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Uninvited, Your Welcome is Doubtful—Patronize the Advertisers in the Denver Jewish News
Denver Jewish News
Vol. VIII.
Impressive Funeral Servires Attended
by Lrwtiiif; Jews Inrludtng Judge
Mark, Srlimarya Levin. I)r. Wise,
lands Upsky. Mrs. Eels. Montreal
Kaplan and Others.
(Jewish Correspondence Bureau)
Tin* dentil »f Peter .1. Schweitzer,
who \vn<* Chairman «f the Nntionnl
Administrative Committee of the* Pal
estine Foundation Fund (Keren Ha.v
--osod) in America, n inemher <»f the
I-'iiinnelal and Keonomic Council of the
World Zionist organization, and a
mouther of the Administrative eoni
mitee of the Zionist Organiznjlon of
America, lias brought profound sor
row not only In Jewish nationalist
circh*B hut in the Jewish community
generally, for while his principal in
terest* was in Hit rebuilding of Pal
estine. his generosity and affiliations
extend to every field of Jewish eoin
PeCftr J. SfhweHirr.
ufminl >Vrvi<V. Hl» passing. more
over, occasioned the deepest mourning
among lih coUenguoH of the \\ orltl
Zouist Organization in London and in
Impressive Obsequies
The funeral was tin* occasion for the
gathering of a large ptunber of men
and women including some of the most
prominent figures in American Jewish
life. The officiating rabbi was I>r.
Mordecni M. Kaplan who recounted
tlie remarkable career of the deceas
ed and his unparallellvd achievements
for his people. “Tills is the first
time." he stated, "that Ariiericnn Jews
Understand the significance of the tra- j
glc phrase ‘Mourners of Zion.." Judge
Julian W. Mack, who returned from
Boston in order to attend the funeral,
followed Prof. Kaplan with a simple i
but moving eulogy, emphasizing espe
cially Mr. Schweitzer’s devotion and
modesty. The El Mole Rachmim was
intoned by Cantor Joseph Shlls'*y.
The funeral cortege proceeded to the
headquarter:* of the Zionist Organiza
tion of Anfctpcn. />p Fifth avenut.
when* it lulled* and wild re. after the
hearse had been opened. Cantor Shlisky j
again sang the prayer, this time in j
(he open street and In the presence j
of a large mtiltPnde-who had come to
pay their last homage to tlie Jewish
lender. After halting agaitf before tin*
offices of the Keren Hayesod at oO Un
ion Square, the cortege* proceeded to
the Mt. Carmel CenA»tery where tlie
dead man was eulogized f J>y the v.
Mnsllansky. Louis Lipsk.v and I>r.
Shmar.va Levin in the prcseinje. of sev
cral hundred people who were as
sembled around the open grave.* .“A
nation." said I>r. Levin, “does not con
sist of the living generation. A na
tion consists primarily of what is on-,
shrined i:i its cemeteries. Peter
Schweitzer left behind him a heritage
that is going, to live." Then the casket,
draped in the him* and white flag of
Zion was lowered into the grave by
tlie hands of his comrades and friends.
Tlie honorary pallbearers consisted
of the following: Nathan Straus. Dr.
Stephen S. Wise. Samuel TTntermyer.
Judge Julian \V. Mack. Louis Lipsky,
Dr. I. Krimsky. Dr. M. Gordon, S.
Witty. Morris Weinberg, Isaac Harris.
T. Gilman, Paul Millman, Emanuel
Neumann. Morris Dlugatscli, Rev. S.
Miaslinnsky. Max Harris. Morris Roth,
cnberg. Adolph Ilonigsberg. Wm. Car
lin. Israel Matz. Abraliam - Goldl>erg,
Dr. Slimarya Levin, Dr.-Arthur Rup
pln. J. Fishman, Wm.,Kdlin, and Rabid
Meyer Berlin.
Peter Schwel.ger a Successful Idealist
Mr. Nefiweitzer wns internationally
known in Jewish iiml Zionist circles.
Ho wns not only tin* largest individual
contributor t«» Zionist and allied
onuses but wns an active leader and
Since 1017 lie lias subscribed sums
aggregating $400,000 to the Palestine
Foundation Fund, the Palestine Res
loration Fund, tlie .iewlsli Colonial
Trust. and otlier Zionist and Jewish
causes. During his visit to Palestine
last year. accompanied by Mrs.
