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VOL. 4,
ib our luteal effort, to fll ruinli HonHonablo
gowda ui umnufncturera’ prices.
1 tloz. pint Mason jars (JOc
1 doz. quant Mason jars 7dr
1 do/.. 1 * gal. Mason '.mi
I’lio prices include rubbers and mips, i
Wo have a carload just la, and
• will continue to sell at them*
pi ices until etosk in
Cai’ Greeley Potatoes.
A'o will bo head<|iiarterß for potatoes
this year. Our prices will bo
I lower than the lowest. Wo
will receive a steady
You cun depend on fresh choice goods
We have the largest and host in
the city.
JST'B baskets Concord grapes.... 31 00 I
I crate tine preserving prunes 1 25 I
I basket preserving prunes ...Til
ISI.. 1 Ih>x preserving pears 1 To
l I hj.\ Freestone Calirornia peacher 110
t» lbs Colorado tomatoes. 25 !
U llm Colorado apples 25 '
Come and select your fruit. Wo can j
pleaso you.
In Small Articles
We can save you big money. It is j
these little trilling articles that tho i
largo profits are made. Wo
handle them all the same.
us we do the more staple goods.
1 It) ?oarl Tapioca . m j
Ilb Flake Tapioca . lit
ti?~l lb No. I Island rice... .05 j
1 lb imported macaroni 15
I Ib imported vermicelli 15 1
1 package Cox gelatine lo
2 pkgs Peerless gelatine 25
20 boxes matches 25 !
- &..*» bars Wito Russian soap 251
f> liars Mascot soup . 25
l! bars Ibex soap 25
(5 bars White Eagle soap .25
<* bars Clairotte sonp 25 !
I &..8 bars Rex soap .25
Why not make your money go the
farthest? You can do this by buy- j
ing your groceries of us. We do
business on the only basis that is
just and equal.
You are not paving for others
groceries. Wo treat all alike.
And that the lowest possible.
100 lbs Coluinbino flour 1.85
100 lbs Sbogo Hour. 1.75
All package coileo. 25
15 *llm Sugar .1.00
Sugar cured ham lit
CJL.Dur “ Columbine” flour is without
.spud. A full patent family the ls>st
in the state.
2 ij...Come and see us! (Jet our prices! j
We will sell you! Mail orders attended j
to promptly.
Moses & Allen
2»2 H. I'll lon A vc. Cor. Hlxt.li Hint Kiiutn I'V.
Who wishes to keep well in hot weuth
»r should use our
It is made only from pure distilled |
t ml filtered water.
Mrlivurril in Uni Wagons only
Criminal Law a Specialty.
I*r<>ui|it Attention Given to Pension Clnlins
Hoorn 1 over Posloalee. I'IIKIII.O.
fl ‘fflEfc,
T t.’iu Kill t,,i\ Ave. linil «• SI reel, Pueblo, Colorado
v om liie•'•■itliorl/.etl (npllnl, - - fiMl.lMMl.
-paid In Capital, ... 50,000.
Surplus, 175.001
Huy nml Hell
tiiruilure, Carpel! Curtains, Glassware
Queenswar I'inwaio, etc.
Manufacturers of and dealers in
Buggies anil Wagons,
Agricultural lmplemcnlsof All Kinds. Wag
on and llnggy Harness.
103-105 8. UNION AVE.. 1C 1- 104 VICTORIA AVE .
Telephone No. 133. PUEBLO, COLO
Savings Bank.
, rnt j Pueblo Savings bank Is a popular
.nst.itution with the |>eople of Bessemer,
and it deserves to l>e. It is a good bank |
to putronize and the meu,
children of the ;ity are fust finding it 1
Anything wanted in the line of
scavenger work will lie nttomltd to
by leaving orders at the city bull
or corner of llox Elder and Huinnilt
Martin Huokrh,
City Scavenger.
The Bessemer Indicator.
Tm; Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor and Proprietor.
i Puldfslied Every Saturday at ItcMscmcr.Colo.
