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To Give Persecuted Jew a Place of Refuge is
the Work of Zionism of Today
The Denver District Zionists organi
sation held one of the largest ami most
enthusiastic meetings of its history
Sunday evening in the Magnolia room
of the Albany hotel. Excellent ad
dresses were delivered by enthusiastic
speakers who plead for the future of
three million persecuted brethren. Mr.
l,eo It. Cohn, chairman of the evening
« pc tied the meeting and said in part :
We have reached a stage or an epoch
in the development of modern Zion
ism which makes it very evident that
it has outgrown its narrow confines
and lias assumed an all Important role
in the life yf world Jewry.
The task to rehabilitate the Jewish
home land Is a tremendous one and we
must muster the entire strength of
world Jewry that we may Ik* able to
overcome all obstacles and hear tin*
discouragement we may meet before
we reach our goal.
In this, the darkest hour of our
European brothers, America was their
only ray of hope, and now even that is
gone with the shutting of our doors
to immigration. Now, tell me. whither
.•hall these wretched, jiersecuted, half
starved millions go?
Knowing the indescribable misery
of our unfortunate brothers across the
>ca, I cannot mince words, hut must
.-ay that any Jew who remains aloof
now and withholds from joining with
the Zionists for the purpose of secur
ing a haven of refuge for our less for
tunate brothers, not only fails as n
Jew, but even as a man.
To accentuate the necessity for n
Jewish Homeland, it may not in* amiss
to he reminded of the wave of anti-
Semitism which like a dark and heavy
cloud overhangs the entire world ami
even casts its shadows on our fair
1 desire to say a few words to our
friends who are not ns yet entirely
faiuiiiur with our noble work, that in
joining us in this task does not
obligate him to migrate ami take up
his abode in Palestine. No more than
an American citizen would Ik* obligat
ed to renounce ids citizenship and be
come a Hclgian. liecnuse of the fact
that he may he contributing to the sup
port of a Hclgian war-orphan. As
American citizens our interest in Zion
ism is two fold:
First, to save from persecution,
starvation, and complete annihilation
three or four millions of our co-re
ligionists who have committed iio
other crime save that of being born
Jews, and who insist on their rights
to follow tlie dictates of their con
hclcnee. to profess (bid's highest ideals.
Secondly, that as Jews we are in
terested in the idealism und culture of
Jewry, ami there is no place any
where where the conditions are *<•
favorable to develop a distinctly Jew
ish cultural Center ns In Palestine.
There a Jew will he able to develop
physically, intellectually and spirit
ually. He will live in a land where
he will have no need to apologize for
Ids being a Jew. He will not Ik*
humiliated by being excluded from
snobbish clubs and organizations, nor
will lie have the fear that on Ids Holy
Hays pogroms will be staged and Ills
place of worship may liecome a slaugh
ter house filled with the innocent
blood of men. women and children.
We have all reasons to believe that
in the Holy land our people will again
renew their pursuit of higher Ideals.
It will Ik* a land where spiritual lib
erty and social justice may reign, so
that again, as in the prophetic days,
we will produce men who will preach
and set an example to us and the rest
of the civilized world of the true spirit
of Judaism, which is lilierty, justice
and humanity. Our spiritual Inspira
tion from the fount of knowledge ill
Palestine, ami the glory of a people
tuled by the.law of social justice, will
reflect credit upon us here, and the
days may yet come when the world
will acclaim that from Zion comes
forth law and justice, and that the
spiritual word of God emanates from
I>r. C. D. Epivak. who has recently
returned from Europe, where he spent
nine months in efforts to assist the
suffering peoples of the war stricken
zones, delivered a most stirring talk, i
He said in part:
Denver Lodge B’nal B’rith lielil its ;
nnntinl meeting for the election of. :
fleers Inst Sunday morning. It was j
tlie largest attended meeting in the |
history of the lodge. The following l
officers were elected. President.
Percy S. Morris: vice-president. Ed \
win .1. Wittelsliofer; secretary, s. I
Kriedenthal : treasurer. David K. Har- J
lent; warden, Richard II Block.!
guardian. Sam Priess; trustee. Arthur
F. Friedman; monitor, A. Waginnn : I
assistant monitor. J. Olcovicli.
