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The Most Famous
Turkish Tobacco
Local News
Mrs. S. Pisko received a telegram'
from Mrs. Hurry Sternherger. treas
i:n*r of the National* Jewish Women’s
< ojinell informing her of the death °f
.lueoh Premier, of Brooklyn. father of
.Miss Host* Brenner. president of the
National council of Jewish Women.
Mr. Premier, had been nil attorney of
high standing in Br>>oklyii. u man of 1
line type morally and intellectually.
Mr. Julius Nuifucli. of (Mneinnati,
will sjicnd the winter in the city.
Mr. A. 1.. Stciulierg lias returned to
I .os Angeles after u short business
trip to I leaver, his old home town. (
Mr. Saul K. Perotin, sailed clot, in j
from New York for Riga.
Mr. Morton linvi-.l was unanimously J
reeleeted us State Adjutant of the j
American Legion for a term of two j
years at the convention hold at tilen-p
wood Springs this week.
Mr. David Harris returned from a|
business crip thru the middle West
Mr. Harold Straus of Salt Lake!
ciiy. is visiting his parents. Mr. and-
Mj - s. Meyer Straus. ITe is in the city
to atfen dtlie Kmler-Lewin wedding. j
Mr. Leon J. (’hartley left last week
for St. Louis where he will enter the
medical school at St. Louis I'liivergity.
IJe takes this means of bidding his
friexr.is good-hye.
Mr. Arthur Kline of Angeles,
spent a few days in the city this i
Institutional Items
N. A. 11. V.
The children at tin* National .It*"’- j
Ik!i Hospital for Consumptives art- pre
paring for an entertainment which!
they will give to honor, I’osslo Uo.-rii. |
lx*rg. one of choir iihiiiUt. lUssio is
leaving for her homo in Ft. Worth, anil |
tho entertainment "ill l»n in tho na
tnro of a farowoll party. Tho Hos
pital will furnish rofroslnnonts for
tho occasion.
Tho sorviciv during tho Holy Hays
in tho liowisohn Chapel were woll at
ir: doil hy tho patients. A cantor con
iluotiil tho services which wore very
(.round was broken this week fot j
tin* now nurses homo. It will con
tain forty-five rooms and !h* forty
five foot wide and 110 fi*ot long, and
he completed about May 1.
siikltkkim; home
The children at the Jlome thoroly
i iijoyi d the heamiful Suoeah during
this week.
The building committee are busily
engage! on the plans for the new
I wildings, which will include a super,
intondent's home, a girl's dormitory
and a power house and laundry.
To honor Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L.
Dnub.v of Cincinnati. and Commodore
7.on is Beaumont. the National Jewish
hospital for Consumptives will hold a
I ublic reception ac Progress elub one
i veiling next week. The date and hour
will he announced in the daily papers.
Mr. Dauby is the newly elected pres
ident of I lie hospital and lie is look
ing forward to this opportunity of
unvoting tli« Jewish people of Denver.
The visic of these distinguished
gnesis lie been postponed a few days,
on iicroiin! of a slight illness. They
are spending a few days at the Broad, i
moor Hotel resting.
Einil Berliner. My r Cohen. Simon
Kalin. Philip King. A. I.Dner. Julius
1. Peyser. Loon Tobrinor and Alex
ander Wolf are among tin Citizens' j
committee of one hundred appointed
by the Commissioners of the District
of Columbia for the purpose of enter,
mining the hundreds of distinguished
visitors who will in* in Washington in
November for the Conference "a the
I imitation of Armament.
Temple Israel, the tirst synngog to
lx erected at Freeport. L. I . was dedi
cated last Sunday.
teresting Talks by Officers Present oil
The "I’lllil-up” memliers luncheon of j
the Council «If Jewish Women was
held Wednesday Oet. lllth lit the A!
knny Hotel anl brought together over
'three huiulreil memliers -■onthiisinstie
Council women.
Tile members were welcomed by the
president. Mrs. Meyer Straus, Mrs. s.
I'isko. National vice president gave a
talk, and the chairman of the Program
committee presented a report
Mr. Charles (iates spoke on Colo
rado made goods.