Entered al I lie I'o-lnlllee at pueldo, Colo., us
second class matter.
Prick ok Subscription.
One Year ft ini
Six Months 60
Silver is coming to the front in
the I’. S. senate. Its advocates arc
gaining ground every day under cov
er of the federal election bill.
Tub democratic and populist con
vent,ions of tins county each de
clared for women’s suffrage. Of
course the republicans will do like
wise, which action on the part of
the various political organizations
should settle the question.
Judge W. J. Kerr of Pueblo is
carrying on a vigorous silver cam
paign in Virginia. It is now re
ported that t lie democrats are seared
and are casting about for some orator
to follow in the wake of Pueblo’s
eloquent judge to smooth down the
rough places he is making in politics.
The democrats and populists imve j
fused in Denver and say they will
light the coming battle for county
otliees under the silver banner.
Since the republicans of Arapahoe
are also strong advocates of tin*
white metal they will probably claim
protection under tin* same flag. No
room for argument there.
Mittkk disappointment awaited
a large majority of those who rushed
headlong iuto the Cherokee strip.
The land is not nearly so rich as
was generally supposed and the
sooners got the choice of what is
available for cultivation, they also
fastening themselves on to many of
the town lots. Most of the people
are leaving and say they have seen
enough of hardship, misery and
murder to do them a life time.
Senator Dan Voorhces lias grown
irritable of late and is likely to be
consumed with his own impatience
before lie gets a vote on the repeal
bill. He llew into a passion the
other day and gave notice that longer
sessions would he the rule, his
speech being a curious mixture of
threats and petitions. Senators
Teller of Colorado and Dubois of
Idaho got back at. him and in re
turn served notice that the silver
senators would let a vote be taken
when they got ready.
(JovENoii Waite is again being
urged by some to call an extra
session of the legislature with a view
to having the state issue certificates
in return for silver bullion to be
stored at the capital, said certificates
to lie legal tender for all usual
purposes. The silver mine owners
and the miners arc backing the
scheme, and so far as they are con
cerned the idea is to be regarded
with consideration; but one can have
no sympathy with the crowd of irre
sponsible agitators who represent
nothing and who arc foremost in
crying for the extra session.
Colorado's gory governor partly
sutislied the curious who were drawn
to the state building, World’s Fair,
on Colorado day lo hear some of the
untamed language of the wild West.
Governor Waite said: i -I take no
slock in those scoundrels who admit
their own infamy in the statemeut
that 'All men have their price,’ that
all parties are equally corrupt
and will all “sell out’’ the people.
Such doctrine is blasphemy and
asserts that the people are incapable
of self-government, and if that is
true the sooner the earth is rolled
together as a scroll and the heavens
uud the earth puss away the belter.’’
It would not he strange if another
compromise famous to the country
would he effected in congress re
garding ttie disposition of the silver
question. There is a likelihood of
the Faulkner measure being adopted
which provides for the monthly pur
chase and coinage of $11,000,000
until the aggregate amount of silver
in circulation reaches $.800,000,000.
all paper denominations below S2O
to he retired. In this way some
$187,000 would b« added to the cir
culation of silver. Eight senators
heretofore in favor of repeal say
they would vote for such a com
promise which would carry the
measure. It is a good big tmlMoaf
and if the advocates of silvsr can
trust the compromise senators they
are apt to work along that line.
At tho solicitation of friends M.
Martin lias decided to remain in
the race for justice of tin* peace of
this product.
The polling places in some of the
Bessemer “precedes" Imve been
changed as well us the apportion
incut < f delegates.
Dr. E. S. Dodds lias not decided to
withdraw from the race for coroner
as reported and generally believed,
and is not likely to.
Mark the prediction: Frank
Hawke will walk into the couven
tiou next Thursday at the head of
an almost solid delegation from the
Mike Martin for justice wf the
peace and Bud MeCndden for con
stable of the Bessemer justice
precinct will make the race <m the
democratic ticket.
There Is but little opposition in
Bessemer to the nomination of F.