Delegates to the next convention of
the District Grand Lodge, which con- j
venes in St. Louis on May Bth, l)tb, 1
I Then* is u*i organized force iu Eu*
! rope which is devoting every effort
i to exterminate the Jewish race. Anti
semitism of the past differs radically
front the anti semitism of the present
day. In the past the anti-semitism was
mainly of a religious character; it was
a matter of the heart. The antis-emi
lism of the present day has nothing
to do with religious motives and is
entirely a matter of the mind. Per
secutions and in as> acres of Jews have
been as fearful in the past as they
are at tht present. The difference
simply is that there were fewer Jews
then and therefore the proportion of
killed was smaller. He stated "1
could from psychological standpoint
find a justification for the Christians
of tin* past centuries when they killed
Jews Is*cause they had some ideal
whieli they thought justified their ac
tions. The crusaders massacred the
Jews hut at the same time they were
men of lofty ideals. Other massacres
which happened two or three hundred
years ago were perpetrated in Ukraine
hy people who fought against oppres
siott and believed that the Jews hud
something to do with their enslave
ment. At the present time the grounds
for anti-semitism are purely econo
mical. which in other and simpler
words means, selfish. They have built
up u theory of anti-semitism not thru
false feeling hut false thinking. The
anti-semites of Europe are not a relig
ious body. Nay, real, honest Christians
assert that the anti-semites arc anti-
Christian. The anti-semites look upon
the Jews as dangerous competitors. It
is not the Jews who want to dominate
tin* world, a fiction which the dis
credited protocols claim, but it Is the
anti-semites who invented this fiction
and fear their imaginary foe.”
“They no doing the wrong tiling.”
Dr. Spiva.. aid. “They are hurting
themselves more than anyone. The
men of T'urope have liecome brutalized.
They are men no longer. There is not
a genius among tile lawmuking bodies
oT Europe. Brutes cannot become
geniuses ami the men of Europe have
turned into brutes. Thty are dam
aged goods. It is indeed pitiful uml
I feel sorry for those men.” he con
tinued. "I am sure there are
enough of honest Christians in the
world who believe that massacres can
not solve the problem.”
“Whilst the European massacres go
on. in spite of them many geniuses
among the Jews have arisen there, the
speaker explained. “Witness the eight
year old child wonder chess cham
pion player. He was born ami raised
during the war amidst pogroms and
humiliation and there are hundreds
of just such geniuses lieing raised in
spite of hunger, dirt and' nakedness."
The other thought which Dr. Spivnk
presented was that at present Ik* can
not see a 113' other source of relief for
the hosts of the Jews oppressed and
downtrodden in Europe than migra
tion to a land which they could call
their own. Palestine is the only out
let and refuge for these wretched peo
ple who nevertheless are very much
superior people to those among whom
they dwell in Europe.
A stirring appeal for aid In tlio
Zionistic movement was made by I.
Undo, prominent Denver philanth
ropist, who just returned from at
tending a Zionistic conference in Buf
falo. N. Y.. where he was selected a
national committ<*emun of tlic move
“If there were more Christians
among the Christians there would !>e
no need of Palestine, hut if there were
more Jews among the Jews we would
have it,” he stated.
In response to this uppeal for
members a large number joined the
district and many ladles joined the
Uadassah society.
Win. It. Blumenthal gave an address
on the ‘Tndu4trial Posts! bill ties of
Mr. M. Dolitzky. the eminent Hebrew
poet visiting in the city, recited several
original poems in Hebrew and Yid
The musical program of the evening
was presented by Mrs. Samuel Gins
berg. who rendered a piano solo, and
Mrs. M. J. Krolin who gave a group of
songs most acceptably.
mid 10th next, arc: M. Ij. A nfeager,
•I. S. Fine, S. Friedcntlial. Arthur F.
Friedman, David E. Harlem, Simon ,T.
Heller, ,T. ,7. Lieherman. A. Wagman
and S. It. Zwetow. Alternates: Ben
fluff. S. J. Kinds and Harry Scliles-
A class of fifty-four candidates was
Itabhi William H. Fineshriber of
Temple Israel, Memphis, Tesin., has
been selected as u member of the
staff of the new Presbyterian College,
for which a vigorous campaign for
funds is now waged in Memphis. I)r.
Fineshriber will have the post-grad
uates under his direction. i
Local News
Mr. David -Degcn of Chicugo is
visiting In the city. He is the guest
of Mrs. Louis Degon.
George Grimes, son of Mr. und Mf*.
Joe Grimes who is attending Kemper
Military Academy is here for the holi
day vacation.
Vernon Irving Goldstein arrived
from Kemper Militury Academy. De
«•ember 17th for the mid winter holi
days aud was stricken with pneumonia
the duy he arrived. All his friends
wish him u speedy recovery.
Hen Weinstein senior at the North
Side High school wus awarded the
gold rnedul for tin* Hull oratorical cou
test. His subject was “Internutloual
ism versuto Nationalism. Tin*re were
twelve contestant* for the • honor.
