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VOL. 4,
ie«iir latest effort to furniali HeuHonablo
gmale at mitnufacturore' pricoe.
1 doz. pint Mutton jura (JOc
I doz. >| nttiit Mhhoii jure 70u
1 do/.. iful. Mutton «J 0
Hie prices include rubbers mul cups.
We have a carload just In, and
will continue to sell at those
plicae until Bto'dc is
Car Greeley Potatoes.
tVe will be headquarters for potatoes
this year. Our prices will l>e
(lower than the lowest. We
will receive a steady
You can de|tend on tresh choice goods
We have the largest and best in
the city.
E3f*3 baskets Concord grapes. . $1 00
1 crute tine preserving prunes I 25
I basket preserving prunes . .35
DL.I box preserving pears 1 To
1 box Freestone ('uhforniu pouchor 1 10
l» lbs Colorado tomatoes 25
0 lbs Colorado apples 25
Come and select your fruit. We can
please you.
In Small Articles
We can save you big money. It is
these little trilling articles that the
large profits are made. We
handle them all the same.
as we do the more Htuple goods.
1 lb Pearl Tapioca 10
1 lb Flake Tapioca 10
tITI lb No. 1 Island rice 05
1 lb imported macaroni . 15
1 lb imported vermicelli 15
1 package Cox gelatine 15
2 pkgs Peerless gelatine ... 25
20 I nix on matches 25
lairs Wife Russian soap .25
15 bars Mascot soap ... 25
li burs Ibex soap 25
<5 bars White F.ugle soap .25
»* bars Clairette soap .. .25
ru*.B Iwirs Rex seap .... 25
Why not make your money go the
farthest? You cun do this by buy
ing your groceries of us. We do
business on the only basis that is
just and equal.
| You are not paving for others
groceries. We treat ull alike.
And that the lowest possible.
100 lbs (Columbine Hour 1.85
100 Die Shogo Hour.. 1.75
All package cotlee 25
lbs Sugar . .. 1.00
Sugar cured bam 13
HLOur “Columbine” Hour is without
aqual. A full patent family -the l*est
in the state.
1 Hta.Coine and see us! (let our prices!
We will sell you! Mailorders attended
to promptly.
Moses & Allen
102 N. Union Avc. l or. .sixth mul Mnutn Vo.
Who wishes to keep well in hot wenth
*r should use our
It is made only from pure distilled
Hid tillered water.
Delivered lulled Wagons only
Criminal Law a Specially.
Prompt Attention Given to Pension Claims
Itoom I over PoHtnfllce. I’ukhi.o.
/!=*.. IitMIAM. I 'll AH. E.SAXTON,
I ■QFesideut. Cashier.
J I/tern natinal bank,
and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Himiorlfcil Caplin I, - fz-'io.Qoo.
Paid 111 Capital. - - -
HarpliiM, ns.ont.
lluy nnd Sell
»tinii!ure, Carpel!' Durtiins, Glassware
QuppttHWitr riuwart*, etc.
Manufacturers of and dealers in
• Buggies and Wagons,
Agricultural Implement* of All Kind*. Wag
on ami ltuggy llaruesH.
103-103 a. UNION AV*.. 105-104 VIOTONiA AVC..
tniPHoNi No. i 39. PUEBLO. COLO
Savings Bank.
... ~e
Savings bank is a popular
nstitution with the )>eople of Bessemer,
and it Ueeervee to be. It is a good bank
to patronize and the men, women and
children of the jity are fast flnding it
Anything; wanted in the line of
Mcnvenger work will be attended to
toy leaving orders at the city hall
or confer of Boa Elder and Summit
Martin Huohiw,
Oily Scavenger.

The Bessemer Indicator.
,1 Tub Indicator.
. P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
I I'ulili-li.-.l Kv.-i-v Sul uulu s ii t Ita-Msi-mi-r.Colo.
■ j Elite red nl the P.iHl.iltlcu at I Colo., a*
satoiiil cliihh mutter.
