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Few as Stylish None More Comfortable j
"4 £ rfl
JJ Ml The joy of
'U normal feet
IT You can stand or walk for hours with'
out tired or aching feet. Your daily
duties can be performed with uninter'
J&SjbJ I rupted comfort, and you will be fit to
JP, enjoy an evening of pleasure without
J the slightest thought of your feet. This
joy of normal feet is within the reach
fc, B of all who wear Dr. A. Reed Cushion
Tka-Comhmmtmm" Shoes with the famous inner sole of
lamb’n wool
L£~" ; * %£ I
HJUUmjiyBIOr 111
l6lB Champa St. g
f |
Phone Phone
r.nl Franklin 1302
Champion 1 h. 1
Ford Greenwald
Salesman With
\ / Nice, clean Forked Lump Coal, £4% fiC P®r
\ yv No soot, no dirt, no clinkers, Vlrl t__
1 // and we can make prompt de- » ll ,vv « \
\ <ff liveries. v Delivered :
Abo other grades at various prices.
The West Denver Coal co.
Wholesale—COAL and WOOD—Retail
Phone Main 646
Oflee and Yard. 2060 W. Colfax B. Zinn & Sons, Prop. ■
njn jJJs 1 "’
aroma jytanKD
ery-isy E?yT«
•'1 jyieipya trs
era r«in nyrayi
"lyoD'e ins taayia
N'i "i»b "iytpnyayo
era »'Nin -lyrayi
rn*i*2 p'D jNcy^ye
■ ■■■ —. ;
Cleaning Pressing Remodeling t
&inbinc/er ffiros. ;
Tailoring Co. 1
Makers of Fine Clothes ;
332 Seventeenth Street
Opposite Brown Pnlaoe Hotel 1
Phone Champa 343
Too/ Sarronl H. K. Wolff
Sarconi Billiard Co.
Commisions placed on Elections,
Base Ball and all Sporting
1642-1644 Wei ton Street
Pb.no Main SMl—Danvar
The newly organized “Hungarian
Social Club” is going to make its i
llrst appearance by giving a liem*lit i
dance, the 29th of November at the
Adams Hotel.
A Hungarian orchestra will render
tin* music and will surely plav the
Hungarian Xational dance: "OSAR.
I»AS’\ so that the Hungarians can en
joy themselves their own way.
An able committee will see .o it |
that everyone shall he pleased, and a .
good time is assured all.
Do not forget the date: the 29th
of November, 8:00 P. M. at the;
Adams hotel.
A mooting of the S. club was held
jit the homo of Bortlin Abramson s#nd
election of officers was held. Bertha
Abramson, president; Sadie Kippur.
vice-president; Ida Weinstein, treas
urer. Jonnette Schwartz, secretary;
Millie Weinberg, publicity manager.
The next meeting will be held at the
homd of Ida Keller.
| Subscribe for the “Jewish News.” |'
Local News
I)r. W. S. Friedman delivered sev
* nil speeches during the past week.
On Sunday morning he spoke be
fore the Congregation of the Unity ,
Church, on Tuesday noon to the work. ,
ers of the Community Chest, on Wed- ,
nesday to the Saturday and Sunday ,
Association. on Thursday morning he ,
addressed the students of the Iliff
School of Theology. i
Next Wednesday noon he will speak
at the luncheon of the Iteal Estate Ex- ;
change and Thursday morning he "ill ,
he one of the speakers at the Muni- |
final Thanksgiving celebration at the ,
Mr. David Davis spent the week
end in Pueblo visiting tfcith Ills par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Davis. ,
A special meeting was held Sunday
i fternoon at the It. M. 11. synagog for 1
the election of officers. The follow
ing officers were elected. Messrs. J. •
.1. Kolinsky, president: Joe Miller,
% Ice-president; Jake Miller. record- 1
ing secretary: A. Klein, financial see- 1
rotary trustees; Messrs. M. S. Rntcsky,
Samuel Rosenlierg. A. It. Ilirsclifeld >
and S. J. Heller.
Mr. Herman 11 Held of Los Vegas.