Mr. Wm. Weil, oue of Denver’s old
aud most highly respected citizens, was
tin* recipient Himday evening of a sur
prise birthday supper in honor of his
seventy-fifth birthdny, which was
tendered him by his friends. The
Jewish News adds its felicitation!*, aud
wishes him many more years in health
and usefulness.
ltubid 8. Haipern was made a cltl
r.en of the United Stutes last Tuesday.
During his examination he asked, t«
be permitted to wear hla cap, which
was granted, lie was the first rabhl
who hus been made a citizen in the
l . S. District Court here.
The Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel
will give its largest and most import
ant affair of the season at Progress
club January 12. There will be cards
and other attractions for those who
do not dance, and Goodman's orchestra
will furnish the music for those who
A will written in Yiddish with
Hebrew characters was presente<l for
probate in the County Court last wee*.
The will was that of Samuel Oscher
witz, who died recently, and the trans
lation is as follows:
"Whereas, the man doth not know
his time ,ns the fishes that are caught
in the net, therefore do 1 find it nec
essary to order and to write a cor
rect testament. ,
“After my death, when I will hare
lived thru my years, there shall he
given to my three daughters and two
sons SSOO each. This Is altogether
$2,500, and all the remaining shall be
long to my wife. This U my wish
and so do I do. I will that It shall
l»e done without any change and to
this do I put my signature this third
day of Cheshvan, the year of 5081,
October the 25th. 1020.”
The property consists of real estate
und cash in hanks. The value of the
estate is not listed in the petition for
letters testamentary.
Large Gathering With Much .Enthus
iasm Subscribes Liberally for Nev
The Temple Hally at Progress club
Monday evening proved a great suc
cess. A large number of members of
Congregation Kmanuel were present
and listened to many interesting and
stirring talks. The enthusiasm awak
ened was shown in the many increases
in subscriptions which were . made
and the nuint>er of new ones offered.
The chairman of the new Temple
building committee, Mr. Samuel E.
Kuhn presided. Among those who
spoke were Mrs. H. Pisko, Messrs.
Walter Appel, Sigmund Elbe. Arthur
Oherfelder, David Harlem. Benedict
Sliubart. 11. Omauer, S. Weintraub,
Judge Ira C. Rothgerber, Dr. Robert
Levy, and I)r. Wm. S. Friedman.
After the meeting adjourned, the
Sisterhood served refreshments.
A new study and cultural club was
organized ut a meeting held at the
Albany Hotel last Sunday afternoon.
The purpose of the club, which in lim
ited an to membership. 1h to enrich
the information of its memlters on all
matters of interest to then) ns Jews
and to use every proper effort to dis
seminate such information. The of
tleers elected were Milton M. Bchay
er, president: Harry 11. Fruiness. vice
president, and Win. It. Blumentlml.
secretary-treasurer. The program
committee consists of Milton M.
Betrayer, Dr. Emanuel Friedmpn and
Dr. Oscar M. Shere. Literature com
mittee: Harry 11. Frumess, Max 8.
The club will hold monthly meet
ings on the last Saturday night of
each calender month.
Juliutf Strauss, u trustee of the He
brew Orphan Asylum ana of the Jew
ish Hospital of Brooklyn, died at ids!
home in Manhattan. Mr. Strauss had i
been twice president of the Unity l
club, the leading Jewish social or- i
ganizution of Brooklyn.
(J. C. B. Service.)
London—ln the Criminal Court of
Apiieal yesterday. Lord Rending se
verely rebuked Sir Ernest Wild, the
Crown Counsellor, who referred to :i
defendant hr u "Jewish money leu
der.” The Court which was well filled
rode and applauded Lord Heading’*
Vicuna—The Czecho-Slovakian Min
ister of Education has issued an order
to the principals of nil public schools
that Jewish children arc not to Is*
forced to break the Sabbath, accord
ing to information received by the
Jewish Notional Council of Czecho
(J. C. R. Service.)
New York. —In recognition of tin*
Tercentenary of tlio Tending of tin*
Pilgrim Fathers, the Judeans llield u
special gathering nt the Hotel Pennsyl.
vnnia. where more than two hundred
prouiiricnt Jews paid tribute to the
American pioneers. The speakers in
cluded'the Hon. Oscar S. Straus and
the gathering was presided over l*y
Judge Sampson Luchmun.
(J. C. D. Service.)
New York—ln tin* course of on ad
dress on the conflict In the tailoring
industry, Rabbi I)r. Nathan Krass yes
terday offered to mediate between the
contending sides. I)r. Krass assorted
that neither side* is free from respon
sibility in the present crisis and lie
is anxious to bring about a settlement
because those concerned wore mainly
In the meantime each side reaffirms
its position with great emphasise, each
maintaining that it is prepared for a
fight to tile finish.
