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25 Cents
Until NOv. 5.
Kooni* 304-5-6-7. Central Block.
McMahon k Col./er.
Funeral Directors
Wt Carry the Largest Stuck of Funeral Sup
plies West of the Mississippi
Corner D Street and Union Avenue
Capital paid In. »rw).w«)
Surplus. 7JWO
Alva A.lnrns. pr. si.la nt; John A. Thnt.-h.-r
vice president: < hri* Wllm.m. <-hslil«t; 31. I< ,
Thut. h. r. \\\ 1.. v.iiilmm. .1. I. I’.M-hon, I. N
( art ill-. T. A. Sloan, «i«- >- .1. Dunbauptli, <ll
Pianos, Organs, Sheet music, ;
books and all kinds of musical
merchandise. Tuning, repair
ing, box ingundmoving pianos
and organs.
322 Santa Fe Ave. ,
Rigs to hire, horses stabled and ve.
bides cared for. Charges reasonable. ,
Northern and Spruce. Bessemer
N«w England is the imme of shoe ketones s-
Weymouth is one ot the oldest .ind best known low:.'
Naturally, shoes ca« be !*>ught cheapest there, but
wliat we want ladies to know is that wr wil! sei!
them shoes bv the single ;v»ir through our mail order
Send a Postal or Express money order or Postal
Note for 1 1 .50 and we will mail vnu a pair of fine
french Finish Dongola Hoots, (fpera or Common
Sense toe, with or without tips, ana perfect in style,
fit and wear; a better boot than you are accustomed
to buy for 51.50. The good qualities of this hoot will
be a genuine surprise to you. Siies run from 1 to S,
widths C, D, F., and EH.
Address N. T). CANTERBURY & CO., East
Weymouth, Mass.
It will give us pleasure to teli our customers where
to get othor kinds of shoes such as men’s or children'-
at faitorv prices, if they will write us just wliat tliev
want and enclose stamp for rtply.
Spectacles and Opera Glasses,
247 North Main St. near Junction
The Best and Cheapest Line of
STOVKS for Cash to he found in the
City. Call and see them.
No. 220 N. Union Ave.
Teeth Extracted Without Pain.
The greatest wonder of the nine
teenth century. Dr. C. A. Gregg
whose dental parlors are at 2<K> south
Union Avenue has the right of the city
and of Pueblo county and will extract
your teeth without causing pain.
and Stoves at
BAff Bargains at
“W* fortify in paper, using the
names of ut*ta. n Hing Henry / Y.
The Central National Bank is
fortified bv the excellent character
of its loans, and its careful manage
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. Cooper nu Pine street
next Tuesday at 2:80 p. ui. A cordial
invitation extended to all.
John Kane was taken with a sudden
attack of pneumonia Thursday night
and the following morning was sent to
the C. F. & I. hospital
Cotton battlug at 10c a roll at H.
A very pleasant party was given at
the home of Mrs. W. S. Helmet on
Spruce street Tuesday evening.
Policeman E. P. Price and wife have
returned from their visit to friends in
Missouri and Kansas, well pleased with
the vacation but glad to get back to
Colorado's pleasant suushiue
That must have been a disgusted
party of meu that stole a keg of elec
tion beer from the premises of Jack
llurd the other night only to tind after
carrying it seven blocks that it was
only hydrant water of the worst sort.
Hurd calls it decoy beer.
Mrs. Dan Colgin of Eaton avenue is
<>n the sick list.
Mrs. Marble, of New Mexico, the
noted lecturer on e«|Ual suffrage will
he at the court house to-night. Mrs.
Marble lectured a couple of weeks ago
in this city and made many friciuts to
the cause by her eloquence.
Dr. C. A. Gregg is one of the most
skillful of deutisis anti gives satis
faction in every particular. 202 S.
I Union Ave.
Miss Susie Dunlap and Miss Lizzie
Jones left Tuesday night for Chicago.
Mrs Jones will return in a short time.
The Halloween fiends got in their
work to perfection and the perversity
<>f the small boy was all the talk the
following morning.
The Bessemer bakery for the best
of everything kept iu a hrst-class
bakery It leads.
The Bessemer bakery for bread,
pies, cakes, doughnuts and con
fectioneries. Always fresh, always
the best.
The W. O. W. camp No. 211. gave
an uuusally interesting social Wednes
day night. The programme was ex
cellent and everybody enjoyed «t as
well as "yc old folks’ " "punkin” pie,
ginger bread and sweet cider. The
Woodmen never do halves
Miss Marguerite Taylor, once of Bes
semcr and a most charming vouuy lady
was married on the 24 ult at Mt
Vernon. Ohio, to Mr. Thomas Wier.