The music committee was most
fortunate in securing Mr. Henry <»h»s.
berg, who gave a violin solo, which
was greatly appreidafed.
A vocal trio eomposed of Mcsilames
Morris Krohn. Harry lterry and Miss
Pert ha Weiner gave a group of songs.
A piny was given by the Junior
Council. J. 11. I>.
Tin* Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel
held its lirst regular meeting Titos:‘ay
afternoon. Oetolier tin* vestry
roam of tin* Temple. Tin* mooting was *
most enfluislastie. The altciHlaiHt'
was vary Inrp*. Tin re arc now ovt*r
three hundred meintwrs. Tin* eoiirtesy
Committee was vary busy introdneing
tlia new members. of whom thara wt*ra
n goodly mimbor.
Tin* lira-iilaul, Mrs. M. D. Ilnrnect,
gave .t splendid opening address. Mrs.
Sliaflin s|Mika for the sewing society.
She made «tn appeal for materials and
reeciv»*d hearty responses from tin*
’>!- IT Humphrey Smith gave t"'o
e.lightfid violin soh*etions. ‘ Air Re
llgienx" by Kroauld and "Moto Per
pitivo" by Tail r.oiuu. She was in
cotnpnnied by .Mrs. F. 11. Keyer.
Hr. Win. S. Friedman talked In
formally on •’Present Day Conditions.’*
Hr asked the members to bring a
Sueeoth ofTerlng of fruits and jellies
to tin* Temple Friday evening, to be
sent to the various hospitals. The
meeting then enjoyed a soelal half
AIM EE F. OltEEXllAlTtf.
Chairman Press Com.
Arrangements luivc l>ocn completed
for flu* gn*nt Siturhas Torah ball to
In- given by the Ladies' Auxiliary of
Olteb Zadek Tuesday evening Oct. 2.'».
at the Albany hotel. The Albany Or
chestra •'ill furnish the music.
Doll vers early and promptly. Pur
end health giving milks and creams,
iroiu healthy cows. (Jet on our route.
Tall Main 5130.
AT $1.00.
Thru n misunderstanding a rumor
1 ins become prevalent Unit the Jew
ish Publication society was to puli- j
lish a hible anil offer it to the public
at the price of one dollar.
In a letter. Mr. Simon Miller, presi. j
dent of the society t regrets that the
misapprehension arose and deplores:
the fact that the society which is do-j
ing such magnificent work, is not 1
endowisl. nor are its finances in such 1
shape as will permit ir at the present
time to do what has been suggested.
Mr. P. C. TI. Samuel, son of Sir
Herbert Samuel and secretary, of the
Cambridge branch of the Inter-Uni
versity Jewish Federation of Circat
Britain and Ireland, who has arrived
in Jeruusalem. brought with him £*o
books and 1.000 pamphlets as a presen
tation for the Hebrew University Li
bra ry.
Dr. Max 11. Dubln, director of the
Jev.i>h Community Center at (Hovers,
ville, X. V.. has resigned to accept the
post of rabbi of Temple Israel of San |
Diego, Cal. lie will assume Ills new'
position after the holidays, and most
likely will be succeeded by Ituhhi Al
ter Abe Iso n now at Glen Cove.
K. K. K.
The (lancing masters say thar
dancing makes you younger- the pub
lie knows that good musie makes you
ilanco In-lter, ami so no one enn at’
fonl to miss the event <»f events on
November loth at tin* «'ity Auditor
ium. The committee in charge of this
wonderful Armisiiee Eve celebration
has engaged l.ohman’s twelve piece or.
«. host rn*
Everything is now in readiness!
Each member of the club is supplied
with tickets pud it will be a pleas
ure to take care of your wants,
(’onrtesy and ability to please are tin
iwo things by which a social organi
za that's success must Im* measured
three years ago this eluh had hut a
handful of inemlH*rs i ami today we
must refuse desirable applicants ad
mission into tin* ranks of tho K. K.
K. because we have a maximum mem-
U-rship. 11. ('■
V. M. & V. W. 11. A. TO GIVE DANCE
Arc* you prepared for the* monthl.x
•Y” social? All members arc Invited
to the usual snappy affair on Thurs
day evening. Nov. 3. The congenial
quarters at tin* Bellevue hotel have
been secured for this occasion. I><*
limpicnt inetnbors should straighten
ihcir accounts with flu* treasurer, sc*
that they may Ik* admitted to the
dance*. M. M. K.