(J. C. H. Servlc*;.)
London—Two large syndicates for
the manufacture of bricks and Port
laud cement In Palestine have just
t»cou registered in this city with an ini
tlal capital of two hundred and thir
ty thousand pounds between them.
Boris (joldtiergi u noted Jewish mer
chant, originally from lttissia. is at
the head of both companies. The
syndicates have already acquired six
teen thousand five hundred dunams of
Palestine soil uml it is expected that
sixty thousand'tons of cement, twelve
million bricks uml one hundred and
twenty thousand square metre tiles
will be produced yearly.
Paris.—Replying to a question by
Lord Robert Cecil. M. Hymans, presi
dent of the League of Nations Assem
bly stated that he was In possession
of a detailed report regarding the
mussuere of Jews in Ukrainia and
that same would be printed and dis
tributed uinoug members of the As
sembly, according to a Geneva dis
London—Commenting editorially on
the matter of oil concessions in tin*
Near Kast, The Times stntcs that
•while it is a known fact that tin*
Htandurd Oil Company of America has
been grunted concessions in Palestine*
the public in unaware as to tho situa
tion in Mesopotamia. The Times calls
upon the government to make a clear
statement of the matter.
Warsaw, Nov. 28th.—The Itabbi of
Mosbtchist is dead. He died in this
city today.
The deceased Rabbi was a well
known scholar, the author of two im
portant and scholarly works “Dibrei
Israel” und “Klalei Horauh” and en
joyed great popularity in Poland. lie
was also known as a lover of Jewish
music uml he wrote a number of
“Oliakshflc” melodies, which became
very popular among Polish adherents
of the ('hassidic cult.
London—During a debate* in Parlia
ment on Britain's policy with refer
ence to mandates, it became known
that Palestine would soon become self
support! iik. Premier Lloyd George
declared, in answer to a question put
to him by a member of the House* of
Commons, that the British army in
Palestine would bo reduced in size, and
I hat under the wise direction of Com
missioner Herbert Samuel, it would
soon he possible to announce that the
administration of Palestine is with
out expense- to Hie British Crown aynl
that Palestine is entirely self-support
William Drexlor.
Hr. Win. Drexlor passed away la'**
Thursday in the prime of life, follow
ing an operation. This young nnd
popular physician had spent the whole
ol Ids manhood in this city.
He was graduate of the dross Medi
cal College and imd entered upon his
medical career shortly afterward. He
hail gained a large practice as much
hy his cheerful ness, good-humor, kind
ness anil friendliness, as hy ids
acknowledged skill us a physician. His
aniiahle, lienevolent nature endeared
him to innumerable friends, made in
and out of his profession ail of whom
loved him for ids “social smile and
sympathetic tear.” He was very gener
ous with his medical aid. No call to
hlui was unanswered, mid the kind
nesses he did in this wise are imium
erahle. Many, very many, lost in Ills
death not only u sympathetic and cap
able physician, hut a most generous
friend anil protector.
He was a member of the B’nal B’ritb.
Columbine lodge, A. F. A. M.. anil the
Shrine. He served on the Leo N. I/‘vl
Memorial Hospital committee of the
leeal B'nni BTith lodge and was the
examining physician of those who ap
plied to that institution.
He came to Denver from his home
town, Cleveland, where his mother,
Mrs. Yeta Dreehsler, who survives
him, still lives. Ills father \yas tlu*
Hev. Sigmund Dreehsler of that city.
He married Millie, the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Levy, 12
years ago, who, with « small sop,
Stanley, survives him, ns also do two
brothers, Isaac and Julius, anil three
sisters. Most lames Grossman and
Snndcrowitz all of Cleveland.
The funeral was held Friday after
noon from Meyer’s. I>r. Win. S. Fried
man officiating. Interment was at
Hinnnuel cemetery.
In Memoriam
11l loving memory of our dear wife
and mother Mrs. Itoso Levitt, who de
parted thin earth one year ago, Dec.
31, 1919.
In her grave she softly sleeps.
Where the flowers gently wave,
Lies the one we love so dearly
In her silent lonely grave.
Peaceful he your sleep, dear mother.
It is sweet to breath your name.
In life we loved you clearly
(n death we do the same.
Just one year ago you left tis,
Dow we miss you mother, dear.
And remember all yom kindness
As we drop a silent tear.
Ilushund. Philip Levitt, sons Max
and Louis and daughter, Augusta.
Ft. Collins, Colo.
