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While we are in the course of construction, fixing
up our place of business, we are still trying to serve the
public to the best of our ability Therefore we ask the
kindness and patience of our patrons and to overlook
all little errors which we make in our attempt to please |l
you under the above conditions.
You will surely be pleased with the Home Cooked
lunches served by us daily, starting at 11 A. M.
Our home cooking and baking is Hungarian and
Roumanian style. |
We are the exclusive Denver and Colorado State
representatives of the WILNO SAUSAGE CO. OF
CHICAGO. They supply us regularly with the finest
Sausage, Com Reef, Pickled Tongue, etc., to be had.
The Star Bakery Company serves us with fresh
Rye, Pumpemickle and Fresh Challi every day. Also
Fresh Begal and Fresh Rolls every afternoon except Jj
Friday and Saturday.
New York Delicatessen
1652 Larimer Street Main 5899
We pay particular attention to out-of-town orders.
Local News
Mr. Nntliaii Da rdensch warty. is
quite ill nml is nt Tlldcti’s hospital.
Mr. Snmni'l Zwetow spoilt a couple
of days In the oit.v tills week, on a
Hying trip from Chicago.
Messrs Harry am! Bernard Ihivhl
of Sleliert ami Stratton, Colo.. are »•»
the rity to speml Thanksgiving with
their mother.
Dr. Wui. S. Frietltnnn will tie one
of the speakers at the 'Wan fin mini
Thanksgiving service at the Auditor
inm. He will speak on "The Dawn of
Mr. Jake Eii)anucl is confined to his
last by illness.
Mr. David Dckcii of Chicago is in
the city visiting his brother ami sis
ter. Mr. ami Mrs. Will IVgeri.
Mr. Emil Cowan of Chicago is in
the city visiting his brother. Mr. A.
It. Cowon.
Mr. J. E. Kchachet announces that
he has taken offices in I lie Ernest ami
Cronraer building.
The theater party given by the Beth
Israel Hospital ami Oltl Folks Home
at the Denlinm theater Monday eve
ning was a very successful affair.
A concert of high class music will
In* given at the City Auditorium Dec.
11. Cantor B. Ilmer and leading art
ists will participate. Tickets may be
exchanged nt Knight Campbell's Mu
sic Co., lieglnning Dee. S.
Mr. Felix Ornnt of Cerro, X. M.. is
in the city for a few days having
joined his son, Norman, of Caspar.
Wyo., who spent tile week here.
During this Thanksgiving wwk the
Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel finds
it lias much for which to he thankful.
First, for their wonderfully increased
membership. Over three hundred and
twenty-five members, .lust think what
a power for good such a membership
stands for. Second —for their many
activities, all of which art* flourish
ing. Third—for the enthusiasm shown
every where for the coming social
and dance to be given. Wednesday
evening. November '‘Ml, at Progress
This annual affair has grown to he
one of the happiest given by any or
ganization during tin* season.
In the parlors will lie games of
bridge for those who wish to indulge.
In the dining room the most delir
ious refreshments will be served.
Sandwiches, drinks, cake and coffee,
everything to satisfy tin* various
tastes of the large crowd expected.
I'p stairs in the liallroom the lined
orchestra in the city will ploy the
jazziest of jazz for those who wish to
Mr. Render, we want to see you and
your friends. Please eome early, rtny
late, don't miss any of the good times,
aod eo make this Temple Emanuel
Sisterhood Social and dance the very
finest and most successful one ever
given.—A. F. G.
I Miring tin* Kol Niilrp services at
Sheri tb Israel Congregation, Itahhi A.
Braude made a stirring ap|»enl (or
various organizations. Tin* amount
o! $.*W2 as so far Iwen collected by
Messrs. M. H. Elier. 11. Pooley, H.
Zelkin and John Leffler. It will he
divided U'tweeii relief for pogrom or
phans in eastern Europe, the Keren
Iluyesod Fund and the Beth Israel
Hospital and Old Folks home.
'Hie amounts m-elved were:
Mr. and Mrs. Kauffman, $2: S. Ten
iienlinuin, ST»; (• oldie Tennenlmum.
s.’{; I.illinn
s2fi Abraham Folson, .Cl: Mr. and
Mrs. Brier and sons. sl2: Mr. and
Mrs. Wilkin. $10; Mrs. Ellis Schlan.