The Inxicator joins her many friends
in wishing her much happiness.
John Kane. Julius Shloss and Frank
Foreman have returned from the Fair.
The police tind very little fun in
beings cowboys on foot as they get too
much exercise in chasing the town cat
tle. The herder was dismounted by
the council and now when cattle are
taken up at all it must be douc by the
police on foot.
To a man up a tree” it looked as
though there must have been some
significance attached to the calling up
of the contract between the city and
the Bullen Bridge Co. at the meeting
of the council. The lengthy docu
ment was resurrected, read and passed
by without discussion or comment. It
was no doubt read at the instance of
Mr. Bullen who was present, hut he
was silent also, while visions of a
penalty of S2O per day must have
floated before his vision.
If the roaming town cows are such a
nuisance in the eyes of some, why
doesn't the council furnish feed for a
couple of horses (the police will furnish
the horses) and the cows will then he
duly run in the pound or driven out of
town. It was a false move in economy
when horse feed was cut off. and if any
one of the aldermen. Mr. Fisher for
instance, will make a motion to have
the fodder furnished it will no doubt
he done. There are a number of
lights in the western part of the city
and also out by dago town that could
be dispensed with, and also four water
hydrants out by Beulah that could be
spiked. A saving of SBO per month on
lights and S2O per month on water
plugs could he made. It were better
to do with less light anti water and
hustle up a little fodder.
Cash Henderson and the Old Vets.
Certain enemies of (-ash Henderson
who. after diligent search fail to find
the first thing against his official record
as county clerk, have manufactured the
cheap story to the effect that he charges
old soldiers for making out their
pension papers, and the Star gives
circulation to the falseho«xl. The at
tempt to injure Mr. Henderson with the
old soldiers is contemptible and the
scheme won't work.
The fact is he has never chaiged a
cent to an applicant for a pension for
making ont their vouchers, their
affidavits, their certificates of authority,
etc. Besides he has furnished stamps
nnd envelopes. The fees which he
could collect by law Amount to SIBO
per year, and this sum together with
the time of his clerks he generously
donates to pensioners. These are facts,
and all the statements made to the
contrary are utterly false as can l>e
proven by any and all the old vets.
Take Notice.
I have moved my ahop from Northern
and Eaton avenue* to 1241 Routt
avenue, one door north of the City
ocsios, *nd on now prop*md to do all
kind* of work aiwi&r don* in * city
■LACKS* iTM mo*. GHvn m * ahar* of
jour work a* lam Mt o*o of th* now
M» Mr-
W. J. McNamara is too good a county
official to let him off without another
term. Support him for treasurer next
W. A. Moses is a safe, conservative
iuuu for sheriff He has proven his
worth and merits a re-election.
'Ihe closest contest in the election
will be the race for district judge by
Platt Wicks. John K. Dixou and J. U.
Platt Wicks served his constituency
faithfully and well in the general as
sembly. liis constituency should now
discharge their obligations to him.
E. G. Donley has the judguieut aud
honesty necessary to make a lirst class
Vote for Jeorge Willauer for justice
of the peace, a L‘ uiou soldier and a man
whose character is above reproach.
A vote for George Willauer for
justice is a vote lor an old soldier.
J. M. McKee will carry the county by
a good uiojority. In Bessemer he will
have un easy walk over.
Secretary W. A. Pittou and his as
sistant, Prank VanKcuren, of the re
publican central committee have been
diligently applying themselves to their
duties and have doue excellent service
in the cause. Chairman Wildeboor has
been ever on the alert to bring in
recruits, and very likely a clean sweep
will be their reward.
The democracy and independents of
Pueblo county hold the balance of
power and they will not hesitnte to
use their influence in the election of
the republican ticket. The populists
spurned the idea a short time ago of a
fusion with the democrats and the
democrats will now return the coin
plitcent; besides, they arc alive to their
interests and the interests of the
community at large and do uot think
it advisable to place the populists in
The polling places in Bessemer have
been designated by the board of com
missioners as follows: Precince 19 at Per
let's slur**: No. 20. hose house No. 2;
No. 21. city hall: No. 22. liose house
No. ;i.
C. J. Long has been a resident of
Pueblo county for twenty-one years
and this is the first time he hns ever
run for a county office. This is a good
record for “Chan" but he will soon be
inducted into the office of commissioner
from the 2nd district.
C. W. Bowman served a term as
superintendent of schools of Bent
county back in the early seventies and
has served Pueblo couuty in the same
capacity for the last two years. Mr.
