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AwinaiviiY Ikdb-
Local im miwb.
VOL. *,
Box Finest California Apples $2 00.
Far thla week only we make this
offer—Justin—a carload ot
Bellflower, R. I. Greenings, Hniith
Cider, Northern Hpv and Pippins.
We realise apples are high aad we
therefore offer this car during
aost price of
We have the Anest line of HOLI
DAY GOODS to be found in the
3ity. In our
You can procure every article
accessary to muke Christmas Diu
ner a success.
We sell these little articles for
one-half the protits usually asked by
Look at our List.
1 lb tine fancy cluster raisins. 15
2 lbs choice table raisins 23
S lbs cooking raisins 25
1 lb package cleaned currants 10
1 lb imported table tigs 25
3 lbs cooking tigs 25
2 lbs table dates 25
1 lb new leghorn citron 80
1 11* orange peel 35
1 lb loiiion peel 35
A New Line.
Wo have put in the Christmas
trade a most complete line of
We are willing to sell at the usual
profit obtained on groceries:
Ilb hnud made French candy. .85
2 lb box hand made Frnch candy 70
.Mb box hand made French candy 1.00
v > lb box hand made French caudy 1.50
1 lb creum mixed caudy 20
1 lb common mixed cundy 10
We Sell Nuts.
1 lb mixed nuts at 15
1 lb almonds 20
1 ll> English walnuts 15
lib Brazil nuts 15
1 lb Pecan nuts 16
1 lb Filbers 15
8 lbs large Hickory nuts 25
8 lbs Shell Bark Hickory nuts. .26
8 lbs Black Walnuts ..28
fllbs Tennessee Peanuts 25
Drawn, Dry Picked
Colorado Turkeys
We will not dis
disappoint you.
Moses & Allen
102 M. llnlou Avo. Cor. Sixth und Manta Fe.
Criminal Law a Specialty.
Prompt Attention Given to Penalon Clalinn
Room 1 over Poa toffies. Puuui.o.
L. Ukaham, Uuah. E. Haxton,
PrcHldent. Cashier.
Union Ave. and C Street, Pueblo, Colorado
Authorised Capital, - - *260.000.
Paid In Capital, - - - 60,000.
Murplun, 175.001.
Anything wanted in the line of
scavenger work will be attend*d to
by leaviug orders at thn city hall
or corner of Box Elder and Summit
Martin Hughes,
City Scavenger.
m nr you* own hand.
& f IqS'riref *t£Tw hi
lAwaßffflCfl RSt a»esigs
The Bessemer Indicator.
Published Every Saturday at Beaemer.Colo.
Entered at the I’os toU)ee at Pueblo, Colo., aa
second claee matter.
Prick of Subscription.
One Year SI 00
Hlx Months 60
A Merky Christmas to all.
And the dispatch said 30,000 tons of
stsel rails.
Christmas day after to-morrow and
no winter yet.
Six months hence Colorado will be
on the high road to a big boom.
County Clerk Henderson reports that
up to date about seventy-five women
have registered in bis office.
Old Winter has slipped one sort of
grip in these regions but hangs on with
unpardonable tenacity to another kind
of grip.
Ur to date theconsolidationists have
not filed their petitions. Are they
having trouble in securing the 100
names in Bessemer?
Bessemer, Pueblo, Florence aad
Cripple Creek will comprise the Big
Four after the Florence and Cripple
Creek railroad is built.
“Not till twenty-five will woman
vote or for an office run. Why? Be
cause she will not sooner own that
she is twenty-one.''—Ex.
All the suburban towns of Denver
will soon hold eletions in regard to
annexation. A stubborn resistance
may be expected all along the line.
