the republican party for the
office of county assessor would please
the people of Bessemer. The In
dicator is emphatically independent
in politics, but it can give the re
publicans this pointer: If they
would make their ticket popular up
this wuy let them nominate Mr.
Bland's amendment to the Wilson
bill, that of ths present ratio of Iff
to 1 free coinage, was defeated by
220 to 124. Democrats and re
publicans turned Judas and went
hack on the declarations of bimetal
lism found in the platforms of
Chicago and Minneapolis. A mighty
new party will be formed and its
platform will be Bilver; simply silver.
The Indicator still holds that
the Sherman law will not be uncon
ditionally repealed. The signs look
bud, it is true, in the face of the fact
that the lower house took such an
unlocked for tumble into the goldbug
camp, but the senate Ims been the
stronghold of silver and there is no
proof that it has been tampered
with by administration pstrouage or
British gold.
Colorado republicans threaten
retaliation on the Fast by advocat
ing free trade. Colorado's voice is us
potent in the senate as that of big
New York, and with her influence on
surrounding states she may yet hold
the balance of power. Everybody
knows that it is the Fast which is
principally benefitted by protection
and the West could adopt such
tactics without injuring its own
interests. When the tariff' issue
comes up in the next congress the
bulldozing Fast hud better look out
for Western senators.
The Melon Crop.
Just wliut the melon crop of the Ar
kanßiis valley for one season is worth
hooiiih not to have been estimated. The
melon growers of Arkansas will net
3250,000 from theirs. - Rocky Mountain
Voorhees Wobbles.
Senator Voorhees’ speech shows that
he is in favor of something, but it is not
clear what. The Tall Sycamore wobbles
painfully in tbe attempt to stand in
with the administration while profess
ing friendship for silver. —Lamar Sparks.
The one-man Power.
What is the use of having a republic
and declaring ours a government of, by
und for the people, if one man assumes
tbe powers of a dictator, und makes the
laws as well as executes them. His
title should be Grover Cleveland,
Dictator.—Alamosa Independent.Journ
Not Long.
Wonder how long it will take the
eastern men with western investments
to tind out that said investments lire
perfectly worthless under the present
monetary conditions? With the mines
closed down, smelters and steel works
stopped, rnilrouds not puyiny expenses,
coal mines only working a day or two in
a week, and city rents dropped to the
price of insurance and water tax. Some
body will find after a while that this
state of affairs is not profitable aud will
bo looking around for a remedy.—The
Ituncli, Pueblo.
The bulk of the Republican vote in
the house yesterday whs thrown to the
goldbugs and ugaiust the interests of
the silver producing, silver using West.
The fact has had a wonderful effect on
thousands of Republicans in this city.
“We nre free traders now,” they say,
and for the beet of reasons. The West
has always lawn voting for protect ion,
und under the tariff the Fast has grown
rich. It now refuses to accord to tbe
West what the West has aided it in
obtaining. The West, therefore pro
poses to use tho club which is in its own
hands—it will give the East n taste of
its own medicine. If England’s system
of finance is a (food thing for this
country, England's commercial system
ought also to be as good. This lesson
will now t»e impressed on the East.
It is more than probable that there
will be a general movement among the
Republicans of Colorado to petition
Senators Teller and Woloott and all
other Western senators and repre
sentatives to vote for the repeel of the
McKinley bill, end this purely as a
matter of retaliation. It is undoubUy
a meet formidable weu|>on, und it should
be used with ull |M>HHihle effect. If tbe
East is determined to ruin the West
aud make paupers of Western lie
publicans, it may rest assured that tLoy
will not submit, but will strike olow for
blow in defence of their rights and
interests.- Denver Nows.
Colorado Army Practice.
Lieutenant Collins of General klc
Cook’s headquarters will return this
week from Fort Wingate where he ut
tended tbe annuul rifle shunt. Lust
Saturday was the first of the days de
voted to experimental shisiting ac
cording to plaiiß elucidated by Lieu
tenant Batchelor, who is to accompany
Lieutenant Collins to Denver. Five
thousand rounds of ammunition are to
be tired ut Fort Wingate, the govern
ment having set apart 100,000 rounds for
the completion of tho experiments in
augurated by the department of Colo
The object of the tests, us explained
by tho officials, is to determine the beet
formation of line of battle. For this
purpose wooden targets, representing
men standing, kneeling and lving on tho
ground are placed at unknown distances
in front of a line of marksmen who lire
at the targets. The number and per
centage of the strokes are recorded, the
targets being placed in close order and
ut various distunces apart. The targets
are also placed ill double column and a
careful record is made of the result.