Bowmnn is an efficient educator and
has the solid support of the teachers
of the county, a good indication that
he is the man for the place.
W. J. McNamara will owe his elec
tion not to the republicans alone but
to the deinocrates and populists as
well. Everybody who has business in
the county treasurer's office is willing
to attest to the efficiency and courtesy
of Mr. McNamara and his clerks, and a
change is not desired.
Ed G. Donley is a man of good
judgment and has the ability to make
exnctly the man wanted for commission
er from the 4th district.
Stand by Geo. Willauer for justice of
the peace, u man of judgement, ability
and honor mid a most worthy* citizen.
Judge Willauer has made the justice
court in Bessemer one of respectability
and he has the good will of every at
torney who has practiced before him
J.W. Davis of Ncpesta who is a
candidate for county commissioner
from the 5th district is a man of varied
experiences, an all round practical
business man. and will give tlie |>eoplc
the benefit of his knowledge.
Sheriff Moses has the tact to combine
courtesy with busiuess in the stern dis
charge of his duties which is properly
recognized by the public and the sheriff
has greatly increased his popularity.
Two years ago he had a clear walk
away for the office over his competitors.
C. H. Griffin and W. M. Farmer, and
the people will give him another term.
Ed G. Donley who is running for
commissioner from the 5th district
stands high among the ranchmen of
the county among whom he has a large
acquaintance. Mr. Donley is proprietor
of the Headlight Feed Store and in his
many dealings with the ranchers has
made fast friends. Donley is a man of
unimpeachable honesty and would give
the people a square deal in office.
M. A Carey who stands for one of
the justices of the peace in precinct No.
1 is a cool headed, agreeable and
competent young man aud would make
a first-class official. His popularity was
shown in the convention by the fact
that he defeated 8. D. Brosius for
office, Mr. Brovins being one of the
leading men in the republican party.
Mr. Carey Is a south side man. Stay
with him and help elect a good ana.
t. T. ■mrtu to>**toimc^twpoMkal
tax m—Mini orpifcAffon
It was Over One-Third tka Popolat—
of the United State*,
The total paid attendance at the
fair from the opening day, and includ
ing yesterday, was 21,458,910.
The total admissions on passe# have
been 5.958.818.
Yesteaday's admissions were 94i.5?&.
of which 208,178 paid.
When Chairman Peck, of the finance
committee, figured up *ith Treasurer
Seebergcr he feund the exposition had
just $2,515,000 in the hank and in the
souvenir fund. Estimating the re
ceipts at $150,000 more than the cost
of administration for the day. the bal
Ain-e on hand at miduigbt last night
was $2,750,000.
AltogtLer the treasury has received
over $14,000,000 since the first day
from rate receipts, concessions and
incidental sources of revenue
Against the income from all sources,
including $4,500,000 of bonds and $5.
500,000 of stock, there has been a
charge' of $19,000,000 for construction,
aud the operatiug expenses have been
about $7,000,000 up to this time.
The stockholders have a prospect of
getting between 15 and 20 per cent on
their subscriptions. Whether a divid
end will be paid in the end depends on
the cost of removing the buildings and
closing up the affairs of the corpora
tion.—World's Fair Committee.
Wants a Foot Ball Prize.
Editor Indicator: —There is to be
a foot ball match Thanksgiving day be
tween the south side and the north
side elevens. Public interest is always
shown at races and other sports hi
Pueblo in the way of giving prizes.
Would it not he a good idea for some
one to give a prize to the winners of
the coming match—say a foot hall?
An Interested Party.
The word brandy is from the Dutch
brand wijn—burnt wine.
Alexander Kiss Is in jail in Bldde
ford. Me-, for dodging a board bill.
Venice is built on eighty small
Island, which are connected together
by nearly 400 bridges
There are 12.000 Americans residing
in France, according to the census of
foreigners recently taken.
A family in Utica, N. Y.. possesses#
bible which was printed in London in
1630, and whioh is consequently 263
years old.
"Lame duok” is an expression ap
plied to a defaulting member of the
stock exchange- When he fails he is
said to "waddl* off the exchange.”
As an indication of how the slave
trade survives in Africa, it is stated
that last summer a caravan of 10,000
camels and 4,000 slaves left Timbuctoo
for Morocco.
On a wager a negro named William
Nevill of Raleigh. N. C.. attempted to
drink five cents worth of laudanum
the other day. He was unconscious
for twentv-four hours.
At a recent dinner of journalists in
London the gallant toast: "Women,
the fairest work in all creation: the
edition is large, and no man shonld be
without a copy,” was proposed.
It is estimated that about 250,000
canary birds are raised every year in
Germany. The most important mar
ket is the United States, which im
ports about 100,00) birds oer annum.