Men and teams are leaving Pueblo
every day, bound for the grading camp
of Orman St Crook on the proposed line
of the Florence and Cripple Creek R. R
Senator Teller taw the coming light
nearly two months sgo when he said
that Colorado would be in the height of
an era of proserity when many of the
states that bad been persecuting her
would be plunged into poverty and
bankruptcy. There is already a well
defined silver lining to the cloud which
has been hanging over the Centennial
What an unholy alliance it would be
if the disaffected element of the re
publican party and the populists were
to join hands in the attempt to down
Senator Wolcott. In any event the
democracy of Colorado can not do bet
ter than to stand by him. Men of Ed
Wolcott’s stamp are not picked up
every day and it is to the interests of
the state that he be kept at the front.
Sheriff Moses and his deputies are
making a good record for themselves
in catching criminals. It has been but
a few weeks since they made a raid on
a band of horse thieves down the river,
capturing eight of them, and the suc
cess of this effort was crowned with the
beautiful capture of the quartette of
burglars and safe crackers who “held
up" Pueblo early last Sunday morning.
Putblo county is fortunate in having
such an intrepid force as Moses and bis
Tne biggest thing which has hap
pened for the good of Colorado for the
last year is the conclusion reached by
David 11. Moffott and his New York
backers to build the Forence and
Cripple Creek railroad, together with
a 9100,000 reduction plant at Florence.
This glorious enterprise means not
only the employment of 2.000 men for
several months but it means a tre
mendous boom for the towns of Cripple
Creek and Florence. Bessemer will
reap some of the immediate benefits,
tor the steel Qworks will get out the
the rails for the construction of the
forty miles of track. It means that the
low grade ore of the great gold camp
can be made to pay, and that many a
poor miner who hss a low grade ore
mine can turn his dirt into mono).
In fact it will lend au impetus to the
whole business of Colorado.
Somebody has discovered, or thinks
he has discovered thst swearing is on
the decline in this country, and ac
counts for it on tb« ground that people
are mastering their language to such
an extent that they eta well afford to
discard thsir vocabulary of profanity
without detracting front the rigor pi
the language. Americans art noted for
thsir gUbaesa la the qss of cogs words
which they have reduced to* fine point,
to stuck so tljat tbs asaq blendes*
In swearing is lough*l m wW*
they ones a good deal, they w* probably
the moot choice la tWt egpsftsion*
when on their best fa||t syiof, crowding
the extremes both way*, the only
way to stamp oat pmftmllg jte m ami*
H napnputor, and tl»
it I* on As dos Oat »*--*f*foH*
The Balien Bridge Co. will be held to
the contract—Workingmen paid off
for time on the grade—The mat
ters of economy on lights and the
•retention of the fire service to the
far-out limits of the gth ward
Aldermen Fisher, Kirk, Martin, Jack
son, Pannebaker, Miles, Leithead and
Keltner answered to the roll call in
regular session Wednesday night,
Mayor Dempsey in the chair.
A petition of Clarenca Williams for
permission to move a stable from the
Grove into the city was referred to
the committee on public works with
power to act.
A petition from the fire department
for use of hall night of Dec. 80th was
granted, and the council accepted an
invitation to attend the banquet.
The committee on lights and surveys
to whom was referred the proposition
of economizing on lights reported that
they woula not advise that any of the
lights be done away with. Aid. Fisher
argued that a reduction in the number
of lights should be made. No action ou
The committee on fire and water re
ported that they did not think it
practicable at this time to further ex
tend the services of the fire department
in the 4th ward. Mayor Dempsey said
he bad had a talk with a resident of
the 4th who requested thut no action
be taken in the matter just yut aud it
was laid over.
The committee on public works re
ported on the viaduct as follows:
The viaduct or Northern avenue
bridge is done and has been accepted
by the city engineer, but your com
mittee has not accepted same, nor do
they intend to do so until the con
ditions of the contract have been com
plied with. Signed, Geo. Jackson.
J. V. Leithead, J. E. Miles.
▲ld. Fisher moved to accept and
concur in.