: Mrs. F. Aucrhnch. $5; I*. Oreen-«
Mall, fa; Mr. and Mrs. A. Schneider.
$-4: I. Fischer. $ ."»; .1. Hiamond. $2:
Mr. and Mrs. M. Epstein, $T*; S.
Stisemnn, $2: »*. S. Shapiro. $2; Mrs.
Bfoom. $."»: Arelilo Bloom. ST»: Mr. and
Mrs. M. 11. Elht. $10; .1. Hood man,
$2: .1. Fouster. $2 : Mrs. tioiMluiun. $2;
Mrs. Jacobs, $2; Mr. .1. Jacobs. $10;
A. Pringle. s.*►: Ij. Seehter. s.'i: S. Cla
linsky, $5: 11. Epslein FI. Morgan.
Polo., $10; Mr. and Mrs. 11. Zelkin
and family. $2: Mr. and Mrs. 11.
Pooley. $0; Mr. and Mrs. C. l*ooh»y,
$2; .1, Xuberg, *$T»; E. Welt man, $2:
Sara hi Hoffman. $2: Mrs. Mendell and
sons. $7; Mr. and Mrs. P. Weisler, $3;
Mr. and Mrs. M. Uruben. $2: Mr. and
Mrs. I. Sucks. $2: Mr. and Mrs. Ph.
(ioldman. $2: Mr. and Mrs. ,1.
>2: Mr. and Mrs. s. Banner. $5: W.
Lewis. $2; Mr. and Mrs. J. Klatzkin.
$•”>; Mr. Feldman. $2: Mrs. Pearl/-
weig. $2: Mr. and Mrs. L. Sander. $5;
Mrs. Kothchild. $2 : Mr. J. Solk*l, $T»;;
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. (Irousuuvn. $5:
Annie Simon. SI ; Mr. and Mrs. 1.
Bronscein. Akron, Polo., $10; Mr. and
Mrs. J. Miller and family, $18; Mr.
and Mrs. A. Soperstein, sl2; Fred
Sclilan, sr»; Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Hrin
slein. $T|: T. Wolovitz. $2: Annie
Wein, sr>: Mrs. Isicks, $1: Mrs. llur
vitz. s.l: F. Nil os, $2; Mr. and Mrs.
P. Markov! tz. $:;: W. Wolowitz. s.*l:
l. Dubin, $.“,: Hr. Katznmn. $•’»: Mr.
and Mrs. Katzman, Mr. Stern. $1:
J. Slrausberg. sr*: Bessie Strauslierg.
$2: Jo<* Sobol. s.*!: Bessie Kauffman.
Delivers eurly and promptly. Pur?*
end health giving uiilks and creams,
from healthy cows. Get on our route.
Tall Main CISC.
A very pleasant ten "as given l».v
ihe Hostess’ of Sherith Israel Auxil
iary on Tuesday. Nov. 22 at Paniel’s
and Fisher's ten room. Much of the
sureoss of the tea is duo to the hos
tesses and also to all those who at
Notice—do not forget; to eoine to the
next regular meeting Wednesday, the
MOth at the Synagog. corner 10th and
Mme. Salomon Reinach. who prac
tices it‘s a doctor of medicine in I‘aris,
has been appointed Chevalier of the
Legion of Honor for services remiered
thruout the war in a military hos
An interesting lecture «n tho suh-
Jim'l, -Edm-aiion vs. was de
livered lasi wifk at the club rnmus.
by S. L. 1 >avis.
Various topics of tho day arc dis
, ussoil every Wednesday evening. alter
the meeting. ami every one is cordial*
|y invited to ho present.
X <'lless Totirnaiuent was conducted
lasi Thursday liotwoen meinls-rs of the
It. it. It. dull and the Hni-Mu-l.it Cir
rlc. at which the latter team was vic
This Sunday, the customary con
cert and dance will he Riven hy the
lua-Mu-I.it orchestra, for the henefll
of the members and their specially in
vited guests.
The various educational croups of
the circle are in session. Sunday
School for the little ones on Sunday
niorninc. Jewish and English litera
ture: Spanish: photo-coloring ’. or
chestral work: dramatics. ct<\ every
eveninc of the week. If you want
something to occupy your attention
during the long. cold, winter evenings,
come down to the club rooms and get
acquainted. The address is 14HO Fed
eral Blvd. Don't forget the “Ink-
Well,” it will be out next week.