Hpliweltzer. be laid t,Jie foundi\J‘*n
for a hospital in Tilierias to which he
contribute! $.”>0,000.
Mr. Schweitzer was horn June 24th.
1574 In Haifa. Russia. He wns edu
cated i:i tin* schools of Odessa, and at
the Xorbonnc University, Paris. He
left Russia for America in 1005 and
was at first connects witli tin* State
Ihink of Xew York. Mr. Bchwelta*r
was a manufacturer of cigarette pa
per. and during the war wns the larg
est American importer of that com
modity. He had factories in France
Mid in Jersey City. Mr. Schweitzer
was profoundly interested in social re
form and ills methods of conducting
ids business have always lieen along
the most humanitarian lines.
Mr. Schweitzer was an accomplish
ed limpiist. and n man of wide culture.
He* supported many movements for
Hebrew edmution and was particular
ly interested in the Kndluiah. an or
ganization to publish educational ma
terial! at popular prices. He also
helped financially a Helirew puhlish
ing house which wns organized by Dr
Hohmnryn Devin. one of the lenders of
the Zionist Movement. He contributed
more than $10.0(10 to the innintennneu
of Die Zeit. the organ of file Ponie
Zion party in Xew York.
His chief Interest however, especial
ly since 1017 wns Zionism. He de
vote*! most of ids energies and thought
to that movement, and gave of his
time and his money without stint,
practically until the day of his death.
He served continuously In one cn
•pgrfrv. xynnattoyr being,,-treasurer of
the Zionist Organization of America
lor two years: member of Its National
Executive committee; member of the
Finance committee of the World Zion
ist organization : member of tlie Zion
ist Greater Actions committee, and
chairman of the Administrative com
mittee of tlie Keren Hnyesod (Pal
estine Foundation Fund.) of which
Samuel Untermyer is honorary chair
man. n
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Cleveland—J. C. Itnthledge. the Chi.
ongo editor of “Tolerance” published
hy tlie American I’nlty lieapie. arrived
in Cleveland today to personally con
duct u fight against the Ohio Ku Klwx
Finn. He Is opening headquarter* at
the Hotel Cleveland.
His task, he deelunnl. was to or
ganize in Cleveland a branch of the
l nity I .“ague and to demand an in
vestigation of the activities. of the Ku
klux Klnn which has a strong follow
ing here. He hopes soon to l»c able to
publish the names of all its members.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Vienna—German 'National students
hold n mass meeting at which they re
solved to join their colleague* In
Prague„ln the tight against the Jews.
The following is the ultimatum harnl
e-1 to the president of the university:
Jews may not liecome presidents or
members of the exeutiv hoard of the
Viennese university and not more than
10/4 of all professors may la* Jews.
The ul iinatum also asked for a strict
enforcement of the percent form to be
introduced against Jewish students.
German studen's today attacked
Jewish students in all universities ami
scientilic institutions in Vienna, heat
and forced them out.
Great indignation was aroused
among the Jewish population by the
violent action of the German students.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Jerusalem—A great reception was
given to I)r. Chniiu Weizmann. presi
dent of the World Zionist organization.
l>y the Haifa Jewish Community on
his arrival there. Among the speak
ers who welcomed Dr. Weizmann was
the .Arab poet Aziz Domet.
Dr. Weizmann declared that the
Mandate will remain despite the op
position encountered in different quar
ters. The present political crisis, he
said, will .not pass in a day or two. It
will persist - for some years to come.
Establishes C'rediV Unions and Opens
Farm Schools.
(Jewish Telegrnpblc Agenry)
Moscow —Dr. Rosen who arrived
hen* to taktj charge of reconstruct lon
work for the Joint Distribution com
mittee. stated flint the I*H» tractors
which will arrive in Odessa in Derem
her will In* divided into ten groups and
each group will have an American
foreman. These groups will plough
the Jewish colonists’ land and also the
land of the ncighltoring peasants. The
landowners will pay the Tsxnl Credit
l’lilon with grain for the ploughing.
Dr% Uoscii plans to strengthen the
Credit Unions and to establish new
Unions on a non-sectarian basis
rmong agriculturists and artisans. He
also informed your correspondent Unit
the JI)C will spend SIOO,OOO on buy
ing live st<N‘k. and a similar sum will
be expended for buying small ma
chines, establishing three traveling
agricultural schools, reopening old
trade and farm schools and distribut
ing pure seed.
The Jl)C*s program is all-Husslau.
but they will concentrate their efforts
mainly in thrt thickly populated Jew
ish districts of Russia.