J. A. Bullen was present and asked
to be heard. The Bullen Bridge Co.,
be maintained, had complied with spirit
and letter of the contract and held that
under it the city could not withhold a
Attorney Leonard's opinion being
asked he replied that the contract was
equally binding on both parties.
Mr. Bullen held that they had
evidence to show good cause for every
day the viaduct remained incompleted
after the expiratiou of the contract.
The structure, too, he held, cost the
company $1,850 more than the low
truss formerly contracted for would
bAve cost.
Clerk Johnston called the roll on the
report of committee which stood eight
ayes and no naes. Mr. Bullen wanted
a special meeting called to discuss the
matter. Aid. Keltner suggested a
special meeting as the council wished
to be fair and hear what the Bullens
had to say. On motion of Aid. Fisher
it was decided to meet in one week.
Engineer Bicknell handed in a re
port accepting the viaduct which was
laid over.
Mayor Dempsey said he was interest
ed in the matter of the petition being
circulated by Thos. Crow, Supt. of the
converter, asking Congress to take
unfavorable action on the Wilson tariff
bill. The passage of the bill would
work an injury to the steel works. The
following resolution was then read and
unanimously adopted by the council.
Resolved, That it is the sense of tbo
Bessemer city council that it is unwise
for the business prospects of the country
for Congress to make any material
change in the present tariff laws of the
country, and more especially do we
protest against any reduction in the
present tariff on steel, And ws further
resolve to instruct our representatives
In Congress to that effect.
The clerk was then ordered to read
the bills of those who worked on the
grade to the viaduct, amounting in all
to $887.50, and they were allowed aud
Treasurer Funk ordered 1o pay cash on
Aid. Fisher had a complaint made to
him by the D. St R. G. officials about
mischievous boys throwing stones at
passing train hands. The mayor had
received same complaint and bad re
ferred it to Marshal Shay.
Stat away. Workingmen should
not be deceived by the (lowing ac
counts of the big force of men to be
employed at the steel works. The
mill will not start up In all depart
meats before March, and when it does
there will be five men who are already
here, on hand for every job. Stay

Lamas went on a big jack rabbit
front Thqredny aqd Friday *nd the
jnpM *esc shipped to Pueblo as a
Christqm present to those in need of
aid. ijn Woodmen, camp $• under
Uw dlroetton of J. %. Shiftman has
chaff* of the rtWßhnth*. The Lamar
hunter* enpwtsfl to ship trma 400 to
K. nMM —it IM m— .w ...
A Dispatch That Caused Good Cheer
in Bessemer.
The following dispatch sent out the
first of the week by the associated press
and printed in many of the dailies has
caused a great deal of good feeling iu
this town und no little conjecture us to
how much of the good news cun be
depended upon;
Now York, Dec. 18. —The Celorndo
Fuel and Iron company contracted this
afternoon with the receiver of.’the
Union Pacific railway for the delivery
of about f'Bo,ooo tons of steel rails.
This is the first large contract for ruils
made in the West this season ami will
result in the employsment of about
1,500 men at the fuel und iron Jcom
pany's works at Pueblo. It is under
stood that in resuming operutious the
company will ask its men to sign the
so-called Pittsburg scale of wages.
W. L. Graham of the Western
National bank authenticates the truth
of the, dispatch. Being one of the
directors himself of the C. F. • & I. Co,
he communicated with Manager J. A.
Kebler who likewise confirmed the re
port. Mr. Graham says thut nothing
uow remains to close the contract but
the approvul of the court, since as is
well known the Union Pacific is in the
bauds of a receiver. Of course bis ap
proval will uot be withheld us the
road must be put in good shape. Mr.
Graham feels confident thut work will
begin soon ou the order uud thut he
has no doubt that the works will be
kept running continually throughout
1894. The Cripple Creek and Florence
order, he surmises will be filled here,
and other orders are In sight.
This is good Christmas news uud
coming as it does on top of the news
couceruing the good luck of Cripple
Creek and Florence, this portion of
Colorado is feeling very wide-a-wukc
aud hopeful.