The next mooting of the Stagger
Hoys’ dull, will he held in the gym
nasium of the neighborhood house.
10th and Galupago streets. Sunday
November 2dth. 2 p. ni. sharp.
There will la; basket hall parctlsc
immediately after the meeting nil
journs. All members are urged to he
present.—L. C.
I. ft. A. GIRINS
Twns tlie twenty-third of February.
Nineteen, twenty and twenty-one.
That you stepped out and had some
Tho what it Is we'll not yet say—
Just you keep open that famous day!
~ B. L. B. CU B.
Itig Masquerade Party
December It, 1021.
Tlie It. L. It. dub will accept all
challenges for basketlinll to is* played
in January. No player on either teams
may Is* over 14 years of age. Please
send all challenges to Edward Hirscli
fcld. 1474 Rcllairp street. -.1. W.
~ A. .v p
A regular meeting of the A. A. <’.
cllih was held at I lie Bessie I. Itud'*
Community Center, Nov. 20, 1021. The
A. A. C.'s arc privcleged to present
to their friends the first opportunity
«»f dancing in tlie nu»st modern and uu-
I usual dance hall in tlie country. Don’t
I miss this chance—you will regret it.
The music enn't is* ticat. The tcmptM.
tion to keep step with this wonderful
orchestra will Is* irrCrttible. The dumv
of the year tlie Moonlight dance, at
the Coronado club, 1 tit'll and Clarkson
street. Thursday evening. Decemlier 1.
O. W. I, BOYS.
A regular meeting of the O. W. L
Boys was hold last Tuesday at the
Community Center. The regular busi
ness of the club was followed by the
debate between Mr. Hollander and Mr.
Zollinkotr which resulted .in a draw.
At the next meting, in honor of the
first anniversary of the club every
member will give a short talk on simp
interesting topic.—L. L.
A grand concert, and Bazaar, will
l»c given by The ladies’ Educational,
and Arlieiter Bing Sunday school for
the benefit of the educational fund.
Tills school is in existance for the
last two years, where our children
have been instructed iu the Yiddish
language. Jewish literature, and his
4 AII who would like to uid in this
course arc invited to attend this Ba
zaar. that will take place the 24-271 h
of November ut the Labor Lyceum.
Julian, anti Conejos Place.
'Many of the best known local artists
will take part in the program. Tlie
children will recite and sing in Yid
Tlie Centum-inns held a meeting
Monday night. Nov. 21. at die home of
Harry Stein.
Joe Wolneh resigned ns vice-presi
dent and Harry Stein was elected to
till his place. Abe Shift resigned as
secretary and, isadore CJolinsky was
elected to till his place.
Morris Devins entertained the club
by telling a very good football story.
-The Golden Moment.” —S. F.
4. B. C. C LUB.
A regular meeting of the J. B. C.
flub was held at the home of Miss
.« nn Ight Sunday. Nov. 20. 1021. Im.
portant business, was discussed.
Tlie next meeting will be held at the
home of Miss Sarah Robinson. Any
one wishing to join this club should
send in their application to Miss Rose
Mcllman, 2710 Downing nr call York
5192-M. —R. M.
Mrs. Pauline Wenger
Mrs. Pauline Wenger me mother <»r
Mrs. L Sherman. passi*«l away at 12
oYhs-k Saturday noon at lit** age of
•» 1 years. Kite retained all «»f her
faculties until the end. Site was a
resilient of Albany. New \ ork for over
7o years. She canto In I leaver lour
months ago to make her home with
her daughter. The remains were
taken to Albany for nurial aeeoin
panied l*y her grandson. Irving M.
Sherman. Hr. <K. 11. Kattvar eoji
dneteil services here.
In Memoriam
lii Hip sail ami loving memory or
our dourest friend. Anna Ilarnott.
wlio went to tin* tireat I’nknown. No.
vomlier 27, lni-s.
Do not ask ns if wo miss her.
For there's stnlt a vaeant plnee.
Oft we think we hoar her footsteps.
Always see her smiling fare.
Sad and mournful was our parting.
lamely are our hearts today
For the one we loved so dearly
Passed away three years ago today."
Sadly inisseil hy the U A. F. tJirls.
In loving memory of our beloved
sen, Isidore Werdosheim. who passed
away It years ago. Nov. 22. Ibis.
