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VOL. 4,
Moses & Allen’s
Offer* the best line of k oo <l* to be
found in Southern Colorado. We
have every article obtainable.
Just In.
3 I tin Woo, I Preserve* Ht .#.75
Mb Glass Monarch Preserves.. . . a>
:1 lb Mluw Monarch I'rwcrve« 75
l It* Ummo Monarch Preserves 30
1 It* l)alPreserve*, glass ..20
1 lt» Kuhy Preserves, tin ......... 10
7cans Anderson's Jam ...100
2 ll» cau California Jams 27? a
have a full assortment uml the
goods are untiHally line this wanna.
5 lb Wood Jelly 3d
2 glusxc» Jelly .25
17 lb pall Jelly 75
80 lb pall 1 25
100 Cases Catsup.
M pint Colutnhlu catsup 15
I pint Columbia catsup 25
£*p-riilh In new catsup ami the finest ever
put up. We guarantee entire mtUfactlon.
We have our full line of
Dried Fruit.
6 lbs Pnincllcs, Imported. .100
8 lb* eva|Mirated uprlcotN I no
7 lb* evaporated pears .100
14 lb* dried figs . I 00
7 Ha* evaporated peaches 1 00
7 llm lance French prunes. 1.00
12 lbs small primes I 00
12 Ibx new raisins. .100
Ilb pitted cherries ...... 20
4 Ibx evaporated rasplicrrlcx . 100
10 lha evaporated black berries t 00
Where Else can you Buy
100 lbs Columbine flour <lB5
ion lbs Longmont flour .180
100 lbs Hliitgn Hour 185
100 lbs pure Httek wheat flour 4 50
All packugc coffee, except Arhuckles 25
18 lb* granulated sugar .. 1 00
5 ll» pure buckwheat Hour . 25
1 can sugar com lo
I can good c0ni...... . 05
1 can tomatoes .10
2 ox. bottle extract. Price’s 15
2oz bottle Vanilla extract* Prices 25
8 bars florax soap 25
8 Imr* Hllver Leaf soap. . . 25
0 bars W. It soap 25
8 bars Clalrette soup 25
8 bars Mascot soap . 25
3 lbs Mocha and Juva eollee I 00
I lb crushed Java coffee . 30
100 llm white potatoes 1 ID
8 cans Eagle milk I 00
10 Ibx pure lard 1 15
10 Ibx compound lard 90
.sugar cured hams, per lb 12
Hold's oleomargarine, per lb 17
fluid creamery butter 30
Fine ranch butter . .... 25
see and we will sell you. Mall
orders promptly Oiled. Gimklh delivered In
Moses & Allen
lot H. Union Ave. and Manta Fe.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given lo Pension CJultns
Itooin 1 over Pontoffloe. Fukiii.o.
ff. L. Gkaham. Cham. E. Maxtor,
President." Cashier.
Union Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorized Capital, - - $250,000.
Paid In Capital, . - 50,000.
Surplus. 175.001
Anything wanted In the line of
icavenger work will bo attended to
by leaving order* at the city hall
or corner of Box Klder and Summit
Mahtin Hughes,
City Scavenger.
r>tili A r mmmm to MU what U» nmm la yoai
& ffiSßSSjriHßßpjaw
wHM O t art
mgnwMggirax aw
i£* ■ HKjfcg
The Bessemer Indicator.
P. BYRNES, Editor'ano Proprictor.
Published Every Saturday at Bessemer. Colo.
Entered at the Postofflee at Pueblo, Colo., ns
second class matter.
Pbick or Subscription.
One Year SI 00
Hlx Months 50
Tue Colorado Midland is actually
running trains on the new road from
the Divide to Midlund, making the
distance to go by stage into Cripple
Creek only nine miles.
President Cleveland was positive
that the Sherman law alone stood in
the way of prosperity. Now that the
silver law has been repealed. Mr. Cleve
land, what is this slow, poky old
country waiting tor?
