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Denver Jewish News
Vol. IV.
Delegates to Congress
Receive Inspiration
Tin* Pre-Congress meeting qt the
Public Library was very well attend
ed and very enthusiastic. M. 11. Block,
district chairman. presided at the
meeting. Dr. C. D. Spivak was secre
tary. Denver is sending two delegates
to attend the American Jewish Con
gress meeting which will Ik* held at
Philadelphia. Dec. Jo.
Bahia C. 11. Kauvar and Abraham
Radinsky, who were elected to that
l|onor at a general election.
The principal speakers at the meet
ing were Rabbi S. Jlalpcrn. Rabbi A.,
Braude, Dr. Louis J. Miller and Messrs
Abraliain Radinsky. Leo R. Cohen.
Benjamin Claff, S. Gold fa rh and C.
D. Spivak, Sergeant Chemlorowitz,
formerly of the Russian army, and Dr. j
“The first meeting of the' American
Jewish congress is important because
it assembles in an epochal time of
the world.” said Dr. Kauvar. "Recon
struction is the watchword of the hour.
We are remaking the maps of the
world: readjusting and reshaping
groups of people and their national
.lews Fought in All Armies.
“The idea of tin* coming peace con
fereneo is to right* the wrongs of the
world so that litis world war may. in
truth, lte a war to end war. and the
Jewish j>eople of America, together
with the Jews th’ruout the world,
sympathize with the spiritual and po
litical aspirations of ail peoples.
“Our men have fought on all bat
tlefields of the world in this tragic
struggle.” said Dr. Kauvar. "We have
sacrificed more than our share tlint
civilization may not perish from the
earth and we feel that the world in
general may recognize our sacrifices
and hasten to our plea for justice and
grant-our request that we Ik> recogniz
ed in the family of nations.
-The- Jews who live in America, love
America.” continued Dr. Kauvar.
"From the days of Washington to the
days of Wilson they hi|VG answered
loyally every call of rhis country. In
hours of crises they have proved them
selves loyal soldiers: in the hour of
triumphant peace, loyal citizens.
Home in Palestine.
"We da not know as yet just wluit
subjects will be discussed at the con
gress.” said Dr. Kauvar. "hut most
probably the principal question that
will l)c brought up will he the estab
lishment of a national home in Pal
estine. and the congress may also ask
that the Jews l>e represented at the
coming peace conference.”
Four hundred delegates from alt
parts of the United States will he
present at the congress. ”00 of whom
were elected by popular vote and 100
by leading Jewish societies tliruout the
London —It uproars thut the* liberal
ization or the Herman Uovermuent has
liml its effect upon the Jews in the
direction of making them more cour
ageous in asserting their desires. It
is reported that they are agitating
for complete autonomy in Jewish com
munal matters, and for the übolltion
oi all dlscrimimrtory laws and prac
tices, especially'the restriction of tlie
immigration of Jews from Russia.
Charlie Chaplin, the famous screen
m tor, and Miss Mildred Harris, wore
married by a rabbi recently. Charlie
was born in Loudon in INJHI of Jewish
parentage. Mrs. Chaplin is a simple,
demure little Jewish girl of seventeen
summers, and was born in Cheyenne.
Wyo. She is a screen actress of great
ability and took leading roles in the
Lois Weber product ions. Mr. and Mrs.
Chaplin will make their home in Los
The lenders of Zionism in England
are approaching tin* British Govern
ment in ordey to have energetic steps
taken to stop the pogroms which are
raging in Poland and Western Ga
licia. This information lias been
cabled to the Zionist. Organization of
America by Dr. Chaim Weizmanu, as
President of the British Zionist Fed
eration, and Mr. Nahum Sokolow of
tin* International Actions Committee,
both of whom join in the statement
that they have obtained absolute con
firmation of the outrages that are of
daily occurrence in the two countries
Work or the Jewish Welfare Hoard
is progression nicely. The local hrnnch
lias opened offices nt .‘lll Mining Ex
change building and same will Ik?-'
open to Soldiers and Sailors, shortly.