B. Hawke for assessor. The people
demand recognition through him
and are almost unanimous In Ills
It is bard to understand why a
handful! of wire pullers ou the hill
are working for a wealthy Bueblo
man for a third term of office as
against a poor Bessemer man for a
first term.
Judge French is “in the hands of
bis friends” uud will not crowd him
self in as a candidate for justice from
this precinct against Judge Willauer
and Judge Darnell unless they, tils
friends, say so.
After the Bessemer delegation
casts its vote in the convention of
the 28 lust it will lie hard to find a
man who will say that ho put in
throe solid weeks of canvassing
against Mr. Hawke.
The Bueblo Press has selected
Chris \\ ilson as a particularly good
target for political shafts. Chris’
cardinal sin is his going back on
the democrat party, and the Bress
together with many old stagers is
getting after him.
Since It is generally understood
that Chairman A. E. Graham of the
republican county central com
mittee does not inteuti to return
from Chicago the inquiry is fre
quently made, why doesn’t lie re
sign? And echo answers why.
The fond hope indulged in by
.1. 11. Vorbees and bis populist
friends that the democracy of this
county would indorse him for
district judge has been dispelled.
The democrats will put up a straight
hickory in the judical convention.
The appointment of delegates in
the call for republican county con
vention has been changed four
times and is subject to further
alterations. Does anybody suppose
A. E. Graham is manipulating the
tlio wires from bis retreat in

W. L. Shoekey is one of the men
who mourns a lost opportunity.
Had there been a fusion of demo
crats and populists lie would count
ou his big majority when lie was
elected mayor of Bessemer in April,
185*2, and would have been out for
county clerk.
The tiiird party ticket is strong;
there is no denying that, ami since
the democrats find themselves in a
minority they may defied to the
other parties and the contest take
place between the republicans and
populists. Should this be the ease
the fight will ho close and interest
Had there been a fusion of the
democrats and populists Bessemer
would liavo been represented on the
ticket. With a good chance of
election it would have been no sur
prise had J. K. Dempsey or I>. W.
Hartnett been nominated fop sheriff,
either of whom would have been a
strong candidate.
The Pueblo county populists in
convention assembled snubbed the
veteran populist governor of the
state by refusing to nominate It. C.
Nestiit for county commissioner
from the sth district. Mr. Nesbitts
an appointee of Governor Wnito mid
courtsey would demand that ho be
nominated. Davis H. will hardly
relish the rub.
Several recruits have been made
to the ranks of the populists of late,
the proselytes coming from the two
old parties. Oiilv a short time ago
Chris Wilson, now tho populist
candidate for treasurer was a demo
crat, while Attorney (’. 11. Goan and
G. T. Nash, the Bueblo Hardware
Co. man were republicans. All will
now work for the success of the new
The populists of Pueblo county
certainly made a bad break when
they defeated Chairman Utter for
a delegate from Ills precinct to tho
county convention, tho man who,
more than any other adherent of
the cause put the party on its feet
and gave it respectability ns a
political organisation. It was n»
act of bnse ingratitude and is work
ing an injury to the party.
i And now comes H. S. Van Kuren
who denies emphatically that be i*
i in the race for the assessorsliip as an
I accessory to the nomination of Mr.
Walpole, declaring that lie would
rather throw bis support to either
F. B. Hawke or John McKee. It is
said that (). 11. B. Baxter is pushing
Mr. Van Kuren and as Mr. Baxter
j is not friendly to Mr. Walpole it is
probable that Mr. Van Kuren is
sincere. So goes the report.
| 11 is Common talk ou every street
! corner that W. J. MeXnmara will
: receive the unanimous vote <>f the
, republican convention as a candi
date for tho office of county treasurer
It is political courtesy where a mail
has made a good, faitlilul public
official to give him a second term,
and that the present encumbent has
made a model servant none can
honestly deny. His nomination
would please his populist, his
democratic and his republican
By extending the time of publi
cation of the delinquont tax list
County Treasurer MeNamara has
saved to tho hard run tax payers
300,000. The time of first puhllea*
tiun was to have boeu August 20.