A very interesting meeting of the*
Sigma Alpha Phi Girls was held at
the* home* of Miss Se*idne*r on Sunday.
• let. 10. 1021.
-The* semi annual election e*f officers
tcM*k plae*e* and tin* following officers
were* elected for the* ensuing half year:
Miss Frances CJoiinsky. president:
Miss lVnrl Se*he*e*ter. se*e*re*tnry: Miss
Estelle* 'Kalncli. treasurer and Miss
j.illinn Kaufman. Journalist.
In honor of our Third Anniversary
and newly elected e»tlie-ers. a Ih>x party
at tho Orphoutn will he* given Satur
day evening. October 22. This will
be* folowod by an elaborate dinner.
1.. It. K.
A ver.v seH*ial»b* me*e*tiug of the Col.
unibim* <*lub was held at the home* e»f
Sylvia Shapiro on Sunday ttetober 7.
Import anr matters were* discussed.
Pearl Miller was admitted as a
The* next meeting will he held at
the* home* of Dorothy Zinik. S. S.
L. A. F. GIRLS .
tine of tin* most charming and de
lightfully arrjitfgefl affairs of . the*
season proves! to l*e* the* *’Mottier-
Daughte*!’" I.tineheein. give*n by the* I.
A. F. Girls, in honor of their tl»l iv*
anniversary, on Sunday afiernoon
October lltli. at the* home* of Mrs. M
I. Strauss of Eton Lafayette.
The* gue*sts of honor Included Mcs
elnme*s M. I. Strauss. Win. Ste*in. Haf
IS. Brilliant. S. I oiacson. S. Stellor. A.
Gornlnik, M. Snfrnn and S. Forges,
the* following members. Ethel Straus**,
.lennie* Srein. I.e*tmre Brilliant. Dor
othy Dunievitz, Freda Isaaeson, Esth
er Stellor, Esther Gornlnik, Sara
Sa fran and l!e*le*n -Forges.
The* next meeting of the club "’ill
be* lie*lel at the home* of Miss Dorothy
Dunievitz on Octolier 2.‘lrel. whe*n plans
for the future will he discussed.—E.
K. S.
The Aufichia club, an organization
of college* and busim*ss girls, Itetweon
tin* ages of IS and 2. r *. held the*ir lirst
business meeting Sunday. October *•>.
1021. at the* home of Miss Bose Abram,
son. The* organization plans to hold
bi-monthly meetings and e*xpe*e*ts to ge*t
some entertaining and instructive,
programs ai Mii*se* meetings.
A few cards mid invitations have
been issued and we earnestly hope
that those invites! will attend. —E. M.
A. A. C. CLUB.
At tin* last meeting on October Id.
Sunday afternoon; the* business
discussed was the* phi ailing of the*
many surprises to Im* given ur our
second annual A. A. C. dance on I>«*-
eemller 1.. 1021. The* ball room Is tin*
most lienutiful ball ia Denver and we
have* procured a $25,000 orchestra.
Wait.—l’. .7.
D. 11. I. GIRLS
The D. 11. I. Girls are giving their
Third annual dance. Thanksgiving
Eve. November 2.‘!rd. All funds will
he turned over to tin* Denver Hebrew
Institute, The girls are doing their
be st to lie*lp build rhe building which
is so essential to tin* West Side* ** f
Denver and we hope every one* will
Buy tie*ke*ts of tin* girl* or memlters
of the Denver Hebrew Institute.
Don't forget the date: Thanksgiv
ing Eve Novrnilter 23rd. Place; Al
bany Hotel.—A. E. B. & K. S.