V social service worker will In* in
chance oi the work here.
Mr. Strauss. Mr. .Vonash and Mr.
Wolf have been appointed as a coin-1
mittee to furnish sane* up, and in-1
stall phone, so that any information!
desired may he had by calling branch j
The Publicity c omiuittoe will
place posters. at Hooupcrntion
hospital, at railroad stations,
ami soldiers, cluhs, etc., so that
Hu* Jewish Welfare Hoard of Denver,
may rentier any service possible, to
all of our hoys stationed in or near
Dem'cr, and those hoys that are being
The boys at the Recuperation tamp
were remembered with boxes, on Clmn
nauk, by the Jewish Welfare hoard,
and the chairman of tlie entertain
ment and hospitality committee, was
heartily thanked for the kind gifts.!
The Jewish hoys at l*t ljognii, Houl-;
tier anti the University of Denver,
were also rememberetl with gifts.
Tilt* Jewish Welfare Hoard of Den-j
ver are preparetl to give nut, in scour
ing positions for boys who are return- j
ing from ('amp. anti if anyone who is
seeking aid in this on pact. ry. will call
on Mr. Mcnash. who is ('hvirmaii of
this committee he will receive
it. Young inen are lieing sent
to us dally from the various
camps for such aid. autl we are doing
our utmost to fulfill our duties.
Just ns soon ns the influenza sub
sides. the Jewish Welfare Hoard will
prepare an entertainment for nil Jew
ish Young Men. either in service or
having just been demobilized. The
Jewish Welfare Hoard will also hold
services at the Recuperation Camp
just as stwui jih the quarantine is lift
Hospitality Committee of J. XV. B.
Remembers Them.
The Indies of the Hospitality com
mittee'of the J. W. It. of which Mrs.
Emanuel Friedman is clminnnn and
including Mrs. Abraham Friedman and
Jliss Etta Friedman. arranged to send
boxes to the Iloys in the neighbor
ing camps and institutions. The fol
lowing letters from the Recuperation
camp at Aurora and the University
at Boulder show how they were ap
preciated :
Jewish Welfare Board.
My Friends:
The Jewish inmales of this insti
tution and myself, express our thanks
and full appreciation of your kind
Interest in their welfare.
Sincerely Yours.
J. B. FISII. j
The Jewish Welfane Board.
I was indeed glad to reeeive tile
nice box of eats, and I wish to say 1
that I duly appreciated same.
Please send me a couple of Jewish I
l.ooks Yours Truly.
IV S.~ I should he happy If you!
can find it convenient to send a rep- j
rcsentativc to visit me.
r. S.’S. A. T. C. Company lv, '. <
Boulder. Colo, Nov. 20, 1018.
My dear I)r. Kauvar:
lu behalf of the Jewish hoys in
Boulder, I wish to thunk you heartily |
for the llannukah curds you sent.
Furthermore, I wish to inform you
that tin* Jewish hoys in Boulder are
living up to the highest principles of
Judaism and have not forgotten their
home ties and the teachings of their
parents. This Hannukah reminds us
of our Judas Maccabeus, who*fought
for freedom in our own land of Pal
Now that we are about to he mus
tered out of the service of Uncle Sum.
and that the Meuornli Society activi
ties are to he resumed, it would in
deed give us great pleasure to hear
one or more of your interesting talks
on a Jewish subject.
Very Truly Yours.
Tin* American Jewish Legionaires,
who participated iu the final cam
paign of General Allenby in Palestine
captured a prisoner whom they brought
to Jerusalem headed by a band of
music. He was Joseph Rivlin. a sol
dier in the Turkish Army, a former
teacher of Hebrew in Jerusalem, a
journalist nnd a cousin of one of the
i legionaires.
Pogrom Horror Grows
Poles Boycott Jews
New Massacres Feared at Cxemowiee
Fleveti Hundred Dead In liWnbrri;
And .Massacres Reported in Seven
Other Galician Towns.