The ICA has concluded an agrw
nienti with the Soviets whereby they
will la* permitted to establish credit
unions throughout Russia. The ICA
representative is already here to start
The Oze will in nil probability b*
permitted shortly to do work on an
all-Russian basis. Meanwhile they
are opening a sanatorium in Moscow
under the name of "Mose” which will
accommodate sixty beds.
< Jt*wlnh t’«rPMpondi*nfe Bureau)
New York —Now York Jewry at" a
conference November 2tb offwiwi a
democratic organization. ns part of
tlie American JewlHh CtmgrwH, to
represent the Jews of Now York. About
two hundred socle.lea. lodges. (Diutrc.
nations wore represented hy delegates
at this conference.'
Dr.‘Wise declared In a stirring
speech: “The time has rouio for a
World Jewish Contends on lH»hulf of
Palestine. There can lie no division
of opinion then*. Any Jew who does
not wisli to have a part or to In* rep
resents! in a World Jewish Congress
thinks a groat deal more about him
self than ho does about tin* future of
the Jewish people. You will recall
tiuit at the Carlsbad session, of the
Zionist Organization a resolution was
passed favoring a World Jewish Con
gress for Palestine. There will be a
World Jewish Congress for Palestine.
liecause I found everywhere in Europe
that at last the time lias come when
ail Jews in America, Europe and Pal
estine must take counsel together and
to assume the burdens which rest up
on them.”
The following resolutions were
That steps be immediately taken to
organize the Jews of New' York for
par idpation in the Jewish World Con
gress for the upbuilding of Palestine.
That, believing the Ku Klux Klan
to be a rnennen t-j the Unity and in
tegri y of American life, the Confer
ence declare its desire to cooperate
with all groups prepared .to oppose the
Ku Klux Klan as hostile to American
ideals and subversive of the spirit of
American -Democracy,
And that they voice their indigna
tion against the persecu:ions of Zion
ists in Russia.
(Jewish Correspondent# Bureau)
Jerusalem—-The new Jewish suburb
of Tiberias hearing Sir Herbert Sam
uel’s name will Ik* officially dedicated
on Sunday night. Sir Herbert will
attend the opening exercises.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Jerusalem—The Wand Leuml gave
a reception to I>r. Clmlm Weizmann 0:1
his arrival in Jerusalem, at which
many speeches of welcome wc*fe deliv
ered. Dr. Weizmanb. in his address,
said that the political work was not
yet finished, ajid that he came to Pal
estine because of the many important
matters which still had to Im* done.
Pence within fhe ranks, he declared.
Was most necessary in the present
crisis. Dr. Weizmann is leaving for
America in two months.
Wednesday, December 13, 1922
By Israel Zangwill
I jilt4>ii wlih I»n !»«».-* and bundles.
Footsore on every road.
Their weary remnants Vnnder.
With bayonetH for goad.
They er.v: *'Shema XJ*t«h»!”
I:i trattle monotoue.
And if ye. Israel, hear not,
!ly whom shall truth l*e shown?
l-’or the strength whereby Clod wives
us is the strength that is our
• own.
At last hut a naked r a hide.
Flawing the dust for bread.
Jabbering, wailing, whining.
Hordes of the living dead:
Half apes, half ghosts, they grovel.
Nor human is their tone.
Vet they are not brutes, but brethren.
These wreck:! oC the hunger-zone.
And their dentli-cry rings to heaven
in the tongue that Is your own.
Barefoot. ragged nnd staring
Like walkers in their sleep.
Feeding on bark nnd sawdust.
The doomed processions creep:
Crawling through marsh or snowdrift
Or forest overgrown.
They hear on high their Torah
Like a ting to heaven flown:
They prove how great their spirit, let
us prove how great our own.
(Jewish Oorrospondrtire Bureau)
Warsaw —A large meeting of Pol*
ish students row»lv«l t« demand that
tin* flovermnent prohibit the vivisec
tion of Christian corpus by Jewish
medical students.
The demand has created great lndi>
nation among tin* Jewish and lil>eral
I’olish puldic. The liberal Polish press
declares that such a demand is a, dis
grace for Poland.
The Minister of Kducatlon has twins
published a statement that the demand
of the Polish students mfefthg To In
troduce numerous clauses against the
Jewish students Is unconstitutional.
