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MeMahoo & Col.fer,
Funeral Directors
Wo Carry the L»r?tsl Slock of Funeral Sup
plies West or the Mississippi
Corner D Street and Union Avenue
Shoe makinq and Repairing.
Hand sewed Boots and Shoes
to order. First-class work it
promptly done. Shop in
Capital paid In
Alva Adams, president: .Inlin \. Tlwitoher
vice president: ( lirls Wilson. . u>hi.u : M l*
That.-her, W. L. Graham, J. L Poetoon, J, N
t.'arllle,T. A. Slimn. Gen. .1 i>unt»iiugn
Pianos, Organs, Sheet music,
books and all kinds of musical
merchandise. Tuning, repair
ing, boxing and moving pianos
end organs.
322 Santa Fe Ave.
For the cheapest liue of refrifjera- j
tors to be found anywhere in tin
city, rubber hose, lawn sprinklers
and mowers. Dealers in fine me- 1
ehanics tools. We want vour trade.
Call at our store.
No. 21S» X. Union Ave.
liver y stable.
Rigs to hire, horses stabled and ve.
hides cared for. Charges reasonable.
Northern and Spruce, Bessemer
Always new,
The best,
All Al,
At popular
And promptly
Delivered ,
At your
Spectacles and Opera Glasses.
247 North Main St. near .Junction
Gash! Cash!!,
Will pay spot cash for,
residence lots in Bessemer.
Must be SO or IOO ft. front.
Call at the Indicator office. |
Full Set Of Teeth
ItnomM aM-'V0-7, Central Work.
Bridge and Crown work done. AI no nil
work known to modern deiitlwtry. 1‘riees
■•enable and all work Warranted.
Teeth Extracted Without Pain.
The greatest wonder of the nine
teenth century. Dr. ('. A Gregg
whose dental parlors are at '2*l(l south '
Union Avenue has the right of the city ;
and of Pueblo county and will extract |
your teeth without cousin j pam.
r. L.Cou<iJtfl,Jr. Vikoijma llii.rr.
Mirvtluds Wondfr uf the Ate.
Disease cured witkout medicine with !
the aid of the Mosley Folding Bath Tiili
and Magnetic Appliances. One of the
greatest discoveries of the Nineteenth
Century. Give iis a call.
|GIS Grand Avenir.
“Believe me, I am passing light'
in spirit."— Kina Henry 11
Why? Because my money is iu
the Central National, and is safe.
Miss Jeauie Hadden will return
from her extended visit in the eust
next week
H. C. Miller A-.Co for full weights j
anti measures aud the finest line of
City Attorney Lennard attended :
the peach day ceremonies at Grand
Junction Thursday.
C. H. Quackeubush A Son for all
tile freshest vegetables and melons
in the mark it.
The Bessemer bakery for the best
of everything kept iu a first-class
bakery. It leads.
The Bessemer bakery for bread,
pies, cakes, doughnuts and con
fectioneries. Always fresh, always
the best.
The Indicator acknowledges th !
receipt of many subscriptions this l
month and thanks those who have :
paid up.
George Wightinan of 1235 Routt I
avenue left Wednesday for Port
land. Oregon where he expects to :
The denizens of Dagotowu are
growing sportive and spend much
of their spare time in hunting
I Miss Katie aud Harrv Moran have
gone to the‘World's Fair. Harry
j will go on t# Pittsburg before re
turning home.
Should F. P. Hawke get the nom
ination for the assessors!) ip lie will
'' not have to depend upon republican
votes for his election.
Bob Ross, E. 11. Harris and J. S.
Craig left for Chicago via St Louis
last Tuesday and will spend a
couple of weeks at the Fair.
Never rip, never wear out.
Jeans pants you buy from the
Bessemer Mercantile Co.
J. B. Jones, Mac Kuntz, William
Van Brunt, Mike Burke and R. J.
Harris are serving ns jurors in
Judge El well’s court this week.
Henry SohatT and family left
Tuesday last for Clyde, Mo., where
relatives of botli live. Mr SchatT
will take up the carpenters trade
Dr. C. A. Gregg of 200 Sou til Union
avenue is a popular dentist with
the people of Bessemer. His pop
ularity lies in the superiority of his
I). L. Kynon has returned from a
short visit to Beulah where lie has ,
been recuperating. He has been
i very sick from an acute attack of
| aggravated dyspepsia, but has im
j proved.
j Policy playing is all the go with :
j some Bessemer people aud luck
i seems to be with them. This is a ,
rare instance where more money is
coming into the town than is going
nut of it.
An order for 250 coal car wheels j
for the new mines near Crested
Butte is being filled at the foundry.
The preparatory work is going on
but the wheels will not be cast for
a couple of weeks.