Gut he had it postponed until Nov.
12. Had the sule taken place the
amount of costs in public sale uud
l redemption would he $lil*,()li0 which
is a snug amount saved to the debt
| ridden tax payers at this time. The
{treasurer of Arapahoe county
caused tin* delinquent list of
| Arapahoe to he published regardless
of the times and the printed lis: of
delinquents actually occupied sixty -
I live pages ill the Deliver times.
' The taxpayers of Bueblo county
j owe Mr. McNamara a debt of
gratitude for holding off.
Home over generous citizen of this
town who is putting in his time
grooming tiie Walpole political
; horse lias made the statement that
a year ago Bessemer gave a majority
to the populist ticket and therefore
is not entitled to republican patron
age. Wlmtu stupid argument to he
sure. It would be astonishingly fur
fetched even if true, hut it is true
only in part. The fact is Bessemer
gave a majority to every candidate
outlie republican legislative, state
j and county ticket, and a majority
i only to the populist national ticket
j because the democratic electors
I were withdrawn and enough demo
j crats voted for Mr. Weaver to turn
j tlu» tide for the populists. Con
gressman Bell also received a
j majority. Mr. Hawke will only he
j benefited by such lame arguments.
| Cash Henderson is very likely to
get. the nomination for county clerk
| without opposition. The fact is
Cash has made an efficient and
' worthy official and his re-nomina
| tion would not only please his re
j publican constituency hut his
| many friends outside would be glad
to see him again in the field as a
candidate as his own successor.
Cash has made a host of friends
among the citizens of the county
who as jurors or witnesses Imve held
claims against the county iy the
slinpe of bills or certificates. These
papers Mr. Henderson had cashed
at once, thereby saying to the holders
from 10 to 16 per cent that usually
went to the greedy speculator who
used to hang about the court house
to “share’ tho documents. His
action on this matter is much
talked of and will he a big leverage
in securing the nomination.
High Carnival at St Louis.
The metropolis of the Mississippi
valley again presents ii programme of
fall festivities that for brilhuncy and
variety outshines the carnival cities of
the old world.
I’iiiis, the most innghiflccnt city on either
continent, has for ages held tho proud title
of “tho premier carnival city of Hie world.’
However, during the last ten or twelve years
an American rival of no mean pretensions
has contested for that high honor, and to
day st. Loiiln holds whnt Paris so reluctantly
rellngtilshed, tho title of “the earnival city
of tho two continents."
Not content with the successful exhibi
tion* of previous years, the Aiituiumil
Festivities Association has arranged a
programme for ls« 3 Hint for hrlllhinrv and
variety will be dlillcult to Improve upon
I’lie llrst of the great altraeMons, the St.
Louis Exposition, will throw Its doors open
to the public September tith nml continue
until OctoAor 21st. The world-renowed
Sousa's Hand lias been engaged l»y the
innuugenient, which In itaclf Is a sullicient
inducement to crowd the mugnillecnt build
ing during every concert.
Special attention Ini' been paid to the
street Illuminations, uud on the evenings of
August 12th, 17tli, 21th. and 31st, September
7th, 14lh, !l-t. and ZMh, mid October 3rd. sth.
121 Ii and 19th, the most magnlllcent display
yet attempted will gseet (he eye of the
fortunate visitor, electricity playing a
prom Ilian t purl. The evening of October :h d
(lie Veiled Prophet and his followers will
parade through the principal thorough fares,
and Immediately after tho great hall, which
has received considerable prominence
throughout the world, will he held.
The :tid great si. Louis Fair and Zoologi
cal Gardens, October 2d to 7th, will he the
crowning week of the carnival season. Tlds
Institution Inis no peer, and Is khown In
every land where the footprints of civiliza
tion existed. The Missouri Pacific railway
and Iron .Mountain Route being distinctly
HI, Gails lines, nud having nt all times the
Interest* of the city In mind, Imve made n
rsmarkahly low round trip rale from all
points on the entire system to Hi. Lmls nml
return during the festivities.