Warnings liavo boon received by the
Zionist Organization of America of a
pogrom that may break out at any
moment in Czornowico. an Austrian
city which lies close to the Roumanian
Horder. Tin* Jewish National Council
of Vienna reports that a large num
ber of Itoumanians have already cross
ed the horder into Czernowice and have
iM'gun agitation which must inevitably
lend to a massacre unless 1 aimed late
steps are taken to prevent this new
outrage which it is feared will spread
to all of the Roumanian territory re
cently occupied by Merman and Aus
trian troops.
.V series of cables received by the
Zionist Organization of America give
details and absolute confirmation of
the terrible pogroms reported in Lem
berg and other parts of Galicia. Most
of these details come from a prom
inent Lemberg journalist Max Iloiner
whose reliability is vouched for by
the Copenhagen Zionist^office.
lie reports that the pogroms l»egan
in Lemberg immediately after the ar
rival in that city of Polish Legionaires
on Nov. 22nd. The Legiopaires storm
ed the Jewish shops, plundered them
and then hawked tin* goods about for
sale. They attacked everyone who op
l»osed them. As proof that these ex
cesses were sanctioned by tilt* military
authorities if not organized by them.
Reiner points to the fact that the
Polish Commandant issued a procla
mation giving leave to tin* soldiers to
plunder for forty-eight hours. The
Jewish militia was disarmed and many
members of that body killed by the
After the Polish conquest of Lem
berg. the Polish legionaires marched
Into the Jewish streets in double file
m undev coiuiqand of their officers, s.vs
lomaßeally plundering all the shops
breaking doors open witli their rifle
butts and hand grenades.
On Nov. .2:ird, after all the wine
cellars of the city had been looted,
the massacres began. tA first the leg
ionaires slew several Jews walking in
tin* streets. Afterward they drove the
Jews into their homes and slaughter
ed whole families. Several families
were entirely exterminated and sev
eral hundred men and women ‘who
had fled into the synngog hoping tin
Poles would respect these holy plain*
met death In the flames to which the
legionaires consigned the synngog.
Those who attempted to jump out oi
tlie windows were shot down. The
number of victims in the synngog was
over a hundred.
The whole Jewish quarter was cut
off by the legionaires and every house
systematically destroyed by fire and
bombs. People who fled from the
burning houses were driven back by
legionaires using bayonets. They were
either burned or slain. A few of the
wealthier Jews were able to buy their
escape! On Nov. 2drd in the afternoon
the entire, Jewish quarter bad been
entirely destroyed. Charred bodies lit
tired the streets. No exact estimate
of the number dead is possible, but it
i> certain that the number exceeds
eleven hundred. Ten thousand Jews
are shelterless anil eighty per cent of
the Jewish population of Lemberg Is
absolutely ruined.
The Polish population is very much
pleased with these pogroms, says Rein
er in ids report,* and the PoKsh ladies
and gentlemen walk the streets, even
uh the French gentry wttlked the
streets on the morning following the
massacre of St. Rartholomew. to en
joy the grusome spectacle. Not liefore
the morning of the 24th was martial
law proclaimed by the Polish Com
mander, alt ho its proclamation on the
22nd would have prevented these mas
sacres. Reiner charges that this emis
sion was deliberate. He points out
that after the proclamation of martial
law only three looters were shot, but
not a single officer, or soldier of tin*
Polish Legion lias been apprehended,
altlio many of the Polisli officers who
participated in the looting have been
recognized. After the pogrom the Pol*
isli commanders issued a proclamation
in which they declared that the ex
cesses had been provoked by Jews
having shot at the legionaires.
The Copenhagen Zionist office has
supplied the following details of the
boycotts against the Jews that prevail
thruout Poland and Galicia. In War
saw. blnckedgod posters were put up
ail over the city containing the names
and denouncing ns traitors nil who
had been selling provisions to the Jews.