! Sam McCowen, the traveling man
' ager of the street car company was
iu Bessemer Wednesday seeking
information preoaratory to the i
cancellation of passes bestowed
i upon last year’s council and its city
I officers.
C. M. Morris has joined the i
contingent of Bessemer repre- :
j setatives on the boarders of the
coveted Cherokee strip. He will re
main some time and will report how
the other adventurers from this
town will come out.
A. B. Chase has gone to the
Cherokee strip to witness the fun
and to assist his boys who started
through by wagon a couple of
weeks ago. Mr. Chase will probably
imbibe some of the enthusiasm and I
| try iiis luck with the rest.
We sell 'em, to*.
I What?
Shoes —Shoes —at lowest cash :
price. Bessemer Mercantile Co.
The Pueblo Press says the county j
! commissioners are in a quandary 1
: about what they shall do with the
j Alabama negroes who want trans
portation to tlie south. That’s easy
'enough; turn them over to the
j watchful care of Hupt. Robinson of
the steel works.
Subscribers who fail to get the
! Indicator regularly should make
1 complaint at this office and cor
rections will be made in the delivery
of the paper.
| Bee Dr. C. A. Gregg of 200 south
’ I Union when you need any work
done in the dentistry line. Teeth
| ; extracted without pain by the use of
| j dens anti-poena
! Joe Murphy who was once identi
| lied with a Bessemer newspaper ami
I who tried the fortunes of the West
for a couple of years is now in
Mainbridge Ohio, having bought out
’'tiie Paint Valley Patriot, and last
! week greeted the people with his
salutatory. Success to J. M.
John T. Robinson will shortly
■ leave for the east where, after some
preparation he will go to Africa as
a missionary. He lias had this
cause in view for several years and
is now about to take the important
T. W. Lynch ha* just received a |
large supply of wall paper, paints,
oils and glass. Persons desiring
any of these articles will do well I
Ito call at Ills store on Summit
avenue as he ia selling cheaper than
any house in southern Colorado.
City Attorney Lennard will have
Reporter Lewis of the Chieftain be-1
[forejudge Willauer on the charge j
i of creating a disturbance at the city j
j hall Wednesday evening, the afore- j
said reporter having said in the
presence of a number of bona fide
citizens tnat County Assessor Wal
pole had his Opinion of the way his
opponents were working. The
presence of Marshal Shay alone
prevented bodily injury.
Miss Winifred Spaulding returned
Thursday from Del Norte but re
mained only a few hours before
| taking the truiu for Boulder to at
tend the convention of the \V. C. T-
U. She will again return t«* Bes
semer the latter purt of next week,
j A special meeting of the directors
,wf the Bessemer Building aud Loan
Association was held last Monday
; night to discuss the delinquency of
i some of tlie members. Secretary F.
P. Hawke was instructed to notify
j the delinquents to be preseut at tin
meeting of tlie association to be
held next Monday night to show
eause why they are not paying up.
It is likely that all will respond
■ with the funds.
' The banks of Pueblo have it iu for
those who circulated false and
> injurious reports about them during
' the time of their distress and will
‘ lie iu wait for some of them. These
calamity ducks find ghoulish con
I solatiou iu predicting awful things
a I aud always see evil and dishonesty
• in everything. Someday they will
want an accommodation from the
[ bank*. They will find their names
. on tlie black list.
• James Humphries aud T. Weller,
two employes at the steel work* left
. last Monday for Needles aud Parker.
, Arizona where they will spend at
, least three months prospecting for
a Topeka, Kansas syndicate. The
syndicate sent a representative
to this point to see the men and
start them off with a grub stake.
Should the prospect prove good a
mill will be built and operations g<>
on indefinitely.
Bessemer owns a debt of gratitude
to Ex-Mayor Hawke which it can
now repay by standing by him in
: bis effort to secure the nomination
for county assessor. Mr. Hawke
lias always been among the very
I foremost Jin talking fertile city on
i public occasions and a recognized
| leader among the people. It would
I speak 111 for the city to give him
anythiag but a solid delegation to
the county convention of re
| publicans.
John Perkins, a twelve year old
I »oy residing on Cedar street, with
' liis mother and bis step-father
j diaries H. Adams, was up before
J udge Willauer Tuesday on a war
rant sworn out by liis mother cliurg-
I ing him with stealing $25 from her.
I The judge bouud him over to tlie
district court. It seems that the
hoy’s mother is anxious to have him j
s«-nt to tiie reform school at Golden.
[ Tlie case should he very carefully
, considered first. All the parties are
recently from Joliet, Illinois.
The hunters are again abroad on
tlie prarie and Resseiner will be
stocked with antelope meat on their
1 return. Last Tuesday two wagons
left town, one party of hunters com-1
: posed of Winfield and Charles Dar
nell. Clyde Slump. Hank Roley, Bill
Preall and Charles Kiminel going to j
Antelope Springs, while the second
party was made up of Cal Preall,
George Shaw and Jasper Hinslnger!
land headed for the Hog Wash. I
J The boys will get plenty of game,
always providing, of course.