One Year $1 (K)
Hlx Months 50
j The delinquent. count}* tax list for
the last half of the “physical” year of
181)2 will soon be published
It would require a great deal of
careful canvassing and unbounded
faith to arrive at a conclusion us to
the political complexion of Bessemer
1 at this time.
| Hahii times aud high railroad
. rates form the combination which
| is keeping the people of this burgh
> from going to the great Kxposition,
and the same reason applies to every
other locality in the West.
Pittsburg has again started up
her irou aud steel works and 3,500
men are employed. Most of the
works have been shut down since
January aud their opening up has
caused great rejoicing. Thu times
are improving.
Thk convention of “business men”
in Washington is nothing more or
less than a congregation of leggers
for the goldbug element in congress.
Silver senators will not be influenced
by the .scheme and have already
si/.ed up the situation.
•J. K. Dempsey, Bessemer's able
mayor, was elected chairman of the
democratic county central committee
for the ensuing year. No better
choice caulil have been made, and
the party will know now what it is to
have a deep politician for a goueral.
And still there arc those who de
clare that President Cleveland is
not hostile to silver, and that if
congress will repeal the Sherman
act the president will advocate free
coinage of silver. The men who
thus argue are benighted or dishouest
or both.
Thk Springfield Herald. Baca
county’s beacon light, is another
example of the eternal compen
sation of things. While financial
distress is after the average claim
holder the lucky Herald is publish
ing fifteen and a half columns of
delinquent tux sales.
Thk confidence of flu* people in
the banks of Pueblo is shown by the
fact that no run was made on any of
the temporarily suspended banks
when they reopeued for business
These institutions are all right and
will help many a worthy man who
liuh stood by them iu tlisir trial.
About 300 Hollanders are re
ported as goiug to join their fellow
colonists in the Sun Luis valley not
withstanding the fact that the In
dependent-Journal is publishing 102
trustee sales of the Umpire bund
and Canal Co. Alamosa's able
weekly will reap u harvest whether
the people “under the ditch” do or
The last of the Pueblo banks re
sumed operations Monday last when
the Western opened its doors and
took up the regular routine of busi
ness. Th«. Westernparticularly
unfortunate iu made the
i target forthe malicious attacks of
the doubting element that was posi
tive that the bauk would not re
sume and that depositors were sure
to lose their wealth. Many listened
to such talk and now it is their turn
1 to lecture tlisir ill-coaditioned ad
visers. The Western is all right
and will pay out every dollar it
The Indicator -wants it to be
understood that it regards Mr Wal
pole as a gentleman and a man of
ability. In common with other
forces of Bessemer this paper worked
i two years ago (or his election, but
, when it comes to a matter of choice
lietween him and Ex-Mayor Hawke
it is hard to understand how any
Bessemer citizen can do otherwise
| than to support his own townsman.
I Mr. Walpale is rich, worth about
i 100.010, while Mr. llawke is a de
serving, poor man and the voters of
. the hill should stand by him ta a
r . :
> Tub combined efforts of Pueblo's
1 three -Jaily papers arc brought to
1 bear on the statement that for several
years F. P. Hawks has hsM a
, deputy ship, partly in county offices
und partly iu the U. S. Lund office; i
therefore he should not seek the
nomination for county assessor.
Great argument that. And not one
of the dailies will publish the fact
that Bessemer has only one county
official ulthougli entitled to at least
three. This iu a good hint as to
what Bessemer might expect should
it ever lie so unfortunate us to con
; solidate with Pueblo. That town
wants to go the whole hog and j
gobble everything.
While eudeavoring to hurt F. P.
Hawke's chances for the county j
usscssorship by publishing reports
to the effect that he has been “fed at
the public crib” for some time, the
Chieftain should remember that N.
8. Walpole has made a good fat
thing out of his two terms as assessor,
drawing $50,0<)0 from the county,
and that the Chieftain overlooked
this when it supported him a year
ago for state treasurer, receiving!
from Mr. Walpole 1(1,000 for its I
benevolent and disinterested support.