The celebrated Mt. Wushingtou suit,
involving the title to the summit of
that eminence,has been decided by the
United States circuit court, at Ports
mouth. N. 11-, hut will probably go to
the United States supreme court
On June 17. 18.'3, Samuel Garber,
now deceased, carved his initials upon
the shell of a tortoise which he found
dear his home »t Trap e, Montgomery
:ounty. Pa. Last week this veteran
reptile waddl.*d its way to the house
where Garber lived.
About Dr. E. S. Dodds.
Dr. E. S. Dodds a Bessemer mnn and
first-i:las6 citizen is out after the office
of coroner. He was nominated by the
democratic convention hut owning to
his popularity and high standing will
get the hearty support of hundreds of
republicans and populists. The In
dicator speaks for him as one of Bes
semer's most worthy citizens, a heavy
taxpayer and an old time resident, nnd
one who is deserving of the office to
which he aspires. He will carry an
almost solid vote off the hill, and aside
from his party support in Pueblo lie
will poll n heavy vote from the other
parties. The Press gives him the fol
lowing strong endorsement:
"Dr. Dodds, the Democratic candi
date for coroner, is one of the best and
most intelligent physicians in the city,
and is the only candidate on cither
ticket capable of performing the duties
of tire office fot the best interest of the
taxpayers and for justice. He should
receive the support of every intelligent
voter regardless of party affiliations."
Don't throw your vote away next
Tuesday but join in placing Dr. Dodds
in the coroner’s office.
Wednesday evening, November 8.
will be a red-letter event in the present
theatrical season at the Grand opera
bouse. "Braving the World" universal
ly conceded to be the flnist sensational
melodrama ever produced, will be the
attraction. It is not only a master
piece of the playwright’s art but is so
cast and presented with such a wealth
of effects that the most critical are
forced to concede it a high place. The
great Madison Square roof garden
scene with the novel specialties pro
duced is sufficient to give the play
lasting fame. The Denver papers
speak most flatteringly of it and it is
nightly drawing crowded houses.
Cords for Sale.
Uf|« cards with th* following:
Tifpiffidl room fo: rent," "on
f—lnkod room for root, “room
wkk board," "for rent," “board—
king," ota. ota.
Harttw 9«t Am Af4 «MM Aa Act to Mb
salt to the qaaMM «Mn •( It* BttM Um
qneeUaa at oxtaMmc the rial* of Hirui ta
«o*H of low fat age, «af otherwise quallffed
•rrorftif to Um piMlAt of Article orti,
Hectloa B<4 the Coaatltattaa of Colorado, aj>-
proved April T, MM, iwtHm as follow*;
sir, a. It shall bo Um daty of Um Secretary
of M*i« to Issue Me prodiMtUua or aotlce U>
the elector* of Mid iMcral elcrtlon and to give
notice of Um sehailasloa of Mid SecUoe one ( I)
to tbe quallffed Her lor* of the State for their
approval or rejection, and to print or direct to
he printed npna the official ballot*, used In each
county of the Mate at Mid election, on separate
Um* the word*:
“Equal suffrage approved," and the worda
"Equal Suffrage not approved,"
Ami those voting at the said election, who ap
prove Mid Mellon one of this not shall place In
Ink a cross or “X” noon Mid ballots opposite to
or In tbe margin of the words: * Equal Suff
rage approved?* and those voting «t said elec
tion woo do not approve tbe Mine shall place In
Ink a cross or au “X" upon Mid ballots op|ioslte
oor In the margin of the words: “Equal Suff
rage not approved" and the Secretary of State
shall cause said proclamation or notice herein -
Itefore referred to to be published in at least
one newspaper of general circulation In each
county (If such there lie) for three (H) months
previous to the next general election, and said
proclamation, by the Secretary of State, and
the voting on llie said question aforesaid, by
the quallffed elector* of tlic state, shall lie
deemed and considered hv all the courts of this
state as a submission of said section one of tills
act to the iiunlUled electors for approval or re
jection within the meaning of tlic State consti
In accordance therewith notice Is hereby
given that a general election will he held on
the seventh day of November, A. I>. IMM, at
which time there will he submitted to the qual
ified electors at Mid election for their adoption
or rejection, section one(l) of said art afore
said giving to women the right of suffrage In
the Slate of Colorado, which section one (1) Is
ns follows:
Sec. 1. That every female iiersou shall lie on
titled to vote at all elections In the same man
ner In all respects as male persons are, or shall
be entitled to vote by the Constitution and laws
of this state, and the same quallflcatiou as to
age, rltlseiisnlp and time of residence In tlic
statu, county, city, ward and precinct; and all
other qualification* required by law to entitle
male person* to vote shall be required to enti
tle female persons to vote.