New Mexico spent a portion of last
week in the city, a guest of the Shir
I Mr. Bert Kidman from New York
I city, en route to California was in
' the city for a few days thet guest «*f
his parents. Mi) ami Adolph
Dr. Harry Altman has returned to
Ids quarters after a two weeks visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Sol Diamond at
the Mctropole.
Mr. Archie Sweet from Leadville.
Colo., spent a few days last week in
ihe city.
Mr. Jacob Posner from New Mex
ico sjient last week visiting with his
: family.
Mr Jack Wetzler - * has entirely re
covered from his recent operation and
lls at home with his parents at 1427
Julian street.
Mr. Aaron Mom* returned Sunday
lroui St. Louis and Excelsior Springs.
Mr. I* Gold fa rh. who recently lias
lopened an up-to-date Battery Service
| Station uf 2510 West Colfax is a
pioneer of Denver, having lived on the
j west side for nearly twenty-five years.
; now residing at 1051 Adams. Mr.
Goldfnrh is well known not only f »r
himself but for the benefit the West
Side has derived thru him. As presi
dent of the West Denver Improve
jment society, he was instrumental in
having the West Side paved. Many
other betterments in property and
otherwise is attributed to the zealous
work of Mr. Goldfarb.
Mr. Melvin Lcwln from Olenwood
Springs is expected shortly to remain
several weks with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Lewin.
Denver is fortunate in having n cap
jable mohel in their midst. Rev. N.
Davidson of 2300 Cleveland Plare is
now residing in Denver and handles
nil cases with care and efficiency, y
Silver’s Restaurant 1731 Curtis wiil
give away, alboslutely free. star, ing
Saturday. Novemlier 25th. each week
a five dollar meal ticket to the lucky
owner of the pay check.
j A special meeting of the Bicker
I Choleiu, Society will l>o held on Nov.
128, 11122, In the Olieb Zndek Syna
gogue, 22nd Ave. and Marion St., for
the purpose of deciding on nil affair
to he given by the Society. All mem
bers and friends are requested to be
present, as this meeting is very im
portant. Refreshments will be served
and entertainment furnished.
I A Ton will bo given for the Roth
I Israel Hospital ami Homo on Tues
j day. Xov. 28 at tlio Daniel and Fish*
! er’s Tea rooms. The following ladles
will be the hostesses. Mesdames Jj.
' Butler, 8. Friedman. W. Fredland, B.
i Frumess, L. Cohen, I j. Heller, Jj.
! Hellerstein, J. Phillips. O. Rechnitz,
11. Robinson. H. Singer. E. Singer. B.
j Schwartz. M. Sigman, Jj. Boob, I.
Rude, Win. Rosen, M. Weltman and
B. Blnn.
At a riotious meeting held Sunday
afternoon, brimant ideas were brought l
out which make ns all look forward!
| with eagerness to our great big New
i Years’ Eve dance.
i As the last social event before the
marriage of Miss Estelle Knlacli. the
club is giving a shower for members
and a few of Miss Kalaeh's friends;
to be held on Dee. .‘5 at the home of.
Miss Judd.
Miss Tonowsk.v served delicious re
freshments. ami a program and so
cial hour was enjoyed by all. —S. J. 1
Tx>ve without rebuke is ,no love. — ,
Things to Think About
By Milton M. Schayer
John D. Rockefeller Jr., is reeogniz.
od ns n man whose words are well
worth listening to. not because he rep. .
resents dollars but because he rep
resents sense. He recently said, “The
one thing I have euvied my father for,
is that he had to make his own way
in this world.”
Many rich fathers hurt their sons
instead of benefiting the boys by in
dulging tliolr every whim. Let the
boys demonstrate their ability to con
trol themselves. Then give them con
trol of money.
Hats off to Benjamin Strauss of
Hamilton, Ohio. “Honor your par
ents” —means more than words to him,
action is necessary. He is erecting
a temple to the memory of his par
ents. A small temple as temples go,
yet it requires the generous sum of
$05,000.00. Every brick and stone in
that structure radiates the virtue of
the fifth comamlment.