Now it udvocates Mr. Wolpoie’s
nomination for u third term and
casts inconsistency to the winds.
What a great race it will be iuto
the Cherokee strip to-day. Forty
thousand people will go pell metl iu
a rough-uud tumble free-for-all race
over the rough prairies, some on
horseback, some iu wagons and
other vehicles, some on foot, while
thousands of others will wail for the
train aud sweep across the plains to
capture a claim. There are at least
1,000 men with trained horses ready
to leap forward at the word and it
will be the grandest race ever run
iu the United States. People have
gathered from all poiuts within 1.000
miles to witness the fun, or possibly
te he in it aud they will not lie dis
appointed. How well they will
succeed in being financially benc
titted is another question.
Glass Houses.
There are a few men iu Bessemer
who are doing what they can to fix
np a delegation to the republican
county convention favorable to the
re-nomination of Mr. Walpole as
assessor. To aid their cause they
say that F. P. Hawke does not want
the nomination nor does he expect
it, but that it is his intention to
throw his support to John McKee.
The statement is utterly false aud
has no foundation in fact. It is so
common for the occupants of glass
houses to throw stones. These men
accuse Mr. Hawke of doing precisely
what Mr. Walpole is having done
for him—to have his deputies and
others fix up delegations for them
selves anil in the convention to all
throw their support to himself.
The scheme is one of the gauziest
and a man with a wooden head can
see through it. To shield the thing
the little coterie of Hessemerites at
tempts to shift the scheme on to
Mr. Huwke’s shoulders. These
men should ho iu better business
and stand up for Mr. Hawke, a
representative citizen and deserving
of the united support of the town
Mr. Walpole has mauy trieuds
among the people of Bessemer but
the first choice should be F. P.
A Correction.
The Chieftain of Sept. 14 publishes
the statement thut Frank Hawke lias
been an office holder and a dependent
upon the taxpayers of Pueblo county for
the past' aine years. The fact is that
Mr. Hawke lias been a resident of this
county for ten yeurs and u half ami
during that time he has always been
an active und effective worker in Bes
semer for the success of his party. In
thut ten and a half years lie lias been
absent six months on account ef ill
health. For six years lie has been in
the employ of the C. C. A I. Co. In
stead of being four years deputy as
sessor under Dun Smith he worked in
the assessor's office four months the
first year of Mr. Smith’s Duet term and
five months the second year, making
nine months in all msteud of four years;
quite u difference in timo und quite a
mistake for the Chieftain to publish.
The Chieftain says that Mr. Hawke
was two years in the land office under
Frank Baldwiu. If the proprieter of
the Chieftain will take the trouble to
consult the rejords of that office in
which he is now holding a position ho
will find that Mr. Hawke instead of
being there two years was there on two
separate occasions not to exceed three
months each and that was when the
steel works were not running and re
turned to work when they started up
again. The Chieftain says Mr. Hawko
was mayor of Bessemer for one year.
It is true he was, and for his trouble
and anneyance he was drawing the
magnificent salary of $25 per month and
working at the steel works to make a
living. It ;is true that he has been for
a year and a half deputy county clerk
under Cash Henderson and everybody
knoWft he has discharged his duties
honeatly and faithfully.
The statements of other papers as
copied by the Chieftain do Mr. Hawke
a rank injustice. That morning-glory
would do well to publish the truth
abeut one of the beet and most re ;
•pectable citizens of thk town instead j
of giving wings to each false reports.
.I Good News From Washington if True!
• The Bilver Senator* arc gaining;
strength with time aud the following
,] report indicates that, the Sherman Act
will not lx* repealed without a redeem
■ 1 iug clause. The dispatch goes wu to
’ , Hay that there is to l»e an early effort to
I , put |throtigh the senate an uinend
| ment to the repeal hill of the nature
outlined by Senator Faulkner in his
I speech of a few days since. Speaking
' upon tli© subject to-night, Mr. Faulkner
Haiti he would prepare and probably
I introduce his amendment within the
: next day or two, jtoHHihly to morrow.