It is to be hoped that Lieutenant
Peary will And.a country in the "frozen
north" thnt will be cold enough to
contain all the anarchists of the world
where, in peual servitude they shuli
abide and have ample time to cool off.
What the unemployed ask for is
work, not aims; a chance to earn a liv
ing. If there is any possible op
portunity for the city to furnish
work to the men who are in enforced
idleness it should be done and done
Grover Cleveland stoops from his
high position to petty retaliation on
the silver advocates in congress. He
is "getting even" with Colorado's
senators nmL representatives by not
consulting them in any appointment in
the state. What childs play.
On account of the extension of the
Midland railroad to within nine miles of
Cripple Creek the Santa Fe will get
practically all the freighting of the ore,
and iu order to get its share the Rio
Grande will build a line from Florence
into the camp. Work will begin next
President Diaz of Mexico turus up
his nose at Colorado, aud when it
comes to coming the silver of this
state into Mexican dollars he will
elevate his olfactory appendage a little
bit higher ami inform the guvnor that
Coloradolias no power to make such a
There is considerahld discussion go
ing on juat now concerning the upright
system of peninauship, the advocates of
the straight up and down stroke claim
ing for it greater rapidity and legibility
than that obtained iu the slant writing.
If the upright system has these ad
vantages it will meet with but little
Manaokii Chubbuck is keeping his
busiiiHT J eye on the opportunity afford
ed by the new viaduct and will be
likely to forestall the aspirations of
the north Pueblo people interested in
securing a street car line through Bes
semer by applying for a franchise him
Belf. Next summer will witness a new
car line out Northern uvenue and to
the luke, a much needed improvement.
The board of county commissioners
and Clerk Henderson are engaged in
mapping out the mules and bounds of
the new voting precincts to be establish
ed. The law allows 250 voters to a
precinct, but most all of the 27 pre
cincts in the county now have their
full quoto, and the addition of the
women’s votes will cause a redtatrict
ing There will be about 17 or 18 new
precincts formed. Bessemor’s four
precincts will he redistricted into at
least 7.
The Inevitable must come. Gov
ernor Waite is determined to have the
legislature convened In apecial session
early In January. The old gentleman
seems to hug the oelnsion that be has
been “called" ns other cranks
have been "called” before to do some
thing strange and out of the regular
order of things. It would not be
strange if a serious atttempt were not
made to impeach him for bis unjust
removal of Warden McLister. If it
could be done a litile good would come
or a special session and Colorado’s
good name would be vindicated.
Goakknor Waite te receiving en
couragement from all aide* on his
counterfeit money schema. For In
stance, a Missourian writes him that be
will trade him mules for his Mexican
dollars. A Coloradoan says the dollar
la all right even If worth only seventy
cents; "Let the banks and bend holders
of the east,’’ he Writes, "bear a propor
tionate share of the shrinkage of Color
ado properties.” Another MndrerfM
Cal fonts compliments the governor and
outlines a burned sketch shewing how
well Colored# oenld defend ttutf front
an intwton of fedort* «rthffrh» ~**•
Be*** ho MH|MEM
The French government haa beeu
thoroughly aroused by the horrible out
rage iu the chamber of deputies, and it
now looks as though the bomb that
exploded with such fearful effect,
wounding eighty people, Hounded a
significant warning to anarchy at the
same tune. The government is now
debating measures whereby it will be a
penal offense to utter or publish iu-
Hatninable speeches teaching the
doctriuc of outruge and murder; police
are to have supervision of anarchist
meetings, and the manufacture aud
sale of explosives is to be controlled
by the government, etc. The senti
mental creatures who protest against
such seemingly arbitrary action will
find little spmpathy among all truly
loyal and good citizens.