That, in n word, is Just what the
Dra Mud.it. is organized for. And the
-nieress of IfV endeavors can !•** jitdg-1
••d r.hy Aoning in the week - hy the in
terested classes at its Huh rooms, on J
West Colfax and Fislernl Blvd. On
Tuesday, a Spanish class under the
direction or .Mr. 11. M. Kaufman, is
| attended hy ahoiit a dozen earnest pu
|dls. The study of instrninental music,
lias heen undertaken hy a seven piece i
orchestra. Arrangements are now 1
being completed fur I lie formation of
a vocal group. Have you any photo
graphs at home that you would like
to color? Bring them down «n a
Thursday evening ami learn how. One
or two lessons arc sufficient.
On Tuesday evening, October 2."». a
special lecture will In* given at the
• luh rooms in Yiddish, to open the
Yiddish literary group. All persons
interested in this study are invited to
he present.
On Wednesday evening. October |
20th. an open discussion will follow,
the meeting. The subject will lie.
“The Probable Outeomo of the Com
ing Disarmament Conference.”. The
public is invited to lie present ami
lake part in this discussion.
Thursday, a social committee
consisting of .Mis*; Bnlnhnn. Miss Broil,
stein, and Mr. Itahmn, were appoint
ed to arrange for short social hours
after tlie meetings, and on Sunday
Orent intorc-t is Mug displayed in
tin* coining lna-Mu-I.it dance, to is*
given October 27th at Progress Huh.
Koschei's Cyclonic Syneopahirs. nssist
ik! hy Heinie Klutz. will offer the lat
est Broadway hits. Np effort will is*
spared to make the evening a very
enjoyable affair. Check this date on
your social calendar.
The first meeiing of the Menorah of
flic University «>f Denver was held
Sunday evening. Oclolht at tlie
Ada inn hotel. •
The meeting was called to order by
its newly elected president. Pincus
Feldman, who delivered a short tal«<
explaining the aims and purposes of
t Im* movement. The Journal
ist. 11. (loo:!man. told of flu* work
planned for the year. This was fol
lowiml hy several impromtu s|M*eehes by
Messrs. Rosenbaum. Ift'. Miller and
the Miss«w Beri/.en and Hollander.
After a short liusim*ss nu*eting. tin*
niemliers enjoyed a social hour.
In view of the large attendance,
active intere-t hearty response, and
eoo|H*ralion. F. of l>. Menorah can
not help hut be bigger and lioitcr Hum
ever.— H C.
The Couiuil Alliance <lie's held lhe
meeting of the season Sunday. Oct. 1
HJ. at tin* home of the president. Miss
Rosa belle Cramer. The next meeting
will Im* held Sunday. Del. :tp.
C. A. C.
The C. A. C. called a regular meet,
ing Tuestlay, Ootoiier 18th under the,
direction of new, officers, who are as
follows: Isidor Striker, president;
ICnymoiul Kortz, vice-president; liar
old Spitzer, secretary; Bobert Miller,
t rOn surer.
An interesting program lias heen ar
ranged for the coming term ami the
new oflieers will do their liest to make
the coming year one of success and
Alt ho we liave not had any articles
in tlie Jewish News for a long time,
do not have the impression that there
is no Centuacian club. Tin* Ccntur
inns are still here.
At the meeting held Monday night,
Oct. 17. at Bernard Kemper's liome,j
Sam Fingerman was elected public-1
itv manager. The dull is planning a
Hallowe'en party on Oct. SO.
Two new members have recently'
been added to our club, Morris Devins
and Mr. St ion.
Elections for foot-hall and basket- j
ImII captains were held. The results
were: Bernard Kemper, foot-ball cap
tain: Morris Devins, assistant: Joe
Wolach, basket-ball captain; Abe!
Sliiff, assistant. Watch for our an
nouncement on athletics in the near
future.—S. F.
Tin* Junior Council held its first,
meeting of the year. Sunday. October
1(5. in the vestry rooms of Temple
MJss Francis Reelinitz was elected
lirst viee president and Miss Ilile
Aarons, as 2nd vice-president. Both
were elected unanimously.
Mrs. Meyer Straus, president of tlie
Senior Council, gave the girls a de
lightful talk.
A musical program was then pre
sented consisting of a vocal solo by
Miss Francis Reelinitz and a vocal
solo by Miss Wilson.
A social affair is being planned
which will take place in November,
tbe dare will be announced later.