Is Testimony Wukrkok I have hereunto set
mv hand and afUxed the Gaeat Seal of the State
of'Colorado at the City of Denver, thl* 7tli day
of August, A. I). I WEI.
Nelson O. Mcci.kkh.
[seal] Secretary of State.
Ist t 8 id
Public notice Is hereby given tliut a gen
eral election will he held In the several elec
tion precincts of Pueblo county In the state
of Colorado, on Tuesday, the 7th day of
November. A. I>. 1893, are as follows, vis.:
One (lj Judge oflhe district Court within
and for the Tenth Judicial District of Colo
One (I) County Commissioner within ami
for the Second Commissioner district of
Pueblo county.
One (I) County Commissioner within and
for the Fourth Commissioner District of
Pueblo county.
One (1) County Commissioner within and
for the Fifth commissioner District of
Pueblo county.
One (1) County Clerk and Recorder within
and for Pueblo county.
tine (D County Hlierill within and for
Pueblo county.
One(l) County Treasurer wltlilu uqd for
Pueblo county.
One (I) County Assessor within and (or
Pueblo county.
One(l) Comity .Superintendent of Public
Schools within and for Pueblo county.
One (1) County Surveyor within and for
Pueblv county.
One (1) County Coroner within ami for
Pueblo county.
In Justice Preulnct No. 1,
Two (2) Justices of the Pence and two (3)
In Jnstice Precinct No. 28.
One (I) Justice of the Peace and (!' Con
In Justice Preelnet No. XV.
Two (3) Justices of the Pence ami (2) Con
In Justice Precinct No. 3d.
One (1) Justice of the Pence ami (1) Con
In Justice Preelnet N 0.39.
One (I) Justice of the Pence and one (I)
Also to vote upon the following question,
The authority for submitting such question
is found in house bill 118, which is in the
words mid figures following, vlx.:
"An act to .-iibmlt to the qualified electors
of the state tbe question of extending “the
right of suffrage hi women lawful age.
uml otherwise qualified, according to the
provisions of articles seven, section 2 of the
constitution of Colorado, approved April 7,
1893, provides us follows:
Section i. That every female person shall
be entitled to vote at all elections, in the
same manner In all respects as male persons
are or shall he entitled to vote by the con
stitution and laws of this state, and the same
qualifications as to age, citizenship and
time of residence In the state, county, city,
ward and precinct und all other qualifica
tions required by law to entitle male persons
to vote shall lie required to entitle female
l>ersons to vota.
And those voting at the said election who
approve said section one of this act shall
place In Ink n cross or “X” upon said ballots
opposite to or In the margin of the worda;
“Equal sullrage approved," ami those voting
at ssld election who do not approve the
the same shall place in Ink a cross or an
"X"u|>on said ballots opposite to or In the
margin of the words; “Equal suffrage not
In testimony whereof I have hereinto set
rnv hand and the official seal of Pueblo
county at the, city of Pueblo this 20th day
of October, A. I). 1893.
(seal) C. D. Henderson.
County Clerk. Pueblo County. Colorado.
In the County Court of the County of
Pueblo, In the Mate nforesHld.
In the matter of the estate of Henry H.
Valentine, deceased.
To Caroline E. Valentine, Emellno C
Valentine, Clementine L. Cameron and
Vance Cameron Valentine, heirs at law and
next of kin, non-residents of the said state
of < olorado, greet lug:
Whereas, s certain Instrument In writing,
purporting to Is* the last will and testament
of Henry H. Valentine, late of said County of
Pueblo, was on the 12th day of October 1893,
presented to the County Court of said Pueblo
( utility, In the Mate aforesaid for probate, by
Calvin H. Qnackenbush, whose plaee of
residence Is the city of Bessemer, In the
Comity and State aloresald; that the name of
the testator In said will Is Henry H. Valen
tine, ami that the place of residence of said
testator, nt the tlmeof his death, was the
City of Bessemer, In the County ami state
aforesaid; the property desertbed ami de
vised in said will Is ns follows: consisting of
bouse and two lots numbered 1 SMI Routt Ave.
Bessemer Unc watch and household goods
ns by reference to said will, will more fully
\on are therefore hereby cited and re
quired to be and nppenr before the County
court of said Pueblo County, nt the Court
bouse In said County, on the 30th day of
November A. |i. 1893. at Eleven o'clock a. in.,
tlieunnd there to attend the probate of an Id
will before said Court, and further to do and
perform what shall then, by the Court, be
required and adjudged. Witness Jno. 11.