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
J,nusnnne —Tin* Soviet Delegation to
the Near East Pence Conference will
help the Arab Delegation from Pal
estine In pressing their claims against
the British Zionist policy, newspaper
men here were told by memlH*rs of the
Arab Delegation. The Deputation of
Palestine Arabs consists of four ment
is* rs hendiHl by Moussn, Kasim Pasha,
('hairman of the Arab Executive com
mittee and Shildy .Inmel. secretary.
The- Ladies' Aid to the Beth Israel
Hospital and Home cordially invites
their friends to tlielr first annual
Chanukah reception on Tuesday after
noon at 2:80 I*. M. at the home. 10th
and I/»welI Bird.
Come and enjoy an afternoon with
the dear old peoplr and you will l*e
convince! that your efforts were not
in vain. You will add many hours
of joy to their lives and complete the
haven in their declining years: their
happiness will retied and encourage
us to continue this worthy undertak
(Jrwlß.li Telegraphic Agency)
Bucharest' —For purpose of confer
ring citizenship upon Kouinaniun Jews,
reshtents have tnM*n dlviiW
Into three classes, according to the
naturalization law. just mmle public.
The Jewish residents enjoying tln>
right of domicile in given districts*
are granted full citizwisWp. '.Vows
leaving no deflnite place of residence
hut possessing records for war service
are pln<*ed in the second category for
which special provisions are made. In
dividitals belonging to neither of these
classes will be dealt with separately,
each case l>eing decided upon its
(Jewish Tele*rnphlc Agentff.)
London —The distinction of being tin*
llrst Jew to represent n Scottish con
stituency in Parliament has fallen to
Mr. Sliimvell. who is also the llrst
Jewish Labor M. I*., says a corres
pondent in tin* Munches Vi* Guardian.
The Guarding reports also that I»1
Jews have been elected to Parliament
since tlie removal of the disability
cause in ISoJS.
Minister tf Education Refuses to Re
ceive l>«putaiion IXemundinß Per
ren. Norm Restrictions for Jewish
Studen «s. |
(Jewish C'orrespnmlenre Bureau)
WlirNii \v. —A nuinlier of Jewish
stmlonts were mistreated ut u rally
of nnt i-Hemitio students addressed I'f
the Reverend Lntoslnwski wliieli pass
id resolulions demanding tin* striet en
foreeinent of the Percent Norm limi
tation against Jewish students.
Only mcmtiers of Polish National
Organizations were admitted to the
meeting: all Jewish students who
happened near the hall or were direct
ed there out of curiosity wre handled;
roughly. The m<M‘tiug over, an im
promptu street demonstration was
staged, the marchers currying lin liners
earleaturizing and denouncing the
A deputation of anti-Semitic stu
dents then proceeded to the Ministry
of Education demanding a hearing
which the Inf ter declined to grant.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Mowow—The report of the Third
Interiintioiiale just published shows
that during thin year, its Praesldlum
disniHWMl questions relating to the
Poale Zion, the Socialist wing <»f the
Zionist Tarty, nine times, and four
times questions relating to the Kund.
This compares with the six discussio n*
on Poland, nine on the I'nited States
and eighteen mi Germany. I’alestiut 1
is not ineiudid among tin* list of coun
tries under discussion.
Mr. Admoini. a former eontributor
to the American Yiddish press, is tem
porarily representing the Palestine
Communist Tarty .t tin* Congrtss un
til the arrival of the delegates from
Palestine. Mr. Admoini was expelled
from, lie Left l**i*e Zionist Party I*>
muse he favored tlie neceptanee of the
demand of the Communist Interna
tionale to eliminate the Palestine
: plank from their platform and to drop
tlie name of Poale Zion. Tlie question
of the admission of tlie Palestine Com
munist Party into the Communist In
ternationale will is* dismissed by tin*
Congress. Meanwhile a consultative
vote hn« Imh*:i gran toil to them. The
Isdt Poale Zionist Verlwind will not
have the privilege of sending dele
gates to tlie Congress because they re
fused to ncotpt tlie demands of the
Communist Internationale. Tlie Pal
estine Communist Party will prolmbly
accept the demand to tiecnme a Terri
torial Communist Party, which is non-
Jcwish in its character, altlioiigh ail
of its members are Jewish.
Mrs. Frumkin. who writes under the
name of Esther, will represent the
1 Jewish section of the Communist Party
at the Congress.