Rich Jews with parents here and
parejjts who have passed on, I re
spectfully draw this unusual and com
mendable action to your attention.
“The Minister of Culture in Ba
varia declared m*ently at a meet lug
of the Bavarian Lnndstage that he is
opposed to placing the. Jewish religion
•n a basis of equal rights with other
If the results of such stupidity
were not tragic they would lx* funny.
To think that the profoundent truths
ever given to mankind: the state
ments upon which ull modern religions
have been built, classified by a "pin
bead” as not living good or sound
enough to In* accorded equal rights
with religions that owe their very ex
istance to it.
“In tin* experience of a year in
the presidency there lias come to
mo no other such unwelcome im
pression as the manifest religious
intolerance which exists among
many of our citizens”
—Warren G. Harding.
If America stands for anything it
stands for toleration. The place to
start is not only with ourselves, but
what is more Important for America
is for us to educate people, so that
they will stop feeding religious lies
to nil children. THAT IS WHERE
A vicar in. Glasgow, having adver
tised for an organist received the fol
lowing reply: .“Dear Sir: 1 noticed
you have n vacancy for nil organist
and music teacher, either lady or gen
tlemen. both for several
i years I beg to offer you my services.”
Her or his position is parnlled by
[ those who claim they ran lx* Christian
i scientists and good Jews at the same
1 Those workers who are trying to do
i things in the world often wonder
why it. is so hard. It brings to mind
the story of the green hrnkcmnu who
was making his first trip up the Sier
The train was going up a very steep
grade, and with unusual difficulty the
engineer succeeded in reaching the top.
At tin* station, looking out of his cab.
the engineer saw the new bra Women
and said with a sigh of relief: “I toll
you what, my hid, we had a job to
get up here, didn’t we?”
“We certainly did.” said the brake
men. “and if I hadn’t put on the
brakes, we'd have slipped back."
What are you an engineer, or a
green hrakemen?
rrothkkiiood (ntr’-tp mafl)
Members of the Chebra Kadisha of the
It. M. 11. Congregation wish to an
nounce if anyone desires their services,
they call on Mr. L. Wandel, Pres. Tele
phones York 2651-*!. and Main 549. tf.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Council of Jewish Women was held
Wednesday in tin* Vestry roans of
Temple Emanuel. Mrs. Adolph Morris
On account of theite being too
prominent speakers our president was
unable to report on the meeting of
the state charities held recently in
Pueblo, however we hope she will be
, able to do so at the next meeting.
It being cancer week Dr. Horace G.
Wetlierill addressed us on the subject
and gave many valuable suggestions
on health.
ltev. Dr. Wm. S. Friedman was the
speaker of the afternoon. His sub- j
joet “Picture of our Times” was in
11cresting and instructive.
; The musical part of the program,
which was very much enjoyed con
sisted of a group of by Mrs.
Max Grimes. She was accompanied '
by Mrs. lyoo Cohn. We trust that
those who are not already members '
:of the Council will join us, so they '
'too may enjoy these interesting meet- j
Attention— While stuffing your ;
Thanksgiving turkey don't forget the !
j small blue council stocking needs i
J stuffing also.—S. D. # | <
In Memoriam
In loving memory of our dear dnngh*
ter and ulster, Mrs. Sarah Itadinsky
I who passed away four years ago. No
: vember 20th, IMS.
Sadly missed by mother and sisters
and brothers, Mrs. A. Levin and fam
In loving memory of our beloved son*
Isidore Werdeslieim who ' passed
away four years ago, November 23rd.
Sadly missed by his; wife and chil
dren. father and mother, sisters and
Over 30ft pupils nml their friends
listened to a lecture on cancer pre
vention given by Dr. C. D. Spivak ,
at “Chelltenham Night School on Mon
day evening, Nov. 20. The lecture was
well underst<»od and so enthusiastic
ally received. Although the seating
facilities at Cheltenham are inade
quate to accommodate an audience of
that size, over half of them were
standing thru the lecture, which last
ed for 45 minutes yet they all seemed
to he well pleased and have- asked Dr.