The girls are planning a big year
and hope to do more, under tlu* gukl-j
mice of their new presl%*nt. Miss
Anna Danger, then ever before. —M. S.|
Mrs. C lara Anfenger.
Mrs. t'lnru Anfenger. :i pioneer resl.
dent of Itenver, lan who has lived
in fho oast (In* past few yonrs. died
ill St. I/Oiiis. Oct. I.*], m lho home of
her son. I.ouis. Tho roiimins woro
hrojiglit to Denver for hurinl. Mrs.
Anfeiigor wn* 7** yonrs of ago.
Mrs. Anfenger is survived by three
sons, fxniis of St. Louis. Henry of
Now York mol Frank of fhlongo.
Services wore liehl from the Meyer
rnderlnkitig <’o. Siimlay. Interment
was at Riverside in the family burial
plot. Hr Win. S. Friedman officiated.
In Memoriam
In loving memory of onr dear
father and. husband. 11. Steinberg. who
passed jiwji.v Oelober 10. 1020.
Sadly missed hut not forgot ton.
.Mrs. It. Steinberg anil Children.
In loving memory of our dear fath.
or and httshnnd. 11. Steinberg, who
passed away. Oetoher 10, 1020.
Sadly missed hut not forgotten.
Mrs. It. Steinberg and Children.
Willi impressive ceremonies, tin; cor.
mr-slone of the now Temple I tot It Kl.
of Detroit, Mich., was laid on Tues
day afternoon, October 4, at -I
oYloek. The principol address on this
occasion was ilclivi red by l)r. Samuel
11. (ioldeiiKoii. of Pittsburgh.
Writing to Itahhi Leo. M. Franklin,
congratulating, him and Temple Itetli-
K1 on iln* oonsion of tin* corner-stone
laying of their new house of worship,
President Harding, after tanking a
number of personal complimentary re.
mark** to the Kahhi. comments on the
.Jews in America ns follows:
••Tin* ocaslon seems to Ih* an ap
propriate one for a rccognitoln of tjie
great contribution of our Jewish pop
ulation to the advancement of our com.
mon country. The Jew in America
has not only been a particularly in
dustrious and useful citiz.cn, hut has
demonstrated an unswerving national
loyalty and patriotism. The race has
given us a fine example of the broad
charity and generous tolerance that
must Is* the In variable aim of our peo
-Comprising ns our citizenship does,
representatives of so many races and
roods, it is obvious that only by the
exercise of such an atHcude can wo
hope to establish a truly national eon.
ception of citizenship and its duties.*’
Warsaw Messrs. ISusker ami Rap
poport have arrived in Ixmiilwt for tin*
purpose of coordinating the activities
of nil organizations working on behalf
of the Jewish refugees from Russia
ami the Ik mine, ltusker intends to
ereate in Isunlierg a Joint eommittee
wiiieli will consist of representatives
of the American “Hins.” the Joint
Distribution committee, the llkrftin
iau Verhaml. ami the I’olish National
round I.
Want Advertisements
Congregation IVnai Zion, of Ft. Col
lins. Colo., offers n desirable posi
tion to a Kchoehet Hoflfes and Hebrew
teneher. For further information ap
ply to Mr. .1. Iscnblirg, 1010 Larimer.
10-2 t.
Start one of our Candy factories «-t
home, or small room anywhere. We
furnish everything. Experience unnec
essary. Big pay. Men-Women. Fred
erick Kuril, “»1 -t Walnut St., Philadel
phia. I’a. 12-2 t. |
UHFIXKD Jewish geutleman or cou
ple to room, board in private fam-,
llv. Capitol Hill location. York 3235-
W. tf-
Itabbi A. Braude's residence and of
fice is located at 14(50 Federal Blvd.
Tel. Champa 5403. v 21-4 t
WANTED First class Jewish cook
and general housekeeper wants po
sition could act as practical nurse or
do all general work of household. Mrs.
Weiner. 1400 Newton St.