The Indicator learned from various
reliable sources that all the big 30 000
ton order for rails would he used by the
U, P. iu repairing its truck und that uo
new lines would be projected. In fact
no new lines can he built while the
toad is in the hands of u receiver.
In regard to the so-called Pittsburg
scale of wages likely to be adopted, J.
B. Jones, president of the local A. A. of
IAS. W. says he would he satisfied
with its adoption. It would apply to
tonnage work and would be all the
better for tbo workingmen here.
And so the world moves ou.
To be Removed to Denver.
The Guggenheim Bros, of the
Philadelphic smelter havo decided to
move their main office to Denver and
will make the change January Ist. The
removal is necessary, they state, in
order to meet competition in the buy
ing of ores for smelting. They claim
that ores are constantly offered for
sale in the Denver market but that
agents or salesmen for the precious
metals do not come to Pueblo; hence
they find it necessary to locate where
they can buy. The removal of the
main office will necessitate the ahscuce
of one of the brothers, tbo other to re
main here.
They have also decided te enlaige
the capacity of the plant l»y adding two
roasters, the work heiug already under
headway. A copper plant is also one
of the improvements iu sight and work
will shortly begin on it. More men
will he needed, and so things are
brightening up in the vicinity of the
Colorado to the Front.
[Published by request.]
An enthusiast from Cripple Creek signing
himself “J. W. A.” writes the following
mint I ruble verse to the New York Sun which
Is worthy of reproduction.
Borne time far back In ages past, long
centuries ago,
Old Pluto’s tires so fiercely burned in rocky
depths liclow,
That the world of coul formation nnd lakes
of kerosene
Combined twlth nil the gases In nature’s
Prdduced one grand explosion Ihut piled the
mountains high
And shut tered Pluto’s treasure vaults, und
raised them high and dry.
The shining gold he’d stored away and
locked In rocky hands
Was scattered wide fissures vast, ’mid worth
less rocks und sands.
Twas then Pike’s Ponk exalted high Ids
melancholy crest.
That lured the Klfty-Nlners to the dim and
distant West;
On every side, and at Its huso, their fruitless
works abound;
Htlll oil the Mesa’s dlstnut plain their un
marked graves uro found.
But though they failed to strike the drift
where Pluto’s gold appears,
A monument one dHy we’ll raise to those
bold pioneers
A shaft of gold from Cripple Creek this
monument shall rise.
That adverse luwa In silver’s cause shall
ne’er demonetize.
There la no exaggeration iu eayiug
that times look better than for many a
month. Not that there ia any im
mediate improvement but the future
s*?mt to be substantial.
A Pueblo capitalist called on Treas
urer Funk the other d*y anc after mak
ing much inquiry tempered with great
eantion said he would take all warrant*
payable to the men for work on tke
grade at ninety cents on the dollar He
waa greatly eet back when told that be
couldn't hav* them at all: that tke town
waa tasking them at fact valaa
a «. ttuifclrt.oS *ShhII trtrj'
1887 1893
. . .THE.. .
will teach you to write
like this . . .
/• the Reporting Style,
'■'L. n \L—,. L-_»
> - t *.r n.
Gl C ~l L-vi ft WLi.
L ■> Sj*
//. C. IP ARDhN, LL. B, Prin. ami Prop
308-307-308 McCarthy Block.
—■ l ' I
Meerschaum und Brier Pipe* in Capes to suit the times. New
Christmas Cards aud Booklets. With every 25c purchase you get a
chance on the largo doll displayed iu our show window, measuring
44 incites. Box trade cigar* a specialty for the Holiday trade.
H. PERLET, Evans and Summit
Columbia Theatre,
Week of Dedember 25, “CASTE”
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. Ladies’ matinee 20 cts
to all parts of the house. Children’s matinee lOcts.
Regular Prices, 10, 20 and 30 cents.