There is a case of destitution and
illness at 1603 Routt avenue that
: requires the attention of the C. F. A
I. Co. hospital. If. S. Valentine,
[aged, and alone, lies there a very
; sick man, a pitiable object and not (
likely to withstand the ravages of
disease and hunger unless speedy
assistance is afforded. For four
years he has been in the employ of ,
the steel works and is entitled to
the assistance of the company. He
should be takeu at once to the ;
hospital where he can have care
and medical assistance. City |
Physician Dodds lias called upon I
him and the relief committee has I
furnished him with medicine, but
tijat only affords relief in part. He
lives entirely alone and helpless,!
and the right thing to do is for tin
hospital to take him in charge.
Eighty five miles is n long ways
to haul turnips and potatoes, and j
j yet that is the distance traveled by ;
S. H. Andrews of Sharpdale,
Huerfano Co., who is in town with I
a big load of those tubers. Mr.
Anderson lives near Mosca Pass
1 and made tlie trip over tiie inoun
tain road in three days and then .
peddled out iiis stock which was of
the best and eagerly sauglit after.
Mr. Andrews called ut tills office
aud among other things said that
lie is persecuted by a large grey
! wolf which lias made sad havoc
among his sheep and poultry, and
lie will board any mau an indefinite
length of time who will stay at bis
place and succeed in bringing in
the coveted scalp of the said grey
I wolf. Here is an opportunity for
some Bessemer sharpshooter to
have some fun.
j At the residence of tlie bride’s
[ parents, Bessemer, Hept. 12th by
the Rev. G. C. Huntington. Mr.
John A. Cocker to Miss Jennie
M. Paten. Tlie contracting parties
took the train for Denver where
■ they will spend several days. But
u few invited guests were present.
Take Notice.
I have moved my shop from .Northern
anil Eaton avenues to 12-11 Routt
J avenue, one door north of the City
scales, and am now prepared to do all
! kinds of work usually done in n city
I ui.ackh.mith mho r. Give ine a share of
I your work ns J am not oie of the new
imports, but have a residence record of
j twelve years, ami never scabbed.
A. K. Lit/.
Half Rates to Denver via the
Rio Grande.
On Sept. 30th and Oct. Ist we wii)
sell tickets to Denver and return at
. |4.05. All tickets good returning up
jto and including Oct. Bth. We extend
| a cordial invitation to ull Odd Fellows
I and the public in general to use the
j Rio Orande. our train service and
equipment arc unequalled. Our Den
vrr Flyers depart at 4.40 ami 9.20 a. m.
and 1.30 and 0.18 p. m Tickets on
sale at Union depot and Grand Union
Picket Office. Central Block.
liettSMiuer has a candidate for county
assessor who like nearly all tier citizens
is a poor mau, and u workingman, and
the people of Bessemer desire to eee
one of her loyal son* elevated to this
office, ami she claims it us her just dues.
For the i>itst four years Bessemer has
not recened a particle of recognition
from the republican party, so far us
county offices ure concerned, and for
their loyal services in electiug the
republican ticket have received u few
clerkships for some of her citizens, not
one of w hich is a chief deputyship but
mereh subordinate clerkships. This
city fiolltwi about one forth of the votes
cast at the election last fall and she
certainly is entitled to one of the four
principal offices to be filled this full;
therefere the people of Pueblo county
Hbould have a candidate for one of these
offices, and thut is Mr. Huwke for
assessor, around whom all should rally
to a man, and if lie receives this nom
inatiou it will beyond a doubt greatly
strengthen the republican ticket from
top to liottoiu.
Penelope—You say he has more
Drains than the average society young
man.* Perdita —Yes. Penelope—Well,
but has he any?
“You say he left no money?" “No.
You see. he lost his health getting
wealthy, and then he lost his wealth
trying to get healthy."
Little Joe —What is a phonograph?
Uis Mamma - A thing you talk to and
it talks back. Joe—Oh, I thought
that was a servant girl.
Miss C.—Some one told me the other
day that you had received seven pro
posals this winter. Miss P., compla
cently — Yes, 1 have. Miss C. Who is
the man?
Harry—Blowitz proved to his wife
that he clidu't marry her for her
money. Jack How? Harry—To show
her how little he cared for it, he spent
every cent she had.
“My dear young friend," asked the
good man solemnly, "do you attend
church regularly?" "Yes. sir. but I
didn't go to-day. She's visiting friends
out of town you know."
"It is a queer thing about good
looks." says a philosopher. "They en
able a woman to get married soou,
while they enable a inau to dodge
matrimony for a long time."