The younger officers of the army are
said to be greatly interested in tbe ex
periments now in progress. Among
the older men, tho majority of whom
pussed the ordeal on many a battle tield
of the rebellion, tho shooting is regarded
more in the light of a holiday pastime.
“Regardless of all theories,” remarked
a veteran in speaking of tho subject,
“It takes u ton of lend to kill a
A Few More Changes.
•Sumo further changes have been
made in labor at the steel works.
The dragoiits have been reduced
from 24 cents per ton to 32.00 a day.
The floating laborers who used to
get $1.65 per day were first reduced
to $1.50 aud now to $125 per day.
The faggot builders were cut from
05 cents per ton to 25 cents, but they
refused to go back to work and were
raised this week to the compromise
of 40 cents per ton.
There is great dissatisfaction ut
the works on account of tb* per
sistent cutting down of wages and
in some instances it has been hard
to get men to go back to work.
Supt. Robins*!! ought to learn that
there is such a tiling as asking too
.Miiineqiia Lodge No. 45 Entertains
its Friends.
Lust evening Minuequa Lodge No.
45 A. O. F. W. held their first meet
ing in the Dempsey-Langdon hall
which the lodge has leased and
celebrated the occasion by giving
a grand entertainment at which
kindred lodges attended. Nos. 4
and .‘lB of Pueblo with the degrees of
honor and tbe ladies auxiliaries
were present to add to the happy
occasion. A miscellaneous pro
gramme of speeches, songs, instru
mental music ami refreshments was
gone through with.
The address of welcome was de
livered by F. I*. Iluwke who made
a line talk ami set everybody in good
humor for tho eveuiug.
High Carnival at St Louis.
The metropolis of the Mississippi
valley ugain presents a programme of
fall festivities that for brilliancy und
variety outshines the carnival cities of
the old world.
Paris, tho most magliHlccnt city on either
continent, Ims lor age* held the proud title
of "the premier carnival city of the world.'.
However, .luring the last ten or twelve years
an American rival of no mean pretensions
him contested for thut high honor, and to
day st. Louis holds what Paris no reluctantly
rellngulslied, the title of "the_ carnival city
of the two continent*."
Not content with tho Huccessful exhibi
tions of previous years, tho Autumnal
FeatlvitloN ANsoclut lon lium arranged a
programme for 1893 that for hrllliuncy mid
variety will Is; ditttcult to Improve upon,
rite first of tlie great attractions, the HI.
Louis Kxpotdtlon, will throw It* doors open
to tin; public September oth amt continue
until Ocloocr Jtst. Tin* world-ronowed
Sousa's Baud lum been engaged by the
inaungcmeiit, which In Itaclf Is a sufficient
Inducement to crowd the magnificent build
ing during every concert.
Hp*chkl attention lias been paid to the
street Illuminations, and on the evenings of
August 12th, 17th, 21th. and 3l«t, September
7th, 14th, list, and **th, und October Srd, sth.
12th mid 19th, the most magiill>e*nt display
yet attempted Will gacct the eye of the
fortunate visitor, electricity playing a
promtiiont part. The evening of October 3rd
the Veiled Prophet and til* followers will
parade through the principal thoroughfares,
and Immediately after the great hall, which
has received considerable prominence
throughout the world, will Ik- held.
The 33d great St. Lulls Fair ami Zoologi
cal Gardens, October 2d to 7th, will he the
crowning week of the enrnlval season. This
Institution has no peer, and Is khowu In
every land where the footprints of civiliza
tion existed. Tlie Missouri Pacific railway
and Iron Mountain Route being distinctly
si. Louis lines, and having at all times tlie
interests of tlie «ity In mind, have miidoa
remark ably low round trip rate from nil
points on tho entire system to Ht. Ix>uls and
return during the festivities.
For further Information in regard to rate*,
route, limit of tickets .and fora copy of tlm
rail festivities programme, address
Wm. Hood. Agt
Puebla, Colo, or
H. C. Tiiwhhrhd, Gen. Agt., Ht. Ixmls, Mo.
Cards for Sale.
Large cards with tha following:
“Furnished rooms fo> rent,” "un
furnished rooms for rent, “rooms
with board/' “for rent,” "boarders
wanted,” “dressmaking,” etc. etc.
•ot. for sale at this office.
1887. 1893
si Jirst- Class School in I very Respect.
The standard systems of Short hand, Graham Pitman, taught by a com
petent teacher who has been under the personul instruction of two practical n
I porters, and further explored extensively the theories of the art as expounded by
the leaders. A. .1. Graham, Beun Pitman, Jerome li. Howard. Isuue S. Dement,
Frank Harrison, Arthur J. liarues, Eldon Moran.