(Jewlßlt Telcgrnphlc Agency)
Pnguc—The lectures whici) wore in
terrupted nr Hie Prague I’niversPy.
owing to the fight of'the German Na
tional student* for the rodg nation' of
President Steinberg. were resumed bn
Monday. the Minister of Education
having taken strong steps to bring'
ttifit about.
Only 40 out of the 140 professors
voted eonfidonee in President ’ S.«*in
h«*rz. the sympathy of most of the pro
fessors being with the student^' in
their fight a gains* him.
The, Socialist and liberal German
students, whose sympathies are with
the. Jewish students, held a meeting,
which, owing to tlie“tmirult mused l»v
German National s'tidenW, was brok
en up by the police.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
New York —Philip Krunz, well
known Jewish writer, died suddenly,
in his home in the bronx.
lie was one of the founders of the
former Jewish daily “Aliendblntt.” and
one o the first collaborators of the j
-Forward.” He also was an nu/hor
of many popular scientific works.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Warsaw—The Zionists purchased
the "Xus* Kurler.” the on’y Jewish
dally in Warsaw prin'ed in the Polish
language. The editor. M. Hirschhorn
was dismissed yn account of his anta
gonistic* attitude toward) the Minority
P.loe and T>r.' BorkPlhnminer was ap
pointed editor in his stead.
Socialists Side With Jews As Bnien
(iemians Join Walk-ont Apt Inst
Jewish t'nlversity President.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Prague—Tin* Minister of Education
lms today wnrned the students of the
Prague T’ni versify tlint unless they re
t-tilt their strike against the Jewish
President Sfeinherz. the school will l»e
closed for tin* rest of the term.
Tlie students took possession of the
institution in organixed military fash
ion. Itiots brokt out among the
students, of whom half are Jews. The
police intervened and restnhlfshed or
No lectures have iieen given todny.
Students belonging to the Cernmn Na
tional Wing have issued an appeal. in
v hioli they say they will not cease
1 1 > their struggle to maintain the “true
German character" in tht Prague I’ni
The Socialist students have joln«l (
the Jews laxly publishing a statement
that they will not allow racial pre
judice to dominate science or regulate
the according of scientific honors.
Heated deflates have taken place to
day in the Parliament ami Senate, in
consequence of the students* strike.
Czeeh deputies bitterly reproached tin*
German Deputies declaring that the
Germans who complain of oppression
by the Czechs demonstrated to the
world by their attitude at the I'nl
versly how eager they themselves an*
to suppress other*. The German Na
tional students are severely denounc
ed In the Cxocho-Slovaklan press.
I while German newspapers praise them
ns heroes in the cause of German na
Professor frtelnherz has declared
that he had no intention of resigning
from his position, while the German
students at the Technical Tniversly
at Bnien. In Moravia, have declared
a sympathy strike of three days.
(Jew lull Correspondence Borenu)
Moscow— The figured which your
correspondent litis lieen able to obtain
in the headquarters of the Idgeskoni
hero give a very exact notion of the
sources from which the Idgeskoni has
received tin* wlierewitlinl to carry on
its work since its inception in July,
In 1020 the Idgeskoni received
$72,000 from the American Joint I>i-S
--lrihution Coinmittte ami 100.000 gold
roubles, or approximately $50,000
from the People's Coflimlssinriot for
Social Aid. In the same year the
Joint forwarded to the Idgeskoni 1125
poods of clothing. <$2X4 poods of food,
it rid 520 poods of modicnnts. In addi
tion to the above mentiontd sum re
ceived rom the one Government com
inislarnt, tlio Idgesko was granted
free trnnsiHirtation facilities for all
its personnel and aterials. and much
total and raw materials, hut tht value
of these is nowhere ascertainable,
owing to the fact* that under the old
economic system no correct accounts
of such disbursements in kind were
kept by the Government because the
beneficiary was not expected to rec
ompense the Government.
In 15)22. tin* (’oinmissiarat for Social
Aid came to the Idgeskom’s assist
ance to tin* extent of 43.808 gold rou
bles. One sees thus that the money
subsidies from the Govemmtnt de
creased considerably, only 50.000 gold
roubles, in round figures, having been
received during the twelve tnon'hs of
1021. as against 100.000 roubles dur
ing the six months in 1020. The Gov
ernment. however: continued to} sup
ply the Idgeskoni \vi h products of all
kinds in unknown quantities.
Since the coming of the New Eco
nomic Policy (XEP) in 15)22. all gov
ernment . aid to the Idgeskoni has
ceased* The books of the central
Idgeskoni here show that $55,000 has
been received from the Joint of tht
money nssigu«*d by the Joint, and
j £37,994 from the American Idgeskoni.