Those citizens from Bessemer who
are risking their homestead rights on the
divide midway between this place and
are enthusiastic in their venture
ml couut on success. The strip *of
country being so rapidly settled is from
six to eight miles wide and from forty
to fifty miles long, and those settlers who
have farmed in it for a few years past
maintain that it is the real rain belt of
that region, With deep snows and late
spring rains the soil is kept moist until
late in the fall aud crops have been suc
cessfully grown without irrigation. The
strip is the true water-shed between the
Platte and the Arkansas rivers where
the mixing of the cool mountain air
witli the warmer atmosphere of the low
lands beyond precipitates plenty of
moisture. Potatoes form the staple pro
duction und arc growD with great suc
A brilliant financial writer solves
the problem of hard times in a letter to
the Rocky Mountain News in which he
proposes to make money uon-iuterest
bearing. He argues that •if it were
made unlawful for banks to take in
terest on deposits then people would
not deposit their money but would in
vest it in business instead, thereby
creating employment for others and
keeping the money in circulation.
That is au easy line of reasoning from
cause to effect. Just as if such a thing
were possible. A law that would for
bid banks to take interest must
necessarily forbid Individuals to take
interest, and in every instance the
hardship would be upon the would-be
borrower. And just as if, also, people
ns a rule place money in a bank to draw
interest. They deposit it for safe keep
ing and convenience, bauks refusing to
take money on interest except on time
deposits and at about 4 per cent, and
even then they will not alwuys take it.
Not one depositor in ten ask for interest
as they wish to leave their accounts
open. The writer in the News must be
a sand hill ooliticiau.
At the Steelworks.
All sorts of rumors are floating
through the atmosphere concerning the
starting up of the steel works. The
greatest hope is based on blast furnace
No. 2 which many think will be blown
in about the Aral of the year. As "the
wish is fattier to the thought,” more
than usual credence is given to this re
port but tbere seems to be no good
grounds for believing it.
Iu a conversation with W. L. Graham
on the subject he stated that No. 2
would be blown in If orders for rails
could be obtained. That the company
was on the lookout for orders, and that
while there were prospects of .work
before long he was not aware that
preparations were being made to start
a furnace just yet.
The bar mill is still pushing along,
but there are no outward signs of a
general stirring up of the works.
A Bit of Information.
For the information of an inquirer
the Indicator will say that the em
ployes of the Philadelphia smelter pay
$1 per mouth each to the company’s
physician for the sick fund. St. Mary’s
Sanitarum is the smelter's hospital and
the company physician attends all sick
employes taken there and pettles all
bills of the hospital on account of the
patient. He is out nothing but tbe |
fit a month. Aside from this each em
ploye pays fifty cents per month to' the
Guggenheim Bros who see to it that
the employe is insured in a good com
pany against all accidents. If he be
laid up from the effects of injuries re
oeived he draws half pay from the
smelting company while eff duty. This
ie a wise provision and has been a
great benefit to many a man who has
bad the misfortune to meet with an
accident while at work in the smelter.
He Will Grow Rich.
“How much for a hair cut? in
quired a comfortable looking, warm clad
gentleman of n down town barber the
other day as he dropped Into a chair.
. "Thirty-five oenta, sir,” replied the
totesarlal artist as he adjusted the
apron preparatory to fleecing his
"Thirty-fiver exclaimed the men
With an eye to Maath "why, I aever
pdf mure thee a qahrter MBrr Firr
aM'aal w » m* wai wry to
IlisfcrtJWlFPlW iw
■Bll** wa mm om» tm •
mi «r
Valley Camp No. 29 Takes a Trip.
A jolly crowd of a hundred Woodmen.
Camp No. 29, with their wives or sweet
hearts took a run up to Florence Tliurs
day night to visit the kindred cainp and
the people generally of that nourishing
little city. The cittizens turned out
enmasse to meet the visiting cainp at
the depot and escort it to the church
where an appropriate und interesting
programme was rendered, the musical
and literary talent of Florence bringing
forth merited appluuse, the visiting
camp assisting iu the exercises.
The excursionists were then escorted
to the town hull whore many of them
ate the only supper they had seeu for
twenty-four hours, and the best any of
them had seen for a mouth. It was
simply immense, the refreshing ride und
the zest of. the entertainment sharpen
ing the appetites of all, and joyously,
uuy, anxiously did they pitcli in. The
only incident to inar the most happy
occasion was the over-much anxie
ty, (some called it unbecoming raven
ous) of Neighbors Hunt, Shircmuu
Miller, Moses. Leonard and Collins of
the visiting delegation, and for them all
the other well behaved visitors ask the
forbearance of the good people of
The Indicator learned that Mcs
dames J. A. Trulove, W. B. Winger, J.