Landlord —I intend to sue you for
SI IK) in addition to the rent. Tenant -
On what ground? Landlord—Because
ever since j'our daughter began play
ing the piano my Newfoundland dog
has been out of his mind.
Elder Sister—You should make
friends again. It is absurd for an en
gaged pair to quarrel. Laura—Well,
then, iet Edgar say the first word.
Edgar, with a lively recollection of
the recent tiff—Yes. so long as you
have the last, you don’t care!
Miss Flyrtc—l am glad to see you.
I hope you won't be jealous, but your
husband was an old Haine of mine.
Mrs. Youngwife— Yes, 1 know. John
used to be very foolish before he was
married, but he has become quite
sensible now. You cannot imagine
how much he has changed.
Teacher—Do peas grow on vines or
on bushes? Pupil, whose father keeps
a summer boarding-house They
' comes in cans.
■ Figg - Have you seen Jones' wife?
What is she like? Should you call ,
her pretty? Fogg—l might if I was j
talking to Jones.
| Simpson looks all fagged out.
What's the matter?" "He's been
counting up all the tilings he could j
have bought with lie lost."
"1 might have married half u dozen 1
better men than you," said Mrs. Jack
son Parke in the course of a little con
jugal tiff, "and what's more, I mean
j to do so."
Miss Upton—Did you tell him that 1
I was not at home? New Servant— j
; Yes, mum; but he didn't seem to be
lieve me, bein’ as I'm a stranger,
i Mebby you'd better go down and tell
| him yourself, mum.
“What’s the matter, old chappie?"
exclaimed Cholly. “Hand me your
smelling bottle, deah boy!" said Fwed
dy, faintly. “The young woman who
lias just passed us gives off a stwong
odoh of new gingham!”
“Old Workandslave took his first
lay off in fifteen years yesterday.”
"How’d he happen to do it?" Went to
a funeral." “Never heard of his doing
such a thing before." "He never did.
The funeral was his own."
A father with eight marriageable
daughters advertised as a last resource
to get them off his hands. He received
the following telegram: “Am a bach
elor and wealthy. Will gladly marry
one of your daughters. Send sample
at once."
Little Girl—Animals hasn’t any rea
son; they has only instinct; teacher
said so. I know toads don't reason,
anyhow. Little Boy—How do you
' know? Little Girl—'Cause if they
I did, they'd make their stools so they'd
■ screw up and down.
No man lives right who does not be
lieve right
There is no better excess in the
world than the excess of gratitude.
It is the struggle and not the at
tainment that measures character.
Next to acquiring good friends, the
best acquisition is thut of good books.
Before a man can deliberately do
anything wrong he has to convince
; himself that he has a good motive.
| If our whole time was spent in
amusing ourselves, we should find it
| more wearisome than the hardest
day’s work.
The man who undertakes to get
rich at the expense of his conscience
will not be long in finding out that he
can't do it
Why is it that when money is
wanted for the church, most of the
members think that somebody else
ought to give it?
Our sms, like our shadows, when
our day is in its glory, scarce appear.
, Toward our evening how great and
monstrous they are.
Don't hang around and wait for
somebody else to go ahead. Break
your own path. Don't put off to-day's
work until to-morrow, in hope that it
will be done for you.
How many a man. by throwing him
self to the ground in despair, erushes
and destroys forever a thousand flowers
of hope that were ready to spring up
and gladden all his pathway.
Some people have no perspective, in
their conscience. Their moral con
victions are the same on all subjects.
They are like a reader who speaks
e*-ery word with equal emphasis.
Nothing so much increases one’s
reverence for others as a great sorrow
to one's self. It teaches one the depths
of-Jmqmn nature. In happiness we
a r 4pMspw |and deem others so.
Attention Men.
Hood working punts 50 cents.
Good pair puull> SI.OO. Good p:»ir
shoes SI.OO.
Bessemer Mercantile Co., of course
Leave Pueblo at 11:30 a. in. or 11 '»<•
a. ui. viu Hio llruude Cunoii City.
Arrive Cripple Creek 7.H0 p. m.
through tickets 1.40
Notice Ik hereby given Unit the ( entral
( olormlo Kleetrle Supply anil Mnniifni'lnr-
Ime ( uinpaiiv .n corporallon duly Incorporat
ed under t h.- lawn of the Slate ol ( olorado
and ilol iii{ huslm-sa 111 the t lly ol I’nehlo and
State of ( olorado. did. on the 12th dnv ol
Auuutl I*W. make a iteneral asHlKliineiit ol
all tllelr properly lor I lit- helielll of all their
creditor-, to the under-liiiied .1. K Siruanell.
who hn> duly uualllled iih aueli assignee
under the Maim. -.
The total e-tlinaled amount of the n*»et-
Of -aide-late are Four Hundred and Flglity
five NO-100 llollai- and the total e-tlmated
llahllitle- of -aid e-tal. are Four Hundred
and Thlrtv Fight 3.V1U0 Hollars.
