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Maslln night Bhlrts J NECKWEVR fl*k i'j shirts.- SI.IO 54.00
jijSflsj Ji";! j MUFFLERS AND *jm»•»»• £•'• **m>o ■ fl§ |sg^
raS »■ Silk night shirts. *5.( J HANDKERCHIEFS *535 m™.-..'. ...510.00 '
oufi~ I V~y.’.Z£t£S!u> w; 3 ; ‘ Brre.-slbJo silk tom--ln-hands 500 Mon's work shirts, all colors, .-- -....... 95c t. *2.50
WXw Silk rnlamns -,...*730 to*l2rf 3 j 10 —— *l.OO TjRZIW I. i Men's flannel shirts, nil colors *1.95 lo SC.OO
r3MsH , f*r\ Cotton Union Suits...- *1.15 to *3J 3 i ; Bat tics, plain and fancy, 50c to *1 JW/fl j Men's rubber belts with fancy buckles 29c to si.oo RtrfSKtaTt
[JMfe*IS.J : Wool union suits. MJS t»SK 1 i i SWold or bund Tocks.6sc to 81.00 ttm \sv&M ' Men's leather belts with fancy buckles 56c to SI 0.00 l/^iS^SyO
Mj [ 1 roktiTuool union 9 g ! ShicH or band to SOc Vl| leather belts with Initial buckles *l.OO to 85.00 | C^O
nSNttoVn I cotton shirts and drawers.! ...90c*to *2d 3 1 t Knitted four in-hands. J: t£< n «-Tip™ Men's leather belts with tongue buckles 500 to SI.OO >r<£SkSm
K\i*'V» : Wool shifts and drawees - *l3S.to *54 II i ;j ” hands.3Cc to .>3.50 Men's clastic web suspenders In gift bos. 50c to 81.15 LjlttSf ij
§&'S4g f I Cotton socks, black and colors 12140 to 3 C } j Knmnd mufflers, mercerized- ~ ,95c to 8130 , j President in gift box. 50c to 85c J
i Bilk lisle soda, black and colors —n * : Knitted mufflers,; fibre silk *1.95 to 8335 : i Yin* and Police work suspenders ...50c to 75c j
; Silk socks, black and colors - SS'S'SI S 1 Knitted-muffler? pure sOk_ 8430 to 8730 ! T "*£ 25° !° ' t>! >■ &
j tfJs'SJS \ ‘ Wool and cashmcro socks. - i,'.i.'s2 < L. t ™ i Brushed wool mufflers.—... 95c t0.‘5330 ' ' ? ; , 3 Ma ’i ®®° lo *3.00 f'
P~sg'Sk'fi~' i Heavy wool rough-neck sweaters. *T‘Pll i- t °i'*v t* ™ f Plain hemstitched cotton handkerchiefs lOc to 35c ■ . JJ' ens scarf holders ... 25c to S 1.00 f 1
VjtoSBSjT"/ i. ncavy-wool V-neck sweaters s'ois in EL ? i : Plain hemstitched linen handkerchiefs 25c to *l3O ‘ im™ ! ®«l?2n°. *15‘22 Y- £•>->? A
«v\' />& i nibbed worsted sport coots, two pockets **■ \ : Plain and fancy silk handkerchiefs 50c to 3130 Men a cigarette cases *2.50 to 87.50 50stt^»
•?* *** 1 Elbbcd worsted sport coats, four pockets. *5.95 to 90. 5 s : IniUal-cotton handkerch'cfs „.... 20ctoMc Mens WMdemar chain, *l.OO to 85.00 t*S?XJ4 C
&7 rIP * miners HAftne Aivm TlTrr’Ari?’ ¥i : Initial.linen handkerchiefs i!£ to fSS i Men's knWes and chains. *3.50 to 86.00
LEATHER GOODS AND LUGGAGE j Pongee talk handkerchiefs 50c to 8130 i ] HATS AND CAPS rSB ® I
*lO WOMEN’S mirror,.pair of opera.gla;; J | DRESS AND AUTO GLOVES Mew’s silk hats, latest models *ll.OO Tim SSu
B&r < eoin purse, three other 'fittings, silk'lLped....... a ; i Men’s soft hats, latest shapes and all colors. *3.85 to *7.00 tul CSI
’ *lO MEN’S FITTED TOPLET CASES, wlOfinrilltaiy/hrush,. comb, d: \> j Men’s nnllnetL-cape.dress‘gloves.. .51.05 to *3;00 | 1 Jotm B. Stetson Alpine soft hats, all colors 97,00