Books to be Sacrificed
00 volumes Hubert Howe Bancroft
Works, leather-bound : Millspaugh's 1000
medicinal plants, iso full page plates
colored from life: 10 volumes J. Fenni
more Cooper: 2 volumes Standard
Dictionary: Karl von Kotteek's and
Kidiaitli's Histories of the World—and
other sets of individual books, as well as
1 Mobe-Worniokosoctional bookcases. May
be seen daily from 0:30 to 12 A. M. and
2 to 5 IV M. at room 1520 Lawrence St-
Mrs. Rosen’s
Restaurant and Lunch Room
Cighrs, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
3040 West Colfax
Denver, Cdo.
1533 Lawrence Street, next door to the Golden Eagle
Buy now Sugar, Flour and cases of Canned Goods for
the Season’s at Brody’s and save money.
We sell a full line of all kinds of canned goods in case
lots or less at wholesale prices.
Hllimjrai ijin I'ntanl Flour or lM’idt*
of t In* UtM-kios, PQ Of)
per 100 lhs $Qt£.\3
Hell of Denver, hanl AH
Wheat Flour, 100 lhs.. tpUiHU
/hie ease of line Sweet JVus,
two dozen in east*. QO Qn
$1.43 |x*r dozen
Suuar Corn by the ease. 91 4 C
No. '1 Tomatoes. 91 1C
per dozen cans I • I U
Marly Itreakfast Colfro. CM TPC
per Vj dozen runs 0 I »« 3
Joekey Club Sardines. RKf*
'2 cans for 05JC
Joekey (Midi fresh peas. ORp
lien us for . OUU
Freneli Boost* I.iver in ACp
____ faney Jars, per jar ..
Snrdellen, OCp N '°- 2 Hill Bn*. ColTra. DO.
per ran * 0C -Mitral, OOb
Snnil'll l’uste. Iru|«>rt<Hl DC. N<>- 1 Hill liras.. Op
Anchovy I'nstis pni* ran C Ju ColTra ru °
And hundreds of other items at greatly reduced prices
We sell the finest bread in Denver
Large loaf of bread Q_ Kosher Doughnuts. i IT
wrapped in wax paper ou raised or cakes, doz..
Oat Meal. 5 lbs. 25c Sugar, S'/j lbs. 25c I
Milk. Carnation or 4 4-
Columbine, per can I
Full assortment of National Crackers at reduced prices
1533 Lawrence Street, next door to the Golden Eagle
\ |
Y ~ ~~0
| Sunday Eve., October 30 22nd Marion St.
Admission $1.00 per Couple Refreshments
Are you a’comin’ jj Progress Club
To the Dra-mu-lit dance? j October 27,1921
Make up your mind ;
Or youll lose the chance. : Leschel s
* * * ■ Cyclonic
October twenty-seven, Syncopators
That’s the date, .... M . nmc
Call up your girl ij He,n,e K,otz W 1,1 S,n K
Before it’s late is Tickets $1.25 a couple
We, the undersigned, D. L. Poe. Pre
sident. and BenJ Poe, Secretary of The
Poe Drug Company, a corporation formed
under the laws of the Stnte of Colorado,
do hereby give notide that at a meeting
of the stockholders of said corporation,
duly called for the purpose of consider
ing’ the propriety of dissolving said cor
poration. and held at Denver, in the City
(or Town) of Denver, State of Colorado, on
the 27th day of August, A. D. 1021. Notice
of Publication of meeting of stockholders
was waived by all stockholders in writing.
The stockholders, by a vote of more
than two-thirds of the entire capital stock
of said corporation, ordered said cor
poration to be dissolved.
We further certify that all debts owing
by said corporation have been fully paid.
IN WITNESS, we have made and signed
this Notice of Dissolution, and n nixed
hereto the seal of said corporation, this
27th day of August, A. D. 11*21.
[Corporate Seal.]
Simon Lubowsky. the distinguished
chemise, linguist and ,chess master,
sailed last week for Germany. Mr.
Lubowsky is the chemical director of
the Goldschmidt-Thermit Co., of -Jer
sey City and New York. He is also a
brilliant violinist.
WM. R. WEBB. General Agent
L. B. COHEN, General Attorney
1204 Foster Bl’d’g.
Wholesale Retail
Kosher Delicatesssn
The best in Denver
New Location
Biggest in West Denver
3204 W. COLFAX
Piione Champa 4317
~Tlu* birds of tho air dospise : :iisn\

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