Ml parties w ho have . Iklui- against -aid
estate mo hereby noli lied lo present their
claims to said assignee, under oath, w ithin
three months from thl- dale, and all parties
ow lug said estate are hereby re<|Ueeted |> i>
the same lo the undersigned assignee..! wild
estate w ithout delay, s,. that the l.uslnoss ol
suld estate mav l.e settled up w ithout delay.
.1, 11. S I'll i ..si II
Assignee of the t ent. Colo. Klee. Sup. and
MTg. < o.
First Puhlleatlun. Aug. 26th
Notice of General Election.
Sertlon :i iif An \<-t entitled \ii Art l<» -üb
) mil tu till- . I 111! 11 lli-il clci'tor* Ilf I lie Mule till
• • ne*>tliut extending tin- i iylil "I -iilTragc tu
lawful UKe. mill nilierw Im- .|U:illllei|
aeeul'iliiiK t<» I lie pliiv i-tuu- "f Alllele -even.
>ei tiun " uf the < un-ltluflon l'uluntdit, ap
proved \|• 11 1 ;. IMIS, provided a- follow-;
mi.::. It xhall !»■ the dutv of the >ecrelarj
■■( Mate tu i--ne hii. proelnuinllon or notlee to
tin- i-leelori. of -ahl general eleetlon and to (the
not Ire of the Miliml'i-lou of t• I Sertlon one 1
to lln- i|iialUieil eli-etot!. of the State for then
approval oi rojertion, and to mint nr illiert to
he printed upon the oltlelal ballot-, u-cd hi eaeh
i-i.mil> ot tin- Mute at -aid eleetlon.on M-pnrutu
-•Ki|ual MiilYiigc approved," and the word
-I'.iiual Mitt'iage not approved."
\ml tlm-e voting at the i-ahl eleetlon. who ap
prove -aid rei tlon one of thin net -hall plaee In
ink a rI• i" oi “X" II jo >ll -Illil ballot' oppii'lte to
• a in the margin of the words: “Ki|iia: milV
rage approved." and tlm-e voting .it -aid elec
tion who do not approve the name -hall plaee In
ink a em— or an “\" upon -aid ballot-iip|m-lte
tu ur In the margin of the word-: “Kipml Miff
rage not approved" and the Secretarv of State
-hail eau-e -aid proclamation or notice hi-rcin
lieforc referred to to be puhlltdied in at lea-t
one new-paper uf general eliTiilatlon In eaeh
I.Mints If -lull there be fur three iilonth
prev b’ni- to the next general eleetlon. and-aid
proi luniatlon. by the Seeretarv of •'late, and
the voting "U the -aid i|tie-tlon afore-uid. by
tlie oualllTed eb-etnr- oi the Mate, -ball be
I and eon-ldered In all the eourt-u| till
-t:,ie a- a -ulunl-.-ion uf -aid .-eetlon one uf thi
:,,.j tuthe iiualilled elector- fur npprnv al or re
jection within the meaning of the Mali n-ll
In accordance then-with noth c 1- hereby
given that a general eleethin will be held on
I In* -eventli day of November. \. I». IMKI. at
w hlcb time there w 111 be -nbliiltted to the i|ual
ltied eleetor- al -aid eleetlon fur their adopt Inn
or rejeetinn, -eetlon one I of -aid aet afore
-aid giving to women the right ut -uflTiige in
the -latent Colorado, which -eelloll one I i
a» follow -:
m |. That even female per-on -hall lie on
titled to vote at all eleetlon-. in the -nine miin
111*1 in nil re-pect- a- male per.-nn- are. ■>■ -hall
be entitled to vote by the < oii-tltnllon and law
of thi- Mate, and the -nine iiiinllllrntton a-to
nge. eitl/.eii-hlp and time of re-idemv in the
Mate, eountv. elty , ward and preelnet: and all
other i|ualui‘'.it inn- 11 -< |ii 111-. | |,v law tu entitle
inn !e per-on- Iu vote -hall be rei|iilred to enti
tle female per-on- to vote.
|v Ti.-riMiiM Wiii iir.nl f have
inv hand and nllived the Cnentseal nr the State
uf’ i olnradn at the i 'ily of Denver, tin- 7th day
ot \ngu-t. \. d. i-.nt.
V XLSON <». Mi l I I I-.
r HEAi.. Secretary ofStnte.
Ut i - la
A Hoarder'* (Experience With mi I'ii
utually Voclfermi* Alarm Clock.
An alarm clock, according to the
habit of the beast, always goes o!F at
the wrong time and in a thin-walled
building it always succeeds in waking
the whole house as well as its owner.