tag hrusU. ;and:TOo P^®“®f^tc^..... ® Men’s nnlined mocha dress sfoves 94.00 j i Men’s fur caps, Detroit shape 93.95 to 920.00
*l5 GBNUINK'COWHIDE TRAVELING BAGS, full j Men's silk-lined capo dress gloves 5330 ; Men's cloth hats, solid ctSlors and mixtures *330 to 84.50 P’Tr’y
IK>s. A«pt lnforced corners, pockets in5ide......................... *» » | Men's silkdincd mocha dress gloves *530 \ r i Mcn’Cgolf caps, Norfolk pleat shapes *l3O to *330 : I HSkf • / 21l
ERSg/eS I : *2O GENUINE COWTIIDF. SUITCASE, reinforced at all wear po. ; Men's fleeced and.wooHincd dress gloves *1.40 to *530 : Men's $3.00 rainproof wool felt hats, silk Uned. 91.99 YM
*«ig.'Bßlr 1 Mtlrt pocket and strops Inside V V "il" * r Men's linml’anto gunntlrt.glovcs *1.65 to *1230 i < Boys- golf and Norfolk enps, solid colors and mixtures *1 to *2 i Jfil
fBBfIS., *l5 WAKDBOBB TBUNIv. shoe and hat box. laundry bag, fan. ; Men's Uned auto gauntlet mittens. *135 to *930 I : Boys’-Tim-knlt caps, all colon *1.75 M lli'ggl
U' IKfil : B*e fixtures, very Utcst model **■» •» Men's wool gloves SOo to *43* | »•».■ doth Alpine hats, soil, color, and mixtures..*l3s to *230 j raa i»«iO I
=§§' ' .' . .... h. . . _ _
4 “
Sr .... housecoats ~—
MwJml All-wool mackinaws. Sto IS. *Bel fSt Pi Ni*» _ *I.BO MUCHA NICAL TttAHIS, wind up with key;
1/MlftSll to *II.T i j ! ip,' Men’s house coats, *5.25 engine, tender, passenger car and circular j |/v6ru^>\]
inCßLjt AII-wml sweaters ... .*Sk&5 to Slo* i to..--. *25.00 'track ...950
l JifSMKt J I £*—~2**m Puntw knlcker two-pants suits, 6to <, Men's blanket bathrolxts ...V *335 to *20.00 I 4 PLAY PHOMItS, :* mlntabwe modcl of a regular \ U^EShJ
*6.75 to - Ell- I Men’s sak lounging robes *18.75 to *25.00 telephone, rings bell, etc 95a A 5\ XA)
i s i m s^gg
VJ Russian overaets, Oto 10,r S4J 3 j Heavy plush auto robes *lB.OO «o *2530 gj \ \ wIU haul several trajers while loaded.-.*3-45 Kl Mf •
J - v£\ to 914.13 Bmh all-wool steamer mgs *10.75 to *lB3O j *7.30 IRISH HAND CAB, rubber tires ,g. .*635 j i tgd t
i S *^.* I sheep-lined clothing N f||§y
i Corduroy two-pants knickcrOTits. 6 to 18,-r.r:. to 914.- 3 ; horn, gas lever, etc.. 1 fcJI
M/Zs j Boys’ gloves and mittens ‘. 7Sc to 93. t 3 Men's shoep pelt linod coats 99.50 to 936.5& ; $2.00 JOINTED COMPOSITION BODY_ DOLL, |u •; i \W*
1 Shirts and blouses .T-'. 79c to *5.1 5 Men’s Cheep pelt lined vests. 7... *9.50 to *2430 wig and moving eyes, 15 Inches high.....-98c *“*» • H
5 io»-.a««c™m.w« 1 ,.. mtcs *7.25.0*2339 **«»*• k{
ISM >ls' j Christmas neckwear .V. - .77T5.... ,25c to Sl.-.5 T'V . b#W “ 94M | Hsll
fwsL ' c °y s ’ and fflrls’ stockings... .....V... 25c to CT4S | ‘ K ' POPULAR GAMES, magnetic fish pond,Tnm Over, Lotto, checker : j
I EpA'j Jersey leggins, all sizes 91.00 to 51.13 checkers. Jack Straws, life-like paper dolls. Rummy, alpha- TO2 I
\ ' Ir&J Flannel blouses ’.'....31.50 to S3.s'3 _ _ _ beticM blocks, Boomerang, puzzles; choice 45c : wWL
- I‘laanel shirts —— .*2.00 to S4>! '5 / j.