Three yearr {have passed, our hearts
are sore:
As time goes- on, we miss you more.
Your loving smile, your loving faee
No one ran till your vacant plaee.
Sadly missed by wife and eldldren.
mother and father, sisters and broth
In loving memory of our darling.
Anna Barnett who passed away No
vemlier 27, IPIS, gone but not for
Mother. Father. Sisters and Brothers.
Mr. and Mrs. !,. Shorinan tnko this
mean* of thnnkliiß tlioir many frionda
for tha klndnoss shown tliciu during
llh* illness nml death of tlioir mother,
Mrs. Paul inn Wintinr.
Thlx is t|M» laist noiice of tin* Junior
ConffregHtlon Kiniinuel dance. to In*
given IHH*. :t. I'.rjl. This dutuv is for
meinliers only. If yon are not a inein
ln*r or linvc no date for tin* daunt*
call Miss It.**-.* Weiss. York 1021 M.
chairman of daunt* committee, Min
relent e 81 minis. nr Nonli Atlivnlck.
president. Vatk .Vilßi-M.
.Ml meanhers nre requested t«► la*
present at Friday nijjlit services.
A. T.
A rojpilnr meeting of tin* I>. of I*.
Monorail will Ik* l»«*l«l Sunday evening
November -7 at s o'clock at tin* Olinh
Karick Synagog at iTJinl and Marion
Pr. Low is S. Miller an netive par
ticipant in Menorali activities an<l or
ganizer of the Monorail i» Colorado
will In* the sjieffßer of the evening.
An exceptionally fine nnisieaJ imin
|**r will he furnished.- 11. <».
Y. O. Z.
Tin* Inst 1110**1 ii iR «»f the Y. O. /.
clnb whs hold Wednesday oveniiiK N°-
\omlier Its, in their club rooms.
rift ns wire nuule for a minstrel
show nrnl ilnnee to Im* Riven in tin*
near future.
Our m«*mlM*rship .drive "'ill open this
week. Wateh for your invitation.
K. F.
A vor.v intoroHrinß mootiiiK of tin*
Columbine Club was hold at home or
Surah Solver. Sunday. Nov. *JO. Jnter
<klluk matters was diHOUHaod. The
next uniting will lie held at the liomo
of Sarah Kdelmun. —S. S.
C. A. C.
The A. C. liehl 11 regular meeting
on Tuesday, November to.
o|>eu discussions were held on "The
Disarmament movement. ; .lemploy
ment Conference nnd other national
We arc planning for n Basket-ball
reuin, nnd it is hoped that in the
near future, we will have the proper
material and be ready for games with
any other team.
Raymond Kortz. who has been con
lined to u sick-bed for several weeks
is rapidly improving and is expected
to attend the next meeting. —K.
A group of fifty women lunched at j
the Albany Wednesday, the 2.'lrd to
complete plans for the campaign oi i
the Federated Charities of which the;
Central Jewish Aid society is an nf
filiated member. This goodly sized
team will be under the chairmanship j
of M>s. Adolph Morris. The econom
ically unsettled conditions of today. I
combined with hard times nml subse-1
fluent unemployment, brings to the
relief agencies a daily increasing prob-
lent and overwhelming demand for re
lief. Rabbi Wm. ft. Friedman and
Rabbi C. H. H. Kauvar and Mr. Karl!
Schuyler will address the meeting. j
Sixteenth and Stout Streets Store Hours. 9 A. M. to •> .->0 P. M. ,
You Are Cordially Invited To The
’Round The World
Exhibit And Sale
Lewis & Son’s Auditorium, Sixth Floor
Monday, November 28 to Friday, December 2, ware ||
On display will be the results of the year’s journeyings on the two
hemispheres and into many foreign lands of the Lewis buyers. Gathered
here will be an Exposition Universal in miniature well worth seeing,
indeed! Buyers will explain and describe’Bare merchandise-in your
“tour around the globe.” Displayed will be articles of everyday needs
as well as objects of the artisanship, centuries old, of skilled weavers,
jewelers, embroiderers, etc. |
Deft fingers of the women of Belgium, France, Czecho-Slavokia, Aus- j
tria, Japan, China have fashioned hand-embroidered apparel of silken
exquisiteness for women and children.