18 lbs granulated sugar $l.OO
1001 b C O P flour 1.65
100 lbs Rising Sun flour 155
8 pkg coffee 25
8 11. Mocha Java coffee 1.00
3 pkgs Monarch mince meat .25
20 lb pail jelly 75
1 lb cream baking powder .30
2 lb pkg Q oats 10
30 lbs oat meal 1.00
3 lb pail compound lard 30
51b pail “ “ 50
1 lb phoenix cleaned currents 10
4 lb cooking raisius 25
2 lb L L raisins .25
1 con Monarch beans 10
10 lbs Mexicuu beans....- 26
0 lbs Navy bean* 25
4 lbs Lima beans 25
All soap G bars 25
1 pkg Kingeford corn starch 10
3 pkgs Mirror gloss starch 26
1 pkg Elustic starch 10
1 box Frazer’s axle grease 10
All Calif cannod goods 15
7 cans Anderson’s Jam 100,
2 lbs grated pine apple 15
2 cans Bahama pineapple 25
2 2 lb cans Anderson appl butter ..85
1 can tomatoes ... 10 1
1 can corn 10
1 lb No I. honey 15
C. H. Quackenbush & Son
Give me a oall for your
Holibay Turkeys
and Chickens.
H. Sagesser,
I Oh bUok aoutb ot Duluth
| Sofcool kotMias, Elm M.
jS&'y'nU’vU- , . •:
Great Rock Island Route
ninj moy
As lone a tune ns naval reigned. so lons
has the Chicago, Rock Island ok Pacific Hall- i
wav run trains westward from Chicago).
the Itock Island Is foremost in adopting
any advantage calculated to Improve speed
ami give that luxury, safely and comfort
thut popular patronage demands, (is equip
ment Is thoruuu-ily complete with vestllmled
trains, magnificent dining cars, sleepers ami
chairs coaches, all the most elegant, nnd of
recently Improved patterns.
Faithful ami capable management nnd
polite, honest service from employes arc
hnportnnt Items. They arc a double duty—
to the Company ami to travelers—ami It Is i
somethin:* a task difficult of nccompltsli
nient. Passengers on this line will find little
cause for complaint on that ground.
The Importance of this Line can be bolter
understood If a short lesson In geography be
now recited.
What Is the great Eastern termini of the
Hock Island Route?—Chicago. What other
sub-Knstern termini has It?—Peoria. To i
what Important points does it run trains to I
the Northwest?—St. Paul and Minneapolis, I
i Minnesota and Watertown and Sioux Falls, 1
Dakota. To what important lowa and No-- ’
, braska points—Des Moolnes, Davenport, lowa
{Omaha nnd l.lm-oln, Nebraska. Does it
touch other Missouri River points?—Yes; St.
.!oo<eph, Atchison, I-eavciiwortli nnd Kansas t
City. Docs it run trains to the Foothills <o| *
| the Rocky Mountains?—Yes: to Denver,
i Colorado Springs ami Pueblo, solid vostlbul- ■
ed from Chicago. Can Important cities or
! Kansas he reached hy the Itock Islnnol
! Route?—Yes; Its capital city. Topeka 1 nnd a
] full hundred others In all directions iu the
] Slate, and It Is the only road running to aud
i Into the new lands opened for settlement In
the Cheyenne nnd Arapahoe Reservation).
It will thus qe seen that a Hue tapping, as
the Itock Island does, such a varied territory,
has much In that reganl to commend It io
travelers, as all connections are sure on the
Roek Islaad, and passengers can rely on a
speedy Journey, ns over a bulk of the system
through trains are run, and It has become,
nnd rightly too, the popular Line.
A very popular train on the Chicago, Rock
Island A Pacific HaHwny leaves Denver, >
Pueblo and Colorado Hprings. dallv. It Is
called ’•The World's Fair Hpeclal,”’ is one
.layout, nnd passengers arrive at Chleagn
early the second morning.