* Do no. forget Menornh night at 11.
M. II synngog. ldth and Gaylord. to-
I morrow night. Tin* Menornh will fur
nish programs. AM meml>ers «n<l
friends sire urged to atejid.
* The Ainieitin Club held its lust
meeting, Sunday, December 10th. at
the home of Miss Esther Sapper. A
very important, meting was transuded
and vc trust that the results will
If prove successful.
The executive hoard met the Friday
following the meeting and voted in tin*
following members: Miss Eugenia Sii
herring. Mis Mary Hayutin. and Miss
* Sadie Alferson. The club inis ;i little
surprise for the new members this j
t coming Sunday.
| Members will lie glad to learn 1 that !
Miss Ellen Mayer, tin* first president !
I nt' tl;"' iirdcitin Oliili. is recovering
from a recent operation. We all hope
glad to sc !.<*r hack in our midst again.
' lor her rjuiek r(*eovery and shall Ik*
spurring tin* club on to better things.
February 22. l'.rj.l George Wasli
i ington’s birthday, also the date of the
I F. S. A. Girls’ (’ohmial Dam | at tie*
ft Coronado Club. The tickets will be
I out next wek and can be secured from
I any of the members
I If. M. I!. NOTES.
I A very interesting program was
■ given under the leadership of Rev. M.
■ Sehreiher on Tuesday. December ISMIi.
It wns n Hebrew speaking Chanu
kah celebration. and vary interesting
talks were given !».v the chairman, Dr.
Kaiivar. Dr. Splvak. and the well
known Hebrew and Yiddish poet and
. author. Mr. M. M. DollNky. Mr. Iteek
- or was very effective in his rendition
-of Hebrew and Yiddish poetry.
I The evening was very interesting and ;
It. M. 11. MEN’S CU/It.
The initial get-to-gether meeting of i
the It. M. 11. Men’d Club was held
on December Otli. I>i the form of a |
' smoker. The program was very enter
-1 taining. and the attendance of 300 very J
appreciative. It is our plan to con
tinue these very friendly gatherings. |
and to foster the spirit: of good fellow- 1
ship developed at that meeting.
The next meeting will bp held cm
I Wednesday. January 3rd. at S I*. M.
; ; in the vestry rooms «»f It. M. II Syna.
:: og A very interesting program lias
been arranged. Rev. Cl. S. IMckland ,
(trace Church will be tlie speaker.
• who has chosen as bis suliject. **Toter
' unci'.” Tlds will undoubtedly bo of
. special interest to our members and
‘ friends. There* will bet other interest
ing short talks. vaudevile. music,
smokes, refreshments. Reserve the
date R. M. IT. club metings are dis
tinctly worth while.
» A card party and dance Is being ar
• ranged for flic latter part of January
, Y. O. Z.
Don’t forget THIS & THAT. Tills'
»K- THAT is our annual musical revue. I
and it’s coming oIT on Jannry 11. 1923
• at Hm* Woman’s Club building. It’s
• the bit of the season and you won’t
• want to miss it.
! S-.ings, laughs, ami i'l- galore. W\■
gun rant ■ a laugh a minute fur ninety
minutes. It will be pleasing to both
the eyes and ears. Not only will you
see one off the l>cst shows ever put
over, but after tin* performance comes i
the liig Dance. with one of the best or
j chestras in t lit* city. That in itself i
wor.h the price.
Just walk up to an.' V. O. '/. member
and say, "Sell me two tickets to THIS
Lvc THAT.” They'll know what you j
! mean, and don't hesitate, heonu-o there
'are only a limited number of tickets.
Feb. S. 1D2.1, will be the anniversary
of the visit of the Sokolow Delegation
to Denver. Altho the Keren llyesod
pledges are continuously coming in to
the local olHcc, Dr. C. D. Spivak, cliari
tnan of the Executive eoinmittee, (le
| eidi'd to call a meeting of the best work
ers for the purpose of collecting all
'outstanding pledges for the lirst year.
The meeting was held at the home of
i Leo 11. < Nthen.
The meeting was called to order and
* resolutions passed lamented the un
timely death of the late Prior J.
Sehweif/i :♦ the National treasurer of
the Keren llyesod. The burden of our |
work is heavy and the burden hearers ,
are few. and this is the reason why our
loss is so keenly felt, said the chair
man, but bis charming life and lie
love and devotion to the cause of cr j
National homo should serve as an ; x
aniple to continue our work with
greater courage and ambition. Who
, can tell whether Palestine will not be
needed, even, by the American Jews in
view of the alarming advent of anti-
Semitism in this country.