The wear and teur upon the temper of
I the community is consequently greater
than that caused by the combined
efforts of a forgetful janitor and an
intermittent elevator. A young man
in an uptown house in Washington
who has been in the habit of over
sleeping himself, recently purchased
an alarm clock of imposing propor
tions. and a bell like a lire engine
gong. As usual the thing went off
about 3 a. m.. and the owner, who
had just fallen into a sound sleep,
leaped wildly from his couch under
the impression that the house was on
fire or some other dire culamity had
befallen. Occupants of adjoining
rooms followed suit, and the objurga
tions heaped upon that unhappy alarm
clock were both loud and long. A
policeman on the beat blew his whistle
j under the impression that u riot was
in progress, and the whole neighbor-
I hood was aroused. Meanwhile tlie
owner of the clock tried to stifle it in
; the bed clothes, but still it hammered
away vehemently and made more
! racket thun ever. Finally, in despair,
I he plunged the riotous timepiece into
a jar full of water, where, at the ex
j pense of ruining its inner mechanism,
its voice was stilled. The young man
; now hires a -wsboy to wake him.
Alive and Dead.
A lady had almost decided to buy
the coat she was trying on. The
weary sales-woman breathed a sigh of
relief. The customer had been hard
to suit. Even yet she lingered the
buttons and twitched the sleeves
thoughtfully. "What was tills fur
when it was alive?" she asked abrupt
ly, as she adjusted the collar. The
sales-woman hesitated and stammered.
She was torn between a business-like
desire to make a sale and a conscien
tious regard for the truth. Her con
fusion was painful. "Well, ma’am'
we have to call it inurtin," she said at
last, “but it was skunk when it was
How We Waste Our Substance.
An American who has lived for sev
eral .years in Chinn has this to say
about our national extravagance:
‘ What the American family throws
away would keep a European family
from starving and would feed a Chi
nese or Japanese family. “Look at
this," and he produced a cylinder of
bronze as largo as a ’plug' hat. “Here
Is a Chinese stove, or oven. With
four or live pieces of charcoal a Mon
golian will tnnkc tea and cook rice
and eggs over that,while an American
domestic would use at least n hod of
coal in the same operation.
The Hairs of the Head Numbered.
"Dr. Wilson, a well known English
authority," remarks the New York
Herald, "says that the average num
ber of hairs to the square inch on a
human scalp is about 1.000, and the
whole number of hairs on the scalp of
an adult is in the neighborhood of
120,000. Dr. Walnoyer asserts that he
counted, in the space of a quarter of
an inch, on tiie crown of a man's head,
2U3 hairs, while he counted only 125
in the same space on the occiput, and
!1J on the anterior part of the scalp."
Hobson’s Choice.
A financier of doubtful reputation
gave a grand ball. Dsncing was still
going on at 3in the morning. As one
J jf the guests was about to retire, the
jnan in charge of the cloak room
: aanded him the first top coat that
:ame in his way. “But this is not
nine." “Not yours? lam very sorry.
'ft is the liest one left.” “But mine
was new; perfectly new.” “Oh! the
{ oew ones have been all gone since
c. H. Quaekenbush & Son submit to
you the following partial lint of prices
to which your uttention iH respectfully
culled and they auk you to compare it
with the price* of any other linn in this
l>ortion of Colorado.
100 lbs tine jiotatoee ] V?
|OO 11m rißing bud Hour V;*
100 Colorado patent Hour 1 *'*
Armour Packing Co. ham per lb. 1- :
10 lb pail Pikes Peak pure lard I
. r » 11* pail Pikes Peak pure lard <*o
1 2 lb can roaat beef -*
1 2 lb package achumucker.
cracked wheat or rolled wheat jo
1 package mincemeat ,‘jj
gal. Golden Eagle syrup
‘ j gul. Gold medul syrup ■;*•.*
1 . gal. New Orleans syrup •■•*•*
1 package Klngsford oorn sturoh.... H*
1 package |Hlastic starch W
5 package's Oloss starch rjj
2 cans California peaches <*J
1 •* *• grnpes •Jo
1•• “ Damson plums lo
1 “ ** green gages lo
1 “ “ egg pints lo
l •• “ Cold Drop plums lo
1 “ “ (ieruian prunes 15;
22 lb cans Anderson’s apple butter .t»
7 cans Anderson’s jam 1 Ojj
1 2 lb can blackberries
I 2 lb enn pens 1
1 can cream deep sugar corn Id
2 2 lb can Dumbnr’s < lyster
2 2 lb can Bahama Pine apples 2 *
2 runs Cupid tomatoes
0 bars White Pose soap
0 bars White Russian soap 25
horse shoeing and repairing shop.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop open
from 6 a. in. till 7 p. m. No. 505
Northern Ave. Bessemer.