The wonderful Belgium laces and underwear from France
fancy linens—rainbow-hued ribbons—handkerchiefs—jewelry
silverware—leather goods—the Paris stationery and desk sets —
The quaintly charming lamp shades—the deep, mysterious-color
rugs and camphor chests from China—the silken carriage robes
from Japan—the toys and dolls from many countries—the
pongee spreads and table covers from the Orient—the glowing |[|
kimonos—the tea caddies from China—the bronzes— lij
The wonderful softly beautiful lingerie from France, Belgium
and the Orient—the infants’and children’s dresses, coats and
caps from Paris—the Belgium-made silk dresses for the young
girl—the hand-embroidered neckwear, shawls and scarfs from |||
Paris and China~the sweaters, scarfs and capes from France III
and England—the millinery from Paris —
All Go To Form The Most Entrancing |
Foreign Display Denver Has Ever Seen!
And because there is no commissionaire or “middleman” — because
Lewis buyers bought on the spot and shipped the merchandise
Prices Are Astonishingly , Surprisingly Low!
~ = - '■ 1
We, the undersigned. Dwight T,. Chap
-111,111 President Key P. ••»'*'lf, Seen*
; lary <«f The Auto Merchandise • <•„ a cor
poration formed under the lawn of the
j Stilt,* of Colorado, do hereby give notice
! tlint ,it II meetlmr of the stockholders or
said corpora! ion. duly railed for the |>nr
potto oi considering the propriety of dis
solving said eorporatlon, and held nt I»«»-
ver. in the City of Denver, Mute of t 010
! ratio, on the First day of November. A.
11 1021. pursuant to notiee Riven to int
Mnoteholders thereof in the manner pro
vided hv hiV for the onllliiß or atockliold
I ers meetliirh for the purpose of nnienu
inir articles of incorporation, the stocK
i holders, hy a vote of more than two-tliirds
«.f the entire capital stock of said cor
| |,oration, ordered said corporation to be
further certify that all debts owing
b? said corporation have been fully paid.
made and signed this Not I n ‘ ssu
lion, and nllixed hereto the seal or said
corporation, tills First day of November,
; A ' **’ DWIOIIT 1,. CHAPMAN.
! ATTEST: President,
1 [Corporate Seal.)
Dr. Win. S. Friedman has been in
vited to address tin* Jewish conurffw*
i tions of Seat lie*. Portland. Spokane
ami Tacoma, to do which', he "’ill
make a two weeks' spending tour ot
j the northwest. lie will leave Sunday
evening. December -Ith.
Learn Hie luxury of doing gooil.
j Goldsmith.
Want Advertisements
WANTED a capable young man or
young woman of Jewish birth, who
lias had experience in soliciting in
surance. One who lias lived in Den
ver preferred. A very good oppor
tunity for the right party, Box 20
.1 ewisli News. P
FOlt RENT -Nicely furnished room
steam heat hath and phone for lady
or gentleman. York 7100-W. It
FOR RENT A large room with two
windows. (Jentlemen preferred.
Rhone York nOM-W. Address 14r»l
(iiipin St.
FOR SALE—Sacrifice for cash; mod
ern M-rooin house terrace. Corner
West Colfax and Decatur.
FOR RENT —1-room modern house
about Dec. 1. Cull 1401 Decatur St.
FOR RENT - Room, hoard to healthy
man in private Jewish family. ItM-i
Ead 28th Ave. D.
I tilt RENT -Cosy room to nice gentle.
mail. 2217 High. York 0202. It.,
FOR RENT Attractive furnished |
room for one or two gentlemen. I*Blo j
Cook street. York (1284-W. * 1 • j
WANTED--Jewish woman for light,
housework. 2(111 W. 44th Ave. Jt.j
, COMPETENT Piano instruction roas.
' oiinbli 1 . Hfiu Fox. rhnmpn «w;<>. :tt
Wholesale Retail
Kosher Delicatessen
The best in Denver
New Location
Biggest in West Denver
3204 W. COLFAX
Phone Champa 4317
\VM. R. WERB, General Agent
L. 11. COHEN, General Attorney
1204 Foster Bl’tl’g.
A mooting of l In* Optimists was hold
at tlio homo of Miss Uoso Sohochtor,
Thursday ovoning. Plans an* woll un
dor way for an olabornto affair to ho
hold the lartor lyirt of this month.
Our next mooting will ho hold at tho
homo of Miss Anna Sosnv, L’T*.: Wo sc
11th Avo. —P. M.

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