The Hock Island has become a popular
Colorado Line, and the train above referred
to Is Vestlbuled. ami carries the Hock Island
excellent Dining Car Service.
For full particulars ms to tickets, maps,
rates, apply to any eoii|Min ticket office In
the’! idled, Canada or Mexico, or address:
Oenl.Tkt. A l*nss. Agt„Chicago), 111.
E. ST. JOHN.OcnI. Manager. Chicago. 111.
J. G. KELLER, Agent, Pueblo. Colorado.
horse shoeing and repairing shop.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop open
from 6 a. ni. till 7 p. m. No. 303
Northern Ave. Bessemer.
Frisco Mid-Winter Fair.
The Santa Fe Route the favorite
Trans-Continental Line haa placed
on sale low rate round trip tickets to
Ban Deigo, Los Angels and San
Francisco, good to return until
April 80 1894. Oholoo of routes of
fered and Pullman Palace and
Tourist sleepers through with one
change. Call at, <&> oJRee of Santa
Fa route*, tfi* full Information or
yMhfrjt F. B. BfIAWKIOHT
o. p. 4 f . A
Half Way With Prices to Suit the
Hard Times.
U'c Handle only the Best of Goods ■which we
sell at prices to meet alt competition. tVe are detesmin
cd to give satisfaction. ) our attention is called to the
following price list.
!u° it, Flour guaranteed «l i;5 i l c.u Califoruis p w ha gj
100 tb Potatoes, White Del Nerte 1.15 1 Can l* t . ara
1 lb. Dried Prunes 15 1 Can Cherries 1C
lb Dried Peaches 15 1 Cue Blaekberries 20
th Dried Apricols 15 , fan Apricot. 15
1 lb Pearl Tapioca 10 1 Cau Plums 15
1 pkgs. 0. Starch 0 1 Can ■■ Crapes 15
1 pkg Q,lacker Hats 10 2 Cans Tomatoes 25
1 pkg Sous Hat. lu i Can Monarch Milk 1*
1 Can Oil Sardines 05 1 lb. Raisin. .10
1 Can Mustard Sardines 10 Our Best Teas par Pound 05
2lb Can Corned Beef 20 We also Carr, a stock of nice
2 ' »"• b “ 1 " 10 " 25 freßb Meals .
0 lbs sweet potatoes 25 |3I Us cranberries 05
Orders luken for the genuine Canon City coal and other kinds.
Corner Summit and Routt.
Dealer in Wall Paper Paints, Oil, Glass, Varnish and Brushes
Paper Hanging, Kalsominingand Glazing done on
Short Notice,
Hit Work Guaranteed.
O R assess. O F. Urmv, „C N. O. HUMOUS. F—.oi.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $250,000.
n n ,".T w T ' A - Thus. Tliompaoe.
I n it n P Crmy. J. K. nblreoteu
. t. ( rtenc. John j. Burn*. N. D. Hinsduk-
Puebi.o Steam Laundry.
Corner of Union avenue and C street.
Everything neat and clean and all work first class. Goods
called for and delivered to any part of Pueblo or Bessemer.
PiinnAPinci I P ‘ ®^ eeran Doesn’t quote any prices, but he permits
vfl Ul/ul lulJl| n ° ODC l ° glve more Groceries and Provisions for a 810
I DOLLAR than he does. He is in THE LEAD and intends
to stay there. Don’t ask questions, hut drop in and see him. You will call again
tuchock brosT
119 West 2nd Street.
Largest and Finest Stock op Domestic and Itn-
L Ported Woolens in the City. |
Letter Heads. Dodgers ,
Note Heads, Circulars
Bill Heads , Tags
Statements, Pamphlets
Envelopes, Certificates
Business Cards, Folders
Visiting Cards, Counter Fads
Postal Cards. Meal Tickets
Posters, Etc., Etc.
Only Newspaper
In Bessemer.
NO. 46.

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