N«w England i- die home ul shoe laclorict and
Weymouth is oue ol the oldeil and beat known town-
Naturally, alioe. i au be bought cheapen there, but
what we want l-adie- to know i* that we will -ell
them shoes by the single pair through our mail order
Send a Postal or Kxpre*- money order or Postal
Note lor t i t" and we will mail you a pair ol Kme
French Finish Dongola Hoot-, < »|wr.i or Common
Sense toe. with or without til)*, and perfect in style,
fit and wear, a better boot than you are accustomed j
to buy for *2 y. The good qualities of this boot will ■
be a genuine surprise to you Sires run from Ito k ,
widths ( , I >, F, ami F. F
Address N. I) CANTKRHURV ft C(» . Fast
Weymouth. Mass.
It will gi\e us pleasure to tell our customers where
to get other kinds of shoes such as men's or children's
at factory prices.il they will write us just wliat they
want ana enclose stamp (or reply.
The famous llot Springs of Arkansas,
world renowned for their healing qunl
ities and ns a health and pleasure re
sort, can be reached (piickly in Pullman
Bullet sleeping cars from Kansas City
ami Coffcvvillc via the Missouri Pacific
railway Sufferers from “In grippe,
inUucnzii. rheumatism or kindred «lis
eases, can obtain relief by a visit tc
this famous sanitarim
Hio Grande Flyers, depart as fol
lows: For Colorado Springs, Denver,
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis,
Chicago, Now York, or Boston at
4.40 a. m., 0. 20 a. in., 1.50 a. in., and
ti.lß p. m. The Rio Graude makes
the fastest time between Pueblo
and all points east. Only one night
out Pueblo to St. Louis or Chicago.
No other line in it, on this time.
Get railroad and Pullman tickets
at Grand Union Ticket offlee, Cen
tral Block, our Westbound Flyers
depnrt daily nt 12 noon and 11,40
p. m. and our local traius for points
between Pueblo and Kalidu depart
at 8.50 a. ni. and 4p. in. Hound trip
tickets now on sale to all points
east and west, also to all local Colo
ratloo points.
A. Jackson, Genl. Agt.
Klt.k 4. “During all alarms of lire
and while the lire pressure is on the
pipes, the use of yard and street sprink
lers is j*ositivuly prohibited. A viola
tion of this rule will forfeit nil right to
use of water, and will bo rigidly en
Pxoperty owners will see the necessity
of complying with the übove rule, as,
unless till irrigation is stopped, it is im
possible to give u lire pressure, and
might result in great loss of property.
Water will bo tuunf.i* off any
premises where at any time a hose is
used without nozzle, or with a nozzle
with more than eno quarter inch open
Titk Plkiiix) Water Works.
Denver, Colorado Springs mid Pueblo,
Salt Lake City, Ogden, Pueifle Coast,
and all Northwest Points, via Ma*
niton, licadTille, Aspen mid
Glen wood Springs.
• i .. .• ( 11 *l*epfw sr-l Pullman Toiirif
I'br.-;-l: ’it.- li-art ol the Kocky Mountain* —Th •
i ■ ■■ .! • -I n .i-„l tl.e gixndest ol a! 1
'• CCLLQRAN, CHA9. ». L*K,
' ■- l CTN anil *Ol wt,
.jioiaUo Dfirltt!:*, Colo, Denvar, Colo*
100 lbs Flour -guaranteed
100 lbs Potatoes
30 lbs Rolled Oats
1 lb Dried Peaches ~
1 lb Dried Apricots
1 lb Pearl Tapioca
1 pkg S. G. Starch -jjr
1 pkg Quaker Oats ’
1 pkg Soux Cats ""
1 Can Oil Sardines
1 Can Mustard Sardines
2 lb Can Corned Beef ““
2 Cans Salmon
1 Can California Peaches 20
1 Can Pears -2°
1 Can “ Cherries 20
1 Can “ Blackberries - 20
1 Can ‘ Apricots 16
1 Can Plums 15
1 Can “ Grapes 15
2 Can Tomatoes - 2^
1 Can Monarch Milk
All Package Coffees - 2 -*
Our Best Teas per Pound 05
We also carry a stock of nice fresh Meats.
11. C. MILLER & CO.,
Issiius Certificates entitling you It* treatment iu every pan of the country;
with optic treatment at home nt from *5 to *5O per week for sickness, und at
from *lO to *(5O in case of injury. Certificates allow ireatinenl for nil kinds of
disability or sickness, and include Sunstroke. Htiptiirc. Peiseuiug. etc., not cot
ered by other companies.
This Company is Recommended by
K. 1.. Deni.KY. Vice PresMenl SI. fuiil.V
Dnltiili I bill roml.
T. F. (iakes, I'rcsl.lciit Northern »*jiclHc
Hal I mad, New York.
W. U. Pi icnv, Vice I’rcslilent I’hii-mc" ,v
Hock Island liullmnil.