M. Harris. J. Oliver, A. It. May 11. N
Moore, J. Walker, W. S. Kirk, t«. Clark,
W. Maze and La Plant were in great
part responisble for the splendid repast,
aud to them and the numerous pretty
girls who assisted in waiting on the
tnblo No. 29 returns its everlustiug
gratitude. A grand ball completed the
festivities of the evening and the
visitors came away loud iu their praise
of the hospitable and lug heurted people
of Florence, enthused with "that fellow
feeling,” and vowing that the men were
as manly, tbe matrons ns charming and
the girls the most bewitching in all of
Colorado's fair clime, and thanking one
and all for the kindness exhibited on
every hand.
The ever acconnnodatihg Col. Alex.
Jackson of the D. & It. is entitled to
the thauks of the crowd for the splend
id special train.
Where the Police Come From.
When Bishop Fullows was addressing
a crowd of unemployed in Chicago
recently he said: "The public officials
are in sympathy with you; they have
sprung from your owu ranks. Where
did our policemen come from?” The
bishop was not permitted to answer his
own question; with one voice three or
four hundred people yelled out, "From
Ireland!" aud the laughter that followed
was infectiouV aud even the bishop
himself wus compelled to join in it.
A big nu'Hencc laughed and ap f
plauded for three hours at the bright l
and snappy scenes of "A Trip to China
town" at the Tabor Grand last evening.
The show is a carnival of fun, and the l
company is thoroughly cnpakle of do
ing it justice. Anna Boyd i 9 a widow so
p’quant, mishievous and attractive that
it is a pleasure to watch her move
ments. Harry Conor, as the man with
one foot in the grave, and George A.
Beam, jr., as the gay old bachelor, are :
irresistibly funny. Harry Gilfnil, whose
whistling buzz snw and comic battle
specialties will be remembered. Lottie
Mortimor, wbo has just joiued the No.
1 " Trip to Chinatown" company, tak
ing Mamie Gilroy's place, plays the
part of a ilirt with a dash and a
piquancy that is quite refreshing.
Julia Wbitmark, who was last seen in
Denver with the "City Directory,”
rendered solo specialties in the second
and received many encores. All the
scenery used in the piece is from Hoyt's
Madison Square theater, and it is baud
some and elaborate. Each set is au
exact copy of the New York produc
tion.—Denver News.
At the Grand opera house next Tues
day eveuiug. Prices 25, 50, 75 cents
and sl.
I There are hundreds of cases of gup
in town and the doctors are kept busy
day and night. The epidemic is more
severe than it was two years ago when
it was so prevalent, and it is strange.
too because of the warm pleasant
weather prevailing. Iu speaking about
the grip with Dr. Patterson a few days
ago he remarked, "One peculiarity
about the malady is that it is of no
short duratiou, the patients either re
covering in short order or dying sud
denly. In many instancas people have
died within a week, but they are mostly
cases where the patient was weak or
permitted the grip to get too strong a
hold before procuring medical aid. I am
now treating a number of cases of the
grip hut fear no bad results for any of
my patients.” The grip is attacking
with greater virulence aged people.
Infants, those exposed to the influence
of malarial fever or inclined to have a
waak heart. The epidemic la not
local by any means, but is reported
from all parts of tho country.
Base toft men thoea beoatlfal
1887 1893
. . .THE. . .
will teach you to write
liko this . . .
In the Ref-orting Style
, i \ i L~
y C *-« =\
: - v ~.
//• C. IP ARDEN, LL. B , Erin, and Prop
308-307-308 McCarthy Block.
Meerschaum und Hr’er Pipes iu Case* to suit the times. New
Christina* Curds uml Booklets. \Vith every 25c purchase you get a
chance on the large doll displayed in our show w indow, measuring
44iuche*. Box trade cigars a specialty for the Holiday trade.