It will provide for the purchase ami
coinage of $3,000,000 worth of silver
i per month until the silver circulation
, in this country shall amount to
, $800,000,000, and for the retirement
of all paper currency of less than
S2O. The proposition has developed
- considerable strength, its friends think
, sufficient to insure its adoption. It is
said that it would receive eight or ton
I votes which so far have been for
absolute repeal, if brought to that issue,
and it is believe 1 that this number
I , added to the votes of the opponents of
| unconditional repeal would be sufficient
to secure its success.
Before the People.
The democratic and populist con
ventions were held at the court house
Thursday afternoon and the following
i tickets were put in the tield:
Sheriff— R. H. Higgins
County Clerk J. C. Hamilton
County Treasurer W. (4. Campbell
Assessor K. (J. Middlecump
Supt. of schools \V. I*. Beck
County Surveyor—James (Jwyii
Coroner—Dr. E. S. Dodds
Commissioner 2nd Dist.- Thomas
Commissioner 4th Dist. W. F. Good
Ce uimissioner sth Dist.— W. E. Hop
Justice Peace south side- Charles l*.
Justice Peace Bessemer—Michael
Constable south side—Patrick Me
I >onough
Constable Bessemer -G. W. McCadden
Sheriff—W. J. Hockhani
County Clerk- L. ('. Montgomery
County Treasurer- Chris Wilson
Assessor- A. E. Bumnin
Supt. of schools- G. H. Wasson
County Surveyor L. M. Sperry
Coroner (J. 11. Millard
Commissioner 2nd Dist. -Hen Diggory
Commissioner Ith Dist. F. M. Berry
Commissioner sth Dist. W. 11.
Vacancies to bo filled.
Stick a pin in this, as a reminder
that the Bio Grande is the only line
running through cars from Pueblo
to Buena Vista, Leadville, Aspen,
Glen wood, Grand Junction, Salt
Lake City, Ogden, Los Angelos,
Sacramento, or San Francisco, re
gardless of any statements made by
agents of other lines, wo are
tli© only line offering this ac
commodation, our equipment is un
equalled, and our rates are always
tho lowest. Get tickets and Pull
man reservations ut Grand Union
Ticket Office, Central Block.
A. Jackson, Genl. Agt.
High Carnival at St Louis.
The metropolis of the Mississippi
valley again presents a programme of
fall festivities that for brilliancy and
variety outshines the carnival cities of
the old world.
Paris, the must magnificent city on either
continent, lias for ages held the proud title
ofthe premier carnival city ol the world.'
However, -luring the last ten or twelve years
an American rival ol' no mean pretensions
has eon tested for that high honor, and to
day St. Lou I* holds what Paris so reluctantly
rellngulHhed, the title of “the carnival city
ofthe two continent*."
Not content with the successful exhibi
tions of previous years, the Autumnal
Festivities Association lias arranged a
programme for ls«»;t that for brilliancy and
variety will l*c dltllcult to Improve upon
The llr*t of the great attractions, tin- Ht.
Louis Exposition, will throw Its doors open
to the public September ttth and continue
until Oetoaer 21st. The world-reno wed
Sousa's Blind has been engaged by the
management, which In Itself Is a sufficient
Inducement to crowd the magnificent build
ing during every concert.
Special attention has been paid to the
street Illumination*, and on the evenings of
August 12th, 17th, 21th, and list, September
7th, lttli, list, ami tttli, and October 3rd. sth,
I2tli und 19th, the most magnificent display
yet attempted wilt gaeet the eye of the
fortunate visitor, electricity playing a
prominent part. The evening of <ictober Urd
the Veiled Prophet and Ills follower* will
parade through the principal thoroughfares,
and Immediately after the great hall, which
has received considerable prominence
throughout the world, will l*c held.