This Company puls within reach ol all the inuuiiMor provldlim hkiil list the expense which
sickness or Injury him)' Involve. »
Pueblo, Colorado.
To The World's Fair
Save time and avoid the crowd in the
city by buying tickels over the •(Iren
Hock Islautl Route" and stop off at
Englewood near the Wold's Fair gate
Electric line from the “Reck Island
depot direct to the gate. Time, tei
minutes. Fare, five cents. You cn
check your baggage to Englewood amt
avoid trouble and save expense, us
Englewood is iu the great subtirlmi
betel district near the Fair, und you cat
have your lnigguge sent to your quart
ers at once.
Rojicmber. the Chicago, Kocl
Island & Pacific is the World’s Fail
Line for reasons given übove.
Jons Skuastian,
Jcn'l Ticket and pass, agent. Chicago
Latest in “World’s Fair Rates
Commencing June Ist. and until
further notice the Denver & Rio Grnndc
will sell tickets at the following rates
in connection with the Burlington or
Rock Island routes, viz.: Chicago uu 1
return *52 05 good 50 days
Bt. Louis anti return *27.05 good
50 days. Kansas City, Omaha or
auj Missouri river common point and
return *2O good thirty days, and com
mencing June sth and until further
notice we will sell one way tickets
us follows: Chicago *17.25 Si Louis
*15.75 Kansas City Omalm or any Mis
sour! River common point *10.75.
Make note of this important point,
viz.: We run more trains and give bet
ter service than all roads running into
Pueblo combined. Just think of it,
leave Pueblo this morning, arrive iu
Ohmna same night, Chicago or St.
Louis the next afternoon. Only one
night out Pueblo to Chicago or St.
Louis. Secure tickets and Pullman ae
commodations ut Grand Union Ticket
office, Central block, (corner Second
and Main. A Jackson. Genl. Agt.
Excursion rntes will be made over the
D. & R. G. ut one and one-llfth fare on
the following occasions:
Seven Day Adventists nt Denver,
Aug. 50 to Sept. 11.
Women’s Christian Temperance Union
at Boulder, Sept. 20.
■\u:x. J ACKSON, Agt.
Central Hlk.
Absolutely, G. L. L. GANN A CO
offer tho greatest inducements in
Clothing to be found in the city,
Take nelxxly’e word.
Investigate for youreelf.
You will be convinced.
I K. Hain, tii-ii'l Manager Manhattan
Kli-viiti'il Railroad, N.-w York.
W.ti. Si-ickh. (len'l Mimager Chicago A
(iiHinl Trunk Hs 11 roml.
Detroit, Hraiul Hiivi-ii A M llwaukee H. K.
Tjlfilo, SiiKiuaw A Miiski-Kon Hull roml.
Detroit, M li-lilgan.
Miiiinliielnrers of and retail dealer* In
Hki-aikino Done.
Ul North Union Arenac.
“Better Train Service on Santa
Fe Route”
By the change in time on June 25tk
the Santa Fe route put on a new train
for (.'olorado Springs and Denver,
leaving Union depot at 5:10 p m. and
No. G. the fast vcstibuled express will
leave Union do|>ot for Kansas City and
Chicago ut 10:15 p. in. instead of 11
p. m. The Santa Fe route has mere
trains between Pueblo nnd Kansas City
:.nd Chicago than all the other lines
put together and saves you from four
to ten hours iu tine. The special;
World's Fair Limited is the propel
train tu take to Chicago. Go to the*
city office for tickets and information ,
F B. Skawhioijt,
City Pass, and Ticket Agt .
I*. S. The A. T. & S. P. R. R. l a the
only Pueblo line running on its own
taack all the way to Chicago, a fact'
The Missouri Pacific Ry Reduc
ed Rates.
To Clilcngo mid n«t,
HI I.oulm » ••
( lilcuifo one* way rate 17.25
HI Ijoiilh •• •* •* n»5
Kiwikiih (Hiy mill ri-t, ko<h| :*> days 20. U
Kiiiihiin t’lty, Leuven worth, AthlHon, mu
mi .losoph one way, 10.7 S
The Missouri Pacific Is the only line
offering choice of two routes over iti
own rails to Kansas City, St Louis,
Memphis and Little Rock. For reliable
information us i» routes and rates
cithet railroad or steamship, mapa
guides, timetables nnd descriptive
pamphlets—flense call on or address
the undersigned. Sleeper bertha re
served nnd baggage checked at the
Missouri Pacific depot, Union avenue
bridge, or nt the Union Depot.
Wm. Uouo, agent
Telephone lUI
Ah far an rates, equipments, time,,
service anil obliging servants are con
cerncil the Missouri Pacific is unsur
passed hy any line running into Pueblo.
The city ticket oMrc is at the Union
venue bridge depot. Telephone m

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