No other cash remittances are re
' corded, but much food has been
I granted by the A. It. A. and the Joint,
land the hitter has granted rather
large subsidies for the Institutions of
| the Tdgeskom. ■ At present the work
1 * : f the Idgeskoni ran he said to de
pend first on the Joint, then on the
American Lansmanschnfton. and fin
ally pn the American Idgeskoni.
A summary shows that of the
'.<275)000 received by the Idgesko in
rash since it began work in 15)20.
31X5 000 eauie from America. Of this.
$130,000 came from J. I>. C. Trans
ports of “food, clothing, medicaments,
etc., from America amounted to
1100.20.°, noods.
No. 50
(Jewish Correspondence Rumn)
Budapest—A fight against tin* al
legcsl domination of the Jews* in In
dustry and trade has been made the
war cry of the Hungarian ex-officers
meeting in conference presided over by
Deputy Ooembos. notorious anti-Semi
tic 1 lender. Herr (loom bos d(*Hnred
that the fight will la* continued until
Hungary is made independent of Jews.
He rend figures pur|>orting to show
flint Jews have seized control of trade
and industry. This, he declared. In
not tht fault of the Jewrt but of the
Hungarians who yield to the Jews.
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Vienna—<3rent in proselytia
ing Jews wag reported l»y the Swedish
Inmol Mission operating throurfiout
Pastern Europe with brancha* at <Jn
lntx. Itumunnin : Zurich. Switzerland :
Vienna. Budapest. lamlk and Vilna. All
Hnuvxßful miwdonarh** nre Jew*, the
report adds.
(Jewish Telegraphic Ageoey)
Moscow —The majority of the dele
gate* at the all-Riiwian Conference
of the Left I‘oah* Zion favor* the ae
reptance of the demand* of the Com*
miuiint Internationale. Till* major
ity Is leaving the Poale Zion Party
and will join the Jewish See? inn of
tlie CoramiiniHt Party a* n result of
that conference. The I*»ft Poale Zion
in Kiev. Odessa, and many provincial
<—(ties will act In similar fashion.
The I**ft Poale Zion la lowing the
greater part of It* memlierahlp and
is liecoming a quite inslguiflcgat
group. it fcad blfHerto e*-
,>«y*sl legal jtfgtpa. It. «IU prubaMy
persecuted nnff. *
(Jewish Correspondence Bureau)
Moscow —In Simferopol, a town in
the Crimea, n large group of Jews,
mostly Zinnia*aj including their Rnb
hi. Is being tried on the charge of
anti-communistic activities, for hiding
of synagng treasures and for uniting
with Greek Catholics against govern
ment interests. f
(Jewish rnrrespomlenre Bureau)
Cairo —Arab and Syrian organiza
tions in various countries Imvt. aiwp
fed the invitation to w*ml representa
tives to the PaVstineSyrian Congress
opening lien* Dec. IS. an nil non nee
men states. The Arab National Party
of Argentine, the Lebnnon-Syrian Sa
tiety of Brazil, the Fifth Congress of
I'alnstine A rat is. including a number
of secret independent societies of
Syria will participate in tills Con
(Jpwlnli Tolearnphtc Afency)
Jerusalem —A new settlement eon
of five* thousand dunams of
land was formed In Etnek Israel.
Sixty ehalindm have already settled
Sunday Morning, Dec. 17th.
Have you forgotten Palestine? Are
you not ready at any and all limes
to give your mite towards the Im
provement of Palestine. Ilie cultural
■homeland of the Jews.
Palestine Is ns fresh in your minds
now as It ever lias' lieen in the past.
You are willing to do anything pos
sible for Palestine. Here is your op
portunity to show the true spirit and
The Zinnia's and Ponle Zionists of
I»enver have combined their two
flag! days into one,- and have selected
Sunday morning. Dec. 17th. ns the
time of conducting this activity.
Headquarters for the day will lie
at the Drn-Mu-L/i Circle. 1482 Federal
boulevard. If you are willing to do
a.i hour's work, please notify Mr. H.
M. Kaufman, either at Main 51)19, any
day between 9 and 10 a. m.. or Main
7804 between 7:30 and 8:15 p. m.
Professor Moses Shor of the I>em
berg University has lieen elected Rnhbi
of Warsaw, in the place of the de
ceased Rabbi Dr. Poznansky-.

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