For further Information In regard to rates,
route, limit of tickets and fora copy of the
full festivities programme, address
Wm. Ilono. Agt
Pueblo, Colo, or
H. C. Townsknp, Gen. Agt.. St. Louis, Mo.
Heo Dr. C. A. uregjr of 200 south
Union when you need any work
done in the dentistry line. Teeth
extracted without pain by the use of
dens nn ti-poeun
1887. 1893
Si yirst-Class School in /.very Respect.
The standard systems of Short hand. (.Indium A: Pitman, taught by 1 < "tit
j potent teacher who bus been under tlie personal instruction of two pructirul r>
1 porters, and further explored extensively tlie theories of the art as expounded by
llm leaders. A. J. Graham, Benn Pitman, Jerome B Howard, l-aa. S Dement,
Frank Harrison. Arthur.l. Barnes Eldon Moran.
The only school in Colorado giving u course in act ml Business Practice
from the beginning of book keeping. Advanced instruct i"» in book-keeping a
j specialty. Itcmuiington typewriters for sale or rent Tvi.ewiii.r -upplie
j Open day and night. Call on or address
H. C. WARDEN, Principal.
fi<)o, 307. 308 McCarthy Blk.

Hard Time Triers.
It will be to your advantage to call and see ut hefon b y ngi e
The beet 10c Blue Prints ~i
Good .Vash Calicos .... . ... ... ,|.
[ 15c Dress Gingham
I Langtry Curling Irons
j 12 lozen Agate buttons
j 1 dozen boxes Tacks pi.-
|25 yards Picture Wire
I Shelf Paper, all colors „ perdu
(Shook Hat and Coat Back |o."
A good I Dimmer. pic
j Tracing Wheels
■ | Beam Writing Paper
I Packages Good Envelopes ,25c
li. PEI I LET, Evans and Summit
Columbia Theatre,
Week of September 23 ‘•THE LUCKY RANCH' 1
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. Ladies’ matinee 20 cts.
to all parts of the house. Cliildrcn’s malinct K) cts.
{ Regular Pr ices, 1 O, 20 and 30 cents;.
l lie l'ublle in Oenernl nml Hie
I’enoleof i'lichlo in Paith ular
First —The Denver & Bio Grande (the
old reliable) runs more trains daily be
tween Puebla. Colorado Springs and
Denver than all other lines combined.
Makes faster time, and departure of
trains is at all hours to suit the coiivc
nience of our friends, the traveling
Second—The equipment of this line
is unsurpassed; chair car trains, heated
by steam and lighted by gas. and as all
experienced travelers will tell you. the
track has no equal in the west.
Third—Our time between Pueblo and
Denver is from 1 hour and 4fi minutes
to 2 hours and 48 minutes faster than
made by competing lines. Time is
Fourth—This is the only direct line
from Bueblo to J.eudville, Aspen. Glen
wood. Salt Lake City. Ogden, and all
Pacific coast points. Through sleepers
over this inc from Pueblo to San Fran
cisco uud I.os Angeles. Bound tup
tickets new on sule to Utah, California ,
and Oregon points at greatly reduced
Fifth It is not generally known, hut
is nevertheless a fact, the Bio Grande
makes tlio quickest time between Pitch
| lo nml Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis,
| Chicago, and all points east and north.
N. B. Leave Bueblo at 4:4(1 a. in.
(say Monday), arrive Oim.hu 11 p. m.
same night; arrive Si. Lou’s next day
(Tuesday) at ;*:«Ml p. in : arrive Clreago
next day (Tuesday) at 4 :U() p. m. Only
I one night on the road Bueblo to Chica
go or St Louis no other line can offer
this accommodation -thus saving you
from $:(.. p io toft, on Pullman fare, and
connecting nt Chicago with all the
fast trains for the east, saving 24
hours to New York or Boston.