In loving memory of our dear hus
band, son and brother, David Miller,
who depurted this life Deocmlier 28.
Four years have past, and time but
emphasizes the realization of our
groat loss.
Mrs. S-. Pisko has been honored l»y
nn appointment by Mayor Dewey c.
Hailey as a member of the Honorary
Commission of Civic Benefactors.
The letter in which the appointment
is mudc is as follows:
Denver. Colo. Dec. 21, 1920.
Mrs. Seraphine Pisko.
3SOO Hast Colfax Ave., City.
My Dear Madam:
I have your declination of a mem
bership appointment tendered on the
(Jlobeville Community House commit
tee. which I regret you are unable to
accept, hut no one realizes more than
1 the sacrifices in time and every
thing else that these board activities
mpiire. I know your uction will la
regretted exceedingly by the entire
committee, all of whom expressed a de
sire to have your advice and help.
I am, however, very anxious to have
your co-operation somewhere in my
administration and I am going to
make another offer stud that is a
membership on the Honorary commis
sion of Civic Benefactors, where the
duties will not he arduous nor suscept
ible of the same difficulties as in.v
previous appointment.
May I have your earnest considera
tion of this matter?
Very cordially,
D. C. BAILEY, Mayor.
The other members of the commis
sion are: 11. Reed, H. Newcomb, John
Evans. Mrs. I). K. Lee. Mrs. O. E. Lo-
Fevre. Dr. Perkins. W. It. Freeman,
Henry J. Arnold, C. M. Day. Mrs. Ilun
gerford, Mrs. Walling. 11. L. Johnston,
W. F. It. Mills, 11. It. Steel, Mrs.
Francis D. Belford. Mrs. Crawford
Hill. Platt Rogers.
We have it on good authority that
many of our young men are going to
give up smoking on the ground that:
it has become too effeminate. —Ca-
nadian Jewish Chronicle. i
V , ,*> < , * "‘A; ' ;
1 We Mine Our Own COAL
Kj We can deliver now our*
I Famous Sunnyside Lump
J From our Louisville mine.
■ Our Marshall Lump
■ From our Marshall mine
I Oenenil Oftires: 311 Central Savings Hank Building
■ Telephone* Cliampa 487, 488, 2480. South 2761
I Yards in South and West Denver
r - =%
Saved Money Can Be Spent
Spent Money Can't Be Saved
Recently one of our govern
mental departments issued fig
ures showing that the average
family spends $7 per week, or
about $350 per year, for lux
Spending for luxuries leaves
practically NOTHING at the
end of a year to show where
the money went.
Seven dollars per week saved
REGULARLY in a savings ac
-1 count at this bank, plus 4%
I semi-annually compounded in
terest, will amount to $2,-
012.77 at the end of five years. ju
Windows No. 11 and No. 12 for Savings
Mr. Robinson and Mr. Noel in Charge
Cordial, Courteous, Efficient Young Bankers
You Will Like Them Both
? (jrouncTjl oor (Soiiitableßuildinq ||
I 17£h STOUT R
m'tual bargains, cottages, houses. double •
houses, bungalows, apartments, $1,500 to
$2."i,000 in West Colfax and all other parts
of Denver. Do not buy before you see uiy
list : my auto Is at your service. Phone, i
call, or write, will show property, remem
ber real bargains and terms. Zlgmond, .720
Quincy Hldg.; Main 2048.
.... == l
The American Bank and Truot com
pany lias purchased the insurance bus
iness of the late Edward Monasli. They !
have procured the agencies of the com-;
panics formerly represented by him.!
Mrs. Monasli is to have an anility in
terest in the business, and in view of
this fact expresses the hope that the
friends of her husband will continue
to show their friendship for him by
doing business with his successors.
The war deprived us of five million
immigrants who. ordinarily would have
collie to our shores. We are missing
the production of those lost immi
grants today.—Ole Ilanson.
Want Advertisements
WANTED—By n young student, a niee
room with respectable Jewish fam
ily. lteply Jewish News. Box (I.
MOTHER with 0 year old boy t wants
room and hoard with refined Jew
ish family on east side. Reply Jew
ish News.
FOR RENT—Room to young man.
570 Lafayette street. I’houe South
OPEN for bookkeeping at odd hours,
small sets, also office work. Max
Greenfield, 410 Bannock. ,tt.
WANTED—A live salesman who calls
on ail the big retail trade in the
State of Colorado to sell our line of
Fresh Water IVnrl Buttons as a side
line. Will pay good commission to the
right party. State how long you have
travelled this territory and send ref
erences. Reliance Pearl Button Co.,
Muscatine, lowa.

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