H. PERLET, Evans and Summit
Columbia Theatre,
Week of Dedember 11. “CAMILLE”
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. Ladies’ matinee 20 cts
to all parts of the house. Children’s matinee lOcts.
Regular Prices, 1 O, 20 and 30 cents.
100 lbs Colo. pat. flour . $1 66 1
100 Ihs Rising Sun flour 1 55
Standard packed California goods.
1 2‘» lb cau Bartlett pears 16!
1 2J4 lb can peaches 15 ■
1 “ « *» gooseberries 15;
1 “ “ “ blackberries. ...15
1 “ “ “ Muscat grapes 15
1 “ •* “ Apricots .15
1 “ “ “ plums 15
1 “ “ “ black cherries 15
1 gal. can peaches . 30
1 “ “ poars ..30
1 " “ plums .30
1 “ “ grapes 80
1 can tomatoes 10
1 can Beatricecorn .. 10
2 cans Alaska Salmon 25
1 cun mustard sardines. .10
1 can oil sardines 5
11-2 lbs can corned beef 20
‘jjgnl. choice N Orleans molasses 30
}■£ gal Golden Eagle Syrup 30
‘I gal Gold Medal syrup 85!
1 lb pkge cleaned currants 10 j
3 lbs L. M. raisius 25
1 lb dried peaches 15
2 lbs evaporated apples 25
lib avapernted apricots .15
7 Ihs oatmeal 25
10 lbs Mexican beans 25
f> lbs Navy beans 25
4 Ibß Lima beans -25
4 lbs pearl barley 25
5 lbs pop corn . -25
4 lbs black walnuts 25
13bs sliellbark hickory nuts 25
Pueblo made brsonis . ■ 15, 25, DO
Teas . 25, 50,85
C; H. Quackenbush & Son
Give me a call for your
Holibay Turkeys
! and Chickens.
r J
Great Rock Island Route
As long n Mine n» Pnvul reigned, so long
has th<- ChleiiK". Rook Island A- Pacific Rail
way run trains westward from ChlciiKo.
Tho Rook Island Is foremost In adopt Inc
any calculated to Improve speed
ami give that luxury, safety ami comfort
that popular pairotutKe demands. Its equip
ment Is thomiiK ily complete with vcstibulcd
trains, mnKnltlcent dining ears, sleepers and
chairs coaches, all the most elegant. and of
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful and capable management and
' polite, honest service from employes un
important Items. They are a double duty—
to the Company and to travelers—and Ills
sometimes a task ditllcu.'t of accomplish
ment. Passengers on this line will find little
' cause for complaint on that ground.
The Importance of this Line can he better
understood if u short lesson In geography be
now recited.
What Is the great Eastern termini of the
Rock Islnnd Route?—Chicago What other
sub-Eastern termini has It?—Peoria. To
1 what ImiMirtant points does It run trains to
, the Northwest?—St. Paul ami Minneapolis,
Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls,
Dakota. To what im|Hirtant lowa and Ne
-1 liraska points—Des Moines, Davenport, lowa
i Omaha uml Lincoln, Nebraska. Does It
touch other Missouri River points?—Yes; st.
1 Joseph, Atchison, liCftVcuwnrth ami Kansas j
City. Does It run trains to the Foothlllsof
, the ltocky Mountains?—Yes; to Denver,
■ Colorado Springs and Pueblo, solid vestllml-!
' ed from Chicago. Can lm|H>rtnnt cities of
) Kansas he reached by the Rock Island
Route?—Yes; Its capital city, Topeka* and a
‘ full hundred others In all directions in the
Ktnte, and It Is the only road running to and
Into the new land* opened for settlement In
the Cheyenne und Arapahoe Reservation.