The only school in Colorudo giving a course in actual Business Practice
from the beginning of book keeping. Advanced instruction in book keeping n
specialty. Rcuuniiigton typewriters for sale or rent Typewriter supplies
Open day and night. Call on or address.
H. C. WARDEN, Principal.
400, 307, 308 McCarthy Blk.
Hard Time Prices.
Il will be to your advantage to call and wee us before buying elseAhere.
Tho best 10c Mine Prints .... 7c yd
Good vVash Calicos .... se>d.
15c DroBH Gingham .... ilk-yd
Langtry Curling Irons 10-
12 logon Aguto buttons ,<■
1 dozen boxes Tacks lu<-
25 yards Picture Wire . ... . ,V
Shelf Paper, all colors ,5c per do/..
G hook Hat and Coat Ruck . 10c.
A good Hammer... 10c.
Tracing Wheels 6c.
Yi Ream Writing Paper ..25.
4 Packages Good Envelopes .... .“.V
H. PERLJ2T, Evans and Summit
Columbia Theatre,
Week of August j “THE GOVERNOR’’
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. Ladies’ matinee ‘do eta
to ull parts of the house. Children’s matinee lu cts.
Regular Prices, lu, 20 and 30 cents.
T'he IMiUllo to General mid tlie
-1 'oriDle of Fucljlu In I *i»r tlculur
First—The Denver & Rio Graiide<lh*
old reliable 1 run# more trains daily be
tween Puebla, Celomdo Springs and
Denver than all other lines combined.
Makes faster time, and departure of
trains is ut all hours to suit the conve
nience of eur friends, the traveling
Second—The equipment of this line
is unsurpassed: chair car trains, heated
by steam and lighted by gas. and as all
experienced travelers will tell you. the
track has no equul in the nest.
Third Our time between Pueblo and
Denver is from 1 hour and 43 minutes
to 2 hours and 48 minutes faster than
made by competing lines. Time is
Fourth This is the only direct line
from Pueblo to Leadville, Aspen. Glen
wood. Salt Lake City. Ogden, atul all
Pacific coast points. Through sleepers
over this ine from Pueblo t* Sau Fran
cisco aud l.os Angeles. Round tup
tickets now on sule to Utah. California
und Oregon points at greatly reduced
Fifth— It is not generally known, but
is nevertheless a fuel, tbe Rio Graude
inukes tho quickest time between Pueb
lo ami Kansas City. Omaha, St. Louis.
Chicago, an* 1 all pwiuts east and north.
N. is.—Leave Pueblo at 4:33 a. 111.
(say Monday), arrive Omshu 11 p. in.
same night, arrive St. Lou s next day
(Tuesday) at 3:HH p. m.. arrive Chicago
next day (Tuesday lat 4:00 p. m Only
0110 night ou the road Pueblo to Chica
go or St Louis no other line ean offer
this accommodation—thus saving you
from $3.50 to sl. on Pullman fure. and
connecting at Chicago with all the
fast trains for the east, saving 24
hours lo New York or Heston.
Sixth Notwithstanding the many
superior advantages offered by this
strutly A 1 line, the Rio Grande will
always be found in the leud with the
lowest rates. Correct and reliable in
formation can always be secured by
OFFICE, Cent rat block (cor. Second
and Main streets 1. Tickets can tie se
cured at this office to or front all points
iu the civilized world. Tickets 011 salt
at this agency via Denver & Rio Grande.
Union Pacific system. Rock Island
Route, ami Burlington Route.
Genera! agency for A 1 steamship
lines. Ai.kx. Jucksox, Agent.
SfffltKmc IbpicyLf wt day]
If you want your clothes cleaned
and repaired, send a postal to 1225
Evans Ave., and I will call for them.
P. H. McCurdy.
Great Rock Island Route
inB2 11102
I ..'.■■vr."-:.":::' KXi"iiV;.‘,... r^“.';,v:-V,r" ,
! way run trains westward from < hicatto.
'the Kook Island Is foremost in n.l..|.l me
any ndvantat* • calculated to Improve spi . .I
| and eive tliat luxury, safety and comfort
. '*"‘l popular i.alronau.- demand-. II- et,ulp
| iiii-nt is thorium ily complete with \ estlhulrd
| trains, immnltlccnt dinlnn cars. sleepers and
chairs coaches, all tin* most elegant, and of
recently linprnvi*d pnttiwns.