The 33*1 great St. Louis Fair and Zoologi
cal Gardens, Ortolan' 2d to 7111, will Ik* Ihe
crowning week of tho carnival season. This
Inst 11 ii t Urn has no peer, and Is khown In
every land where the footprints of civiliza
tion existed. The Missouri I‘uclflc railway
and Iron Mountain Houte being distinctly
St. Ijoulh lines, and having at nil times the
Interests of the city In mind, have made a
remarkably low round trip rale from all
point* on the entire system to Ht. Louis and
return during the festivities.
For further Information In regard to rates,
route, limit of tickets and fora copy of the
fall festivities programme, addres*
Wm. Ilium. Agt
Pueblo, Colo, or
11. ('. Townsend, Uen. Agt., Nt. lands, Mo.
Cards for Sale.
Large cards with the following:
“Furnished rooms fo* rent,” “un
furnished rooms for rent, “rooms
with board,” “for rent,” “boarders
| wauted,” “dressmaking," etc. etc.
•ct. for sale at this office.
1887. 1893
A yirst-C/ass School in livery Respect
The standard systems of Short hand. Urahain Pitman, taught by a com
petent teacher who bus bees tinder the personal instruction of two pra- ticul re
j porters, and further explored extensively the theories of the art us expounded by
! the leaders. A. J. Graham, Ben 11 Pitman, Jerome B. Howard. Isaac S. Dement,
j Frank Harrison, Arthur J. Barnes, Kldon Moran.
The only school in Colorado giving a course in aet ial Business Practice
from the beginning of book-keeping. Advanced instruction in bookkeeping a
specialty. Reutmington typewriters for sale or rent Typewriter supplies.
Open day aud night. Call on or address.
H. C. WARDEN, Principal.
306, 307, 308 McCarthy Ulk.
Hard Time Prices.
It will bo to your advantage to call and see us before buying else.vhere.
The heat 10c Blue Prints yd
Good tVnsli Calicos .... Jd.
15c Dress Gingham .... Ioe yd.
Langtry Curling Irons. ..pi-.
12 lozen Agate buttons . .
1 dozen boxes Tacks lm-.
25 yards Picture Wire . .... ... . V
Shelf Paper, all colora ... ,5c per doz.
0 hook Hilt and Coat Rack Ioe.
A good Hammer. .... pic.
Tracing Wheels
!.i Ream Writing Paper . 25.
I Packages Good Envelopes .25c
11. PEELET, Evans and Summit
Columbia Theatre,
Week of September 10 “TWO NIGHTS IN HOME”
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. Ladies’ matinee 20 cts.
to all parts of the house. Children's matinee 1 O cts.
Regular Prices, 1 O, 20 and BO cents.
Tlie Public In Oenernl and tlie
Bmipleof Fuelilo in 1 *nr tloii Du-
First—The Denver & Rio Grande (tlie
old reliable; run* more trains daily be
tween Pueblo, Colorado Springs and
Denver than all other Hues combined.
Makes faster time, aud departure of
trains is at all hours to suit the esnve
nience of sur friends, the traveling
Second—The equipment of this line
is unsurpassed, chair car trains, heated
by steam and lighted by gas. and as all
experienced travelers will tell you, the
track has uo equal in the west.
Third—Our time between Pueblo and
Denver is trom 1 hour aud 43 minutes
to 2 hours aud 48 minutes faster than .
made by competing lines. Time is
Fourth—Tli is is the only direct line
from Pueblo to Leadville, Aspen, Glen
wood. Salt Lake City. Ogden, und all
Pacitlc coast points. Through sleepers
over this ine from Pueblo t* Sail Fran
cisco and Los Angeles. Round tup
tickets now on sale t* Utah. California;
and Oregon poiuts at greatly reduced
Fifth- It is not generally kuswu. but
is nevertheless a fact, the Rio Grande
makes tlie quickest time between Pueb
lo and Kansas City. Omaha, St. Louis,
Chicago, und all points east and north.