! .Mr. Leo K. Cohn appealed to the
assembly for workers. Palestine of to
day is a wonderfully iV»ality. The Keren
Hyesod as tlk* national Jewish instru-
I meat for the reconstruction of Palestine
accredits! itself mlmirahly and is gain
|ing popularity and recognition all over
the world. (Mir pledgors in Heaver are
j willing and ready to do their share and
i it is up to us to close successfully our
j first year's work for the Palestine
Foundation l-'und by calling personally
the attention of our pledgors to pay
their first installment.
I have been a Zionist since early
! childhood, said Mr. Ileller When the
{acquisition of a National home for our
I people was hut a dream our political
achievement and recognition by the
world powers gave our National cause
a standing worthy of the co-operation
of the most practical man among us.
1 suggest, that the gentlemen present
form teams for the purpose of calling
lon the 1 (Oliver Jewry to do its share
j for the Keren Ilyesod as pledged.
The following volunteered to form
;• mins: Prof. Kaplan mid l>r. Miller.
S. Spiegelman and L. It. Colin, J. It.
| l’izer and Mr. Crimes, Mr. Binstock j
and M. 11. Spiegelman, S. Heller and I
M. Preis.
The ■••• rotary reported the following
I remittances during the month of I
1 Dr. Harry Cans $ 8.33 1
j Dr. 1. D. Broniin 10.07 |
J. Brodsky * 33.33 |
'S. 1,. I Ml. idson 3.00 I
Dr. S. Sweezy - 33.33 j
J. K'fin. Ft. Collins 300.00
Mrs. 11. Mintz . 12.50
A. Striker 25.00
Dr. (*. I). Kpivak 25.00
X. Davidson 8.00
N. Kraut 1.00
Suitable* for loan olfico. Jewelry.
Hotliimr or furniture* store*. ftent
re*nsor.al»le*. Loon toil at 1 Sol Larl
nu*r. Inquire* 1.. Slie*rinnn. 1 5
I .a rimer.
I nr. A. s. Taussig 100.00
Mr. J. Kolinsky at tin* meeting.. 150.00
Total $71846
The committee will publish in tin*
Denver Jewish News n complete list of
all Keren Hyesod contributors for the
i first year’ ami is requesting ail our
1 pledgors to co-operate with our teams,
'so that wo can have their names ap
pear in the published list, also help us
I close suelessfully the first chapter of
j fho Keren Ilyesoil activities.
Executive Secretary.

| Tin* last meeting of the Satellites was
held at the home of Nellie Wernberg.
After the business was discussed every
one played cards and danced.
We are gathering new Satellites to
| our group. Do you want to become a
star? If you do, see any of the mem
bers or call Main 5114.- N. \V.
; Ladies' Auxiliary of the Betli Joseph
congregation will give a tea on Jonu
ary the I<»th at 2p. in., at the Dan
iels & Fishers* ten room.
Envy, lust and ambition take men
1 from the world.—Talmud.
Tuesday Matinee, Dec. 19, 1922
Victor Moore
Emma Littlefield
Anil Company
In :i Revival of tin* Original Bare Stage Act
“C'liaiiKP Your Act or Buck to the
Edward—Foley & Leture—Lee '
Musical Comedy Divertissements
In “Impersonations"
In "Bohemian Life"
Assisted by Grace Kastman. Anna Velde ,
and Eunice Prosser
In a Novelty Comedy Surprise
A Few Ideas in Juggling
by Charles Winston
Tony Sareoni 11. E. Wolff
Sarconi Billiard Co.
Commisions placed on Elections,
Base Ball and all Sporting
1642-1644 Wei ton Street
Phone Main 3381—Denver
The Windsor Farm Dairy Co
“Honest Milk from Clean Cowh”
Main 5138-5137
1855 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado. [
Superb Orchestra
Thursday and Friday,
December 21 and 22nd.
“ Remembrance”
Saturday, December 23rd
“Be My Wife”
Sunday and Monday,
December 24 and 25th
“A Tailor-Made Man”
Tuesday, December 26th
‘‘Connecticut Yankee in
King Arthur’s Court”
Wednesday, December 27th
“Grandma’s Boy”
Comfortable seats
Well Ventilated
The Pride of Capitol Hill

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