Sixth Notwithstanding the many
superior advantages offered by this
stri.:tly A 1 line, the Rio Grande will
always he found in t lie lead with the
lowest rates. Correct and reliable in
formation can always he secured by
OFFICE. Central block (cor. Second
and Main streets). Tickets can he se
cured at this office to or from ail points
in the civilized world. Tickets on salt
at this agency via Denver & Rio Grande.
Union Pacific system. Rock Island
Route, and Burlington Route.
General agency for A l stcnmshi|
lines. Alex. Juckron, Agent.
if you want your clothes cleaned
ami repaired, send a postal to 1226
Evans Ave.,ami I will call for them.!
P. H. McCtmivy.
,L Gas and Gasoline
I * ” T7nr* fewer part*, and art)
VBHBW therefore left* IlkHy to get oil!
of order than any other nun or Rnaollnc entente* now
built. Just light the burner, turn the wheel, arid It
j runs all day.
No double or false explosions, so frequent with the
uureltublo spark.
For Simplicity It Rests the World.
It Oils Itself Automatically..
No Batteries or KUetrlfl Spark.
Jt runs with a Cheaper Grade of Gasoline than any
other Engine.
m macatmra nsctiUM *m.r to
tM Mm. Cal. Mi MM t
Great Rock Island Route
Vom [l ma /Z ~ . 1
|.m i n f )
i nn j i ana
As long n I line us Dnvid relum-d. so loin:
bus the ( iil« ««o. Rock Island A r.icili.- Knil
v ay run trains westward irom ( Idem.-".
'the Itoek Island i- to reams I inadopllna
any advanlan • calculated lo improve speed |
auditive Unit luxury, safeij and eomiorl |
that popular puinxmim demand'. Its .-ipiip- i
men! is llioronsj ilj complete wit li \esiilmled !
trains, inai'iiillernl diiiiim ears, sleepers ami
chairs coaches, all the most elegant, and"! 1
recently improved patterns.
L'ult li fill and ctipnhlc uiliiuibiemen I and
polite, honest service from employes are
important items. They are n double dut \
to the Company and to travelers and it is !
sometimes a task difficult of accomplish
ment. I’assetiL'.rs mi tli is line will lin.l lit tie
The of this -an he hetter
understood It a short lesson In ueocraphy
What is the ureal Knstcrn termini cl the
Itoek Island Route'.' i 1 1 icau’" W'hnt nthcr !
snh-Kastern termini has it—l'eoria. T" ]
whnt important points does it run trains t" j
the Northwest'.' s; Paul ami Minneapolis,
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux i-'.-i 1 1 -. i
I'akola. To \\ lint ini|Mirtant lowa and No- :
hrnska points lies Moines. Davenport. lowa |
Omaha and Lincoln. Nebraska. I toes it !
touch other Missouri HI vor points'.* V.- >i.
loseph, Atchison, Leavenworth and Kansas ;
City. Does it run trains totlie Foot hills ot
the Kook \ Mountain-'.’ X.-, to Denver. ]
( olomdo Spri Ilk ' :i lid Pllehlo. sol nl \■-! i I >ll I
ed from i liieako. <an Important eltie-ot !
Kansas lie reached by the Kook Island '
Route?- Yes; Its capita I city, Topeka' ami a |
full hundred others in all direct ions in tin
Stale, and it Is tlio onl> road rniiniuk to and
Into the new lands opened lor settlenient 111 I
the pnhoo 1
It will thus «|o seen Ilia! aline tappi mr. ns |
Hie Itoek Island does, such a varied tetri tot \ .
has much In that reflat'd to commend it to
travelers, as all connections are sure mi the
Itoek Island, and passencers can relv mi a
speedy Jourtiev .as over a bulk oi t lie -> -lem
through trains are run. nml it has become, i
and rightly too. the popular Line
A very popular t rain mi i lie I hieak<>. lloek
Island A Pneille Railwav leaves i.envet.