Spivak to come again at some future
date and talk to them on some other I
important health subject.
The writer hopes that the proposed
Junior High school will he built in
the near future when, an auditorium
will be provided for lectures and oth
er purposes.
This was the llrst ofi a series of ]
lectures to is* given under the atis- j
pices of “Cheltenham Night School”
during the school season.
Tint night school is * well attended
, most of it is due to fact that Mr.
Cluxlon the principal of the school
is taking a verj* keen interest in the
Welfare of the Jewish Community in
West Colfax and he was very care
ful In selecting the teaching for
the night school selecting only such
teachers that are best fitted for that
kind of work, and in addition he is
giving his services as supervision, free
of charge. The school is open every
Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday and
1 Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 0:3f».
All thoae desiring to procure and
education free of charge are welcome.
Friday nntl Saturday night will be
played "The tfllhct kore,” n atory of
u young man, who fulling to receive
J the proper education nt home departs
lor Sun Francisco. While there he
1 bus an illicit affair with a young
' girl. Tlie man la question leaves the
yountf girl and her baby and departs
for New York. In New York he
courts the daughter of an oculist. The
1 young Frisco girl conies to New York
to consult this docton and recognizes
the uinn who ruined her. After an
, operation upon this girl where in she
. looses her sight, the man In a. spirit
I of retribution renounces the oculist’s
, daughter, and marries the mother of
his child.
Sunday night. "The Superfluous
, Mpn” in Yiddish "t>er llilieriger
, Menscli” will Ih» capably played fcy
tills company. A special invitation is
extended to all critics to come and
openly give their views.
The Triangle club inngu rated the
opening of their new club rooms at
the Rev. Hotel with an unique mu
sical entertainment. Piano and Saxa
phone solos were rendered by the tal
ented Messrs. Harry Zigmond and
Jack Tutz. The evening was well en
joyed by those present.
Great preparations are being made
for the banquet on Dee. 2. Much is
to Ik* offered by the untiring effort*
of tiie committee who promises to
bring fortli many surprises.—L. Z. M.
A. A. C. CLUB.
Avery 1 interesting meeting of the
A. A. C. club was held last Sunday
afternoon nt the Community Center.
The cluli was very happy to welcome
Mr. Bert hack home again. Mr. Meyer
Pritkin lins been admitted into the
club.—l. R.
At the organization mooting of tin'
It. M. 11. Men’s club, heM at tin?
i-Ayangog on Wednesday. X o v ‘. 1 >1 > -
the following officers were e.l: i
Jj. K. Sigman. president; M. 11.
Spieglemnn, vice-president: Herman
Piatt, secretary; Jake M. Miller, treus
Executive committee: Max B. Gold
berg. Dr. Eli Miller. Wm. Ttmbel,
Nathaniel Halpern. P. S. Xaumoif.
A constitutional provision was
adopted whereby any adult male Jew
j is eligible for membership.
A’ smoker will he given by the club
on Wednesday. Dec. Oth, at the Syria
gog and all friends are cordially in- i
i vited. A good time is in store. —
IH. P.
Passion Is at first ns slender ns a >
spider’s web; but in the end, it be
comes like a thick cable. —Talmud. I
We handle the best live fish in the City
$ 583r -4l W.COLFAX^ 6 •
$ Corner Clay Street $
When you think fish, think Bloomfield
■ ■ uiwa««mum!Miniiiiiiiiiiiiiinrraa!iiiiii:mimimi!imi3'i!ii::'ii.i(miimi!Kiiwi!nii!iitMimu'wi i!ii:i!mim:Hiimmm:i!iinm: i*im;d WHU!mwtMM)mi.imi.!.uum'MxiAuwa a
a ■ nil aiiw-iiH « a ■
■I ji]
The Riding Qualities g|
of both the Nash Six and Nash Four
have alway been superior jj|
■ aw—iiiniMiiiwiiiiniMMiiiiiWMiiiiiii'MwiiiiiiwiiiMiiainwwiiniiiiiaiiiiiiiiii iiiiiMMiiWiiwimiiiiwiimniiiiiinrnTinTmTmiin m wiikiti mnu: a a'
B ■ JmmimmiimmimiiwMniiMiiiii imi:ui:nmiunm:mm.m unmi mit ■ ■
Insurants M H. Spiegleman C(m , .