At Wilna nl! sales and all purchases
Thursday, December 12, 1918
If thou art merry, licit* are airs;
If melancholy, here ale prayers:
If studious. here are those things writ
Which may deserve* thy ablest wit :
If hmtery. hen* is lVxxl divine:
If thirsty, nectar. heavenly wine.
Head. then: hut. first:, thyself prepare
To read with wal and mark with care;
And when tlton read’s! what here is
So twice each precept road shall Ik*—
First in the book, and next in thee.
—Standard Rook of Jewish Verse.
•Invisli Keprsetttnlivfs in Warsaw
Mutiipicul Council Disprove Polish
Assertion that Pogroms Were not
(By J. Cji
London —That it is not true as as
serted by the Poles, tlmt .lews were
not the only victims of the recent po
groins, was disproved at :i meeting of
the Warsaw Municipal Council. Two
of the Jewish representatives in the
Council. Prilntski ami Trusker. expos
ed the untrntlifnlness of this noser
As is well-knowtK Polish agenrs the
world over have been trying to create
the impression that these pogroms
were not directed specially against
Jews, hut that Poles also are among
the victims. These Polish agents hope
by means of this pretext to clear Pol
and of any guilt ticcausc of tlielr
anxiety to encounter no obstacles in
their endeavors to secure from the
Pence Congress national independence.
Such a pretext, if offered to news
papers editors in Switzerland or Lon
don who are not familiar with the
true state of affairs, would pass ns
legal tender. But tills cannot happen
in Poland itself, where exist living
proofs of the falsity of such deceptions.
This is just what Ims happened In
Warsaw. At a meeting of the Muni
cipal Council there wns*iittr«wiu?ed "an
interpolation respecting the pogroms.
Tlie chief of the Citizen Militia arose
and answered that it is not true that
the pogroms are anti-Jewisli in char
acter, and that therefore the Jew.*,
have no reason for making a special
Jewish question of the matter.
Thereupon tin* two Jewish members
of the Councl. Prilntski and Trusker.,
took tin* floor nml condemned this at
tempt to throw sand into the eyes
of the public. llow dn«*s the Chief of
the Citizens Militia, who claims that
the pogroms were anti-Jewisli in char
acter account for the singular fact
that the only victims wt**-v Jews? Cun
the Chief of the Militia deny that
the only victims were Jews? The chief
of the Militia could ansver neither
of these questions.
In the mean time the. pogroms con
tinue. both in Poland and in Halida
In Poland a riot took place at Lit
bomil near Kliloin. in which seventy
five Jews were wounded, some critic
ally. and all Jewish shops were sack
Louis Cantor, Sanitarian of the Amer
ican Zionist Medical t’nit Rids Holy
City of Epidemic-Breeding Test.
Jerusalem has been freed from the
mosquito pest; thru the efforts of an
American Sanitarian. Louis Cantor,
who is a moinlHW of the American
Zionist Statical Unit. which is now
operating in Palestine. The city is now
practically* rid of those •carriers of
typhoid and malaria. The Zionist Or
ganization of America Ims received an
official report regarding Mr. Canton’s
successful campaign against the mos
quito pest during the course of which
13.T0 cisterns were petrolized and put
in sanitary condition.
Mr. Cantor. who comes from Roch
ester. New York, was connected with
the Goetlmi Commission at the Pan
ama Canal, where lie had ample oppor
tunity to study climatology and hy
l'rom Jowh have been prohibited. Jews
have been eilldtided from the new
Polish Army. At Crueow and in sev
eral other cities, the Jewish militia
hastily organised for the purpose of
defence, has lK»en disarmed.
The correspondent of the Vossiselie
Zcituug which contains a similar re
port gives as the motive for the po
groms the neutrality of the Jews in the
struggle between the Polish and Uk
rainian regiments and the appeal for
protection to President Wilson.
Pogroms have occurred also in the
Polish OaliCian totfns of Rozwadow,
Brzesko, Kielce, Chmrtalk, Grochow.