Puelilo and ( olorado Sp'rltiks. daily, li is
called "The World’s Fair Special. - ' i'one
.lav mil, and passengers arrive at Chicago
early Hie second nmriiim:.
The Itoek Island litis become a popular
( olorado Line, and Hie train above referred
to i- Vest il.uled, and carries the Rock island
excellent Dillinu ( ar Service.
For full particulars as lo tickets, maps,
rates, npplv lo any coupon tleket otlteelu
tlic’,l' titled, ! 'aHilda or Mc\ or address;
.1 N (i. SKUA si lAN.
( b ill. Tkt. A Pass. \ut... hieako. 111.
K ST. .1 (> JI N, (bid. Manat:, r. ( I. irak". 111.
.1. ... K ELLEIL Agent, Pueblo. < oloi d
Quick Service to Cripple Creek
via Santa Fe.
Commencing Mny Ist the Santa Fe {
route and Colorado Midland will put on
a new train for Cripple Creek, leaving
Union Depot nt 0:10 a. m. and Stone j
depot nt I’cfio a. in. arriving at Cripple j
1 Creek tit noon. Round trip tickets nt !
! reduction nru nn sale at Union Depo* j
and Santa Ferity office Jfil N Union
Lower Fare to World’s Fair.
The Santa Pc route Una lowered the
World's Fair rate. It leads, while '
others follow; being tlrst to eut the
price as well as tlrst in quick and com
fortable service. The present lieket
rate from Pueblo to Chicago aud re
turn is #37.50
A• • individual safes c oist rue ted of selected drill proof stee
designed for Is, Jewelry, Ab
i.rac-ts, Dr-eii - , Itisurancf policies, Money a rid Valuables of all
kinds - Owing to theii superior construction and location in
1 1;*’ s 11 ■ dig vaultortlie American National Bank they afford a
pr< >tecti< >n not otfered I >y t lit• >rdi nary safe. The owner- of one
''' ' 1 " ’ ''' ■ f keej a a es in a safe
place known only to himself. Any person can rent one or
these safes by applying to tin - department of the —
t. w.i.vxn i,
Denier- in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper- Hanging, Knl - -'iminingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
sill 11 or/' Guaranteed.
I.viler /Jcatl> Dodgers ,
.Vole / leads. Circulars
Dill I leads. Dags
Statements, Damfihlets
hnvelopts. t ertificates
Dns/ness Cards, holders
j / isiting Cards, Counter Pads
sojta/ Cards, Mad Tickets
/'osiers. Pic., Pic.
O R CurrNr. D.F. Uhmv , ... n. D. Hinsdale, cuhu,.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
- I. I,<Miil>i.r.l. I A. Sloane. Tlios. Thompson.
J. K. Stilreniau.
>iim .1. Hums n. ii. Hlnadale.
wholesale: and retail
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed.
Headquarters for Natural Ice.
E. G. DONLEY, Proprietor.
1 I.I.EPJIOXL IS). Between Union and Victoria AveuiiM.
Puebi.o Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
l-.vt-n tiling neat and clean and nil work first class. Goods
called for and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
IL „ ... . P- Sheeran Doesn’t quote any prices, but he permit*
uOll I ITS. n " " ,u ‘ c 'vr 1,1 Groceries and Provisions for a BIG
DDK EAR than he does lie is in THE LEAD and intend*
to stay there. Don't ask questions, hut drop in and see him. You will call again
For Fresh Fruits and Confectioneries of all kinds, Ci
qars, Tobaccos, Cider and a variety of goods kept at
a first-class stand, go to—
-loiix ii. I’uus.
Corner Union and Arrtkndo Aventks, PUEBLO, COLO.
119 West 2nd Street.
Largest and Pines/ Stock oj Domestic and lin
ker ted U 'oo/ens m the City. |
Also furnishes material. Sandstone of nil dimensions. Office at Livery
Stable near City Hall, Bessemer.
will print you anything from
n business card up fro a book
and will do first-clß6s work,
using only the best quality of
Call at this office for first-class job work.
NO. 33.

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