It will tlmsqcHccn that a line tapping, as
the Rock Island docs, such a varied territory.
i has much In that regard to commend It to
travelers, ns all connections are sure on the
Itoek Island, and passengers can rely on a
I speedy tourney, ns over a hulk of the system
I through trains are run, and It has become,
and rightly U*o, the popular Line
A very popular train on the Chicago, Rock
, Islnnd A Pacific Railway leaves Denver,
Pueblo and Colorado Springs, dally. It Is
called “The World's Fair Special." Is one
.layout, and passengers arrive at Chicago
early the second morning.
The Rock Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
to Is Vcstlbuled, and carries the Rock Island
excellent Dining Car Service.
For Dill particulars us to tickets, maps,
rates, npplv to any coupon ticket office In
thelLnlted, Canada or Mexico, or address;
Goal. Tkt. A Pass. AgL, Chicago, 111.
K. ST. JOHN, Genl. Manager. Chicago. 111.
J. <4. KELLER. Agent. Pneblo. Colorado.
i horse shoeing: and repairing shop.
| Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop open
from 6 a. in. till 7 p. m. No. 303
Northern Ave. Bessemer.
Frisco Mlcl-AVlnter Fair.
The Santa Fe Route the favorite
Trans-t'ontinental Line haa placed
on sale low rate round trip tickets to
San Deigo, Loa Angels and Ban
Francisco, good to return until
April 30 1894. Choice of routes of
fered and Pullman Palaee and
Tourist sleepers through with one
change. Call at eity ofroe of flute
Fs routs for fiH iafermatk* or
mm rxiuMM»
I la!! Way With Prices to Suit the
Hard Times.
U'c lln mile only the Best of Goods which we
sell ntprices to meet all competition . // C are detesniin -
cd to give satisfaction. Your attention is called to Hit
following pi ice list.
I 100 It. Flour—guaranteed tl.ur> I Can California Peaches iT
100 H. Potatoes, White Uel.'.'erte 1.15 1 Can Pears 2C
I !t>. Dried Prunes 1:> 1 Can >< Clu-rries 2C
1 It. Dried Pearlies 15 I Can “ Blaekherries 20
10, Dried Apricots lh 1 Can “ Apricots 15
I It. Pearl Tapioca 10 I Cuu Plume 15
I pkg S. (i. Starch 0 I Can “ Crapes 15
I Qtiaeker Oats 10 2 Cans 'l'otnatoes 25
1 pkg Soux Oats ]0 1 Can Monarch Milk 10
1 Can Oil Sardines 05 1 lh. Raisins .10
1 Can Mustard Sardines 10 Our Best Teas per Peund 05
2lhl an I orned Beef 20 We also carry a stock of nice
Cans Salmon 25 fresh Meats.
II lbs sweet potatoes 25 ! 3 lbs cranberries ... 25
Orders taken for the genuine Canon City coal and other kinds.
Corner Summit and Routt.
I Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
All Work Guaranteed.
D R. Greene, pres D.F. Urmy. v.ct pri«. N. D. Hinsdale, cashim.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
James L. Lombard. T. A. Hloane. Tlios. Thompson.
!!°r o ' °° dbur - v *>. *■ ,Tr| ny- J. K. Sbimman.
i). K. ureeno. John J. Burns. N. D. Hinsdale.
PuebLo Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything neat and clean and all work llrst class. Goods
called for and delivered to any part of Puchlo or Bessemer.
f* Annul ao I P ' Doesn't quote any pricea, but be permit*
UI Ut/vl 1 vld»| n ° ° ne t 0 g,ve more Gr °ceries and Provisions for a BIG
I DOLLAR than lie does., lie is in THE LEAD and intend*
to stny there. Don't usk questions, but drop iu ami see him. You will call again
119 West 2nd Street.
Largest and Finest Stock of Domestic and 1m-
L Ported Woolens m the City. |
Letter Heads. Dodgers ,
Note Heads, Circulars
Bill Heads, Tags
Statements, Pamphlets
Envelopes, Certificates
Business Cards, Folders
Eisiting Cards, Counter Fads
Postal Cards. Moat Tickets
Posters. Etc , Etc. ?.
j .... .. . • uL'a..
NO. 48.

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