Lasi and Przymesl.
Omaha Zionists Held
Fete Over Victory
Tin* Omaha 800 gives tno following
account of Iho vory interesting mooting
hold in tliat oily Monday. Rooomhor 2d. j
Zionists of Oumlia at their triple cel
ohralion idled tlio Municipal auditor
ium last night when they incorporated
the C’luinuka service* and the first an
niversary of the Balfour declaration re
turning the Holy lands to the Jews,
with a peace celebration.
I>r. Romm, president of the Omaha
Zionist district, introduced Rabbi M.
N\ Taxon, minister of the unit eel Jewish
congregations of Omaha who acted as
chairman. *
Flags of the allied nations were car
ried to the platform, and as each Hag
was presented the Fort Omaha band
played the national anthem of its re
spective nation, except in the presenta
tion of the flag of the new Jewish na
tion. When their llag was presented a
chorus of 100 voices under the leader
ship of Miss Kruger sang the Hebrew
national hymn. Ilatikah.
Victor Rosewater of The Bee was in
troduced, and said that while he was
not a Zionist and did not speak from a
Zionist standpoint, he believed that Hie
day of persecution of the Jews the
whole world over was past.
‘*<»ront progress has Im*cii made dur
ing the last year.” said Mrr Rosewater,
"and 1 know that great progress is to
lie made in giving tin* Jews wherever
they are. equal rights with every other
citizen or resident of the country of
their adoption. The Jew has fought
valiantly and made sacrifices under
the'tlags of all the nations in this great
war. No one has come to the front
and done his full duty more than has
the Jew.
“Another result of this grout war
Ims licon the strengthening of the sclf
eonAdence of the Jew. lie lias lioen
aide to show what he can do, and show
that the’prejudice' „gnl n! <t ljfm has l>Con
Nation of Ills Own
Harry B. Flelmrty made a short talk
laying particular emphasis on the part
the Jew has played in the history of
j tin* world and said: “Two things of
supreme importance will come out of
the new Jewish nation, flirt the right
~of tin* Jew to stand with any other na
tion and assert his right to the protec
tion of that nation lieonuse he has a
nation of his own. and second, since
the history of tin* Jewish jx*ople is so
signiticant with the things that follow
the higher ideals of human kind, 1
i cannot believe but that it will lead to
the higher ideals of brotherhood on
Rev. Titus Lowe of the First Meth
odist church spoke of the Jew in his
relation to the early part of the Chris
tian era and expressed his desire that
a great motion limy develop from the
Jewish reoccupation of Palestine,
which lie lielieved to Ik* one of the most
important developments of this war.
hut he added: “Your hearts may go
back to Jerusalem, hut here is where
* you live, and I suspect that tills land,
where the Stars and Stripes float so
free, will always he the freest home of
. the Jews you will ever know.”
Soldiers of Freedom
The principal address of the evening
was delivered by Rabid 11. Kauvai
' of Denver. He said in part: "In tin
• mil Ist of a season sacred to the Maeca
1 lx*es we consecrate a golden hour tf
the achievements of our hoys in khaki
and blue. The Mncealiees, 21 centurle^
1 ago, were known as the soldiers of free
dom Just as wo love to call our hoys
1 today in President Wilson’s pregnant
4 words.
"We understand the genius of Ame
-1 ricn to Ik* that every man can worship
1 Rod according to his own conscience.
The Jews, centuries ago, struggled for
' religious freedom, for the privilege of
1 worshipping (3ml according to the die*
' tatds of their cm-n conscience. Antio,
' oluis, the bookdKf Maeeabees tells us.
would deprive the Jewish i*eople of Ju
dea of the privilege of worshipping God.
‘ and just ns Germany in recent years
has been doing, he wanted his kultur
to Ik* the only teaching of ancient days.