N. if.—Leave Pueblo at 4 10 a. in.
(say Monday), arrive Omv.hu 11 p. in.
same night: arrive St. Louis next day
(Tuesday) at 3:tMl p. in.; arrive Chicago
next day (Tuesday) at 4:00 p. nt. Only
one night on the road Pueblo to Chica
go or St Louis—no other line can offer
this accommodation -tints saving you
from $3.50 to $4. on Pullman fare, and
connecting at Chicago with all the
fast trains for the east, saving 24
hours to New York or Bsston.
Sixth Notwithstanding the many
superior advantages offered by this
strictly A 1 line, the Rio Grande will
always be found in tlie lead with tlie
lowest rates. Correct and reliable in
formation can always he secured b)
OFFICE, Central block (csr. Second
uml Main streets). Tickets can he se
cured at this office to or front all points
iu the civilized world. Tickets on sale
at this agency via Denver Rio Grande.
Union Pacific system. Rock Island
Route, and Burlington Route.
Genera! agency for A 1 steamship
lines. Alex. JacxsoN. Agent.
If you want your clothes cleaned i
and repaired, send a postal to 1225
Evnus Avo., and I will call for them, j
P. H. McCurdy.
-U n,t - Gas and Gasoline
" II TTare lbw**r part*, ami ar*
(■■■■■■BP tti«T**fnr*» I«*m likely to gel out
nfordarthan any other *»* or Ram>llne entrine* now
bullU Just llxln the burner, turu tlie wheel. auU It
run* all day.
No double or fhlae explosion*. «o frequent with Um
unreliable spark.
For Simplicity It Beat* the Worltf.
It Olla I tael f Automatically.,
No Batteries or Klee trie Spark.
It rana with a Cheaper Grade of Gasoline than any
other Engine.
Mum a MY, Muufmiwim,
Great Rock Island Route
i un j i micj
As long n tunc ns liavul rciiincd.so i..n-
Inis tin- < hie.go. Rock Islnn.l I'l.clilr 11.., i
'• n> run trains westward from < hicimo.
'1 tic Hock Gland is lorcniost in ii.lnpi in« I
any mlviinlai.' ■ calculated to tinprm. s (
and give that luxury, sah t\ and commit j
that popular iiiiiromum demand'. Itscipilp- :
incut is tlinraiiK ily complete with vestihul.-.t
trains, inagnitlci iil dining cars, sleepers and
[ chairs all the most ch i'ani. and ol !
• >“l> improved patterns.
l-nithrul ami capable mammcincnl ami
polite, honest service from employe* are I
important Items. Thej are a .h.iit.li- dm s
to tin- Company ami to Travelers—and it is
sometimes a ta-k dillhull of nccomplisli
ment. Passengers on this line will tlml little :
cause for complaint on that ground.
The I tin- Line run he letter I
underetood It n abort 1 in gt ogrnphy be
What Is the great Eastern termini of the
Hook Gland Houte?—Chicago W hul other
stih-Eastern termini lias if Peoria. To
what important point* doe* ii run trains to
the Northwest-.* st. Paul and Minneapolis.
Minnesota ami Watertown and Sioux Fulls.
Dakota. To w hat ImporUml lowa amt .Ne
braska points—Des Moines. Din.-np.iri. lowa
Omaha ami Lincoln. Nebraska. Does |i
touch other Missouri Kivcr |*.int*-r Yes; >i.
'Joseph, Atchison. Leavenworth ami Kansas
city. Does it run train* to the Foothill* <u
the Hock\ Mountain*'.*-Yes; t.. Denver,
i .dorado spring* ami Pneldo, solid vestlhul
-1 e.l from I hi.-ago. Can important cities.>t
. Kansas he reaehe.l by the Hock Gland
Houte? -Yes; Its capital city. Topeka-and a I
full liiimlr»d others In all dm-elloiis h, lie-
State, and 11 Is the only road running to and i
into the new lands opened for settlement in !
the Cheyenne and Arapahoe H.-ervatlon.