Mitchell Judge of said Court, and the seal
I hereof, at Pueblo, In said County and
state, the 12th day of OctnWr A. D. ISO.
[heal] Judge of County Court.
First publication Oct 21.1893
The Lowest. The Lowest.
Note the cheap rates via Santa Fe
Chicago and return i 25.00
Chicago, one way 12.60
Ht Louis and return 10.25
Ht Louis, one way 10.C5
Kansas City and return 18.00
Kansas City oae way 9.00
Three daubls daily trains for all
above points. Solid vestibuled
sleepers and chair car yla the popular
Santa Fe route. Full information at
city office 237 union Are.
F. B Heawrioht.
ft. P. A T. A.
If you waut your clothes cleaned
and repaired, send a poetal to 1225
Evan* Ave., and I will call for them.
P. H. McCurdy.
Tn HaAPLiowT— For hay, grata,
flour aad feed ta tay qoaothleo aad at
bediMfcpria* «i at tfcff B—dHgfct
i iTiti Inins.
• Notice is hereby given that the ltoUowing is a. fall, true
list of ell nominations made by the Republican, People s and DemocnXlo party
conventions luioertifled to me by the Secretary of the offlows of th.
said conventions as appears in the certificates of the proceedings of the said
conventions now on file in my office. . . .00*1.
Given under my hand and the seal of said at 11111 88111
day of October, A. D, 1893. C. D. HENDERSON,
( pueblo ) County Clem.
„ ( BEAL. )
For Judge of the Dlstrtet. courtof the 10th —— --
pun wicks. J “ d *' urf " r ,on ' is-aaftM- «*
Postoffice address, Pueblo, Pueblo County, JOHN H. VOORHEEB, JOHN R. DIXON.
IV-sidenre. Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado. Jr ®***' I 1 ueb, ° ( oun, >* ~( wt olhre address, Pueblo, Pueblo Co., Color*
eM "
For Sheriff, Colorado.
WILLIAM A. MOSES. For Com,, Kh.rlfr. D
Postoffice address' 392 South Union avenue, WILLIAM J. HOCKHAM.
Pueblo. adilri'sK. Mechanic's Block, Pu* Postofflee address, 219 East 3 street, Pueblo.
Besldcnce, 35 Block 1., Pucble. I os I office address, 44 Mechanic s moca, Residence, 219 East 8 street 4 Pueblo.
Place of business, Houth Union avenue, j- |» lIeblo Colorado. Place of business, I’uehlo Smelting A Regain*
Pueblo. Place of Business, *4 Mechanic’s block, Pu- Company.
For County Clerk and Recorder, eb, °- .
CASH D. HENDERSON. For n«ora..r, ’° r j" “c n.^AMILTON
l 'lSr““”‘“ nl,Cl "*' , o m “' P “- LAKE C. MONTGOMERY. m Wr.i 11 .ired .PiMto.
Residence, Fargo Hotel, 300 So. Main street, postofflee address. Mania Fe park. Pueblo. q,.,|.lriicc, an West II street. Pueblo.
Pueblo. Residence, Kants Fe park, pueblo. ' I'lnce of business, American National Bank.
Place of business. County Clerk’s office, Pu- place of btislneM, Missouri pnclflc de|Kit. i
eblo. For t ounty Treasurer,
For County Treasurer. 1 (' F C\MPHFLL.
>V ILLIAM d. mcHANAKA. postoffice address, No. 213 Quincy street, pu- itoddcni'c, 217 West lltii street, Pueblo.
Postofflee address. County Treasurer's office. eblo. i inn-in,•— :sO So. Union Ave. Pueblo.
Pueblo. Residence, No. 213 Quincy street, Pueblo.
Residence, 125 West KMh street, ihieblo. Place of bU*lneM, Hoard of Trade building. i
Plnee of business. County Treasurer's office.
Pueblo. For county. Assessor, j For County Assessor,
For County Assessor, ALLEN E. BURN AM.
JOHN M. McKKE. postofflee uddress. 1801 W. 171 li street pueblo, j
Postofflee address. 28 Block Q, Pueblo. KfjJf*■?E,’.!!!? iiVw*'J^tlViel.lo
Residence. 28 Block Q, Pueblo. Place of business, 1901 w . 17th street. Pueblo. ,
Place of business, 28 Block Q, Pueblo. 1 ‘" ‘ ounly auperlntendeatof Schools,
.... . | , . , . 0 . , For County Superintendent of Schools. WILLIAM P. BECK.
For County superintendent of Hcliools, _,, ' , .. „ ....... .