. .. MHiingrr _ 5
in aU its el 4 , Bth stre et l ' oan "
branches Denver, Colo. Investments
Main 8253 Realtor Telephone Main 1447 I
I I Fresh from the Lakes
SUSMAN BROS., Props. Phone Champa 9167-W
Make our place for Headquarters for your Bread and Delica
tessen. We handle Susman’s Bread fresh every afternoon,
also a full line of Kosher Delicatessen.
Reduced Rates for all Country Shipments.
1533 Lawrence St. Next to Golden Eagle
Joyful Thanksgiving Day
To All!
Now that Thanksgiving Day is so
very near.
Let us try fo fill each sad heart with
good elieer;
While we’re having so many good
things to eat;
Why- not extend unto others a small
True happiness was not meant for us
While so many are gloomy and have
no home —
Nov. 20, 1922. EMIL STERN.
Denver, Colo.
A regular meeting of the Sigma I’hi
Delta Sorority, was held at the home
of Miss Lillian Stein. Sunday, Novem
ber It), 1022. Plans were made for a
“Slumber Party,” which is to take
place Christmas Eve at the home of
Miss Esther Gurel.
Oh! Yes. the most important sub
ject of all is tl«t arrangements have
also been made for a “Watch Party,”
to take place New Years Eve.
The meting adjourned and a “So
cial Hour” was enjoyed by all. We
take this means of thanking Mrs
' Stein for the lovely supper.—F. B.
On Sunday evening December 17th.
The Toadies’ Auxiliary of the Oheb
Zadek Congregation will give a Chan
ukah Apron social in the v<*»try rooms
of the Synagog, 2222 Marion street.
Do not forget, as this affair will be
something unusual and a good time
I is assured to all. old and young. Re
serve tliis date for us. Door admls
! si on free.
It is man’s duty to eake unto him- l
self a wife. —Talmud.
NICE furnished room with or without |
I board in private family. Phone York j
7233-W. or 2739 East Colfax! Ave. It 1
i Want Advertisements
FOR RENT for single man large boau
’ tlful room with or without garage,
one half block from cart. line. Apply
1 Mrs. Lnder, 1514 Newton. C. 3328, 4t.
L COMPBTNET woman wishes employ.
ment in confinement cases or ns cook
[ or general house keeper in private
home. Apply C. 7853-J. or write 1030
. Irving street. 3t.
FOff »A^K —Groceries and fruit store,
- excellent location fur meat market;
Cheyenne, down town location; will
be sold cheap; good reason for sell
ing; rent $lOO, including living rooms.
Write Sam Mogilevsky, 312 W. 10th.
St. Cheyenne. Wyo. 22-2 t.
I WANTED—Two or three gentlemen
‘ for room and board, two in family;
■ comfortable home; excellent meals,
1 York 0781-W or 1015 E. 28th Ave. It.
, I MIDDLE ageil woman wants position
in Jewish family or any refined
place ns housekeeper or cook. Call
So 0077-M. It
‘ —— ——
’ FOR SALE —New and second hand
Cents' furnishing goods store; best
■ location in town for a shoe repnlr
* ing shop; rent $35.00 per month, in
truding steam heat: will Invoice about
$!(00.00. Address The Clothiery Tail
or Shop, 1023 Pioneer Ave., Cheyenne,
WANTED—Board and one room in
1 Jewish family for two Jewiuli ladies.
Phone. Main 2050 from 1 to 0 1». M.
1 York <>o3l -It after S P. M.
ROOM for gentleman in beautiful
private home, 1505 Race, Y, 4SSS. It.
WANTED —Young man for room and
board in private Jewish fain ly. nut
reasonable. Capitol Hill. F. 017-.1. It-
IFOR RENT— Two furnished I
rooms with furnaee heat. Tn- I
quire at 1400 Federal Rlvd. It. I
-J 1

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