, Religious Liberty
i "The glory of America is that every
one regardless of race or creed bus re
i* ligious liberty and thus our ideals shall
■- live forever. We Jews rejoice doubly
with the wonderful genius of America
t . because we believe it is from the let
ters of Israel that America learned its
i- sgcred freedom."
Speaking of the new Jewish nut ion
he -uid: “If the Jewish people are to
• t dedicate their new nut ion to the ideals
r. of democracy is it not fair that they
Ik* welcomed into the family of nations
Work of Hebrew Sheltering aiul Im
migrant Aid Society of America
In Japan ami Siberia to be
Mr. Samuel Mason, managing direc
tor of the Hebrew Sheltering and Im
migrant. Aid Society of America left
New York today on his way to Japan
ami Siberia to continue his work in
the interest of tin* thousands of war
refugees stranded there.
Mr. Mason takes with him creden
tials from the Stute Department. Labor
Department. Prof. Masaryk. president
of the new Cxecho-Slovak Republic,
tin* Japanese Embassy, the Russian
Embassy, the French High t'onsul and
from men of prominence in this eoun
t ry.
"Mr. Mason's work in the Fat-
Last." Mr. John L. Bernstein, presi
dent of the Society said, “would Is* to
re-establish communications !>etween
American citizens and their relatives
over there thru the Bureaus that had
been .established in Yokohama. Vladi
vostok and llarhin during Mr. Mason’s
first trip. Mr. Mason will also en
deavor to make connections with other
parts of Russia.”
As a result of'his former journey
to the Far Last. Mr. Muson succeed
ed in relieving some two thousand
Jewish refugees who were hcl]>cd to
reach their relatives in the United
States, Canada. England, Argentina
and South Africa. Mr. Mason carries
with him a very big list of persons
who art* being sought by their rel
atives in America. However, it is
estimated that there are thousands oi
other Jewish refugees, mainly the
wives and children of American citi
zens of whom no account, had been
heard for some years past.
State of Kansas. Governor's office;
Now that the armistice has been
signori and the battle forces in the
great war are taking the lines desig
nated in the armistice terms, the cur
tain is being raised and the world
more and more Is learning the true
conditions in the countries which have
l»ooii overrun by Germany and her al
lies. The extent to which death, star
vation and the ruthless destruction of
property lmvo stalked abroad in those
stricken countries is daily becoming
more painfully apparent.
Among all the millions who have
suffered at the hands of the oppressor
none have been more sorely tried than j
the Jews. They have been driven !«• 1
starvation, have liecn denied sufficient
clothing and hare been ground between
the upper and the nether mill-stone
by friend and foe alike. The Jew
has contributed in a most substantial
way to the prosperity and advance
ment of all the nations of the earth
and no race has been more patriotic,
more liberty-loving. He lias fo t
under the flag of every nation hi the
name of liberty and justice for man
kind. In the present war thousands «.r
Jews have given their lives in the
cause for which we fought and those
who remained nt home have responded
with fine patriotism and devotion to
every call. Yet today nearly one-half
of the race lacks food and shelter
without fault of its own.
It seems to ine most fitting that ns
Americans and Kansans we should
hear the (All from these stricken peo
ple and contribute of our means to the.
fund which will Is* devoted to their
Knowing the warm appreciation of
justice which abides In the hearts of
our people and the fine gen or os My
with which they respond to every c-1*
from their less fortunate fellows. 1.
Arthur Capper. Governor of the State
of Kansas, therefore, designate the pe
riod beginning Dec. It) and ending Dec
14 ns Jewish Relief days in this state.
have hereunto sntiscrilied my name and
caused to l>c affixed tin* Groat Soul of
the State. Done at Topeka, the cap
ital, this HOth day of Novemlier. A. I>..
(Great Seal) ARTHT’R CAPPER.
oiict* again. Tlie whole world sympa
thises with Helgiuui right less for forty
months. Shall the world not right the
wrongs of Israel rightless for forty
centuries. England has set all exam
ple for the allied nations !n its famous
Hal four declaration." Itahbi Knuvar
said that the coming American Jewish
eougress which is to meet at Philadel
phia, December 13. will Voice the sen
timents of American Jews that Israel
l*e again welcomed Into the family of
nations, and he hoped that non* Jo wish
citizens would poln the Jews who have
always stood for every ideal that is
[tinman and American.