Postofflee address, office of Ceunty Muperln- 7t»< Kasl 2nd street, pueblo. ~r R.s.m 2 Hidden Block.
tendcut or Mchools, Pueblo. place of business. Grand opera House block.
Residence, No. 2 If alter Terrace, Main steeet,
Pueblo. Fort minty Surveyor,
Place of business, office of County Suderln- .. ..... u
tendcut of Schools, Pueblo. For County Httrveyor,
JAMESC. "“iSSu?""*-
Postofflee address. Mechanic's Block, Pueblo Residence, pueblo county, Colorado.
Residence, 215 West »th street, Pueblo. of htmlness. pueblo county. • olorado.
Place of business, Mechanic's Block, Pueblo. For ( ounty ( oroner.
For County Coroner, For County Coroner, E. S. DODDS.
JEFFREY FITZPATRICK GEORGE H. MILLARD. ro*tolHce aedre**, ruel.lo, c.»lora«k«
dcrmbi runrAiiULn. . , llesldencc, 1019Ctslar street, Bessemer.
Postofflee address, Ht. Louis Htables, Main Hoshjfflceaddrews 111 \A est9th street, l ticblo. :km smith Union avenne,
and 3rd streets, Pueblo. Residence, 114 V\ est 9th street, pueblo
Residence. 306 Court street, Pueblo. |,| “ ce of business, 310 Hantn te «ve„ pueblo.
Place tif business, Ht. Ixmls Htables, Main
and 3rd streets, Pueblo. For t minty Commissioner—Slid District,
For County ConnnlMloner—2nd District, lor County Commissioner—2ml District, . 'I. E. GRIFFIN.
CHANNING J. LONG. BEN DIGGORY. poslonicc address, Juniata, pueblo Co„ Colo,
Postofflee address, 23 Block M, Corona Park, I*l ifsloc k l l*'*!'*! ei»Vo or,,< **'" »*V«T-V*'of' *D 11 -’l n"-*."m idi't'n.'riiebhM o'. Colo.
Residence,'« Block M. Corona Park. Pueblo. of business, cuel'.lo, t olorado.
~|nl ^le^b^o.*, ne,U,, “ HUck M ’ COr ° n * P * r,,, For t ounty i on..nN.lon.r-4lh Dl.trtfft,
..a For county Coininlssloner—4th District W. F. GOODPASrURE.
For (ounty Commissioner—4th District, FRANCIS M BERRY postofflee nddtvss, pueblo, Colo.
EDWARD G. DONLEY. fiwnun m, hp,kki. itesidence. ruei.i.s ruebioco., Colo.
Postofflee address. Headlight Feed Htore, Pu- ’ ' * ,uebl ° count J r * rlsceof I...slneM stated.
tUnUllncr, Mh .Ml If SBSf3fflJlSSlll. b t„ , 3S!;!S, ,
Place or business, H«mllight Feed Htore, Pu- or ou " ,m count},
ehlo. Fort ounty Commissioner—sth District,
For County CommL.lonor-sth IM.trtet, For c °nnlF commJ.Moner-llh rartrlcf W. K. HOPKINa
TfIHV w n a VTH WILLlrt 11. IOUMi. postofflee addn*s>, riteblo, riiehlo Co., I 010.
dunl n. uavjd. postofflee address, pueblo pushln mnniv Residence, Pueblo, ( 010.
Postofflee address, Nepesta, Colorado. Colorado ’ Place of business, Pueblo, Colo.
Residence, NepesU. Colorado. Residence, pueblo count v ( olorado
Place of business, Nepesta, Colorado. place of business, pueblo county.
For Justice of the Peace—Precinct, No.l
For Justice of the Pcace-Preclnct No. 1, * or , 2?TTJ2S" Bt K °' *’ M ' M * MARTIN.
MARTIN A. CAREY. _ fc.LL.IU 11. rmtofflcc address, Bessemer. < olorado.
pn.in*AA oham... r.nfni m,n.b Postofflee address, 227 M est 9t hat reel, pueblo. Residence. Bessemer, Color ado.
b Residence «7 We*t9tb stn-et, Pueblo. rince of business, Bessemer, t olorado.
_ , j,,*, * For Justice of the Peace-Precinct No. l. KorJuatlce of the Peace Preelnet No. 1,
F— Miarep, City H.ll, BoJrmrr. ~£sSt“ dr ~*' “ Abrl '” <,<> ~*“
Ke.ldence, 13» Lit Ahrl.ndo «v«nu.. Br. RMldcnctt, M 3 Abrlentlo »yrnu«, BcMmer. *»«• "■ hitdn™, »n t rittr.l Hlork.