It will tlin* •| * - seen t li.it a Urn- tapping, as
the Hock Gland does,such a varied territory,
has much Iu thut regard to commend It to
travelers, a* all connections are sure on the '
Ho.-k Island, and passenger* can relv on a j
siH-e.ly journey,. .S over a hulk ol Ihe system -
through (rains are run. amt II has become,
and rightly too, the popular Line
A very |M>pular train on the 1 hieiigo, Koek
Gland .v Pacllle Kailwav leaves nenv.-r, !
Pueblo and Colorado Springs, daily. Hjs
called "The World’s Fair Sneelul." Gone
layout, amt passengers arrive at Chicago
early the second morning.
The It. H-k Gland ha- become a popular
l .dorado Line, und the train above referred
lo i- Vestibule.!, and carries the Ho.-k Gland
I excellent Dining < nr Service.
For full particulars i.n to tickets, maps,
rates, applv to any coupon ticket ortlee in
the*t'lilted,'('anil.lll or Mexico, or a.ldles*:
Genl. Tkt. A- Pass. \gt.,i hieago. 111.
K ST. .I( HI N. Genl. Manager. Chicago. 111.
J.G. KKI.LKK. \genl. Pueblo. Colorado.
Quick Service to Cripple Creek
Via Santa Fe.
Commencing May Is! the Santa Fe
route and Colorado Midland will put on
a new train for Cripple Creek, leaving
Union Depot at 0.1(1 a. m. and Stone
depot at 0:30 a. m. arriving at Cripple
Creek nt noon. Round trip tickets at
| reduction nru on sale nt Union Repo'
j and Santa Fc city office 237 N. Union
I avenue.
Lower Fare to world's Fair.
The Santa Fe route bits lowered tho
World's Fair rate. It lead**, while
others follow, being first to cut the
price as well ns first in quick and rom
fortable service. The present ticket
rate from Pueblo to Chicago and re
turn is $37.50
Are individual safes constructed of selected drill proor stee
and designed lor the safe keeping of Diamonds, Jewelry, Ab
stracts, Deeds, Insurance policies, Money and Valuables uf all
kinds. Owing to theii' superior construction and location in
the strong vault of Hie American National Bank they afford a
protection n< >t offered by the ordinary safe The owner of one
1 d these safes enjoys the pri v ilege of keeping valuables iri a nafe
place known only to himself. Any person can rent one of
these safes by applying to this department of the—
T. \V. I.V.V I I,
Dealer in Wall Puper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
AH Work Guaranteed.
■ Letter Heads Dodgers ,
.\ote 1 leads. Circulars
Jit// Ileads , logs
Statements, Pamphlets
/: nvelopes, Certificates
Business Cards, l olders
/ /siting Cards, Counter Pads
so c /lal Cards, Meat Pickets
| Posters, Etc., Etc.
D R QfIEFNF. —D.F. ÜBMY. v.c «m«». M. D Minsoali. r*»-inn.
J PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000,
Jiiiiu*ft L. Lombard. T. A. Sloane Tlios. Thompson.
Ib.Ktr u Woodbury. M. F. briny. j. k. Nblreuiau
| D. It. Uret-iii?. .I din .1. Rums. X. I). Hinsdale
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
1 RLE I* II ON E 186. Between Union and Victoria AveuuM.
PuebLo Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
K very tiling neat and clean and all work first class. Goods
<‘*ilfor and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
I * lih AA|i| n fi I Doesn’t quote any prices, but lie permits
tfKjm 11/\|J "" one to ve niore Groceries and Provisions for a BIG
| DOLLAR than he does.. He is in THE LEAD and intends
lo stay there Don't ask questions, hut drop in and see him. You will rail again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
gars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
| a first-class stand, go to —
CoiiNKit Union and Abuirndo Avbnurs, PUEBLO, COLO.
119 West 2nd Street.
Largest amt la nest Stock oj Domestic amt lm~
L ported It Nolens m the City. |
Also furnishes material. Sandstone of all dimensions. Office at Livery
Stable near City Hall. Bessemer.
The INDICATOR Job Office
will print you anything from
a business card up to a book
and will do first-class work,
using only the best quality of
Call at this office for first-class job work.

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