No. 50.
What Americans Think
A New Germany
First Letter.
When wo <1 n*w ilio sword against
tlio Control Powors, wo proposed to
•'Fight thru and wi/f thoroly.”
Because tlio inception «»f this war
shamed our civilization. gave the In*
to religion ns a moral force, ami out*
ratrial our hollost idoals.
Because wo rosolvial to save our chil
dren ami children's children. if wo
could, from future war with.lts costs,
crimes ami curses.
Because wo demanded tin* arrest
ami trial of those responsible for this
war. wore they kings, kaisers, cabiuet
ministers or commoners, and tlio pun
ishment of the guilty, as a warning
to future rulers and state ministers.
We did not propose to confer with
our enemies at tin* close of the war.
Wo determined that wo and our allies
would dictate the terms, would pro
nounce sentence.
We would not eon fore with the old
Germany. There had to Is* a new
Germany, horn to redeem the German
name and German honor. We were
willing to confer with that regenerated
and chastened Germany.
The old Germany in dishonoring her
signature to solemn treaty. l*y her
cynical breaches of faith, by her cow
ardly and piratical attacks upon non
combatants. by her lietrayal of her
people’s real interests for selfish and
sorted dynastic and imperialistic am
bitions. proved herself to Im> a nation
outside the pale of true civilization, a
nation with whom it was not safe to
treat or to trust.
There could l** no dealings with the
old Germany of “Deutschland ul*cr
a lies” that place “Germany above all:"
even above Righteousness and Justice,
even above honor and humanity, even
above God!
Aye. a new Germany must enicrg<*—
■ n Germany re-formed by the Germans
themselves, win* would rise up ami deal
swift justice to the false leaders who
have'made'the German name n
onym for piracy and murder.
We solemnly resolved that tin* gov
ernment of Germany must Ik* by tin*
German |M*ople for the German i»eople.
instead of by militarism for Hohen
zollernism. There must l*o an evolu
tion in Germany l>efore we can safe
ly make Peace with her. There must
Ik* a re-formation of Germany, pro
testant against the philosophy of kais
cYs, Nietzsches. Trcitsches, Refnardls
and von Disfurths.
The evolution of England under King
Charles, of France under King Louis,
of Russia under Czar Nicholas, meant
revolution. Would the evolution of u
new Germany, a new Germany of re
deemed honor, true righteousness and
sincere justice mean a German revo
lution. a new German reformation? An
old Kaiser once went to Canaan. Would
the present kaiser have his Itunny
(By J. C.)
1,011(1011 Reports have boon nwlv*
ed here that the recently founded
Jewish Nationalist Guard has saved
the city of Vienna from disorder which
threatened the Austrian capital dur
ing the recent revolution which broke
out there about the time of the dec
laration of the armistice. It appears
that at the present time tills Jewish
Guurd is the only organized force cap
abb* of keeping order in the city. The
commander of the Vienna garrison has
officially acknowh*dgod the services
of tin* Jewish Guard and has public
ly thanked that organization for its
It is significant to note in this coti
nectoin that while in Poland and
Galicia, the lack of organization for
self-defense among Jews has left them
unprotected and an easy prey to the
excesses of mobs, in Vienna the Jews
are so well organized that they are
able not only to protect themselves
but also to perform a service for the
entire city. In the one place the
Jews are massacred by Christians, in
the other they protect the lives and
property of Christians.
(By J. C )
London—German Jewish communal
lenders have received from the well
known millionaire, Kathcnun. a luud
of twenty million marks for Jewish
community uses, lluthcuuu is a di
rector of the General Electric Com
pany of Germany. It is believed that
in making this gift, Ralhenau has dis
posed of practically his entire for

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