! l-'altlirul and capable manneeinent and
polite, honest service from employes an
i cause lor'•■inn’pla Ini on that I'n.iin.l""
; Tin* importance of thl* l.im* i'iiii In* hotter
I understood If a short lesson in s*eoKrnph\ he
! What Is the treat Fasten) termini of the
I H.K-k I -loud Koiite"—i hieuto Whatothei
suti-Kastern termini has It?— Peoria. To
i what important points doe* it run trains to
the Northwest? St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Minnesota and Watertown and Siouv Kail*.
1 Dakota. To what Important Iowa and Nc-
I hraska points —lies Moines. Iiaveiiport, Iowa
iinmlia and l.ineoln. Nebraska. I ioe* it
toueh other Missouri Klver points** \ . *. st.
Joseph, Ati'hlson, I.eaM-nworth and Kansas
t itv. Hoes It run train* to the Foothills ■ >t
the IhN'ky Mountains** Ye*; to lienver.
| . olorado Springs ami Pueldo. solid vestihul
! Kalisa- he reached hy the Kook Island
Itoute?—Yes; its ea|>ltal city, Topeka' and a
full hundred others in all directions in the
state, and It is road runniim to and
! the rhiyeline and Ant pa hoe Ke-er\al ion.
It will thus ip* seen that a line lappimi.as
the Itoek Island iloes.silt'll a \ .-tried lerritorv.
has nint h In that retard to eommend n to
i traveli*rs. as all eonneetioiis are sure on the
Hook Island, and passengers can n lv on a
and rlKlitly too, the popular Line
A very popular train on the i hh airo. Hoek
Island .V I’aeltle Hallwav leaves Denver.
.lav out, and passengers arrive at rhiengn
i olorado l.ino, and the train ulmve referred
I to is Yestlhuled, and earrli's the Itoek Island
excellent Dining « Hr Service.
For full particulars ns to tickets, maps,
(ieul.Tkt.A l*a--. A cl., < hleat’o. 111.
Quick Service to Cripple Creek
via Santa Fe.
Commencing May Ist tlie Santa Fe
route ami Colorado Midland will put on
i a new train for Cripple Creek, leaving
Union Depot at 0:10 a. in. and Stone
depot at 6:30 tt. in. arriving at Cripple
Creek at noon. Round trip tickets at
reduction nr® on sale at Union l)epo*
and Santa Fe city office 237 N. Uimoii
Lower Fare to world’s Fair.
The Hnuta Fe rente has lowered th*
World's Fair rate. It lends, while
others follow; being first to out the
price as well a* tirst in quick and com
fortable service. Tbe present ticket
rate from Pueblo to Chicago and re
turn is $37.50
Are individual safes constructed or selected drill proof stee
a 11 d designed lor tlle sale keeping ol L)iumoiids, J e welry, Ab
tract: , Deeds, Insuruncf! policit.--, Money and Valuables of all
kinds Owing to their- superior construction and locution in
the strong vault of the Ainei i* an National iiank they afford a
protection not offered by the ordinary safe. The owner of one
• i iii. -,.- (ii.- enjoys the pri vllege of keeping vul uabies in a safe
place known only to himself. Any person can rent one of
these safes by applying to this department of the—
Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
sill ll'ark Guaranteed.
Getter Heads. J lodgers ,
Note Heads, Circulars
Bitl Heads , I Jags
i Statements, Pamphlets
I envelopes, Certificates
, Business Cants, Polders
l isiting Cards, Counter Pads
sojtal Cards, Meal Tickets
Posters, Pic., Etc.
D R OKfFNf. «... OF. URMY, v.C «... N D. HINBDALS. OA.HU.,
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
1 A.- Tl.o. ll.cmp.on,
Mr'."'" ' 1 '■"»>• J K ni.irom.n
' ' 1 ri.t‘ll,' n .1. Kuril. Vh. Hln.JnU.
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
1 EI.EPIION E 185. Between Union ami Victoria Avwuuea.
Puebi.o Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything neat anil clean and all work first class. Goods
called for uml delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I MHV' I > " I) lcsn't quote any prices, but he permit*
v)| Ulll lljljl ,e lo K iV4; n ‘" r ‘‘ Groceries ami Provisions for a 810
I DOLLAR than he does., lie is in THE LEAD aud intends
to stay there Don’t ask questions, hut drop in and see him You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to--
Cohnkk Union and Ahkikndo Avkni ks, PUEBLO. COLO.
119 West 2nd Street.
Largest and Finest Stock oj Domestic and Im
|_ ported // oatens in the City. |
Also furnishes material Sandstone of all dimensions. Office at Livery
Stable near City Hall, Bessemer.
The INDICATOR Job Office
will print you anything from
a business card up to a book
and will do first-class work,
using only the best quality of
Call at this office for first-class job work.
NO. 30.

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