Flnry'of bnslneiui,Cltv H.ll. BMMK. «Mte .f hn.1..., Colonttln Smelt,,, lr . 5„.,,
For ComtUble—Preelnet No. 1, ’’ PATRICK McDONOUOH.
JOHN D. HEROD. JOHN A- LIPPERT. address, til Fast 2nd street..riteblo.
Postofflee ulitrMs 48 lilnck o Pushis Poetofflce address, BOU 8 Main si., pueblo. Besldcnce,4ll Kast 2nd street, Pueblo.
For Constable—Precinct No. 1, SWANSON O. W. MoCADDEN? '
RICHARD A. CUMMINGS. . CHARLES L. SWANSON. Postofflee address, Bessemer.
Postofflee address, City Hall, Bessemer. SSd?Me*imSTp.
Residence, US Cypress street Bessemer. Kbu lwn llffl I'uMness. Bessemer.
Place ol business, City Hall, Bessemer. r,mce ol DUK,npw '- st., Bessemer.
ror Justice of the Peace, precinct No. tt.
For Justice of the Peace—Precinct No. 28. For Justice of the Peace—precinct No. 28,
Postofflee address, Boone, Colorado.
Residence, Boone, Colorado.
Place of business, Boone Colorado. ..
ror ( oiislnhlc, Precinct So. 28,
For Constable—Precinct No. 28, For Constable—Precinct No. 28.
Postofflee address, AvoDdale, Colorado.
Residence, Avondale, Colorado.
Place of business, Avondale, Colorado. ..
ror .lust Ice of tlic peace, nrecinrt No. 85,
For Justice of the Peace— Precinct No. 35, ror Justice af the peace—precinct No. 25. Ding Term,
r « , , „ HE 2 RY F - m, llican. j. H. MAHBHALL
J. H. MARSHALL, postofflee address, not stated. Pmtoffire address, Grccnborn t „lr,p«,b,
Postofflee address, Greenhorn. Colorado. stated Uesldciire, Greenhorn Colorado.
Residence, Greenhorn, ( olorado. Plac * or ““"iness, not sUteil. Place of business, Greenhorn Colorado
Place of business. Greenhorn, Colorado.
For Justice of the Peace-Precinct No. 25, For Justice of the reaco-rrcclnel No. 35. uaUce of Umb jclncl No. ffl,
JOHN O. AUSTIN, rostofflee address, not stated. m „ J r, HN AUHTIN.
Post nth M> luidrcss Greenhorn i Residence, not stated. I imujmee address. Greenhorn, Colo
i“.iS?bS,^^ib 0 ~“otoSSo. 0,0r * dO ’ Fl«ceof bn.lnem, not.uud. KooTbn .
Place of business, Greenhorn, ( olorado. mimness, oreenhorn. (.010
For Constable—Precinct No. 85, long term, For Conatable-Precluct No. 35. For Constable precinct No.long term, jjj|
Postofflee address. Greenhorn, ( olorado. HimI"®* 1 "®* ■? 1 dPOM : QrW ’ n,K,rn ' 1
Residence, Greenhorn, Colorado. . , • Residence, Greenhorn, Colo.
Place of business, Greenhorn, Colorado. rlace of business, not stated. Mace of business, Greenhorn, Colo.
For Constable—Proolncl No. 25, short term, For Constable—precinct No. 35. For Constable precinct No. 25, shorl term.
Postofflee a«ldrexs. Greonhorn, Colorado. Postofflee address, Greenhorn, ( 010.
Residence. Oreenfiorn, Colorado. ??£.?: V® 1 . , Residence, Greenhorn,( 010.
Place of business, Greeuhorn, Colorado. riace or business, not stated. rlsce of business, ureenhora. Colo.
For Justice of the IVacc--Precinct No. 26. For Justice of the Peace—Preelnet No. 36, For Justice of the reaee. preelnet No ■
rostofflee address. Rye. pueblo county, l 010.
Iteshlence, Rye, Pueblo county, t o|„.
Place of business, not given.
For FunilAbl.—Fred net No. M. For (MMUbto-mclod No. ». For So.M,
wldress. Rye, pueblo county,« 010.
Residence, Rye, pueblo county, c„|„
Place of business, not given.
For N « *• For Ju.tlc. Of ,„e iwh*,,. No. » «f •>» rreo,, „reclod H.. m,
Postofflee address, place of business and resi
dence, Beulah, Colorado.
F, < ISAAC ORAy" 0 "' For i wiiihmm No. m. For iym.ul>l. mm So. m,
Postofflee address, Place of business and real
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